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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor - Part Two

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thanks so much to everyone being so nice with me! i’m glad you enjoyed daddy’s little doctor so much! here’s a part two just for you!



‘Oh my God. What the hell am I doing?’ [Y/N] kept asking herself as she ran hand by hand with Jerome.

‘This is so crazy.’

“Ha! Do you see what I see, Baby Cakes? We’re just like Bonnie and Clyde!”

[Y/N] didn’t have enough time to answer, she gasped loudly at Jerome who just shot a random guy who was about to get into his car.

Jerome laughed. “We have our own vehicle now.” He took a driver’s seat and waited for [Y/N].

She sat beside him and as his hand moved to reach her thigh she took it like she wanted to hold it.

‘Shit. Don’t you dare to blush!’

He only smirked at the situation, not letting go of her hand. Both of them didn’t say anything about it. What if he didn’t really wanted to reach her thigh?

She could feel how awkward it was, at least for her, that’s why she decided to say something.

“So.. Where are we going anyway?”

“We’re.. going to get my face back, [Y/N].” He giggled.

She liked his giggle, it was adorable.

She turned to look at him. “Why do you want your face back though? I kinda like the new look.” She said with a smirk.

He chuckled. “Oh Darling, you never fail to make me smile. I know I still look hella fine but you should’ve seen me with my face on.”

“Well, I’ve seen you.. that day when they found out you killed your mother..”

“Ah good ol’ days!” He said happily. “So tell me Gorgeous, what did you think of me?”

“Nothing!” She said a little too fast. “I mean yeah, uh, nothing.”

Normally, [Y/N] wouldn’t have a problem with lying but Jerome really made her nervous at the moment!

“Awww, c’mon, you gotta tell me.” He looked at her with puppy eyes, not caring about the road, wheels of the car meeting an innocent man because of it.

“Sorry! Didn’t see ya!” [Y/N] looked at the scene with wide eyes.

“Okay now, where were we? Oh right, answer my question, Toots.”

‘He really enjoys giving nicknames… Anyway, I guess I have nothing to lose.’

“Well.. I thought you were kinda.. cute?” She couldn’t help but looked down at her hands and blushed. She felt bad for feeling like this because of a sociopath. But he was really sweet to her, ya know?

She could feel like.. herself with him. Everybody always expected her to be perfect. She was so tired of this.  She was only a human being.

He smirked still gazing at the road.. “Don’t cha too sweet for me, Baby?”

“What do you mean she left with him?!”

“Look, Jim, I couldn’t stop them. I already told you, she just left.. like that. She didn’t even protest.”

Jim made a weird face at her words so she added “That’s probably because she was too scared..”

Inside she knew she was wrong. [Y/N] looked shocked, then shy but definitely not scared. Lee had no idea what to think.

“We need to find her. We need to find them.

[Y/N] sat on a table where Jerome was lying 3 hours ago, when Dwight was trying to bring him back from the dead. She was looking at Jerome’s back for 5 minutes as he moaned in pain. He was “putting” his face back on and he was almost finished. [Y/N] felt bad for him, she didn’t like him being in pain. He was handsome in her opinion when he had no face, so she was 1000%  sure he’d be still handsome with staples.

Finally he finished his work and looked at Dwight.

“So, how’s the look?”

Dwight was really nervous. He was praying Jerome’s not mad but he noticed that [Y/N] was. 

“It looks good..” He wasn’t very persuasive, was he?

“You wouldn’t.. lie to me.. Right, Dwight?”

He shook his head. “N-no. I-it looks good.” Jerome was smiling the whole time. 

He looked like an angel in [Y/N]’s eyes.

Jerome noticed a gentle smile on her face and returned it.

“Now Dwight, would you stand over there? Me and Sweet Cheeks need to talk about something.” Dwight nodded quickly and almost ran to the place Jerome pointed out.

Jerome and [Y/N] moved aside and he explained, what he wanted to do. He wanted to leave a message for Gotham.

[Y/N] couldn’t be more excited.

“Testing, testing… Are we live? Are we on air?”

In the background you were able see Dwight, tied up to incendiary bombs.

“C’mere, Gorgeous, no need to be shy, you’re too pretty for that.”

She skipped to Jerome. “Hiya everyone!” She waved, giggled and kissed Jerome on the cheek. She was way more confident by now, thanks to her Puddin telling her not to worry.

“Some of you may know I died. Take it from me - death is dull! But coming back… that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life and I would like to share that with you.” He looked over at [Y/N] and blew her a kiss.

“Tonight, Gotham - in the darkness - there are no rules! So tonight, Gotham, do what you want, kill who you want. And when morning comes you too shall be reborn!” He took [Y/N]’s hand and fired an explosive.

“And, uh..”


“.. I don’t forgive you for my face.”

They started laughing like maniacs. ([Y/N]’s favourite kind of laugh) And left. Just like that. Again.

On daily basis, [Y/N] would feel bad. It wasn’t normal anymore, but on the other hand, she couldn’t be more happy to be with Jerome. They were in love! It felt like magic.

Like he was a Clyde to her, and she was a Bonnie to him!

You may wonder, why all of this had to happen?

I guess we will never really know. Maybe it happened because she was too tired of being a perfect child?

Too tired of having straight A’s?

Or too tired of rules?

Or maybe tired of always having to speak with respect?

She was too tired of one thing, she always had to be.

 She was tired of being Daddy’s Little Doctor.


This might be me being bias cuz Shatt is magnificent but I noticed a thing, I kinda felt Matt was too cheerful to have gone through what he has when he’s with the team, of course he’s happy to see Pidge but at times he almost seems over the top I dunno (its cute and adorable he deserves this happiness) but imagine this happiness is partly his actual emotions but also was used as a front to keep him steady and keep going to remind him everything is okay, he made it through the worse, though when he sees Shiro he actually calms down and his eyes soften and its like he’s found someone who understands what he’s gone through and he doesn’t need to be spontaneous or like he even feels like he needs to be formal around Shiro because he doesn’t know how to react and shakes his hand and calls him sir but then Shiro pulls him into a hug and Matt hugs him back and I just I need more Shatt moments and them supporting each other through their trauma in times where they are not putting on a smile and being strong for everyone

Like Matt didn’t tell Pidge what happened to him he’s brushed it off BUT HE DEFINITELY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE MISSION WITH THAT REBEL MEMORIAL LIKE of course he wouldn’t scare her at first and tell him how many times he’s almost died, how many times he wasn’t sure if he’d ever go home just god Matt is just as messed up as Shiro and no one even notices how much pain Shiro has been in either

Like he went off the grid for a reason how important was his role in that mission why was that bounty on his head?? I need to know????

