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Marichat May Day 27: Baking

Marinette, you totally walked into that.

The cookies were made in the end tho (but in an uncomfortable silence)

Uhm but where did the music come from

This is why you shouldnt leave alone a god who has been sleeping for years with your computer and totally access to your movie collection, Marinette.


- bye july 👋🏼 thanks for being so nice to me!
- shoutout to @studywithinspo for inspiring the drawings && the “washi tape in iphone box” idea! and thanks to @studyrose for the idea about using brown paper bag materials and using them for titles 😊
- supplies: washi tape is from micheals, iPhone case in the 3rd picture is from milky way cases, and pencil case is from the Strand bookstore! if you have anymore questions about where the supplies is from just send an ask!! 🌟
- i hope everyone else had a great july! keep studying 💓 also - are succulents supposed to be losing their petals/leaves or am i killing them? someone please tell me if i’m doing something wrong lol.

The Winning Cheritz Valentine’s Hashtag Event Korean Quotes Translations

What uuuup♡

You asked for it, and you got it nonny~

I am currently packing for my business trip thing to Japan? Ugh, I hate life right now lol…

But I will gladly translate at least thing before my brief leave? I might have a post or two ready before my leave and schedule a post but we will see haha.

The quotes were the winners from the Cheritz Valentine’s Hashtag event for Mystic Messenger! Each character had two quotes, and so here I am to translate them for you!

I will go in the order that Cheritz uploaded the picture ^^

Fun fact, Yoosung’s are my favorite!!! And 707′s are soooo long omg.


☆ 1억 2천 전부 초콜릿이야.
Translation: 120 million won(Korean currency) is all chocolate.

☆ 초코릿은 돈으로 살 수있는데, 당신 마음은 어떻게 얻을 수 있는건지 궁금하군.
Translation: You can buy chocolate with money, but I wonder how I can win/get your feelings/heart/etc.


☆ 조금 진부하지만…초콜릿 받을래, 자기야? 너와 함께있는 지금 이 순간이, 내가 느끼는만큼 네게도 달콤하기를.
Translation: It is a little corny but…will you accept my chocolate, MC(jagiya/honey)? Being together with you here and now, I hope you can feel the same sweetness I do.

☆ 자기한테 달콤함을 선물하고싶어. 물론, 세상에 우리 자기보다 달콤한건 없겠지만…그래도 내 초콜릿 받아줄래?
Translation: I want to gift you sweetness. Of course, there is no one sweeter than you in this world but…will you still accept my chocolate?


☆ 달콤한 별을 모아 태양에 녹이고 차가운 수성에 넣어 꽁꽁 얼린 다음 반짝반짝 금가루를 뿌린 뒤 달토끼의 틀로 예쁘게 조각해서 이렇게 지구로 가져왔어요.
이제 내 우주가 먹기만 한다면 완성인데, 어때요? 받아주지 않을래요?
Translation: I gathered sweet stars and then melted them in the sun, put them in the cold water to freeze them, and then after sprinkling gold power, I frame them with the moon to pretty pieces, then brought them to Earth. Now if only my space/universe would eat them it would complete, how about it? Won’t you accept it?

☆ 님님, 초코릿 선물 받았어요? 님을 위해 내가 집적 구한 카카오열매로 만들었어요. 달콤하지만 쌉싸름하게 녹아드는 초코릿으로 어때요? 맛있어요? 내년에도…내후년에도…앞으로 계속 만들어줄게요. 사랑해요 당신…
Translation: MC MC (님님), did you get chocolates as a present? I made chocolates for you with kakao fruit I personally got myself. How do you like bittersweet chocolate that melts in your mouth? Is it delicious? Next year…the year after that…from now on, I will always make it for you. I love you…


☆ …이거 초콜릿 저 주는거에요? 발렌타인데이라고? ….(입가리고) 미치겠다. 저 지금 그 쪽 키…는 무리일거 같다. 뽀뽀하고 싶은 거 알아요?
Translation: …Are you giving these chocolates to me? For Valentine’s Day? …(covers mouth) I’m going crazy. Can I kiss yo…is a bit too much. Do you know what it’s like to want to kiss someone?

