and i kinda fangirl about them

Just don't

Whatever happens today with the boys , however much it will hurt don’t. Don’t stop watching their vids, don’t stop blogging about them, don’t stop fangirling about them just because it hurts to know they’re not okay, and that they may take a break.
Because trust me, once you stop, they will slowly fade away. That’s what kinda happened with me and 1D. I was their biggest fan, but once they went on hiatus, i stopped listening to their music every day, i stopped tunning in on their news, and all because the memory of them and the possibility of them being gone hurt. Don’t get me wrong, i still listen to their music from time to time, i still support their solo careers, i still smile when i see their faces. But. It’s. Not. The. Same. And it will never be the same again.
So no matter what just don’t, don’t stop. Hold on to these boys for dear life and don’t let them become a memory that hurts.


TYPES AS FRIENDS (based on my experience, im INFP)

> best friend™
> every infp deserve their own infj
> actually L I S T E N and U N D E R S T A N D
> will also read your shitty stories
> looks like they could kill you but are actually cinnamon rolls
> you never know what are they doing right now, like are they looking over their siblings? are they murdering people? they will never tell you and at this point you are too afraid to ask

> bitch face™ but actually pretty sensitive inside
> writer buddy™
> kinky as fuck
> hidden nerds and fangirls
> kinda judgmental
> have their life together, or at least REALLY LOOK LIKE THEY DO?
> “so I’ve read this fanfic where.. ”

> looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
> 100% pure innocence
> sensitive as fuck (don’t yell at them)
> hurt inside
> anime nerd
> likes cute things
> graphic designer
> worried about you
> very loyal

> necessary human being
> light of my life
> always drunk and kissing guys at parties
> always so full of energy
> favourtie person
> s m i l e

> mom friend
> worried about you
> will bring you food and notes
> always helps your introverted ass
> very emotionally unstable (at least 5 mood swings per second)
> their feelings controll them so much???
> always says that they will organize everything and end up stressed and overhelmed

> sends you memes
> on 9gag 24/7
> actuall cinnamon roll with the face of a serial killer
> you are afraid to hug them but when you do the world is a better place
> owes like 5 pairs of Nike Jordans and treats them like their children

> smart and awesome
> kinda sad
> best student
> look at you like they judge you but it’s not true (but maybe they do anyway)
> mature and organized

> that white guy™ style
> like they are so funny and annoying at the same time, so awfully annoying
> doesn’t really get anything i say
> good at sports
> will send you outdated normie memes

> 0 scial skills
> probably from the different dimension
> what are they doing? what are they thinking? ??
> you show them a game and check on them a week later and they are like 50+ lvls stronger than you
> same goes for tv shows
> pretty innocent
> just allow them to patronize you, or they will get hurt
> either Fashion Icons or completly random clothing, no in-beetween

> cool kid
> not that cool tho, just another copy of the copy
> with the “cool” squad in the middle school
> afraid to be seen as weird
> remember all the embarrassing things you did
> actually pretty funny
> dumb and intelligent at the same time

Don’t take it personally, lol

Sanvers and Supercorp Domestic Fluff and Softness, ft. Superfriends, Sara Lance, and Crossovers

from tonight’s blog party! I’m going to sleep because I’m sooooo exhausted from #SanversWeek and studying, and there’s only more work on the way for me (more soon as to what exciting things are coming soon for your reading pleasure :D )!!!