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hey could i please get some headcannons where it's a modern au and stenbrough meet on instagram?? tysm i love your writing !!

okay anon are you tryna make me cry??? i love you thank you so much!!! 
(fun fact a girl i know met her husband on instagram so i kind of took some inspiration from that)

- Stan hates all forms of social media so it’s Richie who makes him an account, with the username stan-the-man obvs

- He’s mad at first but when Mike shows him how to use filters and makes his bird photographs look really pretty he starts to use it religiously

- His account is peak aesthetic

- Bill’s insta is full of pictures of his family (and silver who lets not be kidded is family too)

- He’s more of a liker than a sharer, he can scroll for hours through posts but only posts himself every few weeks at the most

- He finds Stan’s account because he see’s Bev has liked one of his posts (it’s a gorgeous shot of a blue jay mid-flight)

- He is instantly smitten when he see’s the boys bright brown eyes and neat curls and follows immediately

- Stan is equally as smitten with Bill because he always has cute captions on his posts

- Bill’s been pining for weeks so Bev takes matters into her own hands and sends the first message

“do you have a red belly? cause you're Robin my heart”

- Bill dies with embarrassment, Bev can’t stop laughing

- Bill’s in the middle of typing an apology - “that was my dumb friend please pretend this never happened” when he gets an equally embarrassing pick up line back

- (Richie told Stan what to write)

- They chat all night about their favourite hobbies, movies, food, music and love how much they have in common

- Bill is convinced Stan’s a catfish (no one in Derry is this perfect) until Stan puts up a story of him and Richie singing (it was love will tear us apart by joy division)

- Bill’s never heard a sound like it before and thinks he’ll explode if he doesn’t hear it irl

- He asks Stan on a date the next day

- Stan is super nervous but Richie keeps texting him dumb jokes to keep him relaxed (he says they’re not helping but they are)

- Bev tells Bill she is fully prepared to kick ass if things don’t go well

- They meet at the park and both can’t believe how beautiful the other is

- Bill can’t stop apologising for his stutter but Stan insists it gives him character and wouldn’t change anything about him

- Bill wants to kiss him there and then

- The go to a cute diner and spend the evening telling each other the things they felt they couldn’t online

- The walk back to their cars hand in hand

- Stan kisses Bill goodnight and they promise to go out again

- From then on their accounts are filled with cute candid’s of each other and selfies together

(i hope this is okay, I kinda got carried away!!!! Feel free to add more!!!)


“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Criminal Minds Coffee Shop Headcanons
  • Hotch: Orders black coffee with a dash of milk, comes in every morning before work and every day at lunchtime...and sometimes after work, always one of the first people in, has a strange attachment to the danishes
  • Derek: Is constantly changing his order, lets people cut in front of him in line if they look like they're having a bad day, flirts with the barista, goes to the donut shop across the street as well to flirt with her...and for the donuts
  • Spencer: Orders way too much coffee- drinks it all, puts too much sugar to be healthy in his coffee, reads an entire book while waiting in line, will unashamably come in at like 10 o'clock at night, secretly obsessed with the muffins
  • Rossi: Orders straight up black coffee, sits in the corner and writes for hours and hours but also people watches, comes in every Sunday, Mr. Banana Bread
  • Emily: Gets the seasonal lattes, when she doesn't know what to get she orders a cappucino or caramel macchiato, gets to know the other regulars, the type that would tell the barista a fake/inside joke/pun/movie reference name, brings her own cup, feels fancy when she orders scones for some reason
  • JJ: Worships the hot chocolate, more than definitely a cake-pop kinda girl, if she does get coffee it's usually decaf, brings the kids in sometimes so they can get hot chocolate with her
  • Garcia: Has an insanely long, obscure order, but personally gets to know every single one of the baristas so it's okay, has tried every single pastry that is for sale
The skype call one: Klance! :D

For an anon who requested Keith out of town Skyping a sick Lance, who passes out while they’re talking, and their landlord and friend Shiro has to come to the rescue. I made them all in their mid-20′s, and gave them all jobs that I headcanon them with. Keith is an investment banker, Hunk was a co-owner of a mechanics shop that closed and now works for Keith, Shiro is a yoga instructor (which: fuckin sign me up for that class hot dAMN), Pidge (though she isn’t in this fic) is an engineer, Allura (also not in this fic) is a CEO, and Lance is a phlebotomist. I hope it’s okay!

Side note, I’m actually pretty proud of the dialogue at the end. I think it’s damn cute. I can’t write relationships but I can kinda sorta write flirting???

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Study Buddy

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Imagine: Peter gets assigned to be your tutor in Chemistry, but things turn steamy

Warnings: Smutish just second base sorta stuff


You sat in your living room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of your tutor. You recently failed your last Chemistry test, and you hadn’t been doing too great all semester, so your teacher assigned you a tutor. Even though you knew you needed one, you weren’t too happy about being forced into it. You were afraid it was going to be super awkward and you were just going to look like an idiot.

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and we meet again.

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genre: royal!au, romance, implied smut

word count: 2.8k

I believed that I had a led quite a normal life, you know, besides being a ‘princess’ but that was besides the point. My parents had hidden me from the spotlight; they saw how my brother suffered and didn’t want me to have to experience the same thing. People would throw themselves at him, left, right and centre; it looked ever so uncomfortable, he never leaves his home now, too scared to make a move and one move could be the end of his image.

I on the other hand lived as normally as possible, of course, once every now and then I had to dress up and act like the role I was assigned at birth but most days I was just me, a uni student, nothing special and I liked it that way. It was comfortable and safe.

“Hey, ___. Jimin’s throwing a party tomorrow, wanna come?” Hazel asked me as she threw off her unnecessarily big coat. “Yeah, I’ll come, if you don’t appear with that thing.” “What’s wrong with it?” she asked me, disbelief in her eyes, as if I had just killed her whole family. “It’s the middle of summer and you look like you’re ready to hibernate. Wear something a little less warm tomorrow, will you?” I joked as I hung the big coat up. “I will, I just wanted to feel fancy and royal on campus, you know like you on the weekend.” “Dude, I’m not royal on the weekend.” I laughed at her ridiculous comment, of course she know that I was royal, the two of us had grown up together, so she knew all of my secrets. She was shocked when I told her I was going to live with her in uni; she made this whole fuss, it was quite funny to watch her.