☆ 이건 당신을 향한 내 마음이에요. 마치 초콜릿처럼 달콤한 당신의 입술을…콜럭! …죄송해요, 젠형이 이렇게만 하라면서 알려준 멘트인데 도저히 못 하겠어요ㅜㅜ
Translation: This is my feelings that desire you. Your lips as sweet as chocolate…COUGH! …sorry, Zen hyung said to do it like this but I really can’t do it T-T


☆ 늘 망설였지만 오늘만은 조금 욕심을 부려보고 싶어요. 저만의 발렌타인이 되어주시지 않겠어요?
Translation: I was always hesitant but today I want to be a little greedy. Will you be my Valentine?

☆ 담당자님! 이거 보세요, 젠 씨가 이번에 광고 촬영했던 초콜릿이에요! 세상에…무려 황홀한 얼굴 사진도 있는걸요!! 좋은 건 좋은 사람과 나누라는 말이 있잖아요? 함께 먹어요!
Translation: MC (담당자 - person in charge)! Look at this, it’s the chocolate from the commercial Zen was on! Oh my god…there is even a photo of his radiant face!! They say that you share good things with good people. Let’s eat it together!

- 류설♡

My Little Secret

They had met in Jamaica when Harry went to get away, to write, to have no distractions. But then she came out of nowhere, she was on vacation with her friends, spring break. She was cute, and Harry took a quick liking to her, she was different. She didn’t want to know Harry Styles from One Direction, but just Harry Styles as a person. 

He liked the way she laughed, the way she was carefree but at the same time she wasn’t. He liked the way that she had to plan everything before it happened, that she hated not knowing. He liked the fact that she was a college student, a waitress, a regular girl. He loved the fact that she private, and didn’t want any camera’s on her, she wanted no part in his famous life. She wanted him behind closed doors. The only person in her life that knew about him was her roommate, other than that she kept her lips sealed.

And at the beginning it was easy, he could visit her, she could visit him. She went to his private show in London, met his family. They all loved her, who wouldn’t? She met his friend, his band mates, she sat in the crowd and people just assumed she was a fan. They came in separate cars, him with his team, she would drive her 2008 Ford, they would leave in separate cars. They made it work. 

“When did you get here?” Harry asked, relaxing in the shade near the pool. 

They were careful, up until his three day holiday in Mexico. She stood by the doorway, her sun flower covered dress laid over her bathing suit, sunglasses on her face. 

“About twenty minutes ago, I ran up stairs to change,” she smiled, “how’s your break?”

“Would be better if you laid here with me,” Harry grins, patting the spot next to him.

She laughs, laying next to him, he wraps his arm around her, the two face each other, their faces inches apart, “did you get a hair cut?” he asked, picking up the ends of her hair. 

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I got it the other day.”

“‘s nice,” he yawns, dropping her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

She kisses his jaw line, moving up to the corner of his mouth, “missed you more,” she mumbled, kissing him, “your sister requested to follow my instagram, I had to decline.”

Harry laughs, Y/N made it clear she wants her privacy. And if Gemma, Anne, Harry, and all his friends and family followed her on social media and shared pictures people would start asking questions, something she wasn’t ready for. 

“Did you see me on the late late show?” He asked. 

“I stayed up every night,” she says, making him smile, “your performance of Kiwi gave me life I had no idea I was missing.”

He laughs, moving her body closer to him, and then wrapping his leg around her, “is that so?” he asked. 

She nods, “are you joining me next week?” Harry asks, lips in a pout. 

“I wish, but I have work,” she sighs, “I have to make money to pay for college, you know like normal people.”

“Ugh,” Harry groans, “what about June?”

“I’m all yours,” she promised. 

“We are going out to eat,” Mitch says, leaning against the island in the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?” Y/N asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand, she tears her gaze away from Harry to Mitch. 

“Some restaurant Claire found,” he shrugs, “I take it you guys won’t be coming?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked, walking in, she sets her back on top of the island, “didn’t you two come out yet?”

“No, why would you think that?” Y/N asked. 

“There are pictures of you like everywhere,” Sarah says, handing her phone to Y/N.

