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So as funny as the idea that Ron’s new sword is a kid’s toy from Funland was...

Sorry, but I won’t shut up about this episode :P Now I’ve seen all of the screenshots, I spotted in the night time scene that Ronaldo’s sword (which seems like the fool has dropped :D Perhaps he hasn’t learned; baaaalance is the keeey!) looks more like this colour…

And in daylight, it is really fuckin’ bright green, which is why my first thought was it was one of his replica swords from a con, or perhaps - hilariously - a plastic toy! XD But I digress, these two colours do kinda look the same as the hand ship’s colour scheme… granted the scenes in The Return were in very bright green light (probably from the hand ship itself) but it does look suspiciously similar, no?

I’ve been wondering for aaages what Ronaldo was gonna do with that big piece ‘o hand ship he nicked. OMFG if it is from the hand ship material, Peri is gonna kill him hahaha. Unless of course… she made it? No, that can’t be right… can it? *Wander squee*

Why won’t anybody sleep with my boi, Agent Gibson? I mean cmon Gavin the 3rd you banged everyone but him and your excuse is you don’t find him attractive. What The Hell bro?

This is why he has self esteem issues because no one will sleep with him.

Double The Distractions

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This is part 2 of 3!

Description: Someone walked in on Enzo and Y/n. Hmm.. Do they join in on the fun?

Warnings: Double the Smut?

Notes: I’ve been in a huge slump and haven’t posted anything on my main blog in a few months, so I was pretty determined to complete this part. The 3rd part should be in the works soon. I had help from the all so lovely @imagines–assemble for mostly the first half, but then I kinda did the rest myself, with her editing.

Let the smut train start up again!

“Mmn…” you moaned, your fingers tight against the armrest of the couch. You were still bent over, getting pounded into by Enzo and you looked at the door as you heard a voice. Seeing who that voice belonged to caused you to blush deeply.

“Zo, when did you plan on tellin’ me you weren’t gonna share her?” Cass growled as he stood in the doorway. He walked in and closed the door behind him, locking it with a click.

Enzo chuckled. “Hey, it’s your fault. You’re the one that decided to lock my ass outta the locker room after I showered, big guy.” He heard you whimper, looking at where your gaze was and he smirked. Seeing you staring and licking your lips at the bulge growing in the front of Cass’ jeans, Enzo smirked. “Looks like she wants you to join in, Cass. Don’t wanna keep our baby girl waiting…”

Cass smiled, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans before shoving them down. He stepped out of them, along with his boxers and fisted his cock. He grinned when he heard you whine for him as you kept staring. “This what you want little one?” He chuckled as he saw you nod your head frantically. He walked over to you as you were being jolted forward with every thrust from Enzo, moaning softly as you looked up at Cass with a lustful gaze and he groaned in response. “Fuck, what’d you do to the innocent girl that we’re both weak for, Zo?”

Enzo grinned. “I think that girl disappeared when she felt my hard cock against her stomach after she found me stranded and stark naked in the hallway, Cass.”

Cass smirked and ran his fingers through your hair, his other hand still fisting his massive cock. He grabbed your hair, weaving his fingers through your tresses as he pulled back roughly. The action produced a moan from you, making you lick your lips as you stared up at him and into his eyes. “What is it that you want, little one? You gotta use your words, baby…” Cass leaned down, murmuring in your ear as he nipped at it.

“Mmn…Please let me suck your cock, Big Daddy…”

Cass groaned at the name. “Fuck did she just-”

Amore laughed. “The Daddy bit might be my fault, but Big Daddy fits you, considering you are a fuckin’ giant.” You were growing impatient as you saw Cass’ large member right in front of you but he saw fit to talk instead. You were getting tired of waiting on him and if he wasn’t gonna use his cock then you would certainly put it to good use.

“Well I didn’t say that I didn’t like it. Especially coming from her it sounds so- Fuck!” Cass was caught off guard as he looked down at you. You had taken one of Enzo’s harder thrusts that shoved you forward and took Cass in your mouth. Keeping grip on the couch, you were quickly engulfing his massive cock in your wet mouth and caught him off guard. You proudly smirked around him when you heard Cass’ grunts and moans, his grip in your hair tightening. “S-shit! S-such a good girl…My God…”

Enzo saw you take Cass in as they were talking and his eyes went wide when he saw how eager you were and how much you fit in your mouth. “Damn, I don’t think we’ll ever see her as innocent again, Cass…” He smirked, giving a harsh smack to your ass, causing you to moan around Cass’ cock. “I also found out somethin’…The times this naughty girl runs past us when we’re headed to our matches is ‘cause she’s rushing to her locker room to touch herself…While she’s watchin’ us fight, big guy…” He grunted as he began thrusting into your pussy faster.

