and i keep spamming you with the same things

me, when i spam reblog a lot of the same thing: omg people must think im so annoying oh no how many followers am i gonna lose for this

me, when the people i follow spam reblog a lot of the same thing: yesss you be passionate about that thing you go my dude keep doing what youre doing

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I've legit seen like 5 antis in the kylux tag. It's the same ones every time. I mean like, if they want to be unproductive and spam anti posts that 99% of us ignore it's fine, but it's a little bit pathetic to witness tbh. You keep doing you and know that we all support you.

Thank!! Yep, it’s the same group of people :/ it’s p sad that that’s what they spend their time doing, putting people down over fictional things & using social justice as an excuse. :/

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Are you dead?

Assuming this is the same anon that’s sent quite a few asks today, no, I’m not dead, and the chapter will be updated in a few hours. I had a lot of IRL stuff to deal with as did our editor, so we’re just now getting to the chapter. Please keep in mind that this is a hobby and we’re not getting paid for this or anything, so we kinda just go at our own pace :x

It’ll be up some time tonight, I have commission work and such to do first.

So there’s this awful Susano in a Joust match I played.

Fucker fed over and over. Like REALLY, running RIGHT INTO THE ENEMY, with NO REGARD FOR HIS SAFETY. Despite him dying like a fuck ton of times, HE NEVER FUCKING LEARNED. He kept doing the same thing over and over. I got so fucking miffed that I had to just say something.

First of all… he mocks my goddamn K/D ratio…

…when HIS is WORSE.

…and then…


Even though I threw down my ultimate it many teamfights in a futile attempt to aid my allies.

Even though I keep spamming my nuke despite it missing just for the sake of actually TRYING TO DO SOMETHING.

And this fuckface uses that of all things to insult me. That I’m afk. K.

Apparently NOT playing for one year means that you forget that this game is a fighting game and one of your goals is to kill people, and you yourself should not be killed.

Note this cunt wasn’t simply just bad. He was REALLY JUST.. RUNNING RIGHT INTO THE ENEMY AND DYING. And then NOT learning from his lesson and doing the same thing.

And to those who don’t play Smite, Susano right there bought TWO defensive items… and only has two MINOR offensive items… even though Susano is a fucking offensive character, meanwhile I was playing Isis, a magical nuker/support.

…so yeah. I’m so done.


hi so it was time for a new follow forever :D (maybe it wasnt but since next week im starting college from 3 pm to 9 pm i wont have time *is sad* and bc kristen and sebastian keep doing things exactly the same days so i better do this before they end me :) ) anyway sorry for the trashy and awful edit :(. Thank you to each person who is following me and to these mutuals who stayed even if i changed my whole blog and to my new mutuals honestly my blog is trash and yet y’all are here thank u !! ily’all, oh and thank you for making my dash  really cool and amazing !

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To the ANTIS and the SHIPPERS

              Both the antis and the shippers have been spamming various tags or various series fighting over what they believe is right. Some being polite, others not so much.

              I am here spamming the tags too, but to propose an alliance between the two.

              Many of the antis find the ships they dislike because the shippers not only tag their ships, but also the series, while many of the shippers complain that the antis spam their tags.

              The shippers will not stop shipping because of the antis and the antis will only end up being blocked, which means there will be no end to this.

              What I propose is simple and I believe will avoid many future confrontations.

                            To the Shippers:

                            - Stop tagging the series and the characters with your ships. Tag only the ship name. This way you can still enjoy your ship and share it with other people with the same tastes without risking to trigger others and force them to find fanart or fanfics of things they dislike;

                            - Keep on blocking the antis that insist on doing so in the shipping tag, but do not answer them, as you are only giving them a reason to continue and also spamming the tag;

                            To the Antis:

                            - Avoid the tags of the ships that bother you or try and block their tags;

                            - Start blocking those that insist on tagging the name of the series and characters along with the shipping name in order to avoid being triggered or entering into fights that both antis and shippers know will not lead to anything;

              For this war to stop both need to give something away.

              No side is right in this fight and no side is wrong.

              We all come from different countries with different rules and education and we need to learn to respect eachother.

              Some of us see animated series as something completely different from reality and establish no connection between them, others do.

              The best solution I came up with was the one I am posting in here.