and i know there is drama in normal relationships

Style over substance= A MG rant

Dear Marc,

First of all, I think it would be fairly accurate to say that most Olicity fans know the DNA of Arrow better than you and your writers room. Whenever Arrow has been at its strongest it was when the focus was on character. To clarify, the characters we care about. The core characters. I think it to be of no coincidence that the upturn in quality of these past few episodes sees a return focus on Oliver, John, and Felicity. When you force characters on your audience and we tell you we don’t care, that isn’t out of pettiness, or because we want our ship back, its because you failed to introduce and write for these new characters in a way that would invest our interest. When you sideline popular characters and fridge already established dynamics to shove the newbies down our throats, the backlash is to be expected.

This season Arrow reached its 100th episode. Something to be celebrated. Appreciation should be shown for the incredibly talented cast that you are lucky to have. Instead, you marginalise them, disrespect them publicly and give into the fringe element of the fandom.

New characters should have been introduced in a way that tied in and enhanced the storylines of the core cast. But instead you shoehorned them in and stuck the others in no mans land.

You waited too long to unveil Prometheus. Josh Segarra has been a revelation in the role so far, but I feel like we are running out of time with him. His reveal should have been earlier.

Susan Williams was a mistake. You repeatedly told us that she was a good person and that Oliver had “deep feelings” for her. This was never shown on screen. She was introduced as someone who was manipulative, conniving and just plain awful. Then you had her date Oliver even though she was investigating him, which was a huge conflict of interest. Then you spent more time on her job than you gave to Felicity’s Havenrock storyline, or John’s being in jail storyline. Then you turned Oliver into Ollie 2.0 by making him an unbelievable douche. Then when Susan was kidnapped, Oliver barely blinked. He showed no concern for her at all. WTF? Don’t get me wrong, that last part was hilarious, but what the hell were you thinking with this whole storyline?

Don’t even get me started on Billy.

No one is asking for a whole episode of Olicity going shopping. Even Felicity would probably hate that. What we want is Olicity together in a healthy, happy, normal relationship. No baby mama drama, no bullshit love interests. No tropes. Just let them be together. Let them figure out how to be together and work together. Let them talk to each other. Be there for each other. Let them deal with any issues like adults. You can still have explosions, and stunts and action. You did it before. Its called 4A, remember the ratings back then?

Now, I know this isn’t about ratings. I get that. What it is about is writing to your shows strengths. Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickard, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne. They are what this show was built on. Not your ego. So get over yourself.

One last thing, cutting the season shorter won’t solve Arrows problem. Getting better writers will. The fact that you actually said that cutting the season would reduce the number of “filler” episodes just proves this. Why don’t you use these “filler” episodes to focus on your incredibly talented cast. Instead of another villain of the week or gun PSA, write your own “Zeppo” episode.

Or maybe after 5 years, its time for you to go. Bring in some fresh ideas.

Biphobia in Fandom

I’m here with another fandom PSA, specifically to address the rampant biphobia going around right now, especially in regards to attacking ships like Kallura and Shallura for being “straight”. I’ve already written something like this on my personal blog, but for here, it’s a little less, erm, “strongly worded” I guess. I was pretty angry when I wrote the first one. And, I’ll be honest, that anger has not subsided.

Long and short of it, arguing that M/F ships in this fandom is heteronormative is not fighting against heteronormativity, it is reinforcing it. 

Heteronormativity assumes that straight is the norm and everything else is a deviance. Ultimately, it reduces people’s sexualities (which go far deeper than relationships btw) to the assumed gender of their partner and what they do with their partner behind closed doors. It also goes hand-in-hand with biphobia.

Attacking m/f ships just because they look straight is textbook biphobia. And pan/ace/poly/trans-phobia. When I mention bisexuality from here on out, I am including them, too. 

I am a bisexual woman married to a man. That marriage does not magically wash away the biphobic bullshit I still have to endure from both straight people and my own community. 16 years of my life was spent living in a Southern state with all its extremely religious and homophobic trappings that we hear so much about so trust me I know. And lemme tell you, straight people do not consider us one of them, they consider us gay and just as damned for hell. I’ve heard it and lived it again and again for 16 years and long after, and only in the recent years have just now started peeling away my internalized biphobia embedded in me and fighting back.  

I need everyone to watch this video. Notice that the moment the main character learns her date is bisexual. It destroys the otherwise romantic mood of a third date. Not a first date. A third. A guy she supposedly likes enough to date him multiple times. And then later, all she and her friends focus on is the fact that he is once dated a guy and that she needs to leave him. 

This line here: “…but in the end they all ended up with men.” And “So did the bisexual women.”

I’m not going to go into whether this is commentary for biphobia or if this actual biphobia framed as comedy because I’ve never watched this show at all, but the point I’m trying to make is that this is our life. This is what our identity is reduced to. This is what straight people think of us. This is heteronormativity, that this guy is strange and abnormal and not worthy of dating her because he is not straight, he is bi and therefore “ew” he also likes guys. If the main character were to stand up to her friends, tell them that she will continue to date this guy because she likes him (and not just because he’s a good kisser, because that’s also pretty gross and fetishizing) - that is not heteronormative and actually fights for bisexual representation. 

