and i know that ten is selfless




“I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living, because I believe you have the strength to bear it.” -Tennessee Williams, The Selected Letters: 1920-1945



ty again for @bakvbabe for letting me use the goblin au!!!

It’s a cold, winter day, the snow falling in heaps and the traffic as atrocious as usual.

Izuku, nine-hundred-and-twenty-six years old, sits at the very edge of a tall building, which was one of the many buildings he owned in Musutafu. He has a can of beer in one hand, taking absent-minded sips every few seconds, staring at nothing yet everything.

Despite his already fogged brain, he hears it—a crash.

The screams of a woman.

Tires screeching away.

Izuku clenches his can of beer. The bitter liquid splashes onto his hand, dripping on his lap.

A hit-and-run.

Do not interfere with the life and death of mortals, he reminds himself, Reaper will kill you.

Izuku closes his eyes. He takes a tiny sip from his can.


He tips his head back.

At least my son…

He downs the bitter liquid.

If someone is listening out there, please save my son…

Izuku opens his eyes. He sets the can beside him.

He dives off the building.

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You know what I miss in Doctor Who and hope to come back when the next Doctor arrives? The Doctor being heroic, compassionate, and apologising sincerely for something that goes bad or any dark actions or errors he makes. 11 and 12 often act casually when people die and even be a bit rude about it. I know we all love a dark Doctor and the Doctor knows that he can't save everyone but I don't know, I just miss his more selfless and sympathetic nature. :)

Same. This was what I liked so much about Nine and Ten. Yes, they struggled sometimes because the Doctor is a flawed character who has lots of negative traits within him, but they were always ultimately called out by the narrative for acts of cruelty or selfishness, and were shown to be heroes by small acts rather than huge gestures. For example, in Ten’s final episodes (I know people have mixed thoughts about those), although Ten does a load of heroic stuff there and the Time Lords are there, and the Master, the ACTUAL heroic act of the episode is when he steps into that radiation chamber for Wilfred. He is scared and he wants to live but he gives up his life for a little old man because it’s the right thing to do. 

Remember when Nine wanted to torture the Dalek in Series One? He was called out by Rose and the narrative for being just like them, for being no better than the Daleks themselves. The hero was Rose for showing compassion and empathy, and the Doctor was shown to learn from her example and change his own ways. 

I miss that side of him too. 


on three lives, three worlds ten miles of peach blossoms.

I know Mark Chao is getting a lot of attention for his role which is warranted but Yang Mi should receive an equal amount of credit as well. Look at Su Su, Si Yin and Bai Qian’s characters. I wont talk much about Si Yin because he is basically a younger, much more impulsive Bai Qian so the comparison wont hold much ground.

SS and BQ are basically the same person but they have completely polar personalities. Where SS is soft and careful, BQ is brash and reckless. Where SS is selfless and scared, BQ is selfish and arrogant. A complete example of this is in the way both say Ye Hua’s name. 

Su Su is reverent whenever she says his name, careful to articulate every character while wrapping it round her tongue to savor it. She loves him unabashedly and even though their love isn’t one of big declarations or displays of affection, its beautiful in its own simplicity. But its not simple because it built on half truths and convenient lies.(actually i need to talk about Ye Hua doing this: WTF man. He did not plan any of that out well, which goes to show his naivete and relative youth, he just ambled a long and made plans as he went.) It doesnt help that she isnt the brightest bulb in the mortal realm-she is dim but makes up for it with a lot of heart.

Bai Qian is another entity all together. She’s older, smarter, more  powerful, she’s a goddess and queen. Ye Hua is quick to dismiss her as Su Su when he first sees her, all harsh edges and cutting words but he is forced to acknowledge that this is Su Su with the benefit of memory and spine. She doesnt love him yet, i dont think, she is very amused no doubt about that, attracted to some degree-ye hua is taking no prisoners with that approach i mean…talk about smooth- and curious at this guy but she doesn’t have his ardor. BQ is clipped when she says his name, formally distant saying Lord Ye Hua or your father when talking to A-Li, never by his first name. When she meets him, she tells Ye Hua to call her Aunt( Gu gu) and this where the reversal happens. He goes for the more intimate Qian Qian right away, startling her. Now HE is reverent. 

anon: hii !! could you please write one where you’re talking a walk with peter and it’s really cold & gloomy out so he gives you his sweater n it smells like him? thank you lovely 💕

Peter is an all-around good guy. Anybody who knows Peter, knows this. He’s weirdly selfless, generous, and kind. So, it didn’t come as a surprise to you when you felt the heavy weight of Peters sweater around your shoulders.  


“No,” he insists. His hands are still resting on your shoulders, making it impossible for you to shrug it off. “Your fingers are turning blue, and I have a hoodie in my backpack. It’s fine.”  

“It’s not fine, Peter.”

“I’m Spiderman, basically invincible, you think I can’t handle a little rain?”  

“Peter, you had a cold last week after you stood in the rain for ten minutes.” 

Peter doesn’t debate anymore, but you decide to keep it on. After all, it is pretty chilly, and Peter will survive for another block, probably. You throw the sweater over your head, that smells a little of Thai food, and cucumber body wash. It’s warm, and comforting, and so incredibly Peter

“Thank you,” you say, linking hands with him. “Even though you really, really didn’t have to do that.”  

