and i know this because i am in my 30's

honest voltron

Allura: I’m Allura, princess of Altea and paladin of the blue lion. I am the most dynamic and plot centric character and yet somehow i’m not the main character. I’ll give you one guess as to why and if your guess was “because it’s an ensemble show and all the characters get equal screentime” then you can probably hear Lauren Montgomery’s laughter in the distance. The writers wanted to introduce a grey morality plotline and for some reason decided to use me; a survivor of genocide and victim of oppression as an example…of a racist.

Lance: Hi i’m Lance, the show will introduce me as the primary protagonist but don’t worry; by season 2 the writers have successfully forgotten how to actually write my character and so they just kind of, don’t. Despite the creator’s best efforts I am the fan favorite because my initial characterization is pretty damn good. After months of begging from fans the writers finally decided to return to my character arc only to make it entirely about Keith. Which the fans are surprisingly ok with because Klance is the most popular ship.

Shiro: I’m Takashi Shirogane, Shiro for short. I’m an asian american amputee who has been given visible symptoms of PTSD. But the fandom would rather ignore all that and write porn of me with the children I mentor. And the writers mostly use me to coddle their golden boy, Keith. Or to torture me on screen for no plot related reason. Am I a clone? was I a clone to begin with? who is sven? why are there so many Shiros? I just want to go home.

Pidge: My name is Katie Holt but I continue to go by Pidge despite everyone knowing my real name for no adequately explained reason. The writers think they’re progressive because i’m a boy in the original 80′s voltron but after 30 years all they’ve done is add a second girl to a cast of seven characters and then make my story revolve almost entirely around my brother. I wish I could say the fandom ignores me as much as Allura, because then there wouldn’t be mountains and mountains of porn of me; a 14 year old. I’m trans coded and autistic coded but good luck pointing that out without someone sending you a death threat.

Hunk: I’m Hunk and if you genuinely forgot who I am then I wouldn’t be surprised because the writers sure have. I got a great character arc the first half of season 1 but don’t get used to it because I will spend the rest of the series as a fat joke. The fandom complains that I don’t get enough attention but largely ignores me. My tag is full of cross tagged posts about other characters. I’m the only character who has absolutely no history given in the show. But that’s ok, have this scene of me falling down and farting instead.

Keith: I’m Keith, self described Loner. After three seasons of The Keith Show you would think I would have a really solid well written character arc but apparently the writers are so incompetent that even if a character gets most of the screentime they still can’t write me properly. I spend most of my time messing up and having my mistakes justified by the narrative instead of learning something and even when I do learn and grow the writers put me right back at square one whenever it’s convenient to the plot. The fans mostly only care about me in the context of ships and because i’m asian coded they like to draw me even younger than I am and call me a “shota”. My fans like to blame all my mistakes on Allura.


“Muses” - Jikook Social Media AU

Jimin is a writer who is struggling with his creativity and Jungkook is a YouTuber who travels and paints all of the places he visits. What happens when they become each other’s muses without knowing?


(Last part of the epilogue and the last part of the story)


Guys! It’s over! I am both happy and sad about this haha how do you guys feel about it? Was the story alright? Did you like it???? I just wanna know…

On other news… now that this story is over, I will be starting a new one. I will put out the prompt for it next week sometime because I have a big philosophy exam coming up on the 25th. So I’ve basically been studying my butt off for the past couple of weeks and I really need to study more these few days before the exam. After then, I will post the new prompt and maybe the first part of the story! If I don’t pass out from exhaustion :D

Anyways…. thank you for supporting me and reading my story. Love you guys xoxo

Small Talk

This is a b-day present for @sncwbaz (go wish her a happy birthday!)

In which Simon texts the wrong number

(set in the summer before Carry On)

Italics is Baz

Bold is Simon

(Bc = because)

(Idc = I don’t care)

Can u believe it?

They were holding hands, P!

Sorry, who is this?

Oh shit, sorry. Wrong number

Not a problem.

Do u ever wonder why things happen to u? And why u have to take responsibility of things that are beyond your control or knowledge?

Why are you still texting me? And yes. On a regular basis.

Bc Im bored

Why are u replying?

What happened to P? Ignored you?

Busy w/ her boyfriend

U didnt answer my question

I guess because I’m a disappointment to myself.

What? Why? 4 texting an interesting stranger?

For wasting my time. Come on, interesting?

I slayed a dragon once

I didnt want 2, but I guess thats sth unusual

Uhm. Sure. A. Dragon.


Told ya :)

What else?


Once I ate 30 scones in a row

and I puked them 30 s later


Your turn. Tell me sth about u

I’m a vampire.

