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A very disorganized Character Study for Niles [Using English dialogue]

On the subject of Niles’ past

It is revealed during his C support with Leon that he has little recollection of his earlier life before having been saved by Leon in the palace. He can only recall “an old brick, a field mouse, torrential rain, a disfigured man, a pile of money and the taste of blood”. It is also revealed during his supports with Arthur that he knows that his father left before he was born and that his mother abandoned him as an infant. From there he was picked up by a group of thieves and essentially raised among them. He consider the group to be the old real family he had, or some semblance of it. Niles participated in a number of criminal activities while in the gang of thieves. Thievery, kidnapping and killing were the only things mentioned. He also broke into Peri’s house with his crew at one point. He eventually fell out of the gang during a break in gone wrong. His crew broke into the palace and ditched Niles at the first sign of trouble. Niles begged Leon for death rather than to spare his life, intrigued, Leon allowed Niles to live as his retainer. From then on out all of Niles’ memories are crisp. Niles considers the day he met Leon the happiest memory he has. Niles considers the memories of his past to be on somewhat neutral ground, as in, he does not view them as negative in his mind.

On the subject of Niles’ personality/quirks

Niles doesn’t mince words and is quite lewd. He considers his lewd way of speaking to be normal and has trouble deviating from said speech patterns unless he is putting in a very conscious effort to keep himself from doing so as seen in his supports with Nyx. His vulgar way of speaking stems from his desire to keep others at arm’s length, which is stated during his support with Azura.

He holds “goody goodies” in contempt and loathes those who he believes have lead privileged and easy lives. He enjoys dragging those who deserve it down to his level, forcing a taste of what medicine was given to him on them by making them flustered or generally pissing them off by using his trademark way of speaking.

Niles is quick to judge others and can sort of tell when others have experienced pasts similar to himself, though his method is hardly ever successful. Often times, when he judges by appearances, he is wrong and is called out by numerous people on this. Whenever he is wrong he will apologize for his actions because he does not wish to drag others through the mud if they’ve already had a taste of hell.

Niles likes to know things, he takes pride in knowing dirt on others. He has an extensive web of underworld contacts and uses them to gather information on whomever he chooses. He doesn’t like not knowing, it irks him when he does not know something about someone because he likes to have that upperhand. Niles is comfortable sharing his past with others because he feels safe in doing so; there isn’t much left of his past to know after he tells them of how rotten it was to be him back then.

During his support with Leon it is revealed that Niles does not consider himself to be worthy of praise, this is also shown in his support with Arthur when he stated that he would prefer maintaining his bad reputation than have news of his goodness spread.

Niles is also a masochist, which I’m sure we all know after seeing support A with Camilla, however Niles cannot handle large amounts of physical pain like beat downs from Effie or Charlotte. 

Niles does not smile often; instead of smiling Niles often smirks or leers which stems to him loving to wipe the smiles from others faces because if he is to drag them down to his level then they cannot smile because he does not.

When faced with the truth or when a piece of his facade cracks Niles will hide behind his innuendos or sarcasm to play off the mistake.

Niles is resourceful and will use any tactic to escape retaliation. In his support with Camilla he runs away, in his support with Charlotte he fabricates a logical sounding reason as to why she shouldn’t give him the beating of a lifetime and in his support with Effie he diverts the conversation in order to avoid becoming applesauce

In his support with Camilla it is revealed that he is slightly envious of those who are showered with affection because Niles never really got to experience such a thing when he was younger.

Zero is fiercely loyal to Leon. If it involves Leon then Niles will go through great lengths to do things whether it be naming weapons [in his and Odin’s support] or trying to dig up dirt on Laslow since Laslow is someone that makes contact with Leon [during Lawzard’s and his support]. Niles goes so far as to brag about Leon in his support with Elise. He considers serving Leon to be his purpose in life.