Thank you so much for partying with me, yall: you make Monday nights sooooo special :D <3 <3 <3 

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Clark comforts teenage Alex after Jeremiah “dies” –

Maggie wakes up feeling very depressed, and Alex helps her through the day –

Lena is jealous when Kara flirts with Sara Lance (and Kara has a realization; aka, Sara Lance, ultimate wingman) –

Alex and Maggie fall asleep cuddling together at Movie Night and the Superfriends fangirl over how cute they are –

Alex and Lena bonding time!!! –

Alex has anxiety about flying, and Kara and Maggie are so soft and so helpful –

Maggie teaches Alex to take care of her body with soft bubble baths and cuddles –

Interdimensional Game Night with Sara Lance, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow (ft. Sanvers and Supercorp) –

Monsta X’s reaction to finding out that you scratched them during love making

A/N: Based on my own imagination

When he finds out that you scratched him up good it would be because one of the members told him. He’d be a blushing mess. Would try to think about when you did it and would draw a blank because he was really into it and felt no sort of pain whatsoever. Secretly really proud of himself that he made you feel so good to the point where you marked him. Most definitely would take a picture and send it to you to tease you a little. “I’m that good huh?” He’d message you with a huge grin on his face. Would wear shirts 24/7 to hide it because he really wants to avoid the member’s teasing even though they already know. He feels that if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Would definitely look forward to the occasion again and would pay extra special attention to you and your actions.

Really smug about the entire thing. Purposefully wears tank tops around the dorm and walks out of the room pulling his shirt over his head so that they can see. When asked about it, he’ll pretend to be all casual about it like, “Oh yeah, he/she did that to me,” but on the inside he’s like, ‘Do you see them! My babe did that! I’m that good in bed! I beat you bitches at sexy times.’ He’d smirk to himself, feeling like he’s more experienced in the area than anybody else. He feels like he’s earned the marks of a man or is more dominant among them now because of it. Guess who’s determined to keep his self entitled status?

He’d have a really uncomfortable ache on his back and would investigate immediately. Minhyuk would half smirk and half blush to himself as he really didn’t think that it got that intense. He gets a bit cocky about the scratches but is terrified if the members find out because they’d ask him about it and then there’d be teasing that he won’t be able to come back from. He’d cover up like normal but would be hesitant to let anyone lean against his back or place a hand against his back because it kinda sting and they’d get suspicious and he doesn’t want that. He gets flustered a bit when you two meet again and 10/10 would tell you about it during sexy times to embarrass you and to sort of challenge you to do worse.

Surprised. Poor boy had totally underestimated his ability to please and is most definitely impressed with the outcome. He doesn’t even care that it hurts a little, okay he might ask you to file your nails down a bit but, he’s really excited about them. He too would feel like he became more manly with his ability to please to the point of marking his back, he’d be proud and would search for some way of acknowledgement. Would be the one to be like, “Damn, my back hurts. My bf/gf really did a number on me.” He’d sigh and when a member asked, he’d show it to them and they’d kinda fangirl about it together. “They did that? I mean, you caused them to do that?” “You bet your ass that I did.”

He’s so chill about it. That one dork that would wiggle his brows at himself and shoot finger guns at himself in the mirror when nobody was looking. For him to have these marks would mean that his stroke game was improving or he was doing something better to make you do this. He’d sit with himself and stare off into space to think about ways he can improve himself because his is a big boost of pride for him on the inside even though he would never show it. When the time comes around again for sexy time best believe that he’s found more interesting things to do after his self reflection and would be going home with some more scratches than he’d come with.

A little whiny at first because when he moves around it kinda stings. Isn’t really too concerned with the members finding out because of the clothes he wears. The type to not really think much about it until someone mentions it, that is, they happen to glance at it and ask about it. If it were Changkyun asking him, he’d be like, “You’re too young and inexperienced to know about these things.” He’d say and pat his head playfully, however, it were one of the older members, he’d puff his chest out and regard himself just as experienced or even more experienced than them even though he’s younger. Would complain to you about it, but it boosts his ego if you do it to him again.

