and i keep spamming you with the same things

Mercy/support problems.

Team in voice chat: mercy rez. 
me: my ultimate is charging 50%
Team in voice chat: MERCY REZ!!!
me: my ultimate is charging 53%, my ultimate is charging 56%, my ultimate is charging 60%, my ultimate is charging 63%

Team in voice chat: Mercy rez.
me: -is dead and respawning- 
Team in voice chat: MERCY WHERE ARE YOU!?
me: Dead and in spawn because no one kept me safe. 
Team in voice chat: MERCY REZ!
me: my ultimate is almost ready 97% -but still walking all the way back to the team-

Team in voice chat: Where tf is our healer!? 
Me: hiding because i have rez and the enemy team is about to spam ults.
Enemy team: -spams ults-
My team: -they all are dead- 
me: HEROES NEVER DIE! -flies away-  

My team: -starts trickling in to fight the enemy-
Me: Group up. 
My team: -keeps doing the same thing and dying-
Me: Form up.  Group up.  Group up here.  Group up with me.  Join me.
My team: -doesn’t listen still does the same shit- 
Me:  Affirmative.  I understand.  Verstanden.  Understood.

like a crap ton of blogs followed me within ten minutes and they all had reblogged the same weird ‘cleaning’ posts or the same random fandom posts and they all had similar names and long story short I blocked them all because that’s shady. Usually I don’t block unless I see posts with links that obviously go back to spam or virus infested websites but… that was way too suspicious to just let slide by.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.


cloudsandsuch  asked:

Help me my friend is spamming me with emojis and weird "the grind never stops 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💯💯💯🔥🔥💯💪🏻🔥💪🏻" style messages I think she's been possessed

Send many eggplant emojis and some of that water droplet ones with the tongue in response

then send something really weird like the clown emoji and do the same thing with the tongue and water drops 

see if she wants to keep doing that after she find out you wanna do the frick frack with a clown ~Admin 404

fun little overwatch things i like:

- when you’re in no limits or mystery heroes and everyone picks the same hero and spams the select hero button

- Finding a friendly dva on the other team during a skirmish and sitting on her head

- somehow managing to keep the point for ages by yourself and the rest of the team congratulates you when they come back

- saving someone’s life and they say ‘thank you!’

- being in a six stack with matching pachimari icons

- sitting on the payload because everyone’s off fighting further on

Signs based on people I’ve met:

Aries - Istg, I can’t keep up with you. Too much energy. How come you don’t explode? Cool mates, but always getting in trouble. Fucking balls of light. Have a hard time admiting their faults. Stop spamming my twitter, btw.

Taurus - Can’t figure you out until you decide to actually open up. Hella fascinating people with big hearts. But if crossed once, they’re out forever. Stubborn as fuck. Need to be dragged out of their houses against their will. Have a lot of know-it-all moments, it’s kinda cute.

Gemini - They’re weird. They’re here and they’re there. I’ve met the cool ones and the uncool ones. Chill down with the flirting skills, if you may. Talk a lot and are funny as fuck. It’s hard to trust you, though. But well, you’re all sexy as fuck.

Cancer - Manipulative little shits with big hearts that cry for them when they can’t cry on their own. Sensitive people who know what to say because they actually listen and don’t just wait for their turn to talk. They’re the mom friend you both hate and love.

Leo - Queens of the drama club. Care a lot for their own. You either love them or you hate them, there’s no in-between. Need to chill tho, they’re always so defensive… not everyone is trying to dethrone you, you big fluffy cat. 

Virgo - Worrisome people at heart. Loyal friends who know how to keep their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground at the same time. But yo, Virgos, you’re not always right. And stop with the “I told you so”, it’s getting old. CHILL! Thank you for the good advices tho.

Libra - Omg, you guys are always spamming shit over my Facebook feed. I get it - yadda yadda - your love life is a mess but jfc, no one actually cares. With that aside, you guys have them brains and it’s nice to discuss things with you. You always manage to see the world from a different perspective, one no one has considered yet.

Scorpio - I kinda have a crush on all of you. Your soul is deeper than your asshole, I guess that’s why we get a taste of said asshole first. But well, even if you try to play it cool, you and I both know you have lots of feelings. Also, chill with the vampire books, okay? Yeah, yeah, you’re a badass. We know, we know.