“Okay, sorry, your Highness.” she sarcastically called from the kitchen. “Make me a sandwich as well, will you?” “Your wish is my command, your Highness.” “Fuck you!” I said as I entered the kitchen to pour Hazel and myself some ice tea. “So, who’s going to the party?” I asked Hazel as she spread butter on the slice of bread. “Apparently, Jimin’s invited everyone and there’s someone he wants us to meet, I forgot his name but he’s quite chill apparently. A bit strange at times but a nice guy. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.” she told me as she put her finishing touches on the sandwiches. “I can’t wait to see who this mysterious guy is.” I joked as I took the cups into the living room and placed them on the coffee table. “If he’s hot, would you date him?” she asked as she placed my sandwich plate in front of me.

“You know I’m not looking to date.” I told her, before I took a bite out of her sandwich. “But what about a fling? You’ve had those, right?” she asked me. “I’ve not touched a soul.” I laughed as I switched the TV on. “You haven’t done anything, with anyone? Not even kiss? I thought you would have had some secret fling that you were keeping from me but you’re so honest with me that I know nothing’s happened.” she pouted as she flipped through the channels. “If he’s nice I guess I’d give him a shot, but not long term. You know what my parents are planning, I’ve agreed to it already.” I said as I rolled my eyes at the thought of marrying someone I didn’t know. “You trust them, right? They’ll hook you up with someone who’s good for you, he’ll treat you well and if he does lay a finger on you, he’ll catch these fists.” she joked as she pulled me into her body for an embrace.

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Distractions pt 8

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3551

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Back and forth and back and forth…under his lids, his eyes darted back and forth until he finally woke up. Darkness blanketed the entirety of the room rendering Yoongi completely disoriented. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his forehead, his sweat left a thin layer of residue on his palm. Nothing but a pitch darkness could be seen. 

What time is it? It must be the middle of the night…

Waking during the night hours was always a problem for him. While he could easily find himself a spot and spontaneously nap virtually anywhere during the day, night was completely different. Once woken up, it was almost impossible for him to go back to sleep. He thought that talking until he was tired again was the solution. Even in the middle of the night, he’d sometimes show up at one of his other friend’s houses if none of the other members were awake. Talking did help. In fact, that was his go-to solution for years…but it only really worked well when he spoke with a certain person. 

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Sailor Moon Pop Up Store Taiwan

(I think this would be my first long post…)

Hi everyone! I’m a Sailor Moon fan in Taiwan. Today I’m going to share my one day trip to a very special event, a Sailor Moon Pop Up Store in Taiwan! :D

I’m really surprise to hear the news that the officials decided to have a POPUP STORE! They have it in Hong Kong once or twice but never in Taiwan. It’s really a store out of nowhere. They announced the news in Mid June and then it opens just like that on July 1st and would last for a month. Fans in Taiwan are really thrilled to hear this!

Anyway, I went on the first day. The open hour is 10:30 and when I got there about 11:00, the line was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long already! IT’S REALLY, REALLY LONG!!!! And the average temperature in Taiwan is 32 degrees c so it’s really really really also very hot! I guess that why they give out these fans to the fans waiting in line, a very wise choice.

They control the number of people in the shop and there’s no limitation on how long one wants to stay in the shop, bad thing is it seems to take FOREVER to get in, good thing is once you get in, you could choose leisurely. 

Here’s how the store look like

It’s not very big (it’s very small actually), 

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask stand beside the entrance and on the rest three walls there’s the other 9 senshis.

I forgot to take a photo of the Uranus/Neptune/Saturn wall…

I’m very surprise for the new art they did for this event. Originally I thought it’s just a shop with the 20~25th anniversary merchandise, nothing you can’t already buy on the net, but they actually did designed some really good exclusive merchandise, keep reading I’ll show you guys later in the post :P

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Why I really enjoyed episode 21?

I’ve decided to sum up my feelings from chapter 21 which was, in my opinion, really great. Why? Okay… firstly the setting… finally we have almost whole chapter set somewhere else than Sangwoo’s house, basement or some place in the city. It kinda felt refreshig.

Secondly at the beginning I felt that nothing interesting will happend but at the end I realized how many f..kin’ important moments there were. Like the fact that we get to know a drop of Sangwoo’s past and his parents.

Plus as someone mentioned here… we have here another small hint that his mother may had some psychological issues (ehm… was e.g., insane). Another thing is, that we get to know that Sangwoo is having hallucinations (I think someone also mentioned there that in first season SW said that sometimes he heard how she’s banging on the door… like hello… your mom is dead boi - so you know what i mean). This time it was a man crossing the road.

Another information considering Sangwoo is, that somehow he’s afraid of bleeding. Meaning when he’s bleeding. I was thinking why? And how’d even happened that he started bleeding? Bite his tongue or mouth? But he would have felt it or not? And why he freaked out so much because of such insignificat thing? Since he murdered so many people and see their blood. It’s definitely something what we will found out later.

So now they are hiking. Beautiful nature. I dunno how Koogi’s doing it but everytime when I see her drawings where’s just everyday life and so on I feel like it’s real (I would die for animated version to be honest xD). Everything looks calm. Bum fell down, Sangwoo helped him to get up (nice). Now cute Bum.

And after cute Bum we see, again, upset Sanwgoo. Now let me get off the point here and let’s see Sangwoo’s shocked and not-so-calm expressions aka something which we are not able to see at him.

Honestly I was so satisfied when I could see Sangwoo knocked off balance (that little d..k). That he can freak out too. Anyway now we get to know another information from his past aka where he dig a grave for his father. And after knocking Bum into water his expression is somehow nostalgic and maybe sad?

SANGWOO could you just… stop looking so freakin’ good, because you are evil… you are murderer… you are crazy and I don’t want to have wild imaginations about me and you in this hot tub!!!

Okay… sorry for this outburst, but seriously… he is the worst person ever but I still kinda love him? (I know I know… but please don’t hate me xD ). Anyway in a hot tub we can see kinda cute scene between Bum and Sangwoo… and somehow I felt like Sangwoo is being honest and that his feelings are real. Just look at this scene.