Hahahaha, nice 1

Tho u kno, they do exist

I know. I am one.

WICKED. So, u kill ppl?

No. I’m not a murderer.

Srry g2g

Care homes suck, they wont let me use my phone :(

Oh. That’s sad.


Morning vampy!

Call me that again and I swear I’ll kill you with my own fangs.

Touchy, arent we?

Don’t get into trouble for texting me.


No way. Just wouldn’t like you to blame me if you got grounded or something.

Im grounded 24/7 so no worries



Cant wait to start school next week

Me too, actually.

We must b like the only 2 teenagers on earth willing 2 go 2 school

Why are you guessing I’m a teenager? I could be a teacher.

Shit. True

Are u?

No, silly. I’m in A-level.

Omfg me 2

Do u live in England?


Cool! I live in London

Star Wars or LOTR?

Why do I have to choose?

Lets ask random questions 2 kno each other better!

Okay. Lord of the Rings, then.

Rembrandt or Van Gogh?


Day or night?


Coffee or tea?

Tea. W/ scones.

Outside or inside person?

Definitely inside.

Basketball or football?

Football. But Im not v good

Rain or sun?


Do you spit or swallow? (gum)

This question is disturbing

You said RANDOM. And I’m disturbed.

Im still not answering


U kno what? U really wanna kno sth abot me?


My girlfriend just left me


And I dont even care

Sorry about your girlfriend

Well dont b. I have much more fun texting u

Anyway, g2g

Text u later

Until later, then.


Wow. Eloquent.

Whuts goin on on taht baeutiful miiind?

Im on ur magickal mysstery riiied

Are you drunk? Did you just quote John Legend?

Funny spelling of MAGICKAL, though.

I leik u sooooo much.

I’m flattered, but sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with my roommate, actually.

And you don’t even know my gender.

Fcuk taths tru

I didtn think abot it

You didn’t think?!

Deos it mutter?


Answeeeer mee!!1!

R u madd?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. But there’s still my roommate. So, sorry.

I’m a boy, by the way.

its ok

im a bloke 2

i wish my roommate were liek u

my roommate is irky af n sooo posh n strong n graceful n ruthless n tall n smart n bloody perfect u dont understend

That’s a lot of adjectives.

Are you sure you don’t like them?

No I haet him!


n he hats me 2

he pushed me down the stiars!

Go to sleep.

ok ill do it only bc u tell me 2

Good night.

niiiiite ily!! ilysm

Hey, srry about yesterday!

I was pretty pissed…


But don’t worry. I understand.

So, I was thinking… would u like 2 meet?

I kno it sounds weird but I really like u and it would b great if we could, u kno, talk face 2 face?

Well, sounds nice. What do you suggest?

Theres this b-day party 2nite at a friend’s of mine from school. Her name is Anna, shes pretty rad

Anyway, is the only day im allowed to go out

I’ve got permission from the Queen

The party starts at 7

Okay, send me the directions and I’ll be there.

(You’re lucky I love driving)

ill wear worn out jeans n a red jumper

Good. I’ll wear a dark green suit.

See you then.

See u later

Too many people wearing a red jumper.

Wait ill go to the entrance







Baz wait! Dont go

Pls come back





About u being hopelessly in love w/ ur awesome roommate?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word “awesome”.

Glad u stayed yesterday?


Glad u kissed me?

YOU kissed ME, Snow.

I rlly want it to b monday already, so we can b 2gether again

Just because we snogged doesn’t mean we are TOGETHER

I want 2 try

Im terrible at this


Yes, fine.


Yes, what?

You can be my terrible boyfriend.




I have 2 go get everything ready

Cant wait 4 monday!!

See you on Monday, love.




Ari: Hope you like this! <3 </p>

I also posted it on AO3, here’s the link.

anonymous asked:

A part of my job is asking customers if they have coupons. Because if I don't ask, they'll idiotically bring it up after the transaction is complete and get mad. So it doesn't help that we have a line with 30 people in it and I have to ask if they have a coupon, and they go "hm...I don't know let me look" and spend 5 minutes looking for one. And then my boss gets mad at me because "you have to move faster" Um, it's not ME that's slow?? It's this old lady who can't find her coupon

OH. MY. GAWD. I am feeling you on that one. My manager used to say that to me all the time. One day I had a regular that I was cool with digging in her purse for something (coupons, change, etc.) and he told me to move faster so I got loud and said “I’m ready to move but this customer has to find her stuff. COME ON LADY HURRY UP!” She faked a shocked look and he pulled me aside and told me to never do that in front of customers. I told him that I will do it louder next time if he ever pulled that shit with me again. He did the following week and true to my word I was screaming it at the top of my lungs. This time though it wasn’t a customer I knew and he called corporate and when he did he said it was the mangers fault and he got into trouble. Sometimes I don’t know how I get so lucky to never get into real trouble at work. Long story short that manager tried his best to sabotage me the rest of the time he was in that store. I just wish they would do it on policies that I didn’t know better then them. 


