and i kind of like it

“The boy in him as cried and begged not to touch the young wolf, but who was he to tell him No to such tempting prey. Derek never even had a chance…" 

… and further with my Void Stiles drawing. 


more trash from the street rats au. 
as in a shitty unedited and mostly unexplained comic i scribbled down as soon as i woke up with no references, so sorry in advance lmao. 
like its uglie but im posting it anyway. 

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Stan's gang (minus cartman): Stan 4A, Kyle 3A, Kenny 4C, Butters 1C

I’m a little salty you didn’t include Cartman, anon, but I’m gonna respect your wishes cause I know that boy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

And you let me draw stan as a werewolf so of course I’m happy. 

Hope you like it!

unpopular opinion but i’ve never understood why people get so up in arms about spoilers

like the strongest reaction i’ve ever had to a spoiler has been like, “aw, man.” i’ve never had something spoiled for me and been like “well i guess i can never enjoyably consume this piece of media, it is now Permanently Ruined for me, and the person who spoiled it is a Bad”

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How did nobody ask you about hanzo yet.

Thank you 

how often I play them: If the role for healer has been filled you bet your ass I’m playing Hanzo. Hanzo is my dps. I’ve got him back to 14 hours on pc and combined with console he’s at a nice 38 ;w;
which maps I like to use them on: Every map! is a Hanzo map! I prefer playing him on attack to defense tho. My favorites are probably attack Kings Row and attack Hollywood. I also like playing him on Lijiang.
which skin I currently have equipped: Azuki. Like I have Young Hanzo but I also have the superior highlight intro and it bugs me that I can’t see his eye.
who I ship them with: McCree!

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If you are not gay (you are bi), dont call yourself gay. The word isnt for you, dont appropriate it. Bi people who call themselves gay make it harder for actually gay people to be believed as gay, especially lesbians.


Is this really Molly’s choreo?? It looks sooo Alexa I’m actually freaked out by how much Molly’s style merged with Alexa’s if she did this

Kristen Tries to Sing Love Like You
I made a Mistake

For some reason I felt possessed to try to sing Love Like You with some music. As it turns out, the only reason I feel like I can sing Love Like You is because usually I’m not trying to match the timing of the goddamn song. I don’t have the breath control to match the timing and uh at the end I just gave up because for whatever reason whenever I hit that last verse I just lose it.

But um. I still think it sounds decent all things considered. It’s the best I could do.

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It's canon that Armin felt guilty for what he did to Annie, and waited for a month to affirm she's actually the female titan. Also we don't know what conversation that Armin and Annie had during their walk to the destination with Mikasa and Eren. Likewise, Annie still respect Armin cause he pulled a successful gamble. In my opinion They still respect each others admiring the others intellects and mindset.

Yep, agreed! Also it kills me ded that people forget that Armin waited an entire month to report his suspicions.  

@ my dad I don’t appreciate you being drunk and making fun of the things I’m watching with my mans and then you forcing me to change it up.