and i know there are tons of people who love martin just as much

I started writing this as a response to one of the post-episode messages I got, but it took on a life of its own and well, might as well share. No point keeping it in my drafts, right? Here’s my reaction to the last scene in the finale (short version: I loved it).

We know that for just under two years, Weller’s relationship prevailed and most probably overcame tons and tons of obstacles. We know that their love was stronger than almost everything that they came up against, and that they never stopped being in love, and that at some point Kurt got down on one knee and proposed and that Jane said yes. We know that Jane joined the FBI and they continued to be this unstoppable team that took on the world and put bad people away and kicked butt as leaders and colleagues and as a couple. And just imagine all those times Jane was in danger in the field, or Kurt was in danger, and the other one was losing their mind. Imagine the relief when the other one was okay and imagine how beautiful it must have been not to hide their feelings or their relationship anymore. And they got married. They got married, you guys! Mr. Too Choosy chose Jane Doe. They got married and exchanged vows and wore those rings around their fingers proudly. 

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Lucifer - Seasons 1 & 2 (but mostly 2)

Once again, a show that surprised me in a very good way. I liked Lucifer at first, but I never though in the beginning it would become one of my most anticipated shows.

I was like loving Lucifer, Linda and Maze from the get go, but the others were kinda “meh” and I found Chloe, Dan and Amenadiel very bland, especially in comparison. Since she was supposed to be the female interest, I was a little thrown off, because the main duo didn’t work out for me.

But then, every one of them (and I literally mean “everyone”, this is not often a show flips me over so much. Totally changed my mind when the start wasn’t that good imo) started to grow on me and became more and more interesting by the minute.

From Lucifer to Trixie, with Amenadiel, Lucifer’s mom, his “dad”, Chloe, Dan, Ella… This became the kind of show where I could tell “If the writers harm a soul, any soul, they’ll have to fight me (although Maze doesn’t have a soul but don’t touch her also)”. And frankly, I never though Lucifer would get me that way.

THAT is a great surprise. THAT is what all shows should aim for, and what I’m looking for now in a TV show. Most of the ones I watch are like that now, or at least to my satisfaction it is. And that feels fucking good.

So, basically, season 1 only was there to slowly get me to care about all of them before they added more. Since I was with a little prejudice before, I probably didn’t enjoyed it to its fullest.

But what sealed the deal for me was season 2. Season 2 was marvelous in terms of storytelling and character growth and relationships between all of them.

I mean the concept behind his relationships with others alone is fascinating.

I’ve loved seeing Linda process the fact Lucifer was really the devil (like she didn’t jumped in right away like “Yeah, okay, you’re the devil, whatevs”, but ultimately, her loyalty remained with him and Maze) and becoming closer to Maze and forming an amazingly touching and beautiful and genuine friendship.

I love how Maze allows herself more to need people and tell them so. Even Lucifer in the end got that he hurt her. And she would go at great lengths to protect Chloe or Linda too now, you can’t convince me otherwise.

And did I mentioned I loved Ella’s adding to the cast ? The mum character is great too, and I really believe God Johnson was a manifestation of his father. Otherwise, how would he know about Lucifer’s real name ? How would he not react to Lucifer’s red eyes when he asks him angrily to apologize ?

And more importantly, why was he not affected by Lucifer’s “What do you desire ?” if he was just a stranger believing he was god ?

As to why the mother didn’t feel anything, I think it’s because it was just kind of a manifestation, but not him fully possessing someone to appear on earth.

Can we talk about how everyone was worried sick for Linda ? Maze was crying her heart out for Amenadiel to help, she broke my heart. She needed so much her little Linda to survive. I’m almost tearing up again writing that, still a little emotional about it.

And Lucifer wanting immediately to get to Linda as soon as his mother flees. Amenadiel had to say he would take care of her for Lucifer to focus again on the task.

I mean, I already loved her from day one. But ever since Lucifer revealed his true face to her, she’s been even more of a blessing. She’s the best and most loyal friend the world ever bare (at least this one).

The little speech she gave Lucifer in the end made me tear up. It was beautiful and so… heartwarming.

I often go on and on about Linda and Maze, because ever since they’ve started having scenes together, I saw their chemistry and how much I loved them both together and as individuals.

The moment where Linda learns about Lucifer and doesn’t wanna see Maze and they end up talking it out through the door : it gave me so much feels and they do it everytime.

But my little comic “discussion” posts don’t reflect how much I cherish the relationship between Lucifer and Linda. Because the growth on this relationship is amazing. 

And the little scene between them at the end of season 2 finale has to be my favorite for them so far. I mean, the feels, but also… In the midst of conversation, Lucifer realizes something for himself. Yet, after he vocalized it, he says like immediately right after “But let’s focus on you”.

And I know he’s gonna be like that if Linda’s not well, because she’s his friend. But I find this little sentence so simple yet, full of meaning. And I love that little detail.

Oh and can we talk about how Linda didn’t flinch first in front of THE Goddess ? Like, she knew she was getting hurt and possibly killed horribly, but she still chose to resist giving the information before she couldn’t take it anymore.

Just so she could protect Lucifer’s secret ! I’m… This woman will be the death of me, she’s too precious. I mean, she risked her life for this. I’m still sobbing. My poor Linda and her gigantic heart.

Frankly, I was mad as hell Charlotte (we’re gonna call her Charlotte, it’s simpler than “The Goddess” and faster to type) hurt Linda. Like, she’s in the holy trinity for me of “You don’t touch him/her or there’ll be trouble”.

But I also like the mother character very much. And ultimately, I kinda understood where she could come from.

Because I don’t think she ever intended on hurting people from the get go, even though I thought she was only trouble at first. But I was kinda wrong.

The big thing that defined Charlotte the whole way was her love for her children. That and she was pretty pissed at God for making her suffer so much and being basically a deceptive and MIA bastard.

BUT, I get from that she is a mother. And all she wanted to do from day one was to protect and maybe avenge her children. She went to great lengths to do that, even if that meant there would be casualties.

The fact in their last moments together, Lucifer had to tell her about war, and casualties, and the fact that basically people would suffer says tons to me. I think she really didn’t realize.

She kinda knew, but she was so focused on getting her children with her, keeping them safe, that she ultimately lost track of everything else. Not to mention she’s not any kind of mother.

She’s an overprotective (kinda) mother with creation powers. So yeah, she’s a ticking time bomb, but it’s not really her fault. To me, she has too much strength for her wrath. And she doesn’t mean wrong. But her love for her sons is brighter and prevails.

So of course she’s gonna hurt people getting in the way. And if the result is far worse than intended, it’s just because her power is too much, even for herself sometimes.

Overall, I’m going to miss her deeply.

I loved the weird friendship taking place between Dan and Amenadiel.

Frankly, those two are cinnamon rolls who don’t get enough credit already ! I’m so glad Dan finally found out Charlotte was Luci’s mom. Like I knew the “you’d be Lucifer’s dad” joke would come back. And it was priceless.

I was sad, however, to see him hurt in the end by this cold “who are you ?”. I was starting to ship them a bit, so I hope he’ll learn about all this someday and understands WHO he’s been sleeping with. (Spoiler alert : it’s a big divine who)

Amenadiel is hilarious in the finale, and the way he protect those people now. Not to mention he’s the reason Linda’s still alive, so thanks for that.

So Lucifer is mum’s favorite and Amenadiel is daddy’s boy ? I love this little detail ! Like this show is surreal sometimes. It knows what his audience wants and doesn’t even know they want (or so it seems).

Even the way Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship had been treated is unusual. And I didn’t thought I would ship it at first, but they’re cute and it feels natural. And I’m rooting for Chloe to know everything there is to know, and finally seeing the light (well, i mean…).

Because I want relationships to tighten even more. It worked wonders with Linda, so I have faith it will only be more meaningful afterwards. (But I’m wondering if Dan and Ella would learn about it ultimately).

And god, I could go on for hours. I love this show. I want more rn !

I’m so so glad they have a supersized third season due to the four remaining episodes they got in bonus. They so deserve the expansion, and frankly, I trust them so far to do the right thing with the extra amount of episodes.

They already proved us they were capable of constructing a story interesting and complex, and touching without resorting to classic storylines (at least not so much, some parts are bound to be kept as intended in the original story, I think) and showing beautiful and genuine relationships between its characters.

I think not everybody can pull a 22 episodes thing and get it right. But Lucifer already did a marvelous job with 18 episodes in season 2 . They only have to do it for 4 more in season 3 (well 8 more, but I think they already have the story so far for the four remaining of season 2 pushed to season 3, so it’s no brainer imo).

But I’m not a TV show writer, so I don’t know. We’ll see. I might not be so much on tumblr this summer (I hope to get on with my projects, among other things), expect for Killjoys, Dark Matter and Game of Thrones, of course.

Otherwise, I’ll probably see you in the fall !

anonymous asked:

What would you say to people who think that Stelena was a rushed relationship, they didn't see build-up, or the process of them falling in love, that they just kissed in the matter of "two episodes". I follow a confession page and this is what a lot of DErs like to throw in our faces, saying that they had seasons worth of development with their ship.

I’ve encountered that argument many times and it’s a weak one, it’s in the same vein as the argument that Stefan and Elena had an immature relationship because they were in high school for its duration. Like jfc, nuance people.

It is true that Stefan and Elena have a short build-up. It is also true that the build-up is dense. A lot happens in a short amount of time, which means they get to know each other very quickly. In the first episode alone, Elena tells Stefan everything about her life. There’s initial intrigue because he’s the hot new guy:

There’s wordless flirtation:

Then they actually meet and there’s an energy, a feeling, a connection (which actually happens between people where there’s an immediate click)

So there’s already a lot of intensity and connection in action, in the way they operate around each other and navigate one another. 

That’s already a type of build-up, which gives way to the next phase of build-up wherein Stefan and Elena talk. As I already said, Elena pretty much tells Stefan everything about herself. I mean, Stefan sits with Bonnie and Caroline at The Grill, he meets Matt, and this is before they’re officially dating:

And at the party, Stefan and Elena separate from the crowd to talk and he silently prods Elena to open up about what she no longer talks about:

And it should be noted that he sees through her charade:

And then they talk about Bonnie and Matt, they even briefly albeit vaguely condescendingly discuss Caroline; they indirectly talk about what Elena wants out of life (passion):

So by this point, Stefan has met all of Elena’s closest friends, met the ex-boyfriend, already sees in Elena what she hides from others, she’s spoken about her parents’ death, he has encountered the nuances of her interpersonal relationships and this is all in real time, this isn’t because he had watched her months previously, this is because he lived it with her. And then when that is done, he shows up at her house:

And then she invites him so they can do what? Talk.

