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“pipe the fuck down, asshole” for the prompt list ;)

(oh my gOd im gonna scream bless you both)

this is a potential excerpt from Catastrophe And The Cure; it may or may not change or be removed altogether when i actually move on to writing full chapters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I hate these things,” Lance grumbles, pressing his back to the wall. He feels a particularly loose brick scratch against the nape of his neck, and he turns to shoot an annoyed glare at Keith. “I mean, could they ever just, I don’t know, go to sleep or something? It couldn’t kill them anymore than the infection already has, anyway.”

“Pipe the fuck down, asshole,” Keith shoots back at him from his position against the other side of the window, gripping a glass bottle by the neck. His voice barely reaches above a whisper, and Lance has to study the motions of his lips to make out his exact phrasing. 

Lance’s features crease into a frown as he pushes himself off the wall to peer into the open window above him. “There’s three of them in this room,” he states, ignoring the familiar churn of his stomach at the sight of the infected beings. Their movements are aimless and sluggish, their hissing and clicking method of echolocation never quite living up to that of the real thing. They stagger into bookshelves and doorways, muttering their complaints in a foreign tongue, and Lance finds it hard to remember that these creatures were, once upon a time, as human as himself. He shudders.

Keith breaks him out of his reverie with a swing of his arm. The bottle sails through the window and collides with the ground on the other side of the room, sending the trio of clickers into a screaming mob. They all charge toward the sound of shattered glass, and Keith’s fingers are gripping the windowsill within seconds. “Let’s go,” he says as his feet clear the opening and land inside the building.

Lance draws his pistol like it’s second nature, hoisting himself through the window after Keith. He fires at the infected the second his feet are stable on the ground, Keith’s own shots ringing out beside him. The clickers give a few last desperate cries before they collapse to the ground. 

Lance tears his eyes away from the bodies; he’d never enjoyed looking at the sight. His gaze lands on the bookshelf in the corner. It’s lined with dust and glass and wood, all remnants of of broken picture frames and memoirs. His heart catches in his throat as his eyes fall on a single unbroken one. The image captured was of a young couple, two small children chasing each other around their legs. The four of them were smiling, sunlight illuminating their faces and capturing a moment forever lost to time. Lance felt pain prick behind his eyelids.

“Lance?” Keith calls his name from the doorway, concealed concern painted within his tone. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lance surprises himself at the thickness of his tone, and he clears his throat. “It’s…it’s nothing.” His eyes linger on the photograph for a few seconds longer before turning back to Keith. He steps over the bodies without looking at them, and he wonders if the people in the photo ever made it out okay.

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Okay, Ro why haven't you wrote any Darcy Lewis x Steve Rogers fics yet? They are like OTP! Don't deny me, imagine them together? IMAGINE ITTTT YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WRITE THAT FUCKING IDEA NOW. YOU KNOW THE ONE... IT'S A FUCKIN SERIES, WHY ARE YOU DENYING THE PEOPLE OF GREATNESS???

ALL CAUSE OF THIS FUCKING GIF BRO!!!!!!!!!! MIKIE GET OFF FUCKING ANON AND FIGHT ME IRL. OKay, so me and my idiot best friend, had an idea and now we NEEED Darcy and Steve to meet, we also read too much fanfiction with them both. BUT IMAGINE IF AGENT 13 WASN’T THE ONE WHO WAS LIVING NEXT DOOR TO STEVE, WHAT IF IT WAS DARCY? AND i AM GASPING FOR AIR. LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY CRACKSHIP. - Ro

character centric: chloé

i hate letting projects go unfinished i know i’m late for ml week just let me finish it.

summary: chloé asks herself: does she care?

on ao3

don’t hang around once the promise breaks or you’ll be there when the next one’s made - ladder song; bright eyes

Chloé is annoyed. She is annoyed that Adrien doesn’t have time for her anymore. He now has to set out to call her at the same time every couple of days because he has other friends he loves more and who love him more. She’s annoyed at his friends for being nice enough to pull him in. She’s annoyed at her for turning on the lights behind his eyes.

She’s annoyed that she still clings on to him anyway.

