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7 Questions to Ask When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Which of these tasks should I prioritise? Do what’s most important first, and the pressure will subside.

2. Would I achieve more if I got some extra sleep? If you’re too tired to work then you’re usually less productive.

3. Are other people sucking the life out of me? Are there certain individuals who’re demanding too much time?

4. Is there anything at all that I can delegate? Do I have to do it all, or do the whole thing on my own?

5. Have I taken on too much on because “I don’t let people down”, or I’m afraid of saying “no”; or do I fear the negative reactions of others?

6. Is my space full of clutter, and that’s adding to my stress? Do I need to tidy up, or just get rid of some old stuff?

7. Can I withdraw, or take time off to recharge my batteries? Do I really need a break, and need the chance to be refreshed? Would I likely perform better if I made time for self care

Positive and Paint

Pairing: Saeyoung x MC/Reader

Summary: The RFA and MC experience complications with their pregnancy.  After the Extra Story.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff…?

Rating: PG (I dunno, I mention sex?  She’s pregnant; how do you think it happened?)

Word Count: Approx. 1800

Protip: Listen to “He Won’t Go” by Adele.

Of all the stupid things, it was a meme that tipped you off.

You were both at home, one night, having a quiet night in.  You were on the couch, chatting with your friends on the messenger app, while Saeyoung was on the floor beside you, looking up baby things on his laptop where you could see.  You hadn’t told the rest of the RFA about your pregnancy, yet; it was too early.  But, not too early to look up kitten or space-themed onesies!  His favourite, so far, was one with a hood that made the baby look like they were an astronaut.

“…you know what meme that I never got?” you said, out of the blue.

Well, not quite out of the blue.  You and your husband usually started random conversations like that.  Explaining one’s train of thought was almost never necessary.  And internet jokes were how the two of you bonded.

But also, something was bothering you, and a meme seemed like a good segue.

“There’s a meme you don’t get?” Saeyoung said melodramatically, a hand over his heart.

You nudged his head playfully with an elbow before continuing.

“That one where it cuts to the guy and his wife in the hospital bed?” you said, trying to jog his memory, “I don’t get it.  It’s supposed to be funny, but what’s the joke supposed to be?”

“Yeah, I stick to the wholesome memes,” Saeyoung smirked, “Unfamiliar shoes and green things.  That’s where the real comedy is.”

You rolled your eyes but grinned.  Your silly husband.

“Anyway. That’s not all.”

“Listening,” he said, eyes still glued the screen.

“Well…” you put your phone away nervously, “Maybe I’m being paranoid, but…I read the webcomic that that meme is from.  The couple in the comic lost their baby because of a blood type thing.  Um…”

You glanced down at him.  He was looking right at you.  You had his full attention, now.

“I did a little research on it…” you hesitated, then shook your head, “It’s stupid.”

“Yeah,” he nodded vigorously, a little frown on his lips, “Stupid.”

“Yeah. That would never happen.”

“Of course not,” Saeyoung nodded again, this time slower, more thoughtfully, turning back to his laptop.

There was a tense silence.  Nothing but him clicking on space-themed mobiles, now.

“…but what blood type are you?” you blurted, breaking the quiet.

“AB positive,” he replied without hesitation.

More silence.

“…I’m nothing like Ethan,” he cracked a smile.  

Ah, so he had read the webcomic, too.

“I mean, I’m quirky and I’m fun, but our situation’s completely different,” he added reassuringly.

“But…actually, I’m O negative,” you cut in, before he got any further, “I did some research, and…well…”

He turned away from the screen to look at you, again.  You held his gaze steadily, waiting for it to sink it.

“…we might have a problem?” he asked, his chipper attitude completely gone.

“We might have a problem,” you nodded seriously.

“…I’ll make sure you get an appointment with a doctor tomorrow morning.”

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Art and Colouring Progress/Step-by-Step/Tutorial thingy :')

Heeeey guys, so a lot of you have been asking about my colouring progress, and I’ve wanted to do something like it for a long time, so hopefully this will help! This is by no means the be-all end-all technique, this is just how I went through this drawing, but I still have much to learn. If you have a better or more efficient way to do something that i’ve done, don’t hesitate to share with me! Also, i’m not the greatest with explanations, but if you do need some clarification, leave me a message and I will try to re-explain anything that wasn’t clear c:

I always start with force drawing. Drawing force means capturing the dynamic of an organic body with basic curves. Organic bodies are rarely ever straight. Even when we stand statically, we naturally sway our hips to the side, have more weight on one foot than the other, and our spines are never truly straight. When I first decided on a stance, I wanted my character to be slouching forward, so I sketched in where her head and how it’s facing, and then in one quick, natural stroke, drafted in the flow of her body, and her arms.