Sagittarius - Tbh, you’re like the wind. I need small portions of your presence in my life but if it’s too much everything becomes a mess and I’ll have to kick your ass. They’re cool people tho. Once they’re in your life they’ll make sure they leave a mark so when they walk out you’ll actually miss them. Hella presence of spirit.

Capricorn - You’re not as cool as you think. You’re either hella interesting or hella boring. Like to play the victim far more often than they should, but oh well. Loyal friends. Will be real with you and will allow you to be just as real with them. Can’t really get rid of them, lol. Don’t cry on their shoulder, they will just talk shit in a cheap attempt of trying to cheer you up.

Aquarius - They’re aliens. That’s all there is to be said. Oh, also airheads at best. Feel too deep, show too little. Will live for their friends or not live at all. They’re smarter than they think. But when they do know that they’re smart they act like some smug motherfuckers.

Pisces - Change is their middle name. They’ve already reinvented themselves the second time you meet. They adapt too fast even though they’re just little balls of fluff. Don’t be mistaken tho, there’s a storm inside them. And, if you’re the right person, they’ll let you sail through the vast ocean that is their mind. Melancholy is their best friend. Call them at 4am with your shitty thoughts and they’ll be there for you. They’re heartbreakers at their finest.

slimeweeb  asked:

i rlly want to get into eso (because i love the elder scrolls more than anything else) but i dont really like mmos, do you have any tips to maybe get over that?

tough question, i’ve barely played mmos before eso, i hope the mmo aspects i’m going to talk about are those you want.

first of all, the combat : eso has that mmo hotkey bar thing, meaning you can fight by spamming 12222331111221111. fighting has never been my favorite part of tes games by far so keep in mind these are the words of a pacifist, but yeah, it’s sure different than in skyrim and morrowind. however ! the game is playable in a first person pov that looks exactly like skyrim’s one, the left/right clicks and controls are the same than in skyrims, and there’s several mechanics that are added to that, my favorite being dodging. the combat classes are customisable (is that a word lol) so you can make your own built. if you liked skyrim’s combat, yo can find it in eso. if you liked morrowind’s, a lot less, but the fact you have a character sheet with stats like in mw helps me a lot. choosing passive over active skills for your character means you can probably stick to weapon only. i’ve never tried it myself tho

then, the other players. 

i remember when eso came out, people would fear the invasion of hordes of players named xxxdovahkiin69xxx, that’s not exactly the case, no. yes, some quests don’t feel good because of the possibility of other players doing it at the same time and ruining the immersion. and yes, choosing a main quest with a “chosen one” narrative in an mmo, imo, sucks. but it’s not 100% of the time : a lot of quests are actually fun to do with other players, and the main quest is mostly played by you alone with npcs in zones where other players can’t go with you. you’re going to have other players help kill those bandits, but you’ll face the mq alone.

i’m not going to lie, not everyone playing this game is a tes loving angel, so i always recommend turning off the zone chat to avoid all the bigoted jokes and remarks in them. you’re also going to be asked to duel a lot. i don’t know why, but dominion russians on the NA server kept wanting to fight me. if you’re in the mood, duels are fun tho. 

the fact that there’s minor crowds in the major cities actually adds to the fun for me, same for events, even if it murders my framerate it feels like you’re in a place bustling with life. if you like the social aspect, join a guild, should it be for roleplay or for dungeons or for mutual help, there’s a shitton of options. if you prefer to play your tes games alone, find a remote area, ride there and go on with your quests. apart froma few dungeons you can’t complete alone, the game works well on your own.

one way of not interacting with randos is playing with friends! this is what i do near constantly and it’s so fun. you can make a guild or a party with your friends and share quests - no one’s gonna bother you, and you can do those bigger meaner dungeons too. they’re what i love about eso, even if i hate fighting, it feels like you’re in one real rp campaign and they’re pretty epic too.

then, there’s grinding. i almost don’t grind at all, so i’m a slow leveler. but it hasn’t stopped me from playing the game : enemies level up with you, basically every functionality is unlocked with the first 20ish levels and these are really easy to get. if you do questing only, you’ll get there quickly; if you play with friends and do delves and dungeons, it’s even quicker. if you’re not a fan of running around the wilderness killing animals for xp, you can always do dolmens, as well as random oblivion-related events that pop up along the road.

the last mmo thing i can think of is the pvp, but i can’t talk about it since i’ve lit never went there. i have the level and everything i’m just? idk i don’t like it. so far, it’s been entirely avoidable to me so i don’t see why i’d care.

i’m going to ask my followers to rb/reply on that post for further info about it!

