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random question but how many moles do dk have?

Sorry this took so long i needed to gather my resources. I don’t have an exact number all i know is he has a lot haha! He actually has a lot on his face but for the most part only the one on his cheek was uncovered. Lately that 1 along with one on his left eyebrow and one on his left cheekbone are uncovered too but that’s still nowhere near all of them!

I know for a fact that i’m missing one on his arm but I must be going crazy because i cant find any photos but it’s there i swear!!

Photo Credit: SPARKLING MOMENT, BE MY VOICE , DO THE KYEOM , Delightful Knight and Dein Lacheln

-Admin Bi☀️

(ps. No one asked but my absolute favorite mole is the one he has behind his ear it’s so cute)
HC: Victor is a Nerd

Screenshots were provided by @kukapanda with permission for me to use!

Ok so you know how in Ep. 1 we get a glimpse of Victor’s apartment.

In the blu ray version, they changed how his apartment looks. It’s still very stylish but it is much more cozy as well.



I strongly support the headcanon that although Victor is forgetful and can be very ditzy, he loves learning, is super book-smart, and very well-read. 

Victor’s the type of person to hold all the Weird Facts and blurt them out at the most random times.

Victor also genuinely likes receiving books as presents.

Victor’s the one to drag Yuuri into bookshops and he never leaves one empty-handed.

Victor’s the type of person to murmur deep poetry into Yuuri’s ears when he kisses him. 

Victor is the biggest nerd.

all I’ll say is, during Harry’s promo time, I want to know whatever Harry wants us to know about him. If that means hearing exclusively about his music and movie, awesome. If that means hearing his perspective on dating and listening to him respond to his friends teasing him about stuff and getting a detailed inventory by wick-number of his candle collection and learning lots of random personal facts about him, that’s awesome too. It’s his promo, and I’m a fan of him as a musician but I’m also a fan of him as a human. I trust him to tell us what he’s comfortable telling us, and appreciative of what what he lets us see while respectful of what he keeps to himself. 

Real quick: there is nothing wrong or gross or even unusual about having sexual urges related to sexual attraction, nothing wrong with seeing strangers as sexually attractive without knowing anything about them, nothing even wrong with having sex for its own sake and not for the purpose of connecting with a partner. I think it is easy to combat both “All non-asexuals have the same relationship to sex” and “All LGBT people are sex crazed” with a weird watering down of sexual attraction between us, and watering down of our sexual desires, or with a tendency to say we don’t all have the same relationship to sexuality but ours are somehow magical and clean. But our sexualities aren’t gross and don’t need cleaning up- even being strongly sexually attracted to strangers is fine and okay and very healthy, and not objectifying. To buy those terms of conversation is to buy homophobic goalposts, and to combat a universalizing understanding of LGBT people’s sexualities with yet another, more politically comfortable, but equally universalizing model of LGBT people sexualities.

“Objectification” is meant to be used in as literal a sense as possible, to refer not to sexual attraction to women but an inability to see them as people. I think it’s hard for a lot of women to wrap their heads around the fact that this is a common feature of men’s sexualities because it’s hard for them to understand that many men literally do not see women as more than a hole for them to fuck. But just wanting to have sex with women (and other men, in the case of gay and bi men, or generally, in the case of trans people) is not gross, even random women, even women with whom you have prior emotional connection. I know objectification- I know how men talk about women when they are trying to form masculine bonds with me, and worse I know how men talk about women when they think I am also a man and there are no women around, and it’s not JUST “She’s hot and I don’t know her name.”