For a far more extensive look into drawing Force, you should definitely invest an hour into this 4 part tutorial here: I learned a lot from him, and it has made imagining and drafting poses much easier for me.

When I was happy with the force, I began sketching in the limbs and fleshing out the body.

when the sausage and ball limbs were in place, I fleshed it out even more and began roughing in details.

Clean up time! On a separate layer, I traced the rough sketch with a 3 pt brush. Don’t forget to flip your canvas horizontally to find and fix any mistakes you couldn’t see normally!

One of the biggest things that could help your line art look more dynamic is to include line weights. Line weights are important for depicting things like depth and really showing where objects collide. For this, I used a 4 pt brush, but had the tablet pressure control opacity on and lowered the flow to around 40-60%. Lines are darkest near creases, and around major details. Lines can be thinner/lighter for smaller details. You don’t need to draw in every detail right now; those can be added in later, after you’ve established a colour scheme, and when you’re closer to completion.

Alright! now with the lines all done, I used the magic wand tool and selected the negative space (any part of the canvas that is NOT part of the subject). Don’t forget to magic wand the smaller areas too, like the area between her arm and her sketch pad. After all the negative space is selected I press ctrl+shift+i to invert the selection. I created a new folder/group (bottom of your layers tab, looks like a folder) and then with the group selected I pressed add layer mask (looks like a rectangle with a circle in the middle). That should give that new group a mask that looks something like this . How a mask works is that any part of the mask that is black will be transparent while any part of the white will be visible. Therefore, with this mask set to this group folder (which will hold all your colour layers) you won’t have to worry about colouring anywhere outside the lines as long as those layers are inside that group with the mask. Of course, this won’t be perfect, you can clean up/fix a mask by selecting the mask and using a black or white brush to colour in any erroneous area. Best way to see how your mask looks is to fill in the background layer with a darker colour.

Next, I added the shade layer. I use the Hard Round Pressure Opacity brush with the tablet pressure control opacity on and the flow lowered to around 10-30%. I selected a mid grey tone and began shading in my character. The Hard Round Pressure Opacity brush is not pen pressure sensitive by default in regards to brush size (i.e. the colour will be lighter if your penstroke is light, but the size will remain the same regardless of how light/hard you press your pen); to manually turn on pen pressure, click the tablet pressure control size button .

Remember to use different shades of grey (lol fifty shades of grey) because shadows aren’t simply one shade. You can also use the burn tool to darken some areas of the shadows.

I turned off the shade layer ‘cause i didn’t need it for the next step. I created a new layer and made that my colour layer. On this layer I’m basically filling in all the base colours for my character. If you haven’t yet established a colour scheme, you can always make multiple colour layers for specific areas of the drawing and then tweak it using the Image > Adjustments Hue and Saturation option window.

When I was happy with the colours, I turned the shade layer back on and changed the layer mode to Multiply. Because my shadow layer is grey, the resulting image looks like this. It looks a bit cold, and a bit boring, so what I do is add colour to the shadow layer. There are two ways to do this: select your shadow layer and go image > adjustments > colour balance, or select your layer and create adjustment layer (bottom of your layers tab, looks like a circle half black half grey). Creating an adjustment layer will work the same as going to image > adjustments BUT instead of having that change permanent, you have the freedom of going back to those adjustments and changing them whenever you want by double clicking the adjustment layers.

When you create an adjustment layers, it will affect EVERY LAYER BENEATH IT, so in order to keep the adjustment layer affecting ONLY the shadow layer, select the adjustment layer and press ctrl + alt + g. there should then be an arrow which then indicates that it is only affecting the single layer beneath it.

Here’s what the image looks like now with the shadow layer having a redder hue. Looks much warmer and more natural.

For this art style, the colours and colour blending is what I wanted to show off, rather than relying on the line art for details. So, on a new layer ABOVE the line art layer, I used a brush with the pressure opacity on and the flow around 20-50% and started adding in colour details like the hair, the knots in the purse, fur on the boots, etc. etc.

I personally found the best way to do this is to use the eyedropper tool (or press and hold alt when you have the brush tool in use) and selecting adjacent colours in order to do the colour blending.