She grabs it, scrolling through twitter. 

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl Harry is with, here is her twitter. 

She’s not that pretty. 

LOL she looks like trash. 

IDK I would put in more effort in my appearance if I was Y/N.

Y/N is cute, leave her alone. 

If Harry likes her, I like her. 

Y/N needs to lose some weight, where did she come from anyways?

I bet Y/N is with him for the money.

Harry grabs the phone, pictures of them from the pool are posted everywhere, links to her social media are attached to tweets.

“Oh God,” Y/N rubs her temples, “how did they find me so quickly?”

“Please don’t listen to them,” Harry says. 

She sighs, she had seen how the fans reacted to his past rumored girlfriends, it was the last thing she wanted. 

“This is crazy,” she says, grabbing her own phone to see calls and texts from her friends, DM’s from people in her school, “this is the last thing I wanted.”

“Why are people like this?” Mitch sighed. 

“Y/N,” Harry says gently. 

“I’m fine,” she shrugs, turning off her phone and slipping it back into her bag, “it was bound to happen at some time anyways.”

“It should’ve happened when you were ready though, not when some guy wanted a pay check,” Harry says, frowning. 

She grabs his hand, “my social media is on private, and I don’t plan on changing that, yeah people know about me, but they can’t really ever know what happens when it’s just us, which is what really matters.”

“‘m sorry love,” Harry kisses her hand, “I know this isn’t ideal.”

“Hey, you have to put up with me and my baggage, I have to do the same, your baggage just happened to be millions of camera’s,” she teased. 

“Sometimes you can get a really good profile picture though,” Harry jokes. 

She rolls her eyes, leaning over the island and kissing him quickly, “you’re very lucky I like you a lot,” she smiled. 

“I’m a very lucky man,” Harry agrees, a smile on his face. 

He grabs his phone sending out one little tweet. 

Please share the love, she’s a wonderful girl who makes me happy, H.

“Stop signing your tweets! We know they’re from you!” Claire yelled, walking into the room. 

scribblesthecheetahwolf  asked:

Hey Shadow. Did you ever have to hide who you were from your friends and family? The reason I ask is because my family is not pro-LGBT and my dad has caught me texting my boyfriend multiple times. What do I do?

Oh god yes. For years. When I came out to my parents it was so horrible it scared me for years. My mother was in tears, my father and I never had the same relationship. They have mellowed out to it after all this time but it was rough.

That was my parents. They forced me to not say a word to any of my other relatives, and I had no choice or they would cut me off. My home state is very homophobic. I knew of gay kids in high school who were harassed and rumors of being beaten when I was in school. I wasn’t even out then, nor did I realize I was gay.

My college, which was considered liberal, there was still a lot of discrimination. There were restaurants that wouldn’t serve my boyfriend and I. The servers would take our orders and never return, and we tried to look like just friends going out.

Some of my friends were even completely disowned by their parents. The final straw was when my local state representative won by a wide percentage on the platform that gay people should be imprisoned. I am not talking about that long ago this was 2014-2015.

Kota and I decided that it was time to leave. We left all of our family and friends to go to a gay friendly state away from the religious zealots and Republicans.

This does have a happy ending. As you know Kota and I did get married last year. I finally did come out to all of my family despite my parents. LOL I did it by posting pictures and announcing my marriage on facebook. (Keep in mind I hadn’t even said I was dating anyone for the last 6 years or ever post a picture of Kota and I. )

It went pretty well. Most were supportive, or at least knew to bite their tongues.

This will work out in time, you may need to make changes in your life, but it will be ok. If you think it is time to come out, then do it.

