and i know the writing is annoying

I just keep watching the trailer and i’m like Aqua this is a trap. That be evil Terranort, not our precious boy, Terra. I know it is. God damn i know that is not the right Terra. I have a feeling the sparkling terra they show later on fighting terranort is the real Terra even though he is still just a lingering will

You know, what I really love about the romantic plot of Yuri on Ice:

  • It doesn’t have arguments/misunderstandings that could be solved if the characters just sat and talked to each other
  • Doesn’t have stupid love triangles
  • Doesn’t have either character pondering if they love the other character or not and drag it out
  • It doesn’t have annoying ‘rivals’ that you know are just there to provide conflict
  • It doesn’t have stupid drama points or a plot twist in which the characters have to break up even though you know they’ll get back together in the end.

Nope, it is simply about two adorable dorks learning the best way to support each other as they can and how to love themselves as well, and we get to sit back and watch.

This is the kind of romantic subplot I want to see more in stories!

12x07: Rock Never Dies

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1525

Version en Español

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“Why are we here?” You asked the Winchesters while you walked into the hotel.

“Crowley told us he would meet us here. I don’t know why.”

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My work bro (formerly known as Baby Editorial Assistant) just spent the last hour photoshopping all our faces onto the characters from Stranger Things. 

I’m Winona Ryder.

I know in like two hours I’m going to be annoyed that he hasn’t finished writing a story yet, which means I’ll have to stay late to edit it (again), but for the moment I’m just delighted.

INFPs I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (3 Males & 2 Females)

  1. They are the introverts with a lot of friends. 
  2. Each of them have some sort of hidden talent that I don’t even know why they keep hidden in the first place. They are just so humble. (It’s annoying– I LOVE THEM). Their hidden talent most likely has something to do with the arts. 
  3. They are writers. The ones I know write blog posts, poetry, witty Facebook statuses, music, and lyrics. Self-expression is definitely a necessity for them.
  4. Two of the INFP males I know have this innocent aura that will make you want to be super nice to them and even take care of them and not bully them even if they look so easy to bully. They’re that pure.
  5. The other INFP male I know looked very tense and jittery before I first talked to him. But once I got him to start talking, he easily opened up. You just gotta reach out first.
  6. Once you reach out to them, they will open up and you’ll discover that they are such cool people with strong opinions and beliefs. (pretty much closet ENFPs)
  7. The two INFP females on the other hand were the ones who seemed loud at first–probably ‘cause they were with their friends–but ended up being really deep and humble people (I love it).
  8. They are nice and civil to everyone. They don’t show it when they dislike someone (however, their close friends will know). They’re just that easygoing, which is why they have a lot of friends. (who are actually just mostly acquaintances to them–but they won’t tell them)
  9. They have such good humor. Especially their sarcasm. AND THE TIMING OF THEIR JOKES IS PERFECT.
  10. When they’re with their friends, you wouldn’t even think they’re introverts. They are so loud and lively with them (mostly the girl INFPs I’ve met are like this–the INFP males on the other hand are more obviously introverted). 
  11. Everyone likes them. I’m serious, what’s not to like? They are such good-hearted and open-minded people (even if they have strong beliefs). Before you know it, you’re completely yourself when you’re around them. They just make you feel homey.
  12. When they’re in a bad mood, they distance themselves. They just don’t want to be a burden, even to their friends. No matter how many times you insist to be there for them, they will shake their heads and handle their problems by themselves. After all, the fight is in their head.
  13. When they present alone in front (in class), they can be the most awkward people ever. But they do have a lot of meaningful things to say. They just aren’t used to taking the stage.
  14. Most of the ones I know suffer with anxiety. This is most likely due to the fact that they feel so deeply and tend to keep it inside–after all, Fi is their most dominant function. 
  15. They are the nicest people ever (even if it’s not all that obvious), but if you hurt them on purpose–they will remember you for it. But they will forgive (on the outside).
  16. They are the life of the party even if they aren’t loud. I don’t know, like when they aren’t present in their group of friends–there is obviously something missing. 
  17. They are good with one-on-one conversations. It’s amazing how even though they aren’t good with big crowds, they have this ability to talk to a stranger for a second and make them feel comfortable (if they want to, that is). 
  18. They are not boring at all. It’s an Ne thing–their second dominant function–that makes them so talkative and animated. If they aren’t talking about something, they’re either making weird sounds to make others laugh or saying funny movie lines aloud (similar to INTPs). 
  19. They are smart. They have their own way of understanding things and they are not clueless–I swear, they know a little about everything. Just give them a topic, and they will have an opinion about it.
  20. They have trouble saying no. I swear, the last thing they want to do is hurt someone. (Unless it’s for justice)  
  21. Music is extremely important to them. The INFPs I know either dance, play guitar, sing, or well–just need their earphones with them everyday to block out the world when they feel like it. 
  22. The vibes they give off, equal to their current mood. They are infectious.