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Metaphorical gin and juice - Thorcid Fanfic

This one was inspired by this dress:

I know, right? I could write poems about it. [x]

You don’t need to read the previous fics, but it is in the universe of the previous ones. I’m keeping the thorcid flame shining on.

Also feedback me please, or just feed me, I like food. Talk to me people lmao

💋 🍑 

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HOW NOT TO FLIRT 101: this.

“I tried to ‘flirt’ with you, despite knowing you have a boyfriend, by making up an imaginary person. Sorry, didn’t realize you were in a bad mood. Let’s Skype!”

WHO HAS TIME FOR THESE SIXTH-GRADE SHENANIGANS?! Spoiler alert: not me. Moving forward I genuinely do not want anyone in my life who acts like this. It’s not a good use of my time - this is just control drama slash noise.

(Also couldn’t he have figured out the name of someone I actually dated and just said that person’s name? This is some sloppy bullsheeet).

Alrighty folks I’m finally getting to the long awaited giveaway!

The Prize: The Shattered Bloodstone Circlet!


  1. You MUST BE A CURRENT FOLLOWER to win.  I already have the list of the current ones written down.
  2. Only two reblogs.  It will only count once but I know some like to reblog again to remind themselves or others.  More than twice and your name is thrown out of the randomizer.  This is so you don’t spam or annoy your followers.
  3. Have your Askbox open so I can find a time to send your reward.
  4. Please write your account name as a comment and not a tag.  My glasses are broken so I can’t really read tags right now.

The Giveaway begins today, August 30th.  It ends September 9th and the winner will be announced upon my return from College at 6PM PST

Good Luck All!

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you've probably gotten this question before so im sorry if this is sort of annoying but... i want to submit a poem to a journal but dont know what to put on the cover letter! can you tell me how long you think it should be + what i should put on it?? (ive never been published before.) thank you!

no worries!! cover letter should include a bio & a cute lil letter to the editors. something akin to

dear editors,

thank u for reading my work. i appreciate ur time & send you all light. a brief bio is below. i hope to hear back soon!

“poet person is a poet. they write poems. look at them writing poems. amazing.”



I'm Annoyed

Person A: is angry that Rowling didn’t make Scorbus a reality.

Person A: ships themselves with Scorpius and writes SI-OC fanfics where they claim in the a/n that no one would be better for him but them.

Person B: believes Bella loves Voldemort with all their heart and ships it.

Person B: gets angry when they have a kid (Under not described means. Could be artificial insemination for all we know.)

Person C: wants more than just three magical schools.

Person C: gets angry over the new ones and tries to speak for an entire race they aren’t even a part of, on how ‘wrong’ one is.

Person D: wanted magical recognition in other countries.
Person D: gets it but hates how their demands weren’t heeded so it isn’t good enough in their eyes.

Person E: for years wanted more of everything.
Person E: got it, but because it didn’t follow their fanon beliefs, they complain.

Honestly, don’t speak up for all Potterheads. Some of us are thrilled to know that Voldemort possibly had a sex drive, because it gives our OTPs involving him, more possibility. Some of us like to know that our time travel ideas in the HP universe are possible and that it’s not an 'impossible trope’. Some of us like to see our rarely appreciated ancestry getting attention that isn’t linked to slavery or being evil. Some of us don’t mind it when a character from a different time line, who generally isn’t liked, does something good with their last breath. Some of us don’t mind that our fav characters make mistakes. Some of us like that we gt diversity finally. And some of us don’t mind that Rowling has chosen to keep something alive for us.

For some of us, things like HP keep us going because we can’t give up until we know everything there is to know. I am sick of people claiming 'all potterheads want Rowling to just stop’. Because those of us who are objective, don’t feel the same way.

Are you writing again?