We should be careful not to lapse into, “Well everyone is demisexual” as an argument because I guarantee that is not the case. I love fucking women, I love respectful and occurring hookups, I love casual sex with no romantic strings attached outside of general emotional support, I’ve had fulfilling and fun sex with friends I had no romantic feelings for. None of that is bad. But to make the claim that most people don’t enjoy sex or feel attraction to other people sexually without knowing things about them is 1) straight up false and 2) needlessly stigmatizing.

watched p&p with a group of friends who had never seen it before and i honestly had to hide my crazy a little bit because i just wanted to shout out random facts like “look it begins and ends with a sunrise” or  “pay close attention to the evolution of darcy’s outfits and how they correlate to his feelings for elizabeth” and literally quote the movie verbatim but you know, i had to play it cool


Aries: First one to laugh when you get scolded. But first one to defend you if anyone scolds you.

Taurus: How they are so chill, and handles haters with class.

Gemini: Has ways to know everything about you in one day. Daydreams while walking.

Cancer: Opinionated, extremely kind and loves animals, anime a lot. Like a little but ALOT.

Leo: Always stands up for themselves. Cause sometimes you need to love yourself more than you think.

Virgo: Healthiest signs I look up to. Theres not a virgo I know who doesnt eat fruits in one of the three meals…and they come in different colors shapes taste, like it popped out from a tv commercial.

Libra: Cunning and witty. And respects family members a lot.

Scorpio: Have you seen the way they walk? Natural catwalkers.

Sagittarius: Wild, spontaneous and veryyyyyyy forgiving. Knows random facts and tells you for fun.

Capricorn: Realist romantics. Sarcasm to show their interest. Kings and queens of poker face.

Aquarius: “Discretion is a greater part of valor”

Pisces: Softies, take things slow, but always high without drugs.


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I just wanted to kind of say thank you - even though that last answered ask wasn't for me, I'm an artist who just.. doesn't feel like their art is very good. And I also feel like it'll never amount to anything like yours has. Sometimes it really sucks, trying to draw for fandoms and stuff, because my art is so sub-par and it's just... not good. I love your art so much - I want to be as good as you one day. I've been practicing a lot, but... I worry I'll never be as good as I want to be.

Never say never is what you should stick with! 

I don’t say that much, but back when I was starting, I was learning from Burdge’s tutorials a lot. I think her tutorials were the very first I found even before I knew something like tutorials existed:”D I didn’t feel my best back then either…. I just. I wanted to be where the people weree~, where Burdge was. and I thought how can I ever catch up to these amazing artists. But seriously, practice takes you WAYS. Not immediately, of course, but it does.

Personally, I’m that type of person who always competes with people even when (mostly) those people don’t even know I, in fact, want to overcome them. I even have that while riding bicycle and passing by random cyclists, and it was the same when I was swimming. So.

Take that ~I want to be like them~ and make it your healthy goal. There is probably nothing that can get you to your limits like healthy rivalry does. It drives your passion and hidden resources.

The more you draw the more changes you notice. You grow to like your art a bit more, you grow to see the mistakes in art of people you idolized when you just started. It’s a process and it’s a journey;) 

Stay strong! 

