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I've just got a couple of things to say here, hehe. One, I really enjoy your blog. Two, the actor who plays Henry Tilney in the 2007 movie is adorable and i love him. Also, the way Austen wrote the end of Northanger Abbey just kind of bugs me. Like, it says how Tilney loved Catherine partly because he knew she loved him. This isn't really a question. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks again for this blog!

Thanks anon!

I always feel like ‘Tilney liked Catherine because of her evident interest in him’ kind of ties into Charlotte’s later assertion in Pride and Prejudice:

“…there are very few of us who have heart enough to be really in love without encouragement. In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better shew more affection than she feels.”

And Charlotte is not wrong. Bingley is ultimately able to be persuaded by his sisters and Darcy that Miss Bennet feels nothing deep for him because Jane’s placid reserve and universal friendliness gives him no indication of her true affections. And in an era where etiquette demands women keep their preferences for a man firmly in check until he makes her an offer (the dilemma then being how much affection shown is too much, and how much does one need to show to make an impression without being Too Obvious) Catherine does not have the guile or experience in society to enable her to feign any emotion–and so her liking for Henry Tilney is something he finds refreshing and rather sweet. It endears her to him, and it wouldn’t be the first time an otherwise decent fellow found he liked an unasked-for ego-boost. His love for Catherine isn’t doubtful or less-worthy simply because he liked that she liked him.

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k but might we get some hcs (in reference to the pregnant s/o asks) where no one dies and sans gets to live happily with his smol kiddo n spouse? i love the blog btw it’s awesome you guys keep doing what you’re doin💙 hope the your holidays are happy and safe :)

(Bless u people it was getting dark in here -Mod Kasha)

- He looks so freaked out standing in the delivery room while you’re in labor that it’s kind of adorable.  He’s usually so calm, so grounded, so unmoved…  but the look on his face when they stick a giant needle in your spine?  Priceless.
- That all goes away when he sees his tiny baby girl.  From the moment he lays eyes on her, she’s his world.
- …  Unfortunately, she can’t say the same.  The first thing she does when she looks at up at him is start to cry and try to fight her way out of his arms.  He jokes it off but that does hurt his feelings a little.
- He jokes that she got her baldness and chubbiness from her dad, knowing full well that all babies are bald and chubby.
- Destiny’s first word is ‘dada’ and he actually cries.  Not too long after that, hearing the term of endearment that Sans most often uses for you, she looks you in the eyes and cheerfully squeaks out her second word: ‘baaabe!’  Now Sans is crying from laughter.
- Taking care of his daughter makes all the memories and joy of raising his little brother rush back to him, but now he also has you here to help him with the more difficult parts and to continue making him happy just like you always have.  He never thought his life would turn out this well, and he never takes it for granted, not for a moment.  Both of you get hugs and skelly-kisses a bare minimum of every morning and every night.
- He is the best and also the weirdest dad.  He knows that he embarrasses Destiny in front of her friends just by being himself around them and he loves it.
- He spoils the kid silly.  You are going to have to step in and be the responsible one sometimes before these two wreak havoc together, which temporarily makes him the obvious favorite parent.  He repays you by reminding you that you’ll always be his favorite person in the whole world.

i just want to say that i adore zana ?? aka. @heromight she literally can make me smile immediately when i’m having a hard day or i’m sad. i’ve known zana for years and she’s honestly , like one of my entire 2 best friends and everyday i wish for the best for her. not only is she kind but she’s also really rational and blunt, which i think is rare nowadays and it’s something i appreciate greatly !! to always know what she’s thinking and or being sure that she’ll be honest with me. like i could write forever on just how much i appreciate zana and how much she’s done for me ?? how much she’s helped me through these past years which lead to my life greatly improving but god ima cry ??? ima cry– anyway !! zana is so talented and beautiful, like her writing is very straight-forward but has a really refined touch to it, she’s able to get her character across without having to fluff anything up and do you realize how impressive that is ?? i feel so happy to have her as an rp partner, and not just in rp because zana is truly amazing off the internet too and i aspire to be able to chase my dreams and be successful like she is. creative and warm and wonderful !!!! 

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Who do you ship your friends with? What are their ships liek?

Easy ones first :)

@orionist and Naoto - Purely cause their love would be beautiful and she would be able to handle his sassy side easily.

