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The Promised No-study SAT Tips

I saw that a lot of you wanted these~ Disclaimer: You still have to know English and the basics of math for these. This goes especially if you’re not a native speaker - your English needs to be at a pretty good level.


  1. Read. A lot. Whenever you see a text that’s at least a paragraph or two long, take time to practice skimming. If you’re bored and have a little time, take something, for example a food wrapper, and try to find occurrences of a word (for example “Acid” for food) as quickly as possible. Hard mode: look for synonyms.
  2. Practice filling out the answer sheet. This is a massive time-sink for a lot of people, so you should practice to eliminate it. Print out an example answer sheet and try filling out the circles quickly and accurately without distracting yourself a lot. Hard mode:Try doing it while not focusing only on the circles - look away or start thinking about the next question.
  3. Check. A lot. The main goal of this strategy is to leave yourself enough time when you’ve filled out an answer for each question when you’re calm, know the questions and can focus on checking. Try and go through the questions, thinking, “This question tests this and that.” If you have the time, look at each answer and identify the error in it (harder for the math questions, but loads of fun if you can do it).
  4. Think in patterns: Whenever you’re stuck on an example question, don’t just check the answer. Try and understand how the person found it, if this question is similar to others you have seen. The SAT only uses a few different types of questions, there will rarely be something to surprise you if you know the common patterns.
  5. Rest: The SAT is a very demanding exam. Give your brain time to relax - my advice would be not to do anything mentally strenuous the day before the test. Also, something I found out from competitions - bring chocolate. The sugar in it helps your brain work better and shrug off tiredness and eating it will draw blood away from your brain, effectively hibernating it for the break to conserve energy. Also, it’s just a really tasty snack!


  1. Use the right format for the essay. There are a lot of easy points for using the four/five paragraph system. Introduction, Reason 1, Reason 2, Conclusion. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and follow up with a story from your life or a book/movie to illustrate it. This way, even without using fancy vocab or grammar, you can get the points for structure and critical thought. Now just try not to make any obvious spelling mistakes and call it a day!
  2. Try to quickly find an argument for the essay. They don’t actually rate how intelligent your argument is. So, take a minute or two, breathe deeply, and no matter how stupid your idea is, write it out. (You might still want to take caution with sensitive topics, especially if you’re an international. A dumb mistake I made in my first sitting was bashing on American charity - that definitely did not endear me to the proctors.)
  3. Paragraphs: You have to have experience reading - look at how the topic never changes abruptly. Insert sentences that link what’s written before and after the gap. Final sentences of paragraphs shouldn’t raise more questions.
  4. Sentence questions: Skim through the questions. Try to answer most of them, the first thing that comes to mind, and fill out the answer sheet immediately. Chances are, if it sounds good to you, it’s the correct choice. Do this quickly, then try and do the paragraphs. After you’ve done this, go back to the questions and start checking.
  5. They usually test for a few broad topics. Identify if each sentence fits one of the patterns and answer accordingly. For the others, try and think what error they might want you to make. If you know you have the time, look at each answer in turn and identify the mistake in it. The most common ways for you to change a sentence would be:
  • Fragments: Try and see if each clause has a subject and a verb. Example: “In the dim light, making his way through the cave.” -> “In the dim light, he makes his way through the cave.”
  • Subject-verb agreement: Make sure that the subject is the one actually doing the action and singular/plural match. Example: “Gathering stones, the river was blocked by the men.” Did the river gather stones? No.
  • Consistency: Make sure that something introduced one way is always referred to like that (don’t switch out ‘one’ for ‘you’ or ‘they’). Make sure there are no extra linkers (”Since I was there, but he went too.”). Check if any verbs change tense when they shouldn’t. Don’t compare apples to oranges (”His homework was as good as John.” -> “As good as John’s”).
  • Adverb or adjective? If it describes a verb, it has a ‘ly’. Example: “She winked playful.” -> “She winked playfully.”
  • Singular or plural? Make sure not to refer to a plural object in singular. “Pandas, numbering in the hundreds now, is an endangered species.”
  • Prepositions, linkers, all the small words Sadly, you’ll have to know how they’re used.