Well, what do you guys think? :)  Agree or disagree?

The Deadliest Weapon

@portentous-offerings reblogged that post about tampon stories and boys’ reactions, and it annoyed me (while also entertaining me). When I’m annoyed (and entertained), I write. So here, have an ML fic about tampons. 

“It’ll be funny!” Alya defended, continuing to rummage around in her bag. And while Marinette agreed with the sentiment, she still wasn’t sure if she was willing to put so many emotionally stunted teenage boys through such trauma.

“I don’t know that they’ll be able to handle it,” she reasoned, frowning a bit as she did.

“C'mon, girl,” Alya persisted. “Think of Juleka.”

That was true, the memory stoking the low burn of anger that had been simmering in Marinette’s gut all morning. Poor Juleka had been suffering as so many girls did and had required only a necessary trip to the bathroom. It’d been before school had started, all the students loitering around the campus until class. Which meant that when Juleka accidentally dropped her tampon, more than one eye caught the “scandal.” Which drew in only more attention. Until a gaggle of stupid boys were dancing around the scene, poking fun like female biology was something to be ashamed of.

Juleka had not faired well, the ridicule leaving her locked in the bathroom until Rose and Marinette had managed to get her cheered up (not like they needed another akuma out of the situation).

“Okay, okay,” Marinette agreed, pulling her own bag up and searching through it. “I only have three tampons though. And two pads.” She pulled the assorted items up as Alya finally found her own.

“That’s hardly enough for a full scale attack,” she mused, frowning.

“Here, take mine too.” Turning, the two watched Mylene pull six pads out of her own bag, Ivan—who stood at her shoulder—chuckling and shaking his head.

“Nice! Help me open everything.” Alya dictated the whole situation, Marinette assisting in tearing the outer plastic off before they unfolded the pads. They left the sheets that protected the adhesive side, but otherwise they were exposed to the world.

“Are you guys doing what I think you’re doing?” Alix cut in, crouching down on the steps beside them. There was a manic grin on her face as she eyed the large group of boys just off the corner of the steps.

“Probably,” Alya replied simply.

“Well, here,” Alix continued, reaching into her own bag and pulling out an entire box of tampons. “I bought these earlier, but I’d rather they went to a good cause.” After all, nearly every single girl had been disgusted by the treatment Juleka had suffered through earlier that day.

“Nice!” Alya did a celebratory wiggle, ripping the seal to the box and dumping the tampons, along with all the others they’d procured, onto the giant sweatshirt Ivan had been decent enough to lend them.

“This is a pretty good hoard,” Marinette agreed. “But I wish we had more pads.”

“Actually…” Alya tapped her chin thoughtfully. “I have a better idea.” Reaching down, she removed all the pads and handed them to Marinette. “For later,” she said vaguely, offering only a wink as explanation before she turned to Alix. “Ready?”

“Oh yeah!” Together, the two grabbed the sweatshirt on either side, cradling the pile of tampons in the fabric as they stood and skipped their way down the stairs. Behind them, Marinette stacked the pads into a neat pile before turning her attention to what would inevitably become a scene.

She mourned some that Adrien was among the large group of boys that were to be hit, but supposed some sacrifices had to be made.

At the base of the stairs, Alix and Alya were swinging the sweatshirt back and forth, readying to let it loose. The gaggle of boys—there were at least ten of them—had no idea, their backs turned to the onslaught. Many of them had participated in the jeering Juleka had gone through (Marinette was thankful both Adrien and Nino had not taken part) and so deserved what was coming to them.

Finding herself at the base of the stairs, Marinette watched alongside Mylene as Alya and Alix finally opened the sweatshirt. On the upswing, they thrust the shirt forward, hurling its contents into the air. A flurry of active grenades, the tampons were flung across the clearing, scattering through the air before they, inevitably, showered down on the heads of the boys.