@gorou-chan and Keiji - idk of anyone else on earth who could love him better, she adores all sides of him and would protect him when he isn’t confident. Their love would be pure and almost borderline that annoying couple always being cute in public.

@tsundere-omi and Omi - She would just make him feel warm and loved all the time supporting his passions and his needs. She’d be okay if he needed alone time as well cause she knows when he comes back he will give her warm hugs and praise for being so good to him. He can be kind of quiet and M deals well with that herself so I see them being that adorable couple that just likes sitting in each others presence.

@adzuki-caramel and Ryuji - Why? Cause I trust her to burn all the leopard print and she’d kick his ass if he stepped out of line. Also Ryuji would adore the ground she walks on as he should.

@hypaalicious and Elly - Cause I want to see her yell at me tbh XD

(I hit post too fast XD)

@momolatch and Yuta - Their love would be adorable and they’d always be showing off their hedgehogs to people. Milo would always be at Yuta’s lives cheering him on loudly.

@sgailsheilleache and NaoNao - This ship is more of a caring person making sure that both Naoki and Naoto are doing well and healthy. Kris would be making sure they have all their meals and get to schedules safety all while snapping cute NaoNao pics for their own personal needs XD

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No joke, you have the coolest mom ever xD I'd love to have a Otaku mother as well :'D Make some more Anime-Reaktions plz xD

Well, she is a teacher, so at least her students get to experience it as well. xD She, I kid you not, have bought a bunch of manga and added them all to the school library. The shelves are full of manga. All kinds. 
But I think it’s hilarious to walk in there when I visit, and see the entire library filled with adorable anime characters on all the covers. x3
She also invited her students to go to the cinema to watch Kimi no Na wa when it first came. 

Well, maybe her reactions from back when we watched OnS. (Spoiler warning for the anime, I guess? Just in case.).

*The first 10 sec*

Mom: This is bad. Everyone’s dying. 

*When Ferid appears*

Mom: Ew. 

*Ferid asks Mika to “come to his mansion” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Mom: *Mom makes a very uncomfortable “that poor kid is gonna get f***ed by that creep, isn’t he??” expression.*

*End of first episode*

Mom: But… That can’t be… All of them just… Died?? That wasn’t very nice at all. ;_; *drinks an entire glass of wine and leaves to take a smoke, holy shit mom, calm down!*

*Mika returns as vampire later on*

Mom: Poor Mika, he was always so nice and kind… And THIS is what he gets!? He deserves so much better, he’s just *sob* sacrificing himself all the time, and… And… Just let him be happy in the end pls. ;_;

*Mika is seen by Guren, and they FIGHT*

Mom: Nooooooo!! 

*Yuu stabs Mika*


Yes, that was basically the first season. I had watched it before, so seeing her reaction was hilarious. xD

Merry Christmas, Darling

I had this idea pop into my head the other day and I was going to send it in to someone else as a request but decided, ah what the heck, I’ve always wanted to try writing myself, why not start here? I did my best, but please keep in mind that this is my first time writing fan fiction of any kind! I hope you like it!

Juice x Reader where the reader moves to Charming about a month before Christmas and Juice helps her get settled in. The reader also doesn’t really like the holiday season but Juice tries to convince her that it’s not so bad.

Warnings: Some mention of abandonment, but mostly just super flirty, dorky and adorable Juice!!

You moved to Charming only a couple of weeks ago, and Juice was the first person you had met who actually made an effort to help you get settled. He showed you around town, making a point to show you a local cafe that he loved. He also introduced you to the entire MC because he knew they would adore you, too. You weren’t sure if you had feelings for him, or if you were just grateful that you had someone who made you feel right at home. After all, the hardest part about moving, for you, was always meeting new people.

You heard Juice pull up on his motorcycle outside your apartment and immediately felt the knots in your stomach start to grow. You took a deep breath and quietly whispered to yourself, “Calm down, he’s just here to help set up your tv.”

Juice knocked on the door and you opened it to find him standing there with a dorky grin on his face. “Ortiz Electronics at your service!” He said it in a way that was both adorable and sexy and you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. You decided to play along and said, “Come on in Mr. Ortiz, I’ll show you what I need help with.”