Oh this one would show off.  Because he’s the baby, he knows that they don’t think much of him when it comes that particular topic. From the second he found out, he’d run to his nearest hyung and boast about it. “Hyung, hyung look!” He’d exclaim and lift his shirt to expose his scratch marks. “These mean I did them good right hyung?” He’d ask, wanting them to admit it themselves. He’d want them to know that their maknae got mad skills when it came to doing the frickle frackle. Would smirk at them when they came asking about it because his nearest hyung happened to be Minhyuk and he told Kihyun and then then everyone came running. Would probably try to smack wonho when he asked him if he took something sharp and did this to himself because he doesn’t believe him. Pretends like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about when the members called asking about your sex life.


Back from Beyond

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Leonardo x Reader

Back from Beyond

Prompt: Hi! I love your stories, they’re so cute! Do you mind writing a Leo x Reader where the reader fangirls about Leo out loud?

Note: Okay, so I kind of took some creative liberty here, and I had an idea and just kinda ran with it, so…hope you like it!

You didn’t know when exactly the shift had happened, but it had. The differences were slight, but they were there. You had grown up your entire life in a dimension where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a huge part of pop culture. You lived in New York, so you were never far when they were filming the latest movie, and of course you went to see them.

But one day you woke up and things had changed. Your TMNT mug was blank. Odd. Maybe you had replaced it and this was another mug you forgot about. Yeah, that must be it. And then, when you walked out of your bedroom, Megan Fox was sitting on the couch, her hair in a messy bun and soft pink pajama pants. She looked at you in alarm.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“What do you mean? Why are you in my apartment? Aren’t you supposed to be in Hollywood or…not in my apartment.”

“(Y/N), what do you remember from before?”

“I…I don’t understand what’s happening.” Your heart raced. You were wide-eyed and so, so very confused. You pressed a hand against your forehead.

“I’m calling Donnie.” Megan pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Sit down.”

“O-okay. Donnie who?”

“Donatello. Your boyfriend’s brother? One of our best friends? Don’t you remember anything?” April asked as the phone rang. You shook your head, thinking. Donatello. The ninja turtle. This wasn’t Megan Fox. No. This was April Freaking O’Neil. She was real. Apparently.

Oh, and one other detail. You were dating one of Donnie’s brothers??? When was this a thing? More importantly, which one was it? Growing up, you had always had a little thing for the leader in blue, but that was nothing you admit until you were sure he was your boyfriend. Maybe it was Raph. Or Mikey. You wouldn’t mind either, to be honest, but you were hoping for Leo.

Was this even real? Holy shit. Maybe this was a dream. Maybe you had too much sugar before going to sleep and now you were mass-hallucinating. My God, this was so surreal. Suddenly you felt dizzy.

“Yeah, Donnie, she’s awake. Just…get here soon, okay? All right. Bye.” April hung up.

“Donnie as in Donatello.” You stated. April nodded slowly. “As in Donnie, Leo, Mikey, and Raph.”

“You remember?”

“Not…exactly…” you stated slowly. “I grew up watching TMNT and…they’re real?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “What’s TMNT?”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? There was a cartoon in the 80’s and another in the early 2000’s and then a new one in 2012 and there were a few movies and…I grew up with these characters. And I kinda had a thing for-”

“Got here was fast as we could.” The group of large mutant turtles climbed through the window, Donnie in the lead with his first aid kit and Leo close behind him, followed by Raph and then Mikey. They all looked nervous to say the least. “She should be in bed.” Donnie said. He walked forward and pressed his large green hand against your forehead. “No fever.” He shined a light in your eye. “Slight concussion, though.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Raph crossed his arms. “After taking a hit like that, she’s lucky to be ali-”

“How do you feel?” Leo asked softly. You felt your cheeks flush with heat.

“I-I’m okay, I think. Just a little dizzy and, uh, overwhelmed.” You replied.

“Leo, can we talk for a second?” April asked. Leo’s eyes lingered on you for a few more moments before he nodded. She pulled him aside to talk to him privately.

“Mikey, take her back to bed while I set up.” Donnie instructed. You could barely utter a word before the orange-masked turtle scooped you up in his arms and took you back through the door to your room.

“How you holdin’ up, angelcakes?”

