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Well well well, would you look at that. Another cis white straight guy being all preachy about SJW issues. Guilt much?

lmao this is rich, dawg. first of all, im neither cis, straight, or a dude, so, y’know, thanks for that, and second, i dont think being any of these things disqualifies anyone from saying relevant stuff about racism, transphobia, homophobia or sexism. if you have a point then you have a point. i know i can easily pass as these things you said about me, so im using them to be vocal about issues.
thats called using your privileges, son

At some point I realised that all people are people. Like. Every single person you’ve ever met or interacted with has an entire separate life that you’ll probably never get to know about or be a major part of. Their own families and friends, hopes and fears. It’s so weird. A stranger you pass on the street contains a billion stories you’ll never hear.

All of my followers have their own lives, and all I notice is a like or a reblog now and then, maybe an ask. I’m probably just a small part in the life of whoever is reading this. Maybe my influence doesn’t even extend beyond this text post, and you’ll never see me again.

But you know what? That’s neat. That’s interesting and cool. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life, no matter how small.

I’m relearning a life without you.
I’m learning how to wake up without a “good morning” text or laying next to you filled with the warmth of your body heat. I’m learning how to go throughout my day avoiding your glance when I see you, even though I’m painfully aware of your passing. I’m learning how to go without your affection, I’m trying to find it elsewhere but it isn’t the same. I’m learning how to desperately try and forget how you kissed me because when he does it it doesn’t feel the same. Im learning how to see you smile and laugh and know it’s not my doing. I’m learning how to fall asleep without you holding me. I’m learning how to go without your comfort.
I’m learning day by day, how to forget everything that made me fall in love. Because all of that has no comparison to the pain you caused me and I have to remember that, each and every day.
—  v.m

I was a mega dork/loser/loner/weirdo at school. I remember coming home most afternoons crying because I didn’t belong to a ‘group’. I was bullied, I was socially awkward (still am) I never had the coolest clothes.. I wore smashing pumpkins tshirts (still do), played cello (still do) , read national geographic magazines, had anxiety (still do), had buck teeth & acne. I remember wishing I could be like all the cool kids. My mother always told me to just keep being myself and the right people will come to me. So I kept being myself. S/O anyone who doesn’t compromise themselves. Sorry about the long post. Sometimes I just wanna go back in time and let my 14 y/o self know that it’s gonna be ok. PLEASE PASS ON TO ANY AWKWARD KID OUT THERE

Valid SU criticisms

• Art is inconsistent (and not in terms of ‘storyboard artists have different styles’ just ‘characters change height’)
• Several off model issues that cannot be passed off as tweens
• Plot is sandwiched between lots of filler
• Several characters could be better written

Not valid SU critisms

• Characters doing something bad and learning what they did wrong at the end of the episode is bad writing
• This one line in one episode I can easily interpret as rape apologism
• Alien characters are 'whitewashed’ because I don’t know a damn thing about lighting
• A character who underwent extreme trauma being mean and lashing out is bad; even if their more extreme behavior is called out
• This show has bad 'black’ representation b/c Bismuth, a blue space rock lost her way and considered killing her opponents even though doing so would be equivalent to giving chainsaws to the Japanese when the US had the atomic bomb. (The Pizzas, who are an actual hard working black family, don’t count apparently)
• Nitpicking minor details on a character’s clothing and asking why it hasn’t been explained yet.
• It’s not progressive until it’s about me

Standing, staring, waiting.
Closed, noises come from behind.
Who’s in there? Who?
The Blue door.

Wondering, wishing, wanting.
Locked, still sounds pass through.
My curiosity not quenched.
The Blue door.

On the stoop, on my toes, on edge.
I know, I feel you’re behind there.
Why are you so reclusive?
The Blue door.

Wait, what is that, is it opening?
Sadly no, it was just a stranger passing.
While I sat and waited by…
The Blue door.


