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(Image Description: Eight images with gradient backgrounds and positive messages in the center.

Top left: “Genderqueer is resilient”
Top right: “Intersex is amazing”
2nd row left: “Genderqueer is powerful”
2nd row right: “Intersex is magical”
3rd row left: “Genderqueer is wonderful”
3rd row right: “Intersex is beautiful”
Bottom left: “Genderqueer is revolutionary”
Bottom right: “Intersex is inspiring”

In the bottom right corner of each is the logo for the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project.)

If you have a facebook page, you should follow the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project!

From their page: “The Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project (IGRP) is the first and only legal organization in the United States dedicated to the rights of non-binary gender adults to self-identify on legal documents.”

IGRP posts about genderqueer and intersex rights, the legal fight for nonbinary gender markers on identification, and plenty of neat images like the ones above. Check them out!

Shouldn't Say It/Should Say It: The Signs Edition

I know I should say it but I won’t say it: Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Cancer 

I know I shouldn’t say it but I’ll say it anyway: ARIES, Virgo, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio

All Jewish people need a lot of support and love right now - please give it to them. You can talk about hating Nazis all you want, but Jewish safety is first priority. Inform yourself about antisemitism, learn more about Jewish culture, and please stand up against antisemites and Nazis whenever possible.

A Christmas present for my sister~

I hope you all will have a great 24th and 25th!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Fallen Angel | © LEONIS

I’m so tired, you guys. This year has been exhausting, and it’s made me completely change my perspective and prioritize and I consequently feel so disconnected from everything academic. Like I love reading and researching and writing, but does it even matter? I can’t work or write for days on end without succumbing to migraines anymore, like my body just wants me to stop. And it does want me to stop because who is our academic work even going to affect other than other academics working in our narrow little fields? If we teach, then fine, we teach students and make some sort of difference, but also, at least non-academic writing gets to other people. I’m tired, and I just want to focus on A and my family and my friends and building my own world. I want to stay home and make a home full of love and comfort and books, and I want to write things that aren’t just going to be graded and forgotten. I’m obsessed with diamond rings and bugaboos and chubby baby cheeks more than I am with the idea of research right now and all my training has me feeling like I’ve gone wrong somewhere, even though I know I haven’t and that I just want happy things. It’s never been either or for me – I’ve always known that a woman can have a career and a family, but I want the one more than I want the other. I want to focus on family and then write part time. I want home and babies and I know that it’s okay, but there’s still so much guilt. Like this isn’t what the world wanted me to be, but it is what I’ve always wanted. I should be charging forth into a PhD and a career, but I just want to slow down. And I have. But I want to stop feeling like I’ve disappointed everyone else and failed on the academic path. 

Okay but when Damen was making that joke in TSP about Laurent Kissing Him in Front of Everyone Later, maybe he was being sort of serious. Maybe he said that /because/ Laurent-“if-you’re-asking-did-i-fuck-him”-of Vere is actually affectionate with him in public.

I’m beginning to think only, like, 70% of the reason I love Shidge is because they’re my two favs and they would be so so sweet together it would rot your teeth. The other 30% is just spite. Pure “Fuck you, I do what I want” spite that rose from the ashes of people denouncing Shidge after the age reveal last year. Honestly I think that fits both Shiro and Pidge pretty well and I believe that it’s a beautiful shipper origin story.

who else out here being kept up thinking about shit that happened ages ago that you should really be over!!!


Nice To Meet You Too.

12:17 a.m.

Seychelle left Tobias alone as she went around asking for a ride home (thanks to Augie). After an hour of no sign of Seychelle, Tobias began to sober up by the pool. 

- “Tobias, right?”
- “…”
- “I saw Augie’s twitter. You and Seychelle can crash at my place if you guys can’t find a ride.”
- “Eurhh, nah, It’s cool. Neither Seychelle or I are down to drive any where else but home, tonight.”
- “Where’s there to drive to when you’re already there?”
- “Mm..? I’m sorry but, who are you again?”
- “Pffbbt, I’m Maxine but, people call me ‘Max’. Funny how you’d walk into someone’s house without knowing who it belongs to.”