Alright, I’m in love with Goth. I think he’s so cute… so? I cosplayed him!

That bitch is I am

These are only the clothes, without the makeup.

I know, Goth doesn’t have gray socks or a black trousers..


bUt WhiTe AnD bLaCk mAkE gRaY.

(with makeup)

though for makeup I spent 30 mins, it was my first time-

Anyway, the eye with hair above, it’s the right one :’)

It was a test, for what you ask?

Because in November I’ll go to the ‘Lucca Comics&Games 2017’ (in Italy).

Well, I’d do that cosplay for nothing if nobody has seen me.. so I went to the mall dressed like this :D

Everyone thought I was Reaper and when someone said “look! The Death!” I replied “Nope, I’m Goth, his child, and my mom is a glitch almost dead” xD

Goth: @nekophy

Anonymous said: Mom, So I have a message, I am a bisexual female. I don’t believe I am wholly female though. Maybe only 70-75% female, but I don’t know if there is another gender, I think the other 30-25% is non binary. I don’t think it’s demi girl because I know what that is, please help. ☺It might be demi girl though, can you be both s binary gender and non binary

My dear lgbt+ child, 

The definition of demigirl is “someone who partially (but not wholly) identifies as a girl. They may or may not additionally identify as another gender.” 

So, what you describe fits the definition very well! 

The additional gender a demigirl identifies with can be male - but it certainly also can be a nonbinary gender! There are many people who identify as two genders and you can certainly identify with a binary and a nonbinary gender. 

If you feel like demigirl is not the right label for you, other possible labels are (remember it’s all about what you feel most comfortable with!): 

Bigender - someone who identifies as two genders

Genderfluid - someone whose gender identity changes between two (or more) genders 

Woman-aligned nonbinary - someone who identifies as nonbinary but feels a connection to womanhood 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Day 10: Glimpse

Dirk crawls forwards slowly, stealthily. His knees are rubbing on the rough carpet but he doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s almost there…

There’s a sound from the other side of the room and Dirk freezes. He drops down onto his side, pressing himself up against the broad edge of the couch. A fridge door opens and shuts and then footsteps leave the room. He waits for a few minutes before moving again, if he were caught—it’s not worth thinking about. 

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Allura and Coran’s age

Okay so I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this but with the release of the Paladin Handbook we know for sure that Allura is a teenager. Well an Altean Teenager at least. But that brings up the question of how old Allura and Coran actually are. 

Allura is referred to as a teenager, but given what we know about Alteans Allura is most likely a Teenager as in the point in the Altean life cycle that would be the same point as a Teenager for the Human life cycle.

Alteans live for hundreds of years (if not hitting into the thousands) as shown by Coran.

Coran mentions that the Castle is 10,600 years old, well we can knock off 10,000 years for the time they where asleep. Meaning before they went to sleep the Castle had been around for 600 years. Well Coran also mentions that he helped his grandfather collect crystals from the Balmera when they were building the castle. Meaning the castle wasn’t complete yet and Coran was around for the entire 600 years since it was finished. 

(That and anyone have here a grandfather who was around 600 years ago?) 

So Coran is well over 600 years old, but appears to be middle age, if he was human he would most likely be in his 30s or 40s. And he had to be old enough to help when the castle was being built, meaning he couldn’t be like 601. 

(I am basing him in his mid to late 30′s and mid 40′s as every person I know who has hit 50 has had graying hair, then again Alteans are different and the only Altean we have really seen age (Alfor) have had white hair to begin with. I am not counting Honerva because of the quintessence messing with her appearance.) 

So my theory is that for every 10 years a human ages it takes Alteans 200 years. (Meaning Humans have very short life spans compared to Alteans) 

So after 600 years for an Altean they would age like a Human would in 30 years. 

So if Coran is somewhere in his 30s or 40s (maturity wise) (this is just my estimate based off of how he appears) he is probably between 700 (35) and 900 (45) years old. 

Now this is assuming they mature at a steady rate and don’t like, grow like how a human does to a certain point then just stop aging for a few hundred years. 

So that brings us to Allura who is a Teenager. Now assuming she is maturity wise between 15-19 human maturity wise (Which we know being 15 would be being very liberal with the age range.) Then Allura would be between 300 and 380 years old based off of my theory. 