I kept drawing in details on until I was happy 8)

Almost done! for an extra little boost of lighting, I duplicated all the layers  (except the background layer) and merged those copies into one layer. ctrl + press the layer to select the positive area of that layer (i.e. anything with a non-transparent pixel, which would be your image) and create a new layer with a layer mask applied to it. On that new layer, I changed the blending mode to soft light and selected a pale yellow colour. Using a large sized soft edged brush, I lightly coloured in certain areas that would be highlighted.

Bam. Voila, and it’s done! Sorry for stretching your dash to the ends of the earth, but I hope this has been helpful to you c: Happy drawing \o/ ♥!!

Kinda felt like I was cheating a little bit since I added an overlay layer to try and fill in the negative space in the BG. (Still trying to one layer this)

Fumue’s always fun to draw. Her elemental breathing aspect of her quirk is a mix of both Fire and Scalding water, either or can work. She probably can’t breathe fire as much, cause her throat isn’t too accommodating with the raw heat of it. Rather, the scalding water she may use actually doesn’t affect her as much. If she uses it right after fire breathing it can soothe her throat.

➔ With the winter and holidays, some of us start feeling a little down at heart. This spell is to help lift your spirits a little and fight back against some of those bad feelings.


  • white string
  • athame/sharp knife/scissors
  • blue candle
  • yellow candle
  • vanilla, lilac, or lavender incense

(As always, everything is optional! Things can be added or ignored, to suit your own resources and preferences.)

➔ Clean your space! If we’re doing a positivity charm, we can’t have negativity already invading your workspace. Sometimes just the act of cleaning and cleansing can help you feel better. Also, take a bath or shower (if you don’t already before performing magic). Light your incense. Once again, for mental processing I like to burn vanilla (plus that tends to be a feel good sent), but lilac and lavender also work very well.

➔ Take your yellow candle and light it, imagining the suns boundless light and energy. Imagine it’s warm and how it feels to bathe in the sunlight on a peaceful afternoon. Let all of that peace and power fill you up, and light your blue candle. This candle is calmness, is the steady movement of the ocean, the great expanse of cloudless sky. This candle embodies eternal and omnipresent peace.

“I am the sun. I am the sky. I am the sea. I am light and beauty and power.”

➔ Take your string and hold it in your hands tightly. Visualize any negativity, soreness, bitterness, sadness… take it all and imagine it moving through your body to collect at your fingertips in the form of dark smoke, and imagine it expelling into the string, leaving you clean and pure. Then, using what ever tool your comfortable with, whether you have a ceremonial knife you use for metaphysical work, or just an ordinary pair of scissors— take it and cut the string in half.  

➔ Burn one half in the flame of the blue candle, and one in the flame of the yellow candle (make sure you have a plate or something underneath, beware of fire hazards and do not hold the string the whole time it burns). Once the string has completely burnt away, close your eyes and think about how you feel. Meditate on your body and mind, assess how you feel. Don’t let yourself dwell on spots you missed, we can never expel all the negativity, but instead focus on what feels cleaner. Do you feel lighter? Calmer? Less tense? Focus on those feelings, then put out your candles.


Know that magic can’t replace professional help. If you’re feeling very bad, consider reaching out. Know your limits and don’t let yourself get pushed too far. I’m a witch, and I’m also in therapy. I use magic to help with my mental illness, but I don’t rely on it, just like I don’t rely on therapy 100%. Balance is important.

5 Small Rituals to Do In the Morning

These are super easy, and done within five minutes. Very good, inconspicuous, things for the broom closet witches that can be added to your morning routine.  

  • Say Thank You 3x before your feet touch the ground. I see it as saying thanks for giving me another day.
  • If you shower in the mornings, visualize the water washing away any negative energies from yesterday and replacing those bad left overs with positive and protective golden energy.
  • Stir your morning drink (coffee, milk, tea, juice etc.) and stir counter clockwise giving your drink happy, creative vibes. 
  • Do a small cleanse of your space. Smoke it with incense, or spray it with a special cleaning liquid you like to use. Again, visualize the unwanted energies being pushed away and replaced with clean protective, happy energies. Or you could light a candle! When lighting the candle, light it with your right hand to bring in good luck for the day, or light it with you left hand to help banish unwanted energies.
  • If you work with crystals you can pick out a crystal for the day that matches your outfit and the energies you want coming to you during the day. Tigers Eye for protection, Clear Quartz for clear happy thoughts and so on. 