He really looks genuine not some kind of a game. Maybe it is just stoopid me and deluding myself that Sangwoo can be nice and sweet too (LOL you wish). To sum it up (sorry for such a long post) this chapter was about Sangwoo and I dare to say about REAL Sangwoo without any ulterior motives. We get to know more information about his past and it was kinda nice. Plus… Koogi’s art is getting better and better every chapter! I LOVE YOU KOOGI! Keep on doing such an amazing work <3

True Colors/// Teddy Lupin x Reader

Request:Hey, just asking, can you do a Teddy fan fic or a Remus fan fic or a Fanfic with Remus and Teddy? If not sorry for wasting your time :)                       ( @cutegirlygirl1223 )

A/N: The most iconic #wastehertime2017. I decided to go with Teddy cause it’s time I widen my fanfiction horizons or whatever. This is based on that one text post about Teddy Lupin that went around a while ago so idea credits to whoever made that. Enjoy!


   You felt someone cover your eyes and a slight smile creeped onto your face. You knew exactly who it was. 

   “Guess who,” Teddy called in a sing song voice. 

   “Who other than the one, the only, Quidditch legend Teddy Lupin?!” His hands were removed from in front of your eyes so that you could actually see him. You were surprised that he even showed up to breakfast with how much he had been practicing but you were glad he did. You were also surprised by his hair today. It was your favourite color. You knew he did that just for you which made you smile.

   “Finally eating huh?” 

   “No actually, I just came to see you before the game.” He was already had some of his Quidditch clothes on. It made you a little jealous to see him in his jersey because usually you liked to wear it but he looked better in it anyways. 

   “Oh, you are eating today, okay? You’ve been stressing about this, what would Harry think? And your gran?” Teddy rolled his eyes. You grabbed a piece of bacon and poked him in the lip. He glared at you. You poked him in the face a few more times. 

    “You’re so annoying.” While his mouth was open you shoved it in. He grabbed it and began to chew. “Fine, whatever. It’s bad luck to eat before a game anyways.” 

   “That’s complete rubbish. I’m not gonna let you starve yourself for some stupid game.” He gasped dramatically. 

    “It is not a stupid game, it’s a way of life,” he said sarcastically. “You’re coming, right?” 

   “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

   “Good because you’re my lucky charm. Speaking of my lovely lucky charm do you like the hair? It’s also gonna bring me luck.” 

    “The hair isn’t a lucky charm, it’s you flirting.” 

    “It’s only flirting if it’s working.” Teddy’s eyes made their way up to yours. “Is it working.” 

    “Maybe…hey don’t you have a game to be at or something?” Teddy fake pouted. 

   “Yeah but I hate to leave you.” He was closer than usual and almost as if it was the first time ever you noticed how kissable his lips were. But no, you weren’t about to kiss him that easily. 

    “Bye, Lupin.” Teddy got up and walked towards the exit. At the very last moment he turned around and blew a kiss at you. You pretended to catch it and smile.

    The game was going well. Teddy was absolutely killing it. Throwing the Quaffle right past the Keeper again and again and again. You cheered loudly every time. He was a bit of an annoying showoff and doing flips on his broom whenever he scored. He would ride past your spot on the stands and yell “thank you lucky charm” or something along those lines. You would tell him to piss off but secretly you loved it. 

    “Teddy Lupin has possession of the Quaffle again. He’s on a roll today folks. He approaches the goal. Bludgers soar at him but he dodges them all. Closer and closer to the goal. Slytherins are swarming him on either side doing their best to stop him from scoring but he speeds past all of them. And he scores!” 

    You burst into applause. Teddy came flying towards you. “It’s all ‘cause of you lucky charm.” You laughed slightly. 

    “Get out of here. Get back to the game, Lupin.” The Slytherins did not look happy. Most were standing hovering on the other side of the field. 

   You were too distracted with Teddy and he was too distracted with you to notice the one Slytherin, aiming a Bludger right at Teddy. It hit him square in the face and he was instantly out. He began to plummet to the ground. You screamed and shot out of your seat. You made your way out of the stands and down to him. 

    He had a bruised on his face and what looked like a broken nose. And maybe a broken arm and leg. You felt like you were about to cry. Teachers and students began to flood the field. Madam Hooch was yelling at the Slytherin who hit him and you were glad she was because if she didn’t you would. You stood over Teddy and ran alongside him as they whisked him to the hospital wing. 

   All of his teammates were gathered around the bed with his realatives standing closer.. You stood next to him trying not to cry. Suddenly, Professor McGonagall burst into the room. She looked concerned which didn’t surprise you, she had always liked Teddy. 

    She approached the bed and when she saw Teddy she gasped. 

    “It’s bad, I know,” you mumbled. 

    “No it’s not that…he…he looks just like his father.” Now she looked like she was gonna cry. She came closer to him and ran her hand across his arm before turning to leave. You looked down at him and focused on his features. He didn’t quite look like Teddy, he still looked slightly like himself but not quite. There were a few details about him that weren’t there normally. 

   Freckles that were scattered across the bridge of his nose. Brown hair. Rounder face. You had only seen a few images of his dad that he had shown you but you were sure that he now looked exactly like him. Your mouth fell open and your hand went up to cover it. 

   Slowly, Teddy’s eyes began to open. They were more hazel now than their typical green. You smiled. “Everyone looks so upset…who died,” he croaked out. Everyone laughed a bit. 

   “Wait…was it me?” Everyone was just standing there staring because of how different he looked. “Seriously what’s wrong?” His eyes paned over to you. “You too (Y/N)?” 

   “Teddy you just look so…different. You look just like your dad. McGonagall says just like him.” His eyes went wide. 

   “What? No! Get out! Get out!” Everyone looked surprised, even you. He focused on turning back, a few of his roots turned turquoise but he seemed to be straining himself. Madam Pomprey came and told everyone to clear out. Teddy grabbed your wrist. “Can you…stay?” You smiled kindly. 

    “Absolutely.” Everyone left. Teddy scooted aside so you could lay in the bed with him. 

   “So…do I really look like him?” 

   “I mean…I haven’t seen many pictures but from what I’ve seen, you absolutely do.” He stared straight upward. He swallowed harshly. 