{I’ll do Thot7 first lololol} 

Scenario for all; You two would be in the middle of an argument, he’d be just being so incredibly stubborn- insisting that he was right when he wasn’t so to throw him off a little you’d send some lovely lewds~


*the instant he sees your pictures his eyes would widen slightly as he bit his lower lip, immediately forgetting the premise to his argument* 

-I’m sorry, princess, you’re right- I’m sorry.-
-Let’s.. Let’s just talk when I get home..-

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-he’d automatically apologize for the pointless argument as he’d begin to think of all the things he’d wanna do to you- 

-I’m sorry for being stupid babygirl..-
-God, did you have to send me that now though? I’m with the others and now I’m just picturing you on top of me.-

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*his cheeks would turn bright red as he sat there with his friends, staring at your picture; his stubbornness disappearing instantly*

-Ahh.. Jagi- don’t tease me like this to me now..-
-I’m with my friends, plus I’m supposed to be angry with you lol-

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*chuckles at you little attempt to distract him, but can’t help but admire how gorgeous your body is*

-You’re gorgeous, princess, but that’s not enough to distract me lol- 
-Not gonna lie, you almost got me though.-

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*as soon as your message pops up, he’s fully prepared to defend himself, but the second he sees your picture he sighs in defeat* 

-Damn it, babe… can’t you just let me be right for once?-
*you send one more that exposes just a bit more skin*
-Fml you’re right, okay- I’m sorry. I love you.-

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*as he walks out of the studio, preparing to go home to continue y’all’s little talk there- he receives your pictures and immediately wants to be inside you* 

-Fuck, y/n the things you do to me-
-You know, I was a little mad but now I just want to get home so I can fuck your brains out, princess.-

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*would scoff as soon as he saw your pictures- trying his hardest to fight his urge to leave the studio and go home to fuck the living shit out of you* 

-Jagi is that really your strategy to try to distract me from our little argument lol-
-You know what.. just wait for me, I’ll be over in an hour-

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all liam talks about in his music is sex :/ at least just hold on has a good message and the other boys can talk about things besides stripping.

k y’all pulled this shit with zayn too so it’s obvious you’re rly fucking bias but just to prove that let’s talk about all the times one direction & the other boys sing about sex! 

“Are you sleeping, baby, by yourself? Or are you giving it to someone else?” - where do broken hearts go

“It’s 4 am and I know that you’re with him / I wonder if he knows that I’ve touched your skin / And if he feels the traces in your hair / I’m sorry, love, but I don’t really care” - happily

“And if we get together, get together / don’t let the pictures leave your phone,” - live while we‘re young

“You say you’re a good girl / but I know you would, girl / ’cause you’ve been telling me all night“ - little white lies (this is also kinda a gross song bc she says no and the character in the song is like ‘lol y u lyin girl’) 

the entirety of change your ticket & no control

also if we delve into solo stuff we have niall with slow hands: “Slow, slow hands
Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry No, no chance That I’m leaving here without you on me I, I know Yeah, I already know that there ain’t no stopping
Your plans and those Slow hands”
like hate to break it to you dude but this entire song is about sex. 

then we have harry. harry “played with myself, where were you?” styles. harry “and now she’s all over me, it’s like i paid for this” styles. harry “she’s a good girl, she feels so good” styles. 

all of the boys write songs about sex. that’s because sex is a valid things to write songs about. just bc ur gonna be elitist as fuck and pretend like talking about sex is “icky” or something doesn’t change the fact that literally all the boys do it and that’s fine bc songs about sex are valid

  • *Jungkook walks into his room*
  • *Looks at his light switch*
  • * The light switch has a picture of Jimin naked with him poking his lower lip out while poking his cheek with a speaking bubble above reading "you wouldn't leave me turn on would you?" And the light switch is pointing up between his legs*
  • Jungkook: Well this is awkward, now I gotta use my mouth to work the light.
  • RapMonster: Whats wrong with you?
Rebelcaptain fic: A bad idea

“Ok, this is bloody ridiculous,” Jyn finished her drink, before slamming it down onto the coffee table in front of them. “Let’s just have sex.”

Cassian choked on his beer. 

IE: the friends with benefits fic we all need (wc: 11631)
Read on AO3 

“This is so stupid!” Jyn exclaimed, throwing up her hands in indignation. “The police are literally still after them and they think that this is a good time to fuck?”

“It’s for the aesthetic,” Cassian deadpanned, before smirking a little. “It’s a blockbuster spy movie, Jyn. I wouldn’t think about it too hard.”  