Now of course this is just a theory and 100 Alteans years may not be the same time frame as 100 human years. Since like a tic is longer than a second and that there are 20 Vargas (hours) in one Quintant (Day). And that a year is called a Deca-Phoeb and Phoeb is the Altean word for Month and Deca means 10, so an Altean year may only be 10 Altean months long. So an Altean year may not be the same length of a Human year. 

That and Coran says in episode two that the portals would only be open for “two of your Earth hours” implying that an Earth Hour and a Varga may be different lengths. 

This of course opens up many other things, such as Coran and Allura way outliving the Paladins and having to watch them age and die long before they would be old themselves. (I mean imagine having these close comrades, basically your family, live and die in a time frame that is less than 5 years for you. (100 years = 5 years maturity wise))

And if they do age that slowly how long does it take for them to like talk and move. Do Altean parents have to deal with a 1 year old for 20 years? Does an Altean spend 200 years in their “Teenage” years? 

And what does this mean for any of the Allura x Paladin ships.

Now of course I could be far off on the aging rate, but regardless Alteans live for hundred of years. (Possibly even up to 2,000 since 100 Human year maturity would equal 2,000 years for an Altean) 

And do Allura or Coran know how young the Paladins would be compared to them? We know the Paladin’s birthdays, but the show isn’t going in live time, it’s not like they have spent a year in space yet. (I plan to make a post about approximately how long they have been gone.) 

So it is very possible none of their birthdays have passed yet. It’s possible they left in the summer (so after Shiro, Hunk and Pidge’s birthday) and with everything going on I doubt any of them are keeping track of what day it is so it would have been possible that with everything that was going on Lance’s birthday was completely passed over. (Idk about you but if was in the middle of an intergalactic war my birthday would probably be the last thing on my mind.) Or if in Fall they could have passed over Keith’s because considering how much Keith prioritizes the mission he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to bring up his birthday. 

This all has been running through my head for a long time now and I’ve just gotten around to typing it up. What do you guys think? 

Ok guys so here is a super quick post on how to write formal e-mails and it is (as usual) inspired by @studyquill ‘s 30 days of summer challenge 

Also I know most of you started school recently and I am starting next week so you’ll probably need these to mail teachers and staff. I have been using these tips a lot lately because I’ve had to mail a few politicians from my country and believe me, this is useful af. 

  1. Use a “formal” username/address!!!! Ok so we all have those e-mail addresses we created back in 2006 which probably look like “” DON’T USE THEM. Create a new address with your real name and make it look adult. Also, having two addresses is so good to avoid spam on your formal one. 
  2. The subject is actually important. When I mail close people I usually avoid including a subject but please please put one if you are mailing someone important. Just include key words and keep it simple. 
  3. Greet like an adult. We are talking about formal issues here, don’t start your mail with a “hi” or “hey”. Start with a “To whom it may concern” if you don’t know the receipient or a “Dear Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madam/Dr/etc” 
  4. Introduce yourself (if it is your first time mailing the person of course). Start by saying your name, the place where you study/work (if necessary), how you found the person’s e-mail address.
  5. Thank the receipient. Before you state the purpose of your mail you should thank the person beforehand for reading/replying to your mail. I feel like this is a polite way of saying you expect a response. 
  6. State the purpose of your mail. Use indirect questions for this part: “I would like to know if you could…” is a good choice. Remember you should not be making a demand but asking for a favor. 
  7. Close like an adult. Include a phrase like “Thanks in advance” before you end. I don’t recommend phrases like “Yours truly/faithfully” because it sound too romantic in my opinion but there are alternatives like “Sincerely/Best regards/Respectfully”. 
  8. Sign. After you have closed with a nice phrase, include your full name, your job title and the place you work/study at (in case it is necessary, it really depends who you are writing to). You could also include and ID and phone number if you feel like it is necessary as well. Include each category in separate lines, separated by a comma.

Two words from the heart

Dear followers and friends, 
I love you very much, and I love writing and updating this blog. It’s a nice, cosy place where I can deal with my boundless admiration for James Norton. Besides, I’ve got in touch with nice, friendly people I love, whose feelings and views are very similar to my own. But.

But let’s be serious and pragmatic. The posts I’ve made lately hardly reach 30, sometimes 20 notes. With some glorious exceptions, I know, but that’s only because you are very fond of some particular characters (I am, too, but honestly, I don’t think I can go on only posting about them). Mostly Andrei, some Sidney… and that’s all. I’m trying to offer updates and recent news, I’m doing researches to document James’s career. But the results are so disappointing I really ask myself if this blog is really worth the time I spend on it.