Could you write for hawkeye where the reader knows clint is mostly deaf so she’s willing to tell nat she loves him and asks her hoe to sign it and his reaction

This is a bit short, but I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy it! (Also my knowledge of sign language is limited to the alphabet and a handful of random words and phrases, so I had to look up how to say ‘I love you/too’)



“Nat?” I poked my head into the communal living room where Natasha was reading. “Can I talk to you?”

She tucked a bookmark between the pages she was on and set the book on the coffee table. “Yeah, of course. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s good.” I nodded, but the way I was wringing my hands must’ve given away my nerves.

“Alright, sit down and spill (Y/N), what’s up?”

I took a deep breath and sat down on the empty couch adjacent to the chair Natasha was sitting in. I looked around to make sure nobody else was around, even though JARVIS confirmed (three times) that everyone else would be occupied or out of the tower for the afternoon. “It’s about me and Clint. I love him.” I blurted.

Natasha smiled, “Well I guess someone’s got to.”

“Nat, I’m serious.” I laughed. “I love him, I really do.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Have you told him? I didn’t think you guys started using the ‘l-word’ yet.”

I shook my head. “We haven’t, that’s why I came to you.”

Natasha raised a curious eyebrow. “Uh-huh, go on.” She prompted for me to continue.

“I want to tell him in a way that’s special, and I figured that since you’ve been around Clint for such a long time, maybe you’d know some Sign Language?”


Later that evening, I took the elevator up to my and Clint’s floor. (Well, technically it was just Clint’s floor, but I was there more often than I was on my own floor, so it was ours.) The whole trip, I practice the motions that Natasha had shown me in the reflection of the mirrored wall inside the elevator, ignoring the slight nervous shake in my hands.

When the elevator doors opened, it was quiet, and Clint was sitting on the couch in our living room. The doors closed, but he didn’t turn away from the show he was watching. Clint sometimes liked to take his hearing aids out in the evening when he was relaxing. He had the TV playing at a quiet volume with the subtitles on. JARVIS sent a notification up onto the screen as I walked toward the couch so that Clint would know I was there without me accidentally spooking him.

Clint turned his head and smiled when he saw me and I sat down next to him. He reached for his hearing aids that were sitting on the coffee table but I put my hand over his to stop him.

Clint furrowed his eyebrows and smirked. “What’re you doing?” He asked. His voice was a little louder than usual, but that’s what happened when he would talk without his hearing aids in. I adjusted myself so that I was facing him and I smiled.

“Clint,” I spoke in a way that I knew he could read my lips. I inhaled deeply. I pointed to myself, touching my finger to my chest as I silently mouthed ‘I’. Clint nodded, still looking confused. My hands moved slowly and deliberately, because even though the motions weren’t difficult to do at all, I was still worried that I’d mess up somehow or Clint would react negatively. I folded my hands into loose fists and crossed my arms over my heart, mouthing ‘love’. I bit my lower lip and looked at Clint with hopeful eyes. He looked like he was trying (and failing) to hold back an ear-to-ear grin. ‘You’, and I pointed to him.

Clint reached out and ran his fingers down my cheek, smiling wide. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. When we separated, he moved back so there was a bit of space between us. With smooth and practiced movements, he mimicked the signs, but added a fourth; holding out his thumb and pinky he held his hand up in front of his chest, bringing his fist from one side to the other and back.

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

I smoke cigarettes because nothing else can calm me down from my panic attacks. It sounds stupid but it just helps a lot. I don't care if people think it'll kill me, I don't care if I get medical issues from it, Hell I don't care if people glare at me because of it. Smoking eases a lot of my irrational thinking and I just want to be calm. My dad smoked for 30+ years, and he's literally fine. He coughs a little, but that's it. I figure the ads over exaggerate a lot. Ppl smoke, it happens.

smoking has affected me negatively many, many times in my life.
-my mom smoked with me in the womb
-my parents fill our house with smoke
-I go to school everyday smelling like cigarettes and cheap perfume
-people have asked me if I smoke cigarettes bc I smell like it all the time
-my parents smoke in small spaces with me regardless of whether I cough or tell them I don’t like it
-I breathe in A LOT of second hand smoke because of it
-my uncle’s voice is all messed up from it
-5/5 of my mom’s siblings have smoked. 2/5 of them are dead (2/5 dead at 50 or below bc of cigarettes). 4/5 of them have had some form of cancer
-my grandma developed kidney problems from all the smoking that she did when she was young (the doctor said that) and died at 69 years old
-have you ever looked at a smokers lung????
-have you ever looked at a 2nd hand smokers lung??? me neither but I’m sure it’s disgusting
-they have rat poison in them. they have stuff in it literally used to kill living creatures
-there is so much research put into why smoking them will eventually kill you

