and i know how to too! :d

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basically mary n joseph are both shit 2 each other and joseph has also/does also cheat on her too

lmao god these two are A Mess but i guess i’m more inclined to side with joseph bc as far as i’ve played it seems like mary knows joseph is kinda in the closet but makes fun of him for putting on a front/not being out even though they’re in a loveless marriage??? soooooooooo even if they are “””even””” or whatever i’d sooner slap the shit out of mary for her straight girl bullshit anyday. plus like??? how the fuck does she lose an entire baby and not even care where her youngest kid is??? the fuck???

Jimmy Vesey #1

Anonymous said: Hey! I love your writing. I was wondering if I could request a Jimmy Vesey one about how big his hand are (his hands are huge)? Thanks!

A/N: hi!! first off i’m so so sorry for how long this took to get out and i cheated and barely added the whole hand thing cause i couldnt think of anything sorry!! :)) also disclaimer i know like shit all about jimmy and brady and what their personalities are like so just go with it??

Word Count: 1,551

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Never were you ever coming over to your friend Brady’s place for drinks. If you knew it’d end up with you being peer pressured into chugging your coolers and playing truth or dare, you wouldn’t have showed up. But it was too late to just up and leave now. No amount of excuses would work on Brady, or Jimmy either, and now you were stuck here. 

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the love and support :) every like, reblog, comment, and tag means so much to me. It’s how I know if you like the material I’m writing. So, a lovely anon requested my first nalu fic. It’s taken a while cause I did a ton of research (lol go read that fic too) to make sure I got the characters and relationship right. Anon, I’d love to hear what you think of this! Branching out is great, and one day I’d love to be able to write any ship :) Anyways, so here’s a little fluffy fic I thought would be fun. My friend @miss-zei pointed out after she got a sneak peek (she helped me understand their relationship a lot and I was very nervous about writing a new ship correctly) and saw the spoilers that there are a number of parallels between this and the final chapter. Maybe I’m a wizard like I keep saying, and I guess it means I got the characters down alright :) Anyways, I hope you all enjoy. Even though the door may be closing on the manga, us fic writers will open many more. All you have to do is ask and be patient.

Pairing: Nalu
Prompt: I said I love you
Length: 2.3k


It was all Lucy could do to keep her hiccups under control. A few times a minute they would just spring from her lips and the rest of the girls at the table would burst into giggles. Hiccups were Lucy’s tell, though it didn’t take her hiccuping fits to tell she was well passed tipsy. Lucy was a very handsy drunk, and true to her nature, she laid draped over Juvia’s lap as the alcohol pulled yet more laughter out of their group.

Cana had orchestrated quite the night. The entire evening was a blur of drinking, dancing, emotional conversations, and more drinking. The girls had desperately needed to blow off some steam from a crappy week, and Cana had been more than happy to facilitate. Lucy absentmindedly curled Juvia’s hair around her finger as her friends joked and jeered.

“Hey, Levy! You two should get a room!” Cana yelled from her seat at the table. “Or better yet don’t, you’re putting on quite the show.” Across the room, tucked into a corner, a beet red Levy hid behind a hulking, metal-studded man. Gajeel had decided to get a drink, supposedly on a whim, at the exact same bar where they were hanging out, barreling through the door not half an hour after the girls had settled in. Lucy figured it was the work of a certain pearl haired barmaid, who appeared to be enjoying the show as much as Cana. Gajeel turned around to lock eyes with Cana and flashed a wolfish grin before grabbing Levy, carrying her off to a more secluded part of the bar. Lucy knew Gajeel hadn’t actually slung Levy over his shoulder and slapped her ass as he ran away, but in her rum fueled haze that’s what she saw.

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Status Update

Well, we’re at two weeks already and it’s been…interesting.  The anxiety died off some until yesterday.  Now it’s back with a vengeance and I don’t know why.

In the time I’ve been off, I have:

1) Sorted my Viktuuri and Otabek pics into folders (priorities, you know)
2) Spent two days watching every Avenger/Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
3) I’ve edited way too much and I’m not even close to being done.
4) Started a new Dragon Age Inquisition game with a Qunari.  I named her Sooka.  Means “bitch” in Russian.
5) Renewed my love for Hollywood Undead.  I’d Sell Your Soul for them.
6) Watched a lot of Red vs. Blue AMVs and forgot how much I love Felix and Locust.  Life goals right there.
8) Slowly working on the last chapters of MbA (I mean like end of series).
9) Trying to go out of the house but WE HATES IT!
10) There was something else but I don’t remember.