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nothing, it's just interesting how many of you tony fans keep cross tagging and then accuse others of doing the same thing? i've seen you cross tag before, too. i just don't understand why people can't leave each other alone. that blog is racist and they keep spamming other tags, too. it's unfair that 2-3 tony fans cross tag each week and you guys still accuse antis of harassing you when they stay in their lane and you're the ones creating entire blogs just to harass anyone else.

Okay, since you’re here I have a serious question. 

Why do you think the anti tag should be free of tags directed at antis? Do you really hate a character so much that you scroll through a tag and get insulted every time someone defends them? Your tag is literally dedicated to hating a character. A character that accurately portrays PTSD, and that a lot of people identify with. 

Do you really think people aren’t going to take that personally? When I ‘cross tag’, it’s a post directed at antis because people have come onto my posts making absurd, or unsubstantiated claims. (Ex. Tony Stark put everyone in prison) 

Why do you think a HATE tag deserves to be a safe place? When there are people commenting one every fic in the winteriron tag ‘Bucky hates Tony so jot that down’ 

Your tag consists almost entirely of unsubstantiated claims, or requests that Marvel kill Tony. That’s shitty af. 

The anti Steve tags, they mostly feature meta about Steve and differences between MCU Steve and Comics/AA Steve. I have literally never gone into the anti Steve tag and gotten offended when people there defended the character. I don’t know why anyone would? 

If you dedicate a tag to character hate then you need to understand that fans are going to want to argue with you. Especially if they personally identify with that character. 

I just, don’t understand why you think you have the right to a safe space to spout hatred against a character? Criticism sure, but that’s not the only thing in that tag. I’ve criticized MCU Tony before, there are valid criticisms to make. Tony Stark is homophobic is not a valid criticism, it’s a ridiculous claim. 

[2017/05/26-30, Wataru’s twitter]

(//Here we go, tweet-dumping, since I can finally translate! This time I have decided not to include the details for Wataru’s bday live over and over, for several reasons:
-There’s a lot of tweets, the post would be needlessly long
-He keeps spamming the same thing, we’ve seen the info
-…Honestly, if you are in Japan and able to sign up for the HP priority tickets, you probably don’t need to read translations in the first place XD//)

On this day, I want to do what I love honestly.

[Wataru’s birthday live details follow]
Uhh. New ground.
It will be a great show that is quite like me.

[Wataru’s birthday live details follow]
The smell of single malt.*
The smell of islay malt.*

They come to understand my heart.

(*two kinds of whisky)
The last instore event was one adequately impressive day.

The 3 parts at the Like an Edison Tokyo store are always devilish.
The world that I like.
Where I don’t lie to myself.

[Wataru’s birthday live details follow]
I’ve started using peeling for my neck and hands recently.
Since they are easy to glance at upon averting one’s eyes from the face, naturally it is important to give them as much care as the face.

This drought continues day after day.
Regeneration is important for the skin that can get a sunburn easily.

Ah, still, it’s hot…
When creating something, a change of environment is important too.
It makes you realize things you haven’t even thought about before.
Be it in music or something else.

It’s lucky when I happen to get the chance to change my view on things.
I become able to see my own flaws.

Every day I work with dedication.


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“How to get 5sos to notice you”

        Hello there, my name is Julia, and my twitter is @ashtonarmy. As some of you may know, I have 5/4 and 5sos noticed me a few times. I’d like to start this by saying that I am not bragging and what I am going to say may not work for everyone, but it worked for me and a lot of my friends.

Today I’m going to talk about “How to get 5sos to notice you”.

I’m going to try and tell you how I got my follows and how I did for them to notice me and to be honest with you it takes time to get noticed.  


  • BAND ACC: I first got noticed by @5secsofsummer it was their old band acc user (now @5sos) they were rting people about the same subject, using a hashtag and I was lucky enough to get rted. They were my 5/4 and followed me completely randomly so I believe it was Ashton.
  • MICHAEL CLIFFORD: I tweeted “My dog is a Michael girl” and 5 seconds after he followed me. It was by indirect. He was my ¼.


