and i know this could've been better


Favourite parts of the video + favourite lines of the song

Play us like pawns and relentlessly confined
Into living up to gender roles and having absent minds
Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live?
Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids?
Like hush now. Don’t say, don’t say.

Hush boy, oh hush boy don’t say a word
throw on a jersey no one gets hurt
Hush girl, oh hush girl Just bat your eyes
Play our little game, play our little game

Little game by Ben J. Pierce (x)


I’ve decided to make only one vow to you, because it’s the only one that really counts.

“Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up.”

Inktober Challenge Day 19! So I had an idea. Then I got another idea and before I knew it I had a bunch of ideas and didn’t know what to do with them. And when that happens my brain shuts down and this is the result; A bad sketch of my first idea. I’m definitely gonna revisit this challenge when I get all my ideas sorted out. But until then. Enjoy this bad doodle! 😩


Get to know me meme: (1/5) Current (kpop) crushes
Park Bom

Q: What is the reason you wanted to become a singer?
“When I was little, I used to sing at children’s song competitions, but one day in America I thought to myself, “I don’t even have to eat, as long as I can listen to music”. That’s probably when I started thinking about becoming a singer.”

Short | Distant Lover

Third Person | Three Weeks Later She my distant lover, so far away Dream of her, since that day Distant lover, so far away I wish that I could bring her here to me Distant lover, so far away Girl, you so far away, hey While tucking the white, velvety towel around his waist, Tremaine padded into his bedroom. Heaving out as he sat on the edge of the bed, he grabbed his nearby bottle of lotion. Gradually, he was able to moisturize his upper torso and arms. Yawns seeped past his plump lips, that stemming from work. But, this time, Tremaine was much more than tired. He was horny and missing his woman. Too bad for him, they were separated from one another by thousands of miles. Releasing himself from this sexual frustration was the last thing that he had in mind. Tremaine was never the one to had to rely on Jill to get by, if you catch the drift. If he wanted it, he’d go get it. Without question. Unfortunately, things were different this go-around. However, what he was feigning for was deeper than sex; he was specifically missing Onyx’s loving. Standing tall after minutes of fantasizing about his woman, he went to his dresser. Rustling around, he came across his black Calvin Klein briefs and slipped into those. Dimming the lights, he tiredly traipsed to his bed that was adorned with black, silk sheets. It was pushing eleven o’clock on a Saturday night; he had declined his boys’ invitation to chill. In addition to his sexual needs being unmet, he was excited to see Onyx after a week’s time. For the past week, she stayed at a hotel while attending a teachers’ convention. They didn’t Skype nor FaceTime, due to her hectic schedule clashing with his. Phone calls and a few text-message conversations was all that they could offer one another. While it was better than nothing, being uprooted from their daily schedule was just as bad as when he had to head back to Miami. They just missed seeing each other’s faces. Miles away, Onyx was in Toronto feigning for Tremaine’s touch as well. Being that she was the reason why they weren’t video-calling one another as much, she felt compelled to make it up to him for the night. For awhile, she had been curious about the idea of Skype sex. In her mind, it seemed kinky and out of her realm. The idea of it had her mind running wild. Tremaine knew how to please her physically but, Skype sex entailed him stimulating her mental and if he could paint the perfect picture with his naughty words, it could go extremely well. Tremaine had no idea what was in store so, it was her responsibly to get the ball rolling and that made her slightly nervous. But, be that as it may, she started preparing for it. Donned in a black, see-through negligée, she sauntered to the wall beside her bedroom door. She played with the newly installed dimmer, finally getting the lights set to a romantic glow. She went to the mirror, primping her make-up for this erotic session. The make-up was so light, you wouldn’t even tell she was wearing any. Plus, Tremaine preferred her natural tint over any make-up at all. She grazed her cashmere-pink nails through her wavy hair, a small smile adorning her face at how the curls slightly clung to her cheeks. She loved that the steam from her shower made her lengthy tresses curl into loose-falling ringlets. It made her appearance look more hot and bothered; she wanted to tease him. Trailing to her King-sized bed, she crawled up on it and placed her voluptuous body against the comfy pillows. The time was eleven o’five and they had agreed that she’d call at eleven. She collected herself and attempted to weasel out her inner freak. Taking a deep breath, she laid a hand out to grab her MacBook and waited a minute for the laptop to come to from its’ sleeping mode. Going through the same process as usual, she opened the Skype application and went to Tremaine’s name. While it was connecting their call, she glanced down at her perky breasts and cupped them, at an attempt to make the lingerie do her body further justice. ‘Cause she already knew that her body was looking pretty damn good. “Was-sup, baby?” Tremaine husked, making Onyx want to lose her mind already. Instead, she kept her composure and wiggled further about in the bed until she was comfortable. “Nothin’… how was your day?” she inquired, stalling until she was ready to unveil her plan. However, Tremaine had already caught on to her ruse. It stemmed from her coy tone, the ambiance of her bedroom, and the black lingerie that adorned her curvaceous body. The sheer was two-layered, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. “Better now than before.” he murmured as he took his bottom lip into his mouth. With ease, he slid his hand down to the rising beast, and tried to simmer down. Both, Onyx’s and Tremaine’s sexual needs were skyrocketing. As they stared at one another through lustful slits, Onyx decided that she’d take the wheel. “I have something special for you tonight.” she smirked, sitting upright in her bed. Onyx divided her