Today….today is not a very good day.  I’m hoping it’s better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better.    I miss you guys terribly and thank you so much for the well wishes, pics you’ve shared and omg INOIML!!!  Still.  

I’m going to wrap for now since I was supposed to be out the door ten minutes ago lol.  I’ll leave you with the theme song for the day:

See ya in two weeks!


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You know I'm kind of surprised I don't see a lot of skitty art from you (I'm kinda new so I don't know how you work things around here honestly). I'd love to see more skitty in your art style!

You’re honestly correct, my friend, I keep memeing Skitty, yet never draw it too often

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Hi! Your madness of hera au looks super good, but I just found it and Tumblr is humbling all of the posts up. I'd really like to read it in order, so if it isn't too much of a hassle, could you let me know what order they go in or how to get all of the tags in order? Thank you so much and I'm excited to read more of your stuff! It's all so good!

here you go!! thanks so much :) xx

(pro tip: if you add /chrono to the end of a tag it will appear in chronological order so ex. /tagged/madness-of-hera-au/chrono) 

Russet coloured t-shirt Mulder gets another cassette tape delivery. He put his No-ho in the Rojo tie on to see Skinner but he’s sent back down to wire tap punishment.  Just when he thinks things are already bad, he meets Krycek, his new partner.  He’d like to take back his wish to have a partner of his own again. 

Mulder ditches Krycek before he can blink, and phones Scully at every opportunity.  Somehow Krycek finds him and wants to a have a key party.  Mulder gives him a Scully™look because he’s not one to put out that easily.  Krycek thinks that because he met his non-evil twin back in Gender Bender he should feel like he knows him too.  

Mulder takes his new pet to Scully and he’s so happy to see her.  I love how neither Mulder or Scully will shake Krycek’s hand. When Krycek looks like he’s going to toss his cookies, the adults take the opportunity to get really close and start whispering.  But then they probably would have done that anyway. 

The next day Krycek is still trying to look enthusiastic and helpful in the hope that Mulder will change his mind about the key party.  Mulder has a new tie on, the Argyle Paisley Tie of Pain.  He wears this to meet X, his new manipulator informant.  X gives him a top secret file which he hides securely in the car.

Krycek drags him off to another crime scene where Mulder’s more interested in flirting with Scully over the phone than anything Krycek has to say, which is perfectly understandable.

The need to compare testosterone levels is displayed in a scene where Mulder & Krycek run through the station.  Then there are shots on a crowded platform and Mulder drops to the ground.  After a quick nap, Krycek tells Mulder he imagined it all.  I think Mulder just did it so we could have a horizontal view of his tie.  Krycek isn’t as pretty as Mulder and that bothers me.  Mulder’s still wearing the Tie of Pain when they search a restricted area of the station where the sleep deprived dude is. They’re having a nice chat when Krycek comes up  and shoots the guy against Mulder’s  screams of “nooooooo!”. Then after all that, Mulder discovers that the top secret envelope from X has been stolen.

The next morning, Mulder meets Scully at the Hoover building.  Despite his wearing his Sewer Gems tie which was just in the sewer a couple of weeks back, they still get up close to each other and whisper a lot.  And they wonder why there are rumours. 

We then discover that <prepare for a shock> Krycek is working for the consortium, who decide that Scully is a bigger problem than they anticipated (especially in the belly region), and she’d need to be dealt with. Keep your filthy hands off Scully, you file thieving bastards.