And then when 1x02 airs, it picks up with Stefan and Elena in their respective beds, dreamy over what occurred the night before:

This morning is different. There’s change. I can sense it. Feel it. I’m awake. For the first time in a long time I feel completely and undeniably wide awake.

For once I don’t regret the day before it begins. I welcome the day because I know, I will see her again. I will see him again. For the first time in a long time, I feel good.

Essentially, they had a conversation that fundamentally shifted how they view themselves and the world around them and it makes them feel good, like actually good about everything inside them and around them. And that happens. I can say from experience that you can have a conversation with someone, whether it’s a romantic interest or a potential friend, that has a transcending effect on you. And that’s what Stefan and Elena shared the night before.

And when they see each other at school, after some silent flirting:

They talk about literature and he gives her a book on their walk to another class, which once again establishes that they’re getting to know each other, sharing interests, revealing passions and hobbies:

And then it’s reiterated that Stefan and Elena spent hours talking when Elena tells Bonnie and Caroline that when Stefan came over they didn’t have sex or make out, they didn’t even kiss and Caroline is scandalized.

And in this episode, Stefan and Elena reach their first roadblock and this is before their relationship even begins and that’s Stefan’s secrecy coupled with Damon’s manipulation and the semi-revelation of Katherine and Stefan tries to get back in her good graces:

And Elena is ready to give up: “We met and we talked and it was epic but the sun came up and reality set in.”

But after talking to Bonnie about it who tells her that shes giving up, after seeing what’s happening with Jeremy and his drug addiction and his struggle to navigate a world without their parents, after talking to Jenna and seeing her struggle to be a guardian, Elena decides that she’s going to risk feeling and goes over to Stefan’s house. And what do they do at Stefan’s house? They talk.

Elena tells Stefan what she’s afraid of, which is happiness, which is him and Stefan responds by using Elena’s own words, “I met a girl, we talked and it was epic, then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality. Right here” essentially telling her that to live in the moment, to risk feeling because feeling is reality and then they kiss:

There has already been a ton of emotional groundwork and they’re still in the process of getting to know each other, like just because they kissed doesn’t mean that the get-to-know-you courtship stops. And it doesn’t stop.

In 1x03, Elena finds out Stefan can play football and pushes him to join the team so he can be more social

while Stefan assuages Elena’s guilt over quitting the cheerleading team, letting her know that it’s OK to not be the person she was before and to figure out life for herself.

He makes it an effort to get to know Bonnie since she doesn’t trust him.

There isn’t any heavy kissing/making out until 1x04

and even with that they say they’ll go slow

and that’s when they go on their first official date

and have their first dance

which turns into their first fight about his secrecy because Elena wants to know about Stefan, everything so far has been about her emotional baggage as opposed to his, her interests etc.

1x05 Stefan tells Elena details about himself, it’s revealed that he knows how to cook, he tells her about Katherine, that he loves Martin Scorsese, and even listens to Miley Cyrus.

In 1x06 she knows about his vampirism

and so he truly gets into his past and is upfront about the fact that he did things he wasn’t proud of when it came to Katherine and when it came to Damon, he tells her about the vervain in her necklace and let’s her know how much he cares about her because Damon will try to hurt her, which is the only way he can hurt Stefan

and then they break up.

In 1x07 Stefan actually kills someone (Vicki) for Elena

after spending the episode trying to help her and they share the angst over how terrible her life has become since finding out about his secret but how better it’s become since meeting him as a man but how that doesn’t change that she’s too scared to be with him.

In 1x08, Elena learns even more information about Stefan, which is that it’s his birthday and that Lexi is his best friend and Lexi calls Elena out on her feelings: “I’m scared.” “But you’re here. Because you’re crazy about him” and they hit yet another roadblock when Damon kills Lexi and Elena has to talk him down from the edge so he won’t kill his brother.

In 1x09 Stefan saves Bonnie’s life and Elena realizes how fundamentally good Stefan is and how much he cares about her so she says she can be with him but Stefan wants to protect her so they remain broken up.

In 1x10 they have sex and it’s after they talk about what  they wanted their futures to be before life got in the way of their optimism, after Stefan rescues yet another one of Elena’s friends, after Elena tells him she loves him, which is absolutely valid considering everything they’ve been through since meeting each other.

Stefan and Elena don’t need build-up because they’re constantly evolving in their dynamic, it’s not like the other couples on the show where it’s BUILD-UP and then a lackluster relationship, they’re not binary; they continuously get to know each other and grow together while building on a foundation that was established and re-established in the pilot. So honestly, those DErs can miss me.

Famous Love/ Part 2

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Warnings: None (I think)

Note: Sorry for the waiting, hope you like it :) Part 3 coming sooooon

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(Y/T/N) -Your twitter name

(Y/L/N)- Your last name

Part 1

A week had gone by since you and Jensen spoke at the Comic Con. Of course, he’d started following you in every social media, and commented with a heart-eyed face on a picture you’d posted that week.

Today was the People’s Choice Awards, and you were a runner-up in the “favorite crime drama TV actress” category. This year’s been a highlight to your carrer and you couldn’t be happier. You’d been to your first Comic Con, and now the People’s Choice Awards as a nominee.

Amanda and Martin were the only ones from the Sherlock cast to join you tonight, so Amanda invited you to her house to get ready. The hairdressers and makeup artists would all be there to tend to you, Amanda and Martin before the event.

You were going with a short, dark red dress, black heels and a basic makeup to go with your loose hair. Amanda was going with a long white dress, beige heels, also a basic makeup, and her hair was tied up. Martin wouldn’t be any different from the other men, since he was wearing a black suit.
You’d taken a picture with the both of them in the car on your way to the event, and posted it on Twitter with the caption “Almost there… Am I excited? As if…”

You were almost there when your phone started beeping, and you repressed a smile when you saw that Jensen had answered your post on Twitter.

“@Y/T/N See ya there then…:)”

This time you couldn’t contain a smile as you clutched the phone in your hands.

“Okay… What’s that face (Y/N)?” Martin asked with a playful smile.

“Oh it’s definitely the face of someone in love!” Amanda said playfully, laughing along with Martin and you felt your cheeks flush.

“What? What are you talking about?” You denied looking at the window.

“Really? Then let me take a look at your phone.” Amanda said with a raised eyebrow, and you were going to protest but she took the phone from your hands.

“Hey! Give it back!” You said but she tossed it at Martin so you couldn’t reach it.

“Hmm it seems that you got a Tweet from Jensen Ackles: ‘See ya there then’” Martin quoted and you groaned, giving up.

“Ah so that’s the reason you’re all smiles…” Amanda laughed. “First he gives you his shirt, now you’re all friendly with each other.”

“How did you know it was his shirt?” you asked confused, and she just scoffed.

“Have you ever heard of Internet? Come on (Y/N), everyone’s talking about it…”

They mocked you for a while longer before you started talking about the PCA. It didn’t take long for you to arrive and see tons of fans and paparazzi in front of the main building.

You exited the car hearing your name being yelled by the fans and seeing the cameras turning towards you. Martin and Amanda were behind you, smiling and waving as well. They had to part from you, leaving you completely alone on the red carpet. You posed for the fotos and answered a few questions. The event was almost at its start when you spotted Genevive Cortese - now Padalecki - coming your way. She was Jared’s wife, and had also played Ruby in the series. You really liked her, and she was as beautiful as ever.

“(Y/N) right?” She asked standing next to you, and you couldn’t contain an excited smile.

“And you’re Genevieve.” You answered and she smiled.

“Jensen told me you were a fan of the series.” She said laughing a bit, and you joined her with burning cheeks. “I just wanted to say thay I’m also a huge fan of Sherlock, and…” She paused, laughing quietly with her cheeks equally as red as yours. “I kind of ship you and Benedict.” She said, running a hand through her face in embarrassment, and the both of you laughed.

“Well, I could never in my whole life picture us together. Sorry…” You smiled a little.

“Oh, I know exactly how that is! It’s inevitable though… Gods, Jensen would kill me if he heard me saying that.” She said, and before you could answer or ask why, a paparazzi called you both for a picture. You hugged sideway, posing for the camera, but couldn’t talk afterwards since everyone was already going inside. You said your farewells quickly as you parted ways. Your seat was thankfully next to Amanda and Martin’s, but after a while, your category came, making your heart beat faster with anxiety. You weren’t expecting to win, since you were a runner up agains many incredible actresses and it was your first time, but deep down you’d love to hear your name being called.

Ellen, who was presenting the awards, was about to call whoever would present the category.

“And now, to present the 'favorite crime drama TV actress’ award, this wonderful, talented, and let’s face it…” She cupped her mouth with her hands, pretending to whisper “Pretty hot actor too” she laughed “Please give Jensen Ackles a round of applause!”

The audience started screaming desperately, and you gasped in surprise, making Amanda and Martin look playfully at you. This was way too much coincidence. He came into the stage smiling and waving, with a black blazer and a wine red tie. He hugged Ellen, who handed him the microphone and exited the stage.

“Hello everybody!” He said and the audience went crazy once again. “First, I’d like to say how honored I am for being able to present this award.” He raised the transparent statue and everyone screamed again. “Now, the nominees for this category are…” The screen started showing scenes of each nominee, until a scene of you in Sherlock appeared, in which you had a gun and were introducing yourself to Sherlock and John. You were blowing the barrel of the gun and smiling a clinical smile while saying: 'Well, that’s was a great hello. And by the way, I’m Mabel Adler.’ And everyone screamed, including Amanda and Martin, making you smile.

“And the winner of this award is…” He paused for suspense, and it seemed like your heart was going to be ripped out of your chest. He opened the little envelope in his hands and… “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”


That’s what you felt.

You had fucking won.

Martin and Amanda pushed you to a standing position, and you walked towards the stage a bit disoriented and with a huge smile, seeing everyone screaming your name and Jensen waiting for you with a warm smile and open arms. You reached the stage, walking towards him and melting completely when his arm reached around your waist and his hand cupped the back of your head while he kissed your cheek for a moment longer than necessary.