“Ah, are you serious?” Cass sighed, stroking your hair as you hummed around his shaft. “She really gets off watching us in the ring?” he smirked down at you and you shot the giant a teasing wink. “Sounds like our kinda girl, Zo. Maybe we should have her ringside, then she has to suffer out there…But then again, if she did that and behaved, she’d definitely be rewarded afterwards…”

Enzo nodded in response to Cass as he continued to talk.

“Maybe we should do this more than once, Zo…What do you think, baby?” He grasped your hair and tugged to tilt your head back and you bit your lip.

“Mmn…that sounds wonderful, Big Daddy but right now I…I need you both all the time.” you keened and Cass grinned as he gently stroked your cheek.

Enzo grinned. “I’m sure Cass would love to taste that sweet pussy of yours, doll…She really does taste delicious, Cass…”

The larger man growled. “You fucker…You know I’ve been dying to taste her!”

Enzo chuckled and pulled out of your pussy, causing you to whimper at the loss. He changed the position by pulling you onto his lap with your back against his chest, spreading your legs. He reached between you two as his cock was against your lower back and used the cum that covered his cock from your orgasm, coating his fingers and rubbing them against your puckered hole.

“You wanna taste her, big guy? Then get your loud mouth over here and taste her. I only got to suck her juices off of my fingers.” Enzo chuckled.

“Certainly don’t gotta tell me twice!” Cass grinned as he moved, quickly kneeled in front of you and Enzo. He held your legs open, trailing kisses along your inner thighs. Gazing up at you, Cass winked as he flattened his tongue and licked over your lips slowly. The motion caused you to moan, sending a delightful shiver up your spine as he continued. At the time he did that, Zo slowly started inching a finger inside your asshole, causing you to whimper.


He smirked, slowly slipping another finger in and you let a cry escape you. “Fuck! D-daddyy…It h-hurts…” You squirmed, causing him to gently put an arm around your waist.

“Shh…it’s alright baby. You gotta stay still for Big Daddy to taste you…” He whispered in your ear as he continued to move his fingers around inside your puckered hole.

You whimpered and felt your toes curl as Cass devoured your cunt. Gasping as you felt him rubbing your lips with two of his thick, long fingers. “Ahh…B-big daddy…?”

Cass gazed up at you, making a show of wiggling his tongue over your clit before stroking your lips slowly. “Mmn…fuck. Such a delicious little pussy…I know my fingers are big little one, just relax for big daddy…Think you can do that?” He bit his lip when you nodded and slowly slipped his fingers inside, hearing you gasp. “Fuck…such a good girl…Taking mine and Zo’s fingers in both holes…Does it feel good, baby girl?” He asked, then went right in and pulled your sensitive clit between his lips and suckled roughly on it.

You gasped, also releasing a loud cry as the pleasure took over. “H-aah! F-feels so good…mmh…”

Enzo removed his fingers and began to tease your puckered hole with his cock, earning a whimper from you. He kept a tight hold of you around your stomach as he whispered in your ear. “Shh…It’s alright, baby. I won’t be too rough unless you ask for it, I promise. Now, just relax for daddy and keep letting big daddy devour that amazing little pussy of yours…”

You nodded and soon you gasped loudly, feeling him slowly slide into you from behind. “Haah…D-daddyy…h-hurtss…nngh…” You closed your eyes tightly and whimpered at the size of him and the foreign feeling.

Enzo moved to kiss and suck at your neck lovingly. “Shh…It’s alright baby.” He moved his hands down to rub at your sides to calm and soothe you. He felt your body relax in his arms and smiled softly. “Atta’ girl…” He slowly moved his hips, giving a few test thrusts and when your whimpers of pain turned to moans of pleasure, he picked up a steady tempo.

Cass gazed up at you as he removed his fingers, licking your juices off of them. “C’mon baby girl, cum for big daddy…If you cum for big daddy, the next thing I shove in here will be much bigger and way more satisfying…” He leaned back in and thrusted his tongue deep inside, wiggling it around.