You headed to the living room where you had set up the tv stand by yourself just a couple days earlier. You had mentioned to Juice that morning at the cafe that your furniture was set up, all you needed to finish was the smaller stuff like finding a place for kitchen supplies, getting the TV set up, hanging pictures, etc, and he offered to help set up your tv, if you needed it. The truth was, you didn’t really need the help, (you had moved a few times before and had become some what of a pro at putting everything back together, even the electronics) but he offered so kindly that you found yourself saying yes. Besides, spending more time with him was definitely not a bad thing!

“You weren’t kidding when you said you’d been hard at work! This place already looks great!” he said as he admired the space. ”Thank you!” you replied, smiling and taking pride in the work you’d done.

“Well let’s get started, shall we?” he said as he grabbed the tv from the corner of the room and set it on top of the tv stand. You grabbed the box on the coffee table that had all the cords in it and handed them to Juice as he needed them.

Now that the tv and the digital box were set up, you turned and grabbed another box and handed it to Juice. He opened it and his face immediately lit up. “You play video games?!” he asked, and he looked at you in a way no one had before. As he took the gaming console out of the box you also handed him a set of four speakers. “I play videos games…with surround sound,” you said with a smirk. There was absolutely no hiding the boyish grin on his face, and you couldn’t help but smile right along with him.

“You know what this means, don’t you? I’m going to be over here all the time playing video games and watching movies with you.”

His words made you unbelievably happy. You didn’t like going out much, so staying in and watching movies or playing video games with Juice was the best thing you could imagine.

“Question. Star Wars or Star Trek?” he asked while staring at you like it was the most important question he’d ever asked someone. “Both. But if I HAD to choose one, definitely Star Wars,” you replied confidently. He didn’t even have to respond, the look on his face of pure joy said it all, but he spoke anyway, “Beautiful and nerdy, is there any better combination?”

You immediately felt your cheeks flush. “Did he really just call me beautiful?!” you thought to yourself. You responded with an almost inaudible, “you’re not so hard on the eyes yourself.” Juice paused for a second, looking at you and smiling, clearly happy to receive your compliment.

He finished setting up the gaming console and speakers before asking, “Anything else you want help with while I’m here?”

You knew there was one other thing but weren’t really sure if you even wanted to do it anyway. You thought, “if anyone could convince me to do it though, it just might be him. It couldn’t hurt to ask…”

“Well, seeing as Christmas is in a couple of weeks, I guess I could get a tree and decorate it…but if I’m being totally honest I’m almost thinking I might not even do it this year,” you said sheepishly.

“What?! How could you not want to set up a Christmas tree? That’s the best thing about this time of the year! Aside from Gemma’s cooking that is,” he replied.

You opened your mouth to speak, but closed it again and dropped your head to look at your feet, not knowing if you wanted to change the tone of the conversation so drastically. Everything about Juice made you feel comfortable though. The way he spoke, so kind and gentle. The way he smiled. The way he looked at you. You decided that opening up to him might be a good thing. “I don’t know..I just..” you started, hesitating slightly, then slowly continuing, “things have never really worked out for me this time of the year so I kind of stopped caring…you can’t get hurt if you don’t care.”

He walked over to you and put his hand under your chin, gently raising your head until you were looking him in the eyes. ”You know what? I know just what you mean. I felt the exact same way you do a few years ago.”

“Really?” you said in disbelief. You blinked a couple times, clearly surprised by his reaction. Any time you had tried telling people why you didn’t like the holiday season they just brushed you off. They called you a grinch or told you you were crazy.

“Yes, really. When I was a kid, my father left us just two days after Christmas.” He paused. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before,” he said, followed by a light laugh. “I made the decision when I moved to Charming to start fresh. I told myself that I wasn’t going to let my father hurt me any longer. I guess it also helped that I found some pretty amazing people.”

You smiled up at him, not really knowing what to say.

He dropped his hand from under your chin and grabbed both of your hands in his, intertwining your fingers. “I don’t know who or what has hurt you in the past, you can tell me about it all if and when you are comfortable sharing, but I think the two of us should start our own traditions. I think that if you surround yourself with the right people, you can learn to love this time of the year, just like I did.” He spoke in such a way that made you feel calm and cared for.

A gentle ”Okay,” was all you could muster. You nodded your head and gave his hands a light squeeze. At that moment you knew that you weren’t crazy, you definitely had feelings for this incredible man standing in front of you. He pulled you into his arms, gave you a tiny kiss on the top of your head, and asked, “How about we go pick out the perfect tree, together?”