She snorted, taking a gulp of the beer that each of them were working on as they watched together. Slumped down on the battered sofa that Jyn had initially bought in a second-hand furniture shop for 10 quid, her legs were stretched out over Cassian’s lap, his non-beer arm resting over them. Naturally, on screen the moderately-famous actors were descending into sensual jump cuts with less and less clothes, breathy kisses and dramatic music.

“Did the lighting department go on strike when they shot this scene?” Jyn muttered. Cassian laughed and hushed her in response, leaning over to hit her shoulder.

She had to suppose, though, that for all its dramatics, it actually wasn’t a badly shot scene. You know, in comparison. She titled her head slightly, eyebrows furrowing as the actors rolled on the hotel bed, the two moaning and kissing and exchanging equally blissful looks at what was clearly supposed to be the moment of penetration.

Oh, blimey

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Discovered today how to change the background picture of my Tumblr theme but I couldn’t find one pattern/image that I liked…so I made one lol

Feel free to use it for your theme too (just leave my credit there plz)

If you want to make a theme using this picture, feel free to edit but credit me alongside you ;P

Regina Mills in Love

Personally, I find it hard to believe that they will leave Regina single forever.

Romantic love was the motor that drove her story from good to bad and back; they made a BIG emphasis on her need to have a partner, all through the series, so it just seems unrealistic in my opinion that her story will have her remain a single (widowed) lady. I know her love for Henry helped her choose to do the right thing for him, but I’m focusing on the romantic aspect; on her.

Anyway. For now it makes absolute sense to have her be this, because she can finally see what’s more important is to learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and love YOU- heal. But sooner or later I think it’s bound to happen, Regina feeling ready to share life with someone else, but not from a point of neediness but of mutual exchange and true partnership as “whole” persons and equals.

Having said that, I don’t want them to just have some random new character appear in the show to “sweep her off her feet”, and make the story revolve around him the way it’s been written with CS, shifting focus from our lady and onto her love interest (OUaT was supposed to be a show driven by and about strong women- GRRR). So if they are planning to give Regina a partner in the future, I want it to be someone who has known her in all her facets and still loves and accepts her the way she is, and doesn’t have any expectations from her other than to be happy. I think that leaves us with very limited, viable options who could fill the role: Maleficent, Emma, and Archie. But since there’s never been any chemistry or moments with Archie, you know who I’m rooting for– should there be (o’course there is) the seventh and possibly LAST season. 

I can only picture Regina with Maleficent or Emma because she hasn’t really shared more deep/emotional scenes with other characters in the show that don’t despise her (Mad Queen, Golden Queen- anyone?) lol. And like I said: I don’t want a random insert just to hook her up. And they will absolutely hook her up by the end, I’m sure. To not do so would go against their writing urges. 

Empty Walls Part One

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Summary: Dean Winchester is a mob Boss. He runs Lawrence, Kansas in tight quarters after the deaths of his parents. His brother, Sam leaves off with a girl he met, leaving Dean to run the city by himself. Can Dean handle the stress or will it cause him a terrible loss in the long run?

Word Count: 1092

Warnings: a few swears, mentions parents deaths

also, I have a marvel blog @caplanbuckybarnes in case y’all wondered why you got tagged in this fic lol

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243. “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!” - Josh Dun and if it's at all possible to make the reader a photographer 🙈 and like Tyler is included too. Feel free to ignore this lol

I had known Josh before he was introduced to Tyler, I knew him before he was even in a band. We grew up together but we sort of grew apart once he accepted to be the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. 

It’s not like we needed to talk everyday but when we got together it was like no time had passed, since him joining though there hasn’t been any time for us to even get together.
I understood though, I wasn’t upset but I just missed him and his quirky self.

I’ve gone to a few of his shows in his old band and he always goes full force, you can feel the passion radiate off him.
You could tell this is what he was meant to do.
After those shows he would usually invite me to go hang out with the band and a few others, nothing crazy, just a laid back get together in someone’s backyard.
Nowadays, I get the occasional text from Josh of a funny picture or just a “How are you?” The conversation usually ends within a few short texts and I’ve begin to understand that he is just moving on and while I’m not saying I’m stuck, I’m just not going anywhere far.
It had been a few weeks since our last little conversation, I knew he was going on be leaving for tour in the next week so I sent him a quick text.