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Hey I just joined the Jonsa fandom but was a huge Bethyl shipper! I don't know how you feel about Kit's interview answers, but I do know a lot of people are worried. As a Bethyl shipper and knew what happened with that, I'm actually relieved by Kit and Sophie's answers about the apparent Starkbowl. The summer before Season 5 if you remember Emily and Norman were like ALL over each other and we all believed they'd have this great reunion and then we were extremely disappointed and heartbroken 1/2

[cont.]  So the fact that Kit and Sophie are teasing this divide and tension makes me think that it won’t be as big as everyone thinks. Sure there might be some, but the actors would never be this adamant and honest if that is what is actually going to happen, especially if the leaks are true. I think the links have made them play this game with the fans. If something bad were to happen to either characters, I feel like they’d be a lot more loving and compassionate towards each other’s characters 2/2 IDK

Hi Nonny! First of all, please accept my most humble apologies for sitting so long on this reply. I was busy with a special project (shameless plug: dipping my toes into writing my first Jonsa fanfic), and I only like to answer asks when I have time to actually sit down and give them the proper attention they deserve.

 A fellow Bethyler!!! Yay!!! So glad you joined the Jonsa fam now too! The rest of my reply can be found under this gratuitous gif of our Bethyl babies!  

Originally posted by bethsfool

So, the gif actually ties into your ask anyway, because YES, Norman and Emily were all over each other -prompting rumors of an actual off-screen romance, too. *Sigh* good times. I have my own theories on the “sinking” of the SS Bethyl, but  I don’t want to get too wrapped up in the Bethyl aspect of this rn, because your ask was about Jonsa. 

So basically Nonny, you answered your own question. Sophie and Kit are two of the biggest trolls of GoT anyway, and yeah -they kind of have to troll us because they aren’t allowed to give away the plot. Starkbowl is a sham! The only “tension” brewing between Sansa and Jon this season is belligerent sexual tension. 

This slow burn is going to be an angst fest Nonny, and I’m so here for it! Keep up the faith and try to be patient. Jonsa is endgame! 

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I love jalec! Not in a relationship way because malec will always win that battle. But the whole being parabatai and having that sacred connection, it’s beautiful to me! I just love how they can feel each other’s emotional and physical pain and how they are so much more than best friends. Like if one of them died (not saying one of them will, but I am…) we all know that a physical part of the other will die too. But I’d like to believe that with or without the parabatai rune, a piece of the other would die anyway. Because they’re brothers, best friends, they fight together, train together, they share their problems, they have this beautiful relationship that is unmatched and I really love to watch it unfold and to see their reactions to different scenarios! Like when Magnus and Alec had sex for the first time and jaces reaction to that, and how he got worried that Magnus was just a fling. And right at the beginning when Simon was saying shit about Alec and jace stood up for him. And last episode when Alec knew that something was wrong and sent the only other shadowhunter he trusts to go find him.

I honestly think Matt and Dom portray this complex relationship so wonderfully. And I’m so excited to watch as their plot develops. Especially if this season ends how I think it’s going to end…

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How do you write interesting summaries? Can you give tips bc honestly, your summaries are top notch.

Honestly, summaries are the most difficult part of fic writing for me, even harder than titles which is saying something because I hate coming up with titles. I’d say just think about what people want to know. You have your tags so a lot of it is already there but make your summary clearly state what your fic is going to be about but leave enough mystery to intrigue a reader so that they click on your fic. If your summary is too vague or too long-winded it may put people off reading on. 

Sorry this advice isn’t very helpful anon! But really, every summary varies from fic to fic and author to author and I still struggle a lot with it too! So I don’t really have an easy answer 

Title: Consideration

Characters: Marco Bott x Fem!OC

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Mentions of violence

Summary: It wasn’t fair, but she couldn’t help herself.

A/N: Taken from this request :)  I got the inspiration for this from the experience of someone I know :D The gender wasn’t specified in the request, so I decided to go ahead and use feminine pronouns. Please let me know immediately if this bothers you.

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MC calls RO sickly sweet pet name (darling, sweetheart, honey-bun) super casually in front of Bravo and they automatically reply. Reactions of the ROs??? :)

Hehehe, oh I like this question :D (Not sure if you mean how the rest of the group would react or the actual vampire being called the pet name, so I went with the first option. If not, let me know!)

I think A would just roll their eyes at the couple- I mean, that would be their go-to response to most things involving them though, lol.

F would grin so wide. The thought of how much teasing they can now give the couple would be too much to resist. Especially if they can throw in said pet name every now and then to the RO :D

M would grimace and walk away. Displays of affection is really not something they can be dealing with, lol.

N would be super happy for the couple and encourage the behaviour. They would like that one of the team had managed to find happiness with someone else.