random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know
Naruto x alcohol headcanons
  • also known as "get none_kitten's headcanons away from me asap"
  • Naruto: yells a lot, hugs everyone and gives smoochy cheek kisses. even to Kakashi. never let him drink again. probably would light a trashcan on fire. is oblivious to anyone flirting with him, to a point where it's painful to watch.
  • Sakura: Tsunade 2.0, now with upgraded damage.
  • Sai: blushes a lot, suddenly he doesn't fuck up human conversation, but also has a horrible headache and pukes halfway.
  • Sasuke: snark level 527383106
  • Shikamaru: suddenly blurts out ALL the random facts. hey did you know the Eiffel tower was shorter in winter?
  • Ino: flirts with and teases every-fucking-one around the table (or town), but doesn't really follow through.
  • Chouji: cheap-ass drunk food, probably pizza from the shadiest street food place? gimmmeeeee
  • Hinata: wow she speaks a lot. probably about serious literature and poetry. also is really pretty with the blush and shiny eyes she's got going on.
  • Shino: deems the entire thing illogical but gets ass-drunk anyways, starts up conversation with the local flora and fauna (and by this i mean that at one point he was probably hugging a decorative ficus) then leaves without a word to go sleep.
  • Kiba: challenges Naruto in yelling matches, pisses off the balcony, ends up snuggling with Akamaru, hanging half off the beer-stained couch.
  • Neji: super cute, probably would look amazing in a flower crown, is a huge flirt but never notices he's doing it, all the while he keeps swaying from one foot to the other. string of broken hearts left behind? check. does he remember it in the morning? nah, son
  • Tenten: takes interest in the butcher knives in the kitchen, and gives murderous glances to anyone who tries to chat her up. takes care of Neji though, when he can't walk anymore, and pretends not to know Lee.
  • Lee: accidentally drop-kicks someone off the balcony, because THE POWER OF YOUTH CAN'T BE CONTAINED!!!!
  • Gai: rants about the Springtime of Youth for about two and a half beers, then falls asleep on the table because he's getting to old for this, dammit
  • Kakashi: plays bored for half the evening, flirts with everyone the other half (and by flirting i mean he's the sassiest bitch in town and takes home whomever lasts the longest). has a pretty pink blush on the visible half of his face. probably made Sharingan jokes along the evening.
  • Asuma: out smoking the whole time, rolling his eyes as people keep asking him for "just one cigarette, mate". when he - occasionally - shows face inside, he keeps eyeing Kurenai in a definite leer.
  • Kurenai: tries way too hard to ignore Asuma's stares. ends up getting a ride home in Asuma's car. probably tries to convince Kiba at least twice to go home already and sleep it off.
  • Anko: starts telling more and more disturbing jokes and cackles madly.
  • Ibiki: facepalms endlessly because Anko also has a vine-like grip on his arm and clings on. painfully.
  • Yamato: drunken rants. so many of them. 90% of it is probably vegan activism.
  • Kotetsu and Izumo: making out in a corner. from all that's showing, they could pass a) as teenagers in love b) as they're currently having hot hot steamy sex c) they morphed into one being with too many limbs and hair d) all of the above
  • Iruka: blushes. blushes a lovely shade of deep red only lobsters have.
  • Jiraiya: there's a line forming to slam-dunk his face into the toilet. a line of very angry women.
  • ps: there's a private Hokage party upstairs where Hashirama is acting like a child, Tobirama is more done than Ibiki and Kakashi combined, Hiruzen chuckles good-naturedly over a cup of fine sake, and Minato has a drunken flush on his face as he stares starry-eyed into nowhere.

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU, fluff (omg I wrote fluff for once???)

Word Count: 1,311 words of pure fluff

Seven days, nineteen hours, thirty four seconds. That’s when you’ll meet them.

Your soulmate.

Seven days, nineteen hours, twenty eight seconds of pure terror and hell, but happiness and excitement. Your eyes kept on flickering over to the bright red numbers over your bed that had appeared on the night of your thirteenth birthday party. Teenage girls who didn’t know much about the whole ordeal of a soulmate and random numbers appearing on your bedroom wall means there was a lot of screaming. Most of it from your friends who were more excited about the fact in nine years, twenty three hours and fifty five minutes is when you’ll be meeting your beloved one.

It seemed surreal. The years had gone so quickly, in a blink of the eye as you could say. The feeling in the pit of your stomach was strange, but the feeling of relief, the feeling of excitement never left as you grew up.

It never occurred to you that in fact the day was only a week away. Nine years had passed so quick. Maybe too quick. Why were you so nervous? It’s just your soulmate…just the person who you’re fated too since the moment you were born, nothing major.

“Hobi, will you stop pacing? I’m going to become cross eyed at this rate.”

Sorry Chim, but- it’s six days away. Six!”

“You’re going to be fine! The person you’re going to meet is supposed to love you and care for you Hobi. You don’t need to be this tense,” Jimin tried to comfort his friend. Hoseok had been a nervous wreck for a month, the entire situation scaring him but exciting him also.