Yes, darling, love of my life, that’s indeed what I do. You know, I’m not saying I’m going to be the next JK Rowling, not even a tenth of JK but you do know that I am actively working on this writing career and you must be aware that that involves writing. Right? And actually me sitting here, in the same room with you while the TV annoys me, is already a concession to this “time-together-project” of us being us because I would be ten times more efficient if I sat in another room. So yes, baby, I’m writing. When you hear the tippitytab, that’s a good sign, ok?

people are like “i wish jk rowling would stop writing hp stuff god” 

ok yeah i get it but also… its her thing…. you know she created the entire thing right?… its annoying how shes queerbaiting and not doing characters justice but like, its her creation so like…

Double Agent Vader fic: The Unstolen Child

@tendokage asked what Double Agent Vader thinks of the Inquisitors, which gave me the kick I needed to finally finish this fic.

This one is set between ANH and ESB, so follows almost all of the fics I’ve published in this ‘verse so far, except for Apology Accepted.

A little insight into what Ahsoka’s been up to in the Rebellion, as well as why the Empire seems to be mysteriously short on candidates for the Inquisitor Program…

The Unstolen Child

Ahsoka crouched low in the musty darkness of the cramped closet and focused all her thought on disappearing. Emptiness, she thought. I am nothing. We are nothing. We are air and shadow and there is no presence here.

Behind her, Aneeya Adu was shaking soundlessly in the dark, one hand clasped over her daughter Oholi’s mouth. Ahsoka knew they were there because she could feel the air they displaced, the solidity of other bodies in a close space. But she couldn’t sense them in the Force.

She had to make certain that remained the case.

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Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to cry. Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to be sad. Will was the only person to hold him whenever he broke down, Will was the only person to spend the whole night awake, watching Nico sleep to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. Will was the first person to truly care. And he never asked for nothing in return, not once. He never got annoyed when Nico didn’t know how to return the feelings, he never got angry when Nico couldn’t reciprocate the actions. He never pushed Nico too hard - he knew that, in time, Nico would find a way to express himself without hating himself. He knew that Nico needed time to heal.

And one night, it happened. One lonely night, when Will couldn’t sleep because the nightmares were too bad. One night, when Will was alone by the river, watching the waves through blurred eyes. One night, there was a soft hand on his shoulder and then he was being embraced tightly and rocked gently as he cried. It was enough to confirm that he had done the right thing. And Nico never said a word because he still couldn’t figure out what the word to describe it was. And that was okay. Because things took time and the moments were too precious to waste on learning vocabulary. Besides, Will didn’t want a word. He wanted Nico.

17. JokerXReader!

valeriedark10: I was wondering if you could write a Joker x Reader where Reader is a big drug dealer and Joker wants to do business with her but ends up having a thing for the Reader?

That’s it, hope you like it! :) <3

„Oh come on, stop crying like a little bitch, you annoy me to death“, you said through cold eyes and looked at the man, your best employee was playing russian roulette with.

„P-Please, (Y/N). I swear I will pay everything back to you“, the man whined.

„You know what’s the problem with that, Greg?“, you asked in your most sweet and innocent voice, while laying on the gold table at the club you were in, to run some business.

Greg shook his head in fear.

„The problem is, that you’re a lying bastard and I’m not as patient as most people told you I am“, you said, turning your head in his direction, before you gave your best man the sign to shot Greg down.

You sighed as you watched the blood running out of his head.

„What a boring night. Joe, would you be so kind and look out for a really good deal, I can’t take this failures anymore“, you purred looking disgusted at the little bastard that tryied to steal your money and your drugs.

„Yes, Miss“, he said and left you with your thoughts and the music.

You smiled while closing your eyes, listening to this really hot song that played now.

Some guys who could see you through the glass doors, which seperate the dancefloor from the VIP rooms and tables were starring at you, what made you smile even more, even though you weren’t interested in them.

Still lying on the golden table, with your arms outstretched over your head, wearing the most beautiful black little dress, no one could take their eyes from you.

You were the most dangerous mixture of a girl that had possibly ever exist.

Innocent and cute, but also sexy and despicable and not to forget deadly in every way.

You were the new queen in Gotham City, a lightning star with whom every hero had a problem with, especially your beloved arch-enemy Nightwing.

„(Y/N). I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I got someone who wants to talk to you, about some very important business plans.“

You opened your eyes again and saw Joe, who must have been back from the order you gave him a few minutes ago.