Initially, the attack was met with startled surprise, the boys flinching back as they were hit before looking around in confusion. And then, as if they could see their deaths upon them, a grave silence overcame the group. They brushed the weapons from their hair and shoulders, unknowing what debris they were handling until the plastic devices—their strings hanging out dangerous—went clattering to the sidewalk.

The seconds of realization were almost stifling.

Kim was the first one to release a high-pitched scream, which sent all the boys into a panic. Unable to avoid stepping on the bombs, they stumbled back clumsily, tripping over themselves in their efforts to escape the outbreak. It was like watching a heard of wild animals startled by an abrupt predator, though their scrambling was perhaps lacking in animal grace.

Their screaming and yelling, and “what the fucks,” naturally drew in the attention of other groups of students, the boys who’d been far enough to avoid being assaulted gaping and shying back in alarm and disgust, while their female counterparts looked on in straight-faced confusion—if only because they hadn’t been briefed on the situation.

Once the ruckus had cleared—once all the boys were safely cowering to the sides, holding one another and breathing hard as they observed the scene from a safe distance—only one victim was left standing, his best friend shifting a meter or so behind him in uncertainty.

Looking around in surprise, Adrien stood among the ruins, feet bordered in tampons while Nino—hands out as though bracing himself—waited for another assault. He stood by his clueless friend courageously, though clearly uneasy.

Brave soul that he was, Adrien ended up bending down and actually picking up one of the bombs, much to the gasping dismay of many of the boys on the sidelines.

“Guys…” he started a second later, holding his find up for observation. “They’re just tampons.”

The word, that word, had them all shrinking back again, as if the mere sound of those letters put together was enough to shake them to their very cores.

While Adrien, still perplexed by the reaction, glanced down to the tampon in his hand. “They’re not even used,” he muttered. “What the hell is wrong with-”

“Foolish!” Alya announced abruptly, Adrien whipping around in surprise. “They’ve left one behind!” Dramatically, she grabbed one of the pads from Marinette’s waiting hands, holding it above her head as she tore the plastic sheet from the adhesive. “Get him!”

By that time, Rose and Juleka had joined their group as well. Alix followed Alya’s example and armed herself with a pad, Mylene laughing and doing the same. Until there was a whole hoard of girls rushing Adrien, much to his wide-eyed shock.

Not that he wasn’t used to girls rushing him. But normally they weren’t armed with pads and yelling battle cries at the same time.

Marinette joined in as well, laughing, which inspired Juleka and Rose to do the same.

Pads in hand, they tore the plastic away from each one, much to Adrien’s twitching puzzlement. They didn’t body-slam him or anything, but they crowded around nonetheless and made a great scene of sticking the pads all over his shirt and arms. They hung off of him heavily, more disgusted gasps echoing from the boys watching.

“What- What is happening right now?” Adrien hissed at them, shaking his arm and failing to remove the sticky pad that was suctioned to his skin.

“Silence!” Alix shouted, pointing a threating finger up at him. “You’re supposed to be dying!”


“Your manly ego,” Alya corrected. “We’ve assaulted you with feminine products, the greatest fear of all men, and so it’s inevitable that you fall beneath our power.”

“Oh…” He furrowed his eyebrows, before realization splashed over his face. “Oh!”

He’d been there when Juleka had been harassed and been one of the few boys that had tried to stop it. He knew exactly what they were doing.

“Oh god!” he yelled abruptly, reaching up and slamming his hands over the pad that was stuck to his shirt. “The patriarchy, I can see it crumbling before me! There is no greater ill than the unused cotton and plastic of feminine products! We stand no chance!

"Help, help!” he called, falling dramatically to his knees. “I’m not gonna make it!”

“Don’t worry, bro!” Nino yelled from the sidelines. “I’ll go get some red meat and a GPS you can throw out the window! Hold on!”

“It’s too late!” Adrien garbled, holding his throat as he fell back on his butt, before toppling to his back. “I’m not- I’m not gonna make it! Oh Nino, it burns! The realization that women’s bodies do things mine doesn’t! The horror!”

“Just breathe, bro!” Nino begged.

“Ugh, I’m dying!” Flailing his arms out to the sides, Adrien scattered the tampons, his legs shoving them out of the way as he sprawled through the debris.

“Somebody do something!” Nino fell to his knees as well, looking frantically around the clearing. “Get some beard hair! Start a fight! Give him a hammer! Anything to save my bro!”