“I’m all right.” You stated quietly. He smiled.

“Good.” He set you in the bed and pulled the covers around you. “We were all worried. You were out for a long time.”

“How long?”

“Few weeks.” Raph spoke up, arms crossed across his huge chest. And though you weren’t trying to eavesdrop, you could still hear Leo and April’s conversation in the other room through the vents.

She doesn’t remember anything, Leo. She had no idea we existed.

What do you mean?”

“In her dream or whatever it was, we were fictional. Maybe that’s just how her brain processed everything while she was out.”

There was a long pause. You heard the blue-clad turtle take a breath. You could practically hear his heart break.

So she doesn’t remember anything?


And then Donnie waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Do you know your name?”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You replied.

“And your birthday?” he asked. You answered him. “But you don’t…April said you don’t remember us.”

“I do remember you. All of you. I grew up watching cartoons and movies about you, but…I don’t remember anything from this…life I lived.”

“Interesting.” You could see the wheels turning behind the tall turtle’s brown eyes. By now, Leo and April were standing in the doorway. Leo pushed through his brothers to get to you. “Leo, why don’t you…You know.” Donnie motioned towards you. “I have to collect some data and do some research anyway.”

Donnie, Raph, Mikey, and April stepped out for a second, leaving you and Leo alone. His clear blue eyes met yours briefly before flicking away awkwardly.

“I, uh, I’m Leo. Leonardo. I, uh, we were, um…” He looked at you again and glanced away, tears forming. “I’m sorry.”

Leo.” You whispered. You reached out for his hand and took it in both of your own, studying each intricate facet of it. “I…the memories I have of my childhood…It was all about you. I…I watched shows and movies about you and your brothers and…well…you were always my favorite.” Your cheeks flushed again. Your eyes were fixed on his large green hand. “I dressed up as you for Halloween with my friends at least four times.” He chuckled a little. “So I think in some way, I did know. I always did. Just not in the way I should have.”

“So what you’re saying is that in this alternate universe, you were a fangirl? Of me?”

“Yes.” You blushed furiously, refusing to make eye contact with him. “I really was. I used to, uh, read fanfiction…about you…”

A slow smile spread across his lips. He leaned into your ear.

“You don’t need fanfiction anymore.” He whispered. It sent a pleasant tingle up your spine. Before he could move, you wrapped your arms around him, holding him close. His muscular arms gripped you tight, pulling you into his lap. “I love you. I missed you.”

“I…missed you too.”


It was a few days later. You were down in the lair, watching as Leo trained. The boys had had a fun time so far helping you readjust and relearn the things you had known. But there was something about this. About watching them fight that just…it felt odd. You tried to rack your brain, but you couldn’t…you couldn’t…you could.

Shredder had kidnapped you. He had used you as bait, and then the boys got there and he hit you and…

It all flooded back. You collapsed, tears running down your cheeks, and moments after your knees hit the floor, Leo was already kneeling in front of you, wiping away the tears.

“What happened? What hurts? Are you okay?” His voice was caring, but the questions came quick. You nodded, tears still flowing.

“I remember.”

“What do you remember?” his heart raced.

“Everything.” You sobbed. Your shaking hands ventured up to his scaly cheeks. “I remember us, Leo. I remember everything.”

His lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead and his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Glad to have you back.”

“Glad to be back.”

Arisha’s 3rd Fan Meeting Experience


As many of you have seen from my updates, I finally had the chance to see Arisha live at her Fan Meeting, which happened on 16 July 2017. Here is a small report of what I could remember and my spaghetti on everything that happened!

More under the cut~

(Warning a lot of spaghetti/random fanboying happened while I was typing out this post…)

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The tale of the greatest love story of WWE (Mega #Ambreigns Post)

I know nobody asked but… 

I feel the need to tell everyone why Ambreigns is real.

