and i know people have started talking about plot holes

Hi SKAM fam!

I’ve been barely online the past month and i’ve been completely inactive for the past 6 days and i think i owe you an explanation.

The reason is that i dont like season 4. I was very excited when it started and i loved the first clips/episodes but then my enthusiasm started to fade away. This season doesn’t thrill me at all, we always see sana sitting on the sidelines or looking through a window with a happy/sad face watching people play, talk, have fun.. i only know she’s the main because the camera is focused on her.. but i feel like i dont know much about her story other than that. I won’t even comment on Even’s story because it’s appalling the way he’s been treated. The many many many plot holes and weird conversations are the cherry on top.

I’m still watching skam because i love the characters..i love them all, they’re like family to me. When a clip drops i’m excited because i want to see them but not because i’m interested in what’s going to happen so i dont have fun commenting or making gifs or reading theories anymore.

It would be easy to shit on every clip, trust me, it would be very easy. But i dont wanna do that. I dont want to because i respect julie andem too much. She didn’t expect skam to become famous worldwide and she’s been “forced” to deal with such popularity all of a sudden which is not easy at all. I think she made a few mistakes, the biggest one in my opinion was trying to please the fans, especially because she knows it’s the last season. She gave us a lot of subplots in order to give some screen time to all the characters.. i know she did it for us and i’m grateful for that but the results are very bad. And i’m sorry. I’m sorry because i know how much she loves this show and how much she cares about us and our opinions.

I’ll never stop being grateful to julie for season 3. I was in a very bad place when i found skam and it helped me a lot. I’ll never forget isak’s journey, the support of his family and friends, isak and even’s love story, the message behind every clip, the things i got educated on, the tears and the laughs. When someone will ask me what’s my favorite tv show i will always say skam season 3.

I’m not saying goodbye or anything since i’ll keep posting or reblogging some things that i like and i’ll definitely be here on the day skam ends forever. I just wanted to explain the reasons behind my decision of not being active in the fandom as much as i was before.

I’m sure that many things that i want to say will come to my mind as soon as i hit the post button but that’s all for now :)

I feel blessed for having had the chance to meet incredible people like you and i hope we can find some interests in common when skam ends because i dont want to lose you.

Lots of love to everyone <3