You arched your back and squirmed, feeling Zo wrap an arm around you from behind to keep you still, along with deep thrusts. “Ah! B-big daddy…! G-gonna-” Your walls clenched around his tongue when you released for him, panting and moaning as Cass hungrily lapped up your juices.

Cass stood up slowly, licking his lips and humming in satisfaction. “Mmn…Zo was right, princess. Your pussy is by far the best pussy I’ve ever tasted…” He fisted his massive cock and you whimpered, wanting to be filled to the brim. He grunted as he basically lunged forward and caged you in between him and Zo. He teased your sensitive pussy, feeling the lips quiver around his cock. “You want big daddy’s cock, huh princess?” He grinned when you nodded frantically. “Use these pretty lips and say what you want, baby.” He said as he caressed your face in one hand, running his thumb over your bottom lip.

You panted as Enzo kept thrusting from behind, your eyes barely able to stay open. “Ah! P-please pound my pretty little pussy, big daddy…I need you to fill me up, please!” You gazed into his eyes with lust and innocence in your own eyes.

Cass groaned and bit his lip, fisting his cock a few more times, leaning in and slowly sliding his massive cock into your tight cunt. He gasped and groaned out. “H-oh fuck… Such a tight little pussy…should we see if it can take all of me, baby?”

You nodded and whimpered. “Ahh…please big daddy…I-I need it all.” You bit your lip shyly.

Enzo and Cass looked at each other, surprised by your begging and how vocal you were being. “Fuck…she’s beggin’ for ya, big guy. Don’t make her wait…” Zo reached for your breasts, massaging and kneading them roughly as he also played with your peaks.

Cass nodded and took a deep breath, thrusting the rest of himself inside your tight cunt. Groaning loudly as he felt your muscles contract around his girth. “O-oh shit…” He pulled out slowly and thrusted back in, watching your pussy take every inch, shocking him.

Enzo looked at Cass. “Is it all in, big guy?” When he nodded, Zo was surprised too. “Damn…such a pretty little pussy taking in every inch of that cock?”

You whimpered and clawed at Cass’ chest. “P-please m-move…big daddy…”

Cass nodded and gripped your hips as he began a steady rhythm of thrusting. Grunting while he looked down to where your bodies met, he was still amazed as you took every inch. “Mmn fuck…Such a tight little pussy and it’s taking every single inch of this massive cock…such a good girl…”

You threw your head back as you grasped onto Cass. Feeling your head get turned, you didn’t resist as you were feeling so full from the pleasure that it clouded your mind. Your lips met Enzo’s as they both continued their pleasure filled assault on your body.

Cass watched as you shared a very intimate kiss with Zo and groaned. He felt you begin to grind against them both, hearing Zo grunt and try to hold you still. “Looks like daddy is close, baby…Make ‘im cum…” He grinned.

You broke the kiss and nodded, grinding roughly back against Enzo as he kept thrusting. You met his thrusts, causing him to grip your breasts roughly as he threw his head back and released inside your asshole with a moan of your name.

Cass grinned and licked his lips as he shifted. Lifting you from Enzo and sitting down, his back planted against the leather of the couch with you straddling his hips. He pulled you back on his cock, earning a cry as this position allowed him to go even deeper. He gripped your hips and began moving you up and down his cock. “Yeah…such a good little girl…taking all of my cock so deep inside this little pussy.” He grunted and leaned back as he felt you take control of riding him.

You rode him hard, placing your hands on his chest and clawing at him roughly as the pleasure continued to build. “Mmn…big daddy’s cock feels so fucking good in my tight little pussy…I can’t get enough of it.”

Cass grinned, licking his lips. “Yeah? Big daddy makes his lil’ princess feel that good, huh?” He gripped your hips, holding you still as he began to plow into you from below, grunting.

Enzo laid back and smirked, listening to his giant friend pleasing their girl. He relaxed as he began plotting his revenge on his massive buddy.

You cried out as you felt your walls clench around his cock in almost a death grip, panting heavily. “D-daddy! G-gonna c-cum!”

Cass grunted and kept up his pace, increasing speed ands he plowed roughly and quickly into you, earning another cry from you. “C'mon my lil’ princess…Cum all over big daddy’s cock…” Cass kissed you roughly before he moved to your neck to mark you as he felt your walls spasm around his girth, releasing all over his cock. Earning a low grunt and long groan from him, he held you down roughly on his massive cock.