„That was quick even for you. What have you brought me?“, you said sweet as ever.

„Well, I think you know Mr Frost“, Joe said as you raised your head a little to take a look at your visitors.

„Of course, nice to see you again“, you smiled.

Frosti, how you always called him, had run some business for you, a year ago.

„Go on, what can I do for you?“, you asked playful.

„(Y/N), really good to see you again. I would like to introduce you, to my new boss. Mr J“, he said and stepped a little aside to give place for his boss.

A tall man with green slicked back hair, a gold and purple walking cane in his hands and a half unbottoned white shirt, through which you could saw his black tattoes, stepped towards you, with a dangerous look on his face.

You knew this man, but you never had the pleasure to work with him, now that was a really big deal.

„Congratulations Joe, today is not the day I will fire you“, you smiled at your best employee.

„So you wanna go into business with me Mr J …“, you purred and sat up a little to look him into his cold blue eyes, as he took the seat towards you.

„That’s right, doll“, he said with an arousing gravelly voice.

„Then tell me, what have you got in mind?“, you asked, crawling over the table, like a girl who exactly knows, how to make a man weak, even the one and only infamous Joker.

But this man wasn’t as easy to handle as all the others before.

He grabbed your chin, after you sat up in front of him, still on the table and grinned at you wickedly.

„I know you lost a little bit of your money, because of scumbags like him“, Joker said with an eye on Greg, the one Joe shot for you a few minutes ago.

„And so do I … I think, darling, we should work together, not only because of the money, more because I heared things about you, that even made my men be scared of you and this is a huge step, if you think about, for whom they work usualy“, he strokes your lips with his thumb looking straight into your eyes.

Mhmm, such an intense man.

„Well, I like that idea, do you wanna tell me, what I’ve got to do, if I agree to work with you?“, you asked, finally standing up from the table to sat on Joker’s lap instead.

„You have to know, I don’t like to be just a bystander while the man does all the work, I’m not just a pretty toy, I’m the one who calls the shots in my territory and because you already know that, I assume that you and me will have a lot of fun“, you whispered in his ear, while sliding your hands under Joker’s half unbottoned shirt, to feel his muscular torso.

You sighed in pleasure, as you could feel in his lap that you were about to drive him crazy with this behavior.

„You seem to be good in what you do, doll. BUT“, Joker growled and grabbed your waist as you were about to stand up from him.

He pulled you back onto his lap, pushing you even closer into him, before he whispered in your ear: „You’re in MY territory right now and I call the shots in here. But I can reassure you, you won’t be just a pretty bystander, I got plans for you already.“

You smiled at him.

„And how do those plans look like?“, you purred rubbing your most inimate spot over the growing bulge in his pants.

„You really wanna know this now? What about a good surprise?“, he snarled, looking you in those beautiful (e/c) eyes, while taking your face into his hands.

„Never, surprise me with waiting, if you wanna deal with me“, you cooed.

Joker snarled at you again.

„And you should never tell me what to do, doll“, he said.

You smirked at him playfully.

„And what if I’d do it?“, you asked, leaning in closer to him until you saw the All In tattoe he had on his collarbone, that ended on half way to his neck.

You couldn’t resist and traised it out with your index finger before kissing it softly.

You heared Joker grunting, before he slapped your tight ass, what made you moan in a wave of desire.

„Tell me, what you would do to me, if I break the rules, daddy“, you whispered, before he grabbed your neck and pressed his lips hard onto yours.

His tongue in your mouth, was driving you crazy, he was so harsh, but so good.

„I would fuck your tight pussy senseless“, he growled.

You chuckled into his brutal kiss.

„Maybe I should break some rules now“, you said teasing him in every way.

„Oooh, such a bad girl … we will have fun together …“

„(Y/N), I-I’m sorry, but we have a little problem“, Joe now interrupted the quite hot session between you and Mr J.

„What is it?“, you asked bored, still letting Joker touch you and kissing (biting) your neck.

„He’s here. I mean Nightwing“, Joe said.

You hissed in anger.

Why does he always ruin your adventures?

„Where?“, you asked, but this question was unnecessary, ‘cause you could already hear from the outside that your men had trouble to fight Batman’s ex wonderboy.