“I sorta did,” he shrugs

You look over at Peter after a while of walking, noticing he’s shivering slightly. "C'mere.”  

You huddle closer to Peter, and wind your arms around him in your best attempt to provide him warmth. You look a little like a boa constrictor, and it’s a bit awkward walking together as tangled together as you are.  

But at least your both warm .

Shadowhunters/Percy Jackson Crossover anyone?

Ah, I have the self-control of a little child in a candy-store when it comes to fanfiction. I know. But whenever I finish a story, I get this itch to start a new one. So, the current thing I’m working on is a crossover between Shadowhunters and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Because what’s more fun than writing for one of my favorite fandoms? Riiight! Writing for both!

And considering I already did one where Percy is a Shadowhunter and Nico is a warlock, it’d really only be right to also do the other version of a crossover between those two fandoms.

The general idea came to me pretty early on and I’ve been toying with it for a while now. Back when a friend of mine tried to explain to me what Idris is and where it is. That it’s technically located in the tri-country point between Germany, France and Switzerland. That made me eager because the whole “hidden from mortal sight” thing reminded me of Camp Half-Blood. So, what if Idris is just that - the European version of Camp Half-Blood. Because fuck if the USA are the only place with a camp for demigods, fuck if European demigods just get eaten alive because their mortal single parents can’t affort to ship their kids off to the US.

And the characters from Shadowhunters make it entirely too easy to find godly parents for them, so there’s also that.

So what if Magnus, son of Hecate, takes on a slightly different yet still rather similar role in the PJatO universe as he does in his own canon? Protector of “warlocks” - of children of Hecate. Those who refuse to live at camp and fight the gods’ wars. Living sheltered, with magical borders protecting them. And with that assumption, what if Nico di Angelo, as he was ten years old, angry, lonely and frightened… ran into Magnus and lived the years between then and the Giant War with Magnus?

And when Magnus needs help because his safe haven is being attacked by a mad man by the name of Valentine, he comes to Camp Half-Blood to ask his old friend for help.

So Magnus is out for vengeance for those Valentine has killed. Camp Half-Blood is glad to help. But they are not the only ones looking for Valentine. No, the European demigods have a particular bone to pick with the mand man and so Camp Idris sends a trio of Shadowhunters - as European demigods like to call themselves - to track down Valentine.

That much for the core-premise of the story.

Sooo, I wrote a little bit for it. Care for a sneak-peek? ;)

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Toxic — Part 6

Originally posted by ninetiesdarling

aw i’m kinda sad this is the last part but I don’t want to keep dragging it on. thanks to everyone who read this and liked it! I hope you like the ending :) i’ll definitely be posting more of my writing so if you like my writing please follow me! enjoy this last part with J and Athena! :’) (warnings: lots of cursing, violence, angst)

J tried to shove me behind him, but I resisted.

“Who the fuck are you?” I asked the man sharply, crossing my arms.

The man finally tore his eyes away from J, looking at me and chuckling slightly. “I’m someone your boyfriend here has crossed for the last time.”

“Look, Malcolm, take it up with Gennaro. I’m just the messenger.” J growled, placing his arm in front of me like I was going to walk towards this guy.

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You never gained LOVE, but...

(So @sanolyn has inspired me to write this after ran idea she had that Frisk had gained a crush on Chara while underground, and would write diary entries to them after finding out they can never meet again on the Surface. This one’s a little short, but I hope it’s good anyway lol)


Dear diary,

So…today’s the day I realise I’ll never be able to see you again. To be honest, I didn’t know how I should feel like, considering I’ve only really known you for two days while in the Underground. I think I feel…surprised? Not surprised like someone had made a loud noise to scare me, surprised as in I’ve lost something I didn’t know was important to me. So I guess that means you were important to me.



Dear diary,

You know, I’ve been thinking. You know you meet someone and you feel a weird…fuzziness inside? Almost as if something is inside you, trying to hammer their way out? And you feel your mouth curl into a smile when you think of said someone? I think that’s what i’ve been feeling whenever I think of you. You make me feel happy, and calm…there’s a specific word for it, I know there is, but I don’t know if I’m wrong. It could just be a strong bond between me and you. I’ll think more about it later.



Dear diary,

I was right. I talked to mom about it and she said exactly what I was thinking. I’m in love with you. But I don’t know if it’s true love or just infatuation. Am I making up my own little relationship between us without realising it? I wish you were here so I could confirm…



Dear diary,

I’ve neglected these entries to give myself some thought. If I love you, am I too young? If YOU love ME, are you too old? No matter if these questions get answered or not, I’ll never be able to see you again…maybe if I reset? T̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶I̶'̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶



Dear diary,

I’m sorry. I can’t believe I thought of that. Resetting just to see you isn’t worth it, even if it IS you. I can’t believe I ever even considered doing that. I’m so stupid.



Dear diary,

I’m sorry about yesterday. I’ve calmed down and realised that I must come to terms with the fact that you’re gone. But that’s going to be hard, considering all of these feelings I didn’t know I had until the first entry I made. Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t left the Underground…but if I did that, no one would be here, and no one would be happy.