I mean…We all already know and agree but let me take you down to a memory lane anyways…

You see Roman is not so shy to lay his claim on Ambooty publicly…

Not that Dean complains…He’s proud to be Roman’s Baby Boy.

Anyone who can explain to me why would Dean feel the need to publicly cuddle with Roman for absolute no reason at all, I’ll let you deny Ambreigns. But you see, you cannot explain it. 

Then we have had moments like these…

Mind you Roman Reigns has claimed he doesnt like guys in his personal space…Well, Dean is special. He gets all the special treatment because he’s not just a guy…he’s Roman’s baby boy.

Who he feels the need to carry, catch, ruffle his hair, hold his hand, grab suggestively…& the list goes on…

Now onto Needy!Dean who just cannot help his love for the big dog…

He likes to publicly nom nom on Roman’s hair/neck…He gets extra cuddly when he’s around Roman…

Do you know that Dean likes to play dead…

..Or you could say sell extra hard when he’s around Roman just so he has an excuse to fall into Roman’s arms publicly?…Yeah, but he ain’t fooling no one…we see right through him…

Emm…Dean…What are you doing?

Dean also has a tendency to get lost in Roman’s beauty like a teenage fangirl and he sometimes cannot control himself and give away too much…Shameless hussy…

but he is Roman’s hussy so all is good…

Now lets get onto Dean being a legit puppy of Roman’s….

Lets talk about why Seth actually left them, shall we?

I mean, can you really blame him? Dean & Roman were trying hard to show who Dean belonged to even when Seth was lending a helping hand. Kinda rude.

It was getting too hard to handle…All the Ambreigns and Seth being a third wheel…

Now back to just Roman & Dean and their forever growing love story…

Em…What are you doing Roman? 

Who can forget Protective!Roman though…

They also had a wedding in disguise…Don’t believe me? Explain this…

How many ships got this lucky & this far? That’s right. None. 

You see my point? No wonder WWE had to embrace Ambreigns. No wonder its the most popular ship of this fandom.

Roman ships it…

Dean ships it…Right?

& they can be silly too…

They give zero fucks as they spill what they really are to each other…

Bonus; Roman has claimed him & Dean were the tightest of The Shield. Dean has always referred to Seth more as a best friend but Roman is his family. Brother. If that doesnt scream ship to you then I do not understand you.  

Point is, Lets sing together….AMBREGINS IS REALEST OF ÉM ALL!

*wipes a tear out of my eye* 

Can you honestly believe we have an OTP that is so giving and such a blessing?

It hits right in the feels. Of course I am not alright.

(None of the gifs are mine. Credit goes to the wonderful creators.)

Can We Talk About How Jealous I Am of Cather?

She get’s fanmade, one-of-a-kind Snowbaz fanart from her readers

Her room is literally a Snowbaz shrine

She’s a fucking goddess at writing and has won writing awards like “Best in Snow.”

She has tens of thousands of followers. 

Simon Snow is an actual book series in her world (although Snowbaz isn’t canon Snowbaz will always be canon)

She has a boyfriend WHO WANTS HER TO READ HER FANFICTION OUT LOUD TO HIM! WHERE DO YOU FIND A GUY LIKE THAT?! (and free starbucks drinks!)

She’s such a badass. Just reading fanfiction for me is kinda a dirty secret but if someone asks she tells them, “Yea I write fanfiction. About gay men. And it’s fucking amazing.


I’m Cather in many ways (introvert, in love with Snowbaz, messed up because of past events, etc) but I aspire to be her in so many other ways (independent, strong, an author, fucking amazing….)