  1. Word fill: Note the answers that obviously don’t make sense. Mark the one of the others that sounds best to you (in the answer sheet, too!). If you don’t know one or more of the words, aim for simplicity. After you’ve quickly answered all of the reading questions, come back to these. Look at the relationships between the gap and the sentence - are you looking for a positive or negative word? Antonyms or synonyms to something before? Try and guess what unknown words mean. This way, you will probably be able to eliminate all the wrong answers.
  2. Reading comprehension: You are not tested for understanding the text. Keep this in mind. What you are actually trying to do here is quickly find synonyms. If the question asks for “Was Anna’s family a) warm b) cold c) the spawn of Cthulhu?”, chances are that the text contains “Anna’s relatives acted chilly.” or something like that. Read the first question. Skim the text until it comes to that topic, then look for synonyms of the answers. Don’t make deductions! If you come across a ‘general message’ or ‘tone of the author’ question, skip it and answer it at the end of the text. The other questions will be in the same order as the answers are mentioned in the text. Checking: If you have time, look at each answer and try to see what in the text could mislead somebody to make that mistake.


  1. Calculator use: My advice would be to not bring a complex graphing calculator. They just slow you down. Try and do most operations by hand, then use the calculator only for, well, calculations.
  2. Basic topics to know: You are expected to be familiar with how to rearrange equations (ab=1 is the same as a=1/b) and solve linear and quadratics; cosine and Pythagorean theorems; number representations of lines and their intersections; median, mean and mode.
  3. Solve like a crab! One of the best things I learnt in “Fun Math” classes was that problems are solved more easily if you work from the answer back. Try and see what you would need (in terms of information) to find the answer. Then look back to the text of the problem - is what you need there? In most SAT problems, it is, or you can easily find it.
  4. Visualise: Especially for distance or geometry problems, make a small chart of what’s happening. Make lines for the distances the cars traveled or draw that pesky cylinder. Try and see in your mind how different elements move and which stay the same.

I guess this is all that I can say for now. Of course, this is my strategy so it might not work for everyone or it might not work without practice, so don’t think it’s a miracle solve-all. I’m always open for questions about ideas or specific problems, just write an ask~ And good luck to all future test-takers!

How to: Approach Poetry Analysis in an Exam

An in-depth guide to write super-awesome commentaries. So my IB paper 1 unseen text exam is tomorrow, so thought I might condense all that I’ve learnt on poetry analysis over my high school life here. 

Reading the poem/those first 5 minutes:

The first time you do so, don’t worry about finding literary devices etc. Just read it. Feel the mood, feel the poem. Often in exams, you are given 5 minutes of reading time when you’re not suppose to write anyway, so really make use of that time. Remember your initial impression of the poem. 

  1. Ask yourself the following questions: WHAT is going on here? (What is the “dramatic situation”? WHO is speaking? (Known as the voice or persona. What kind of a person, what is their attitude to the situation? Who are they speaking to? How consistent is the speaker with the situation? 
  2. Ask yourself how the poem achieves the effect you noted above. Look for:  PATTERNS: The effect of the structure, the construction of the stanzas, lines. Repetition? Look for use of rhyme, metre, rythm, and sound patterns. IMAGES: What appeals to the senses? Look for taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, movement. What about literal images? Or are they figurative? Why? WORDS (Use of diction): Why the choice and position of words? What extra implications, connotations, dimensions, allusions? Ask yourself how these contribute to what the poem is doing.


Now use lots of pretty highlighters to annotate the poem. It helps to use a colour scheme! For example, use orange for literary devices, green for specific use of diction etc… It makes it easier to identify and go back to what you’ve found while writing the essay.

  1. Literary devices: So, so important. Focus on how language shapes meaning. I have created a page with all useful devices you could use HERE. 
  2. Structure: Look at the number of lines per stanza (Is it a tercet? A Quatrain? - Find the names of your poem structure on the same post as the literary devices) Look at rhythm (pentameter) and rhyming scheme. (ABAB or ABBA…) OR is it free verse? Drop all of this down somewhere on the page. 

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How I Memorize New Vocabulary


I wrote characters we learned to my notebook and regularly went over them to not forget how to write each one. I marked every character that has a traditional version so that I can easily find which ones I need to study if I ever want to learn traditional characters. I made Memrise courses and reviewed them when I rode public transport. Making Memrise courses helped me to see exactly how many characters I knew which is important for HSK. Pleco had my back when I was texting with Chinese friends or browsing the internet, I made lots of flashcards there.