“That sounds amazing, Juan,” you replied. You both grabbed your things and headed out the door.

A couple weeks later, you woke up on Christmas morning in Juice’s arms. You two had fallen asleep curled up on the couch together watching a movie, beside the gorgeous tree you two picked out and decorated together. You tried to readjusted your position without waking him up, but to not avail. He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he said was, “Merry Christmas, darling,” as he kissed you on the forehead.

Maybe the holidays weren’t so bad after all.

I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit

Female Zodiac signs as girls I’ve met

(Not including myself)

Aries♈: independent & dependent at the same time, confident, popular, has the best hair I’ve ever seen, can be really moody at times, cares a lot about her friends, isn’t sporty, but still looks very athletic, a bit selfish but will defend anyone who she believes is worth defending and protecting

Taurus♉: mom of the group, somehow she always has snacks in her backpack, wears headphones everywhere, seeks a love relationship, stalker when in love, very good at cooking, marriage material, incredibly stubborn, strong af, loyal

Gemini♊: always in the center of attention, either very quiet or very loud, top class student, isn’t afraid of confrontation, obsessed with Harry Potter, writes poetry but is ashamed to show it (why??), gets bored easily, overthinks a lot, independent, not good at showing her emotions, but if she cares about you you’ll know, says she hates drama but somehow always gets involved in it

Cancer♋: poor little lamb, wants to help everyone but doesn’t know how to help herself, very sensitive™, kind to literally everyone, has been through a lot, thoughtful, very romantic, cries over every (even slightly) sad moment in the movies and TV shows, a bit paranoid, the best person to have on your side, loyal af, her laugh is the best laugh in the world (idek why, I just like it), creative

Leo♌: adores being in the center of attention, kinda annoying at times, either very bitchy or not at all bitchy, can be very jealous in relationship, confident, loves being loved and to love, selfie queen™, creative, dramatic, very emotional

Virgo♍: quiet™, overthinks, very knowledgeable, can surprise people like no one else, loves animals more than people, no one knows what she thinks, her mind is like a labirint, interesting in many ways

Libra♎: social butterfly, everybody loves her bc of her easygoing nature, creative, very kind except to people she doesn’t like - she tries to ignore them, hates confrontations, sensitive, she gives some weird vibes that makes me feel like I’ve known her for thousand years

Scorpio♏: secretive, can and will destroy you if you provoke her or anyone from her squad, perverted, likes to discuss things, tough love, it’s hard to know what she feels, intuition on point, basically protective mama bear

Sagittarius♐: very independent and outgoing, creative, hakuna matata, looking at her is like looking at the sun, honest about everything, good at physics, athletic, tolerates everyone

Capricorn♑: classy, always says smart remarks, sarcastic, very funny when in good mood, worries too much, always says exactly what she means, hates drama, sick of people’s bullshit

Aquarius♒: the best taste in music, independent™, always wonders about life, world and other universal questions, very open minded, extraordinary, creative, social, belongs to thousand fandoms

Pisces♓: that girl that is always confused in class, so adorable™, gets very excited about things she likes, whatever she does it’s sooo cute, open minded, sensitive, playful little angel

So I’m in the Poké Pelago checking on my berries when I see a yungoos hanging around my plants. I’m like “pfft wtf you doing gardening yeah right” so I click her and:

Q-Q I’m like “holy shit, adorable, you’re perfect I’m sorry for every doubting you”, then I notice a 2nd yungoos milling about, so I decide to give him a click too:

and this guy’s just loitering around taking shits on my plants :|

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do you have any tips for learning to stylise animals? I have a habit of drawing them too realistically, and want to learn to style them more simple & effectively. Yours are awesome so I thought I'd ask the best :')

I took half an hour aside to hopefully make something which might help you (or might confuse you further) .

Alright, so you need to start thinking of animals as shapes, and not so much as animals. Here’s a bog-standard but ugly as ass pony for you.

You need to start seeing this pony as this. Mr Pons is showing his main shapes. His head is circles and connecting lines. Every part of him needs to be some sort of polygon which you can envision with your head.

