and i know made a typo

Belated thanks to everyone who has popped up with advice and suggestions and comments on learning Japanese.  I don’t plan on going too deeply into Japanese, i.e. I refuse to acknowledge that kanji exists, but I appreciate it!  I’m pretty much prepared for Osaka now: I know how to ask if something contains seafood and how to ask for prices.  Japanese level: conscientious tourist!


Boat Neck Tees

My second favorite item from the Backyard stuff pack! I don’t know if you guys noticed but this color theme is becoming my favorite, as seen on my Day Time Dresses and Loose Knit Sweaters. There were a lot more striped swatches but I felt like I kept doing those in every cc I do so I opted them out xD.

  • Comes in 16 different swatches and found in the T-Shirt category.
  • Requires Backyard Stuff.


Hope you guys like it!

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Useful To You - “Bereavement”

A/N: This chapter took some unexpected turns [for me].  I hope you’re pleased with the results.  And as always, please let me know your thoughts ;)  I’ll also take the time to apologize once again for any typos.  It’s after 2AM and I have to be up at six, and I’m over here writing Richonne cause I have a problem, obviously.  They were all like, “Lol, F your sleep, Jill!” and made me write this now, so…I hope it “works,” ya know?  Thank ya!

Michonne looked up to the sound of knocking on her open, office door.  “Look at you, working on the Lord’s day.  Long time, no see.”

She scowled at the smiling face in her doorway.  “With good reason.”

“He’s my best friend, Michonne,” Terry said as he entered the room.  “I wouldn’t expect you to choose oh say, Maggie over me.”

“Maggie would never be foolish enough to find herself in circumstances such as this,” Michonne said bitterly.  

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Hmm… This is… a little preview I made for Destiny since I was so inspired one time that I made sort of (fake) book covers. The art being official depends on the author~! :) I plan to upload this on Destiny’s birthday since they all share one thing in common~!

Need a BETA Reader, Second Set of Eyes, or Feedback on Your Story?

After suffering countless query rejections and nearly giving up on writing, I met Alisha Casey. Her feedback and editing skills helped me re-write my manuscript into a story I’m truly proud of. Now I’m finally getting agent requests! Don’t know what I’d do without her. In the process of editing my two manuscripts, Alisha did far more than point out typos and plot holes. She made me a better, more confident writer. Alisha’s skills go way beyond simple line edits. She offers extensive feedback on plot and character development in a manner that is professional, constructive, and encouraging. I highly recommend her services.

–Lisa Goodwin, Author

If you’ve just finished a story, spent months working on the next best selling novel, or have an essay due this weekend, chances are you’ll need a second set of eyes to turn great into perfect. After spending so much of our time dedicated to a project, authors’ brains tend to be incapable of seeing “new” and so it is the job of an editor to take a second look, to dive in deep, and find the mistakes we writers tend to over look. Writer’s Digest has countless editorial offers, but they tend to be expensive, and for freelance writers or students, this just isn’t in budget. With the hope of putting my skills to use and to offer an affordable alternative to the writing community, ANC will be now be accepting manuscripts, short stories, and essays for editorial review. Conclusive edits include: grammar, sentence structure, content, pacing, characterization, and overall theme. I have been editing for seven years; the authors for whom I’ve edited have gone on to receive requests for manuscripts from agents and publishers. I currently work as Junior Copywriter for Salt Branding.

Cost: $2 a page, with a $10 minimum. [Standard page size of 12pt font Times New Roman, Double Spaced, Roughly 250 Words a page.]

To request services, please send me a message at or email at and pay using the paypal button on the right hand column.

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wow I can't believe you sabatoged everyone's happiness so that you could link to a porn blog lmao


Pirate’s CSS Guide

There’s multiple CSS guides out there and this one certainly isn’t the best, but some people requested a CSS guide here and I decided to make one. Let me know if there’s any typos or other errors in this. Spider made a better CSS guide here on the furvilla wiki page.

First of all, What is CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a language that effects the shape, color, margin, opacity, display, and the overall presentation of any object. It cannot change the function of an object, nor can it be used to add another visible object (like text). However, it still has plenty of uses.

Where can I learn how to use CSS?

I think this guide might be the best if you only want to use CSS, otherwise there’s codecademy’s HTML and CSS tutorial if you want to get the best out of it.

What are the things that you change on your profile?

Here are the things that you can change on your profile. You can change more things, but they will not be visible to users looking at your profile (ex: your user panel)

Please note that these images may not be 100% accurate. I will change them when I can gather more content. The margin and padding of the boxes/circles are not accurate, but the location is.

Where can I input CSS?

If you want to change your profile, click on the “Edit Profile” button on the top right of the nav.

After you’ve clicked that button, you should see something like this

Enter any CSS code into the text box (in the red rectangle outline) and save it by clicking on the blue save button (which is farther down on the page).

You can also change your villager’s profiles! Just click on a villager of your choice and click the “Edit” link.

Once you’ve clicked on that, you should get a pop-up that looks like this.

Enter the CSS in the box circled in red. When you’re done, hit the save button.

I hope this helps! I’ll answer any questions sent to my askbox. 

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sorry for dumb question but how do you be more idk confident in translating things? ive do random tranalstions for people mainly on tumblr and in the youtube comments section lol, but i always do it like anonomously. im so scared that i will have made a mistake even if im 100% sure and i check over and over. or that its too literal or not literal enough. i just feel like esspecially on tumblr you will be called out for this kinda stuff. sorry this is more of a whine but yeah, how do you deal?

awww anon, that’s not a dumb question at all!

to be really honest… I know I make a lot of mistakes. sometimes I misunderstand something, sometimes I make weird typos because I’m constantly hammering out translations (lol), and sometimes I romanize things incorrectly because I don’t often listen to the song when I type it out. having an audience for all those mistakes used to scare me, but now that I’ve done it so much, the pressure pushes me to improve. at least it’s easy to edit posts, right?

and after years and years of publishing my translations publicly, I’ve found that 1.) people are kinder and more helpful about mistakes than you might think (in Japanese language fandoms anyway, I won’t speak for K-Pop/etc.) and 2.) most of the time people are just grateful that you went through the trouble of translating something in the first place, since most people looking for a translation can’t speak the language you’re translating from :)

I’ve never been called out or anything like that on Tumblr either. so don’t be afraid anon!!! GO FOR IT!!!!!

rabidchild67 replied to your post “I think if cp actually said adverse instead of averse and he sees the…”

that’s a typo right? I haven’t watched the interview yet - it’s so long. someone please tell me it’s a typo

Haha, okay, so that describes my chain of thoughts exactly – he can’t have made that mistake, so it must be a typo.  But oh man, the interview is waaayyyyy too long; maybe someone will split it up into shorter bits so we’ll know for sure??

@hauntedfalcon replied to your post “not trying to take away how great Finn is ❤️, but when in the movie…”

I really love the typo in this ask. Finn can hear us creaming from light years away.

Yeah, I know. I was too polite to bring it up.

Or maybe I have too big a sense of self preservation, because god knows I’ve made my share of utterly hilarious typos over the years. So me pointing something like that out would be the pot calling the kettle black.