“Congratulations, beautiful.” He whispered in your ear, and you could swear you’d died and come back to life at that moment.

He handed you the statue, and you took it with shaking hands and a huge smile. He smiled and said a soothing 'relax’ only for you to hear, standing behind you while you turned to the microphone.

“Thank you all so, so much for this! To all the fans who voted on me, everyone who made this possible, and mostly, to the whole Sherlock cast! I’m really happy and nervous, so I really don’t think I can’t say anything more than this!” You said playfully, making everyone laugh and clap their hands for you. Someone from the production indicated where you should go along with Jensen. There were lots of people rushing through the hallways, some even bumping in you. There wasn’t much space on the hallways, and Jensen’s hand was placed lightly on your back as you walked.

“You guys can go this way to get back to your places. Have a great show.” The girl from the poduction said waving and parting ways with you. You and Jensen shared a glance and smiled in unison, hugging each other as spontaneously. His arms wrapped your waist, lifting you off the ground a few inches, and your arms went around his neck. You were extremely happy, and no one better than Jensen Ackles to share the sentiment with you. He lowered you back down, and still tangled in each other’s arms, you started laughing for no apparent reason until someone from the staff bumped on you, which made you wake up from your trance. He parted from you with a slight blush and scratching his head with an embarrassed smile. You didn’t look much different.  
“Congrats, (Y/N)!” He said and you thanked him with a laugh. Could it be possible that he became even more handsome each day?

You strongly believed it was.

You were about to say something else when another girl from the production started motioning towards the exit for you two.

“And our moment’s over.” He said with a 'tsc’ and a tired face. “(Y/N), I do think you owe me a shirt, so it’s only fair that you give me your number so I can send the bill.” He said faking a serious face and you shook your head while laughing.

“You may be getting my number, but I really doubt you’ll ever see that shirt again. It makes for a great pajama top, you know?” You said with a little smile, while he did the same and took his phone from his pocket, handing it to you so you could type down your number.

“I admit it looks way better on you than it does on me.” He said when you handed him his phone back, making you blush and your heart race. “So, I’ll call you any day so we can grab some lunch?

"I’d love that.” You answered smiling, already walking backwards towards the hallway that would take you back to your seat. You saw him flash you one of his trademark smiles, turning to head back to his seat as well and then suddenly looking back again and shouting at you:

“By the way, (Y/N), it’s a date!”

 Part 3

“The past” - (Scott Mccall)

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REQUEST : (Y/N) comes back to Beacon Hills after Allison’s death. After a few days, Scott notices that (Y/N) is different, like a darkness around her. One night, he follows her to the lookout point and confronts her about her behavior and she confesses that’s still about Allison’s death and it still hurts real bad especially being back and seeing everyone but her. She tried to move on but somehow she can’t. Scott promises everything is going to be okay and the pack will help her move on but never forget Allison.

Beacon Hills has always felt like home for (Y/N), it was where she grew up and where her friends were. But now, it was just the town where Allison took her last breath.

Allison was (Y/N)’s best friend, she was the sister (Y/N) never thought she could have and now she was just gone. But how can someone just not be here anymore? One day the two of them were laughing in the hallways at school and the day after, there’s just one left standing at the other’s funeral.

(Y/N) watched her best friend die. There was nothing she could have done but still, she felt as if she just let Allison die instead of saving her life.
After that night, (Y/N) left town and promised herself she would never come back to Beacon Hills. But she couldn’t stay away from her home for more than a few months. So today she was back, she thought she was ready, she thought she had moved on, but everything reminded her of Allison here.

“We’re really happy to see you back in Beacon Hills, (Y/N).” Lydia’s voice brought (Y/N) back to reality. She faked a smile -surprisingly she was getting really good at it, maybe too good- and tried to focus on her homeworks.
“So where have you been this whole time?” Stiles asked and winced as Lydia kicked his leg under the table. 
“I stayed at my dad’s in France. We had a lot to catch up to do, I guess.” (Y/N) looked sad. Stiles now knew why Lydia didn’t want him to ask this question, it was better not to talk about the past.
“Well, we’re glad you’re back.” Stiles said opening his notebook.
“Yeah, we really missed you.” Scott, who heard the conversation, appeared behind (Y/N) and kissed her forehead.
“I missed you too.” (Y/N) felt tears threatening to fall down her cheeks. She really missed her friends, but she missed Allison too. The difference was, Allison wasn’t there anymore.
“I forgot to call my dad today, I’ll be right back.″ (Y/N) made up an excuse to leave the library.

Scott watched her as she left the room. He was very concerned. He cared about (Y/N) a lot, and after Allison died, he promised he would take care of (Y/N), for Allison. He was really happy yo see her moved back to Beacon Hills, but she seemed like a different person. He didn’t want to say anything about it on her first day, maybe he needed to give her some time. 
He sighed and sat at the table with his friends.

It has been a few weeks since (Y/N) has been back in Beacon Hills and Scott was getting worrier and worrier everyday. Everytime he saw her at school ot at his house for ‘movie night’, it felt like there was a dark cloud around her, following her small body everywhere she went. Scott hated seeing her like this, he wanted her to talk to him but he didn’t want to bring back any bad memories, she was already so broken.

Scott knew that (Y/N) loved to go to the lookout point at night to realx or admire the view, so one night he decided to follow her there and confront her. She wasn’t really surprised to see him here, as if she knew he would come. He smiled at her and stood by her side in silence. After a while, he decided to break the silence.

“Everything looks so small from up here, the houses, the people.” (Y/N) nodded but didn’t speak. She enjoyed the silence as much as she hated it. She loved it because it felt peacful but she hated it because she was left alone with her screaming thoughts.
“(Y/N)…” Scott began but (Y/N) cut him off.
“Don’t. I know what you’re going to say and I don’t need to hear it, not right now.” Scott looked at her, he could see how sad she looked and he wanted to do something about it.
“I was just going to ask you if you were okay.” Scott said, calmly. (Y/N) finally looked at him.
“Why? You already know the answer.” Her ton wasn’t rude, she was calm, too calm.

The both of them didn’t speak for a few minutes, looking at the view. Then (Y/N) spoke, without taking her eyes off the view.
“The answer is no.” She said. “I’m not okay.”
“It’s about Allison, isn’t it?”
“I thought I could move on, but-” She stopped for a moment, looking at Scott with eyes filled with tears. “I still expect her to walk through the door, you know. I still think she is going to call me and tell me all about her day.” A tear rolled down (Y/N)’s cheek.
“She was my best friend, and she died. She left me here and I don’t know what to do.” She took a deep breath. “Nothing feels the same anymore.”
Scott stayed silent. He knew exactly how she felt. Allison meant the world to him, she was his first love, the girl he’ll always love. But it wasn’t about him right now, he knew how to heal from Allison’s death, (Y/N) didn’t.

“Everyday I wake up and then I remember. It hurts like hell, every minutes of the day and I don’t know what to do to make it stop.” (Y/N) was sobbing. She trusted Scott more than she could ever trust herself and that’s why she was confessing her feelings to him.
“I feel so empty without her here. I thought I was able to come back and get back to how things used to be but I can’t. Everything takes me back to the day she died. I’m afraid that if I move on, I’m going to forget about her.” (Y/N) looked up at Scott, tears rolling down her rosy cheeks like a river. 
“I don’t want to forget her, Scott, but I don’t want to feel that way forever. I want to be happy again, I want to be me again.”

Scott wrapped his arms around (Y/N), he held her as tight as possible while she was crying.
“I know it’s hard and painful but it won’t aloways feel this way. I’m here for you, the all pack is here for you.” Scott kissed (Y/N) forehead. “She is still here with us, you won’t forget about her, I promise. We’re gonna go through this together, and everything will be okay again. Everybody grieves their own way and everybody takes their own time. You take your time, okay? You do what you need to do to heal and to get better. And if it means you need to leave Beacon Hills again, then it’s okay.” Scott put both hands on (Y/N)’s shoulders and locked eyes with her.
“Is that what you need (Y/N)?”
“No. It’s not what I need.” (Y/N) whispered.
“Then tell me, tell me what you need. I want to help.”
“I need my friends.” She said. “I need you.”

Scott smiled a little and nodded.
“I’m right here. We all are.” He hugged her one more time and said : “Everything is going to be okay again, I can promise you that.”

Chirstmas (Derek Hale + pack)

I sat down in the passenger seat and threw my bag in the back seat. I made myself comfortable. When he sat down he looked over at me and just nodded at my presence. 

“Did you really think you were leaving Beacon Hills without me?” I asked looking over at him.

“I was hoping you’d show up.” he smiled at me and I laced our fingers together.

“Is that an actual smile from the Derek Hale.” I faked gasped.

“I smile all the time around you it’s nothing new.”

“Uh it is to the entire world.”

“Whatever one is enough for me.” I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you more.” he said softly and I grinned.

“Where to babe?”

“I don’t know, I was just kinda thinking we could figure it out on the way.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Derek and I ended up Utah, in a big ranch house far away from the rest of society, just how he wanted it. We keep in touch with everybody back in Beacon Hills but they were all wrapped up in their drama. Honestly it was a relief to us, to not have to worry about it. Derek and I spent everyday together relaxing being glad that we escaped the supernatural world for now. We would just lay on the couch some days watching movies and cuddling, or other days we’d drive up to the city and find something cool to do. We were just enjoying ourselves for the moment.

For our first christmas gone, I wanted to spend it with pack and I know secretly Derek did too. We spent days preparing. We wanted the house to be absolutely perfect. We decorated to the limit. I was constantly on the ladder and Derek even had glitter all over his hands. We had lights everywhere. Derek and I stepped back to admire our work. This is exactly what I’ve always dreamed about. Settling down with the perfect guy, decorating my house for the holidays, doing fun and cute stuff constantly. I was so happy.

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Team Jon vs Team Daenerys; Why YouTube Comments Are Scary

It seems to be the in thing now for Game of Thrones fans to hate Daenerys. Considering she is one of the main protagonists of the series and arguably one of the most popular characters, the Silver Queen seems to get her fair share of hate from fandom hipsters just lately. Why? Well, some of it is understandable. I’ll admit I’m bias; Dany is my favourite character in the series and one of my favourite characters of all time. However even I’ll admit that the writing for her in the show hasn’t been great for the past two seasons. David and Dan give her all the big speeches and epic dragon moments, sure, but not nearly enough moral dilemmas and character development that humanizes her character. In the books, Daenerys faces many difficult choices whilst maintaining rule of Meereen, and all of these choices come with consequences. Does this make her a bad ruler? Is she truly just a self-entited Mary Sue who isn’t fit to sit on the Iron Throne or breathe in the direction of golden boy Jon Snow?


