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I recently found out that you exist (I know I'm late ;) ) is there anything I should know about you?


Hellow I’m 16 and my name is SpacyGalay but you can call me Spacy,Spicy,Spac,Space,Lucrezia,Lulu,Lucry,Crezia and bla bla bla
I love a lot of things like videogames, cartoons, movies, comics, books and more. I’m a pretty open mind girl I pretty like a lot of stuff. My favorite animale its the parrot <3 <3 I’m still single. I love to animate,Drawing, Sing, Play mysci and more. I love all my friendos and most important thing
I love sushi

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.


My buff orc wife Killian. Sitting pose references from this.

I know I;ve been kind of dead on here lately, I’ve been working on assignments, commissions, and Sydney Supanova stuff. So many things. In between all of that, I’ve also found time to listen to TAZ, and I love it so much (its so good to listen to when colouring stuff and such). 

Anyway, you’re all super nice, and I don’t know how to draw crossbows.

The signs as I know them

Aries: a fiercely protective lover, continuing an argument when you know you’re wrong, passionate loyalty, pushing past your comfort zone, fights that turn into sex, standing outside in the rain and screaming. Freedom. impulsive behavior. Loud and intense. Home.

Taurus: comfort food. Staying in bed on a rainy day. Smart but stubborn. Quiet calculations. Staying up all night talking. Outer space. Lazy days.

Gemini: books and coffee. Friendship tattoos. Smart and resilient. Beautiful. Making friends wherever you go. Two types; either wildly successful and organized like Pinterest in real life or a chaotic mess. Prone to addiction. Living art.

Cancer: musically inclined. Long walks downtown. Deep intellectual talks that leave you feeling calm but exhausted. Ambition. Second chances.

Leo: Staying up too late and drinking too much. Laughing until you can’t breathe. Doing your makeup drunk. Irresponsible decisions that make for good stories. Platonic kissing. Being held when you’re sad. Loyal friendships. Loud and exciting. Not talking for months and picking up where you left off.

Virgo: White furniture. Homemade Halloween costumes and holiday crafts. Careful and calculated. Cleaning for fun. Alphabetized book cases. Never saying ‘I told you so’ even when you’re always right. Motherly. Nurturing.

Libra: memes. Vibrant and super friendly. Always smiling. Eager to please and doesn’t like to disappoint. Goal oriented, and unstoppable once they have an idea. Surprise parties. Pretending you aren’t in love when you are.

Scorpio: staying up all night watching horror movies. Secretive and endearing. Will hold a grudge forever. Cemetery dates. Rough sex. The sound of a thunderstorm outside of your window. Feeling warm in a cold room. Extreme emotional intelligence.

Sagittarius: wanderlust. Forgetting to text back for days at a time. Always somewhere far away; unreachable. Feeing alone in a crowded room. Getting stoned and cuddling in bed all day. Japanese art. Staying out past curfew. Singing like nobody’s around. Inconsistent and deeply conflicted. Anime. Saying we’d still be friends.

Capricorn: Pretending to not like people but being really lonely. Cold. Immaculate attention to detail. Ambitious and unyielding. I haven’t met that many Capricorns.

Aquarius: Talking about alchemy and aliens all night. Doing drugs because I felt sad and you’re a good friend. Listening to me cry about a boy you told me was bad for me. Feels a lot more than they pretend to. Fireball whiskey. Marijuana.

Pisces: Knowing things before you’re told. Crystals. Tarot cards. Your life is a wreck but you always know what to say to help others. Die hard loyalty. Organized mess. Daydreaming all day. Boxed wine. Drunken yoga. A warm hug and a feeling of security. Selfless love.

Do you ever just–

LOL dysphoria’s been hittin’ like a bitch lately what’s up with that


happy birthday, ali!

The Kuroo shirt does not heal. It only corrupts.

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I’m already satisfied with the life that I have

  • Jungkook: *entering practice room with messy hair and out of breath*
  • Jungkook: Sorry I'm late I was doing stuff
  • Jimin: *enters after Jungkook*
  • BTS: Hey Stuff