You saw his reactions and knew he was close, whimpering. “C'mon big daddy…fill up my pretty little pussy with your cum…pleasee…oh god, please big daddy…” You begged.

He threw his head back and pulled you close against him as he felt himself shoot string after gooey string of his cum inside you. He tangled his fingers in your hair as he panted heavily, but he pulled you in for a passionate kiss. “Fuck…That was fuckin’ amazing…” He mumbled.

Enzo chuckled and nodded. “You’re tellin’ me, big guy.”

You yawned softly and snuggled close into Cass’ large body. He chuckled when you purred softly as he lovingly stroked your hair.

Cass and Enzo chuckled as they watched you drift to sleep in Cass’ arms.

“Looks like you gotta carry her to her hotel room, Cass.”

Cass smiled softly. “Fine by me. We wore out our lil’ princess. She deserves the rest.” He kissed the top of your head softly and smiled a bit more as he saw a smile break out on your face as you slept in his arms.

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Bang Crush Part 4

also readpart 1 , part 2, part 3


“I think it is a mistake worth making,” I said. I could see him turn his head, his eyes looking at the ground as he left the lab.

“So it turned out there was a dryer, like..Right next to the lab.” Nardo scratched his cheek nervously, “Pretty convenient place since the lab coats get washed and dried there.”
“Was finding it what took you so long?” I asked, kicking my legs out of pure boredom.

“I was kinda watching the dryer…I don’t know why I did that…I wasted ten minutes of my life watching the thing turn.” Nardo shook his head as if he was reflecting upon life and all his bad decisions. “I don’t regret anything.” He put his hands in the pockets of his lab coat before approaching me. “And these were in your pockets.” He handed me a frozen yogurt gift card. Of course, the pants originally belonged to Izuna. It was his gift card, I can’t even remember the last time I ate frozen yogurt.

“Thanks,” I said examining the gift card.

“And this.” I looked up from the card and I could feel an imaginary brick fall on my head seeing him hold a strawberry flavored condom. It almost felt like Izuna was a seer and predicted all of this. My hand reached for the condom, but he suddenly pulled it away. I looked up and I could see an amused look.

“It is a little odd, don’t you think?” He looked at the condom he was holding between two fingers, “Because I recall you telling me you are a virgin.” His eyes met mine again.

“Owh you caught me,” my voice couldn’t have been more sarcastic, “I planned this all out. Y’know that girl that spilled the chemicals on me. Yeah, I paid her to do that, and the rest just fell into place. I was actually trying to bang you.” I leaned in so I could reach for the condom, “And I can say it is going pretty well.”

Nardo looked slightly confused, his eyes were narrowed as if he was trying to figure me out.

“Really?” He asked, there was no surprise in his voice what so ever. Somehow, that felt like a good thing.

“I am joking,” I said as I chuckled slightly.

“You are a pretty good liar.” His suspicious look faded slightly, “That is not a good thing.”

“Owwhh~” I placed my palm on my cheek, “Do I get punished now?” I saw Nardo stiffen and his head turning slightly red..Well I had made him uncomfortable now. I shouldn’t have said that. Now he must think I am weird as fuck.

“I was joking. Don’t take it literally.” He exhaled relieved.

“For a moment I thought I was in a bad porn and I was tested by fate.”
“When you say bad porn ..What..Do you mean? As in naughty bad? Or actor is fucking ugly kind of bad?” I heard Nardo laugh at my question, but I guess it didn’t come through him that I was actually being serious. “Well?”

“I guess the one where the storyline is good but the grammar is bad.”

“Wait…What porn has grammar?” I narrowed my eyes.

“I read a lot of-” he suddenly waved it off, “I am not discussing porn with you.”

“Alright fair enough.” I got off the desk, “You think my pants are dry by now?”

“They should..Probably any minute. I will fetch them.”

“I will come. I want to see what kind of manipulative powers that dryer has. Y’know catching your eyes for ten entire minutes. I must learn its secret.” He opened the door and I saw this small smirk on his face as I walked out of the lab.

“Right? Or left?”

“Left,” Nardo said and I took a total of two steps before feeling his hand on my shoulder, he pulled me towards the other side. “Left.” He repeated.