I think this is important

Get to know someone before starting a relationship with them. Make them your best friend and let them become comfortable around you. I see so many relationships that are rushed and end early because each person failed to really know the person. When we meet someone, most of us aren’t ourselves at the start. We are nervous, taking small bites of food and making sure not to laugh too loud or obnoxiously. We don’t truly know how someone is like or what their actual personality is until some time has passed. Take your time with your relationships. Let yourself and the person become relaxed enough to show your true colors.

i'm so fucking emo right now but monsta x really deserves the world and more

y'all, monsta x really deserves their first win??? they have been nothing but dedicated to their careers and making monbebes happy and they are a group with so much fucking potential, with bomb-ass songs and lit as fuck choreography for their dances so can we please do everything we can in our abilities to help them get their first win pleasE you’re not even doing this for me, but for the 7 boys who deserve the world and more??? 

it’s one thing to preach about helping them get their first win and it’s another to actually do something??? 

and i’m sorry if i’m coming off very aggressive but don’t use the excuse that you don’t know how to navigate your way through korean sites because there are tutorials everywhere??? if you’re not financially able to help out with the purchasing of melon/naver passes or physical albums IT IS OK IT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE DO NOT BRING YOURSELF DOWN BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARENT ABLE TO DO 

but please monbebes, do everything you can in your power that doesn’t put you in a predicament, stream their music video, pre-vote for them for music shows, those are things that each and everyone of us can contribute at least a teensy bit and you may think that your view or your vote will not make a difference but it will because if you are thinking in that way, so are thousands of other monbebes and collectively, it is a lot of views and votes that we are losing!! 

if you need help with anything in regards to tutorials and shit, there are so many monbebes who have put up tutorials to help you with many different aspects which would contribute to their first win AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND THAT YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF OTHER MONBEBES WHO ARE IN THIS JOURNEY ALONGSIDE YOURSELF 

monsta x is a group that genuinely cares for and loves their fans so can we please please please get that first win for them?

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When do your exams take place? I know you won't be updating biweekly again until they're done (which is a-okay with me considering this term is quickly winding down for me and in America we have finals in late April/early may) so I was just curious as to how your exam schedule aligned with ours over here lol

I have exams and OSCEs in early May, then two weeks of blissful ignorance when I don’t know if I’ve passed or not where I’m high tailing it out of the country for a relaxing break and then I have a month until resits if I find out I’ve failed first time. So I’ll probably be a lot less active until either mid-may or mid-june and then very active over the summer when I have a lot more free time on my hands

Arc V Fandom Group Hug

I’ve had a really enjoyable past 3 years getting to know all you guys thanks to this show. I hadn’t ever really interracted with the Yugioh fandom much before Arc V (despite having seen every single episode of the other series before it) so I’m very grateful that my overall experience and interractions with the vast majority of you guys have been positive! I also wanna thank both Arc V and you guys for this immense amount of creative motivation you’ve all given me throughout (seriously be it artist, writer, editor, or just a fan who reblogs or comments I gotta say this fandom has some really talented and creative people that have inspired me in MANY ways). Lastly, thank you all for the SMILES you’ve given me. It’s been a fun time with you guys and I made a lot of really cool and incredible friends out of a lot of you guys! Thanks! 

Ah but don’t worry, even if the show is ending, the EGAOS will keep on coming for sure! Looking forward to much more from you all!

The fun has just begun!

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i was wondering.. even though you don't do personal translations, do you think you could give us a message to copy and paste to let seokjin know he is beautiful no matter what??? i really want to send him something in korean knowing he does even if he may not read it, but maybe he'll skim over it one day.. i just want to make him smile and be happy like he does for me. thank you. i love you and your blog and updates i'm grateful!

Awwww that made me tear up. I don’t do personal translations, but if it’s to make our boys smile, I’ll help. 

Here you go! Make Seokjin smile! Pass it around: 

잘생겼으니까 외모대해서 스트레스 받지마세요.- You are handsome, so do not stress about your appearance.

아름다운 사람이니까 스트레스 받지말고 행복하세요.- You are a beautiful person, so do not get stressed and be happy.