Dear diary,

Only today have I realised that I’m basically talking to no one besides a book. I know this is going to sound silly, but it makes me feel better. It makes me feel like my feelings are of truth and not just some fake imaginations spawned from fairy tails. And I know that I’m writing some big sentences for a ten year old, but you SAID some pretty big sentences for a child yourself. Are you even a child? You’re a ghost, and I don’t know how long ago exactly you died. That should be another reason to get over you. Am I getting too obsessive?



Dear diary,

I miss you. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s hard to come to terms with all of this, and I miss you. I want to see you again, I wanna hear your voice, I wanna feel your presence behind me, guiding me where to go and telling me what I need to do. I shouldn’t be feeling like this, I’m only ten. I need you here to help me. I need you.



Dear [/////]

It’s funny. I’m acting selfish when I was the one to free the monsters from the Underground by being selfless. How ironic is that? And I usually love irony, but not here. I can’t keep acting selfish like this. I can’t keep beating myself up over this. I know you’d hate to see me like this, and you’d scold me. Neither of us would want that. You’ve helped me through a lot; through tough times, cruel thoughts, and experiences that I’ve almost forgotten about, all withing the span of two days. Me writing this makes it sound like I’m only dwelling on the past, and for these past few entries, I have. I realise that that’s wrong, especially when it concerns something like this. Staying in the past can sometimes be good, but more often then not, it’s bad. If I stay in the past, I can remember you and how funny and nice and helpful you’ve been, but I will start to become selfish again, and no one wants that. I need to move on, and I need to grow up. Funny thing to say for being a ten year old, I know, but it’s true. I still love you, and I’ll still miss you, but I’ll never forget you or the stuff you did to help me.


You already know what’s number one.

There’s no avoiding that.

But, let’s celebrate the many, many times we’ve been left sobbing by one of the most charmingly realistic depictions of life in the future as there’s ever been.

It’s been a pleasure growing up with this series. Like it’s sister series The Simpsons, the later seasons lost the comedic magic of the original 4, but god is it still worth it for these, and with this one, we can rest easy knowing it ended with dignity.

So, let’s honour it by sobbing once more for the episodes that ripped us apart.

Oh, and, uh, spoiler warning. Like, HUGE spoiler warning. Like, if you haven’t seen these and plan to, this will ruin the episodes for you.

But first, our honourable mentions:

Bender’s Big Score

I can’t count it since it’s a movie (even if it was divided up into episodes for tv), but damn. Lars’s life sums up pretty much the whole spirit of this list. 30th Century Man by the Jigsaw Seen says it all, and it’s a gut-punch to hear it play over the end of Lars’s story.

The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings

Ah. The original finale. I almost wanted to include it because of how nice that ending is, but since it’s a happy ending and Fry’s sacrifice is rewarded, I couldn’t. This list is all about tragedy (or, stories with elements of tragedy). 

With that said, onto the real list! Crack open a can of Slurm and watch your friends for brain slugs because this is the Top Ten Futurama Heartbreakers!

10. Lethal Inspection

Finding out a character we know and love should’ve been destroyed after birth because he’s defective is one thing, but seeing that it was one small act of selfless sacrifice that kept him alive? And that Hermes didn’t want Bender to know it was him?

God, damn it, this list isn’t going to be easy, is it?

This one’s so low on the list just out of personal preference, but it’s still a seriously lovely ending. Little Bird Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell makes a startlingly good soundtrack to my tears. 

9. Tip of the Zoidberg

Here’s one thing that the last two seasons of the show did after it came back from hiatus that the New Simpsons never did (or, very rarely). Go into the backstory of the characters who didn’t get a chance to have their story told in the original run of the series. #10 kinda did this, too, and we actually got to find out what Amy’s job is at Planet Express in another episode, but this is the best example of it: Zoidberg’s story.

This isn’t great from a comedic perspective, so you have to know that going in, but seeing how fiercely protective John was when the Professor called him a friend breaks my heart– and then having to promise to kill his best friend whenever he started showing symptoms … it’s just a great concept.

Not the best execution there could’ve been. I would’ve actually liked it if instead of trying to go for the comedy route in the ‘killing-the-professor’ montage, they would’ve shown him struggle with it more, but still I appreciate knowing the history behind these two, and why the Professor would keep around a grossly incompetent doctor all these years.

8. Overclockwise

Ah. The third series finale. You know, this is one show where not knowing if they’d be cancelled or not actually worked in our favour. It gave us gems like this.

Simply said, it all comes down to Fry and Leela, and their subplot turned main plot about the uncertain future of their relationship.

The end, where their given their Ultimate Fate on a piece of paper, and all we get to see is their reactions, is just wonderful. If it’d ended here, I would’ve been happy, but thank god it didn’t.

(I’m counting it as a heartbreak just because it rips your heart out with the same sort of ambivalent happy-sadness that the others on this list have, and a little more than The Devil’s Hands)

7. The Sting

I know, I know, this one ends happily, too. But the constant misery and questioning of sanity really brings you along for the emotional ride- even when the jokes are still hitting hard.

