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Hi, could you do an imagine between reader X Negan where you're younger (like 21-25) but everyone thinks you're the cutest couple because of how much you love each other? Could the reader be feared by people more than Negan is well because she unpredictable? (I have this idea in my head about a girl who started in a group with people from special forces and the CIA so she is SUPER equipped and then went through more traumatic times then anyone else so far, ending up with Negan haha :) Thank you

King & Queen - Negan X Reader

Imagine being the most popular badass couple with Negan, and everyone admiring but fearing you because of how unpredictable but badass you can be.

A/N: <3

Word Count: 1093

Warnings: Bad Language, Fluff, Negan in general <3.


“Do not make me cut your dick off and shove it down your throat. I’ve told you already, go back, do you work and leave Katy alone.” You grabbed the man by the scruff of his neck and shoved him away. He tripped and scrambled away. You huffed as you put your knife back into your belt. “If he goes you any trouble again you let me know. Okay?” You said putting your hand on Katy’s shoulder. Katy was a quiet girl, who always did her work in the sanctuary. However, you had noticed lately that she was being harassed by the same guy every day. So you put a stop to it. Katy thanked you and you smiled as you walked away.

You had been living with the saviours for a year now, but everybody seemed to fear you, which you loved. You were not one to take any shit from anyone and if they pissed you off they’d be sorry. You had gone through so much you were immune to anything people could throw your way. Apart from one thing. Negan.

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He was the one thing you truly cared about anymore. It was funny, because before you met him, you couldn’t give a damn about anyone, but he did something no one else would have.

“Well well, what do we have here?” The man who introduced himself as Simon approached you, his gun pointed at you.

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You glared at him, making sure he knew you couldn’t be broken. “Fuck off.” You spat as he was inches away from you. “Well, that was rude!” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes. “I’m serious. Leave me the fuck alone, or you’ll be sorry.” You weren’t in the mood for him to be bothering you.

“Listen, I will happily cut out your tongue and shove it up your ass, but I don’t think you want that, so please, let me go.” You said, this time being the last before you beat his ass.

“I saw what you did…to that little girl.” Simon said lowering his gun. Your hands rolled into fists and you bit your lip. “Why did you kill her?” He asked.

Fury suddenly built up inside you and you grabbed Simon by his shoulders. You quickly placed your foot behind his legs and shoved him backwards, making him fall down and he onto his stomach. You grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his back.

“Aghh! Fuck!” He yelled and you pulled his arms tighter while placing your knee on his back to hold him down. “Are you going to leave me alone?” You asked loudly and Simon growled.

“Oh my good god!” Your head shot up as you saw a tall man walk towards you. “Well Simon, I think you’ve clearly been defeated by this amazing woman.” The man laughed as he watched you and you loosened your grip on Simon, standing up as you let him go.

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“Fuck, god damn it, woman!” Simon said wriggling his arms. “I warned you.” You said to Simon, your hand placed firmly on your gun. “And you,” you nodded to the other man. “I won’t hesitate. Just leave me alone.” You said backing away.

“Woah, woah come here doll. Are you alone?” He asked. You nodded, realising you now had no one. “I can take care of myself.” You said.

“Simon go wait by the truck.” He said, nodding backwards but keeping his eyes on you.

“I’m sorry, he was a dick. We were scavenging and he must’ve noticed you. If you come with us you’ll be safer. We have a good community.” He explained. He smiled at you and you realised he was the first person to ever show you kindness in this world.

“Alright. But first, I need to do something.” You said, sighing.

“What’s that?”

“I need to bury my sister.”


The ride back was rather silent. You realised Negan accepted you were mourning and gave you time to heal. You sat in the back, with Simon by your side. “Hey, I’m sorry that I was so direct with you. I didn’t mean to push you over the edge.” Simon whispered and you looked at him. “Good. I’m also sorry for jumping on you like that, but I got pissed off and working for the CIA gave me multiple opportunities to defend myself, and shut the people up who keep going on at me.”

Simon laughed. “I am impressed.”

You nodded. “Well, yeah. That and I have gone through a whole lot of shit. More than you I can count on.” You replied and Simon folded his arms. “I do believe you on that one.” He sighed and you nodded, now knowing he had respect for you because you were so strong.



“She seems pretty scary to me.”

You sat at a bench alone, sharpening your set of knives that you had got from Negan as a birthday present. You were eavesdropping on a guy and a girl sitting a few metres behind you. They were talking quietly, but you had learnt how to isolate everything else and concentrate on what you wanted to hear.

“Yeah, but come on, she’s young and beautiful, and she’s dating Negan. I mean, you have to admit they’re a pretty cute couple.” The girl stated and you smirked to yourself. “She’s like what, 23? And Negan’s like 40. That’s weird to me.” The guy stated and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t tell her that yourself, she wouldn’t like it. The last guy to say that to her, never spoke to her again, that’s because she smashed his face in for pissing her off. She’s a real badass. I look up to her. Besides, age is just a number and who the fuck cares in this world anyway?” The girl said and you heard the boy mumble something incoherent.

You got up and walked away as you noticed Negan walk out into the sunshine. You smirked to yourself. You were strong, but being with Negan made you feel one-hundred times stronger. Everybody looked up to you, feared you but thought you and Negan were the coolest, not to mention sweetest, and badass couple ever created.

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As you approached Negan he saw you and walked towards you himself. He smirked and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close to him. “Hi doll’” He said before kissing your lips softly. You smiled and bit your lip. “I love you.” You told him and he smiled. “I love you more, sweetheart.”

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your graphics are so pretty! i want to start making gfx so i wanted to know if you have any tips or tutorials :-)

aaaaa thaNK YOU so much this really made my day omg,, i do have some tips (?) according to what i usually do when i go about making a gfx but a disclaimer before i get into it - i’m no professional at making gfx / at photoshop!! so all these are either learnt from tumblr blogs like chaoticresources or yeahps or from places back when i was learning digital art a few years back :”)

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