  • ASHTON IRWIN: I was sick that day and I didn’t tweet for like 35 hours and when I woke up I saw that Ashton had followed me. I think he was creeping under his name and found my account. (Or maybe it was because I drew a picture of him and put my @ on it and he reblogged it on tumblr?) I have no idea it was really random. He was my 2/4. Ashton also faved my tweet about Portugal. I am not Portuguese, but I was helping them trending #PortugalNeeds5SOS and Ashton saw my tweet. See, sometimes you just got to help others, be selfless and good things will happen to you.


  • LUKE HEMMINGS: Damn that boy was hard to get a follow from. Now I think it isn’t as hard as it used to be. It was when he wasn’t really following fans and I literally indirected him every day and one day I got tired, it was like 2 am so I tweeted “It’s not like Luke is going to follow me I’m so tired, goodnight.” And guess what I saw when I woke up? Hundreds of people, tweeting me saying that I was an idiot. Luke followed me during my sleep, by indirect. He was my ¾. On year later, Luke faved my tweet and rted another tweet (this on the same day). As always, it was because he was creeping. He was favoriting everyone’s tweet about him favoriting tweets (smart boy). He rted my tweet saying “Luke looks like Jimmy Neutron.” Again, indirects work.


  • CALUM HOOD: Just as Luke, Calum was really hard to get a follow from. Before going to bed I tweeted “I’m praying that I will wake up with a Calum follow” or something like that, I don’t remember. He was my 4/4, he also followed me by indirect. Calum rted my tweet saying “Calum Hood as an emoji: *insert creepy man with a mustache emoji*” (sorry I can’t see emojis on my laptop but yeah I hope you see which one I’m talking about, haha). Again, it was an indirect (IT WORKS).

       By writing my experience, I don’t mean to brag or anything. It’s actually really hard to get a follow so the best advice I can give you is to never give up.

       Now, I’m going to give you a few tips on how 5sos follow people (I REPEAT, THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE):

THEY ALL CREEP A LOT!!! I’d just like to say that I hate spams. It just annoys me! Do not spam. It’s not cool, it’s not like they really read your tweet and smiled, because everyone spam! Be original, be creative! Indirect them funny stuff and when you do it don’t ask for a follow! Don’t steal other people’s tweet it’s when I least expected it that they followed me! Getting a follow by spam ain’t funny but when you indirect them they might laugh at your tweet if it’s funny, they might smile because you said something cute about them. Think about it, what do you want the most? Just the follow, or the satisfaction that they followed you because for a second you made them happy.  If you do indirect them don’t ask for a follow please, I know I keep saying the same thing but that’s important. If you do, add something cute. I feel like some people only want a 5sos follow to be famous or something but making them smile must be your priority!

Here’s a tip that might work with all the 5sos boys (well I don’t know about Ashton or Michael now because Michael used to be easy to get a follow from because he used to creep all the time): Indirect them funny stuff. Try to tweet a picture, maybe an edit you made and be creative, think of a tweet that may be funny, be original and don’t steal someone else’s tweet. Sometimes 5sos notice people who stole tweets and I promise you don’t want that person to be you. That’s just so rude for the person you stole the tweet from.

     Sometimes of course it’s good to ask for a follow. For exemple, my Luke follow: I was going to bed and I was tired, I was SURE that he wasn’t going to follow me. It’s ok to tweet “He won’t ever follow me” because if he actually reads this, he will want to prove you wrong.

For Ashton I really don’t know what to say, I don’t know how he follows people. You can maybe try to indirect him but not asking for a follow? Or if you have “ashton” “Irwin” “5sos” “ash” in your @ you have a higher chance to get a follow.

Luke has been following a lot recently and ONLY by indirects, I’ve checked. Recently he only types “Luke” in the search bar and looks for tweets about him. You should really tweet something nice even if he doesn’t rt you or favorite your tweet or even follow you, he may see it and you may make him smile.

When you see that people in your timeline start spamming them, it’s your time to shine! Creep on their acc, see who they followed last and what was the type of tweets the person tweeted, if it was spam or indirects, then start tweeting them too!