legs, stationing the laptop between them. Tremaine had an impeccable view at her entire frame but, his eyes were aimed at what was below her waist. Dampening his ample-sized lips, he propped himself up against his pillows, preparing himself for tonight’s festivities. “Oh, yea?” he grumbled, watching her nod slowly. Her small hands roamed up her sides; Tremaine’s eyes savoring every inch of her shapely body. She traveled up to her full breasts, which were covered by the risqué lingerie, and caressed them, slipping into her own world while he sat back and marveled. “You don’t know how much I wish I could be there,” Tremaine grunted, feeling the pressure gradually rise below, “You so bad.” “So, if you were here… what would you do? I need you to talk to me.” she moaned, turning Tremaine on even more than he already was. “That sexy shit would already be on the floor,” he grumbled, referring to her lingerie, “Take it off and let Daddy see.” Her bashful smile couldn’t be hidden as she pulled the sexy attire from her comely body. Her full breasts fell free and her hands went straight to them for a quick groping, which Tremaine misconstrued for her attempting to veil herself from him. “No, no. Lemme see,” he rasped, his member hardening by the second, “damn, baby. You so fuckin’ beautiful. Goddess.” Tremaine had stressed before that he was in love with her chocolate-kissed skin. She was a work of art and her beauty was arresting. It was inevitable for him to get wrapped up in her miraculous features.  Damn, he was whipped. “Move the camera a li’l bit, baby,” he instructed so that he could get a better view, “yea, right there.” “Can you see this?” she asked, seduction dripping from her every word. She couldn’t start her show because Tremaine’s order stopped her short. “Don’t touch ya’self yet.” he warned once her hand slithered down South. She pouted, both eyebrows caving inward. Still, she moved her hands towards her thick thighs where he could see. “Please, Tremaine.” she mumbled, scratching lines into her thunder-thighs with need. Being hundreds of miles away, Tremaine still had an abundance amount of control over her body. While watching her fret from the lack of contact, he freed himself from his briefs, allowing Onyx to get an eyeful at what she was missing out on. She was not the only one that could tease and she should have known that. Her mouth fell ajar, the sight making her sex clench agonizingly tight. “Mm, I miss him.” she murmured sexily, eyeing the Beast. Tremaine stroked himself slow, just giving her a show. “He miss you, too.” he whispered. They both shared a senseless chuckle, perhaps over the kinky extents they were going to, to arouse one another. “Can I?” she asked, pointing downward. She was ready to be at his beck and call for the night, serving his every command with confidence that he would lead her to her climax. “Aight,” he breathed, gripping himself, “open up for me… use two fingers.” Quickly, she obliged, having more fun with this than she had anticipated. Her body had went into auto-pilot after being neglected sexually for so long, that she didn’t even feel nervous anymore. She used her fingers to reveal her sex to him, slowly lathering them up in the result of this minor foreplay. Tremaine kept focus, letting out a throaty grunt at the sight of his pussy. “Lick ‘em clean, like I would do.” he rasped, leisurely stroking himself. He watched Onyx take her pointer-finger and middle-finger into her mouth, sexily sucking them clean. Just like Onyx, the self-pleasure was for desperate measures only — which rarely came — but with her, he felt so comfortable. And, seeing that it was breaking the barrier to his slightly timid schoolteacher, he was aroused beyond belief. “Now what, daddy?” she teased, making him chuckle lightly. She was definitely actin’ up; it was a tease ‘cause she knew he couldn’t just come over and handle it. Onyx wasn’t slick. “Slip ‘em inside… in, out, in, out,” he coached her, his eyes falling hazy from lust. She thrusted at an even pace, just like Tremaine would do. An eruption of pleasure unfurled within her core. Gradually, her panting hitched up, as well as his groans and breaths of arousal. “No, no, no. Don’t touch ya’ clit, not yet.” She shrilled, upset that she couldn’t make contact with the throbbing bundle of nerves. The sloshing from her fingers prodding her drenched cove enticed Tremaine to quicken his movements, his bottom lip tightly locked between his pearly whites. Eyebrows knitted in concentration, he released an animalistic grunt at the pressure towering up. He continued to coach her; curl ya’ fingers up, go faster, a li’l slower, rub ya’ clit. Amongst some of the commands that he would toss out. “Wait, wait, wait.” she murmured, removing her thin fingers from her soddened slit. “Baby, why you stop?” he breathed, eyes squinted at the goddess heaving before him. “I need more than fingers, just wait.” she said lowly, confusing him some. Be that as it may, he slowed down his strokes, releasing some of the pleasurable pressure that had built up. In the background, he heard her fiddling with something. Before he could beckon her back to him, she was in her previous position, a red toy in hand. She caught his amazement, a slight chuckle leaving her mouth. “Funny birthday gift from the girls.” she said, biting down on her bottom lip. And, it was. They purchased a whole basket full of vulgar and offensive sex-toys as a silly joke. It was their attempt at hinting for Onyx to get laid. She had never used anything in the basket but, tonight, she would be utilizing the vibrator. “I’m bigga’ than that, doe. I’m not?” he asked with humor once she pursed her lips up. “It’ll have to do, babe.” she murmured, turning it on until the buzzing sound filled their ears. While the moment was briefly interrupted, their needs were barely met so, they preserved it without hesitation. “Turn it off and just rub it on ya’ pussy. Get it wet for me.” he grumbled, watching on as she slid the red, silicone vibrator up and down her leaking cove. Tremaine released a deep grunt, imagining that instead of his hand, it was her walls squeezing his girth. “Can I turn it on now?” she whined, begging underneath it all. Tremaine nodded, making a thankful sigh escape her gaped lips. With the flick of the a small switch, the toy ripped with speed in her hand. Slowly, she placed the tip against her sex, making her quiver at the intensity.