When we go to fandom for escape, to explore our sexuality, to tell our stories, we are met with the same “You can’t ship m/f because that makes it straight!” Trust me. We know what that is really being said here. It’s the same biphobic lenses straight people use, just a different frame. “You can’t ship m/f because it looks straight therefore it isn’t valid!” 

It goes the other way, too. I very recently had to block someone who was using my Allurance art to showcase Lance’s “straightness”. DO NOT DO THIS. I headcanon Lance as bisexual with a different gender preference just like I am. In my fics and headcanons, he has been given a lot of nuances that reflect my own upbringing and experiences. Even when I ship him with Allura, he is still bisexual. Being shipped with a different gender does not change that. So seeing my art with that context on a blog steeped in biphobia was one of the most insulting things that has ever happened to me in fandom. 

Bisexuality is an identity. I was bisexual before I was married, and I’m still bisexual even during the fact. That will never change, no matter who I am with at the time. I am a bisexual woman married to a man and I. Am. Still. Valid. And if you can’t accept that, if you can’t support bisexuals in different gender relationships because they look straight, then you are not an ally.  I’m not saying this to be “mean” or paint you as some kind of awful person. Not at all. You are just simply not an ally. Being an ally doesn’t mean you get to pick and choose what makes you personally comfortable to support. You either support it all or none of it. Point blank. That’s how it is. 

Do you want to fight against heteronormativity? 

Normalizing non-straight different gender relationships in healthy ways is how you fight against heteronormativity. 

Not by attacking shippers for their ships that look straight, especially shippers who do identify as LGBTAQ+ and have their m/f ships reflect their experiences.

Thank you for your time. 

Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars

So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Starter Meme [1]

*Note: The pronouns now are simply ‘they/them’ from what has been said originally. Simply change it to whoever you’re sending it to, or keep it gender neutral. Feel free to change the quote, add on to it, or whatever you need to suit your character when sending!

  • “Wow. I definitely did not see that one backfiring.”
  • “Help me get this mini fridge past the security guard.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve been there my friend.”
  • “This doesn’t make me like you any better.”
  • “Well, with a regular (person), it’s bad. With (Name) – Oh, dear God!”
  • “We will give you ten dollars.”
  • “Wow, you’re good! After this, we should solve crimes.”
  • “I am better than great, I’m good.”
  • “I like being on my own, I’m, uh, better off this way. I’m a lone wolf. Y'know, a loner. Alone… All alone. Forever. What’s a wolf gotta do to get a hug around here?!”
  • “I won’t be speaking with you for several weeks.”
  • “Honey, I wish you’d get over (them). I hate seeing you like this. Is there anything I can do? Do you want to look down my top?”
  • “What the mother crap is up with this stuff?!”
  • “You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get in my sweats and eat in bed.”
  • “I’ve dreamed about this for years! *Nervous laughter* Why have I not been preparing?”
  • ‘Okay, I’ll give you one chance to change my mind. You got one minute.”
  • “Well, maybe you could date (them), then. That would save me the trouble of killing (them).”
  • “Yeah I know. You’re a bit of a drama queen.”
  • “Oh, hey, (Name). I’m so glad someone’s here. Could you zip me up?”
  • “Oh my God, I want to trade lives with (Name)?!”
  • “Uh, look, I don’t normally ask out (people) that I meet in coffee houses.”
  • “I’m an idiot.”
  • “I always knew there was something weird about that dude.”
  • “Okay, so, all right I haven’t been in a relationship that lasted longer than a month.”
  • “You know, I’m trying to remember the last time I opened a door and you weren’t there.”
  • “I just think there’s somebody better out there for you.”
  • “I think I can make you happy.”
  • “In fact, I’ll close my eyes to make it less awkward.”
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Well, let’s see – the first one is, I don’t want to, and the second one – I’m not going.”
  • “You need to learn some new slang.”
  • “You have to do something. Knock that door down!”
  • “I would, but I bruise like a peach.”
  • “I guess they’re not coming. Want to just order?”
  • “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”
  • “If you were bigger, you’d hit me, huh?”
  • “They are without a doubt the funniest (person) I ever met!”
  • “Have you not talked about it yet?”
  • “To be honest, I think I’d prefer the five dollars.”
  • “Why do you care so much?”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot he/she is.”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot (they) are.”
  • “(Name), why did you lie to me about working here?”
  • “Because I was ashamed, okay?”
  • “I sold out for the cash.”
  • “I’m sorry, too.”
  • “We’re going to figure this out.”
  • “But… you suck.”
  • “Are they still looking for us?”
  • “You know, we as a group, are not the coolest.”
  • “I mean, you just went out with my best friend.”
  • “You’re a pain in the ass, (Last Name or Name).”
  • “Damn it, man, pull yourself together!”
Allison- Choose Me

Request-  an allison imagine please inspired by merder from grey’s anatomy where meredith says, “pick me, choose me, love me” to derek? you can decide who says that if it’s y/n or allison. THANK YOU