You have to understand that sometimes 5sos are tired and they may see your tweet but not follow you. We are all humans, we’re not machines and sometimes it must be annoying to have people that only ask for a follow! Remember to tweet ask them how they are doing or if they had a nice day (that’s called being polite).

            Finally, I’d like to say that 5sos creep a lot so be careful of what you say, they also have feelings in case you didn’t know… Some things can really hurt so think before you tweet and don’t go behind their backs saying rude things and when they come online act innocent.

         They will eventually follow you, it takes some time, sometimes you won’t sleep, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. If you want it bad enough, you will get it. Again, I know that lot of you already know all of these “How to get 5sos to follow you” tips, but my friend told me that it would be nice if I wrote how I got 5/4 and that I would want someone to write this for me if I had 0/4 and as always, she’s right. I hope you appreciated that I took my time for you and I also hope the advice I gave you will be useful. Again, that worked for me, it doesn’t mean it will obviously work for you too. Just don’t give up and good luck everyone!

PS: after you read this, try at least to reduce the spam.

Julia, from @ashtonarmy on twitter. Tweet me if you have any questions or if you want me to rt your indirects.

Hi it’s me again, little update, Michael tweeted me and Calum faved my tweet.

Oh surprise, it was by indirecting them! Indirects do work, they check them often and I bet they read tons of tweets but they can’t rt or favorite everything, just be original try to make them smile! byeee


hi so it was time for a new follow forever :D (maybe it wasnt but since next week im starting college from 3 pm to 9 pm i wont have time *is sad* and bc kristen and sebastian keep doing things exactly the same days so i better do this before they end me :) ) anyway sorry for the trashy and awful edit :(. Thank you to each person who is following me and to these mutuals who stayed even if i changed my whole blog and to my new mutuals honestly my blog is trash and yet y’all are here thank u !! ily’all, oh and thank you for making my dash  really cool and amazing !

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Art advice post: Gaining fans

OK! :D I promised a few of you I was going to write this advice post and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to sit on my butt and get around to it. (I have the flakiest motivation ever). But here it is, it’s a biggie. I get asked this question a lottttt. Here’s something of an answer.

Question: How do I get a fanbase to care about my work/project/art. How do I even GET a fanbase?

Answer: The first thing I’m going to say is that unless you’re lucky enough to create something that strikes as viral and gains quick popularity from minimal work (like mini comedy comic strips) you are in for a VERY VERY LONG SLOG. I’m not talking a month. I’m not talking a year. I’m saying you’re going to be VERY SLOWLY getting people to care about your stuff over years and YEARS of hard work that very few people will even end up seeing, let alone caring about. If the thought of that pisses you off or makes you want to look for a magical shortcut- just give up now or don’t even bother starting. The most important part of trying to get a following for anything creative is understanding that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING NOMATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK. The attention of strangers is something that is gained after people see you’re in for the long haul and serious about your own work. People don’t like flakes. They dont like it when people hate on their own stuff constantly or fish for compliments disguised as self loathing. It gets tiring fast. You have to 100% WANT to succeed. When i wake up in the morning I don’t think ‘wahhh what if everything fails, what if nobody cares’. I get the hell up, sit at my desk, and work towards MAKING people care about my work, by making my work the best it can be. If you’re going to be negative at least channel your frustrations into working on your project instead.

Consistency of work and sharing is vital to keep peoples interest. If you vanish offline for months at a time people will simply move onto the next thing that grabs their attention or updates regularly. You have to engage your audience and potential audience. That is nobodies responsibility but your own. So don’t moan about nobody seeing your stuff if you can’t put the personal effort in to get it out there. I see so many people do this. Nobody will come to you looking for you. Nobody is going to find a marble in a ballpit unless they have some damn knowledge that the marble is even IN there to begin with. This is about EFFORT. TIRING HORRIBLE DISGUSTING EFFORT. Lazy people can sometimes gain a following but personally I wouldn’t be happy with myself creatively if I knew I wasn’t giving it my all.

You need COMMITMENT to your project and skills. The one person that should love your thing the MOST is YOU. If you don’t go to bed at night daydreaming about your characters and stories, thinking about how to improve your skills or even hoping for people to care then nobody else will either. Why should they? People will emotionally invest in something that has real emotions. Don’t just do something for the sake of it. You really have to believe in what you’re trying to create. If you can convince yourself that you have something good then you’re a step closer to making someone else care.