George RR Martin has said himself that what he finds interesting to write is the moral choices and dilemmas of kings and queens, critiquing Lord of the Rings for it’s abrupt ending with Aragorn “ruling wisely” for a hundred years. 

“Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Lord of the Rings had a very medieval philosophy: that if the king was a good man, the land would prosper. We look at real history and it’s not that simple. Tolkien can say that Aragorn became king and reigned for a hundred years, and he was wise and good. But Tolkien doesn’t ask the question: What was Aragorn’s tax policy? Did he maintain a standing army? What did he do in times of flood and famine? And what about all these orcs? By the end of the war, Sauron is gone but all of the orcs aren’t gone – they’re in the mountains. Did Aragorn pursue a policy of systematic genocide and kill them? Even the little baby orcs, in their little orc cradles?”

It’s unfair to say Daenerys is a bad ruler. It’s unfair to say Jon is a good ruler. It’s unfair to put any of these complex and wonderfully written characters in a bland black and white box of good and bad when that is not the case, not in the real world or the fantasy world crafted by George RR Martin.  

Remember Stannis Baratheon? Alive in the books and dead in the show, the stoic and stern character managed to develop quite a fanbase from Game of Thrones viewers during his time on-air. Stannis was a hard-faced man who was quoted as not having the love of the people that his brother Renly had, however fan favourite Ned Stark himself acknowledged him as the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. I even found myself warming up to Stannis eventually, after watching multiple touching scenes between him and his daughter Shireen, who he genuinely seemed to love despite having a few problems expressing his feelings. Stannis had epic moments such as turning his army North and helping out Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch at the last minute and quickly developed the nickname ‘Stannis the Mannis’ among fans.

And somehow, Daenerys suddenly became hated, villainous and a bunch of other stuff that people really should think twice about before writing in a YouTube comment. 

I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to dislike her, because everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can like and dislike whatever fictional character you want. 

But wow, I know the comments section isn’t exactly the nicest place, but the verbal abuse towards a character who’d spent the last three seasons establishing her own power and autonomy and freeing slaves was downright disgusting. And yeah, it’s very hard not to bring gender into the discussion when there’s a shit ton of sexist remarks towards a female character being tossed around. A lot of vocal fans expressed their desire for Stannis the Mannis to rule instead of Dany, because apparently a strong woman is nothing more than a “smug, self-entitled bitch.” Remember that we’ve seen Stannis physically assault Melisandre before in the series (although granted she isn’t exactly the most sympathetic character).

And then wow, these people had nothing to say when Stannis burnt his own daughter alive at the stake so as he had more of a chance to defeat the Boltons and make his way towards the Iron Throne of Westeros. 

Now this is turning to the other side of the gender argument, and here I’m going to address another of GoT’s most popular characters, Jon Snow. Jon is one of my favourite characters in the series, as he’s incredibly realistic and goes against the macho-man mould of Stannis the Mannis. Why? Well in the first few Jon chapters in A Game of Thrones, we see him cry. That might not seem like a big deal and some may think he was just being a whiny cry-baby, but this straight away dispels the notion that men don’t cry or express emotional weakness. Jon is very conflicted and shows hurt at being scorned by Lady Catelyn (who openly tells him she wishes he had died when he tries to comfort her) and shows emotional turmoil openly when being confronted by Tyrion Lannister before they depart for the Wall. Jon Snow is not the pinnacle of male expectations; he shows emotion, he makes mistakes, he falls in love with a wilding girl and betrays his brothers, he leads his army into a trap during the battle of the bastards whilst trying to save his brother Rickon. 

He is every bit as well-written and compelling as Daenerys and does not deserve to be pitted against her and glorified when they both have far too much in common. 

I’ve acknowledged Dany’s negatives. She’s young, she’s inexperienced, she’s not been written that well in the show as of late. But why do I think she is such a great character? She’s been running since the moment she was born and spent her entire childhood fleeing from Robert Baratheon’s hired knives, the only home she ever knew (the house with the red door in Braavos) a constant source of longing for her throughout the series. She was abused by her brother, the only family she had left and the only connection to Westeros she had. Everything she knows about the Starks and the Baratheons and the Targaryen dynasty itself comes from Viserys, someone who made her afraid and timid, physically and mentally abused her, was shown sexually abusing her in the show (twisting her nipples) and, it was revealed by Illyrio to Tyrion, intended to rape the night before her wedding to Khal Drogo. And let’s not forget that her Dothraki wedding was not consensual; Viserys sold her to Drogo for an army and told her he would let the entire khalasar and their horses rape her for the Iron Throne. Daenerys was every bit the abused victim that Sansa was in King’s Landing, perhaps more so, and like Sansa both characters grew throughout the series and found their strength. 

Daenerys grew strong during her time with Drogo, embracing the Dothraki way and her power as khaleesi. She finally broke free from the fear of her brother, although still maintaining love for him enough to name a dragon after him to do what he could not. She started over again in Qarth with only a few bloodriders and her infant dragons at her side and grew to be a powerful conqueror liberating the slaves of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen. 

Dany’s story is well-known. It’s a rag to riches story of a princess in exile, concluding in season six with the epic shot of her finally going home with her dragons and her army. 

(Remember when Viserys told her they were going home with an army? LOL, she was but he wasn’t.)

Game of Thrones is full of morally complex characters that span across the entire spectrum of good and evil. Cersei is manipulative and cruel, but loves her children fiercely. Jaime pushed a little boy out of a window to try and kill him, but betrayed his own king and carried the moniker ‘Kingslayer’ for years in order to protect the people of King’s Landing. Catelyn loved her children but could never show love to Jon Snow. Ned Stark kept a promise to his late sister but lied to his wife. Arya is a hurt and traumatized child who has become a murderer. 

Daenerys makes mistakes, has multiple flaws, but that’s what makes her character realistic and interesting. If she’s a good person can she be a good ruler? Can she really “plant trees” as she so wants to whilst embracing the dragon?

And let’s face it, is there even going to be an Iron Throne when all is said and done? The white walkers are marching on the Wall and Daenerys and Jon may need to help each other in the War for the Dawn more than they’ll need to squabble over an uncomfortable chair. Both could be two heads of the dragon, Azor Ahai and The Prince That Was Promised in their own right. 

I’m not saying fans shouldn’t dislike Daenerys because I have no right to dictate who people should and shouldn’t root for. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to root for the character that means the most to them. But come on, let’s all be respectable and keep the comments section as friendly as possible; it’s fiction and it’s not worth sending death threats and derogatory remarks over fiction. 

(And at least we can all agree that we all hate this little shit right here). 

anonymous asked:

Why do people keep saying stydia is fan service? They kissed like 3 seasons ago and im confused??? I love stydia and people are saying that lydia never showed interest in stiles which really confuses me?

Honestly, because people don’t want to admit that Teen Wolf actually has a group of good writers who have carefully played out the story from the beginning. Ending it at “100 episodes” isn’t just some willy nilly decision- Davis had a story to tell and he’s told it from day one.

I can see how people might try and say that before last weeks episode, but now it can only be construed as wearing shipper goggles that put you so far in denial you can’t go back. I don’t mean that in a rude way, but Davis blatantly and canonically explained last episode that their connection has been growing since season one. First as friends when he knew how smart she was, and then to best friends/something more/undefined/subconsciously growing and shifting in seasons ¾ and now to the point where they have fallen in love.

The trope of friends who won’t admit how they really feel about each other is used all the time, so it’s completely confusing why people think Davis wouldn’t go there. Sure, Stiles started out with a crush on Lydia, but his feelings transformed for her just as much as hers did for him, just in a different way.

It’s not a foreign concept in real life or media to see someone afraid to face the immensity of their love. Especially considering how logical Lydia is, and the life threatening situations that they are constantly put in.

At the very least, you could use the saying “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone) (although it’s more than that).

Their relationship has developed over time. It’s actually extremely realistic to see someone go from not knowing someone, to being their friend, to being their lover. That happens. Even in reality. All the time.

And there were a ton of times where Lydias actions or reactions gave her feelings away, not to mention an even greater amount of times that OTHER characters commented on their connection. And not just Stiles side of it, either.

This story is meticulous. And that’s what makes it great. You can go back and watch it and see all these moments you were unsure of or missed the first time around. This has been the plan from the beginning.

And I think it’s important to realize that these writers didn’t just ignore the importance of Malia and the Stalia relationship. Malia was the person who started to open the rift with her memories of Stiles. That was to prove that her connection is acknowledged and important and not forgotten (which is really nice to see, against writers like Julie Plec and TVD who retcon like crazy).

And for those sparring Stiles for having feelings for Lydia when he was with Malia- come on. Stiles is the human anchor of the show and there is NOTHING more human than your heart being conflicted. No one said Stiles was perfect, but no one said he was actively trying to pursue Lydia while he was with Malia- he was good with her and respected her and tried but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. No cheating, no pining, no bullshit. That’s human. That’s engaging. That’s good TV.

Rant over

Check please characters and levels of omniscience

Jack: does not realize that their world is fictional at all. We all know this. Sometimes he wished it was tho.

Shitty: understands that a Great Something caused a rift between their universe and an alternate timeline somewhere around the 60’s. Like the Bearenstain Bears only its the BearenBad Bob. Tho he himself cannot pin point this exact event

Bitty: is aware that his tweets and parts of his vlogs are sent to another dimension yes

Chowder: Very omniscient. The Sharks aren’t even a real team in the Check please! universe he reached into the void and the void plopped Joe Pavelski, Martin Jones, and a Shit Ton of Merch into this Boy’s Lap. No one has pieced together that he’s rooting for a team from another alternate reality, they just think he really likes sharks. Or it’s like some obscure peewee team. He hides that he is All Knowing tho and sometimes that can make him come off as a little dumb. But he’d rather seem kinda silly than break Johnson’s trust and also break the universe (because. Johnson did offer that power to him. In canon. We just don’t know which pill our dear Chris took)

Tango: is actually from our Dimension. He just fucking Blue Skadoo’d his way into Ngozi’s blog one day. Feels kinda bad that it’s a self insert fic basically so he tries to move the plot along by asking questions he already knows the answers to. Questionably good at it. Like a crappy time traveler.