A/N- You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Allison headed down the hallway to meet you, carrying her books in her arms. She could see you down the hall, gathering your things from you locker for the end of the day, and she felt her breath catch in her throat. It was the little things about you that seemed to steal the air from her lungs, like the way you tucked your hair behind your ear or softly smiled to yourself.
She loved being your best friend, but if she was being honest, she had always wanted more. Things between you were complicated, at least from her side of things, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever admit that she wanted you, especially because you weren’t hers to have.
She watched from down the hall as a guy came up from behind and wrapped his arms around you. You looked slightly annoyed as your boyfriend bent down and started to kiss you repeatedly, and Allison watched as you waved him off.
“Cut it out,” she could hear you telling him as you got closer.
“Aw, come on,” he complained. “You’re not still mad about what happened last week, are you?”
“No,” you told him, but just from the tone of your voice, Allison could tell it was a lie.
She walked up to you, smiling brightly. “Hey, Y/n!”
“Hey,” you told her.
Your face lit up at the sight of her, and all the tension seemed to fall right off your shoulders. Allison was one of those rare people who could brighten your day with just her smile. She was your best friend, and the strongest, most loyal one you had ever had. You rarely argued, and if you did, it was always over your boyfriend.
“Hi Wesley,” Allison said tightly.
“Allison,” he greeted her, frowning as he turned back to you. “You wanna come over tonight, babe?”
“Can’t,” you told him, “Allison and I are having our Netflix marathon.”
Wesley frowned. “You’re gonna ditch me?”
“It’s not like you haven’t ditched her,” Allison stated, raising her eyebrows at him.
Wesley narrowed his eyes at her, and you quickly spoke up. “Sorry. We already had plans. We’ll hang out tomorrow, okay?”
“Alright,” he relented, leaning down to kiss your forehead. “I’ll see you later.”
“See you later,” you muttered, watching as he walked back down the hall.
“‘You’re not still made about what happened last week?’” Allison quoted with a scoff. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“Allison,” you groaned.
“Y/n, come on,” she complained.
“Save it,” you told her softly. “I know he probably cheated on me at that party. Okay? But it’s just…sometimes I need a break from all the death and the monsters. He’s that break. He’s normal.”
Allison sighed. “He’s a piece of shit.”
“He’s not that bad,” you insisted.
“Y/n,” Allison repeated.
You sighed. “I know, I know. He’s an asshole, I deserve better. You’ve told me a million times.”
“You know I’m only saying this because I care about you,” Allison reminded you.
“I know,” you told her, reaching out to touch her arm. “But could you spare me the lecture for a night? I kind of want to focus on someone else’s relationship drama for once, and I’m dying to know what happens to Meredith and Derek.”
Allison smiled. “Grey’s marathon it is.”
“Thank you,” you told her, shutting your locker and slinging your arm around her shoulders. “Have I told you how much I love you?”
“Mm, yes,” Allison remarked. “But it wouldn’t hurt to hear you say it again.”
You grinned at her. “Allison Argent, you are my very best friend, not to mention a kickass hunter, and even though you nag me enough to make my head hurt, I love you so much that it hurts. Or that could just be the nagging. Either way, I love you.”
She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t say you had to give a speech.”
“Yeah, but you liked it,” you told her, squeezing her shoulders.
“I did,” she agreed, reaching up with one hand to squeeze back.
You sighed happily and headed down the hall with Allison by your side. After all the supernatural drama with the Dread Doctors and the Beast, you needed this night more than anything. It had been terrifying watching Allison almost die the year before, and ever since then, you promised yourself you would always make time for her. No matter how much Wesley tried to convince you otherwise, these nights belonged to you and Allison.