“Uhm..Right!” I said, feeling embarrassed.

“No left.” He laughed at his own joke.

“Y’know, the reason why I mess up left and right is not because I am stupid…Well partly.” I rubbed the back of my head.

“Nobody thinks you are stupid.” He said.

“I beg to differ.” I muttered, looking at the ground before meeting his eyes, “It is actually because I am.. Someone that is known as Ambidexterous.”

“You have to enlighten me with that term.” He opened the door of a small room and allowed me in. “There is not light. I think the lightbulb is burned out,” he held the door open behind him as he looked at the dryer that was set for another 5 minutes. I stopped over the little vacuum machine. “So what is Ambi..Something. Not an illness I hope.”

“No,” I looked at the timer of the dryer, “It is basically when you can..Use both your hands as the dominant one.”

“Like Tesla?!” He snapped his finger, “That is cool. Were you born that way or…”

“No, when I was younger I came to the conclusion that I was not very strong to beat my opponent. I relied on the element of surprise and technique…. Well, it is a long story, but in short, it was good to throw a knife from the left hand to the right, instead of just being left.”

“God, what have you been through as a kid?” I suddenly felt a hand wrapped around my shoulders and he pulled me closer. “I scolded my boy for running around the house with sharp pencils. I can’t imagine him fighting with knives.” As he was talking I turned my head to his hand around my shoulder, seeing the bandage wrapped around it. I noted it before, but…I wonder why.

“What happened to your arm?” I asked. I put my hand over his bandaged one.

“Owh, it is a funny story, I burned it as chemicals fell on it and it is sunlight sensitive so I must avoid light at all cost. That is why I bandage it.”

“Your surname becomes more and more ironic.” I turned my head and chuckled. I heard a loud “Bang” sound and the room was suddenly pitch black. I turned my head around to the closed door. Followed by hearing two familiar voices shouting: “For the sake of the Bang Crush!” I didn’t have to walk up to the door to know it was locked from the outside. However, Nardo did not put two and two together…Which made me question who was bad at maths.

“Did students just lock us up?” Nardo tried to open the door.

“Save the trouble…They will unlock it soon enough.” I said.

“How do you know?” He asked. Well…How was I going to explain the “Bang Crush” thing to him?

“Uhm…Five older brothers…Remember?” I coughed…Might not have been the best lie to come up with. I turned towards the dryer to see how much time there was left.

“You think there is a torch here somewhere?” I could hear Nardo move his hands over the shelves I tilted myself on the dryer so I had some platform to sit on. I wondered how the man could even make anything out of the dark. It seemed there was no light except for the timer. I suddenly felt a hand right on my crotch. My throat was numb and I couldn’t make any kind of noise, not even a stupid squeal or yelp.

“I am so sorry!” He removed his hand and I pulled my leg towards my chest. I guess my face could have become a red lamp at that moment. I swallowed, what was I supposed to say? It is alright? Of course, it is alright! He is my Bang Crush. Wouldn’t it only be fair for me to touch his? I opened my mouth to say something, but I could hear his foot hit the vacuum machine that was on the ground. He fell forwards, but lucky for him he didn’t hit his head on the dryer. Instead, his face fell on my lap and I managed to hold him and help him back up. “What is wrong with me!?”

“It is alright, shit happens.” I couldn’t surpass my smirk. My cold hands were right on his naked chest and I could feel his nipples getting hard. I needed all my willpower to not just pull him towards me and kiss him. I lowered my hands and my fingers felt his abs just before they were forced to get back towards me.

“Alright, so you are on the dryer.” I could feel his hand trying to find my exact position. His hands ended up on thighs, and he probably just wanted to make sure to avoid any awkward touching, but I must say ..I loved his grip.

“Yes, and you are right in front of me.” I guess my joy was hearable from my voice, I couldn’t hide it. “Isn’t this funny.” I laughed. I swear I will make sure to thank Izuna later. I heard Nardo exhale deeply.

“So Hime, was it?” He asked and I made a confirming sound, “How long have u been in the closet?” He laughed at his own play on words and I just chuckled. This is how aniki must feel when he laughs at his boyfriend’s puns.

“When we are out of the closet, we should get coffee,” I said.

“Definitely!” He said, “With apple pie.”