I did write every new word I learnt in my Korean lessons to my vocabulary notebook but made my biggest mistakes. First, I didn’t memorize if a word has ㅐ or ㅔ. There’s absolutely no way to know which word has which one since both of these sound exactly the same (except if you are not a Korean language grad with strong opinions). I should’ve memorize words with ㅗ and ㅓ, ㅈ and ㅊ too. They sound different but I am just not good at distinguishing them. Second, I didn’t made Memrise courses to regularly go over them. This is why my Korean vocabulary game is weak :(


To learn new words I read books in English and looked up every word I didn’t know in a dictionary app with English definitions, then I wrote them to my notebook. Writing English definitions took longer than writing just Turkish translations but I think I learned better.


I just started learning Arabic and don’t have a routine right now but I am planning on writing vocabulary to my notebook with harakats and making Memrise courses without harakats. I hope this method works.

Late Confession

Summary: You really like Jungkook but then you heard him talking his ideal type and you are really heartbroken because you’re not even close to his description. You choose to avoid him, but when he finally managed to get alone time, he confesses that he loves you 
Member: Jungkook X Reader
Type: Slight Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1940 words

/stabs self because i did another lengthy one. Hope you guys enjoy regardless!

- Admin Fits

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There were a lot of things Jungkook liked. He liked to play video games until his stomach would send out cramp signals just because he hasn’t eaten for the entire day. He loved to watch anime instead of doing the homework that piled at the corner of his table. He’d rather coop in his dance studio rather than staying in the classroom, staring at equations that ultimately did not make sense to him.

There were a lot of things that you knew about him. Jungkook was your childhood friend that was coincidentally your neighbour for the past 17 years of you living. You spent your younger days with him in the swings, whining when he wouldn’t be able to push you high enough to the point that he would walk away with a huge frown on his face. You spent your childhood days where you would bully him into giving you a piggyback ride, but all in good nature because you’d encourage your mother to give one of your favourite ice cream cones to him as a thank you.

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i-want-the-brian-d  asked:

I was looking for the courage to talk to the guy that I like. But because of the way that I view my weight and how I look, it is really hard to do. What should I do?

Talk to him anyway. 

It took me YEARS to work this one out- boys don’t care nearly as much as we do. They don’t even notice MOST things. It’s almost worrying how much they don’t give a crap about a lot of things. Put 4 kisses on a text? They don’t care. You have wobbly thighs? He hasn’t noticed. 

From the tiny bit I’ve learnt (and they still confuse me), I think boys like confident, happy, funny, intelligent girls. 

Obviously still make an effort with yourself but don’t let it be your determining factor on whether or not to talk to him. Courage is sexy. xxx

befitandchase  asked:

Because I'm overworked and need a break from writing, how 'bout some Olicity and failed sexting?

I normally do these things in order (well try to) but I just couldn’t get this idea out my head!!! SO yes I had to write this… Oh and yes I actually don’t use text language so I didn’t here either… I hope it makes sense, and hopefully makes you laugh :).

Also I’m posting this before I go out tonight so yes ENJOY!

Prove it.

It was a crazy busy day. Ever since she had learnt she owned Palmer Technologies and Oliver refused to take it back from her. She had been working so hard to bring it back to its former glory under the Queens name. So now she was sat in the CEO office, staring at so much paper work she had already had enough after all her morning meetings suddenly her phone beeped. Olivers name instantly made her smile.

Can’t wait to see you later ;)

Don’t think I can make lunch sorry, so much work to do

Oh… That’s a shame…

Sorry baby

It’s okay, I was just looking forward to devouring your lips

I’m so sorry, seriously I would if I could

Her phone was silent for a little while, as she turned her attention back to the papers in front of her when suddenly it beeped again.

I want to come over there, rip your clothes off and pound into you. Make you scream my name as you come all over the desk destroying all your paperwork…

She groaned her hands shaking slightly.

Oliver. Stop it! I have that much paper work I don’t even think any of it would get destroyed

That’s what you took from what I just said? Haha

Yes… I want to duck you too, but that’s not looking likely…

Duck? Hahahaha

FUCK! I want to fuck you Oliver… I want you so badly; I want to feel you stretch me, to bend me over the desk.

Her free hand fell to her breast, the floor was empty her assistant had gone to sort out some more paperwork. So she allowed herself this moment.

What are you wearing?

Doesn’t matter…

Oh yeh it does ;)

Just an orange dress

Felicity you’re not helping here, I’m so painfully hard right now

Prove it

She sent it before she even had time to think, she clenched her thighs closed at just the thought of him gloriously naked. Just then there was a tap on her door, her hand flew from her breast as she looked up to see Diggle striding in.

“Hey! What are you doing here?”

