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“Does he have a nickname for you?” Uhura asks one evening. They’re in the bar together while Spock and Bones take on a late shift. Jim’s gaze turns from the many stars outside the window to his friend sitting next to him, and he raises a questioning brow. “You’ve got that whole ‘Bones’ thing for doctor McCoy,” Uhura explains, “and I’ve heard the occasional ‘babe’, don’t deny it. What does he call you?”

With a soft scoff, Jim answers: “Jim,”and he takes a swig of his whiskey. 

But it’s more than that. It’s Jim said like a happy greeting after returning home from work. Said tiredly late at night, or stifled by a yawn during early mornings. Said worriedly after Jim’s gotten himself hurt on an away mission. Shouted at him angrily in med bay or storming onto the Bridge because he cares so much and his Captain’s been reckless. Jim, said pleadingly and drawn out in a moan in bed. Said with a drunken laugh, or a quiet whisper during countless formal events. Said with such selfless and undeniable love. He’s heard his name said before, but never quite so unnecessarily complicated and yet so good.

He pauses, and thinks. “Oh, and ‘fucking idiot,’ once or twice.”

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What nicknames do you think malvie & jaylos has for each other?



  • evie - holy……. holy shit. evie calls mal every name in the gd book. ‘babe,’ ‘baby,’ ‘honey,’ ‘sweetie,’ ‘love,’ ‘darling,’ ‘angel,’ ‘sugar,’ ‘doll.’ mal lowkey loves it!!!
  • mal - mal just calls evie ‘e’ and ‘babe.’ she’s not too into calling people nicknames but loves being called them that hypocrite.


  • jay - MY FIRM BELIEF is carlos = ‘babe’/’baby’ in jay’s book. that’s it. sometimes mal and evie will play a drinking game - how many times will jay call carlos babe/y in one hangout session? mal blacked out so she doesn’t know who won. nobody, she supposed, in the end bc she had to hold evie’s hair while she puked.
  • carlos - okay so on the one hand he would be so cute about it and definitely go by the nicknames in the book…. but on the other…. he has a dumb sense of humor and would def try to come up with the WEIRDEST nicknames possible. ‘sugar dumpling,’ ‘chicken pot pie,’ ‘angel dust’ (no one tell him that one’s a drug he’s naive), ‘red m&m’ (no one gets this one. not even jay. everyone just sits there like ???), ‘everything bagel,’ ‘cool side of the pillow.’ he thinks he’s funny at least.

Ah thanks :-) this kind of caught me off guard because I’m not typically known for my “positive outlook” but I will say that I think I have a high tolerance for most things that bother other people though. Anyway, I appreciate it

my take on it is that this isn’t the whole story. we’re not going to get all the answers. this is a taste, a snippet. like what a trailer would be. it sets the basis of the story and shows quick clips of what’s going to happen but leaves us confused and wanting more. it’s intriguing but doesn’t give anything away

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#7 KLANCE!!!!!

Sure! For @biomechatronic-heart


Prompt #7 

“You. Me. Karaoke machine”


“So out of everyone here, who do you think is the best singer?” Pidge inquired.

They were all in the lounge, after a hard training session that Allura had participated in, needless to say, she had kicked all their asses.

“I bet it’s Allura” Lance smiled at the princess. You could notice it wasn’t a flirtatious smile, but more of a friendly one. The two had become a lot closer, now that they had both piloted the blue lion.

“What about you Shiro?” Pidge asked. All eyes turned to the man, and he smiled, as he looked at the new black paladin.

“Hey Keith, remember that time in second year at the Garrison when yo-” He was rudely cut off when Keith slapped a hand over his mouth, Keith was normally quiet, but now his eyes were wide open, and he was shaking his head rapidly.

“Don’t” Was all he said.

“Oooh, I definitely want to hear this story” Lance said, as he leaned back and crossed his arms, a smirk on his face.

“Well, you won’t be” Keith said, glaring at Lance.

“Well, personally, I think this is all Pidge disguising the fact that she is the best singer” Hunk said, and the battle begun.


“So, can you actually sing?” Lance questioned Keith later, on the way back to their rooms.

“No” Keith replied

“Come on man” Lance pushed

“Well… I mean, I’m not horrible like I bet you are” Keith had no trace of malice on his face, but the words carried enough to make up for it.

“Hey!” Lance said, offended.

“I will have you know, that I actually can sing! Quite well actually!” Lance huffed

“Oh really?” Keith scoffed

“Prove it” He said, fondly. Lance was taken aback. Prove it? Like right here, right now?

“You know what? Once this is all over and we are back home, you, me, karaoke machine” And with that Lance opened the door to his room and stepped in, shutting the door after him, not missing the sad look Keith had on his face. Lance was aware they might never make it back home, or that some of them will but some won’t, but he didn’t want to focus on that right now. He had to be optimistic, he had a challenge to win after all.

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I don't know if you do this on purpose or not but I love how your bullet pointed headcanons' narrative tend to match the person they're describing. Like when you do one of Akechi your writing automatically becomes more sophisticated-sounding and pleasant like him or how Akira's will have a slightly teasing undertone to it (that's a little more subtle though). What I'm trying to say is you're an awesome writer thank you for existing :))))

GFKSDHGK I actually noticed this a few weeks ago and I didn’t even realize that I did it. I mean I do try to put myself in their shoes, and I guess it influences my writing style as a result?? Maybe it’s my subconscious drama kid habit of getting into character. LMAO Thank you for pointing this out and for your sweet compliments!! I’m grateful for your incredible existence as well, dear! <3333

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