You peeled off your clothes the minute you set foot in Allison’s room, and changed into the comfy pajamas you had brought. Allison smiled. “Someone’s excited.”
“And you’re not?” you asked with raised eyebrows. “You get to see me with my shirt off, and that’s a treat for anyone.”
Allison rolled her eyes, but you had no idea how much she agreed with you. She quickly changed into her pajamas and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. When you were both nice and comfortable, you headed into the kitchen to make some snacks.
“So where’s your dad?” you asked curiously. “Usually he’s in here telling us to keep our sobs quiet.”
Allison smiled. “He went to go have a beer with Derek. I think he got tired of trying to explain that it’s just a TV show.”
“He probably also got tired of us trying to explain to him that’s it not,” you said with a grin. “Since when are Derek and your dad buddies?”
Allison shrugged. “After everything that happened with the Nogitsune, I guess they just realized that they didn’t have to be enemies.”
“That’s good…and kind of weird,” you commented, rooting through her cabinets and pulling out a bag of popcorn. “They were trying to kill each other at one point.”
Allison smiled as she watched you move around her kitchen with ease. You were totally comfortable in her apartment, almost as if it were your home too. She grabbed a bag of chocolate chips from the cupboard and found a bowl, and when the popcorn beeped, she mixed the two together.
“I think I like it better this way,” Allison said.
“Yeah, me too,” you agreed. “Now I’ve got you all to myself.”
Allison’s smile widened. She liked the sound of that.
The two of you raided the cupboards for another minute, and when you finally had enough junk food to give even an olympian high cholesterol, you settled down on her couch.
You eagerly snatched the remote from the coffee table and curled up next to her. Then you reached behind you to grab a warm blanket that the Argent’s kept draped over the couch, and as you scrolled through Netflix, you spread it over the both of you.
“Do you think he’ll sign the papers?” Allison asked you as you hit play.
“I don’t know,” you said thoughtfully. “He obviously wasn’t that into her in the first place if he was sleeping with Meredith. I think he should sign.”
“Me too,” Allison agreed, moving a little closer to you.
“But I guess saying that makes me kind of a hypocrite,” you realized softly. “I mean, Wesley doesn’t love me and I’m still with him.”
Allison frowned. “Y/n…”
You sighed. “No, it’s okay. I just…at first I wanted someone who was normal, you know? Someone who could just make me forget about all the werewolves and the attacks…but now I’m starting to realize that there’s no point if he doesn’t even make me happy. I want someone who I can call in the middle of the night and know they’ll pick up because they get that it’s important. I want someone to watch movies with and cuddle and not have to worry about whether or not I’m really the one they want.”
“Y/n, you’ll have all of that one day,” Allison promised. “You’re amazing, and one day, someone is going to realize that and scoop you up before anyone else has a chance to get their hands on you. And you’ll know that they’re the one for you.”
You smiled softly and looked over at her. “That’s sweet, Allison.”
“It’s true,” she said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders to give you a quick hug. “Now, come on. You wanted a lecture free night. Let’s just focus on McDreamy.”
You nodded and turned back to the screen, but you couldn’t ignore how warm Allison felt next to you under the blanket. About halfway through the episode, it occurred to you that all those things you had said earlier described your best friend perfectly. Maybe you had been looking for someone in the wrong places. You wanted someone to make you happy, to be there for you when you needed them, but no one made you happier than Allison.
You swallowed thickly, trying to wrap your mind around the fact that you might be falling in love with your best friend. You glanced over at her and watched her brown eyes focusing on the screen, and you quickly looked away out of fear that she would notice.
There was no doubt Allison was beautiful, and she was amazing too, but what would she even say if you told her how you felt. Would she be upset? Would she think you were trying to ruin the friendship?
You froze suddenly. What the hell had you been thinking? You had a boyfriend. You were still with Wesley, no matter how unloyal he was, and you couldn’t believe you were actually entertaining the thought of being with your best friend.
You scooted a little farther away from Allison, and she shot you a questioning look, but you kept your eyes glued to the screen. You hoped she wasn’t weirded out, but luckily you managed to get through most of the episode without her even picking up on the fact that something was wrong. Okay, maybe she had, but you were ignoring it.
“Okay, here it is,” Meredith was saying on screen. “Your choice, it’s simple. Her or me. And I’m sure she’s really great, but, Derek, I love you…in a really, really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you…love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.”
You felt your breath catch in your throat as Meredith continued to talk, but it was those words that resonated with you. You couldn’t help but feel like you had to make a choice too, just like Derek. You had to decide who you would be with.
When the episode ended, you were silent.
“Oh my god,” Allison breathed. “That was intense.”
“Yeah,” you said softly.
“Y/n?” she asked suddenly. “What’s wrong?”
“I…I just, I’m really upset,” you lied. “He should sign those papers. He should divorce Addison, because he really loves Meredith. She’s the one he really wants, but he’s just too afraid to admit it to himself. And…and he needs to be honest. He should just do it.”
Your eyes began to water as you rambled, and Allison leaned in to pull you into a hug. “Hey, it’s okay. They’ll be together eventually…unless this is something else?”
She pulled away to glance down at you, and all you could do was stare at her brown eyes. “Y/n?”
Her lips were pressed together with worry, all pink and soft, and the way she said your name…it made you want to lean forward and kiss her. You knew you would regret it later, and you knew it would ruin everything, but despite your better judgement, you did.
You closed the short distance between you in a fraction of a second, gently grabbing her face and pressing your lips against hers. She felt your tears falling onto your cheeks and she wrapped her arms around your neck to pull you closer, finally getting what she had wanted for the longest time. You seemed to want it to, but before she could pull away and ramble out years worth of feelings, you panicked.
You jerked away, disconnecting your lips and accidentally knocking the blanket to the floor. “Oh my god. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna do that-I didn’t…”
“Wait, Y/n-” she cried.
But you were already scrambling up from the couch and rushing back to her bedroom. Allison jumped up to follow you, and when she pushed open her bedroom door, she found you frantically stuffing your clothes into your backpack.
“Y/n, hold on,” she begged, grabbing your shaking hands and holding them in her own.
“No,” she told her quickly. “Look, Allison, I shouldn’t have done that. I ruined this. I-I ruined everything we have and…and I’m with Wesley!”
Allison stood there, stunned. “He’s that important to you?”
But she wasn’t asking the question she really wanted to. She wasn’t asking if he was more important than her.
“I…I don’t know,” you admitted. “I just…I need some time to figure this out. I’m sorry.”
The zipping of your bag cut through the silence, and Allison watched in shock as you swung it onto your shoulders and carefully brushed past her. She considered running after you, but when she heard that door slam, she knew it was no use.
She sank down onto her bed and put her face in her hands. Maybe she never should have kissed you back, but she had been lying to you for a long time about how she really felt. If she was being honest, it felt good to finally get that out in the open, even if it had driven you away.
After an hour of feeling sorry for herself, Allison decided that it didn’t matter that you were gone. She was going to do whatever it took to get you back, even if it meant telling you how she really felt.