ID #57495

Name: Alessandra
Age: 16
Country: Italy

Hi, I’m Alessandra! Ive always been better at writing than talking, so I think having penpals would be the best way to find new friends at the moment. I study languages (French, German and English) so it’d be beautiful to talk to someone that can help me improving my skills, but thats not that important, Id accept anyone from the other side of the world anyway.
I am an equal rights for everyone supporter and I love listening to people random talking bc it sorta happens to me most of the time.
Im pretty open to different ideas, I like the fact that there are very different people and thoughts on Earth and Id love to share opinions with anyone!
Ive always been a bookworm but I kinda have no time to read books I love bc school keeps me very very busy.
I ADORE WATCHING SERIES: 13RW and Sherlock are such important series to me, so feel free to fangirl about them with me bc I actually do it all the time. I love photography and my music taste is preeetty much wide!
You can contact me on tumblr or by e-mail, but Id also love to have a snailmail penpal!

Preferences: No age preferences!

anonymous asked:

I want Charlie back! Also if Destiel becomes cannon and she is not there to roll her eyes and say "finally!" (and also have the best fangirling moment ever) I will pull her down from heaven myself

Ah dude, yeah I know, we all miss Charlie….

Like, in relation to Destiel, cos that’s kinda where u r going with this and I could write for hours about Charlie but i’ll keep this short, this moment and the whole end of this episode with Charlie and Cas bonding and Dean looking on laughing and smiling…. was just so awesome:

Originally posted by mooseleys

I mean, we are always saying TFW should have some freaking friends right?! LET THEM HAVE SOME FRIENDS!!!

We have not just 1 but Han Solo /Leia moments with Charlie: “I love you” “I know” - one Larping, one at work and one with Dean (thanks @mittensmorgul for reminding me of the 3rd!).

And not that its gonna happen but I SO want that to happen in 12x23 as Cas gets whisked off away somewhere due to cosmic consequences or whatever, another later time when it fits…

Originally posted by chega-de-whisky

So yeah, I like to think of Charlie as still with us, and I would love for her to be there for this moment ;) 

Who knows, long run, given she was in a magical land and already got split in two they could easily bring her back if they really wanted to….. :)

Just realized somethin

I used to be a cringe sonic fan, but luckily I didn’t get hate, but now I realize a lot of us went through this phase at one point in our lives, we all had that point in time where we were kinda cringe, so I say let the fangirls be how they are, I know it may seem hard not to hate on them, but we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. I believe that the fangirls don’t deserve hate, they’ll improve eventually, just leave them be, thank-you for reading this

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This show doesn’t have just a love square.


Okay to explain, first off we have the obvious love square. Ladrien, Marichat, Ladynoir and Adrinette, though we all thought of them as just 4 dynamics of 1 ship.

But then throw in Chloe….

And Nathaneal who has a crush on Marinette.

And copycat who had a crush on Ladybug.

And Nino even though it was a one-episode only thing. 

Then there’s also Volpina whose rumored to might possibly have a thing for Chat Noir. There’s also the canon couples like Mylene x Ivan, and DJWIFI. There’s also Kim who had a crush on Chloe. 

And then there is also the long list of fanon ships/implied ships:

- Alya x Marinette
- Nino x Adrien
- Juleka x Rose
- Alya x Adrien
- Copycat x Chat Noir
- Alix x Nathaneal
- Kim x Max
- Kim x Alix
- Volpina x Nathaneal
- Volpina x Alya
- Volpina x Prince Ali
- Chloe x Prince Ali
- Tikki x Plagg
- Any akumatized version of these ships

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about all of Adrien’s fangirls. 

It’s kinda surprising since most fandoms that have a lot of ships end up in ship wars, but fortunately the ML fandom has stayed away from them.


iamcuziam  asked:

Headcanons of Aizawa getting a new student and she's his biggest fan?

oooh interesting! 

Aizawa Shouta

  • He’d be surprised at first, especially considering he’s an underground pro hero 
  • He’d hope that their fangirling wouldn’t get in the way of their studies, and if it did he’d probably start getting irritated with them 
  • Would occasionally answer their many questions about him, he kinda enjoys the positive attention 
  • He would find it a bit odd that someone idolises him though, that’s usually for more flashier heroes
Born To Be Bad Part 2

Part 1

They were making their way towards your dad office as the guard lead them. You were on other room looking through the window when you saw five guys going to your dad office.“Hey sis, who are they?” your eyes didn’t even move away from them. She walks beside you to see what you were talking about “I never saw them before.”