“Josh! I can’t believe this is all happening for you! I’m so proud of you! Stay safe, have fun, & don’t do drugs! Kidding, I’ll miss you, send me some cool pictures of places I’ll never go! Lol”

I really didn’t expect a text back, I can only imagine how busy they are getting ready for their first huge tour.
I pack up my camera and three different lenses and hop in my car to meet my first client downtown. Once I get there I scope out the downtown area for different spots to shoot the newlywed couple that would be showing up any minute.
I switch out my lenses and pull my phone out of my back pocket to check the time, surprised by the multiple texts received by Josh I quickly unlock my phone and wonder if everything is ok.

The first text - “Hey! It’s crazy and a little scary if I’m honest! Caffeine isn’t a drug is it? Because I am already having withdrawals from our hometown coffee. I’ll send you some sick pictures! I promise!”

The second text- “Actually I have some weird questions I want to ask you, wanna come over later? We are just having a small get together one final time before we leave.”

Followed by- “Ok, you have to come! It’s going to be sick! And Tyler wants to talk to you too, don’t ask. I’ll see you tonight squishy.”

Why he calls me squishy, I will never know or understand but it’s always been my nickname with him.
I quickly send him a thumbs up emoji, my clients are scurrying over to me as they are running late.
The photoshoot goes smoothly and runs late, which I never mind and people appreciate it.
I finish packing everything up and say goodbye, I pack my car back up and pull my phone back out to plug into the charger in my car and I have more texts from Josh.
This is probably the most he has talked to me in a while I laugh to myself and open the texts.

“It’s cool if you’re busy, I know you’re wanted lol. But maybe we can get lunch or something before we leave. If you want, just let me know when and where.”

“Tyler is insisting you come tonight! I mean I’m cool either way but I don’t think Tyler is.”

“Alright last text till I hear back sorry for bugging!”

I text him back before driving off, “I’m on my way! I had a shoot downtown lol, tell Tyler to give Jenna her panties back. Sheesh.”

I send it and drive over to Josh’s house.
It takes me about 25 minutes to get there, by the time I pull up there is barley any parking, I freshen up my makeup in the car and reapply my lipstick. I step out and lock my car doors behind me.
I get a nervous feeling, there are a lot more people here than our average ‘get togethers’ and more than likely I will only know a small handful of people.
I take a deep breath and open the door.

I’m instantly greeted by unfamiliar faces, I smile and try to squeeze between people and make my way to the backyard.

“Squishy!” Josh’s voice rings out from the kitchen.

I make my way over to him and he pulls me into a tight hug, he keeps his arm draped over my shoulder as he introduces me to the people around.
I hope he doesn’t expect me to remember any of these names though.
Tyler comes over to the other side of Josh and rests his head on his shoulder, one of the people step back and hold their phone up to snap a picture, Josh nudges me and I quickly cover my face with both my hands.
The group of people start throwing compliments to the picture as Josh had made that scrunchy face and Tyler is being Tyler and I simply have my face covered.

“Pretty sick.” Josh laughs as he looks at it.

The night goes on and Josh and Tyler are busy mingling, I found an open spot at a table in the backyard. I sat there and sipped on some water waiting to find a free moment to tell them both bye but it never came.
I was flipping through pictures on my phone when Tyler takes a seat next to me, I jump in my seat and he places his hand on my shoulder.

“Chill, it’s just me.” He laughs.

“Sorry, just a little tired. How are you though? I feel like I haven’t gotten to really talk to you guys.” I slip my phone into my back pocket.

“Honestly, scared. Like what if no one shows up? Or if people hate us live?” He puts his head down on the table.

I pat my hand on his back, “Tyler, you know people love you guys and aren’t all the shows sold out? I promise you guys will do just fine. After the first show of the tour al these feeling subside.”

“Thanks.” He says with his head still down, “I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” He sits up and looks at me.

“What?” I look away, “You are making me nervous, what is it?” I push his shoulder back.

“Ok, really. I’m just going to blurt it out.” He takes a deep breath in, “Will you come with us?”

“What!” I laugh out loud, “For what? Why? Are you serious?” I laugh even more.