“Fuck, Tremaine , this feels so good.” she whimpered, slowly slipping the vibrating device between her moist folds. She buried the toy deep inside her, feeling the tremors around her whole being. Her moans rose to higher heights like a crescendo, eyes rolling to the back of her head out of bliss.

“Rub ya’ clit… faster.” Tremaine belched out, gritting his teeth at the fervency amplifying within him. She did as told, feeling the high that was almost close to where he could take her.

“Damn… I’m so close.” she mewled, shutting her eyes due to the indescribable pleasure. A medley of sounds filled the air; the smacks of skin, the pants of ecstasy, his grunts colliding with hers to create a sexy harmony.

“Go harder, baby. I know you close.” Tremaine mumbled, focusing on her getting hers first. Even with this barrier, he was gon’ make sure that Onyx left their erotic session, fully satisfied.

No longer able to sit up for Tremaine to enjoy the show, she laid her weak body against the pillows and writhed under the shaking of the vibrator. Continuously, she told Tremaine that she was reaching her peak and continuously, he encouraged her sweet release.

“Cum for me, O.” he muttered, still pumping his brick-hard length in his burly hand. While surveilling Onyx’s curvy body closely, he felt that familiar throb and knew his time was coming — no pun intended. But, as promised, he wanted her to cross the finish-line before him.

“Yes, yes, fuck, yes,” she chanted loudly, the levy holding her river, finally breaking down. As soon as she opened her bleary eyes to see Tremaine, he was bursting, relief slowly rinsing his face from the built up tension. Through her heavy breathing, a satisfied smile stitched across her remarkable features. As they basked in the aftermath of their messes, they reflected on the rewarding moment that they just experienced. Onyx couldn’t believe that she would do such a thing; Tremaine was bringing out the worst… or best, depending upon how you looked at it.