So, everyone knows this classic. Fry dies and Leela goes insane, hearing his voice in her dreams, when really in fact she’s hearing him talk to her in the hospital. You might be able to predict this one, but that doesn’t make it any less touching to see it play out on screen.

6. Leela’s Homeworld

And so, Leela finally gets to meet her parents. But the real heart-strings yank is watching her grow-up totally unaware that they were watching over her her entire life, wishing they could be with her, but letting her try to have a normal life without them.God damn it.

Baby Love Child by Pizzacato Five never sounded so sweet.

5. Cold Warriors

Everybody wants to know their dad loves them. In this spiritual successor to Luck of the Fryrish, we get a closer look at what Fry’s relationship to his dad was like, and even why it was that way.

God, I love this ending. It’s a rare moment of connection and understanding between the two, and it let’s us know that even though Fry’s dad seemed to give up looking for him pretty fast once he disappeared, he cared. He loved him. That last line says it all.

“Bundle up. I don’t want you getting frozen.”

4. Game of Tones

In the same vain, here’s another one that made me cry.

The plot of the episode, where they go around in Fry’s memory looking for the right sound feels way too much like Dora the Explorer for my liking, but there’s a real, gripping story going on around it. 

The twist ending, when Nibbler transports Fry into his mother’s dream 1000 years in the past, just kills me. It’s yet another moment where the music does all the talking when words really can’t– and honestly it made me bawl when I first saw that Fry couldn’t say anything in the end. 

With the frozen window in the background, and the broken sounding Manchild by The Eels playing, this is a moment I’ll never forget.

3. Meanwhile

Ah. The final series finale. And I’d argue the best one. 

It’s everything Futurama was brilliant at– heartrending story, glorious sci-fi structure, and good comedy. What more could you want?

If ever there was an episode to end it on, I’m glad this was the one it finally did. You can’t go on indefinitely after this, it’s just too final, even though Fry and Leela live a whole other life together after this. It’s too sweet and too satisfying not to end on. 

2. Luck of the Fryrish 

I’ll always hold this one in high regard. I grew up with it as a staple of what makes for great television, and it still holds up to this day as one of the most beautifully structured stories I’ve ever watched. 

It’s changed me as a storyteller, and touched me as a viewer. I can’t say anything more than bravo. 

1. Jurassic Bark 

I’d have to be heartless. You can’t make this list without putting this episode at number one, it’s just impossible. 

Whether or not you like the show, heck, whether or not you’re even a dog person, this episode’s ending is a hard, but beautiful thing to watch. It rips you apart, especially if you’re not expecting it. It’s the ultimate in surprise endings.

And I’ll never stop wanting to hug Seymour. Ever. It’s my constant state of being now.

So, with that said, take care of yourself. It’s been a hard one.

genosidal  asked:

i am so sorry if i spammed your notifs because of all reblogs lmao. this is out of nowhere, but i thought of how iroh willingly banished himself (in a way) when he went out of his way to guide zuko. dont you think that he may have had moments when he looked at young zuko's unmarred profile and saw his son, lu ten- and suddenly get reminded about all that could have been? and when he sees the burn scar he is suddenly washed over with realization at seeing his brother's greatest failure (cont)

@genosidal said: (cont) iroh loved zuko immensely, though i think part of his love for him may have come from his own grief over his son’s death. iroh may have felt that he must do everything in his power to protect and nurture zuko, and was so afraid of losing him (his son, again). sorry if i dont make any sense, it’s just that i dont think i have ever seen another fictional father-son relationship as beautiful as this

most definitely! i agree, iroh certainly viewed zuko as his own son, he even said so towards the end of book one

i don’t know whether zuko reminded iroh of lu ten, we don’t really know what lu ten was like (i can only assume he was a lot like his father). however, i’m sure iroh noticed that zuko had many good qualities and was very honourable even as a young child (i mean, he stood up for the frontline soldiers when he was only 13!) and i’m also definite iroh did not approve of how ozai was raising his children

i can’t imagine how selfless iroh would have had to be to give up everything and self-banish himself like you said. i imagine iroh’s thought process would have been something along the lines of; i couldn’t save my son then, but i can save my nephew [from himself] now. and i’m sure iroh would’ve loved his nephew deeply even before his banishment, but i think it was during the banishment that iroh started considering zuko as a son (and i do believe it would have been during book two that zuko realised he viewed iroh as a father figure)

their relationship really is the most beautiful in the show and the unconditional love those two have for each other is heartwarming. i mean, iroh did everything in his power to help zuko realise his self-worth, his true destiny and that there were people who loved him no matter what, with no conditions attached. iroh would do anything to encourage and protect his nephew and i’m sure zuko would do the same

you know what? nct need more credit. like they are out here taking all the awkward rookie energy so no one else has to suffer. when you’re talking about how rookie groups don’t have that “embarrassing rookie phase” i think over to my good old pals nct who are taking the blow for all your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team. kings of selflessness

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ooh ooh ok so arthur dart and bobby then if u want we can go like leia olympe and micaela :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you!!