“As out photographer! We need one, the one we had ditched us yesterday. You know us, our personalities and you are really good.” His look is serious now.

“Tyler, I can’t just leave for a year what about my clients I have scheduled already!” I’m not sure if I am trying to reason with him or myself.

“We have three people willing to pick them up and they can’t charge a penny more than you.” He places his hand on my shoulder again, “Just, just try the first month and if you hate it then no hard feelings. We will even find a back up for after a month if you call it quits. Come on? Please?”

I roll my eyes at his pleads, “Fine. I’ll give it one month.”

He pulls me in for a hug and then stands on the table, he screams out Josh’s name and he appears from the crowd, “She said yes Josh! She’s down for the first month!”

Josh screams out and runs over to me, I cover my face out of embarrassment and he wraps me in a huge hug, “Squishy is going on tour!”

That night I went home and started packing, they were leaving in three days so i didn’t have much time to get things in order.
I packed almost all of my clothes, blankets, pillows and every kind of toiletries.
The days passed quickly, I made sure every client was taken care of for the next month and I had to join in on the last few meetings to go over rules and boundaries.
They had provided me with another set of camera lenses specific for concerts and shows, which I was grateful for because I mainly did weddings.

The first day of tour arrived, I got introduced to the team probably three times in one day. We all hopped on the bus and the crew put our bags away.
All three of us sat there in silence as the bus started rolling.

“You guys are going to do great, you know that right.” I run my hand up and down Josh’s back in a comforting manner, “We should be celebrating you two!” I stand up and open the fridge and pull out three Red Bulls.

The first week of tour has passed, it’s hectic.
The energy Josh and Tyler throw out is really the only thing that gets me through the shows and then whatever is planned after the shows.
I have to run behind them on the stage for almost the entire concert, laying on the ground, getting too close to the grabby fans at times.
The mornings are usually really early, they have interviews to get to or just a new location to check into. Then the setup process and anything in the meantime.
I am there to capture every moment of this tour and I actually am loving it.
One of the crew members has been incredibly helpful, he always helps carry my film bag around and always has a water for me, sometimes a few waters if its an outside venue.

It was Sunday night, the last show of the first week.
It was an outside venue with a huge tent type covering. I was leaning against the side railing messing around with my lenses for the lighting.
Josh and Tyler were over by the piano and I snapped a few photos of them to test it out.
Kris, my new tour friend came up behind me and offered me a water.
He stayed there and helped me with some things in my bag and carried them behind the thick curtain.
We stayed back there and I was working a few different angles from the slit in the curtain and Kris was helping me find new angles that maybe involved less running.

“I don’t know about that Kris guy. He seemed cool but now he might be shady.” Josh’s tone was annoyed.

“What are you talking about? He is a huge help! Especially to out new born baby deer photographer.” Tyler laughs, “I feel bad sometimes that she has to run miles across the stage.”

Kris and I look at each other in shock at what Josh had just said, I shake my head towards Kris as he was going to get up and leave, he stays and sits with me as we listen.

“She doesn’t need help. I mean, we could help her if she needed it.” I can hear Josh pacing the floor slowly.

“Dude, when do we have time to help her? It’s not like he is clicking the button on the camera, he is just carrying her bags and making sure she doesn’t die of dehydration.” Tyler chuckles again.

“I don’t know, man. I don’t like him hanging on her like that.” Josh groans.

“Wait.” Tyler grabs Josh’s shoulder, “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

Josh doesn’t say a thing, Kris and I have been sitting in silence but all of a sudden it became awkward.
We both stand up quietly and I nod to him to go ahead while I stay and listen.

“Since when dude? I had my thoughts about it but you hid it so well!” Tyler sits back down on his piano bench.

“I don’t know, for a little bit. I figured with tour I could come back and go back to being best friends but then you mentioned her coming with and I have to admit, I was stoked about it.” He lets out a sigh, “I haven’t even hung out with her in so long.”

“Well, if I had no idea I know she has no idea.” Tyler shrugs.

I go to get up and I stand quietly, I take a few small steps and sneeze. My heart drops.

“What the hell!” Tyler laughs as he pulls the curtain back, “Well she knows now.”