“That was so good, baby.” Onyx sighed, pulling the drenched vibrator up to her reach to turn off the buzzing sound. Yawning, she tilted her head downward while laid against the pillows, glancing at Tremaine’s face. His eyes were closed, a sleepy smile tugging at her lips at the sight of him.

She was whipped.

“I won’t lie,” he mumbled, “that felt amazin’ as fuck. I still miss you, doe.”

Grabbing the negligée that previously adorned her thick body, she covered her core from the arctic air that began to give her a slight case of the chills.

“Me, too. I can’t wait to see you.” she smiled, staring into his eyes through the camera. For the moment, they marveled at one another and it mesmerized yet, perplexed them how much they had let go to one another in such a short span of time. Tremaine and Onyx met on spontaneous grounds but, there was no denying that they were compatible as if they had years of foundation behind them.

“Real soon, baby,” he drawled, that Virginia twang seeping through and turning her on slightly, “aight, I gotta clean this shit up.”

Chuckling, she nodded while glancing down at her sheets that were submerged in her sticky nectar. Picking her hands up just to drop them back down, she acknowledged that she had quite the cleaning up to do herself before she could get some well-needed sleep.

“Yea, I’ll call you tomorrow morning, okay? Have sweet dreams.” she winked playfully.

“Trust me, my dreams gon’ be sweet.” he smirked, his hooded eyes drifting down towards her barely covered center. As much as Tremaine enjoyed this rendezvous with his distant lover, he was feigning to hold her and once she was in his grasp, he was gon’ give her the best lovin’ she ever had.

I think it’s hilarious when people say that the crystal gems should’ve sat down and had a fucking conversation with peridot after she bashed rose, basically said you know what fuck the earth it would be better if you guys lost the war, got destroyed, and Steven wasn’t even born. It’s funny as hell that some of you say that after 5,000 years they should know better but seriously?! They spent five thousand fucking years protecting a planet and they SHOULDN’T get mad when peridot says that?!

- isolateddeerbra

It Could’ve been Great...

now let’s agree to disagree, like the mature gems we are.


Apparently not. 

Am I alone in feeling like the Crystal Gems over-reacted to Peridot thinking the gem colony would have been awesome? I mean, she’s literally only been with them a few weeks. Homeworld thinking has been ingrained in her for her entire existence; she’s not going to understand the importance of other species on ANOTHER PLANET that has had absolutely no meaning for her.

I understand she straight up insulted Rose Quartz. And the whole concept of the rebellion/Crystal Gems. But in a way, she is right. At this point in time, now no one is going to be living on earth. yeesh. I think she’s a little justified in saying this, even. And considering where she came from and her current development, this is a reasonable statement. Not good, not right, just reasonable. I would think the gems would be more understanding; she’s immature, and while gems can’t be kids/adults/whatever, she is, in a way, a kid. In thinking. The best thing to do here, honestly, would have been to not say anything to her, and explain things later. I mean, sooo much is already going on. They’ve just finished building a drill they need to use to get to the center of the earth and destroy a giant mutant gem that will kill them all if not stopped.


And this part:

What hell was that all about? I mean, she was genuinely scared. Garnet poofed her by squeezing her midsection to dust. Again, SHE’S ONLY BEEN THERE A FEW WEEKS. She has a right to be skittish. Laugh? I didn’t think it was funny. Neither did Steven (but Steven is always the one who is reasonable…)

ALSO: when the gems are leaving the control room thingie after Garnet destroys it, Peridot says “What did I say?” She actually, truly, does not understand. She doesn’t know who Rose Quartz was personally. She wasn’t there during the war or rebellion. Note that, Peridot also says “What did I say?” in Too Far after Garnet ties her up on the fence. SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND, SO CAN SOMEBODY MAYBE EXPLAIN THINGS TO HER INSTEAD OF GETTING MAD.

Everyone was hatin’ on her in this episode, and I just thought… wow… chill everyone… Like… I was super bothered. 

brace yourself because here comes an opinion

ah yes the sports anime vehicle we all know and love: queer baiting
yuri on ice’s episode today and episode to come seems like a fuckfest of it and I won’t lie, I eat that gay subtext up but yuri on ice just makes it so obvious?? It’s bleh?? like please
don’t get me wrong episode two was cute but also kind of disappointing?? they’re pacing the episodes awkwardly, there’s more telling than showing right now–I hope the next one is better, it’s only two episodes, but episode one was definitely my favorite so far