“Well someone said you might not get lunch so I am here to deliver it.” He handed over a brown paper bag and she happily took it placing it on the table. Her phone buzzed as Oliver replied, Diggles eyes glanced at the screen and she flipped it before he had a chance to see anything.

“Thanks John I really appreciate it.”

“Hey it’s Oliver you should thank, he made it.” She beamed then her heart fluttering in her chest. “I’ll see you later Felicity.” He said softly heading towards the exit. She grabbed her phone, turning it around to see an email from Oliver rather than a text. She shook her head as she opened it, the image of his cock in hand so painfully erect made her mouth dry, the dull throb in her centre growing. Then suddenly she saw the email sent to caption. Holy crap he had sent it to her mother as well.

OLIVER! You sent that email to my mother as well!

No way, I didn’t…

Oh yes you did!

Oh crap what am I meant to do?

Suddenly Felicity’s email chimed, Donna Smoak replied.

Oh god she’s replied Felicity!

Slowly she opened the message.

Nice to see my daughter has a VERY big guy taking care of all of her needs.
Even more so to know you two must be having one hell of a sex life.
But next time sweetie, maybe a little less eager and check who you’re sending it to. Mum xo

Felicity stared in disbelief at the message, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

Well that certainly killed the mood

Yep, sorry my bad

It’s okay she handled that better than I thought

But I’m never going to live that down am I?

Probably not, maybe sexting shouldn’t be our thing

You’re probably right. I’ll see you later babe

See you later. Oh and thank you for the sandwich Diggle just delivered it. Smells amazing.

Nothing’s too much trouble for you

I love you xoxo

I love you too xoxo

She stared at her phone for a little while longer, before turning back to the paperwork. A soft smile unable to stop spreading as she thought about the man she loved.

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One of the reasons why I don’t speak much Korean in our videos is because I see the crap other bloggers get when they even say a few words or even just names of food. People are so judgemental and yet have no idea how hard it is for others to learn another language. I’ve been really hard on myself because I feel like I’m not improving at all. But then I realised I am comparing myself to people here who already knew other languages before they started learning Korean. I’ve never learnt another language before and I’m trying to learn one of the hardest in the world. Remember when you criticize people that everyone learns differently and simply studying hard doesn’t automatically mean you get fluency in the language.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT: There are different dialects and accents in Korea. Not only that but all people say things in different ways. Stop judging people by comparing it to your text book Korean. The way I say things is “wrong” if you compare it to text books, however I am simply saying it in the way of my husband’s dialect.

And finally, stop thinking that just because someone is living in Korea that they should be absorbing the language by osmosis or something. It’s much harder than that. For example, I’ve been living here for months and I’ve barely learnt anything just by naturally picking it up. Firstly it’s dialect so grammar and words can be completely different to text books, Secondly, my in-laws speak informally to me (and to my husband) so I can never copy just what they are saying. My husband speaks more informally to his parents than I am allowed so I can’t just copy what he says. I have almost no real life examples of how I have to be speaking, which of course makes it harder.

So how about everyone stop being so judgemental of bloggers living in Korea and stop trying to judge their Korean by the little that you hear in videos.

Judi Dench reveals secret mission - to get a tattoo for her birthday

The 80-year-old has revealed that she would like to be inked with an Indian symbol to celebrate her next birthday.

Dame Judi said: “I am tempted to have a tattoo to mark my birthday.

“My daughter Finty is very keen on me having one. There’s an Indian symbol that I like which supposedly represents life and love and everything. A cameraman who worked on The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel told me what it meant, but I’m a bit nervous in case I’m being set up… it might be unbelievably rude.”

It is not the first time that the actress – who starred as M in Bond movies including Skyfall – has entertained the idea of getting marked. She once had film producer Harvey Weinstein’s name temporarily scrawled on her bottom.

Dame Judi previously told how she joked with him about having the ink because he cast her as Queen Victoria in the film Mrs Brown. She said: “He still thinks it’s tattooed. My make-up lady painted it on. He didn’t believe me so I showed him.”

Speaking about her last birthday, the star – who is with long-term partner David Mills – told Good Housekeeping: “I didn’t want a fuss, just the people I love. The words ‘old’ and ‘retire’ are banned in my house.”

Yet despite her advancing years, Dame Judi has learnt text lingo.

“My grandson sent a text that said ‘see u l8r’. I had to text him back to ask what it meant. Another one is ‘YOLO’, which means you only live once. I love that I know that.” (X)