Now i mentioned that this takes years and it does, but one of the best things you can do for yourself (and others) is to get involved with other things around you. Draw for other people, show your love for other peoples work, openly show your love for the things that inspire you to make your own stuff. You’ll make friends, you’ll LEARN things, your skills will improve and you will become less cautious about sharing when it comes to your own projects. The things closest to us are the scariest to share right? So you need to get used to that early on. The more you do it the less disappointed you’ll get when you expect a certain response and don’t get it *lol*.

As an artist who gained popularity through fanart before my own original projects I’d say draw fanart- but don’t get hung up on it. I don’t believe that every single artist out there is destined to make something of their own. Some of us like watching sports while some play them. It’s the same with art really. Not everyone has that enthusiasm to follow through on an idea. Fanart is safe, it’s comfortable and it’s a group activity. Everyone already knows what their dealing with so you’re adding to an already solid concept. Draw fanart sometimes, it’s cool. HOWEVER if you want to get further on with your art as a career you REALLY REALLY need to develop and share your own ideas too. I say this because you do not own another persons property nomatter how much you may love it. If you’re building your own reputation off another creators back you’re walking on shaky ground. Employers will often like to see a bit of fanart to show you can commercially deal with existing IP in a professional way, but what they really want to see is how your brain ticks and what new ideas you can bring to THEM, not something legally unusable.

So fanart. It’s a gateway into originality and getting people to care about your skills or even you as a person. If two people like the same thing then there’s a chance they might also like something entirely new together. So keep that in mind. Make friends who share your interests!

On the subject of friends. Something I cannot stress enough. DO NOT spam, harrass, ass kiss, stalk or be a tryhard to befriend an artist you look up to. They have absolutely NO obligation to share your work with their readership. Getting in with a famous artist does not= overnight instant fame for your stuff. Get that out of your head right away. It makes me so fucking sad when people use creative folk as stepping stones simply to forward their own popularity. People can spot a fake friend a mile away. I have to deal with more than a few :\ and it makes you very very jaded. Be a friend, not a opportunist. I’ve had a few great artists share my work over the years and i try to do the same for my own friends too, but I never approached them with only THAT in mind. Don’t be an art creeper be genuine.


Another big thing, you need to have an online presence. People need to remember your name, your brand, your style and where to find you. Get a website. Get a blog. Get ALL THE THINGS on social media. Talk into the void about your work and eventually people will slowly (very slowly) read what you have to say. If they can find you that is. Singular websites are incredibly difficult to stumble across, even with Google. You have to get your ass into communities, events, public events and NETWORK LIKE CRAZY. You are the only person who can do this for you! Unless you pay for an agent, lol. But you are the person who best knows your work and what you want to do.

YOU ARE NOT going to get a following for your work with 1 twitter account that uploads maybe 1 character sketch every 8 months. Nobody will give a shit. I wouldn’t. Make a CONSTANT effort and people will make an effort for you.

Something i’ve had a few times at conventions which drives me potty (in a nice way) is when artists come up to me at the table looking for advice and they pull out a single bit of art they drew on paper like its the crown jewels. They just have a character design, nothing else. Yet they want to make a comic or be hired or whatever. Why are you not already drawing comics of your own? If you cant write why haven’t you teamed up with a writer yet? What is your excuse? When I was 12 I was sending 60page full color comics across the ocean to companies to try get their attention. I was a kid. You are an adult. Get on it! Nobody will care unless you put in the hard work VERY REQUIRED of this type of work and they can see you have high output.

What else… hmmm. I think a lot of you get discouraged when you have indeed tried for years yet the uptake has been torturously slow. You get self hatey on your projects. What would I do rather than hate my work I’m supposed to care about deeply? Stop, realise that I’m obviously doing something wrong, then try to remake it entirely into something people might care about more. You can really drag a project by not being honest with yourself or being willing to bash your own stubborness and try something new. Some of the most famous stuff out there was rehashed like 8 times before it became what it is now. When i had to entirely press the self destruct button on my old story it was actually the breath of sanity and fresh air that allowed me to create Engelbaum from scratch. And years later I am SO GLAD that I did. So sometimes, if something isn’t working, try something new. Salvage the bits you genuinely care about. We improve all the time, so just keep working on it.

