and i know it

Part of the story is this really epic romance between The Joker and Harley Quinn. It’s a fascinating love story because is it love-love? Is it love-hate? There’s a lot of ways to argue what that relationship is and what it means.

Why is The Joker obsessed with her? Does he love her? If he did, could he admit that? I think those are some of the mysteries that are going to be left up to the people watching this film to make those decisions themselves.

—  David Ayer on Joker and Harley (x)
first tøp concert

and tonight was the night I realised it was more than headphones being wor everywhere I go

tonight was the night I realised it was more singing loudly, sobbing in my room and feeling oh so alone and desperate for things most people my age wouldn’t be desperate for.

tonight was the night I realised it was more than my 500 picture folder.

tonight was the night I realised it was more than my blog. or my friends blog. or anyone’s blog.

because tonight was the night I realised I was in a GIANT room with people who I had never met, yet to some extent, knew me better than people I see and interact with everyday.

because tonight I made friends within minutes and did things and talked to them about things I wouldn’t with any “close” friend of mine. we sang, we screamed, we swayed, and every once in while looked into each other’s eyes. this was the place where age nor gender or height nor weight nor race nor hometown nor sexuality mattered. I was in a giant group with people, all probably very different from me in their everyday lives but one thing of ours was the same: our hearts.

this was home.

Just watched a a few Interviews with Jason and he spoke about Clarke finding love again like he knew she was going too and who with. It’s his story obviously, but I think he knows exactly when and who she’s going to love, and the way he said it made me feel like that person is already on the show. I have no fear that Bellarke is coming guys. None at all. 

I wanted to doodle  before going to work to get my mind of stuff I don’t want to think about. And I felt like it’s not going to make me feel better but at least I will enjoy it while it lasts. Though to be honest I do feel better after drawing this and it made me feel more calm? 

so hey have an Obi-Wan Kenobi and have a good day please! ♡