   “You know growing up I would try my hardest to transform into my dad. I would stand in front of a mirror with his pictures and try and try and try but nothing would ever happen. So I would cry and Harry or Ginny or Nan would comfort me. So I stopped trying and I put dads pictures away and I stopped thinking about them. I couldn’t deal with it. I wanted to be close to him but he’s so far away. I stopped wanting to be close because it felt like such a childish thought and now….” He paused and a tear slipped down his cheek. “Can you tell me how I look? Please.” 

    “Okay…you have freckles. Just on your nose put they’re there. They’re really cute. Your hair is brown now which is kinda crazy. Your eyes are green. Your head shape is different. I’m sure there’s other things but I never knew your dad, you would have to ask McGonagall for all of that.” He nodded. 

   “Thanks.” You moved closer to him and without you asking he put his arm around your waist. You wrapped your arms around him. You put your head on his chest and his rested on top of yours. 

    “So you gonna keep the new look?” He smirked slightly. 

   “I don’t think so. I mean, it was nice to have this connection to my dad and everything but it’s just not me. I mean, brown hair, that’s absolutely insane. The freckles however, may stay.” You moved upwards so that you were hovering right over him. You kissed his nose and it scrunched up slightly as he smiled. 

    “Good cause I think they’re cute.” You moved down lower and kissed him on the lips. When you pulled away you looked down at his lips. “The lips are different too. A different shape. Slightly thinner.” 

   “Yeah? How would you know? Spend a lot of time looking at my lips huh? Maybe you’ve got it wrong, maybe you should try again.” You laid your head back on his chest. 

   “Not a chance Lupin.”

sick - peter parker

i’m writing this right now because i’ve come down with a cold!! YAY!! if some of the wording seems off, it’s because i had no idea what i was writing at certain times, tbh. hope you enjoy it though.

(also this was kinda based on that scene where andrew’s spidey got sick and went to get medicine, but it’s not exactly like it)

warnings: pills, sick reader

requested: no
(leave some requests in my inbox!!!!!!)


your immune system tried to fight it. you tried taking medicine, you tried drinking tea, going outside, and burning candles. but your body had made it’s decision.

you were officially sick.

typically, this would of called for a disgusting mess of tissues and empty water bottles surrounding you, as you binge watched your favorite show, but this time was different. this time, school was in session, and peter parker was there to make your cheeks blush and head spin, more than it already was.

it became a routine, almost; being partners in science class. the two kids nobody wanted to pair up with had no other choice but to stick together, but you never saw it as a chore. peter was more of a privilege, one you didn’t know you wanted.

you didn’t know much about his personal life, but knowing you had a stable partner that could get you a good grade on projects was a definite plus.

it helped he was kinda cute, too.

“are you feeling okay, (y/n)?”

snapping out of your daydreams, your eyes lazily glanced over to meet his, shrugging.

“i could be doing better, if i’m honest. if i sneeze one more time, my nose is gonna fall off.”

and there was that signature peter parker laugh. it could reduce you to a puddle near his feet. it was contagious. probably so is this cold.

when he laid the back of his hand against your forehead, his skin felt heavenly, like a ray of sunshine had hit your tired body and filled it with warmth. their was no denying the slight smile forming on your lips. he almost looked like an angel, with his eyes doughy and soft curls falling just above his eyebrows.

“you look kinda hot- wait, no- fuck, you feel kinda hot, sorry, i just-”

your brain was clearly clouded, but his words were crystal clear. it took everything in you to not lean over and kiss him, but your body seemed to be frozen in place, eyes locked on each other when the teacher wrote the lesson on the board, ordering everyone to get to work, before putting his feet on the desk and dozing off.

you reached over to the chemistry textbook, turning to page 394 and writing both of your names on the paper.

“i- um, i’ll do the work today. you don’t feel good, take it easy and i’ll wake you up at the bell,” he mumbled, sliding the worksheet towards him. “for reference, liquid works better than pills. grape is the best flavor, hands down.”

if it were any other day, this offer would of received a laugh in the face, but sleep sounded phenomenal right now. you nodded in appreciativeness, being out like a light in less than a few minutes.

peter and you hadn’t spoken since fifth period, which wasn’t too odd, but you found yourself missing his texts about things he learned in math, or what your seventh period teacher’s mood was that day.

walking home was hell, as per usual. no longer being able to take the constant sniffling, you stormed into a corner store, digging out change for a bottle of pills. there were too many damn options for you to focus on all of them, so you picked the cheapest one and trudged towards the line.

nobody noticed the man walking into the store with a knife in his back pocket, until he pushed his way towards the front of the line. there was murmurs and gasps as the masked man started yelling at the cashier, forcing him to open the register. with no other options, the employee sighed and grabbed a fist full of cash and shoved it in the intruders empty hand.

by now, the other occupants of the store fled, screaming into their phones and calling for help. the cashier walked into the back room, trying to find the manager. you, on the other hand, reached the scene and rolled your eyes.

“if you’re going to rob a store, can you at least pay for these?” you exasperated, motioning towards your pills. the masked figure snapped his head to face you, but not before his hand was webbed to the counter.

you leaned over to see what had happened, when the infamous neighborhood spiderman stepped in between you and the robber.

“are you okay, ma'am?”

considering how clouded your brain was, you barely registered what was going on. all of a sudden, the pill bottle was gone from your hand, and spiderman was replacing it with grape liquid medicine.

“this stuff is better, trust me,” he informed, before patting the intruder on the shoulder. “don’t worry, buddy, the police will be here for you soon enough!”

you made it home unharmed, but still burning up. not caring about changing clothes at the moment, you stood at your kitchen counter, measuring out the colored liquid.

grape medicine…



hope you guys enjoyed :-)

David x Reader: You Remind Me of Someone (Camp Camp)

It had been two years, and yet you were still having that same damn dream. The dream where you woke up sobbing, unable to remember what is was about, but clearly remembering that sense of loss that made your eyes pour and your heart clench. Your brother Roan had told you that it was perfectly normal, and that it was linked to something called a soulmate. He had explained that the dreams wouldn’t stop until you found your special other, and while he was excited that it meant you’d find them soon, to you it was only stressful and overbearing. You could live without the hole in your chest that ghosted your thoughts every morning and made you not want to fall asleep at night.

Your brother had suggested that, since summer was coming up pretty soon, you should take up that open job opportunity as a camp counselor to help get your mind off of it. After a bit of persuasion, you had hesitantly agreed.