Hitman!Katsuki Katsudeku AU idea based on this post

  • Katsuki is a famous hitman working for a secret agency (kill first, don’t ask questions kind of deal) and whenever he gets hired to kill someone, he has to directly ask the person which one they want to check off in their bucket list, such as traveling to Italy or climbing up Mount Everest, before he kills them. Sometimes he even gets strange requests (“Are you fucking kidding me?? You want to break into someone else’s house because you want to steal their underwear? No wonder someone wants to kill you.” “It’s not for me! It’s for a friend I swear!”) but of course, each job has a deadline.
  • One day, he gets another job and his request was the strangest of them all (“Izuku Midoriya, you get one thing taken off your bucket list before I kill you, what would it be?” “I-I … I want to fall in love!” “… what?”)
  • Katsuki’s deadline is a week at most and he usually finishes the job after 2 to 3 days, if it doesn’t involve traveling to another country. He desperately tries and tries to make Izuku hook up with different types of people, whether it be a guy or a girl. (“Just fucking choose one! Falling in love couldn’t be that hard” “It has to be the right person! I can’t just pick someone at random and hope to fall in love with them at first sight!”) Sad to say, Izuku was a closet romantic.
  • It’s almost near the deadline and Katsuki was furious, how the hell does one person fall in love so easily in a span of less than a week? He never experienced such emotion for another person through all the years he’s been as an on or off hitman and it’s even the primary rule of the agency, finish the job with no strings attached. He suddenly came to a conclusion that could change the way he operates in his career for the first time in his life. (“Look, how about you.. try falling in love with me instead?” “W-what? Who would fall in love with someone who’s going to kill you?” “Fuck, I mean.. you said you want to fall in love right? It’s an experience so at least, in the end, you’ll know how it feels like?” “… Try me.”) When Izuku said that, it sounded like a challenge and Katsuki never backs down from a challenge.
  • Katsuki actually shows a different side of him to Izuku (It’s for the job!) and takes him out on dates based on his knowledge of what it is even though he doesn’t really know what couples do or how does one fall in love?? because he wasn’t really a romantic person unlike Izuku (“Since we’re going out.. can I call you Kacchan?” “What the fuck?” “Please? You can also give me a nickname!” “… If it gets you to fall in love with me quickly, do whatever you want.. Deku.” “D-Deku..?”)
  • Sometimes, it comes to a point where Katsuki gets impatient even though they’ve only been going out for less than a day (“Have you fallen for me yet?” “No! That’s like the third time you asked me that today, and it doesn’t go like that at all Kacchan!” “Tch.”)
  • Date after date, Katsuki almost gave up (almost!) but he doesn’t because that’s not what hitmen with a good record do! Instead, he offers Izuku what he wants to do (“I’ve always wanted to watch the new All Might movie that just came out a week ago.. but it always gets sold out..” “You like All Might?” “Yeah! I think he’s super cool!” “Yeah he really is..”)
  • From that day on, he learned more and more about Izuku and his weird obsession with All Might, who Katsuki actually also looks up to since he was a child, until he realized… Izuku’s actually not so bad? 
  • As few of the days (2 or maybe 3 days) go by, he became painfully aware of Izuku’s presence that he suddenly realizes that he actually looks forward to the next day he takes him out on another date with Izuku’s choosing. He even has an unusual urge to squish Izuku’s freckled cheeks and do other things that he never even thought of doing to the people he was going to kill.
  • Time goes by so fast that it’s already one day left before Izuku’s final day and Katsuki is getting weird feelings for a certain someone (”What the fuck, is it possible to go into a cardiac arrest at this day and age?” “Kacchan, what are you talking about?”) He realizes too soon that he was the one who fell in love with Izuku and not the other way around. 
  • He begins to panic because who would ever like a nerd like Deku? but looking back through the moments he’s spent time with him, he actually cherishes them and decides to make every memory with Izuku last to the point where he’s having second thoughts up until the last day. 
  • It’s the last day (”Deku, have you finally fallen for me yet?” “Kacchan… have you?”)

I would about die if when it’s revealed that Lena knows about Kara being Supergirl -

Maybe after she’s been roped into helping the DEO for some assistance in highly advanced tech, and Lena gets a comm directly to supergirl having to talk her through disarming a bomb like device. Lena accidentally mutters a “Please make it back okay Kara”. No one else but Kara is able to hear it and by the time she gets back to the DEO, Lena is passed out on a nearby desk from pulling a 48 hour shift like the rest of the crew. Alex meets Kara at the entrance and mentions how much help Lena was able to provide and “maybe you were right about her.”

Kara offers to fly the still passed out Lena home. Once they finally get there Lena manages to wake up and Kara mentions they should probably have a talk.
Settling next to Lena on her bed She asks “How did you know it was me?”
Lena barely able to keep her eyes open replies, “No one else looks at me the way you do”
“And how is that?”
“Like I’m not a monster”


Hehehe, these are super old now (pre Suffering Game!) but since I’m on the road to probably revamping the way I draw Taako for maybe the 18th time I figured I’d toss up these sketch pages of good ol’ Tres Horny Boys™️

EDIT: Forgot that tumblr hates…. images…… click thru for hi res!

Hey guys

I know I’m posting A LOT of stuff on Net Neutrality but ITS SO IMPORTANT

For YouTubers like Jack and Mark they make their living off the internet and without Net Neutrality they will lose money, views, subs

I have no doubt that if this did happen they would continue YouTube until it became so bad they couldn’t anymore but PLEASE

If you can do something about this DO IT.


Or call your representatives or senators and USE YOUR VOICE

Sorry for the long post and all this Net Neutrality stuff lately but PLEASE




I’ve been following @doodledrawsthings ‘s Hell’s Studio AU for a while now and just today, finally summoned the nerve to actually draw some stuff for it. Mainly a certain music director.