“Are they one of the new partners?” both of your eyes won’t move away from them as they finally go in behind the door. “I don’t think so but whoever are they, they’re kinda cute don’t you think?” your sister bump your shoulder but you sent her glare. “That’s not my problem” you walk away from the window and continue with your work. “Awww..come on~ let out your inner fangirl sometimes. It’s not that bad” she starts to whine about it.

You look at her in disgust “Ya! You’re older me so stop doing that” she hit your shoulder hard making you flinch. “What was that for?!” you rub the spot where she hit you and the others workers chuckle quietly. “You maybe tougher than me but remember that I’m still your sister,” she said making you pout whenever she hit you. “I’m telling dad” you stood up making your way to your dad office.

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signs as people i have been close with.

aries: tall, blonde, quiet but talks mad shit about everyone and everything. teases, cute, very very gorgeous but never admits it or believes it. long ass eyelashes. dates alot of people.

taurus: short, light brown hair. really really likes books. realistic thinker. intelligent. perfect grades. very pretty face. likes looking at cute boys. athletic and plays hockey. passive aggressive. VERY stubborn.

gemini: clever, funny, annoying as fuck. nice hair, grey eyes, very playful. teases. like alot. to everyone. has strong facial features but his jokes make him seem less serious. nice to everyone.

cancer: VERY argumentative when pissed off. blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair. very introverted at first but once you get her talking she NEVER stops. has a cute laugh. emotional and sensitive. on her phone alot. listens to every genre of music. takes snapchats of everything secretly (oh but do i ever notice it)

leo: very quiet at first. lots of shy smiles and nervous giggles. but once you get really close with her, quiet turns into conversations about anything and everything about the universe, shy smiles turn into really big smiles and nervous giggles turn into loud, hearty laughs. very artistic. long hair. interested in photography. confident and being around her feels like home.

virgo: hazel sleepy eyes, messy light hair, slight jawline. gamer. always on his phone during class. humor that always has a deeper meaning. great conversationalist, always keeps the conversation going. lots of funny interesting stories. remembers every single detail you tell him. an amazing listener. very kindhearted and welcoming. mutters the word ‘hostile’ everytime i win an arguement with him. which rarely happens.

libra: elegant and graceful when she walks. VERY AMBITIOUS AND DETERMINED. thinks ahead alot, able to predict what im going to do before i even do it. intense eye contact. rants about her job alot. black hair and blue eyes. great fashion sense. likes the colour black. scary when shes mad, i try not to mess with her. apologizes ALOT after she gets angry. very pretty.

scorpio: very passionate about his girlfriend and the people he cares about. striven. blue eyes. obsessed with the ocean and the outdoors. likes to be in control but is able to let little things go. smokes alot. eyes go really big when talking about something he’s interested in. very detailed stories, never leaves out a single detail which makes them kinda long. very intense emotions.

sagittarious: outgoing, adventurous. rants about people. down to do anything, no matter how crazy. not afraid to act silly with me. tall, cat eyes, stunning. spontaneous and dares me to do alot of funny things which is awesome because im alot more free than i was before i met her. fangirls about everything. ships and fangirls about couples who arent even couples. but i can see right through her. and secretly, she has a deep side.

capricorn: controlling, sarcastic, and ambitious. likes his job alot. loyal, cares alot about his family. use to be a hippie headbanger in highschool. listens to rock. little bit lazy and tired alot. plays games, likes taking friends out to movies and nice restauraunts. likes camping. likes the outdoors. really bad temper and throws things when angry. has alot of emotions bottled up inside. logical thinking and rebellious when he was younger. likes to be right.