So now here you were, at Camp Campbell, already surrounded by children who were asking for your name and who you were. One of them asked if you were an insane cultist “like the last guy”, which concerned you for a brief moment, until you were pulled away from them by a seemingly very stressed and angry new co-counselor. “Ignore them, they have no idea what they’re saying. Anyways, welcome to Camp Campbell, I’m Gwen.” You smiled nervously and shook her hand gently. “Y/N, Y/N L/N. It’s nice to meet you, Gwen. I’m happy to be working here, and I promise I’ll be a valuable asset to the camp.” She chuckled and nodded in approval. “I like you already, Y/N. David should be here soon, I think he’s talking with Max about how dangerous glass bottles are or whatever. I have to take the kids in for lunch, just stay here for a second while I go get David to show you around.”

You nodded, obediently staying in place while she walked off with the kids in tow, before having something slam into you, its weight keeping you on the ground. At first you had thought it might be a bear, and you were ready to scream your lungs out, however, immediate apologies spilled from said “bear” before you could even open your mouth. “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going at all!” He helped you up, and what with his camp getup, you could only assume that this was the David guy Gwen was talking about, and the kid behind him must’ve been Max. “Um, it’s okay… I’m Y/N? The uh… new counselor?” It came out as more of a question than a statement due to your confusion after just being trampled (and also a little bit because he was kinda really cute actually). 

“Oh my god, David, you hired another one!? Did you at least make sure this one wasn’t a bat shit crazy cult leader who believes in whatever the fuck a Zeemuug is!?” Okay you felt like there was a story behind that, though you really didn’t know if you wanted to ask. David scoffed, glancing down at the kid in a disappointed manner. “Max! Don’t be so rude to our new counselor! You and I both know we needed another helping hand here at Camp Campbell.” Max groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You know, you don’t always have to focus on the least fucking important parts of everyone’s sentences all the damn time.” David only grinned, ruffling Max’s hair as the ten year old let out some angry kid noises. “Language!”

You lifted your pointer finger. “Um, if it helps, I’m not a cult leader. I got this job so that I could spend some time outside for a while, maybe help some kids, I dunno…” Max clicked his tongue. “What, do you live with your fucking parents or something?” You shook our head. “No, I live alone, but I’ve been having some of those wicked soulmate dream-nightmare things. Just needed to think on it.”  The boy rolled his eyes, before pausing and narrowing them. “Wait… David, didn’t you say you were going through that same sort of shit?” David nodded, a quizzical look on his features. “Yes, but it probably has nothing to do with-” Max walked towards the mess hall, leaving you two behind to sit in an awkward silence. You kind of felt like that was his plan; making the two of you feel awkward as hell so that you’d be uncomfortable 100% of the time. Little did he know, you already felt that way towards everyone. All the time. Hah.

David cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “W-well, that’s Max for you! I promise he gets more… um… actually he’s always like that, but I swear he’s a good kid.” You snorted, chuckling quietly. “He’s a little shit. But I’m sure he just needs a little guidance.” David sighed in content, smiling softly. “Exactly! How would you like for me to take you on a tour of the camp so that you know where everything is?” You nodded and grinned at the taller male. “Sounds like a plan.”


After walking around the campus for an admittedly longer time than you’d like, and being forced to sing campfire songs at 8pm after practically fighting a bunch of children just to get them to shut the fuck up and sit on the damn logs, you were exhausted. “Hey, David, do you happen to know where I’ll be sleeping?” He paused for a moment, before opening his mouth and then closing it again, looking away. “Well, um, since we don’t have any extra beds,, and since Gwen refuses to move her Twilight collection off of my couch since she doesn’t have her own dresser anymore, you’ll have to sleep in my cabin. Gwen already locked hers for the night.” You shrugged, not really seeing a problem with it. The guy had proved to be way too fucking innocent and morally stricken to try anything to you, and you were 20 years old, you could handle yourself. “Okay. Would you mind us heading back now? All of the kids are back at their tents, so..” “Oh of course!” He seemed relieved that you hadn’t made a big deal about having to sleep in the same bed as him. After changing into your pajamas and laying down, you found that a mattress meant for one person was just that. You two were practically spooning just to be comfortable, and David had no idea where to put his arms. You were too tired to deal with awkward situations at this point, so you gently placed his right arm around your waist and let his other rest beneath your head. “O-oh…” His voice was shaky and soft as you yawned to yourself. “Goodnight David.” He swallowed thickly, patting your hip in a nervous manner. “Good- Goodnight, Y/N.” 


The next morning, you had woken up with your head rested on David’s chest and his arms wrapped around you securely, gently holding you to him. He seemed so peaceful, you didn’t want to wake him by moving too much, so you stayed still, yawning quietly. That was the best sleep you had had in years.



That was the best sleep you had had in years. You had found your soulmate. The realization hit you like a ton of bricks, your eyes widening as you stared blankly at David. It had to be him. You could feel it, the odd pull that seemed to connect your heart to his. You must have been staring for longer than you realized, because David’s eyes had opened and he was asking if you were okay. You gasped, grabbing his collar. “David!” He yelped, nervously eyeing the wild look on your face, as though you were ready to jump him. “Y…. Yes, Y/N?” You inhaled sharply, gripping his collar tighter, your knuckles turning white. “Did you sleep well!?” You had to prove it to yourself, because if his dreams didn’t stop, then you were fucked. His look of fear turned into one of confusion. “Um… yes? I did- HOLY SHIT!” His eyebrows shot up and he grabbed your shoulders, in the same shock that you were in. “You’re my….” He trailed off, unable to finish his sentence. “You’re my soulmate.” You ended it for him, before your face completely lifted, tears springing to your eyes as you embraced him, laughing lightly. “David, David, you’re my soulmate! I found you. I finally found you.” He instantly returned your embrace, and you could feel his wide grin through your nightshirt. He held you tight, as though he never wanted to let go.


“Wow.” There was a sniffle from the door as Gwen wiped a tear from her sparkling eyes. “I was just making sure you guys didn’t bone in front of Edward Cullen, but this is great.” Max scoffed, holding a camera and glaring at you two. “Fuckin weirdos. You were supposed to have sex, not be sappy fucks! Whatever, I’ll get blackmail later.”


In which Dan wants you to paint his nails and then gets super happy and embarrassed when you do.