“D-Do I get a present for them?” Hoseok began.


“What do I even get them? I don’t know if it’s a male or a female!”

“Hobi, calm do-”

“What if…what if I get them something, an-and they don’t like it!? What if- what if they don’t like me Jimin?”

“Oh my god, you drama queen! You’re fated to them! Hoseok, they’re going to love you, I know it. They’re your soulmate, of course they’ll love you.” Jimin avoided the mention of glitches, he didn’t need to panic him out even more, but there was no way a ray of sunshine like Hoseok would get or even be a glitch. Fate wouldn’t be that mean…

“Look, if it helps you feel any better, Yoongs and I are total opposites yeah? We still get along, fate made it that way. Your soulmate, doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, I know they’ll be the one for you. I can feel it Hobi. You’re so loveable, so happy, like the sun on Earth, if they don’t love you there is seriously something wrong with them.”

“Thanks Chim, you’re the best,” Hoseok sighed and hugged the shorter one. Jimin’s words comforted him a bit, but the worry was still there. He just wanted those six days to pass quickly so he could meet you, whoever you were.

The day was finally here. The fact that you were going to meet your soulmate hadn’t sunk in at all. How did the week go so fast? How did the years go so quick? How and where the hell were you going to see them…

You sat up in bed and looked over at your clock. 4:41 AM. Damn, it was way too early to be awake right now, but you weren’t able to go back to sleep. Looking up at the red numbers above your bed sent you into more of a panic and nervous wreck than you already were.

One hour and seventeen minutes.

That’s when you’ll be meeting them. Your soulmate.

Hoseok was probably more of a mess than you (but you didn’t know that). He resulted to pacing again. His eyes hurt but that’s only because he stayed awake most of the night, the fact he was going to meet the one person he was fated to had made butterflies grow in his stomach. Hoseok glanced up at the red numbers.

The countdown was on and it made his stomach churn, but a smile appeared on his face. The day he was waiting for since he was twelve, was finally here and nothing could take that away from him. Nothing was able to make this day a total disaster for him because he was going to meet you. Finally, after all these years, he’s going to meet the one person who will keep him happy, stand by his side no matter what. He was going to meet someone who was going to love him unconditionally.

Coffee. That’s what you really needed. Your eyes were threatening to close and you were too lazy to make yourself some warm breakfast this early in the morning. You washed up, grabbed your purse and your phone, putting on a jacket because it was a little chilly, and you headed out to the nearest coffee shop.

You took your time, taking a small stroll through the park as the sun came up calmed you down just that little bit. You smiled, everything looked so beautiful as the pinkish orange sunlight hit the grass, the flowers, the trees, illuminating everything so it had a tinge. You smiled. Even though the cold wind was nipping at your nose and your ears, the rays of the sun and the thought of meeting the one kept you warm.

You decided to head to the coffee shop that you usually attend before work or when you’re too lazy to make breakfast, much like today.

You ordered yourself a hot chocolate because of the cold weather. When it was ready, you took the cup into your hand, instant warmth flooding throughout your body. A notification from your phone made you turn it on as you started heading towards the door to leave.

Hoseok walked into the small coffee shop, it looked like it was the only thing open that early in the morning, it looked comfy, somewhere he could clear his thoughts before he met his soulmate. What Hoseok didn’t expect was to have spewing hot chocolate spilt on his jacket and shirt the second he walked in.

“O-Oh my gosh! I-I’m so sor-” your words caught up in your throat when you looked up to see who you had accidentally bumped into. Shock overtakes both your body and Hoseok’s.

“I-It’s you…” Hoseok whispered. His eyes were wide, he had never seen anyone as beautiful as you before in his life. The overwhelming feeling of finally seeing you, after waiting all these years made him feel all giddy inside.