„Tell him, I will be there for him in a few seconds“, you said through squinted eyes.

„Y-yes , of course“, Joe said and disappeared half a second later.

„I’m sorry, I have to run my business, before we can go on, with that“, you smiled girlishly at Joker and stood up from his lap, with one simple backflip.

The Clown Prince of crime wasn’t very amused about how that turned out now, so he decided to shoot at Nightwing, after he brokes through the panes.

„So, you’re dealing with freaks now? That really doesn’t suit you“, Nightwing said, after avoiding Joker’s bullets and finally getting into the fight with you.

„Oh really, then tell me why you are here“, you laughed and kicked your arch-enemy in the face after the last well done cartwheel.

„I’m asking you this for two years now! Why are you doing this?“, Nightwing said almost a little sad.

„Because it’s fun!“, you replied shortly before knocking him out, but before you could reach the knife, what was bonded to your thigh, Joker shot the young hero in his ribcage.

Nightwing broke down in front of you and you were surprisingly looking at the man with the green hair.

„Thanks“, you said.

„Batman is already on his way …, no way out for you this time, (Y/N) …“

You gave Nightwing a disgusted look.

„Maybe we can go into business next time. Can’t have Batman find my last supply“, you smiled at Joker and stepped out of the club.

Joker bared his teeth.

This isn’t over yet, he thought all by himself.

„Find her“, he growled at Frost.

„You’re mine now, doll. And you will stay with me“, he snarled.

(Not my gif!)

I don’t know if it was done already but how about



It is Keith birthday and Lance had this brilliant (in his opinion) idea to take his friend (they aren’t together) to the strip club as a gift. At first Keith is annoyed with the idea but in the end they have quite a good time. Pidge and Hunk are with them (it is a birthday party after all), they are drinking and laughing and it is really nice.
And finally the biggest star of the club comes on stage and the crowd goes wild cause DAMN SHIRO IS HOT AS HELL. He dances on the stage and his and Keith’s eyes meet and  a moment later Shiro is going to their table and he’s giving Keith the hottest lap dance in history and they are looking into each other eyes and Lance is sitting next to them staring at them drooling a little XD and suddenly Shiro is kissing Keith and Lance is like “damn i might be a little gay” and hearing this Shiro looks at Lance and leans in and kisses him too and Lance is like paralysed he can’t move so Shiro chuckles and takes Lance by his chin and makes him kiss Keith. And after they break the kiss Lance says with the most dreamy voice “ok i am totally gay”. And a moment later Shiro goes back to the stage and Keith and Lance are sitting there not able to move.

And when Shiro finished his performance and boys calmed down (it took them a lot of time)  suddenly the waiter came to their table and left two fancy drinks for Lance and Keith and they were like “hey but we didn’t order  this” and the waiter said that it is from the guy sitting at the bar so they looked in that direction and there was Shiro in black button up shirt with rolled up sleeves and black skinny jeans looking at them while sipping his own drink.
Lance was like “omgomgomg what should we do” and Keith kinda forgot how to breath (especially after Shiro winked at them).
When Pidge saw these two idiots like this they were “ok i am done with your gay shit. I have some computers to hack. Hunk you have to help me, let’s go”. And they left and only a moment later Shiro was sitting at their table with Keith and Lance and it didn’t take much time till they left the club cause Shiro lives not so far away and also Shiro has really nice king sized bed.


Breaking In Flash Forward Sneak Peek

Okay, so the other other day they released that OQ deleted scene of Robin being adorable and supportive and I was all annoyed by how much he always loved her and supported her and then they kill him, so I decided to sit down and rage write some BIn Robin (or as @beccabumblybee called him, RoBIn, you clever girl) being all supportive and loving to DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELS. But then I got a little, uh, carried away, and it’s 10k words, so I decided, y’know, I was gonna hold on to it until we got to that point in the story.

And then today Adam Horowitz got me ALL FIRED UP and I decided NEVERMIND LETS POST IT ANYWAY so here you go, 10k of BIn OQ. 