Farmer: a beam of sunshine who writes a lot of creepy pastas and like sixpenceeee stories and like that Glitch in the Matrix Reddit feed and all that. May not totally doubt her reality yet but if someone (Like Chowder) were to back up her claims she would believe their world is fictional in a second.

Nursey: that poor boy’s depression makes it so he’s already doubting if he’s real or not Please Do Not Tell Him and Make Him Suffer More

Dex: shockingly aware, not much but more than you’d expect. like he’ll look into the camera like he’s on the office and know that there’s an audience staring back. Likes to Tell Nursey and Make Him Suffer More.

Kent Parson: knows it’s fake but doesn’t understand the Genre of media that their reality is. Most days he takes the phrase “Sports Anime” v seriously. Thinks he is the anime protagonist of everybody’s dreams, once dyed his hair pink to prove it (or did he stop dying it blonde? #thetruthisoutthere). Someone tells him he’s the white haired anime boy antagonist and Kent cries for a week. Other days he is convinced it’s a Disney Feel Good Sports Movie™ about overcoming obstacles and the first openly gay NHL player. One time he thought it was a YA novel written by John Green.

Kit Purrson: Brown bear brown bear what do you see?

Ransom: slays ass in multiple dimensions of reality.

Holster: “yes, I’m a bisexual. I’m sexually attracted to people in our fictional reality AND in the real one”

Only when R and H combine their powers can they summon the in between white void between universes for Hockey Shit. They can also make chalk boards appear and disappear. They’re like the Wonder Twins if the wonder twins could manage to get even crappier.

Whiskey: doesn’t know. Doesn’t care. Once smoked one (1) pot and came close to understanding the Void but not quite enough and it didn’t stick.

Lardo: is aware that she’s occasionally the Token Lady Friend in a Male Driven Story so she uses this to her advantage to be as Gay™ as possible. She wants more ladies. She needs more ladies. Lardo/More Ladies 2k16. A future we can believe in.

Tater: his phone ring tone is Samwise Gamgee going “Taters? PO TAY TOES? Boil em mash em stick em in a stew”. He hasn’t even ever seen the lord of the rings movies. Shit wait I forgot what that has to do with him being omniscient. It doesn’t. It’s just another fact about him.
He doesn’t know their universe is fictional but he does know every single Falconer’s “real person equivalent” in the rest of the NHL from other teams. Has accidentally called himself Evgeni before.

Bad Bob: and on the eighth day, Ngozi created Bobert and Alicia and they walked in the garden of wonderful pansexual hockey love together. And Ngozi pointed to the tiny Jack Zimmermann growing there and said “don’t u shake this Jack too soon don’t u place your fictional hockey man expectations on him let him be” and so Babe Bbb did not. Until one day, The devil, who is also known as Ngozi, came and shook the poor Jappling and pointed the finger at Bib Boob. He and Alicia were banished from the Garden. The rest, as they say, is history.

“So ... let’s talk about your father.” Dean, Denial and John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, or, Why Dean still hasn’t launched a grenade.

(CW 1: This post deals with the episode “Sam, Interrupted,” which has a fairly inconsistent approach towards mental illness and neurotypical divergence. I get a little squeamish with some of the representations and approaches towards “crazy” in the episode).

(CW 2: Talking about John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, so mild suppositions about the upbringing Dean had, with mentions of neglect).

This week’s task of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt was to tie together two randomly selected aspects of the show. When I got past tons of con pages and Supernatural books, I was left with two things I am happy to talk to you about:

The grenade launcher

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Dr. Fuller (from 05x11, “Sam, Interrupted”)

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More specifically, Dr. Fuller and the grenade launcher are both devices by which we engage with Dean’s sharply-honed sense of emotional asceticism.

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Today it is graduation day. His dad asked me to go to his school this morning, because his professer called them last night and they decided to give him degree. He was worry about his master degree, and now, he must be very happy.

Diego was supposed to be an environmental art designer. He always complain how much he does not like this job, but the salary and bonus are very very good, he might make his first one million very soon, so he can move to europe and start a new life there, which is his dream. But he can not go anywhere now.

He asked me to type this letter down for him and post it on his blog after he pass away. Because he could not write to everyone, his arms even could not move. He smiled and teared when we wrote this letter, I can tell how much he liked you and how sad he was.

That day was his birthday. We spent the whole afternoon to write this letter. He was so weakness and fell asleep very soon after we done. His body got worse on sunday, they sent him into ICU again. The last time I saw him was the day before he died. He woke up once for about one minute, the nurse said he opened his eyes and stared at her. But I didn’t see that. That was the last minute he saw this world.

I didn’t go to his funeral, it is so hard, I am still feeling sad when I think anything of him. And I should log in his blog and post this letter a month ago, but there was a time I even don’t want to hear his name. It is sad. He was and will always be my best friend.

Today it is a big day for him, I think it is the right time to do what I promised to him. Here is what he left to you.

Dear friends,

It’s been long time no see you, I miss you super much. I wish I can still be there to talk with you guys, but my head and body are fucking me, I can’t control them. This is the last message I leave to you guys. I already died when you read it. I love you guys, and I am so glad and grateful to know you in my life.

Mel, my best sister, how are you. I am so sorry I didn’t come back that saturday night, I shouldn’t go out, it was about noon and bloody cold outside, why the fuck I decided to go out, I am so stupid.  I remembered that you said you want to tell me something that night, and I am super wondering what it is, that bitch make trouble to you again? or you really punched her and grabbed her ugly dress down like what I told you to do? I wish they fired her already, she is super annoying, a real slut. But like I always say, just ignore her and tell your boss what she did if she still makes trouble to you. She is stupid, all the people like you, but her, she gets mental issue. The jealousy makes her foolish, she must be very painful whenever she meets you haha, like咬牙切齿(Yao Ya Qie Chi). She is actually a poor thing, we should sorry for her, don’t let her make you down ok?…Oh, you know what, I was thinking about to take a picture for you. Trust me, you won’t recognize me at all if we meet on street. because of the medicines and hormone, I am bloody fat now. Actaully Chen took one, but I asked him to delete it very soon. Hahaha. I can’t let anyone to see this fat me, you know me haha. I wish I could die beautiful, but now, damn! look at me. Can I ask them to send me to south korea first :p  Now you are going to say Choy Choy Choy to me right? Haha, that doctor said I am dying, so it doesn’t matter now. oh oh, forget to tell you, I dreamed Ben Allen again, twice, Yay! and Alex Dunstan, Tom Webb and my Matthew, they were all my classmates in my dreams, gosh, I want a boyfriend, stop being my classmates ok? and we didn’t do anything. Ewwwww. Tom Nicon, remember him? remember I told you once I dreamed Martin Conte, it was the graduation day, he saw me and ran to me, but a car crushed him down? That dream was the same story, but I saw Tom first and I called his name very loudly, he turned around, smiled to me, he looks like an angle, I ran to him, but the damn car crushed me down, duh, then I woke up. That dream was so real. I think Tom is an real angle now, and he is coming for me. if I can see him again in heaven, then it is not too bad to die, haha…now your little bro want to tell you a secret, I planned to go to singapore at your wedding day, I’ve been thinking about it for almost one year, that would be a big surprise, won’t it? But I can’t make it come true now, I wish you will meet that right man soon, and marry to him, and then move to north europe. Haha. I will pray for you every second in heaven.You must be happy all the time,sister. I love you ❤

Alex and Andrey, my bros, I miss you guys. There must be many interesting things happened in the past 2 months. I am super bored, they don’t allow me to use internet, I can’t read news, check out my blogs, and read your email anymore, but E~~~~mail me please, tell me all the things, so we can still have connections after I die :p  I am so selfish, haha, don’t send to my yahoo mail, they will delete my account in few months if I don’t log in.J

Alex, you are the most nicest guy I’ve ever meet. You are smart and goodlooking, but you really wanna be a picky man forever, don’t you?  You are 24 years old already, 30 is waving hands to you, wake up, wake up! just go to find a real boyfriend in real life, ok? Matthew Bell, Benjamin Ediem, Arthur Gosse has girlfriends, even our queen B is straight (WTF, can you believe it, he is straight.), they won’t fuck you, it is unreal to find a hot gay super model boyfriend, you will die alone for sure if you still have this silly dream, like me. Look at you bae, you are pretty and hot, Andrey told me there are tons of hot guys are fucking you with their eyes when they see you on street, move your ass out of your room and hang out with him or other friends ok? you are wasting your life. Haha, don’t call me mom, bitch, I know you are yelling ”Are you my mom?” when you read this.

And Andrey, don’t cry for me. I know you will cry like a bitch, but don’t, have I ever tell you that you are super ugly when you cry, I was laughing out loudly in my mind while you were crying last time we skyped, I should screenshot a picture and send to Pavel, and see if he still love you. hahaha. He is a good guy, I know I said don’t go back to him many times, but you know, I didn’t mean it, I was just so angry. But you know, the thing is it is not easy to find a good guy who really love you in this circle. He really loves you, and you love him too, you should just forgive him.You always say ‘Men thinks with their pennis?’ come on, He got drunk, you can’t expect a drunk man still can control his drunk pennis. He only did it once in your 3 years relationship, plus he was actually raped by that bitch that night. So please call him right now, ok? and don’t let him get drunk again. Tell him I like him, but he has no opportunity to hit my butt in this life. Haha. And please promise me that you will take care of Alex. Take him to club or party from time to time, or go shopping, just don’t let him stay at home alone all the time. He can just stare at those model’s photos for whole day and night in front of his laptop. Those models are hot, but they are unreal, there are many hot boys in Russia, ask Pavel to introduce some good guy to him, ok? You don’t want to see he is still a virgin when he gets 30, right? (OMG, he will kill me if he see this, but I am truely worry about him.) Be friends with him forever ok? I love you guys super super super super much. Don’t forget me bitches.

Alvaro, buddy, I’m dying, so can you trust me that I don’t hate you? haha, I know I stop being friend with you for almost a year, but to me, you are always a friend, a good friend. And I didn’t do what that strange girl said, I have to say this, this is only thing make me disappoint between us, you should believe me and I should just let it go. But I’m dying now, so whatever. And buddy, I can’t go to knock at your door anymore. And I am pretty sure you won’t die alone. Just be happy!