You and Hoseok both felt something pressing against your wrists lightly, causing you to look down and observe what was going on. His name was being carved onto your delicate skin in black writing, almost like calligraphy. The date, the time, and his name were all there.

“Jung Hoseok,” you whispered. Hoseok’s insides felt warm the moment his name left your lips. He couldn’t help but smile at it. Smile at you.

“You-” your eyes drifted up to take a better look at his face, he was beautiful, handsome, absolutely perfect. “Just- wow. Th-This feels, unreal…”

“C-Can I, can I touch you?” Hoseok asks gently, the burning of the hot chocolate having left his mind at this point All he could see was you. All he wanted to hold, to cuddle, to kiss, to love, was you.


Not even a second passed before Hoseok’s hands were cupping your cheek, but they were cold which made you flinch just a little. “Cold,” you pouted.

That pout made Hoseok grin wider if possible. He was going to cherish you until he died, he wouldn’t let you go, he’d love you. He was going to give you his all, he promised himself that.

a/n: ahh hapPY HOSEOK DAY!! this sunshine boy deserves everything istg omg. i hope he’s having an amazing day and i hope he enjoys the concert that is on tonight!

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What do u think of Phil? He's so ....difficult to understand

i mean my brain sorta works the same as him with the lateral thinking and going on certain tangents but with his personality i think he shows the best parts of himself online. due to the fact that he keeps his more negative emotions separate from how he portrays himself online i do think he has to be quite positive a lot. even dan has mentioned how phil is pretty good most of the time. i sort of just try to store all the random facts we get about phil that are about his personality instead of the stories that happen to him. his extremely creative and funny and i love him even if i don’t know him in his entirety

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What are the differences between ENTP and ENFP?? I don't know which I am...

ENTP and ENFP both talk a lot, ramble, interrupt, and generally exude a lot of energy. ENTPs are charming but not warm. ENFPs can be hesitant to show warmth but their eyes full of love betray them. 

ENTPs and ENFPs are both expressive, but ENTP’s Ti draws them to pick apart facts, twist meanings to generate puns or come to unexpected conclusions based on a very elegant but random logic. ENFP’s Fi draws them to pick apart feelings, the human experience, and debate based on personal experiences.

I don’t have a lot of concrete facts down, but my Music Meister has that Tim Curry style of singing where he’s singing to you through the pants.

Even if you’re not sexually driven, I want that voice to be something that just sneaks right in, and before you know it, you’re under the Music Meister’s control.

Where NPH had the Broadway Power, Codot will be the Sinful Devil on your shoulder.

He’s also related to a Rogue, which will actually make some form of sense.

Getting to Know You (CtM 2017 Hiatus Edition)

Since we have nine months of lunacy, I thought it’d be fab to get to know everyone, if you lot are keen. So if you are, you can fill out these questions and reblog the post!

  1. Name:
  2. Fandom Nickname (if applicable):
  3. Location:
  4. Ship(s):
  5. Favourite Trope: 
  6. Favourite Friendship:
  7. Character You Are the Most Like: 
  8. Do you create fanfiction/fanart/gifs/videos/essays/collages/hiakus/songs/etc?:
  9. Do you have a prompt for others to create?
  10. A random fact about yourself: 
  11. Profession/What you do with your time:
  12. Biggest wish for series 7:
  13. Favourite fanfiction/fanart/fanvid/gif set/essay/etc:

Just some quick things I have to say to everyone in this fandom

  • @promiseleven you’re one of my greatest friends in the fandom and I will never get over just how completely sweet and kind you are, you’re always there for me to talk to and you’re one of the funniest people I know. You’re so talented and you make every day better for me
  • @raesberri Rae you’re the Randy to my Simon, the Cady to my Regina, the Scooby to my Shaggy, you’re such an unbelievably talented person and you’re so funny and kind and you make my life brighter every time you step into it
  • @supercomsandeggos You’re the most passionate person I know, I don’t know what it is about you, but you get so passionate and excited about everything from walking dead to spongebob that it makes me feel the same about everything. You’re one of my greatest friends, and you’re always there for me and you’re such a kind and funny person
  • @stranger-art-things Sofia you’re honestly the most talented person I’ve ever known. You’re an amazing artist, writer, singer, you play so many instruments, and hkw many languages do you know? English and Swedish, and I know at least ASL as well? You’re everything I strive to be, and through that you’re also one of the kindest and funniest people I know. You’re always there for me to talk to and you’re such an amazing person
  • @cloeggo Chloe you’re honestly the kindest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I have no idea how you can be so amazing all the time, but you are. Every single day I stop and ask myself what would you do, and every day I try and be a little bit more like you, because your kindness inspires me constantly. Anyone would be lucky to be like you
  • @reedstrangerthings You’re the funniest person I’ve ever known. No one can make me laugh the way you do, and whenever I’m feeling down you can always make me smile. I have no idea how you’re always so funny all the time but you are, and it brings so much light into my life
  • @scienceisneat Yeet, you’re such an amazing friend I don’t even know where to begin. You always seem to have a wild story that cheers me up no matter what, and I think you’re the only person on earth who could text me saying you’re knee deep in classified CIA files and I would believe you. You’re a such a fun person and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you as my friend
  • @eggo-my-leggo As a writer, can I just say I’m perpetually in shock of how much you write?? You write so much so quickly, it’s like every time I refresh tumblr you have something new. You’re so talented and I wish I could write like you do
  • @jemmahearteyessimmons You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. You’re such a great listener and you’re always there for me when I’m down, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have you as a friend
  • @stranger-th11ngs You were one of the first friends I made in this fandom, and you’re still one of my closest friends here. You’re such a sweet person, and I love talking to you. I feel like I can tell you everything and we have so many memories that mean the world to me.
  • @miliebobbybrown I don’t think we’ve ever talked before but I love your blog so so so much and I just want to let you know that!!! 
  • @milevenge I always see you in my notifications and I realized a couple weeks ago that I wasn’t following you and I literally gasped out loud because I love your blog so so so much. You’re such a kind person and I really wish I talked to you more 
  • @stevemossington you were one of the first fic writers I really got into in this fandom, and your writing inspired me to start as well. I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve influenced my writing, so thank you so much for that 
  • @theamiableanachronism can I just say???? I have such a big friend crush on you???? Okay yeah I love you’re blog and you seem so cool and yes let’s be friends 
  • @elevenknope VAL you’re a honestly such a kind person and you always go out of your way to make others happy??? Every time I post a rant or anything you always send me a quick message and I can’t begin to say how much that means to me. You’re an incredible person and you’re such a talented writer and I’m so grateful to have you as a friend 
  • @dadharbour you will forever be known to me as Winonas number 1 fan, but in all seriousness I have such a giant friend crush on you and I love talking to you, and this may sound really weird, but when I see you I see who I want to be. Every time you post something I’m always reminded that who you are is who I want to be for myself, and you’re such a kind person it blows me away 
  • @eggos-and-promises you’re headcanons are my favorite things on this earth, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gone through your blog just because I need some thing to pick me up or just because I love your posts. You’re amazing 
  • @ghost-grantaire I love talking to you so much!!! You’re such a sweet person and every time I talk to you it makes my day 100000x better and I’d love to become closer with you 
  • @baileytsample you’re such a smart person it literally blows me away, and you’re angst is always perfect!! You’re a great friend and I’m so thankful to know you 
  • @cherrysconesandtea we don’t talk much, but when we do it always makes my day! You’re such a kind and amazing person and I’m so happy to have you as my friend 
  • @ashy-le-mashy you’re so nice and talented and an amazing friend and I honestly don’t know what to say other thank you for being my friend!!! 
  • @gaywillbyers can I just say, I don’t even ship byeler but your blog always gets me into them??? You’re so talented and your blog is incredible and I’m really in such awe of you okay 
