and i know y'all hate this movie

Y'all know what I hate???

I hate how people particularly on this site scream and demand representation in action films and everything but when the movie comes out they don’t support it, in 2017 alone we have about 8 POC playing leads in superhero films and no one is trying to acknowledge it! Gal Gadot an Israeli-Jewish woman is playing Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa a biracial Hawaiian man is playing Aquaman, Ray Fisher a black man is playing Cyborg, RJ Cyler a black man played the first autistic superhero in the Power Rangers film that just came out this past Friday, Becky G a Latina woman played the first LGBTQ hero in the Power Rangers film, Ludi Lin played the first Asian superhero to ever hit the big screen, Naomi Scott played the first Indian superhero, Maisie Richardson-Sellers plays a live action Vixen, and there a plenty of others that can be added to this list ,but all those people yelling about wanting representation here are examples of a few and all of these people are leads in their respective films.. Y'all want POC leads here they are watch their films and support them! Show Hollywood that POC as leads can make money in the action and superhero genres as well! I don’t want to see another post complaining about representation until y'all have seen these movies first. Support these actors they have worked hard and deserve support!

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C: As a Black nerd who grew up being called White and was ostracized for being a Black immigrant lemme tell other fellow Black nerds/geeks/alt types something: We are not special for having different interest and not every single Black person is out to get you. Seriously stop this shit. Enough. I hate interacting with Blerds sometimes because some of y'all are so fixated on those experiences that you can’t even enjoy your favorite shows or movies or comics without trashing your own race. Some of y'all hate your own so much that when another Black person shows up in your predominately Non White and White spaces you fucking lose it and act hostile towards that Black person. Many of you see yourselves as permanent victims and got stuck in that mindset.

Look I know it sucks! Like being openly hated for liking rock or anime was hard for me. I just wanted to be with my people and be accepted but growing up I never was, not in groups at least. So I know it’s hard being different. And it’s okay. But what’s not okay is the bashing of your cultures. That’s not healthy. Intraracial beef is difficult to handle I just think some of y'all revel in negative commentary about “ghetto” (I hate the word but this what a lot of y'all say even on confessions here) Black people and it’s sick. Don’t sit there and cry about being different then shit on your own about being different from YOU.


I hate when nh/ss/ns or any other canon ship shipper call us SasuHina shippers delusional for shipping sasuhina. Like bitch we know we delusional, tf? Meanwhile, nh needed a god damn movie, ss has absolutely no proof aside from Sarada, ns is just shit period, and the other pairings became canon for no real reason. But y'all stay sleep on sasuhina 🙌🙌🙌

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listen. i’m having a moment and thinking about how much iconic vibes Harry and Zayn are radiating that it has managed to put them on this attention level stratosphere like .. istg I don’t even care about ppl who want to pit them against each other anymore because I got THIS, i got them both? their individual strengths and talents, their ambition, their unique personalities, their charismas, their interviews where we find out about their personalities and realizing how many incredible sides of them I missed out when they were in the band.. I have people who have worked with them always mentioning how nice and grounded they are.. goddamn I’ve come a long f*cking way to get here because of that hate level y'all, including media, manage to create around both of them, but now i got to witness them going on their seperate ways with such a reminder to the world that they won’t be forgotten and that they will keep working, keep creating music, art, movies, fashion lines.. i am so excited about my winning team and no one will ever bring me down from this cloud, call me a dark zarrie, but if at this point it means watching two young men in completely different styles and manners taking over the world then you know what? it really fcking works for me


get to know me meme: [1/10] favourite movies: fast five

“The guys we’re after are professional runners. They like speed and are guaranteed to go down the hardest possible way so make sure you’ve got your thunderwear on. We find ‘em we take ‘em as a team and we bring ‘em back. And above all else we don’t ever, ever let them get into cars.

How am I already seeing Tony Stark hate on my dash for simply being in the Spider-Man movie lmao?

This is the Tony we deserve (not the Tony who has been used to make Steve look like the one true hero who never screws up because that’s Tony’s job)


I wanna enjoy this movie and I wanna stay away from the endless Tumblr discourse so 😂😂 If anyone posts Tony hate I am unfollowing tbh but if u love fatherly!tony and ur excited for him being Peter’s big uncle then hmu so I can followww 😱😆

so a couple of days ago I made a half-assed post about the fact I don’t think we need solo films before Justice League, cause Justice League is internationally known, comes out and well, some jokers thought they’d come at me in my own home like they know shit

so I’m making a follow-up

s i t d o w n

here’s a few reasons we don’t need solos:

“just cause we recognize spandex doesn’t mean we care about the character, we don’t know this new iteration we need solos for character development”

shut up. you know that isn’t true. Lord of the Rings didn’t waste time on solos for the whole damn fellowship and y'all managed to care about them. And while we’re at it, since I know you’re gonna pitch a fit about how LOTR is somehow the magical exception, here’s a list of some other group movies general audiences didn’t seem to need solo movies for: Ocean’s Eleven, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rise of the Guardians, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Italian Job, The Expendables, Remember the Titans, Ghostbusters, etc, even fucking Harry Potter(but there were books!!! you cry, well motherfucker there’s a lot of damn reading material for the Justice League and that doesn’t seem to stop you from hating), didn’t seem to need solos for Black Panther and Spider-Man before Civil War came out. Funny, huh?