get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester
Now, this is going to be a pattern, but I am trying to get out of the workload, so I would go with Arthur and Micaela, because I feel like they are both the sort of people who would almost willingly take the burden, and do bigger part of the work, even if I am not explicitly asking. It’s in their nature. And you know, I am fine with that. I hate working. I would abuse their selflessness to no end. 

get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours
This is more tricky but I think it would be Bobby, because he is less annoying than d’Artagnan. And probably Leia because she either wouldn’t care about me too much, or at least would try to make futile attempts at getting out before our ten hours are done, and we could bond over that. 

get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds
I don’t know why I think d’Artagnan would be perfect for such a thing, but you know, this is not the first time I am trying to give him a role like this. Maybe because you keep telling me he is so gentle on stage!? And then Olympe, because she is definitely patient, at least she took good care of Louis-Joseph, and I am also a child and I need a lot of reassurance as well, so she could be there and make sure I do not end up crying every five minutes.

7. Poe Dameron x Reader Insecure

A/N: Yeah I just figured that all of the different planet probably have a native language, and because Poe is portrayed by the sexy Oscar Isaac, I made Yavin IV’s native language Spanish.. Honey badger don’t care!


Poe could always tell when you felt insecure. He knew that the feeling would blindside you out of nowhere. He could see the change in your eyes. One moment sparkling with joy and fervor as you laughed along with him, the next listless and dull.

   The first time he noticed the change was an evening when the two of you were just sitting in his quarters, laughing and talking about the day, enjoying each others company. Both of you were sat on the bed with backs against the wall. You were snuggled up into his side with your legs curled up against him, and he drew lazy patterns on your knee. You were giggling about something so he looked down to you. When you looked up at him and focused on his gaze, your eyes changed from mirthful to stodgy and you buried your face into the crook of his neck. At the time he wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, so he just wrapped his arm around you to pull you close and kissed your head before resting his cheek where he had kissed you.

   The second time the two of you were in the cafeteria with Finn and Rey. The four of you lightheartedly talking about something or other when you had glanced up at him giving him a loving look. He smiled at you and sent you a wink. Your smile grew, showcasing dimples as you sheepishly looked down. When you looked back up at him, after he noticed you look over his face, he saw it hit you again. In the span of an instant the look in your eyes went from loving and warm to sad and standoffish. At the time all he could think to do was take your hand and bring it up to his lips to sweetly kiss you knuckles, giving you the most obviously loving look that he could without drawing too much attention to you.

   Now the two of you were in your quarters and he had just pulled you into a passionate kiss on the bed. He was on his back with one arm wrapped around your waist, the other hand cupping the back of your head to pull you as close as he could to himself. The two of you pulled away for just a moment to catch your breath, smiling like idiots, giggling to each other. Your eyes wandered around his face but stopped when your gaze fell onto his. And then it happened again. Out of nowhere. Your eyes had gone from ardent and vehement to lackluster and distant. Poe noticed immediately and he frowned. You tried to hide your face in between his neck and the pillow. He stroked your hair gently.

   "What’s happened?“ he asked, his voice laced with worry. While he did mean the question for right now, he truly meant it as a general inquiry. What was it that kept happening in your head that hits you like a brick wall? What is it that keeps knocking you down, and dragging you away from him. He could see the hurt in you eyes and he felt it in his own heart. He was afraid that he might be losing you. And he couldn’t do that. Not now that he knew what true happiness was. Not when he knew that he only felt true happiness when he was with you. He would fight for you. Fight to be with you. Whatever it took.

   He heard a melancholy sigh escape you and your warm breath heat up the pillow under his neck. He didn’t mean to push you, but he was so afraid of not knowing what was going on. He moved his head to try to look at you. To try to coax you to talk to him. You lifted your head up and moved your arm so that you could rest your cheek in your hand. The look you gave him was dejected and he could see the gears working in your brain, trying to find the right words. He cajoled you by continuing to brush his fingers through your hair. Then you licked your lips, preparing to explain yourself.

   "I don’t deserve you. And I’m just waiting for the time when you realize that.” you finally put into words. Poe looked completely dumbfounded. How could you possibly think that? How could the one truly perfect creature in the universe not think that she deserved me. If anything, Poe thought that it was he who didn’t deserve you. In his eyes you were way out of his league. He struggled to find the motor skills to say something, anything at all. Finally he managed, “How?”

   You sat up from his chest, on your knees between his legs. He followed you, coming up from the bed to look you perplexedly in the eye. “How could I not? You’re so amazing, Poe. You’re brave and selfless, and kind and funny, and smart, and you can fly a plane better than anyone else in the galaxy. You have so much to offer everyone. And I’m just…” Your voice died off. Either you couldn’t think of the right thing to say or you didn’t have the courage to say it.

   "You’re just what?“ He hand came to cup your cheek again. "You have more heart than anyone I’ve ever met. You have more love in your little finger than any ten people on this base have in their whole bodies. Brave and selfless? Those are two qualities that I admire most about you! You care, so much, about others. You are so attentive to their needs. Tony and his apron, Snap and his helmet, those toys that you make for the kids - you will never know how truly appreciated those gifts of yours were. You have no idea how wonderful you are. Especially to me. Don’t you ever think that you don’t deserve something, because you deserve everything.” he told you earnestly. By now tears were dropping from your eyes. Poe rested his forehead against yours.