You shut your locker nervously that Monday morning, praying that the universe would be kind and keep everyone away from you. You weren’t in the mood to talk, and Allison and your other friends could certainly tell from your lack of response to their texts. You even ignored Wesley after you hung up on him late Friday night, although most people would say that was normal.
When you heard someone clearing their throat behind you, you realized that the universe just wasn’t on your side that morning. You turned around to find your best friend standing there, her brown eyes warm and determined.
“Allison,” you began painfully. “I-”
“Please,” she cut you off. “Please just hear me out. I’m going to be honest with you, and I know I should have been a long time ago, but just listen. I promise if you don’t like what I have to say, then you can shun me all you want.”
You swallowed and your eyes to water, but you nodded anyway. “Okay.”
“Alright,” she began. “Y/n, we’ve been friends since I got here. You’ve been right next to me through the wolves, and the monsters, and you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. You know me better than anyone, and when I woke up in the hospital after getting stabbed, all I could think was thank god you’re here, because I couldn’t pretend to be strong anymore. I was terrified that day, but you didn’t mind. You understood that it’s okay to be afraid, and you let me know that.”
“Allison-” you whispered.
“Please,” she begged. “Just let me finish. You understood that it was okay for me to be afraid, so that’s what I’m doing now. I know you’re afraid, Y/n. I know that whatever you’re feeling, it scares you. But that’s okay, because I love you. I think I’ve been in love with you since I met you, and I know that what I’m asking is a lot, but I think you feel the same way. So I’m asking you, Y/n, please…pick me, choose me, love me. Not Wesley, not anyone else. Me.”
You had been staring at her wide-eyed, but when she used Meredith Grey’s words, you let out a soft, disbelieving laugh. She glanced at you nervously, but you simply stepped forward and placed your hand on her cheek. “Yes.”
“What?” she whispered. “Just like that?”
“Just like that,” you confirmed, leaning in to press your lips against hers. Allison reached out instantly, clinging to you and pulling you against her. You both reveled in that moment for a few seconds, melting into each other until she finally pulled away.
“Wait,” she murmured. “What about Wesley?”
“I broke up with him Friday,” you admitted. “I called him. He was pissed, but I told him I was in love with someone else. “
“You did?” Allison breathed, her face lighting up.
You nodded. “Yeah. And I’m sorry I freaked out on you like that. I just didn’t know what to do, but Allison, you’re right. I feel the exact same way.”
She smiled and pulled you into a hug, and you wrapped your arms around her. You closed your eyes as you buried your face in her hair, grateful that you didn’t have to give up your best friend. You had chosen Allison, because in the end, you always would.

There are three instances of bread that come to mind when thinking of Peeta.

The burnt bread.  We know this story. We’ve heard it a million times. It’s what earned Peeta Mellark his title as The Boy with the Bread. In this familiar story, Katniss is ready to die. She is at the end of her options with a family at home that is literally starving. He brings her bread.

I stared at the loaves in disbelief. They were fine, perfect really, except for the burned areas. Did he mean for me to have them? He must have. Because there they were at my feet. Before anyone could witness what had happened I shoved the loaves up under my shirt, wrapped the hunting jacket tightly about me, and walked swiftly away. The heat of the bread burned into my skin, but I clutched it tighter, clinging to life. (emphasis mine)

The cost of this bread is Peeta being called a “stupid creature” and then hit by his mother. His sacrifice saved Katniss’s and her family’s lives. He gave her the literal bread to eat and nourish their bodies and “the bread also gave (her) hope.” We know that this leads to her remembering what her father taught her about the woods.

The cheese buns.  This part of Catching Fire is one of my most favorites. You know this. Katniss is hurt and is essentially stuck at home. I love this because it’s Katniss and Peeta in relationship without cameras and without drama.  He brings her cheese buns every day and they work on her family book together. The best part is her staring at his eyelashes, face and hands. She’s ogling him. Peeta says:

…I think this is the first time we’ve ever done anything normal together.

The cheese buns are important because he is daily preparing, baking and bringing her bread. It’s solely for her. She wants to eat it. He makes it. Something that she once deemed “only for special occasions,” he makes for her every freaking day.

The day he brings her warm bread.

“Peeta, bearing a warm loaf of bread, shows up with Greasy Sae…Slowly, with many lost days, I come back to life.

One could easily step over this quote from Mockingjay. Katniss has been home for months. Peeta has just been released and is back home. She’s see him, takes off to the woods and mourns the loss of Prim after holding it in all those months.

The next morning he brings her bread.

I believe that SC uses the bread as a symbol of life throughout the books. Peeta brings bread, or life, to Katniss in different ways through these three instances. With the burnt bread, he saves her from starvation. The cheese buns, Peeta cares for her in a normal, daily way of life. Lastly, bringing her bread again after her life and their relationship are so broken.