Zack Snyder and Co is perfectly capable of introducing three new characters in a movie and inducing the audience to feel for them with a few strategic lines and cut scenes. It’s not hard y'all. You just don’t want to care, so you don’t. You’ve already decided to hate this movie so you will. It’s that simple.

“yeah but!!! established heroes!!! origin stories!!”

Justice League is the origin story. The only heroes in the Universe that have previous superhero history HAVE origins ON SCREEN. Man of Steel. Batman V Superman. Wonder Woman.(AKA DC Trinity). Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman; none of them are active heroes at this point. Justice League is the origin, that’s why their solos are AFTER JL comes out. I know this is a shocking revelation, but maybe just MAYBE WB/DCEU has a plan.

origin stories are done to death. And they don’t always work out for the studios that produce them. you can talk up all you want, but there are quite a few “origin” stories and solos that I know lots of people would rather forget.

“dceu is too dark and the tone is terrible and gritty they should be more fun”

I hate to break it to you kiddo but “not liking tone” of a movie is not a valid criticism. it’s just not. you can not like it, that’s fine, but that doesn’t make it bad. that’s a PERSONAL preference.

I love the DCEU so far. I’m not trying to hide that. And you can not like it or hate it if you want to, but trying to deny that film/film viewing is ALMOST ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE and then DEMONIZING anyone who enjoys the DCEU is just fucking… well it’s laughably naive. Thanks for playing. Try again.

I don’t mean to sound condescending. and this isn’t just directed at M*CU or its fans, or people who like both, this is also for DC fans who refuse to give the DCEU a chance for… I don’t know what reasons because as someone who has followed DC in every iteration my ENTIRE life, I don’t get it. This is for people who come into our tags to start shit. Or come on to my posts to start shit.

I’m tired. y'all make me tired.

DCEU had charm and nuance and depth and I’m so exhausted by people who refuse to engage and still slander the universe.

Have your opinions. I ain’t stopping you. But keep your fucking hate and vitriol and the rest of your garbage-vomit off my positive posts and out of our positive tags you absolute jackasses. I’m tired. you don’t belong there. these spaces are for US. dceu fans who created these tags for OUR use.

we’re excited about Justice League. that’s not going away. we’re not going away. get fucking used to it.

PDA? (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Can you do an imagine where your friends thinks nates not good for you and never shows you love in front of them and nate hears and starts acting they cute and cuddly way he does when it’s just you 2 please

“(Y/N), I have a confession.” One of my best friends, Maddie said.

“What is it?” I smirked. We were at a little get-together with some friends and my boyfriends’ (Nate) friends.

“How do I say this, uh… I-”

“We think Nate is no good for you.” My other best friend, Elena, told me.

“What? You’re being ridiculous.” I laughed. “He is definitely good for me.”

“Of course you think that because you’re head over heels with him.” Maddie pointed out.

“You guys have no idea of how our relationship is.”

“I know, I know. But it’s just like, he never actually shows that you guys are dating. Isn’t that bothering you?” She was half right, I liked PDA but Nate hated it. But I didn’t bother because I respect his opinion.

“He hates PDA.”

“So? It’s not PDA if he hugs you from behind real quick?” Elena said. She always needed to look out for me. “And besides, how is he when you two are together then?”

“Cuddly. Playful.” I smiled.

“Then why the hell not in public?”

Nate approached us as he sat down next to me and threw an arm around me. This was a first. “Hey babe.” He smiled.


“Where are y'all talking about?” He smirked at us.

“Girl stuff, you know.” Elena said.

“Aha.” He nodded. “Hey, how about we go to the movies tomorrow? You wanted to see Pitch Perfect 2, right?” He said while placing his other hand on my thigh. What was happening?


“Alright, I’m gonna take ya there and then we’ll go grab some dinner at Olive Garden? How does that sound?” He smiled at me. He must’ve overheard us.

“Sounds awesome!” I happily said.

“Then it’s a date.” He said while kissing me real quick.

I looked at Elena and Maddie and saw they were just as surprised as I was. What just happened?

(Nate’s POV)

I walked inside the living room and saw (Y/N) sitting with Maddie and Elena. They were talking loud as shit. So why not eavesdrop a little? “I know, I know. But it’s just like, he never actually shows that you guys are dating. Isn’t that bothering you?” Elena said.