I can’t complain, the number of my followers increases week by week. But so many followers hardly take the time to like or reblog my posts, so I wonder if they really read what I write or even take a look at the photos or gifs I post. Apart from the usual exceptions (and I’m very grateful for those adorable, die-hard followers who like and reblog almost everything! You really have been the fuel to the fire of my sweet obsession with James!) I really doubt whether I should go on posting things nobody cares about.

Maybe this night I’m more depressed than usual. Maybe it’s only because we really need to feel we are not a voice crying in the wilderness. Maybe it’s only because we need friends. But I’m really thinking I should devote myself to drawing and reading and doing a lot of other pleasant things, instead of posting things nobody reads or likes. No offense, really.


Why Reylo Should DEFINITELY NOT Happen

Is this an unpopular opinion now?

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Kylo. I love Kylo Ren for the potential his character does have (view profile picture!). I do not excuse any of his actions, but I do understand that had he not been mentally fucked by Snoke as an impressionable adolescent and had he not pushed away everyone who cared about him and tried to help, he would not be in this mess. Very much Snoke’s fault, very much his own. I love Rey for the beautiful being and character she is. How strong she is, her emotionality, and her fierce and beautiful desires. I am a fan of both Rey and Kylo Ren, so please do not take this as me saying one is too good for the other. 

Well, everyone knows how very, very sure I am of myself when I say Rey is Rey Skywalker. This would make her Kylo’s first cousin, their parents being twins, so that is very, very fucked up to begin with. This is the MAJOR, and first, reason I was ever anti-Reylo. 

But let’s PRETEND she isn’t Rey Skywalker. Maybe she’s Rey Kenobi or Rey whatever. It doesn’t matter. Let’s PRETEND she’s not a Skywalker, even though that is so wildly unlikely. View the attached videos to the last few words to see why I say it is that.

Have you viewed the videos? No? Well, I suggest you do. But whatever…I don’t know your schedule nor your interest level in this. Anyway, moving on…

So I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why, if you love both of the characters and they weren’t related, would you not ship them together?”

Simple: Because it is insulting to their characters, detrimental to the character development they could potentially have, and ends Star Wars for good.

I can hear the jeering now, “Those are some WILD assertions. How can you prove this, OP?”


We have only been just introduced to them as characters, so how would I truly understand their motivations and who they really are? Well, to tell you the truth, I am one of those people who knows who people are based on how they act and respond to situations. It’s easy for me to predict what you will want and how you will act later. If I am so confident after TFA that I am willing to put myself on the line for jeering and my opinion up to all criticism on this website littered with differing opinions, I must be pretty confident that I know what I’m talking about. Especially true because I avoid conflict at pretty much all cost. So here goes…

Kylo Ren is a child trapped in a man of 30′s body. He pushed everyone who loved him away and was brainwashed by someone who cared only about what he could do for them. Kylo Ren’s main desire is that he wants to be wanted, he wants someone to be proud of him. He is unstable, unpolished, and very, very frightened…of Snoke, of himself, and of what he feels inside him. He is not emotionally mature enough, at least at this point, to handle a romantic relationship…at least a healthy one, one that which Rey would hypothetically deserve. And even though Kylo is allegedly more “polished” in TLJ, deep-seated fears like those just don’t go away. 

Rey is a grown adult. She grew up alone by nothing more than circumstances brought on by her parents, of whom we don’t (but probably do) know. Rey is 19…probably 21 by this movie…and has dealt with way too much in her life. She is emotional, but strong. She is fiercely loyal and desires nothing greater than to belong somewhere and feel that she belongs. She has every capability to have a healthy romantic relationship, but she doesn’t seem to really push for that. She desires friends and companionship and belonging, but not…a romantic relationship. At some point may she? Probably, but she doesn’t seem like the type of person, in my opinion, to prioritize a romantic entanglement. She is just getting her footing in the new world outside of Jakku. 

Now, keep all that in mind while I explain why it’s insulting to their characters and the franchise itself!

I am writer myself. I am, admittedly, predominantly a songwriter. I have written screenplays and short stories and whatnot…you may have seen one of my screenplay ideas for Kylo Ren’s redemption because I did, at one point, post a few of them on Tumblr. However, not the point. 