I cover my face as I come from behind the curtains.

“What were you doing back there?” Josh questions with his cheeks red.

“I was trying to get new angles from behind the curtain, it would mean less running but you guys started talking and I started listening. Im, I’m really sorry.”

“For once, I’m going to stay out of this.” Tyler walks off the stage with a light laugh.

“Josh, why didn’t you ever say anything? I never even thought..” He cuts me off.

“You never thought of me like that, I know. I understand why. You are worth so much more and for someone so much better.” He takes a seat on Tyler’s piano bench.

I stand in front of him and put my hands on either side of his face, “I was going to say, I never thought you thought of me like that because I always have loved you but i really am in love with you.” I close my eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

He looks up at me, his yellow hair matted and curly, his eyes deep brown. He doesn’t say a word, he pulls my waist close to him as he stands up and he presses his lips to mine.
My hands fall around his neck and our kiss grows passionate.

“Atta boy!” Tyler laughs out from behind the curtain.

I quickly burry my face in Josh’s chest with my hands covering the sides of my face.
Josh laughs and wraps his arms around me, he kisses the top my head, “Tyler will now be jealous the rest of tour and will refuse to leave us alone.”

My husband has been such a love and so sweet, this has been so hard for him! He is my sweet prince sleeping in my room and not leaving my side! 🙏🏼😢❤️ (x)

Favorite Danny Masterson’s pics on Bijou’s Instagram, 1/??

Mad power >> Yugyeom, You

I’m not even sure if this picture is legal. But no. No yugyeom no. 

So this was requested by @parked-jimins based on Dye my hair by Alma 

I took the general idea of the song lol. I hope I didn’t mess this up. I messed this up

“You have changed a lot.”

“What happened to you?”

“Do you like him that much?”

“What’s wrong with you, Y/N?”

Too many questions. People won’t leave you alone. It is obvious that you changed, even if it is just a little bit. But with someone like you, who’s known for their free spirit and independence, people will wonder what happened to you.

Well, He happened to you. He entered your life with no hellos and you find yourself attached without knowing what get into you.

Yugyeom. The boy who rules the dance floor in your school. The one whom everyone finds cool, yet they will not get near him because he is Yugyeon.

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Q&A Saturday!

(I had to cut this short, I hurt my hand while working on this and I’m so sorry but it hurts to draw right now ; A ; I’ll try to get the rest done but pls enjoy what I could manage today!)

(Sal for Salmon! You can also call them Wavy-chan and Shaved-kun LOL)

(Garrett is actually not the jealous type, he’s the panic mode holy-shit-what-the-fuck-will-i-ever-do-without-him type. Dario’s his second love after all and he struggles with self-doubt ; v ; ) 

AAaaa!! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you guys liked the video! I worked really hard on it so it’s so amazing to read all the sweet wonderful comments you’re leaving me ; A ; 

(Sana is the new Pearl in case you’re wondering!)

(Good because Dario does not intend to share!) 

(I’m sorry, this was the last picture I was able to draw, excuse the sketchiness ; A ; )

This was really fun to do! ; 7 ; /) Although I think Mei’s tentacles will def feel sore after a while. 

It’s okay! Thank you so much for your thoughts! I’m going to keep doing my best! <3

I’ll give you the main four if that’s okay! ; v ; /)

Dario’s favorite thing is his grandma’s warm tamales and the sugar cookies that he can’t resist eating! <3 

Garrett loves all type of junk food and chips, but I’m not sure if he would have a favorite food! If it was, I imagine it’d involve chili food (maybe chili cheese fries?)

Kathy is a vegetarian, and she’s in love with the food, but I think they would love the vegetarian version of lasagna most! <3

And Cable is apathetic to what he eats, but I think if you ask him directly, he’d tell you it’s his mom or sister’s cooking. <3


(He just… kind of hangs on.)

(I would really like to introduce their real stories soon. Thank you for asking.) 

Sorry I had to cut it short today! I really liked all the questions and I wanted to draw for all of them, but I guess today had different plans for me ; A ; But it was still a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and I’ll see if I can try to finish the rest soon! ; v ; /)

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3