Alvin, I am thinking how many times we back to each other, at least 10? That was so stupid and funny. How childish we were. We know each other so long and so much, remember those stupid nonsense conversations we talked from night till the next day’s morning? That was unforgettable. But Alvin, You are a real bitch, which I can’t stop liking, too many bad things happened between us tho, I am not regreting to know you in my life.

Bloody weird, I thought over for mins, I thought I have many things to say to you, maybe we talked too much before? I suddenly don’t know what to say now. Except a chinese song which is playing in my mind again and again, it always make me thinking of us whenever I hear it.

“…If there is a next life, I don’t wanna be your friend, it is hurt, and if we stop being friend, you may forget me very soon. I rather to be a kitty or puppy, just stay with you without thinking anything till die. Or I will be your enemy, you will remember all the things I did to you, no matter you like or not, there is always a place for me in your heart…”

My dear Alvin, Is that funny? You lost me again. We can finally say goodbye forever now. And this time I won’t be back.

Andrea, I don’t know if you can see this message, you are so busy rencently. Photographer huh, so cool! I am so proud of you. You are the first guy I know on tumblr, I remember all the things between us, that was the best momeries in my life. Thank you. I wish you and mom are ok… and please tell Naide, I don’t understand italian, and she only writes in italian, so we only talked few times. She is a nice girl as you always say, I like her. Ohohoh, the last thing, can you do me a faver? Next time if you meet Clement again during Madrid Fashion Week, can you give him a big hug for me and tell grandpa that I like him :p haha..

Igor and Maxximilian, sorry mate, if I know I will die young, I will do what you want me to do for sure. Take care.

Istvan, bro, I should go to GuangZhou to find you right? maybe we can be real friend. I am so regreting now haha, maybe if I go to GuangZhou, I won’t die, haha. I wish you are happy always, and I wish people can see Elsewhere Magazine in bookstore soon. You are amazing. (Guys, Elsewhere is a amazing magazine, please check out my blog, and you will find the link on sidebar. )

Jon, what should I say to you huh? Bitch, you owe me a photo. I still haven’t see it before I die. Can you burn it to me? Hahah, kidding. Wish your dream will come true, German香肠s Yay!!! And 臭老头, like what I said to Alex, you can’t get Janis, he is straight, even your body is amazing, he won’t fuck you. wake up! I really wish you will find a good boy who really likes you. Don’t waste your time on somebody you can’t get when you are still young. 我真的后悔我没能跟你成为非常亲密的朋友,平时也都是聊的乱七八糟的。但是我很高兴有你这个朋友。Those nonsense conversations are actually interesting. I had a lot of fun with it. Remember I always call you 死鬼? I am a real死鬼 now, haha. Take care, 臭老头。 (And David, we are not friend, so stop sending weird mails to me, ok? I don’t trade nuddie, but if you still want to see my naked body, I don’t mind to send some to you after I die. Go to find Jon, he is hot. )

Mikey, where are you, I registered a facebook account, I was about to tell you, but you just disappeared. I found out Zach’s fb, but he seems doesn’t use it anymore. I miss you buddy.

Radgan and 13, we know each other for months, oh Radgan, we know each other for years, right? we talked a lot recently, gosh, I still don’t know your names. But I understand. You guys are really good friends. 13 we should know each other early, right? you are really nice, but please don’t drink too much, I don’t want to see a drunk Japanese people who falls asleep naked on subway on heaven channel in someday :p By the way, Chen read your twitter message to me weeks ago, yeah, I am very tired, and I am afraid I will have a loooooooooooooooooooooooog vacation soon. haha. Take care, mate.

Samuel, 妞, 我们都认识好多年了,肉麻的话我就不说了,一定要开心幸福哦 J

Sasha, my babe, I will miss you and your flirting, you are one of the most beautiful and nice boy i’ve ever met. Be cool babe,love ya.

And Arthur, Chris, Drew, Fuckyeahbenallen, Henrick,Habere-dicere-amare, James, Justin, Kevin, Misha, Michal, Mitch, Owen, Pohz, Rafsimons-xx(sorry I forget last 2 letters), Richard and other friends who I always to talk with, and all my followers, glad to know you all.

Ok, that is all. Time to say goodbye now. The evil nurse is coming, she doesn’t allow me to speak too much. I said I am fucking dying, don’t tell me what to do, and she just ignored me as always she does = =!. Somebody kill her for me, please, I hate her.

I love you guys.

Your Diego


DeanXReader: With Cas, Sam, and Gabriel

Request: Sknce you know German, can you write one with Dean and reader. Reader is German but she doesn’t speak it often so one time when Dean (they are together) does something silly she gets mad and starts talking in German.

Request: I’m pretty sure it’s still Monday so I’m hoping this request is alright: Dean and the reader going on a witch hunt with Cas and Gabe (bc Sam opted to stay and research or was injured or smth) and the angels being turned into little kids. (A cliché, I know.) Really fluffy all around and maybe like a sweet little “family bonding” moment? Love you! :*

Request: Can you do a deanxreader where she loves pickles and he makes fun if her because she literally eats them on everything (don’t like pickles but I want to see what you say hehe)

Request: Hello! I really love your writting! I hurt my arm and wanna ask, if you can do one dean x reader, where reader is like super nerd, wear glasses, like star trek and all like that, but is a hunter. and she hurts her right arm and can’t do a lot of regular things, so boys have to help her. Sorry for my bad english (You’re English is AMAZING!!!! And I’m so happy you said Star Trek, because I’m obsessed, and I’m gonna drop some awesome trivia facts!)

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Celebrities really suck, and here's why.

Before I go any further, I’d just like to say that I definitely enjoy movies, television shows, and music as much as everyone else. The actors, musicians, artists, and performers who contribute their time and energy to these aspects of popular culture are inarguably talented, and the content they create is (to put it simply) awesome. I’m not trying to undermine the value of their work by any means, and I’m not trying to put any of them down as individuals. This post isn’t intended to demean celebrities as people, it’s simply meant to express my confusion and frustration with the fact that most people voluntarily place themselves at a lower “tier” than a very small faction of the population for literally the worst reasons. It’s extremely unhealthy for both groups, and honestly needs to be changed. Hopefully, if anyone even reads this, I can sway at least one viewpoint on Hollywood. 

I don’t get the hype with celebrities. To say people put them on a pedestal is a huge understatement. The way they’re talked about and treated annoys the living hell out of me. These are human beings, and people act as if they’re demigods. Biologically and behaviorally speaking, they’re exactly like everyone else. The only difference is that they appear on TV or in magazines, etc. Because of this reason alone, society has literally placed a higher value on them than other “average” people. Their lives matter more than yours or mine, and I think that’s complete bullshit.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, look at the Paul Walker crash. There was another living, breathing human being in the car who was killed in the exact same way. Can you tell me his name? I highly doubt it. Where are his thousands of tweets and Facebook posts? And if you’re thinking that the only reason for this was because Paul Walker was an actor and therefore was widely known, then why were there shockingly more posts after his death than after Nelson Mandela’s?? The latter literally changed lives, and some people didn’t even know who he was, nor did they care. Paul Walker was good-looking, rich, and appeared in movies that lots of people watched. People who had never met the man acted as if they had lost a lifelong friend. I can’t even tell you how many posts I saw that mentioned how great of a guy he was. How do you even know? You never knew him. He might have been the best person ever, but you have no basis to say that since you’ve only seen him in interviews or in movies. The line has been sufficiently blurred between the persona an actor takes on in movies, television, etc. and their real identity as an individual. 

Does anybody realize that by placing so much value on these people, you’re giving them immense amounts of power over you? By making Kim Kardashian famous for literally just being good looking and rich, you’re doing nothing but solidifying the idea that people who meet certain standards of beauty or who have huge amounts of money are actually worth more as human beings. The average young adult could tell you more about Josh Hutcherson’s life than they could about the bills being passed in Congress right now. People have stopped caring about relevant things because everywhere they go, they’re bombarded with the idea that the only thing that matters is being rich and beautiful. People are so enamored with trivial things that they can’t be bothered to think about things that genuinely matter. We’ve developed a shallowness and vapidness as a society that Huxley would scoff at.

How many of you could tell me who wrote Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, etc? A number of you could name those people easily, but the vast majority of people enjoying these stories give no notice to those who actually created them. There are no t-shirts or posters of JRR Tolkien, Gene Roddenberry, Stan Lee, or George R.R. Martin.. However, I could find five websites in under a minute that have pictures of Chris Evans shirtless. If him and Stan Lee were standing in a room, people would be flocking to take pictures with Chris Evans and would be competing to get a chance to talk with him about how much they “loved Captain America” while completely ignoring the brilliant mind responsible for creating the character in the first place. 

People who are good looking are better than you are because society has made it that way. Hardly anybody cares who wrote the stories they love, they care about who looks good acting them out. We’ve placed creators underneath actors, and that’s baffling to me. 

Why do people wait for hours outside of Justin Bieber’s tour bus in hopes of even getting a glimpse of the guy? Is he really so high above you that you’re willing to waste huge portions of your time in order to hopefully get even a millisecond of his? Why do young girls make Twitter pages dedicated to the guys in One Direction and post tweets begging them to follow back? It’s just degrading and humiliating, to be honest. You don’t know anything about these people. You just like them because they were fortunate enough to get good genetics and a record deal, and those are no reasons to literally grovel for them to tweet you back. 

On top of this, famous people are scrutinized relentlessly. Being famous both adds and, in my opinion at least, severely detracts from their quality of life. Those who fall into this category can hardly leave the house without the Paparazzi in their face or fans flocking to them for autographs. I’m sure Emma Watson doesn’t appreciate going to the grocery store in sweat pants and then seeing a picture of her show up in the next issue of People magazine under some ridiculous caption like “Is Emma Watson Letting Herself Go?” Why are we so fascinated with everything these people do? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with learning about the world we’re living in than we are with finding out who’s dating who in Hollywood? Why should pictures of celebrity weddings sell for thousands of dollars? Why are we, as average citizens, surrendering our own value by placing so much more on celebrities? 