“Or donuts that are filled with jam.” I put my hand on my stomach, “Yes, I am hungry.” I sighed.

“You should keep your mind off it,” Nardo said, “How about a game, to make the time pass?”

“Do I look like your eight years old son?”

“No, my son is blond.” He said, “And he can count.”

“See how much shit I give,” I commented.

“I can’t see anything in this dark.” He stated.

“Exactly,” I smirked when he remained quiet.

“You really enjoy love-hate relationships, eh?”

“Love-hate? I thought there was only love here.” I used this as an excuse to wrap my arms around his torso, “Right now you are my favorite teacher.”

“Aren’t you suddenly a sweetheart?” I could feel his hand go through my hair. “Truth or dare?” I asked. I figured since we were in a closet anyway. I could use it to my advantage.

“Truth.” He said and I let go of him.

“So how big is your dick?” I heard him scoff.

“What is wrong with kids these days.”
“So?” I asked.

“Tch…Dare..” He muttered.

“Fine, show me your dick.”

“I could do that, but-”

“You are scared?”

“No, it would be a waste of your dare. Since you won’t be able to see it anyway.”

“Hnnnn….You are right.” Well, it was the idea that counted anyway, “Kiss me?” I suggested. I heard him chuckle. I wondered if he was mocking me or if he found my request cute? I looked up, and I suddenly felt his lips on the corner of my mouth. It wasn’t anything near sexy or hot, but it was a kiss. A kiss near my mouth.

“Owh.” He pulled back, I figured he wanted to kiss my forehead, but I moved without him knowing. “There you go.” He said, patting my cheek. “Satisfied?”

“Yes~!” I said, “your turn.”

“Truth or dare?” He asked.


“What is your backstory.” I swallowed.

“Dare.” I changed my words fast.

“Hnn..Tell me your backstory.” He used my trick!

“Pfff…Well, I guess you are  referring to the moment I fucked up.” I sighed and was thinking deeply, “Basically I fucked up ever since I was zygote!” I laughed, but he wasn’t laughing…That made me nervous.

“You know, I am actually concerned about you.” I felt his hands on my face, making me look up. Perhaps it was the idea of eye contact that matter or perhaps he had good night vision.

“Are you this concerned with all your students?” I tried to laugh it off, “You must have your hands full then.”

“Not all are this fucked-up.”

“Itai~” Those words hit the heart, but well I was used getting hurt. I suddenly heard a beeping sound and I looked under me at the dryer. “Pants,” I said out loud.
Nardo knelt down and grabbed the jeans before handing them to me. I put them on, pulling them over my thighs. Izuna had great taste in pants, but damn did I hope he would get bigger thighs in his life so I wouldn’t have to wrestle so much.

An eye blinding light caused me to shut my eyes. I was forced to open them and get used to it. My eyes were burning, but I managed to make out a silhouette. The silhouette of the cleaning woman. She narrowed her eyes.

“Ooh, thank God, you have opened the door-”

“No, honey, you don’t get to thank no God.” She moved her finger while she spoke. I quickly pulled my pants up.

“W-what…” Nardo looked confused at the cleaning lady before looking at me.

“I have to ask-” Nardo was about to say something, but the woman shushed him, she turned her head to me. “Are you here against your will?” She rested her hand on her hip.


“What!?” Nardo looked at me slightly panicked.

“No! No! I mean..I am in this closet against my will. The real closet, not..Like..Sexuality…Sexuality wise it is just confusing as fuck, y’know, but that aside! It is not that I am against my will with Nardo! I totally like this guy. Not that we are together..No..He has a wife and kids, but-” I suddenly felt Nardo’s hand pressed against my mouth.

“Just stop, you are making me sound bad in front of the cleaning lady.” He whispered. I put his hand off my mouth.

“Sorry…” I said. He turned his head around.

“So~ Uhm….Thanks for opening the door…” I could see a sweatdrop appear on Nardo’s forehead the moment the cleaning lady narrowed her eyes and indicated she was keeping her eyes on him. I got off the dryer and followed Nardo out of the closet.

“You are making this really hard for me, Sasuke..” He sighed as he walked a few steps ahead of me.

“I can make more things hard.” He suddenly turned around. “Your job, your life, your relationship.” I coughed, “Your penis.”

“You talk so big-”

“I can show you big.” I fingerbanged him. He covered his eyes with one hand, but I could see his cheeks getting flustered.
“Isn’t this sexual harassment?” He muttered, but I could still hear him.