Niles is good with kids. Despite being lewd when speaking to adults, Niles is considerably toned down when he is with younger people which is shown during his support with Elise.

Niles does his best to help others. In his support with Arthur he lectures a thief on turning his life around and in his support with Mozu he returns to her something of great sentimental value.

Niles is a hypocrite because he does not like to be judged himself which is stated in his support with Nyx.

Niles doesn’t particularly like his bad reputation, he uses it as a tool to keep others at a distance more than anything else.

During his support with Azure it is said that Niles has little patience for those who don’t show compassion

Niles has trust issues, as seen in his and the Avatar’s support conversation. This most likely stems from the betrayal of his family against him during the palace raid.

Niles will dance around subjects he doesn’t care to speak about as seen in his support with Subaki

When his innuendos don’t work Niles turns to normal ways of insulting as seen in his support with Felicia.


Niles longs to be complimented but his view of himself is so warped whenever he does get complimented or praised he will shrug it off because he doesn’t believe himself to be worthy of such a thing.

The fragments of his childhood are what drive everything he does. Despite him constantly saying that his past is in the past and hardly matters it is the core of his actions.

Niles has trouble participating in small talk due to the fact that there had never really been any need for such things when he was living on the street

Niles suffers from night terrors from time to time. He usually forgets the dream by the time he is aware of himself.

Niles is not skillful at dancing because he does not funnel emotion into the dance.

@sarai377 this is what I managed to get on Niles’ localized dialogue. There’s not enough Japanese dialogue translated for a good compare and contrast yet ono

misogyny is a room full of broken glass
  • Woman: Holy shit, this room is full of broken glass!
  • Man: What are you talking about?
  • Woman: This room, right here, is full of fucking glass shards, all over the floor.
  • Man: Oh, I guess I see a big pile there over by the window. It's okay, you know windows are gonna break sometimes, you expect it and you should just ignore it.
  • Woman: No, I'm saying there is broken glass ALL OVER THE FLOOR.
  • Man: Okay, I think you're overreacting. Look, there's a perfectly intact glass in the cupboard right there. I can see it. Not all the glass is broken.
  • Woman: That's great, I don't care about one fucking glass out of a thousand not being broken. We need to clean this up.
  • Man: I only broke like one or two glasses, and it was a while ago, and I really don't think I break glasses anymore. Most of this mess was here when I got here.
  • Woman: But you're here, right now, and you can help me clean it up.
  • Man: Why do we have to clean it all up? I saw someone come in here and clear a little away earlier, isn't that enough?
  • Woman: No! We have to pick up EVERY LAST SHARD of glass. Even a tiny shard is going to hurt someone really badly.
  • Man: What? You're crazy! That's never going to happen! You glass cleaners are so unrealistic. You should just ignore it. Talking about it is making it worse.
  • Woman: I'm going to point out every last piece of broken glass until it is all picked up.
  • Man: Well, whatever, I'm not helping you clean it up.
Hero’s in a half shell

Originally posted by baraturtles

You were hanging out in the kitchen with the boys. Leo drinking tea, Donnie reading the paper while Raph worked out in the corner. Mikey was on the DS you had scrounged up from your closet. You had one leg hanging over the arm of the cherry wood chairs you bought Master Splinter for his birthday. Your eye’s casually grazing over an old favorite novel.

Raphael moved to the table grabbing a red apple off the table. One of the few fruits the man would consume without complaint.

When Raphael turned your toe caught a scute peeling it off the grumpy turtle. Eye’s bursting out as you jumped out of your chair.  

“Oh my god, Oh my god I broke Raphael. It just came off I’m so sorry. Should we glue it back? I don’t know I didn’t have turtles as pet’s we were a cat and dog family. What do I do? DONNNIE?!?!!” Your mouth was running at a mile a minute as panic struck you. All the guys laughing. Mikey went from banging his fist on the table to rolling on the floor. Where he was momentarily stuck.. Donnie was clutching his sides with Leo leaning on his shell for support. Raph was simply hiding his face while he cracked up.