This close attention gets especially harmful when these people (emphasis on the fact that they’re people) make a mistake. They mess up once (as human beings are wont to do) and suddenly it’s front page news and the world is analyzing every detail of what they did. They have to sit there helplessly while thousands of strangers make horrible comments and pass judgement, sometimes even going so far as to blame them for being a “bad influence.”

Take Dylan Sprouse for example. So he took naked pictures and sent them to someone. I hate to break it to you, but tons of people do that literally every day. Why is it such a big deal when he does it? The guy’s what, over 20 years old? Who are you to judge him and to blame him for “being a bad role model” for your kids?? Why don’t *you* be a good role model for your kids instead of putting that responsibility in the hands of a stranger who happened to be on a TV show they liked? “But since he’s famous and popular with a particular demographic, he should know that his actions are judged more heavily than those of an average person and should act accordingly,” you might say. That’s the most bullshit rebuttal I’ve ever heard, no offense. Because he enjoys acting and was successful in Hollywood, he now owes it to you to be on his best behavior at all times since your kids look up to him? The entitlement in that argument is baffling, and yet I’ve heard it so many times. You should teach your child that television stars are just people. You should also teach them that one should choose who to emulate based on qualities that are more important than just looks and fame. I’m sure Dylan Sprouse would probably agree, as would all of the other “horrible Disney stars” that got older and did things that older people tend to do. How dare they?

I don’t know about you, but when I eventually/maybe have kids, I’m going to make sure they understand that people in Hollywood are human beings, just like us, and are therefore no better than us. I’m going to do my damnedest to teach them that there are much more important things to value in yourself and others than just looks. I’m going to teach them that there’s a difference between a character someone plays and that person’s real identity. I’m going to do my best to get them to see the value of literature, of learning about the world, and of caring about things that matter in the grand scheme of things. I want them to know who Nelson Mandela was and why it was such a tragedy that he passed away. I want them to know to model their behavior after the behavior of people they *actually* know. I hope that they would get more excited about Neil DeGrasse Tyson following them on Twitter than Miley Cyrus, for the reason that maybe they could discuss ideas with the former and learn something from him. 

I just feel like this obsession with celebrities is distracting and is one of the factors that’s “dumbing down” society. It’s created this barrier between the “average” person and famous people, and has made people okay with the idea of placing themselves beneath someone else. If young people looked up to teachers, parents, politicians, or authors the same way they look up to celebrities, our country would be in a completely different place and our generation wouldn’t have the reputation that it does.

Obviously I can’t do much to change the situation, but if anyone actually read this and understands where I’m coming from, then that’s good enough for me.

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Can you please stop spreading misinformation about Benedict Cumberbatch? He hasn't stolen any roles from anyone- he was cast in roles. What you claim are problematic statements have been taken out of context, twisted and then magnified. BC is a decent, kind person who works to right wrongs, believes in social justice, and dedicates tons of his time and influence to charity.

Actually no he wasn’t just cast in roles he’s sought out for roles. And in the case of Doctor Strange a character that is frequently racially ambiguous and that relies on the Mighty Whitey trope and lots of cultural appropriation the only way to fix it would have been to cast an Asian actor.  Not to mention the clear whitewashing of the ancient one in the film is problematic. So he doesn’t get any reprieve for being in that shitty movie.

And because all of you BC stans say the same shit I’m gonna start copy pasting my responses.

This is copied directly from your fave is problematic


(With help from alltheladiesyouhate and rotationalvelocitydensity)

Also he played Khan which was shitty whitewashing, Khan Noonien Singh was supposed to be Indian.

mod m

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Some of the things in the plot suggestion post I can see. Others... not so much. Variety in protagonists and settings? Absolutely, that's a given. But I'm honestly having trouble picturing how a novel that involves a war simply of words could be interesting for more than three chapters. Enlighten me?

Fasten your seatbelt.

We just discovered the planet revolves around the sun instead of the other way around. The Catholic Church is kind of chill, like, OK Galileo, keep it to yourself because we’re dealing with a ton of backlash from the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. The Catholic Church has been through a lot. They lost credibility after the Plague, absolute monarchs nibble at their land and rights, and now they aren’t even the only church any more. There are heretics popping up left and right. John Calvin, Martin Luther - aw, hell, there’s a heretic king now and after him a queen. Then the Inquisition - what a mess - and those crazy Jesuits and now they’re trying to salvage the Church as a global power in an increasingly secular world. God I could write books on the Church’s history from the 1300s to the 1700s, where they didn’t fight but they made people fight for them and it was a war of words as much as the wars of sword and gun raging outside.

The Church is all, Galileo, for the love of Christ keep it quiet. Galileo’s like, nah bro HEY GUESS WHAT EVERYONE THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN. The Church is like, Damnit Galileo! And that’s a soap opera for another time. But it’s all wrapped up in the scientific revolution - a nonviolent revolution that teaches people to apply logic to the world around them. A nonviolent revolution that tells people to use their eyes rather than their Bible and to go on fact rather than faith. Are you telling that jump isn’t absolutely amazing? For the first time, people are actually understanding how the world works. Did you know that for the longest time, science was considered part of theology? That break from ancient writers like Aristotle and Galen didn’t happen overnight. I want to read about scientists discovering that everything they knew was wrong. I want to read about the lady scientists who were right there with them, as assistants or as badass learned women in their own right (hello Margaret Cavendish). I want to read about people who tried sticking to the past and in their ignorance began witch hunts and turned a blind eye to empirical fact because turning away from the truth is as frightening as any battlefield. 

And then when the idea that we should look at things rationally applies itself to social behavior like the Enlightenment, holy shiza this gets real. Suddenly, we have the beginnings for anti-monarchical thought. We have a rational argument against slavery and peasantry and all the oppressive regimes that existed in Europe at the time. We have people who are persecuted - really persecuted - for saying what they believe. When was the last time you read a book about a hero on the run because he dared preach that the monarchy of his kingdom was unjust? No, he’s just waiting to sit that throne after he and his rebels take it. When was the last time you read about a character who was so in-tune with their own surroundings that they offered social commentary on it? When was the last time you read about a society with freedom of religion or freedom of press? Everyone talks about how a villain “oppresses” his peasants by killing them. How about a villain who gags them and who forces them into deafness and blindness and ignorance because of it? Let me read about those people who smuggled not guns or armor, but knowledge, like the Protestant Bibles into England and Voltaire’s pamphlets into the houses of the nobility. Ideas can kill as surely as weapons - just look at how much the American Constitution shares with John Locke’s beliefs. Tell me about the people who labored in secret to draw broadsides to illustrate to the common man how terrible their government or the Church really was. Tell me how that common man reacted. Tell me how the Pope reacted when he saw a caricature of himself labeled “The Whore of Babylon”. Tell me about people who were driven into exile or hiding because they spoke their mind. Tell me about those women who maintained their salons and supported and protected these intellectuals - and engaged in discussion with them - and how women might actually have saved the Enlightenment. This is as much of a revolution as the one that shocked America and France decades later. Is there violence? Yes. There is no law against punishing people for dissent. But the main plot is the clash of ideas, the idea of new versus old, just like your favorite violent revolution story. It’s the idea of nascent rationality threatening the long-established institutions of corrupt Church and tyrannical monarchy. That does sound like your revolutionary story, doesn’t it?

For too long, authors have underestimated the power of words, but in real life we can see it every day. If you don’t understand the power of ideas, you do not understand Martin Luther. You do not understand Martin Luther King. You do not understand yellow journalism. You do not understand Gandhi. You do not understand Jesus Christ or Mohammed or any other religious leader in the history. You do not understand technological evolution. You do not understand Aristotle or Plato or any of those other philosophers the Church and medieval Europeans used to prop up their knowledge base for so long. Wars are caused because of ideas - is it wrong to want to know what those ideas where, who fomented them, why they came about, and how everyone came to know about them before the words lead to violence (or averted it or didn’t lead to violence at all). I want to hear words kill as surely as bullets. I want philosophers gasping on the sidelines, trying to cover the holes left in their bleeding psyches. I want the hero to disintegrate because her opponent blew her reasoning to kingdom come - and I want her to come back with a few grenades of her own. I want writer heroes who stab their oppressors with pens instead of swords. I want the hero to grow not because he’s killed, but because he’s created: he dared create something so against society that breathing a word of it is a death crime. And yes, I’ve used the scientific revolution and Enlightenment for this example, but there is no reason you can’t invent your own. Make your world so yours that you have belief systems and counter-belief systems. Make your world so yours that you’ve had wars and bloody revolutions, but also revolutions and evolutions in thought and learning. Anyone can make a war: make some beliefs, throw two sides at each other, kill thousands and maim millions, and one wins with much pomp and circumstance. Not everyone can make that war so silent and pervasive only a select few even know it’s happening. Not everyone can handle the pace, the breadth, the character introspection (good god! the introspection! you would need to know your character inside out for a book like this!), or the quiet assassinations or buy-offs instead of the murder of thousands. It would be so hard yet so worth it because what you’ve created will be so new and so real that it will hurt. We live in a world where ideas can kill as surely as weapons and authors - the very people who were vouchsafed with this power and this knowledge - have forgotten it. It’s time to remember.

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Can I request the 2ps meeting the reader's family? ( I for one will not enjoy them meeting mine, cause fighting all the time- Plus a younger sister who does not know what stop or please means, and just a normal older brother. )

Scenario: *2P’s meeting S/O’s family/parents* (2P!Axis)


Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

He was a trembling mess at first, stuttering and going red in the face whenever he was faced with a question. It almost alarmed your parents how visibly nervous he was. Although, after about a half hour of this, and a couple of encouraging words, everybody saw him visibly grow more and more comfortable and used to his surroundings. Soon, he was able to answer questions without stuttering on every word, and he could put his hood down.
Your mom loved him, the cutie quickly became a soft spot for her, and she was always offering snacks, and drinks, and just about anything that she thought he could use.
Your dad was quite fond of him too. While he did think that Gilen could open up a little and “man up”, he did prefer him over other guys that you could’ve brought over.
By the time it was all done, and you were bringing Gilen back home, he was smiling uncontrollably and asking a bunch of questions, including:
“D-did i do good?”
“Do… you think they’d be okay if I came over again for dinner tomorrow? I like your family… ”


Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

You were really worried about bringing Flavio over to meet your parents. Not necessarily because you thought he was embarrassing or anything, but mostly because he…didn’t have much of a filter, and was pretty overwhelming. When you told Flavio about this, he just waved you off.
“Don’t worry about it, sweetie~! I’ve met tons of parents before; im practically a natural at this point. You worry too much; how about i get you a coffee and we can talk about that visit if you’re so concerned?” he would dismiss.
Now that he’s here in front of your parents, you could tell he was telling the truth. He clicked with your mom even faster than he clicked with you, as they immediately got to talking about fine wines and gossip, meanwhile you and your dad were mostly just watching in amazement.
He was obviously the star of the visit, and he was enjoying all of the lavish attention he was achieving from you and your parents, as they showered him with questions that both of you answered.
By the end of it, both of your parents were thoroughly flattered, and you were left in shock.
“H…how?” you ask.
“Simple, sweetcheeks. I said i was a natural before, didn’t i?” he claimed nonchalantly.
Soon your parents were the ones asking when he’d come back.