   "But Poe,“ you started through quiet sobs, "You should be with someone who knows stuff about flying or plane mechanics, or fighting.” You paused and Poe waited for you to continue. “Or at least someone pretty. Everyone is prettier than I am, and they know useful things.”

   Suddenly both of Poe’s hands were holding your face forcing you to look at him. He was upset. “You listen to me.” he said in an insistent tone. “Never ever say that you’re not useful. And especially never say that you aren’t anything other than stunningly beautiful. Because that is exactly what you are. A breathtaking goddess divine! You are everything to me! You are my sun and my stars. You are air in my lungs. They very ground I walk on. Eres mi toda!” He finished in the native language of Yavin IV, and with that he pressed a deep kiss to your lips. He didn’t care that you were crying and your face was wet. He just needed to kiss you. He needed to show you. Show you exactly how he felt about you. Show you how he loved you so fucking much.


   You lay on your side in Poe’s arms as he held you so close to his chest, if he had held you any tighter you wouldn’t be able to breathe. You had fallen asleep almost immediately after your activities. Poe made sure to show you the true nature of his feelings for until you couldn’t take it anymore. Until you had no choice but to believe him.

   Kissing your shoulder lovingly, Poe reached forward onto the night table to turn off the lamp before resting his head beside yours. “Te amo, mi toda.” he said softly to you before following you into a deep sleep.

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hi! i was searching anidala on tumblr and i found out your meta abt them, so i hope you don't mind me if i ask you something. i just recently watched the prequels for the first time and uh anakin has v creepy stalkerish and possessive behavior regarding padmè, and while i can see why he falls in love with her i rlly can't see the opposite. so what i'm asking you is: was it really love? why do you ship anidala? pls don't read this as an attack on the ship or you, i'm just genuinely curios :) thx!

Hi! Omg good questions. Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you; I’ve been busy the past few days. First of all, no of course I don’t mind you asking I love asks lol. Second, don’t apologize!! Discussing Star Wars is my jams. 

So. Was it really love? Hm… My background is a little muddled romantically, and I’m still learning to work past that, so my viewpoint on this might be a little… distorted. From my opinion, I’d say yes, just a very desperate, idolizing kind, blinded by passion and projection.

What I think Anakin did with Padme was he clung to her as this literally angelic figure that represented the future off Tatooine for him. I think he remained so obsessed with her for his ten years of training, even though he didn’t see her a single time in between, because he used her memory as a source of comfort.

When he first left Tatooine, she was kind to him. She brought him a blanket when he was cold. She looked out for him and was more concerned about his status as a slave (versus potential Jedi) than Qui-Gon. He did something to help her, and helping her was demonstrating to the most important person in the world- his mom- that he had learned something and would follow in her footsteps. Continuing to help and serve her would be what his mother would want. Anakin has this obsession with being a “good X” whether it’s Jedi, husband, or son, and I think this desire to please stemmed from the desire to make his mother proud in exchange for leaving her behind in slavery on Tatooine. 

Padme for young Anakin represented open doors, possibilities, freedom, peace, and happiness. Keeping this image in his head throughout his training I’m sure was a great comfort to him as he dealt with separation from his mother, and basically having to deal with a new master. 

Anakin never identified as a slave. When Padme asks if he is a slave, he says, “I’m a person, and my name is Anakin.” Likewise, I don’t think he would  accept the idea of being a slave to anything else: to the Jedi order, to his emotions, or to his own idealism. (I think he finally realizes he is basically a slave to Palpatine in ROTS, and I think that’s what breaks him, really. Padme’s death was a sign of his loss of freedom, and worse, I think he realized it was all an illusion in his head after she died. But enough Anakin analysis.)

Back to Anakin’s idealism. Anakin is so taken with this idea of a perfect secret marriage- the ultimate service to Padme- even under the eyes of the Jedi order, who he must also provide the ultimate service to. And he cannot do both, and both end up slipping away from him. It’s tragic and it’s heartbreaking. Anakin in his entire life believes the only thing he is good for, indeed his entire life’s purpose, is serving. (Of course he angsts a lot about this. He believes the perfect servant is what he “should be” and gets angry when he feels he isn’t.)

So yes, I believe Anakin loved Padme, but I believe a lot of that love was directed to what she stood for and symbolized in his mind as much as anything else. 

And Padme. Anakin was a little boy she met on Tatooine as a young and headstrong but naive queen. Anakin showed her the reality of the galaxy. He was a pure force of good who gave freely while expecting nothing in return. I think this was extremely inspiring to her and even though she as a queen was already very worldly and unselfish, I think this deeply shaped her future political career. Everything she does now is for the greater good, and I think this is something she learned from Anakin and his mother. 

She initially seems to not want to enter a romantic relationship with him, but I mean, I can relate to that. I said things like she did but for me it was a sort of self-denial. I’m not sure if Padme truly meant that she didn’t want a romantic relationship with Anakin, because in the middle of AOTC she says something about dying a little inside every day since he came back into her life. (that was such a corny line honestly that freakin movie had so many corny lines) That said, Anakin should always listen to when her mouth says no, even if her body says differently. Sheesh Ani.