About a week before they were supposed to leave for Australia, Dan came to me. I knew 2017 was his year of loving and accepting himself more, so I wasn’t surprised when one night while were in bed he asked me to paint his nails. I was more supportive than anyone else, probably. “Of course, baby,” I said while smoothing my thumb over his dimple, “but we’re going to have to make a run to the store because I don’t think I have any polish here at the flat.”

The next day I dragged him up out of bed and down the street to the nearest drug store. I went to the beauty aisle and perused the countless shades and brands along the wall. Dan had slipped away and was hiding at the end of the aisle. “No one’s going to judge you picking out nail polish with your girlfriend, bear. Come over here and tell me what you want.” He came up to me and we spent the next fifteen minutes going through colors. Eventually he settled on a standard black, a sky blue and a sheer pink. When I sent him to get in line, I secretly grabbed a glitter polish as well. As a treat for being so patient with him earlier, Dan insisted we stop at a cafe and he buy me breakfast.

The rest of the day went on as normal, Phil had been awake by the time we got back and we all did our own thing. Dan and Phil went to stockpile some more videos before they left next week, and I decided to use the blue polish I’d purchased earlier on my toes. I was admiring the color against my skin when I heard the guys come bounding downstairs. I squealed and lifted my legs before they could jostle me and mess up the wet polish. Phil headed for the kitchen, saying he’d get started on dinner, while Dan plopped down next to me on the sofa. “It smells like a damn nail salon in here,” he teased. I nudged at him with one of my feet and he smacked it down. “Get used to it, you’re next.” Some of that shyness from the store came back on his face. I squeezed his cheeks between my palms. “I understand if you don’t wanna do this, we can wait or we can never speak of it again.” He shook his head as much as he could and I kissed his lips gently. “Great, then let’s get started!”

We both decided that the black and the blue were too noticeable for his first manicure, but he promised me that he’d wear it when he was more comfortable. So it would be the pale pink. We were in the dining room table and he sat himself across from me. I placed down a nail file, the pink polish and some top coat as well as a couple sheets of paper towel. The glitter polish was secretly between my legs, hidden from view. “Now, when I put all of this on, you need to be careful with your hands. The polish takes some time to dry completely so no typing or whatever else you’d do with your hands. I don’t wanna spend all night fixing smears.” Dan swallowed and nodded slowly. I gave him a gentle smile and reached out for his hands. He placed them into mine and I ignored how cold and sweaty they were.

I filed down a couple of his nails first. I knew he bit them so they were pretty short to begin with, but I still made them the same length. Next, I uncapped the bottle of pink and carefully painted his nails, smoothing off the excess. The polish was sheerer than I thought, and I did another coat asking him if that was visible enough or if he wanted it darker. He told me it was enough. I examined his nails, the color was barely noticeable against his skin. If he didn’t say he had any polish on you’d never know it. I figured it was time for the surprise. “So I was thinking, that pink is so cute, but it needs…something.” Dan raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean something? Did you get like stickers or jewels because I don’t think I’m ready for-”

“You think I know how to put that shit on? No, I just got this.”

I placed the glitter polish on the table next to the top coat. “It’s subtle, but when you go in the sun you could probably see the sparkle.” His face was unreadable. “I-It’s fine if you don’t want it bear, baby steps and all…I just thought you’d like it.” Now I felt bad, this was probably already weird enough as is being his first time wearing polish, I shouldn’t be pushing him. I went to put the glitter to the side. “No, you can put it on. I think it’d look kinda cute. Just maybe not a bunch okay?” I smiled big and uncapped the bottle. Of course not, just a little for flair and then you’ll be done, Mr. Howell.” He put his hands back where I could reach them.

When I was done and the top coat had been applied, I capped the bottles and went to turn on the kitchen light. “Woah! The glitter looks cool,” Dan said. I giggled, he looked like a little kid as he examined his fingers. He tilted them all around and watched the light bounce off the glitter. I smiled, happy that he was happy with it.

Later that evening we were all enjoying dinner and some show in Netflix I half paid attention to. Much to my displeasure, I ended up having to fix his nails a couple times before sitting him down and telling him not to move until we ate. He pouted, but listened to my orders. Now that I was certain everything had dried, he was back to playing on his laptop, but every few minutes I noticed him looking over his fingers, placing them in the light and looking at the glitter. Phil had noticed them earlier, and told Dan they looked nice, even joked that he would consider polishing a couple of his own. That made me smile, Phil was literally the most supportive friend in the world.

That night, while we were laying down in bed together, Dan kissed me until I didn’t know my own name. “W-What was that for?” I gasped. Dan ran his fingers through my hair and wrapped his other arm around me. “For being the best girlfriend ever.” The intensity in his eyes made my face hot. “All I did was paint your nails, bear. That’s not exactly a huge thing.” I laughed uncomfortably and wanted to cover my face. Dan was serious, though, not a trace of humor on his face. “Because most girls and guys I’ve dated would’ve never done something like this for me, even though painting my nails isn’t even that big a deal. You’re breaking gender roles pumpkin.” He was rambling, and he started sounding ridiculous. I wanted him to stop talking, so I brushed our lips together to silence him and and just laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and we went to sleep.

A/N: A little drabble because I really love that picture of Dan with his nails painted! ^o^~ He’s v soft and v adorable (Also I know I made Dan bi in this and that’s not rlly canon but I mean c’moooon)

He wasn’t ok.

College was hard, harder than he’d expected, and he wasn’t ok.

Nursey had barely slept last night, thinking about college and exams and how he was going to fail and he might as well drop out and move home because he was going to end up back there anyway and disappointing his parents and his team. 

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silly question but how would ace sabo and marco react when their s.o just boops their nose ? like those videos of boop the snoot / snake y’know.

I do this to my ferret and he legit freaks out and dooks every time <3 I melt. I hope it’s what you’re after! Sorry it’s so short too :o


  • Bit startled. What is going on? Why you boop my snoot? That’s pretty much what his face says.
  • “…Eh?”
  • He doesn’t get it but he’s fine with it, unless it’s in front of everyone else, then he’s a bit embarrassed.
  • His s/o is just too cute about it though so he’ll return the gesture by kissing the tip of their nose.
  • Everyone will make fun of Ace over it and boop his nose too. This he does not like.
  • “Oi, are you gonna kiss my nose too, Ace?” “You’re not even funny.” queue blushing.