힘들때 감정을 너무 숨기지마세요, 정신적으로 좋지않아요. 우리가 있잖아요.- When you are having a hard time do not hide your emotions too much, it’s not good for you mentally. You have us! 

행복하시고 건강하게 흥넘치게사세요. Please be happy and continue to stay healthy and lively.  

i’ve kept my driving test a secret from my mum in the hopes that i pass, and can pass over my certificate on mother’s day (sunday) with her other gifts

however, i hate keeping secrets from her and i kinda wanna let her know so that she has the chance to wish her daughter good luck :(

what should i doOoOoOooo? :( i want to surprise her but dont want to rob her of the opportunity to hope for the best for me lol

An Outside Perspective

I was on the bus earlier today and sat behind this guy who had a can of alcohol that he was sipping from. I didn’t think much of it except how much cheaper alcohol is than dope and that I wouldn’t mind a nice, fat shot of some afghan brown or china white. The guy then gets up to stand in front of the doors so he can get off at the stop we’re approaching when all of a sudden he turns around and lunges towards the window and spews projectile vomit at the cars passing us. Everybody’s staring and I’m so happy I moved down to the seat on the other end of the bus before he sprayed alcohol and stomach juices at everything in front of him. When he’s done, he slams the window closed in frustration and maybe even despair and the second he turns around to walk off the bus and light a cigarette, I realize I know him.

He was this guy I spoke to at my last detox about a year ago. He had scars on his arm from the years he spent self harming and was trying to cleanse himself of alcohol and heroin before it was too late. He acted tough and like he didn’t give a fuck about anything but chilling and having fun with some bottles and blunts. But that was a lie or else he wouldn’t have been in there with me. We never spoke or saw each other again after those few grueling days, but I thought about him every now and again. Not because he was cute or charming or anything like that, but just because he stuck out in my memories. He was different but pretended to be the same.

And when I saw him on that bus, I felt this deep sadness in my chest. Like how awful it must be to be him, to be broken and alone and still so addicted. I remember those feelings and how awful they were. The days and nights I spent dope sick, either rejected from detox or just went AMA, throwing up on trains and buses - just like him, homeless and hurting. It’s been a year and he’s still in the same spot, most likely worse than before.

And me? I’ve been clean for almost a year and I am so grateful for that because living that kind of life isn’t really living at all, it’s just existing with this constant pain and despair. I didn’t want that big shot of dope anymore because nostalgia is a liar. There’s not much good with using dope, it’s mostly just fucked up experiences and vicious cycles that get you nowhere but dead.

so I was at uni on the way to the bathrooms and I was speedwalking down the stairs because I was running late and I passed literally through the middle of a group of like four to five students and I heard one of them saying “oh my god, hi!!” but I continued walking because I had an agenda, but a few seconds later his voice registered and I was like shit I think I know this guy he probably meant me and I heard his friends laughing and being like “who was she are you sure you even know her lmao” and he was like “yes we did like three projects together??” and by this point I was sure he meant me but it’s too late and awkward to walk back and set things right so if you were wondering how not to make friends in uni this is the answer

i do not have time for people who complain endlessly about new transformers designs and hate new series because it’s not tfp or tfa or whatever their fave series was

u know what’s a problem? the asian stereotyping behind drift’s recent incarnations. bayverse skids and mudflap. the way major female characters are treated in bayverse. the continuing lack of female/female-coded transformers

u know what’s NOT a problem? the cheaper animation in rid2015. starscream’s rid2015 redesign. bayverse hound’s beard. sqweeks in general

and i don’t mean like passing “i don’t like this design” comments, i mean people getting into long argument threads and reblogging posts just to add their complaints and generally being needlessly mean

i’ll listen when u actually address legitimate issues in the franchise and stop whining about things Changing

i’m just curious if anyone would be interested in me doing a tarot deck giveaway????

I’d include a handmade tarot card bag, and a couple of crystals along with a small handmade bag for them as well…….and maybe some other goodies if I can think of anything else (jar spells???? free tarot reading???? who knows)