“What!?! Why are you laughing?” Your hands upturned in supplication while your face was a mask of confusion.

“It’s his shield coming off.” Donnie said adjusting his glasses as his laughter died down.

“I broke his shield?” Your lack of knowledge about turtle anatomy very clear.

“It mean’s he’s growing, Y/N.” Leo said with a pat on your shoulder.

“So I didn’t break Raphael?” Concern written on your face as you stared up at the big green man.

“It would take a lot more than that to break me.” Raphael said cockily, crossing his arms as he leaned up against the pillar.

“Soo what’s that called?” You asked pointing to his chest that was covered by a hard brown boney substance.

“That is called plastron, the shells scientific name is a carapace. There’s rib and backbone in our upper shells. In the lower shell we have clavicle and rib bone.” Donatello said in teacher mode. He wondered why you call him professor.

In true Y/N fashion you grabbed a chair hauling it over to Raphael. Raph merely raised his arch in question.

Next thing Raphael knew you were standing on top of the chair attempting to look down his shell.

“Hey, whoa that is not public property.” Raph said picking you up and setting you down.

“I want to see.” Your eye’s wide with honesty, a mingling of curiosity. In all the time you had been friends you’d treated them like any other person. Now you just wanted to know what made them special.

Raphael knew you. In all that time you had never once betrayed him. You were honestly the most reliable person that he knew; sans Leo. Now you were asking him to be vulnerable.

Your eye’s locked onto his bright green one’s, he was done in. Raph took a deep breath going down to his knees. His eye’s begging you not hurt him.

When you walked up to him he closed his eye’s. His other sense’s heightening. He could smell the lavender, rose, and spice perfume you made yourself. Next he felt gentle touches along his shell. Your small hands exploring his most intimate space. Finger’s dipping into the space between his shell and back. The skin there so sensitive he had to hold his breath to keep from making a sound. He heard your feet move to his right side. Nimble fingers gently guiding his arm onto his thigh’s. Then lightly probing his side to explore the hinge that allowed them to go into there shells. All of which was made of the same material that started this adventure.

Last he heard a sigh. His ears couldn’t discern what it meant. He waited anticipating a negative reaction:  a scream, slap, or even just storming away. Rejection in some form. What he least expected happened next.

You knew what this took for Raphael. The utmost appreciation and care was in order. When the boys saw this they had dispersed leaving the two of you before it started. Mumbling his name on your lips you leaned forward placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Your biceps wrapping around his shoulder’s. Moving between nuzzling his cheek and placing light kisses along his jaw. Raphael breathed deep choking back a sob.

“I love you Raphael. Nothing is going to change that dear.” Letting out a chuckle you leaned forward and around to straddle Raph.

“Raph open those gorgeous eye’s for me?” When he did it was the happiest you had ever seen them. His arms reaching around your waist while his face settled in the crook of your neck.

“My love, Raphael…” Your hands holding his back and head while you gently rocked him.

“Why do you even-” You stopped him with a “No” hands moving to grip him as tightly as possible.

“Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love. You saved me when I was at my weakest. I will always love you. Always.” The intensity of your words gripped Raphael in way’s he knew not how. His muscles flexed as he stood carrying you with eye’s closed to his bedroom. Laying you on his bed, he wiped his eye’s with a smile.

“I-I love you too.” He said standing above you not really certain of what came next.

“Come here my love.” Your small hand in his as you guided him to lay next you. Both of you on your stomach in the large King sized bed. Your thumb tracing circles while you talked for hours.

Late into the first light of morning and on into forever.

“That my dears is how your father and I got together.” Y/N said to her children, three boys and one girl all sitting in there pajama’s on the first morning of fall. The fire roaring in the cabin as they stared wide eyed with hot chocolate in hand. Raph smirking in the corner with no less love in his eye’s than that very memory.