Anyway, I think Padme is blinded by this vision of Anakin being a pure force of good and she clings to it for far longer than she should. This ten years of separation to solidify this impression didn’t help. When Anakin does shocking things like kill an entire village of Tusken Raiders, or beat up her ex, Padme seems shocked, you know? Every time she’s so confused as to why he would do that because she doesn’t think it’s in his character. 

Padme is attracted to GOOD. She likes the light side things, she likes effective, selfless politicians, she likes people who can solve problems and make things right. And when she was very young she saw Anakin do this and this impression stuck with her for life, I think. To the very end she still believed Anakin to be the ultimate chosen force of goodness (even if she didn’t know about or understand this “chosen one” prophecy) and was devastated to see that something she’d built her entire worldview upon… was imperfect. 

(oh my god this is so long sorry) Long story short, yes, I believe that Padme also loved Anakin, but a portion of her love also owed to what she believed he stood for symbolically. They projected their expectations onto each other, and the relationship ultimately failed.

Still, they both desperately loved each other because they wanted those ideals the other stood for to prevail in the galaxy, and they believed an intimate relationship and perfect marriage would seal this presence and assure them that everything would be okay. Padme overlooked far too many of Anakin’s faults, and enabled his misdeeds way too much, and Anakin ended up in yet another master-slave relationship- he treated Padme like an object yet became a slave to his emotions regarding her. 

Their relationship could have been quite different if they were allowed to freely associate and communicate with each other, to see each other as people more than as ideas and objects. There was a gigantic communication gap in between them, and if they weren’t so censored by Padme’s public image in her career and Anakin’s status as an  allegedly celibate Jedi, they could have had the opportunity to fix this.

So, why do I ship anidala? It is super screwed up, of course. Definitely not without its faults. But as a symbolic thing to me, it’s like a ray of hope. These two people loved each other no matter what. They were so passionate and they so deeply believed in everything that their relationship stood for. It was an impossible union but still two beautiful things came out of it (no, not the Empire and destruction of the Jedi order… well maybe that last one was a bit overdue anyway): Luke and Leia who brought balance to the force. 

Also, I guess I’m a bit of a sadistic audience member and I enjoy tragic relationships and characters lol. Honestly that’s the main reason. But the symbolism thing too. 

Wow, that was way longer than I planned, but I hope I answered your question lol. Thanks a lot for sending me the ask! 

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HI I HAVE A REQUEST!!! what would happen if the rfa members (+v and saeran) say something hurtful and mean to mc?? how would they react and make up for it???

These turned into mini fics??? I also kinda derailed…but alas…

{ S P O I L E R S }


- he wasn’t really angry and he hadn’t meant to say it but after failing one of his exams and then not being able to successfully raid this one place in LOLOL, he was frustrated and lashed out at you when you told him it wasn’t the end of the world

- immediately he regretted it once he saw the look on your face and he practically jumped out of his computer chair to wrap his arms around you

- you both cried and he promised not to take his frustrations out on you

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Bottomline is, people are going to hurt you
You’ll meet the most selfish people and the most selfless
These selfish people will show you, something about forgiveness
Something about love
And something about yourself.
Never forgive someone because you feel bad
Know the difference between what’s love and what isn’t
And to know that you deserve the damn world and no one should make you think any different
—  I know what I deserve (124 out of 365)

anonymous asked:

You know that people are saying you think Louis is using babygate to stay in the closet. You have a big following so if you think that's true you should just say instead of stringing people along for follows. Sad and pathetic.

I am so tired and it has been such a long day that I don’t even have the energy to drag you in the dramatic manner you deserve.

If I ever believed what you’ve accused me of you would know about it because there would be a metaphorical hole in the internet where this blog used to be. If you truly believe I could stick around and watch someone use a child to closet himself you’re clearly new around here and know fuck all about me.

If you think I would blog about someone who manipulated a significant portion of their fanbase with queer bating and coded messages, you don’t know me from Adam.

I haven’t been here as long as some people, but in the last ten months I’ve grown to respect and admire Louis Tomlinson more than almost any other celebrity I’ve ever taken an interest in. To be so harshly and violently closeted and to still be the kind of person who says, “come on, mum, let’s make someone happy today,” is frankly amazing. To get through a five year long hate campaign designed to portray him as a talentless homophobe and still be a fundamentally selfless and grounded person is quite literally incredible.

He’s not just some bloke who I blog about on the internet, he’s an inspiration to me, and if you think I’d be inspired by or have respect for someone I thought was wilfully and complicity exploiting a child to maintain his own closet, you’re sorely mistaken.

So fuck off with your bullshit and whoever said that I thought those things can go jump up their own ass.

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Can we talk for a moment about Pearl's PTSD? Just how fucking horribly the war messed her up? I had a headcanon confirmed today that Pearl regenerated many many times in the war by sacrificing herself for Rose in the heat of combat. I bet you ten-to-one with that last scene where Pearl is just: "Why won't you let me do this for you, Rose?!" Rose had enough and put her foot down and Pearl took it as an insult because her intentions were good but maybe she didn't realize what she was doing to(1/2)

long ask deserves a long answer! i am getting a bit off topic at times but there’s a lot of thoughts to be written down you know?