Love and food are what she loses the moment her father dies and her mother withdraws. These two pieces, her distrust of love and her family’s starvation, shape who she is as a character and are what provide the motivation for her to become the catalyst for change. Peeta restores those things back into her life, repeatedly throughout their relationship. He becomes her life.

I’ll elaborate on the theme of bread as life in my next commentary. Thank you for your response to this series. You amaze me! As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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What is it with shipping fics and unhealthy/toxic situations?

Very simple actually. A lot of people writing these fics have never been in romantic relationships of their own, so they have no experience on that end to draw from in writing them. Instead, they take it from the next best thing, whether that be their parents, someone they know, or anime. Anime, TV shows, both of which usually have romantic drama come about because of unhealthy situations and misunderstandings. Thinking this is normal for a relationship, they apply this to their writing. At least, that’s what I think is the reason for it


As a writer, why keep planning C$ as endgame if something huge is going to come along every 2 seconds to keep them apart? Like, I know that A&E love to do this to all the couples on the show, but those ones have at least established some semblance of a normal, working relationship outside of/around/previous to that. At what point has C$ shown itself to be a relationship that could withstand actually getting to know each other instead of (pretty conveniently) having some random event interrupt their growth as a couple and creating a false sense of “love” from the other person being away and in danger? 

Or maybe it’s just the same ol’ tv drama, I don’t know. 

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Relationship status: Single

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Top 3 shows/dramas/animes: Gintama, Leverage….Uh…shoot, uh. I’m not a TV person. Merlin or Star Trek

Top 3 characters: Gintoki, Katara (my queen), and Captain James T. Kirk

Top 3 ships: Spirk (Spock/Kirk), Merthur (Merlin/Arthur), and normally I don’t ship real people but uh, Taekook (Taehyung/Jungkook from BTS)

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“You will be working in groups today for this project so get together and start your task”, the professor demanded.
You got into a group of 8 people and began working on the project. As you were busy typing on your laptop, the classroom’s door opened and about 90% of your classmates’s jaws dropped.
“Yes, how can I help you sir?”, said your professor to the handsome guy dressed in skin tight shirt that showed his perfectly toned torso and biceps in.
“Hm- I would like to speak to (Y/N) if that’s okay”, he nervously scratched his cheek.
The professor nodded and you got up, trying to avoid all the eyes that were staring at you. You walked towards him and he placed his hand on your waist as he opened the door for you.
“WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, DYLAN?!”, you tried to whisper in the hallway.
“I’m sick of hiding what we have..”,he looked at you, his golden eyes filled with love, passion, and desperation.
Yes that’s right, you’ve been seeing Dylan O'Brien for a year now and you’ve kept your relationship a secret. You were just a normal girl who went to college and tried your best to stay away from attention and drama. The last thing you wanted in your life was to have crazy teenage girls obsessing over your relationship with their celebrity crush.
“But…”, you bit your lips anxiously, “but Dylan you know how I feel about popularity and all that crap”, you stopped for a second “look at them”, you titled your head to the left pointing Dylan to look at your class. Everyone was standing by the little window on the door and watching you, taking photos, and calling other people in the building to inform them Dylan O'Brien was in there. “They are practically going nuts, I can’t even imagine what they’ll do to me from now on.”
“I won’t let anything happened to you.”
“(Y/N), I can’t hide such an important part of my life forever,”, he cupped your face with his big hands, “you’re the best thing that has happened to me and I want the world to know that I love you and you belong to me.”
You felt your heartbeat stop for a second. You never thought Dylan would be saying these phenomenal words to you.
When you met him at a bar a year ago, you thought that all you two were gonna have was a one night stand, nothing more.
You opened your mouth to speak but you felt his soft lips crash into yours and send shivers all over your body.
You could hear the screams and it felt like you were in a movie.
That beautiful moment was cut out by your professor. “You two better leave as soon as possible”, she got out to give you your bag.
“Thank you so much”, you both laughed.
As you were going down stairs and leaving the building, students were everywhere, trying to take a photo of Dylan and ask questions.
He stopped to take photos with them and then proudly addressed your relationship. “Yes, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. No further questions please”, he said and you finally managed to get to his car.
“Holy shit”, you gasped.
“They love you already”, his grin made your stomach flutter.
With an awkward smile, you said “I won’t be able to ever come back here, will I?”
“Probably not”, Dylan laughed and began driving down the road, his hand locked into yours.
“Yes, babe?”, he glanced at you for a second before turning his eyes to the road.
“I love you, too.”

(Omg I wrote this at 2 am after having a huge emotional breakdown because of a TW spoiler. I just read this and it’s horrible and makes 0 sense. I’m so sorry.)

if season 4′s main character is even, i hope the story isn’t about evak. i hope their relationship grows and develops and is tested but isn’t the focus. i hope the focus is about even as a person with his own problems and inner demons. i hope that he gets to grow as much as isak did this season, not necessarily from drama in their relationship, but from having more experiences and struggles he has to overcome himself, with isak on (and by) his side.