Thank you so much for the question :)

boothrat replied to your post “Anyone else notice how heavy the drag of the Ghost was? Those things…”

It could also be bc the Guardian just doesn’t have any strength left whatsoever. The shock of having their light cut off like that left them with heavy limbs and numb. But they have to drag their Ghost close to them. They’re the only ones that have been by their side since they came back. Ghost is the only one that can bring them back.

There’s weakness and there’s weight, I’d have read a weakness animation as picking something up and nearly dropping, there’d have been a giving of the muscles and strength. A drag implies too heavy to pick up, but that’s just how I read it. Animation is a finicky thing, I know.

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For Sylph Admin - What do you think about Master Eraqus and Xehanort?

Well, my most prevailing thoughts on Eraqus are how I want to see the flaws in his belief system stressed in later installments. It’s honestly kinda difficult to get to the point of discussing flaws with Light=Good Darkness=Bad (in the context of the series) when the games only touch on it fleetingly. Looking at you Fairy Godmother with that “You’re too young to know” bullshit on how to fight darkness with something other than light. 

On a bit of an aside, cause it was pointed out to me; we’re still not entirely sure what actual Mastery is supposed to entail, is it just down to the whims of the test and teacher? The only marker we have is if they can pass along a Keyblade’s power, I think, feel free to fact check that. I’d like to know how much of Terra failing his exam was actual failure and how much was Eraqus’s (shockingly picky, next to Xehanort) biases getting in the way. 

As for Xehanort….I have a lot of thoughts, he’s a pretty interesting villain to say the least and a potentially fascinating character if we can just wade through the vaguery that is Kingdom Hearts. If he weren’t a total dick I’d like to hear more from him about his view of Darkness as something vital to have, not just harnessing it for personal gain (& Norting) cause, again, it felt like they were going for a hint of everything not being literally black and white in terms of morality. Actually, now that I think on it, if we get much more of Young Xehanort in KH3 I’d especially love to see what (if any) good he’s done with his power, to balance out that foil thing he’s got with Eraqus.

And, as a pair, I’d certainly love to see what kind of friendship they had for Eraqus to let burning his face with Darkness become a byegone. Seriously.

-Admin Sylph

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Hi, Rin! Do you how to buy songs individually to level up? Thanks!

the resident mayo pickle called bighit just added to the notice that we can use whatever music sites, domestic or foreign, as long as they can confirm the downloads and your info (name + d.o.b), so i’m using itunes for this

Anonymous said: hello! i was just wondering if you have any idea when the 4th term membership packages are likely to be shipped out? thanks for everything you do!

i want to know that too…

Possible triggering!

If you are triggered by talk of depression or unhealthy coping mechanisms, don’t read please. I don’t want to harm anyone by sharing this, only help. I didn’t want to share this, and I don’t want to offend anyone when I say this, but my God told me to do this, so that’s what I’m going to do. Sometimes I think we have to go through things just to be a lesson for others to see.

Guys my heart is killing me. It’s killing me because I see so many of you, our favorite boys included, drowning in anxious and sad feelings. I hate it, I hate it so much that I want to share with you what I’ve learned about my depression.

I was 17 once too, and I experienced a few things that my brain didn’t know how to comprehend. I had spent my life looking through a perspective of a child, I’d never had to truly understand the world and what it was like from the eyes of an adult mind. I didn’t have the knowledge to know just how to face those things that had happened to me, and I chose to cope with them the completely wrong way.

By 19, I had thrown away an entire full ride scholarship by failing out my first semester of college. It’s not that I couldn’t take the work load, or do the course work, it was because I was heavily depressed and didn’t know it. By 19, I had tried every drug that was available to me at the time. I’d started out by drinking every day, and not just at night for parties, but I’d be drunk by noon everyday. Weed has never been my thing, it heightened my anxiety so I didn’t mess with it much, but I dabbled in cocaine and molly (ecstasy); and guys, I’d even done meth a few times. I grabbed up whatever I could just to escape what I didn’t want to face, what I didn’t want to feel.