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Sleep Alone
Sleep Alone

“Do it really make it all go away?
Or does it simply make it all less current?
Are you hungry when you come my way?
For someone or something that could save you?
Baby, I’m what you need
Yeah, I’m what you need
Yeah, I’m what you need
Yeah, I’m what you need”

“Do you feel that I could never relate,
To the vinegar religion you praise?
So you prefer I hold you under your sheets,
And exchange English for some salt water speak?
You’re something, really something to me
Says the make-up smeared all over your face
Then I touch you on your chest in a place,
That left shambles in the space where you laid,
I’m sorry, I’m what you need
I’m what you need,
I’m what you need,
I’m what you need”

I know you know, the devil in the detail
I need to know, what keeps those feet in soil
I know you know, the devil in the detail
I need to know, what keeps those feet in soil
I know you know, the devil in the detail
I need to know, what keeps those feet in soil
I know you know, the devil in the detail
I need to know, what keeps those feet in soil

(Morphine dreams are quite serene,
In fellowship with melancholy
Bedroom door with lock involved,
Ear to wood, waiting on me
Lay blame on the silhouette,
The loose sundress on Latin skin
And pain made from paper mache,
Then stuffed like hell with sweet release
It’s ten more notches on that clock,
Till’ reprieve receptionist takes a break
All that’s left is me and this,
And you have been buckled in backseat
Gold intention, tarnished finish,
Shimmers like self depreciation
Your intention, pure perfection,
Selfless love is salvation

Elderly, I’m envious, how do you stay in love?
I am young, forever young, selfish so, I sleep alone, I sleep alone, I sleep alone

(Seahaven – Sleep Alone)

The Life in the Light- “And Life is Good Again...Life is Very Good”

I may be somewhat crazy, and yes, I am completely and utterly biased, but Bones is just one of those underappreciated works of art, in my opinion. The writing and development of these characters, as well as these actors playing the roles…everything, all of it, is just wonderfully exquisite. I wish everyone in the world could see what I see. What I’m sure a lot of us see. But I am just thankful that I get to enjoy the ride. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but even as someone who has kept a pretty positive attitude throughout this whole storyline, tonight I was finally able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief…

*Really long blurb ahead…

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Sam Appreciated

This is in response to


’s top 5 prompt. Thanks. I had a lot of fun with this. (Gifs are not mine) 


Death (9x01)


“I must admit, when I heard it was you, well I had to come myself…..I consider it to be quite the honor to be collecting the likes of Sam Winchester. I try so hard not to pass judgment at times like these - not my bag you see- but you….Well played my boy.” 

We have seen death talk to Dean many times. And we have seen his haughty pride and amusement when it comes to the older Winchester. But he has always talked to or about Sam with a tone of respect. He never calls him insignificant, he never mocks him. He pats him on the back.

2. Dean (8x22) “Yeah, well, you know, even banged up, Sammy comes through.” “Father, over the past couple of months, I’ve seen him do crap that I didn’t even think was possible.I mean, sure, he’s miserable and he’s hurting, but you know what? There’s not a doubt in my mind that he’s gonna cross that finish line – not one.” 

It’s sad that I can only think of this one episode (I took two quotes from the same one”  where Dean outwardly praises Sam. But it’s a solid praise. He lauds His brother’s strength, and perseverance and endurance. And this praise is full of fear. Dean of course is afraid of the cost of these trials, but he knows that Sam isn’t. He knows that Sam will go even if it costs his life.

3. Jess (1x10) ”No, seriously. I’m proud of you. And you’re gonna knock ‘em dead on Monday, and you’re gonna get that full ride. I know it.”

This is the way Sam wanted to be praised. He wanted to work hard in school. He didn’t want to be heroic. This is a glimpse of the kind of praise Sam strove for. 

4. Marie (10x05) “If Sam and Dean were real, they wouldn’t back down from a fight, especially my sweet, brave, selfless Sam. There’s nothing he can’t do.”

Of course she was praising him as a fictional character, but isn’t that just what we’re doing now? Yes it made them both a little uncomfortable, but Sam probably remembered that young people read the books and loved him, called him selfless and brave.

5. Bobby (5X21) “I watched that kid pull one civilian out after another, he must’ve saved ten people. Never stopped, never slowed down. We’re hard on him, Dean. We’ve always been. But, in the meantime, he’s been running into burning buildings since he was - what? Twelve?…..Look, Sam’s got a… darkness in him, I’m not saying he don’t. But he’s got a helluva lot of good in him too…you know Sam will beat the Devil or die trying.”

Sam took a lot of criticism in season 4 and especially in five. Boddy and Dean both voiced strong distrust towards him.  And he bore it all patiently. This is the first moment where we get to see Sam publically shine. He has just said that he is willing to die to stop Lucifer, but he waits for Dean and Bobby’s approval. And Boddy sees him save life after life. We are finally reminded who Sam really is.