Truth is that I’ve heard about this drama since it was aired (and the fact that it was Nam Joo Hyuk, huh. Of course I’ve heard about this). BUT I wasn’t really planning to watch it (at least not so soon). However, people talk about this drama. A LOT. So I got curious. And honestly, watching this drama was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2016! I watched it on the last day of 2016 - how cool was that (but anyway). 

I thought it was just another (boring) drama with nice actors but this drama is anything BUT boring. I was so hooked (still am, tbh) on the first episode. But my favorite part? When Joon Hyung agreed to see a clinician (I was actually expecting that he wouldn’t.) I thought it was just another drama that will worsen the stigma by refusing to seek professional help BUT NO. At that very moment, when he agreed with his brother that he will do it, I know that I will love it.  And this drama is more than that so allow me list the things I love about it:

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Baekyeon mini drama♡

Can you imagine Baekhyun jealous? Omggg♡, he’s so cute..Oppa I think you don’t like see your woman with another man, lol. If Tae and Baek don’t have a relationship, I would like that Tae date with a american or latin guy..idk, she’s perfect, and so beautiful.., I don’t understand how Baekhyun can control herself, I mean a lot of kpop idols love Taeyeon, but..he’s normal because he knows that the only man that she loves is him♡. I miss Baekyeon real moments..but I prefer don’t have any moments of Baekyeon and that they still together..♡.

Hope you like it!♡ I miss my Taengo :’(( </3.

As a gay man I’m really happy with the non-male identities who watch and support and love Vikturi and all that, but please also know that you can’t just end it with that, watching and liking Yuri On Ice for ‘the gay shit’, shipping because it’s canon gay, and fantasizing about ‘all the gay happy times they have’ (and even sometimes fetishizing it).

Please also support LGBTQ and LGBTQ relationships in real life. I know a some girls who like it in anime only when it’s all dressed up with hot attractive guys and sweet, sap stories and drama and all that. But love like this also happens in normal, real life. It isn’t always roses and flowers, and it isn’t always pretty or dolled up. Please support that, too. In your school, in your workplace, in your neighborhood. You don’t have to be an extreme activist about it, but vocalizing it now and then helps. It’s the decent thing to do.

Lee Jong Suk L’ Officiel Hommes (Oct 2016) Interview Translation- Part 2

(Note: Read Part 1 here)

LH: For a drama, when and what sort of part will you give an evaluation on?

LJS: I think it should be judged as a whole after it ends.

LH: Is W’s ending satisfactory for you?

LJS: Actually a bit unsatisfied.

LH: Up till now, among all the works you have done, which is the most attractive role for you?

LJS: The role of Park Soo Ha in I Hear Your Voice. I really wish to do it during that time because there was almost no fantasy stories then.

LH: I think you really like fantasy. Seeing your playfulness in filming locations, I think like that even more.

LJS: Of course I like it, but that is absolutely not the reason why I searched for these roles. (Laugh) Drama itself is fictional anyway. I just think fantasy genre is a bit more interesting. I swear. Having said that, I have never done a role which is easy.

LH: Let’s talk more about W. A lot of people gave W praises and found it really interesting because of the “unpredictable development process”. What is the viewing point for W in your opinion?

LJS: I also agree to that part to a certain extent. The development in W is fast by nature, it is not ok even to miss even one episode of it. I think it is a very important element in drama. Because the story continues to be very unpredictable, if (the audience) watch it again after knowing the ending, they may discover important elements they have missed before. I mean it is more interesting when (the audience) go deeper and pay attention to the relationship between the creator and the creature.

LH: W became the victor in the Wed-Thurs drama rival war. I think there is psychological stress on oneself caused by this way of competition, what sort of effect is there?

LJS: Above all, because competition with a close friend was incited in public opinion, that is a bit hard.

LH: During the filming of drama, you need to pick up a tough schedule that normal people may have difficulty in imagining. When it is really tough during filming, what do you want to do the most? Are you doing that now?

LJS: I often think about resting at home. However, even when I can make arrangement to do that, I cannot rest well.


OMG, Zuko was abusive (lol, so normal for enemies at war)

Okay, I don’t just want to compare a few similarities between Zuko/Katara and Kylo Ren/Rey and I know, Zuko is NOT Kylo Ren but…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the FIRST film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy !
Don’t judge characters (or relationships) before you truly know them, not in the first part, but as a Whole !

In many stories the “Villains” don’t always stay villainous and can even become pure of heart in order to add drama, especially in Star Wars with all “Heel-Face Turn” and “Face-Heel Turn”.

Anything can happen!

Kylo Ren can change and his relationship with Rey and others can change too (like Zuko).

fic: Let Your Heart Be Light (Olicity, Rated M) Chapter 1/14

Let Your Heart Be Light (4304 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 1/14
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Oliver Queen is a billionaire former-playboy and he needs a girlfriend to bring to the family’s mountain cabin for Christmas. So he asks Felicity Smoak, a woman he knows from his company. She’s just a friend, but she’s also the only friend he has who he can trust with the ruse. Complications arise when he realizes that maybe what he thought he wanted isn’t what he wants at all. More than that, he starts to wonder if maybe the perfect answer to all his problems wasn’t in front of him all this time.