Originally posted by sorceress-of-asgard


  • He’s confused why they booped his nose but he’ll just laugh about it. If this is their thing it’s their thing.
  • “So what’s that all about?” “I just felt like it.” “Well, alright then.”
  • Thinks it’s kinda cute that they do it so he’ll do it back next time to surprise them.
  • It’ll devolve into an Eskimo kiss after a few times which becomes their go to couple thing.
  • It becomes the way they say hello and goodbye if they’re surrounded by other people. It’s not too much but it’s something that has exclusive meaning to them.


  • They’ve probably done it before so he’s like okay whatever.
  • Deliberately doesn’t react to wind his s/o up a bit so they do it again.
  • Then he’ll laugh, catch their hand before they take it back and give it a kiss.
  • “You silly man/woman.” said super fondly. He might even floof their hair all affectionately.
  • He doesn’t know why his s/o does what they do but he likes it all regardless.

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Prompt number 50 for Shakarian

[OKAY FINALLY. Sorry my love, you know how I am…. so slow and…………………………… soooo slow. lol I hope you like it. <3 It’s pretty short kinda angsty but it’s got a cute happy ending, annnnd as you know first hand (because I’m constantly bitching about it to you lol) I’m having a hard time with my Mass Effect stuff ;.; IDK WHY BUT I JUST AMMMMM. So hopefully this is good and you enjoy it? Because I don’t even know anymore. *eye twitch*


“Please… I need you.”

When Shepard woke today things still felt off… They felt off because the night before Garrus had given her an ultimatum. Well, it was more of an observation followed by a question than an actual ultimatum, but it had the same effect.

It was something like ‘Hey, I know you’ve been flirting with the drell and since we’ve been hooking up, it’s me or him… who’s it gonna be?’ And even though she knew that Garrus had a right to know, she didn’t realize he wanted to. 

She’d always had a thing for him of course and since they started their late night ‘hangouts’ that crush had gotten pretty bad. Which was probably why she found herself flirting with Thane so much now that she thought about it… 

Not unlike you to push someone away when they got too close… As she lay staring at the exposed stars that pass by above her, she realized that most definitely was the case. She was doing it again… but maybe the damage hadn’t been done. Maybe she could fix this still…

Only, would Garrus still want her after last night? 

Most men didn’t do well with the ‘uh……….. I should go.’ especially when those men where Garrus, and knew exactly why she used that excuse. 

That answer was shit, she knew it– but feelings and emotions had always been hard for Shepard, even before the whole dying-and-being-brought-back-a-cybernetic-zombie thing. 

Plus with everything going on and the Suicide Mission coming up… There was a lot on her mind. Too much to really justify a relationship.

Jane drew in a deep breath, pulling her hands to her face and running them through her crimson hair in a stretch After an exasperated sigh she pulled herself from bed and threw on her N7 hoodie, and some Blast-O’s slippers ready to make her way downstairs. 

Her plan had been to get some breakfast and a nice big cup of coffee… to avoid the situation for as long as possible. But once she reached the kitchen and looked down that hall towards the Main Battery, she just knew what she had to do. 

She turned, and strode straight towards it with determination. When Shepard reached the door, she paused second guessing herself for a moment… The light was green which was a good sigh she supposed, but just because it wasn’t locked didn’t mean he wanted to see her. 

It was only about 0600 hours and aside from the quiet humming and the soft click of nails on keyboard from the other side of the door the air was still. She knew he’d be working on calibrating something… no doubt trying not to think about their previous conversation and its complete failure. 

She raised a fist, hovering just before the door… almost knocking more than once as she pulled a nervous lip into her mouth; biting it harder than she should trying to regain that strength once more. Upon her exhale she closed her eyes, and knocked three times.

The clicking stopped abruptly, but Garrus didn’t say anything. 

Jane lowered her brow, pulling her face into a small frown as she lean her forehead to the door; waiting. 

“Please, Garrus… I need you.” and when she said that the mechanical door buzzed open.

Garrus was standing there, closer than she expected he’d of been and when he looked at her she stood up straighter and cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Do you have a minute?”

His normally warm eyes were sad. He didn’t seem angry with her, just hurt and Shepard didn’t like it one bit. But she just didn’t know what to say last night… Or maybe she did and she was just too scared. One thing she did know was that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Garrus, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have a reason to be sorry, Shepard…” he said quietly with mandibles pressed tight to his face as he stepped aside allowing her further entry. After a moment he started again, leaning against the console as he crossed his arms. “Really. I sort of just sprung it on you. I-I should have know better…”

“No. It’s not that…” Jane was somehow perfectly calm as she stepped forward wearing a faint smile. 

“I understand why you’d want him.”

“Garrus,” she tried to stop him, but he continued looking to his feet as his tone raised slightly, not in anger but deep in thought– trying to understand.

“He’s mysterious, and… he’s good with a sniper– not like you didn’t already have a perfectly good turian already–

“Garrus! Will you shut the hell up?” when Shepard interrupted him this time, her eyes were light despite her volume. A soft chuckle later, and she slid a hand to the scarred side of his face; resting it there lightly. “I’m trying to tell you that I love you here, big guy.”

He pulled his crystal eyes forward almost as if he thought she was just playing a joke on him. As if her words couldn’t possibly be true. “You…”

Jane nodded fully closing the space between them, nearly touching his chest when she spoke; raising her other hand to rest around his carapace. “Yeah, I do.”

Garrus let out a sigh of relief that echoed through all layers of his voice. He nodded shallowly as he slid his hands to rest at her hips, lightly pulling her closer as he ease himself into the situation and his realization. 

“It’s always been you Garrus… you just caught me off guard is all. I might be the great Commander Shepard… but I still get scared sometimes.” she leaned her forehead to meet his, the cool sensation of his plating instantly grounding her. 

“You had me worried for awhile there,” Garrus cooed back, his comfort growing with each second that passed. “but you should know I’d never hurt you… you don’t have anything to be afraid of with me.”

“I know, Garrus. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” she said with a smile pulling him closer, pressing her nose agains this softly.

“Good. Oh, and Shepard? I love you too.” he smiled then, mandibles flickering lightly as he kissed her. 

Jane wasn’t sure when he’d gotten so good at this, or if ‘this’ would even last. With the Reapers, and the mission, things didn’t look good. Love didn’t look good.

But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had him, and that he had her and that together they could do anything.