I took a screenwriting class about 2 years ago in college. Stay with me here! There was one time, I remember, we had an assignment for a short screenplay. I was writing a story…I don’t remember about what exactly, but I remember how much trouble I was having in keeping it within the time limit and due date I had. Finally, I had 3 days left to hand it in and still was trying to think of a decent way to end it. I had ideas and ideas that I loved, but the only thing that fit within the page limit and that would allow me to hand it in on time was the ending I hated…but it was the only choice I had at this point. I did it. I had the main antagonist fall in love with the main protagonist. I hated myself for it and it dissected their characters and destroyed the story, but I did it. I handed that paper in on time and in the page limit I had. 

You see what I’m getting at, don’t you?

I used…a cop-out. 

And that’s what endgame Reylo is. 

A cop-out. 

A cop-out is, as I’m sure you all know, something you do when you have no other choice or can’t think of a way to bring about your next goal. You do it because you gotta do it to make what you want happen happen. In this case, making Reylo canon would bring about a natural close to the saga. 

But at what cost?!

Star Wars, as I’m sure we’re all aware, is littered with themes that extend back to the beginning time of storytelling. Good versus evil being the most notable theme, familial love, love in general. A lot of basic AF themes, but all good stories tend to have similar themes. We all know that because there are truly only 6-8 real stories in life and cinema. You can only have so many good things. 

Now, TROPES are a different monster all together. Redemption is a trope that Star Wars utilizes a lot and that’s okay because it makes sense and grounds their good versus evil theme. Also, the Star Wars universe is so expansive and well-designed that it’s even kind of difficult to identify the trope until you really step back and say…”…huh.” It’s fine to utilize some tropes in wonderful movies. Don’t get me wrong…

But not when it sacrifices your characters. 

The trope I will be talking about now is the one in which “the bad guy falls in love with the good girl and shirks his bad ways to make her happy and be with her”. We all know what I’m talking about. And we all know how played out it is. We’re all tired of it.

How many movies have we seen this year with the very same endgame trope? 12? more? I don’t know, I barely go to the movies anymore. 

Do you want Kylo Ren and Rey’s character identity as it stands and their potential character development to devolve, which that’s what it is, into a romantic endgame? 

That is my question for you. 

Kylo Ren has the potential to pull a Vader and decide for himself, with the help of the people whom he pushed away earlier and those new friends, that what he’s doing is wrong. Darth Vader decided that when his son’s life, whom believed steadfastly in his goodness, was threatened that what he was doing was wrong and changed because he wanted to. Luke did not coerce, did not guilt, did not even truly fully persuade Darth Vader to turn back. But having Rey profess her love or even Kylo admit he is in love as a method of change is such a disservice to both of their characters. You are eliminating the fact that Kylo Ren must take responsibility for what he’s done and make amends as necessary. 

To degrade Rey’s very presence in the series to a method to bring about change in her male counterpart is disgusting to me. Her potential to grow as a Force-user, her potential to be stronger than Luke, her potential to be her own person is GONE. We all know this to be true. Once she becomes the object of the male villain’s affections, she becomes a sex symbol, she becomes nothing more than an object, and she is now forever thought of as “Kylo Ren’s Girlfriend” and not “Rey”. She becomes his property in the thoughts and minds of fans and those not fans because she loses her own name when that happens because now all that matters is the relationship. 

To use a female of Rey’s caliber to FORCE CHANGE in a male such as Kylo is reprehensible because it negates his need for true redemption, for taking responsibility, for fighting back from the Darkness. We all know Kylo needs to show effort because of who he is. He is denying and fighting the light, so therefore, he needs to fight the Darkness even harder. But…

If they fall in love…we all know, that’s all that will be remembered. 

Not who Rey really is. Not what she could have been. Not Kylo’s struggle to turn back. Not his betrayal of Supreme Leader Snoke. 

It’s all just them falling in love now…

Do you want that for Star Wars?

Because you know that’s what would happen. “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.” 

I, personally, would not want that for this amazing franchise that has literally brought people joy for 40 years. 

Aside from that, if they did fall in love and potentially go on to have children, that would be the end of Star Wars. 

I know Return of the Jedi was kind of that way too. ROTJ was really a nicely tied bow on top of a Christmas present, sealing the whole Saga of 6 (yeah, I know ROTJ came out before the Prequels!)

TFA is really a second Christmas present for someone. 

Since X, XI, and XII are all confirmed, if Kylo and Rey get together in IX, I do not see where they could go from there, especially considering they’re probably intending to follow the formula from before where the first saga was Anakin and Luke’s story, this saga really couldn’t be Kylo and Rey’s. IX would feel too final for people to want to rehash and reopen the gift. They’d lose viewers. They’d lose revenue. They’d lose our trust. If something feels too final, people won’t want to come back to it. That’s the problem with older people not liking TFA and the new trilogies. ROTJ was too final. But now that we have this and I’m open-minded to the new story, I’m all in…but 


And Reylo is not the right way. 