Set in early October (ch 25 was late July, for reference). You will see this again within the story itself, but it’s written so as not to give away any major plot points, I believe. NSFW, and trigger warning for disordered eating. You can skip down to the sex and be okay on that front, though. But the first part… proceed with extreme caution if disordered eating might trigger you.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

So apparently this is a thing, and it’s today! I just wanna give some shout-outs to my faves, in no particular order. 

- @bemystucky - @iraophelia - @anotherwinchesterfangirl - @scribe-of-winchester (& @cm-ncis-writings since Streamy runs two very active, top-notch writing blogs) - @ironarrow87 - @fvckingavengers - @romanovoff - @wakandasoldier - @chovihanni - @winchestersplusone - @grace-for-sale - @loveitsallineed - @ilostmyshoe-79 @sincerelysaraahh - @rogersxbarnesx - @winchesterenthusiast

I KNOW I’M FORGETTING PEOPLE I’M SO SORRY you guys are just some of my faves off of the top of my head omg but if you’re reading this and you’re a writer just consider yourself included

And also, a huge pat on the back for my bestie Emma @a-little-hell-to-raise (and myself) for running @stories-from-stark-tower (… and also me again for running @i-think-i-just-killed-death in addition to that lmao). We’d had a rough go of it these past few months when it comes to writing, so we understand the struggle. 

We all know firsthand that writing is hard (where’s that Chuck Shurley gif??) and we all need to feel appreciated sometimes… So here I am, appreciating you all :)

And last but not least, I’d like to give the biggest and most loving shout-out to @bovaria. (Did you think that I forgot you?? I would never!) Not only is Tesla my ultimate fave (and my wife) but she also encourages my writing everyday. Thanks for being my biggest fan, babe.  

(I know, I know. ‘Shut up, Mikala.’ I’ll wrap it up lol.) 

Thank you all for putting your work out there. I know writing isn’t always a nice stroll through the park–sometimes it’s messy and stressful, and at times it can feel not at all rewarding–but you do it anyway; and for that, I commend you. (And I appreciate you. There we are, we’ve come full circle.) 

Happy Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day, y’all. 

p.s. omg i found that gif guys

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(Banner by sol, aka oops-phan. Tysm <3)

Wow, 500 followers, in, like 4 months.  That’s so freaking incredible!!  I am so grateful to have all of y’all here, on this mess of a blog.  I’ve done a follow forever in celebration of this.  Before that, I’d love to highlight a few special peeps close to my heart ^_^

@luminescencelester​ - n-stacks. my main man,,,i could write forever about you, but you already know i love you. i love talking to you about everything, and your stupid annoying “gm/n streaks” snapchats, and your finsta pics (is it a finsta? the world will never know), and our earliest conversation where we were so polite to each other, and your awful spelling skills. love ya babe <3 

@oops-phan - i’ve been following you since, like, the beginning of my blog and i’ve always seen you pop up in my dash and it makes me so happy!! i’m so glad we started talking, and i can’t wait to continue our friendship :) (also, sol made the banner and she’s super freaking talented)

@thunderhowell - you tag me in everything, and i appreciate that so much!! you’re also super talented and pretty and goalssss and i love talking to you cuz you make me laugh <3

Mutuals are italicized, faves are bolded. (I know I missed a few people, but know that I appreciate you all the same <3)

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omfg 51 with reader and bucky

51. “Hold my hand, bitch.”

Originally posted by stanxstan

You were at the mall looking for a new outfit to wear to the charity event, dragging Bucky along with you. It was a long day, you were tired and so was he. However, when you got tired, you needed affection. 

For the third time in the past ten minutes, you tried to hold his hand and he pulled away from you. You glared at him, knowing exactly what he was doing. He was trying to annoy you, and it was working. 

“You’re being a dick.” You laughed, trying to hold his hand again. 

He laughed and tucked them away into his pockets. “Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.” 

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Hold my hand, bitch!” You whined, stomping your feet like a little kid. 

“Fine!” He sighed jokingly. 

You punched him in the arm, “You’re so annoying.” 

“No, I’m funny.” 

“You’re never funny.” 

It was his turn to glare at you.