“It’s too late now,” Adrien whispered. “I’m dead.” Head tipping to the side, he fell still, tongue lolling out as he released a final “bleh,” clearly symbolizing his demise.

“Bro! Bro!” Nino wailed pathetically.

“Victory!” Alix called, raising her arms to all the eyes watching. “Let this be a warning to all who oppose us!”

“We will not hesitate to use the deadliest of weapons!” Alya continued, Marinette holding up the final pad before she got down on her knees at Adrien’s head. In a final testament to their victory, she stuck it over his eyes, smoothing it out evenly.

“We will hang his bland yet understated button-up at the entrance to our woman-cave!” Alya continued. “You’ve all been warned!”

“What is going on out here?” It was Ms. Bustier who interrupted their reveling, all the girls turning to look at her. As did the boys, most of them either completely disgusted by the show or still horror-stricken.

“Their female empowerment has killed my bro!” Nino lamented. “Oh the equality!”

The girls stared at Ms. Bustier, saying nothing as she surveyed the situation.

Marinette, meanwhile, glanced down at Adrien, who was smirking and doing his best not to laugh.

“You’re supposed to be dead!” she hissed.

“Oh, sorry.” He went appropriately still.

“I’m not… I’m not going to get involved in this,” Ms. Bustier finally decided, smiling a bit as she looked at the scene. “Just… make sure you clean up when you’re done.” Shaking her head, she turned and went back into the school.

“Victory!” Alix yelled again, pumping her fist in the air.

All the girls chanted in response. “Victory!”


Jaspar AU 3/? - High School

↳ Joe and Caspar are on opposite ends of the social spectrum - one is the school’s resident football celebrity, while the other can barely get people to notice him. But what happens when Caspar finds that he isn’t as invisible as he thinks he is? 

Featuring JJ as the overly-protective best friend.

I want to take care of you. Yes, I know you can take good care of yourself, but I want to make sure, you are safe at all times. I won’t invade your personal space and annoy you with my face every single day, but I’ll just guide you from a distance. Without presence, just prayers. Every night, I will talk to God about you. I will ask Him to guide and protect you from danger, from pressure and temptation. I want to assure you won’t get hurt and be lost in this world full of terrible things. Because I’ve been there and it’s not a beautiful place. Even if I’m not with you, I want to keep you safe. Let my prayers take care of you, I will let God take care of you, for me.
And it’s more than enough.
—  E.J. Cenita

okay so i respect amy sherman-palladino’s right to revive her show however she pleases, but that being said, i’m just going to stay in my happy place where rory and jess live together in an nyc apartment where every single shelf (and most surfaces tbh) is overflowing with used books, and they write and read together over copious amounts of coffee in the mornings. (rory always ends up reading her favorite passages aloud, even when jess is trying to read too, and he pretends to be annoyed, but they both know that he loves hearing the words that she loves.) (and then she usually steals his books after he’s done with them, mostly to read the margins.)

 and they’re not engaged yet, but only because it’s not much of a priority to either of them, and it’s such a given that they’ll stay together anyway. it’s been like five years since they started dating again, and they’re so mentally synced that no one can imagine them breaking up now that they’re both leading independent lives outside of stars hollow. and rory fits in with all of jess’s publishing friends and jess doesn’t hate any of rory’s journalism colleagues. and they’re both stupidly proud of one another’s writing. like, once jess starts getting actual reviews, rory tries scrapbooking to collect them all (which is kind of a disaster tbh, but she tried okay). 

and sometimes they take random weekend trips to random places when they want to get off the map to write/read/be together in peace, while also exploring various greasy diners and indie bookstores and coffee shops. and rory convinces jess to come back with her to stars hollow every so often to see luke and lorelai in person, which he groans about, but secretly enjoys, because he likes checking in on luke. and lorelai has actually matured enough to recognize that jess has not only grown into a good man, but the best man for her daughter. 

and sometimes things are hard when rory has to travel for a while, or when jess is locked to his laptop with a deadline, but they always work through it because they love each other too much not to. 

and eventually they do have a casual wedding (emily gets her revenge by planning a completely over the top reception), which gets more hectic than they intended, but luke tears up, which makes the whole thing worth it.

and when rory gets pregnant a while later, they banter a lot over which literary character to name their future child after. (rory secretly likes the name brett for a girl but battles the hemingway tribute anyway.)