All of those shapes can be pulled or pushed to make something new. I took our ugly ass Mr Pons and made him into some hunky warrior horse. So you’re wondering, what the hell Velle, how the heck did you get him there. Well, his shapes are still the same.

I just made them larger and pulled those lines out. Every straight line that connects the dots can be bent, every shape can be pulled, misshapen or distorted. You can also squash elements. As you can see, I moved his legs up, I gave him shorter limbs. Shorter and stockier can mean stronger which is what I was aiming for.

Alternatively we could pinch those lines in and make a pretty weak looking animal. I mean look, he has basically no ass. This is kind of where your foundations in anatomy start to play a major role, even though I pinched this animal a lot you can still look at it and think “That’s a horse.” His neck is still long, his withers are still prominent, it still holds himself with a good posture.

Anyway, moving on… I find the best way to get a good but unique sort of characterisation of a animal is to pull, push, bend and pinch. I will distort each part. This horse is a combination of strong characteristics, and weaker characteristics. He is pretty balanced, but he ended up as strong horse who might have some speed which his light limbs. I want a fellow like this one to pull me in a carriage as I drink Champagne or some fizz or something.

Another good way to characterise an animal is to exaggerate areas which stands out to you. So this is a quick sketch of my cat Winnie who is currently asleep next to me. She’s a pretty standard looking cat to most people.

Working on that image I made something which is more of a play on how I like to describe her to other people. When I describe her to other people I usually revert to, “She has large ears, chunky cheeks, kind of skinny with a saggy belly, long black tail and teeny white toes.” There we go, we have our aim. If look at that description and look at the image below you can see where I forced out those characteristics.

I quickly slopped some colours in for you guys because my cat is adorable ok.

Also being cruel to their image can make you draw a really good representation of them. Here’s my brothers pug bitch Frankie. As you can see, I was not kind at all in drawing her. I made her wall eye really obvious, squished her face since pugs are just a big squish, chunked her neck out since she has a shit tonne of skin there and gave her these long ass legs. Seriously, this dog has the longest legs I’ve ever seen on a pug. However taking how mean I was, it works in a representation of her. She is a just a big happy wrinkle with a lot of quirks.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful, if at all. It’s not an easy process to explain and I glossed over it, but yeah… Enjoy!

mileven is adorable but im at the point where i dont even really ship them in canon bc eleven is so. not mentally or emotionally ready for a serious romantic relationship of any kind. lil puppy love is fine and everything, she’s not a robot, but it needs to be acknowledged that it’s not healthy and it’s not something she can handle until she figures out who tf she is and like. goes to school and develops her own ideals and language and all of that

OOC. almost forgot to post this sobs this beautiful artwork was done by the kindest @lolakasa! commissioned her for cute, got the EXTRA cute ; w ; it literally looks so adorable. thanks so much, dearie!! I will cherish this forever <3

But now there needs to be a discussion, right? Because Rosa is dating a woman, and I can’t be the only one wondering what kind of woman Rosa Diaz is attracted to.

Is it a butch type with a masculine haircut, a shared affinity for motorbikes and leather jackets? Someone who completely understands and embraces womanhood in themselves and in Rosa, and isn’t afraid of being called butch?

Is it a tiny little folk singing art history teacher with watercolour tattoos and a nose piercing? Someone who adores Rosa’s strong and silent persona but encourages her to access her softer sides when they’re alone, because she knows that public displays make her uncomfortable?

Is it a supermodel level hot kind of girl with legs up to her eyes and a body that makes Rosa swear when she sees it? Someone who makes her so very glad that hot women are a thing, someone she looks at and loses her mind just a little?

Is it a quieter, book smart type with smudged glasses and a reserved smile and blushes when Rosa calls her beautiful? Someone who knows things absolutely - is not afraid to speak up when they know what they’re talking about, which Rosa appreciates, because she can relate to that confidence?

Is it a more athletic type, former stunt woman kind of person that she met in a Krav Maga class? Someone who pushes her and challenges her beyond what she’s used to in a physical sense, but who loves her just as radically?

Is it a mix of those things or none of them at all? Just someone who made her laugh once, can sense that she doesn’t talk much and never made her feel like she had to? Someone who, for some reason, makes her feel so completely at ease and comfortable that when she drops by after work, walking into her apartment feels exactly the same as walking into the Nine Nine?

These are the thoughts, people.