“He hates PDA.” I never said I hated it. I said I wasn’t into it.

“So? It’s not PDA if he hugs you from behind real quick?” Damn, Elena. Calm your ass. “And besides, how is he when you two are together then?”

“Cuddly. Playful.” I only saw their backs, so I couldn’t see a lot.

“Then why the hell not in public?” If that’s what she wanted, I’ll go for it.

I walked over to them, sat next to (Y/N) and threw my arm around her. “Hey babe.” I smiled.

“Hi?” She tried to smile but instead her brows furrowed.

“Where are y'all talking about?” I smirked, testing them a little.

“Girl stuff, you know.” Elena said. Yeah right.

“Aha.” I nodded. “Hey, how about we go to the movies tomorrow? You wanted to see Pitch Perfect 2, right?” I needed to show affection to her. So I will. Wow wait, I sound really angry. But I’m really not. It’s just that it annoys me how Elena talked like that. So I needed to make a change.

“Yeah…” (Y/N) said.

“Alright, I’m gonna take ya there and then we’ll go grab some dinner at Olive Garden? How does that sound?” I smiled, forgetting about Elena’s bashing and focusing on how that would go.

“Sounds awesome!” She finally said convinced.

“Then it’s a date.” I quickly leaned in and gave her a kiss.

She looked more confused than ever. It kinda made me laugh.

I know we all joke about hating one direction and saying they ruined our lives but y'all, if I hadn’t always had an album coming out in November, tours, a movie, and all the rest to be looking forward to I might not be here right now. I talked myself out of suicide more than once by thinking “one direction’s fourth album will be out this year, you need to stick around for that, girl” or “you’ll be seeing your boys live this year you can’t let those concert tickets go to waste.” I don’t want to think about what could have happened to me had I not clicked on that one direction funny moments video back in 2013, and I’m so thankful that I did. No matter what I say about that band, I love them more than I ever thought I could. Thanks for everything, boys.


Heyo! Fiona Rose here and SVTFOE is back, baby!! Woo!! (EVEN IF THERE WAS NO SIGN OF SENPAII! *eye twitches*)

Alrighty, there’s something I need to get across here. Remember that movie scene from the new SVTFOE? I know what most of you are thinking that it’s Starco foreshadowing…well okay but what about another possibility, guys. I mean come on.

If Starco happened, I don’t think people would look down upon it like how the two from the movie thought people would view them. What would make more sense is that the movie was hinting something from the PAST. A Mewman and a monster couldn’t be together because of how society viewed them. You know where I’m going with this one. Moon and Toffee. In my opinion, this makes more sense than Starco foreshadowing. Sorry, Starco fans.😂😅

Welp! That’s what I gotta say, folks!

I know y'all hate AOU but I’m not amused with the collective amnesia regarding how great Hawkeye was in that movie.

- Being the only person to dodge Wanda’s mind control
- Caring for Nat after she’s whammied
- Freaking out after Nat is captured but doing the job anyway
- “Didn’t see that coming?” at Avengers tower
- Finding Nat via secret spy codes
- Protecting and inspiring Wanda midbattle

And that’s if you want to ignore the whole secret family thing- who he exposed for the safety of the team.

Y'all, I get it. You’re mad that Doctor Strange whitewashed a few characters. Honestly, that’s Hollywood for you. I hate it just as much as you do. But listen; the kids and younger teens are not going to understand what race someone is supposed to be (unless they read the comics or did some extensive research). You can not pay to see it, or you can. But don’t tell others not to. I’ve seen the movie. I loved it. Yes, I know they switched races. I don’t like it, but the movie was still good?? I understand culture appreciation and everything that you guys fight for, trust me. But I personally don’t watch movies and look out for what race someone is. I watch them because I want to. Because of the storyline. Because I can. I can, and will, spend my money how I wish. I will be seeing the movie again with my best friend. And again with my mom and brother. And again with my dad. Because it is a family movie. I get that some of you are upset. But it’s just a movie. I’ll probably get hate for this, so I apologize in advance. But if you want people to stop whitewashing, then maybe go do something about it besides whining on the internet? Get into film, make your own movies, do your own stuff and show Hollywood who’s boss. Not spending your money on one movie isn’t going to do much. I’m pretty sure they don’t need it anyways, they’ve already reached a high amount. So you can say you’re not going to see the movie all you want - but my happy ass is gonna go down to my local cinema, buy me a big ass tub of popcorn and a Coke, and watch a movie with my damn family.

My family officially hates me.
  • Dad: [a very unathletic person] I could run CIRCLES around you.
  • Me: HA! Running? Like running running? Physical running? I will always win.
  • Me: ... You know who else can run circles around you?
  • Dad: Who?
  • Mom: *deep sigh*