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Some words of clarification, if you will allow me.

The reason I came up with words like “neuronarrative” is because I see a need for such word. It’s that simple.

I see that right now on the Internet “maladaptive daydreaming” has two pretty different meanings, and the phrase is used interchangeably with no explanation in many different communities.

It’s like you have two groups of people. First is people who love drinking alcohol on the weekends or holidays, enjoy it in moderation, like talking about it and creating new cocktail recipes and so on. And second is people who struggle with alcohol addiction, feel like their drinking is out of control and wish they could quit it. And both groups use exactly the same terminology!

As you can guess, it creates a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. You have some people who talk about how much they love their daydreaming and how it helps them in everyday life and who think it is the most wonderful thing in the world, and you have others who haven’t left their house for three days because they couldn’t stop daydreaming or who lost friends because of their daydreaming addiction. Both exist alongside in one community and call their experience maladaptive daydreaming.

I think it’s not fair to either of them. Those who think daydreaming is a positive force in their life need spaces to enthuse about it and share their stories and feel like they are not weird or wrong. Those who think it is a negative force need spaces to complain about it and seek help and discuss their problems and not feel like their issues are diminished. And accurate terminology can help separate them and better articulate their thoughts and explain their experience and reduce the misunderstanding and conflict.

So that’s why I came up with “neuronarrative” to describe unusual and intense daydreaming that isn’t seriously harmful to the person experiencing it, and wrote an article to explain the difference ( I’m not saying you absolutely have to use my word, but I do think we will need separate terminology at some point.

But essentially it’s up to you which words to use. The community is new and diverse. There are no rules. Do what makes you comfortable. It’s your choice. I wanna call my experience neuronarrative. You can make up your own word, or use other words - reclaim them, change their meaning, adapt them for your use.

All I want is less confusion and confrontation and a better community where people’s needs will be met and where they can feel safe and welcomed. But I’m just one person. It’s up to you, every single individual in the community, to choose what to do and create a place that is good for you. And I’ll try my best to help you.

formerlyhaddock  asked:

How do you think things would have changed if the day that Marinette and Adrien get their Miraculouses, Marinette opens her box and nothing happens. No kwami suddenly appearing, no flash of light- just normal looking earrings in a strange box.

Hm… interesting question. 

I suppose one thing to consider is if putting on the earrings then would bring Tikki to life, would Marinette put the earrings on, on her own?

I don’t see her putting it on immediately. I see her very confused by having it and would probably ask Sabine if these were hers. 

At Sabine’s no, from what I can see, most likely, Marinette would’ve shrugged it off and put the earrings away in her room, not putting them on. We might’ve had Chat Noir running around solo for a while, wondering where his partner is with Marinette entirely unaware that he was waiting for her, and struggling.

And perhaps he wasn’t too highly regarded due to being another source of destruction, just like HM. 

I see Marinette finally putting on the curious earrings when she thinks they would look good on an outfit she made, and cue the freak out when Tikki finally appears. 

A really interesting idea, though also kinda sad too. 

Avatar Korra - something from my sketchbook.

My tablet is derping a lot recenetly (I should probably start saving up for a new one) so I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a bit more frequently. You’ll probably start seeing my sketchbook more often now that I finally got the courage to show it to you. Hopefully you like this drawing of this fandom I haven’t showed enough appreciation towards^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost without permission.

thebreathattheendofakiss  asked:

What do you think about Killer Frost? Like the concept of her... of Caitlin becoming evil... maybe not what the show has done with her, per se, but... the idea of her.

Thanks for your patience on this one. I’ve been collecting my thoughts on it, because it’s a broad question that actually cross-sects a couple of seasons, different versions of a character, and there’s the issue of the meta-textual analysis of the character versus the within canon one.

I’ve broken them down below the cut, but the tl:dr for anyone who doesn’t want to read a full analysis: the metaphor for dissociative identity disorder that Killer Frost represents is ableist and bad, but the narrative for the character is unarguably the best she’s had and lends something to the team and the conflict. There are ways they could have navigated all of this better though, and them chickening out of making Caitlin into Killer Frost full time is where we lose the most in canon from what this story could’ve been.

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