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damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)

not to be emo but i’m sure lance isn’t gonna pilot red out of the blue (intentional pun) like….i feel like that moment in s3 ep 1 wasn’t just there to be there. it was probably meant to showcase that keith and lance have learned some sort of confidence in each other to the point the others almost seem to expect lance to step up and comfort him first, that they’ve become close and maybe lance knows how to talk to him. and since it seems implied that he’ll have various reactions to shiro’s absence, he needs someone who keeps him grounded. that person might be lance. like imagine….keith relying on lance….looking for him to be comforted…..being comfortable to talk to him about what he feels….so many….possibilities,,,

idk but this is a good sign as to why red wants him, or keith chooses him for the job. either way it is great. i’m sure they might struggle at first, but i’m very excited to see how lance goes to red i’m so…impatiently curious

this is a long, heavy post, but ive wanted to make it for a while. i hope if you or someone you know has been in an abusive situation, it may help.

when you are abused, the true ramifications of this abuse do not manifest themselves until you are much older.

when you are abused (in any form) as a young person, your first gut instinct will be to turn down therapy/counselling. you might do this because you do not feel you need it, or you do not want to talk about what happened. you need to push past this.

when we experience abuse as young people, we may feel like it was ‘no big deal’. we may compare ourselves to other victims and feel that we are not as bad as them, so that means we are okay. you may feel okay. you may be a young person reading this right now, thinking ‘well, i feel okay.’

i know you do. we all feel like that we’re younger.

you will get older and your untreated abuse will manifest in your life, your body and your emotions. you may develop terrible habits. your body may start to react in strange ways. you may have to struggle with seemingly unexplained bouts of nausea and vomiting as a reaction to ‘normal’ events that have connections to your abuse. you may develop mental health issues and will not understand why. you may grow angry and withdrawn, or deeply depressed for seemingly no reason.

then on one terrible night, you will connect the dots and realise that although you felt invincible as a young person, your abuse affected you.

if therapy is offered to you or you can find it, go to it. abuse does not go away or magically resolve itself. no amount of pretending you are okay will take away what happened. it may hurt to revisit our old wounds, but it is the only way to heal.

it is never to late to heal. if you are an adult who refused therapy and you are struggling, get yourself there, find help, and heal. and if you are a young person reading this, please strongly consider therapy, even if you do not feel you need it.

even if you feel like your abuse did not affect you, let people in. give yourself the chance to heal. do not let your abuser take even more of your life than they already have.

let yourself heal.


o speed run community finally broke the wind waker hyrule wall 


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

the most silly, random things always seems to be regarded as stronger “evidence” to a theory in my mind than anything actually trying to convince me via rational arguments. Like, I can read a very well-reasoned and understandable theory and get it but not believe it and have all these rationed arguments against it, but the thing that casts doubt on my convictions even a tiny bit is always something small and silly, like a one-liner joke or something

Like, the newest Crewniverse zine, which is mostly just silly and fun drawings. And there’s this one page with a drawing of Pearl and Boba Fett and my immediate first thought was “bounty hunters!” and then I was like “but Pearl isn’t a bounty hunter” and then I was like “wait a minute… maybe Pearl is a bounty hunter of sorts and she did shatter Pink Diamond :0!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still not behind the theory and it’s hardly compelling evidence, but like that silly drawing does more to make me contemplate the theory than any 20 page theory on it I’ve read on it. Like it’s gonna haunt me every time I think about it just like “yeah it doesn’t make enough sense to me to believe” and the doubt’s just gonna be “sure, but what about Boba Fett?” and I’ll be like “dang, got me there”

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X “Was that fucking necessary?”

“Yes, yes it was. You know why? Because you’re boiling and I won’t have more of your self-sacrificing ass. So, suck it up and take off your clothes, you need a bath.” You put the pillow aside, watching as he clenched his lids shut, refusing to look at you.

“Move, (Y/N). I’m fine.”

 “Liar.” You pressed, shaking him a little. He had to wake up.

He huffed, rolling on the bed. “Please, I just need to sleep.” 

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love love love.. what kind of love do i want ?? what kind of love do i Need ?? i’m surrounded by love every day.. surrounded by fondness and affection and familiarity and connection in different ways. love love love… it’s found in easy laughter and in shared jokes and banter that i experience with my friend. it’s found in offered mango popsicles and my boss’s funny way of trying to connect with me through suggested mixed drink recipes and easy support of my sexuality. and it’s found in my mother’s consistent want to discuss current events with me and her constant encouragement for me to pursue my passions. and it’s found in the energy of a crowd at a concert and the quiet serenity of a field of wildflowers. my week’s been full of love love love and it makes me wonder how much i need that sort of romantic love and maybe it isn’t even that i Need it as much as i know how good other kinds of love feel and i want to experience this new kind too. it will come when it comes, i suppose it’s not something that can be rushed. but i kind of wish i could have it ? and but kind of i mean really ? i don’t feel empty without it but i’m just getting antsy and i just. want that sort of connection with someone. 

“When the skies are filled with crossing shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by an immense menace. It is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins, a holy war between The Guiding Hand Of The Light and The Bloodline Of Darkness”

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