By 19, I had snorted an Opana, at the time it was the hardest narcotic drug on the market apart from heroin. Pain pills were my kind of high. It gave me enough comfort to be social, my anxiety gone and the constant ugly thoughts running through my head were silenced when I was high. It became a few times a week thing until it turned into an every day occurrence, multiple times a day. In my hometown, they ran on the streets at least $60 a pill for a high that lasted max 4-6 hours. I waited tables at a local restaurant, and every dime I made went straight to pills. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, all I cared about was getting high. I was normal when I was high, I was happy when I was high, or so I thought.

I quit my job because I couldn’t work pill sick, because by then, I was physically and mentally addicted. I won’t share on the internet, or to any persons the things I’ve done to get high. I’ve been in situations I could’ve gone straight to prison for, I’ve been in situations I could’ve died.

By 20, I was admitted to the hospital after an attempted suicide. My depression had declined me so far that the only option in my eyes was to die. I wanted to die, there wasn’t any possible way I could dig myself out of the grave I’d dug myself in. I would look in the mirror and not even recognize the person staring back at me.

After doctors worked to save my life, I was confined to an empty room by myself until a psychiatrist could travel from Peninsula to evaluate me. He deemed me a harm to myself and others, forcing me to admit to a mental inpatient facility where I was detoxed and spent two months learning how to cope with life the right way.

I am sober, completely sober, and I am okay. I take my medication and I visit my therapist and I live. I can function enough to work a job that pays me well, I’ve made some great accomplishments in life recently that at 19 years old I nearly lost my opportunity to.

Depression is not a game, it is not to be taken lightly. If you feel your mental health is declining, PLEASE seek help, I beg you. It’s not a trend, it’s not the in thing to do and I don’t care how many people think it’s beautiful to be broken and lost. It’s not, it’s cold and scary and it can take your life from you. Please guys, I’ve been active enough on blogs that I know to get the gist that none of you would go this far, but I never thought I’d go that far either. Cope with your emotions the right way. Dive into things that are healthy for you and not harmful. You’re in control of your own life, do with it what you please, but please don’t drink or dabble in drugs to cover up your hurt; it will own you if you do.

No matter how much people can trust me now, no matter how well I do; I will never forget what I did, and the people I harmed in the process, they will never forget either. These things are lasting impacts on your life, please tread lightly with your mental health and your choices.

I love you guys, I truly do. I look to you as people who mean something, amazing people that I never want to see hurting. If you need help, reach out for it. If you need me, reach out to me. I am never too busy or too low to help someone else, even if we’re worlds away from each other. I didn’t write this for pity or sympathy or to seem like a hero, because I’m just a nobody who has as an ugly story that I’m passionate about keeping others from making the same mistakes. You are strong, the boys are strong, and life will go on, we will be okay. Stay healthy friends, I hope I didn’t bore you 💛

How the fuck do Galra age

Like rookie saying that General lady can’t be Keith’s mom cause she’s too young butttttttt

How we know she doesn’t age slow or have like a kickass facial care routine

Like Zarkon has looked like an old geezer since he was a Paladin and he still whoops ass

And I’ve also seen people saying like Lotor wouldn’t want a middle age woman as one of his generals which I don’t believe, like I feel he’d be salty about being exiled so he wouldn’t be picky about that
I feel like he’d be more “Oh you could literally kill me with both hands behind your back? Sweet, wanna join my badass bestie squad of female generals?”

So basically I’m just really confused with emotions about season 3

Add any ideas please I’m curious

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Reyna thought for a moment. "He was quieter. More reserved. He was quick to anger, but you could never tell with how well he usually composed himself. The only times I've ever seen him lash out were during battle. Everyone was too afraid to approach him and piss him off otherwise. He was still Nico, just a more secretive Nico. At least that's how he was at Camp Jupiter," Reyna said. Nico always kept to himself when he was traveling between camps. It made sense with all the information he'd had.

“I know Nico is still Nico,” Will stared at the spots on the mirror before wiping them away. “And I don’t want to say that Nico is a different person then who he was a while ago, because he’s not, like I said, Nico is still Nico. But he seems like a better version of himself.” Will shook his head as soon as he said it. “Wait, no, I mean, he wasn’t a bad person then, but he wasn’t happy and now he is.” Will’s face twisted in confusion at how his words sounded. “I sound so awful right now.” He mumbled, taking a hand through his hair. “But I’m making sense, right? Nico almost seems…totally different, right?” He asked.