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In the words of George Lopez, he said “I GOT THIS!”
but, much like George Lopez, he don’t got this.
It’s been 10-15 minutes into coming over to your house, and he’s already so socially awkward that it’s almost painful to watch.
Santiago wasn’t looking too hot really, being that everytime he was asked a question, where its expected that he’d answer with his usual sarcastic yet lighthearted tone, he suddenly became a guy that answered with as little words as possible.
That is, until a brilliant idea came to mind.
“Dad, why don’t i get you and Santiago a Corona? I know you both like those.”
Alcohol is typically believed to be something that tears families apart.
Although, in this situation, it’s what brought your family together.
Your parents had a fun time bonding with Santiago over wines, beers, martins, shots, you name it.
Afterwards, you wound up becoming Santiago’s designated driver as, while it takes a lot to even give him a buzz, he drank so much that he would occasionally trip over his feet.
“Chica *burp* your familia is a blast~!” he tells you, leaning against you slightly for support.
He’s saying that now, but something told you he wouldn’t remember much of it by tomorrow.


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Lutz is very well-aware that, at his most casual, he’s not the most presentable man to bring home. He’s perverted, dorky, gruff, and not much that any mother or father would necessarily entrust their daughter to.
So, for a change, he took the situation pretty seriously. He even got a new outfit a couple of days before actually heading over her!
He wound up showing up in a dress shirt, some nice jeans, and his hair combed back.
Really, the only people more shocked than your own parents was….well, you.
At first, Lutz was very artificial. He was trying so hard to try to be the “perfect boyfriend” that it looked as if he almost lost sight of the fact that your real boyfriend wouldn’t answer questions nearly as articulate as he was.
Though, as the night drew on, you saw his facade begin to break down and he was acting more like himself. He was slowly but surely growing comfortable showing your parents who he really was, and even your parents were pleased to him getting accustomed to the situation.
Your mother and father wound up not minding him as much as Lutz thought they would; they admired his individuality and thought that, as long as you were happy, they were happy.
“Frau, your parents are awesome! You have to invite me over sometime!” he told you, obviously very excited that it went well.


Originally posted by madhattersonlygirl

1 word. Perfect.
Like, seriosuly, he was already a pretty damn presentable person in his own right, what with his manners and morals and such; except this was different.
Like, he was the boyfriend all parents want their kids to wind up with (besides the killer thing but sHHHH! that’s a secret!).
“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. ______, thank you for having me over.” he greeted, wearing a black dress shirt, jeans, and converse. You helped him choose a nice casual outfit before coming, since you knew he’d probably show up in his cape and shit.
Dinner went by smoothly too. It seemed like Kuro had a legitimate answer to every question he was hit with. The only thing that was a little out-of-place was the fact that Kuro didn’t seem visibly enthusiastic. While that did concern your parents at first, you spoke on his behalf that he wasn’t a very outward person when it came to his emotions. He was honest and said what he thought, but he didn’t really speak with any sort of anger, happiness, or anything like that.
Your parents were pretty impressed that you found such a nice guy, especially in this day and age! He was courteous, mature, and it seemed like he had his head on straight.
“I do belivee your parents are quite fond of me. I’d be dishonest if i said i wasn’t satisfied with the events that took place either, though.”
Basically his smart way of saying, ‘babe, your parents dig me, i dig them, let’s get married!’ ((not really))


Originally posted by woot-fandom-gifs

Confident. Cool. Calm. Casual. Civil…

Just a couple of words to describe how Luciano was that evening~. I mean, you thought he was just tooting his own horn when he said, and i quote, “I’m quite the expert when it comes to meeting the parents, bella. Don’t underestimate my abilities~.”
Like, damn, he was even better than he made it seem to be!
He was just as courteous and well-spoken and articulate, except he definitely made sure to wear his heart on his sleeve.
He complimented dinner, he answered questions, he empathized with both your mother and your father, and he made his affection towards you very evident that evening.
By the end of it, you were sure that, if he really wanted to ask for your hand then and there, they’d give him their blessing on the spot. Hell, they’d pay for him to marry you as soon as possible! Your parents were happy that you met a man that was thinking about what’s best for, not only your relationship, but also you two as individuals. He talked about future hoped and plans, and Luciano was pretty much the MVP of the night.
“What’d i say, angelo ((angel))? I have my way with people~! Though, i must say, your parents were quite enjoyable company to keep.”

((So cute! I’ll work on the 2P!Allies meeting the parents post later, for now enjoy this gif of a cute fluffy dog rolling itself up into a blanket burrito~!))

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A Letter To The Writers Of Teen Wolf

Dear Jeff Davis and other writers of Teen Wolf,

I love Teen Wolf- it has made me feel a spectrum of emotions and I’m completely obsessed with the show. I wrote an English essay about the relationship development of Stydia and I spent an entire week during classes telling my friend, who was obviously disinterested, the plots of each season with the help of gifs saved to my phone. Teen Wolf has made me laugh to the point I cried and made me sob to the point I needed a full box of Kleenex. But, season 4 has disappointed me. I thought maybe I could give you a few of my critiques.


Everyone loved Allison, she was one of the first feminists in young adult television. Her relationship with Scott and Isaac kept viewers on their toes. She was a role model for girls everywhere, she was independent and totally badass. She was Scott’s true love, Lydia’s best friend and a prominent member of the pack. As fans, we’re grieving. We need to see that her dearest friends went through a fraction (though I’d expect those characters would have suffered more) of the mourning that we did. Without it, it feels like they recovered immediately or that the McCall pack is incredibly unfeeling.

Aiden was also, villain-turned-ally during his final days. He should get well-deserved recognition, he even played a love interest in Lydia’s life! His death brought a heavier blow to a powerful finale in the strongest season of Teen Wolf. We sympathised for him, why is it that we haven’t seen the rest of the pack do the same?

Out of the two twins, we all hated Aiden for quite some time. He was kind of a jerk, and a roadblock for Stydia fans- but none of us had much against Ethan. Okay, we sort of did, he initially tried to kill the cutest scarf-wearing werewolf but how could we hate him for long? He was sensitive and tightened bow-ties! Can we focus on the fact he’s gone?

Then again, his greatest tie to the show was the presence of the comedic and adorable Danny. You may say Danny’s time is up, it’s not. Everybody loves Danny (classic TV show in the making). His banter with Stiles constantly lit up the mood during dark times and he provided diversity to the show. With others, you may need to show proof they were there, but with Danny- you just need him.

And finally, one of my favourite fictional personages of all time: Isaac Lahey. We lost Allison, how could we bear to lose Isaac too? Someone needs to make Daniel Sharman part of the main cast and bring him back. His sarcastic nature and dashing good lucks are missed. His relationship with each character was so strong and so well-written, it hurts not knowing Isaac will be back.

You can’t leave us hanging, we’ve felt loss. You need to pay for repercussions.


I think about season three and I feel this overwhelming happiness. When I read Harry Potter, Little Women, The Maze Runner- those books touch you the most because you feel like you’re a part of something. It’s as if you know all these people in this group, this family, this army or even this pack, that they’re your true friends. Teen Wolf has allowed people from all around the world to feel included, to feel understood when they got to see screen time with relatable teenagers. Sure, they dealt with more werewolves than any of us probably have but season three provided a variety of distinct, interesting personalities. By season four, we lost several characters- but with your writing expertise, fans did not worry. We put our faith into you, knowing you could capture the essence of unity. We are positive you can, but during season four we never felt the same harmony in the McCall pack. Members would pair up, or an entire group would be together and one cast member remained absent, or they were figuring out another separate conundrum on their own. Lydia especially, is shown to be on her own, trying to deal with the problematic banshee situations she’s placed in. It is true, we see her with Parrish, Meredith and other minor characters but she’s also shown to be fifth-wheel. While “Stalia”, “Scira” pair up together (bridging the Malia x Kira friendship) Lydia happens to be left alone. We need to see a basic set-up of her relationships- who is her best friend? Does she even have one? These facts must be established.

I beg of you, please make me feel like I’m a part of something again.


I’m not going to lie, my opinion on Malia is completely biased. I spent an entire season (the infamous number three) shipping Stydia. My life revolved around Stydia for a great portion of the year, and my obsession only grew with the lack of it in season four. My rational anger is born from the fact, there was an incredible, beautiful amount of relationship development between Stiles and Lydia through season three. Why would you rob yourself of all that fantastic writing material that was used? The two episodes where Stiles and Lydia teamed up had me fist bump the air, those episodes were what I wanted. We either need to see that they’re distancing and that’s what your plan is, or we need to see continuation of that development.  I cannot decide whether the end of their relationship will be a toughly-bound friendship, or an unmovable love- but either way, we need to see where you’re taking them.

Some of us fans, hate Malia. Some of us love her. You can never get one hundred percent, but try to pass the fifty line. She’s brash, which could be the equivalent to sass but also to impolite. The line where she grins and says, “Deer.” Made me laugh even being the critical-of-Malia-fan. Some of us, convince ourselves our hatred for her is created as she’s careless of the rest of her friends. Clearly, she cares deeply for Stiles. But the respectable thing about Scott’s pack, is that they’re people who are willing to risk their lives for their friends, for the people that they love, for everyone. We need to see that Malia deeply cares for someone, someone other than Stiles, to the point that they’re a priority over herself. If Malia shows honorable characteristics, we’re obligated to root for her.

In conclusion, you are super cool. You’ve created a series loved by tons of people. You have the power to make people feel things, and you’ve used it so artistically. We need to see that this power is in good hands.

Much Love,


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