“I can show you sexual. You can judge if it is harassment later. Y’know, when you recover.”  He removed his hand from his eyes.

“You seem to be on fire with your remarks. But, kiddo, first button up your pants.” I looked at my crotch with my open button and zipper. I then looked back at Nardo and raised an eyebrow.

“So~ what are you looking at, hah?” I cocked my head and I saw him open his mouth to say something, only to be left speechless. I buttoned and zipped my pants up, “Well, now coffee date should really happen. You should know I am still classy.”

“It would only be fair, right?” He smiled, “And it would actually be even better to get to know each other more now.”

“If you want to unlock my sad background story and get access to my mentally ill head. You will need at least three dates.”

“Fair enough. I drink a lot of coffee anyway.” He extended his arm and I couldn’t surpass a small victorious look. This was really happening! I was about to wrap my arms around his, but before I could even touch him.

“Professor!” I glared at the unknown student running towards us, “The lab, there’s a smoke everywhere!” She was panting.

“What happened?” Nardo looked concerned.

“I left my project for only one minute for a pee break and suddenly..There was this white smoke, everywhere.”

“What is wrong with this school.” Nardo shook his head and jogged after the student towards some other lab in this university. I narrowed my eyes…I was so close. I heard some small chuckling and I recognized that chuckle all too well. I kicked the boy’s restroom door open and saw Naruto right next to the door.

“You said you would leave me alone.” I hissed.

“I didn’t do nothing.”

“We both know you did.” I narrowed my eyes, “What did you do?”

“I could try explaining it to you, but we both know chemistry is not your subject and you won’t understand.”

“Naruto, I will strangle you.” I threatened.

“Damn Sasuke,” He smiled, “You need to get laid.”

“I am trying!” I hissed.

“Why all the effort? There is a bathroom stall here, and I am free.” He had this stupid smile on his face. I wondered how he managed to find a way to punch me in the heart. It wasn’t fair I was the only one getting hurt. I pushed his head against the wall and he hissed in pain. Now we were even.

“Don’t play with me.” I turned myself around to walk away.

“Sasuke, how about a kiss for the pain? Dattebayo.” I turned my head to look at him. He was making fun of me…I could see him rub the back of his head that hit the wall and give me that smile…Was that supposed to be an innocent smile? It didn’t seem like one. It was more devilish.

“Naruto,” I turned myself around, “You know what my biggest mistake in life has been?”

Naruto’s eyes turned serious and the stupid smile was gone. He lowered his arm.

“Letting you in my life. Itachi is right, you don’t belong there.”

“That hurt, Sasuke.” Naruto inhaled deeply and I could see him bite his lip.

“Good. Makes the both of us.” I stared at the sinks, “Just stop making fun of me.”

“I wasn’t making fun of you.” He stated.

“Yeah right.”

“But I wasn’t! It is completely in your head!”

“Is this my fault too now?” I looked him directly in the eyes, “Am I delirious? Is it my anxiety? Or some other stupid mental illness. That;s good right, cuz your dad won’t go out of business as long as I am mentally fucked-up. You made that clear.”

“I am not trying to go off-topic, but aren’t you the one trying to fuck the professor?”

“Don’t you have a pill to take? Cuz you are really jumping to a lot of conclusions.”

“Hey, I ain’t trying to get in the pants of a married man.”

But you shoplifted an expensive bottle of liquor and I got accused for it! And you dare to question me! How about you look at yourself!? You ain’t a goody two shoes, so stop pretending!” 

Naruto remained quiet and his eyes lowered themselves to the ground.
“Why do you have to be like this.” He sounded frustrated and mad.

“It is called honesty.” I folded my arms.

“It is called ‘pushing people away’. I suddenly get why your brothers want to stay away from you.”

“Why don’t you do one smart thing in your life,” I had to take a deep breath. My hands were itching to punch him in the face at this very moment. I felt the pressure in my chest and this lump in my throat. His words hurt. Perhaps because it came from him, or maybe because he was telling the truth. Either way, I wanted to hurt him..It wasn’t fair I was the only one feeling like this. “-and follow their example.”

With those words, I left.

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More of Me

Thanks @ladydracarysao3! You guys are getting so much of me tonight sorry for the inundation lol.

