and i know that it was the leviathan tablet that kevin had first and then this tablet

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 68: Meeting the Prophet

Sam Winchester x Reader

1150 Words 

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

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“I found this boy creeping around outside, muttering to himself. Thought you might be interested.” Meg muttered, tossing him into the room. Grumbling under her breath, she walked away, no doubt double checking to make sure that no one else was trying to enter the hospital.

“Who are you?” You asked him, watching him closely. He seemed different to you. There was something, like a spark, that made him more than human, but you couldn’t quite place your finger on it. “Or, what are you?”

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History of the Winchesters

The Winchesters are two brothers whose life is filled with death and it’s ♪♫ beautiful ♫♪.

In the first scene of the pilot, their father might have been there. In the rest of the episode, he was gone, so the Winchesters started hunting on their own. Then they got their father’s journal, there were leads for cases, they went on the cases, and now they ganked a lot of ♫ monsters ♫ because their father’s journal said so.

So the Winchesters are hunting; they’re basically sort of hanging out across the United States driving the Impala and using the latest technology. Like handmade EMF meters, and rock salt bullets.

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wildphrancis  asked:

whats supernatural about?

This cannot be answered properly without taking a very long time. Supernatural is an amazing show, not just about two brothers who hunt evil…it is so much more. It is about how family is the most important thing, and family doesn’t end with blood, it is anyone in your life who you care about and is there for you. It is about the special bond between two brothers who would do anything for each other, even die and they have several times. 

They are heroes who save countless lives everyday and have stopped the world from ending at least three or four times and will continue to. It is about an angel who was an obedient servant to a God who was absent and never there, much like Sam & Dean with their own father who was blinded by the grief of losing his wife to a demon and spent his life tracking them down, forcing Sam & Dean into the life they have now. Castiel learned to think for himself and got free will, Dean made him feel things he never had before and he helped them in ways no one else ever had, turning his back on Heaven and everything he had ever known for centuries. It is about friendships, loyalty. Dean has basically raised his brother and does everything he can to give him as normal of a life as possible, and he would do anything for him, as would Sam and their relationship is epic, the best they are just …I can’t desrcibe how perfect it is. As is Dean’s relationship with Cas. But these three actors are freaking awesome, they play them SO perfect and they are best friends off set and it is so awesome…

I can sum up the seasons like this (im sure this is not what you mean but I get excited when people ask me about it and have seen every episode thousands of times so I can sum it up in like two minutes for you) these are main highlights of the storyline not stand alone episodes..there is a general theme each season that builds and grows int he next, but there are ‘monster of the week’ episodes that are usually just funny or a scary one that is its own, not having to do with the season’s story line

1-They are looking for their dad, fighting evil demons, ghosts and monsters along the way. Something is going on with Sam but they are not sure what it means, they get in an accident because of the demons and Dean is about to die but John gives his life, sells his soul for an eternity in hell to save his son.

2-Sam realizes he has powers, and it is a result of the demon blood Azazel gave him the night he killed his mother. They carry on what their dad wanted, Saving People, hunting things the family business. Sam is taken to a place to see if he is the chosen one, he is killed and Dean makes the same mistake John did, selling his soul because he cannot live without his brother in his life but he only gets one year. Azazal, the demon that ruined their lives is finally killed when John climbs out of hell and Dean shoots him.

3-Dean spends his year living it up, they try to find the demon that holds the contract, Lilith. A demon named Ruby is helping them, although she is really working with Lilith but we do not find that out for another season. In the end they cannot save him and the hell hounds come for him and he goes to hell

4-Castiel raises Dean from hell, they learn that Dean is here for a special reason, Lilith is trying to break 66 seals and if she succeeds she will bring on the apoclaypse. They have to stop her, but discover Ruby has been feeding Sam demon blood to get him powerful enough to kill Lilith because she is the final seal. Sam kills her, Lucifer rises and Dean kills Ruby

5-Now that the apocalypse has started they have to stop the four horsemen and discover Dean is Michaels true vessel and Sam is Lucifers and they must battle it out in the end. They try everything to stop the apocalypse which results in Sam letting Lucifer in and jumping in the cage, trapping himself and their half brother Adam there.

6-Castiel pulls Sam from the cage but his soul is left behind, so Sam is soulless for part of the season. Eve,mother of all evil monsters is in purgatory but monsters raise her and she is trying to take over, they stop her but Castiel, who is dealing with a war in heaven against archangel Raphael, swallows souls from purgatory and becomes God.

7- When Cas puts the souls back, the Leviathans, the oldest most evil monsters ever stayed behind. they can take on the form of any human and cannot be killed. They kill and kill and kill  (by the way Sam had been seeing hallucinations of Lucifer because when he got his soul back it was damaged but Cas fixed it and transferred it to himself and is now Crazy) Sam Dean and Cas find a way to kill them, they must kill Dick Roman, the leader, with a special weapon. Castiel kills him but he and Dean are standing too close when he dies and are sent to Purgatory with him

8-Dean is back from Purgatory, Sam had hit a dog and met a girl. They discover Kevin Tran is a prophet and he tried to decipher the demon tablet so they can close the gates of hell and rid the world of demons. Cas returns but is different, Naomi, a powerful angel, is controlling him from heaven and is trying to get the angel tablet. In the end, another angel, Metatron who is the scribe of God, knows what the tablets say and tricks Cas to give him his grace causing the angels to all be expelled from heaven and basically become human. Sam was trying to cure a demon to close the gates of hell, the king of hell Crowley. Dean stopped him just in time because he could have died

9- Sam is dying so Dean allows an angel to posses him in order to save him. Cas is human and struggling. Eventually Sam becomes strong enough and they rid him of the angel, but Metatron is trying to take over heaven and become God so he teams up with him. Abaddon, a knight of hell, is back and trying to take over hell since Sam and Dean have Crowley locked in their dungeon. Dean gets the mark of cain, a requirement with the first blade to kill Abaddon, but it comes with consequences because now he wants to kill and in the end Metatron kills Dean and he becomes a demon.

10- Dean is a demon, Sam cures him with the help of Cas in the end. Dean is human again but is feeling the effects of the mark. Cas is struggling with dwindling grace and reunited with his vessel’s daughter, he feels guilty that she lost her father and her life is shit right now. Dean is struggling everytime he kills he wants to do it more. Crowley’s mother is back, a powerful witch and it seems like she is playing him so we will have to see where that goes. Right now we are worried about Dean, as is Sam and Cas and tonight Season 10 continues so there will be many more feels, then season 11 will be even better

wow sorry that was so long, I really tried to sum it up the best I could in few words. Really Supernatural is a show about the bond between two brothers, occasionally an angel and the king of hell…but it is the importance of their love for each other and how it has prevailed over all evil and no monster, angel demon or god himself has ever come between them. It has horror things that are awesome, there are feels that will make you an emotional wreck but they worth it because you feel their pain you fall in love with them and it is also funny as hell. I want to go on forever but this is long enough…if I didnt answer your question explain what you want to know. I love this show and obviously an obsessed with it so I tend to go on and on about it

Supernatural is so much I could never describe it all because it has touched my life and changed it in to many ways and it is more than a show, the actors are amazing on and off set and the fandom is awesome too. I love everything about it and will watch and rewatch it forever because it is the best show ever