and i laughed and i'm still laughing

I am sitting here like wtf brain, because I don’t even write aus and yet here my brain is with a whole one-shot set in this universe. I don’t understand at all lmaoooo. But I’m still gonna hope I have time to sit down and write it while the kids are gone this evening.

When an interviewer asks you for the 1000th time who your character’s parents are when you thought the answer was obvious and was answered already, and you just can’t take it anymore and you’re about to expose it all, but Mark Hamill has to hold you back before Mickey Mouse himself kills you.


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

tfw you almost break OOC because co-star is too funny

  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis
  • Uchikawa Reo as Ciel Phantomhive
  • Takagi Shun as Fred Abberline
  • Izumi Shuhei as Undertaker

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