  • @the-weirdo-on-maple-street EMMA you were one of my very first friends in this fandom and you’re such a kind and smart person and you motivate me to be a better person!! I’m so happy to be your friend, and can I just tell you I’ve literally been looking through your quote list every single day since you’ve sent it to me!! It’s so beautiful and it’s such perfect reflection of you because you’re such an amazing person 
  • @protectmike You were the very first person I ever talked to in this fandom, and when we were messaging I don’t know if you could tell but I was TERRIFIED, then you invited me to the gain train and externally I was trying to keep my cool but internally I was LOSING IT. I honestly would not be the same person if I hadn’t met you, and you’re so kind and funny and you make my life better just by being a part of it. And I just want to say your makeup is literal art and I’m literally in awe of how beautiful and talented you are 
  • @shesavedus syd you are???? The absolute coolest person I’ve ever met???? And I don’t understand how one person can be so cool??? Literally okay I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but even before I met you in gain train I remember seeing your selfies and stuff on tumblr and thinking about how cool you seemed and how much I wanted to be just like you and then I remember joining the gain train and the first time you sent a selfie and I’m like “WAIT THATS THE COOL PERSON” and also literally you have such great music taste??? I’ve been listening to your Spotify playlists constantly for like the past week and yeah you’re just such an awesome person and you’re so funny and an amazing friend and I strive to be like you 
  • @telekineticeggos where do I begin??? You’re such a fun person to be around and you make nighttime discord calls so much fun, I always look forward to talking to you!!! And you’re such a kind person, like with getting the donations for sweet relief and all the hard work you’re putting into the podcast, you’re amazing. You’re also so talented and your art blows me away SO MUCH! Aimee you’re just such a fun, kind, funny, and talented person and I’m still in shock that you’re friends with someone like me!! 
  • @flea-and-the-acrobat Sam I don’t even know what to say other than the fact that you’re such a funny and kind person and just by being your friend you’ve changed me so much!! You’ve impacted my interests in different movies and stuff like that and you’ve changed a lot about how I view things! I’m so grateful to have you as a friend 
  • @petersparker you’re one of the funniest people I know!! You literally have a meme for every situation and watching you drop a random meme in the group always makes my day. You never fail to make me smile and I’m so thankful to know you 
  • @strangehorcrux okay the first thing I wanna say is that I don’t think I’ve said this to you before but you literally remind me of Nancy so much??? I don’t even know why but my association between you and her is so strong! You’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and I hope to be like you someday. You’re so funny and I love talking to you, I’m so grateful to be your friend 
  • @eggogorgon Blake can I just say I’m constantly in shock of how you’re always able to get news so fast?? Like literally the second something happens you’re the first to know about it and just?? Where are you getting all this omfg like every time I hear a rumor or something I’ll just think to myself “Well Blake hasn’t said anything about it so it’s probably not legit” 
  • @justice-for-benny I know we haven’t talked in such a long time, but you were one of the first stranger things blogs I followed and you’re such a badass and positive person and you light up my life every time i see you on my dash 
  • @richiegayzier You’re one of my favorite blogs and I honestly really wish I talked to you more because you seem like such a cool and amazing person 
  • @bichaelwheeler you’re literally one of my number one all time favorite blogs and I’m literally so starstruck of you I don’t even know what to say okay 
  • @thecastlebyers you were kne of the first stranger things blogs I found and I love your blog beyond words!! 
  • @m11kee Literally I can’t even put into words how much I love your blog and I wish mine was even a fraction of as good as yours, never change!!! 
  • @dazzlingtiredeyes you’re such a cool blog and I honestly don’t know what to say other than I love your blog and I think you’re awesome and I just really want you to know that 
  • @jewishstanuris I know we’ve had our differences, but you are such a mature, smart, and cool person and your ability to speak your mind never fails to impress me. You’re a strong person and a complete badass, never forget that 
  • @rosy-el I love your writing so much??? You’re one of my favorite fic authors and literally whenever someone asks for fic refs you’re one of the first people I mention 
  • @sstrangerthaneleven I literally have a GIANT friend crush on you and you’re literally my writing inspiration. If I was even a fraction of as good of a writer as you I would be honored. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through your ao3 and read every single thing on there because every fic is a literal work of art and I can’t put into words how star struck I am of you 
  • @finnxwheeler I found your blog when you wrote Whiskey and Broken Hearts and as you know I LOVE that fic so much and I love your blog and I wish I could put into works my emotions but really they’re nothing more than incoherent screaming 
  • @the-strangest-th11ngs can I just say you seem like a super cool person and every time I see you in my notifs I get excited and I just hope you know that!! 