Author’s Note: Welcome to my Olicity Christmas AU! This is the story that I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2014, so its all finished and I’m just editing it now so the updates will be fairly regular. Note: THIS IS AU. Meaning this is not set during the canon-verse of the show. Same characters though, just no island for Oliver and no vigilante business. Sorry about that! This is also meant to be a bit cheesy: think Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie starring our favorite duo! I know, right? ITS TOO MUCH!

Read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Oliver Queen had been avoiding his mother’s phone calls all week long and he knew he’d used up his last credible avoidance the day before when he’d faked a last-minute emergency meeting with the shareholders.  So when his assistant buzzed through to his office to tell him his mother was on line one, well, he knew his number was up.  He told her he’d take it.  

Reluctantly, Oliver turned away from the business reports he was reviewing on his oversized monitor and picked up the receiver on his office phone.  “Oliver Queen,” he said in greeting.  

“It’s about time you took my call,” his mother’s crisp voice replied. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve been avoiding me.”

Because that’s exactly what he’d been doing and this was his mother’s way of letting him know that she knew it. “I’ve been busy, Mother.  You and Dad the ones who wanted me to take an interest in running Queen Consolidated.  You’ve got your wish, or rather he did, but it doesn’t afford me a lot of free time.”

Any hope that his pointing this out would get her off his case disappeared with her next words. “No, you just don’t want me to harass you about your father’s will.”

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  • "I need to assert my dominance as a man!"
  • "What is wrong with you? You have a mother!"
  • "In hypothetical terms, you scored last night."
  • "Do you like magic?"
  • "I'm like Yoda, except instead of being green and little, I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro- I'm Broda."
  • "Are you acting out the last scene of Sleepless in Seattle with dolls?"
  • "I have you. I don't need to wait for it anymore."
  • "What would you expect? You've seen my penis."
  • "That makes me want to join a gym so I can get super strong and punch you really hard in the face."
  • "Oh my god, can you just be cool?"
  • "I don't love her, okay? I just miss her when she's not around, think about her all the time, and I imagine us running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown seude vest. But I don't want to be her stupid boyfriend!"
  • "I can't just go say hi!"
  • "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."
  • "We met at the urinal."
  • "I was a teenage popstar in Canada."
  • "I guess, starting tomorrow, we can tell people."
  • "One out of every eight adult women in America is a prostitute."
  • "Love is the best thing we do."
  • "Playing loser tag is awesome!"
  • "Ouchy in my mouth."
  • "I'm cuddly, bitch. Deal with it!"
  • "I don't care if you have an orgasm! If you care, you do it!"
  • "He can't be pregnant. You have to have sex to be pregnant."
  • "I think you were in love and you messed it up."
  • "Everyone's leaving me and I don't like it!"
  • "Last week, I went out with a girl whose favourite band was Glee."
  • "What are the chances that we're both serial killers?"
  • "When I let a day go without talking to you, that day's just no good."
  • "I'm always gonna love you. Til the end of my days, and beyond."
  • "Love doesn't make sense!"
  • "You make me happy. You make me happy all the time."
  • "Do you want them? I hate olives."
  • "Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we don't let it be awkward."
  • "Good luck on your date, I hope she's everything you're looking for"
  • "Settling down is for losers and kids who never go out anymore."
  • "There is no one hotter than God."
  • "OK, here’s my thing – if gay guys start getting married, then suddenly the whole world’s gonna be doing it. That’s how it works. they start something, then six months later, everyone follows. Like… now everyone gets manicures."
  • "I keep waiting for something to happen."
  • "Look, you can’t design your life like a building. It doesn’t work that way. You just have to live it… and it’ll design itself."
  • "This font is often mistaken for Helvetica, but actually, it's Helvetica bold."
  • "I refuse to be a part of a third runaway bride situation."
  • "I'm really into you. I just can't be with you...right now."
  • "Whoever is right gets to slap the other person in the face as hard as they possibly can"
  • "I finally found the one. Her name is bacon."
  • "Why is no one coming to my happenings?"
  • "Ain't no thang but a chicken wang, mamacita!"
  • "If you keep acting this way, little by little, you're gonna lose me."
  • "The only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars."
  • "Chicago? Is that even a real place?"
  • "I'm sorry I don't have time for your drama right now. My fiance is missing."
  • "Just tell me. Do you love me?"
  • "Is there any way we could just go back to normal?"
  • "I only know of one truly platonic relationship."
  • "Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?"
  • "Holding hands is like the fourth grade equivalent of banging."
  • "You hate women and women hate you."
  • "Why say goodbye to the good things?"
  • "You get older, you have kids, you stop stealing. It's sad."
  • "You have to let me dance my own battles!"
  • "New is always better!"
  • "If you have a crazy story, I was there. It's just the law of the universe."
  • "Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things."
  • "The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes it’s tempting but it’s a mistake. "
  • "You took my infant child to a strip club?"
  • "When you're in a new relationship and you're competing with your ex for who's happier, it can get ugly."
  • "I don't get lonely. I have five dogs."
  • "People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is, that guy is a genius."
  • "It's not cheating if it's on the phone, right?"
  • "Aren't you tired of waiting for destiny?"