Double Agent Vader fic: The Unstolen Child

@tendokage asked what Double Agent Vader thinks of the Inquisitors, which gave me the kick I needed to finally finish this fic.

This one is set between ANH and ESB, so follows almost all of the fics I’ve published in this ‘verse so far, except for Apology Accepted.

A little insight into what Ahsoka’s been up to in the Rebellion, as well as why the Empire seems to be mysteriously short on candidates for the Inquisitor Program…

The Unstolen Child

Ahsoka crouched low in the musty darkness of the cramped closet and focused all her thought on disappearing. Emptiness, she thought. I am nothing. We are nothing. We are air and shadow and there is no presence here.

Behind her, Aneeya Adu was shaking soundlessly in the dark, one hand clasped over her daughter Oholi’s mouth. Ahsoka knew they were there because she could feel the air they displaced, the solidity of other bodies in a close space. But she couldn’t sense them in the Force.

She had to make certain that remained the case.

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I don’t have to be in love to know you’re the only person I want to kiss me awake for the rest of my life. You’re the only one I want to travel with, aside from my friends and family. You’re the only one I want to buy a house with, make mistakes with, fall in love with.
—  he reminds me of gasoline (via fraagmented)
Halloween Prompts
  • We don’t know each other very well, we chose outfits separately, and accidentally went to a Halloween party with a couples costume on. 
  • Person A is dressed as Pikachu, and Person B won’t stop using the pickup line, “I just wanna Pik-a-chu!” (peek at you).
  • One person dresses up as a robber and the other dresses up as a police officer. The “robber” is getting arresting for stealing the officer’s heart.
  • The annoying Couple A, is dressed as Zeus and Hera. Couple B points out how Zeus cheats and Hera sends out snakes to kill people while simultaneously pointing out how much better their costumes are.
  • Person A and Person B are fighting over whether to have classic Halloween costumes or be puns.
  • We are in love, but we dressed up as people who hate each other for irony.
  • Alternatively, we hate each other but accidentally dressed up as people who love each other. Accidents don’t just happen accidentally.
  • You come to a Halloween party with a beautiful, well-thought costume and I showed up with an “error 404 costume not found” shirt.
  • We wanted to be candy together but you showed up as a Skittle and I showed up as an M&M.
  • You sung Spooky Scary Skeletons to cheer me up, but I hate that song with a passion.

Get spooky everyone!!!!! My ask box is now open!


Actually Arthur never deemed Merlin stupid.
For instance, we know that Merlin used to write the prince’s speeches (S04E01) and later, in season 5, in the famous “I was teaching him some poetry” scene (S05E03), Leon is surprised by the fact that the king is interested in such a topic, not by the fact that Merlin is his teacher. And Arthur himself is annoyed by the horrible lie his servant came up with but doesn’t doubt that Merlin would be able to teach him some poetry for real.
So, if Merlin is as stupid as ugly, then Arthur is implying that Merlin is indeed gorgeous.
And Merlin knows it.

us against consensus [listen / dl] i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be. (a dramione mix)

01. tiaan - devil’s touch | 02. jaymes young - habits of my heart | 03. fractures - cadence | 04. years and years - memo | 05. lyves x synkro - body close | 06. totem - devotion07. dark waves - i don’t wanna be in love | 08. pvris - white noise (the empty room sessions) | 09. zee avi - concrete wall | 10. mikky ekko - loner | 11. broods - never gonna change | 12. j2 ft. lesley roy - constant craving | 13. raleigh ritchie - bloodsport | 14. amber run - i found | 15. delilah - see you again | 16. jaymes young - i’ll be good | 17. josef salvat - till i found you

A Lesson in Love (The Get Together)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,992

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - I honestly can’t put into words how much I appreciate you for editing this (and everything else) for me.

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A knock at your front door steals your attention away from your notebook and the homework that desperately needs to be done. You groan, annoyed that you’re being interrupted; exams have started and you’ve dedicated all of your spare time to studying.

“What?” You growl.

“Bad time?” Steve asks, standing in front of you with a half-hearted smirk. Without a word, you step aside and let him enter the small apartment. He takes a seat at the kitchen table and you follow suit, moving all of your books out of the way. When you notice the serious look on his face, you lean forward and grant him your full attention.

“What’s up?”

He runs a hand through his hair. “It’s Bucky.”

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Letters that Ed never sent 2/? 1