Okay I’m going to stop here because I’ve been doing this for about two hours now, but let me just say that I could honestly write a whole essay for every single person on this list, and there are SO MANY MORE people that aren’t on here and I swear I’m not forgetting about you!! I’m just way too exhausted to continue but I just hope every single person in this fandom knows I love them all unconditionally and I love this fandom with all my heart and I think we all need a little love to shine through

Okay so as basically every other person out there I am blown away by the latest Yuri on Ice episode and in a state where I just have to rant about it to even think about calming down. Prepare for lots of Viktor, and also both our precious Yuri’s.

 With just one look and one line of dialogue, the whole show turned on its head and we can now watch it from a completely different perspective, more correctly, Viktor’s.


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Ooh, alternative idea: Bolas isn’t usurped, he just abandons the plane after it fulfills whatever purpose he made it for after Hour of Devastation.

I really don’t think Amonkhet is this magnificent base of operations that I’ve been assuming it is. He already has his Meditation plane.

I read a theory somewhere (I can’t remember where for the life of me) that basically went as such:

Yes, the trials are in place for the purpose of making sparks ignite on the plane, but not for the purpose of Bolas making some personal army.

Think about it - why would Bolas, of all people, need an army? He already has a slew of agents working for him, so it’s not like picking up a random planeswalker and bending them to his will is that big of a deal. In fact, it’s probably a lot easier (and more efficient) than making this huge plane and just waiting.

The theory surmised that Bolas isn’t using Amonkhet as a planeswalker factory. He’s using it as a <I>spark</I> factory. We already know from Venser and Karn that sparks can be transferred from Walker to Walker. So what if Bolas is using the trials to find walkers and then have them offer up their sparks? Because in the culture he’s made, who would deny the chance to serve their god king by offering him their greatest power (this also ties into my theory of Ashiok going against Bolas. They were like ‘Nah B, deuces’ and planeswalked away to plan out taking down Bolas themselves).

I theorize that Bolas will gather enough sparks by the end of Amonkhet to finally enact some grand plan that will bring him one step closer to becoming an old Walker again, and he will publicly forsake Amonkhet (because let’s be honest, Bolas IS that big of a dick). This leads to wide spread panic and the type of public crisis of faith that would perfectly describe an “Hour of Devastation”.

In a twist, the spark that helps his plan on Amonkhet culminate to fruition is none other than Gideon’s - the one who was so bent on going to Amonkhet in the first place - trapping him on the plane and giving the Gatewatch the kind of loss people have been wanting for so long.

anonymous asked:

Hc that Mitch isn't very smart in a technical sense but he knows random ass facts. He doesn't know how to graph a polynomial but he could tell you what year wackyland's founder built their first rollercoaster cause he read it on a bottle cap when he was like nine

AHAHAHAH I LOVE THIS ONE A LOT ACTUALLY!!! Mitch knowing really weird, out there, facts. I love the thought of it???

I may have to accept this hc……. It’s so good….. He knows the square root of Jo’s ass.