It would bring everything to a natural close before its time. I don’t know if I’d want to come back to SW after that because I don’t see the potential for a future in the series with that as a trilogy-closer. 

Now, I’m done. I’m just trying to let you all see what I’m seeing here. The quote that Rian Johnson made in the NYT that “Rey and Kylo are really two sides of the same protagonist” is the truth, but it, in no way, alludes to Reylo becoming canon. If anything, it alludes to: 1) Kylo’s Redemption or 2) Rey’s Turn to the Dark Side. 

Now please understand…I’m not trying to make y’all feel anything if you ship Reylo. This is just how I feel and how a lot of others feel. I’m very Pro-Kylo and very Anti-Reylo and I admit that. But I have legitimate reasons and legitimate concerns for the future of the franchise if Reylo sets sail. 

well, i`m always trying to smile and be positive, everyday with everyone, but  the truth is that i am really pissed of today.

A fanart take ONE day to be finished ( i`m slow, i know ). But you need less than 30s to tag my name when u repost it. I`m writing this because there are TOO MANY PPL that just care about stupid things like getting followers or more likes posting without permission or credits another person`s work.

I hate those people.

 WE are a fandom, and because we`re loving the same manwha we need to respect and support each others.

so remember to TAG or credit when you repost something that isn`t yours. 

For all the others, thank you very much for supporting my art~ please, if u see somewhere my drawings posted without credits, DM me here, on my Instagram ( t0shi_sart , not toshi_sart )or twitter (toshi4ki)

have a nice day~

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I just want to say that it's such a treasure to find a Tumblr user who's in her 30s ^.^ As much as I enjoy the fandoms on here it does get a bit lonely knowing that I am 30 years old lady (birthday at the beginning of the year) and feeling at a loss, because on one hand I enjoy interacting with the fandom but on the other I kind of wished to have someone within my age range, just to have a similar tone of voice really. Have a productive day! Hope your degree is going swimmingly! :)

Thank you so much. *High Fives* for 30+  people. I love finding people of all ages enjoying the same things I do.

I agree with you very much. Sometimes it’s hard being (what is considered “old”) in anime fandoms. There is so much youth and youthful mindsets that I feel ancient at times. I love how invigorating it can be, but it’s nice to know that I am not alone in my “oldness.* 

Please feel free to chat with me whenever you wish, I’m sure we would have a wonderful time.

So far my degree is going along well. I am almost ready to graduate with my first of three degrees. Here’s hoping physics won’t kick my ass to badly.

(For the record to anyone who is curious, I am 36 and I do not actually think I am old personally)

Gthallowen collage update (hold your breath)

Would y’all get mad at me if I’m unable to do the g/t Halloween collage? I bit a lot more than I can chew, my schedule is filled up a lot. I now work mondays, wednesdays, and fridays 8:45-5 and I’m at school Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8-5:30. My weekends are now my rest days but in between I’m packing because I move to my apartment December 9th.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I couldn’t draw the collage. But I’m so happy that the event still happened and there were so many beautiful people with wonderful costumes. If you’re mad at me, I really am sorry. I can’t even get time to draw and when I do, I blank out.

Thank you for everyone that participated and just know this was supposed to be a fun and community gathering.

I’m so sorry. I need to make sure I have time for my self now 😞

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Hi Sabre.. I saw a post from you awhile back about it being very difficult for you to find people attractive, and I'm so like that. And I'm trying to figure it out, but I see guys my age and nothing... Then on rare occassion I'll usually find older guys attractive? Like late 30's/late 40's. why? I feel so wrong and weird about it :( I'm 21 and I don't know how to fix myself. Do you have any advice?

Well, whether or not you need to be fixed is really a question only you can answer.  What I found for myself was that I tended to develop crushes on unavailable men and for good reason.  I don’t actually want a relationship.  I thought I did, because my whole life, that’s the story that is sold.  That’s what finding happiness is, after all.  Except, I hated dating.  I am happiest when by myself (or with my daughter, now).  I liked men, but in a general sort of distant sense, not like, in my house, as it turned out.  I thought something was wrong with me b/c I never fell in love.  I had crushes that lasted basically until the person became at all available and then the crush magically disappeared.  

I was told I was independent.  That I had high standards. That I just needed to meet “the one.”  Somewhere around my late twenties, I gave myself permission not to want a relationship.  It was very freeing.  I stopped demurring when people tried to set me up.  I stopped telling my parents I was dating when I wasn’t.  I stopped pretending to care when my friends said some guy was checking me out.  