1. How tall are you? 5′3″

2. What colour and style is your hair? Mousey brown, long and straight.

3. What colour are your eyes? Brown

4. Do you wear glasses? YES. I actually have super poor eyesight. I usually wear contacts though.

5. Do you wear braces? No. I’ve never had them.

6. What is your fashion sense? When I’m actually doing fashion, I tend to go unabashedly LA. Like Mary-Kate Olsen’s LA. Like Free People LA. Jeffrey Campbells with spikes. But like I’m not usually doing fashion. Usually I’m doing jeans and tee shirts.

7. Do you have any siblings? One younger sister.

8. What kinda student were/are you? Bored and fickle. I did very well in high school because I had to. I was a terrible college student, however, because I was irresponsible and had a hard time dealing with stuff I wasn’t interested in. My English/Creative Writing gpa was a 3.9. My gpa for everything else was probably more like a 2.9. I got a lot of B/Cs.

9. What is your favourite subject? LUNCH. Also English.

10. Favourite TV shows? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, The Sopranos, Lost, Twin Peaks, The X-Files

11. Favourite books? Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams, Cruddy by Lynda Barry, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

12. Favourite pastime? Video games.

13. Any regrets? Yes, sure. Though I don’t tend to look back very often. I am not generally regretful or nostalgic.

14. What is your dream job? Writer, self-sufficient.

15. Do you want to get married? I’ve been married since 2013.

16. Do you want kids? How many? I never really knew if I wanted kids. Then I got one. I’m good with that. We might have another one at some point, though we’re not ready yet on many levels.

17. How many countries have you visited? Idk. Not super many.

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I have these hallucinations sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night. My brother-in-law’s partner is a neurologist and a sleep specialist and he called them “hypnopompic” hallucinations. I don’t have sleep paralysis, and they’re not night terrors. Basically, I’m awake, but my brain is slow to the uptake, so images from my dreams will momentarily imprint in the room like ghosts. I’ve seen founding fathers walking in the door, floating cameras, spiders on the ceiling, and a tall man in a tuxedo standing at the end of the bed. I always scream and like jump into my husband’s arms. They’ve been less recent since having a kid.

19. Do you have any enemies? Not really. I am afraid of having enemies. I can be too nice sometimes.

20. Do you have a datemate? What’s a datemate? Would that be my husband? We go on very few dates, but we have dated from time to time lol.

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Kagura from Gintama
Pencil sketch, colored with crayon, and edited in photoshop
Art by me

Useless information:
I’ve become absolutely fascinated with khs beautiful animation style. So that was my inspiration, and like almost every character in kh kagura has big blue eyes so it all worked out. In my sketch book I ended up drawing the eyes too far apart, so that kinda sucked. So I did my best to fix that in photoshop along with the usual touch ups to color and lighting.
I meant to draw kamui too because i love both of them so much, but I got lazy. I admit I didn’t really like kamui at first, but I dunno I guess I can just really relate to having an ‘idiot big brother’. So stay tuned kamui will probably be drawn eventually…I say as I push my ochem and biochem work aside…off my desk…into the abyss.

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Omg omg... i was going to send an ask about my crush earlier today but stuff happened...!! we were hanging out like usual and we went to this cool spot by a river kinda by a bridge and we got a little cuddly (it happened sometimes "platonically" but never escalated) then his hand was kinda draped on me and i did the lil thing with my pinky and we held hands!! We laid there for what felt like forever and nuzzled super close and it was fucking amazing!! Long story short, now we're a thing!!


this makes me so happy, thank you for telling me ahhhhh!!!! ❤❤❤❤

had a dream last night that the Daleks got wind of the phrase “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away” and, y’know, took it literally. they built this massive fucking fortress out of fucking apples and just like chilled in there and Rose was like “doctor wot r u gonna do” and ten was just like  “i’m not gonna do anything, maybe they’ll just sit quietly in their apple dome”

woke up laughing

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> One time when I was little, I had a crush on a guy in my figure skating class, but I didn't know how to deal with it so I just wrote him a note that said "Get off my ice rink."<p/><b>Otabek:</b> So you're the one that gave me that note...<p/></p>

Guess who got a tablet for christmas? *waggles eyebrows* I still have a long way to go before I can be considered proficient at using it, but I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to making the most of the ‘dead’ time during my commutes to and from the office!