I get it!!! I totally get that smoking helps calm you and you haven’t seen any negative side effects, but scientific research proves otherwise.

it’s okay if you already smoke as long as you’re not hurting anyone else (i.e. smoking around people who don’t want to be smoked around or constantly smoking in the house that others who, don’t smoke, live in) but I’m just saying that 49/50 times if you asked someone if they wish they never started smoking then they will say that they regret smoking. (I made that number up but yeah!!)

it was just a post letting people know not to start smoking bc it is a disgusting habit that can bring many problems into your life and isnt cool and I 100% agree with it

When I’m working on something specific, I always have a secondary piece that I can work on to mentally shift gears and try and get some objectivity. Often, those never see the light of day because they don’t get very finished, or they’re just studies or me trying to figure out how to do something, or they’re utter failures…whatever.  This one started that way. I was really just playing with ways of making eyes pop in a very shadowed face, while keeping it fairly realistic. It sorta grew. I started with a very low quality screen cap and then just kept adding and detailing until it pretty much turned into a painting on me. The dagger, however, is pasted in (yeah, not gonna paint that). I’m also still mildly obsessed with negative space apparently.

And since this version is too small for my liking (a lot of detail goes away), here’s a link to a larger version

And since apparently it needs to be said, while reblogging is great, please don’t take this, reedit it, use it for avatars, etc.

5 steps to having a productive day!!

1. get dressed. if you’re looking to get something done, go through a typical get-ready-for-the-day routine, even if you know you won’t be leaving the house, and even it’s 2 in the afternoon. you don’t have to put together a look fitting of a runway, but don’t stay in your PJ’s all day. Put on something that makes you comfortable to take on the day.

2. set rewards for yourself that you will let yourself have regardless of your level of productivity. don’t set ultimatums. “i get this, if i have this.” make definite plans that you will allow yourself to enjoy regardless of how much work you think you’ll be able to complete or how much you get done. if you are someone who works best when given definite time frames, definitely try this. it does you no good to say “i can watch this movie later if i get my work done.” speaking from experience–when i do this, i end up spending more time thinking about my reward and whether i’ll be able to have it than actually putting the work in to achieve it. when i have a definite plan set of “i will be seeing this movie later so i have to get this work done before that time,” i am always more productive. also, if you set a reward for yourself that you then take away, you’re punishing yourself and adding unnescessary negativity and disappointment to your study day. don’t bring yourself down like that. surround yourself with positivity.**

3. organize your study space so that you are working in the most comfortable environment possible. give yourself room, eliminate clutter, work in a comfortable temperature (have a jacket close by or turn on a fan), make sure only the tools you need to be productive are within reach. remove distractions.

4. only listen to music if you are truly benefiting from it. the second you find yourself paying more attention to lyrics than to your work, turn it off.

5. have water in reach! i will never ever feel as if this is stressed enough. you might have one million things weighing you down. stress, depression, friend troubles, a complete and utter loathing for the tasks at hand, etc. the least you can do for yourself is prepare your body physically to power through a strenuous work load. get sleep, stretch, and hydrate. wake up your mind.

**one last thought: SLEEP. IS. MORE. THAN. A. REWARD. sleep is not something you gamble. if you want to view sleep as a reward, know that it is the most important one. not something you sacrifice. sleep always sets a deadline whether you like it or not. you can’t work past the deadline that is your point of exhaustion. please, from one sleep-deprived busy bee to the next, work on your sleeping habits. do. not. sacrifice. sleep.

My draft of the Feminist Foodie shirt design for no-more-ramen.

I’ve designed several t-shirts before for low-budget printing, so I wanted to toss my design in the ring. One color printing is generally the cheapest, a design using negative space allows for a lot of customization with the ink color and shirt color.

I still has the same basic elements the sketch had, the script text verses the block text, the melty pizza (now with bite mark because om nom nom)

I added spoons instead of flowers because I thing low-spoons is an important idea to no-more-ramen

(This is only pink because I like pink, it doesn’t need to stay pink)

sorry for massive explanation text.