There is probably a name for it these days.  I don’t know.  It doesn’t interest me to find out.  It is one of the least interesting things about me and I genuinely don’t care.  I wanted to be a mom and figured out how I could do that.  I wanted a certain lifestyle and figured out how to do that.  I’ve always managed to make things happen when I really want them. I’ve figured out a lot of things in life, and I never figured out how to find romance, so I finally just decided to be okay with accepting that I didn’t actually want it.  

There were a lot of other issues thrown in there that may or may not have affected this.  I’ve had two rounds of depo-lupron for endo.  I’ve had surgery for it and been on nearly constant medication of some kind to get my body to behave remotely correctly.  So, there could be a physical component, I also just generally only find certain types of people attractive, and they tend to be characters, not so much real people (again, unattainable).  I don’t know.  Like I said, it isn’t something that interests me to find out.

So, I don’t know if any of that resonates with you or not, but if you find that you are only interested in people who are unattainable, you may eventually want to ask yourself what you really want to attain.  I’m extremely happy with my life.  Sure, sometimes, it would be nice to have a partner, but most of the time, I’m so glad it is just me and my girl.  I don’t dislike men.  Most of them have been truly wonderful in my life.  Like I said, I just don’t want one in my house.

Why am currently awake at 3:30 in the morning? I’m usually never up at this time and if I am, it’s because I’ve woken up a little early for my usual morning run. That is not the case tonight. No, tonight I am up looking through seating arrangements. I know what you must be thinking, “Rachel, that’s what a wedding planner is for.” Well you can just stop right there with that wedding planner talk, because after hiring and firing three different people, I’m running out of options here. I get it, we’re not always going to agree on everything, but what am I even paying for if they can’t follow simple instructions? And I know that with everything being done that seating should be the last thing on my mind, but what is a girl to do when she’s losing sleep over something? It looks like I’ll be missing that morning run I mentioned before, which is fine. It’ll be worth it once I figure all of this out.

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I have been looking your account in I love it O////////O I really REALLY want to know how it is young gaster in your art style

Why thank you!

Though, I am unsure of what you are asking. How old is Gaster in my comics?

I like to imagine that skeletons do not age quickly (mostly because they do not have a lot of organic material that can age). I like to think Gaster was alive for the war, but he was fairly young when it started, making him at least 1000 years old.

However, I believe Gaster would only be in his “mid 30′s” in “skeleton years” when Papyrus and Sans are kids.

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My boyfriend is older, and he just so happens to have a felony involving a minor, but he’s told me it was at 18 and it was consensual and all that, but I don’t think my parents will like him if I let them know about that about him should I just not even bring it up? Should I start wondering if he’s into kids now that he’s shared this with me? He is 33 and I am 16 btw.

I’m 19 and my boyfriend is 32, in my eyes even though 16 is the age of consent no 30 yr old man should be going after 16 year olds! Your still a child tbh, I would be very careful & possibly maybe think about leaving and getting out of this relationship, because him having those past convictions doesn’t sound good at all

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Granted there was a lot to improve upon, at first. A few changes did a lot, there was so much to learn that was relatively easy to learn. Beginner stuff. Now you are at a higher level and the things you have not learned you have not leaned because they are hard to learn.

Sucks that I’m seeing so many people way younger than me figuring these things out faster than I can, though. I know people say not to compare to other artists and I try not to, but it’s hard when I’m almost 30 and I still don’t think I’m remotely close to being professional level. And I have to wonder how old I’ll be by the time I am? How much of my life is going to be wasted on just practicing to get better while people in their early 20s, hell even their teens, are easily at a level where they can be hired/published by companies?

It’s damn intimidating stuff, and I didn’t worry about it when I was younger because I was sure I’d be much better by now.

Happy Birthday, Beka!

I am so excited I can finally post this. It’s after midnight in Almaty now! (Actually, it’s like 1:30 am there now, but… no words really seemed good enough. I’ve rewritten this a few times, so I hope this time goes well because I’m posting it anyway!

Beka - I love you more than words could say. You are so special to me, and… I’m so glad that some of the Angels were chasing me that day because if they hadn’t, I don’t know how we would have started to get to know each other and that scares because you are such a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without you now. 

I look back on those seven months that we were “just friends” and honestly, we never were. It was all a lead up to us being together. I look back at that “Welcome to the Madness” routine and wonder how I ever thought we were just friends. However, I think it’s good that we were friends first because it makes this so much more special. Because you’re not just my boyfriend, my lover - you’re my best friend, too.

Happy Birthday, lyubov moya. Your last year as a teen. :P I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again.