aquarius: really chilled out and alot of dark humour. great voice impressions of morgan freeman. doesnt fall in love easily, kind of sensitive and clingy though when he does. talks about his life experiances alot if you ever get close. lots of friends, plays guitar, VERY TALL HOLY SHIT. plays drums, listens to music alot. kind of mean and blunt and honest. slight sarcasm, gets annoyed easily.

pisces: plays soccer, talkative and sweet. has graceful facial features. outside alot and always doing something. intelligent, great comebacks, wants to be an aries. very opinionated, always listening to music and not noticing that hes quietly singing/humming along which is adorable. always fidgets half conciously and can never hold still.


Celebrating the arrival of ToZX season 2 today! I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. Lastonbell will kill me, I can see it coming already. Anyway, I finally made one of these “Why you should read/watch/play…” shitposts. Did I do it right? I also inserted some popular tumblr jokes about Zesty, just saying.
Oh yes, and I’ll throw in a Tales of Destiny shitpost, too. Now my dear friends, do you finally see why you must bear my fangirling?
These “presentations” are also kinda too long for tumblr, so I had to cut them in parts, I’m sorry


Part two is HERE!

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i actually think rose and rosie know something about camren. i was anticipating a bigger reaction from them when they watched citc and strangers but they were kinda mellow and dunno, a bit restrained? like they were careful? rose is still fangirling but something's changed. i think they know something we dont. and i think they're talking/talked with camila.

😂 Well, that is a possibility. Hey Rose and Rosie, hit me up with the deets. Your secret is safe with me. 😎

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acotar always seemed sexist to me especially the eris retconning. also selling mor for her breeding capabilities. uggh

I do agree. It’s not always visible at the first sight and I still love and enjoy parts of the series but it doesn’t change the fact that yes, there is a lot of sexism in SJM’s books. There’s actually a really good post on it going around tumblr right now - here.

And it’s all that more visible in acowar, with all the attempts at “redeeming” all the MALE antagonists/villains. I just don’t understand SJM’s need to do this, actually? Because in any fantasy series - any book where there’s some kind of conflict for that matter - you kinda need a good villain? But all we’re presented with are these characters that are portrayed either as “evil sluts” (Amarantha, Ianthe) or males who are first painted as the worst of the worst, only to have “misunderstood” label slapped on them last minute. I don’t buy it. I don’t want to buy it. And let me make myself clear - you can like/stan/fangirl over Eris and the likes of him all you want - I have no beef with that. But don’t excuse his actions. Sure, maybe the narrative is not yet clear enough to know all about him but what we do know now? It’s been clear enough for me.

Like I said, I know that personally, I occasionally overlook some problematic things regarding acotar series until it’s pointed out to me. Like, some things like this Eris retcon or all the other retcons in acowar, were pretty clear to me from the start. But sometimes I read a post and have this “huh, that shit is real” moment, you know? And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one feeling this way. So I guess SJM may not realize herself how some of her stuff may and does look to readers. And that’s a natural (unfortunately) result of the society we live in. We are all products of a society we live in. But that’s not an excuse. We should not put up with that. We shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back and ignore the issue. But what we can do is try to educate ourselves, offer sound constructive criticism and listen when that criticism is offered to us. And that’s also what SJM as an author should do.

It’s okay to enjoy any stuff you want - just remember that it’s also okay to be critical of things.

P.S. That answer got deep™ and preach-y accidentally, I. AM. SORRY xD

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So like I used to be really picky about watching anime (I used to only watch the dubs) but then I watched Haikyuu and then the original of other animes and now I'm kinda nervous about the dub for Haikyuu??? But I'm also really excited bc like you said, bigger franchise, more fans, more people to fangirl with, a lot more merch. I just don't want them to butcher the VA's like they've done in some dubs. (Low key excited for Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Bo and Kuroos VA tho)

I’ve always preferred the original over the dub, for any anime I’ve watched.