It might be easy to look at other artists or writers and see the GIANT HUMILIATING SIZE of their fanbase and think 'wow I’m an unremarkable piece of shit’. But chances are they’ve been at it for years and they will (everyone does) started off with 0 fans. We all start at the bottom. Some of us have it easier and some of us struggle. Sometimes luck and random happenings, chance meetings and so on play a big part. But the only time “luck” happens is when you’ve worked hard to put yourself into a position to receive good news in the first place. It’s a chain reaction, not luck. Not magic. Nothing or nobody owes you anything. Repeat repeat repeat.

Long story short, if you’re serious about your work, see it like a child. You have to be committed to take care of it, introduce it to the world and instil good values into it. Don’t halfass it. Don’t be a bad artmomma and expect the world to throw you gratitude for a halfbaked potatochild :|

I hope that helps a few of you. Harsh truths, lol.

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the submitted stories aren't that good. they're more like spams. :/

Well hey there ole buddy ole friend ole pal let me learn you about something I learned some X amount of years ago about this thing called the LEARNING CURVE.

Everyone writes at different levels. Writing is an art just the same as drawing or playing an instrument: It takes time and dedication. You have to keep writing and keep reading to improve. You have to find inspiration, mold it into an idea, and slam that idea down on paper and roll with your toolkit.

Some people’s toolkits might only have a hammer and a few nails. Others might have a whole freaking workshop of wonders. The people with the workshop give the tools to those with a small kit and help them grow as writers.

That’s what this blog is for. We give ideas and help you formulate them. You take those ideas and work to create worlds and people our world has yet to see. And maybe their world is a little scrappy and in need of some polish. Who heckin’ cares?

Writing is a learning curve. It takes time to become a good writer. You think Stephen King or Ray Bradbury picked up a pen and suddenly knew the secret to success? Nah, homie. They hit their own learning curves, just like everyone else who writes. Don’t smack someone down just ‘cause you ain’t likin’ their flow.

‘Cause who knows - Their flow might run out to an ocean of greatness.

~ Paige

(I pulled this outta the orignal reply because I’ve been meaning to make this a post. Below is some unedited thought from about a month ago? June-ish?)

The first thing that made me start thinking that maybe Warren wasn’t quiet the nice nerd boy he presented was the “Sensitive means you won’t be having sex with me’ line. It comes out of nowhere, is inappropriate, and gives Max slight distress. He is being very direct with what he wants out of a relationship with her.

After that, his actions were a bit colored for me. Yes, he takes a punch but then he keeps talking about it. It isn’t ‘yo i got a black eye from that fight’ it is ‘hey, i got this black eye. because of you. see how great I am? I got a black eye’. He is proud of it in a way that suggests he knows he can use it to score points, as it were. He tries to appoint himself Max’s personal hero and we have seen no suggestion she wants or is okay with that.

(Putting this here because I forgot to talk about it until I was almost done, while it is not cool Warren is hanging around the building to corner Max and force her into talking with him, I can’t say if he was trying to spy in her window)

As we go, he acts increasingly entitled to Max’s time, using that fight as the reason. He says Max owes him one when it is Max’s decision if she owes him one. While she does say this, he acts like ‘Of course you owe me one’, as it was evident, like she had no other option. Heck he even says nearly that exact line, saying that because he took a hit he owes her that date. Sorry hang-out, Warren seem to do the Schrodinger Romance thing where he sets up date-like situations where he can say ‘no its just a hang-out’ if challenged negatively on if it is a date or not.

When you say no to the drive-in he does get somewhat pissy. His tone isn’t sad, it’s angry. While the words ‘be a damned dirty ape’, are referencing the movie, his tone is angry. He says it quickly, not giving Max any time to respond. He then makes somewhat a issue over the fact he has to invite Brooke now (of whom he already had arranged to see the movie with, as choosing Yes will have him canceling with her)

So, right at the start of episode 2, we have seen Warren trying to use getting beat up, trying to use guilt tactics, and trying to use jealousy to make Max want to date him. I don’t like that and it is not okay.

When we get to episode 3, we see that Warren does not want to take No for an answer. He brings up the drive-in again when Max calls, even though she is clearly in an unusual situation. Heck, it just occurred to me he might have brought it up again because she called for help, trying to leverage his ‘im a nice guy who helps’ to get her to say yes after all. I’ll have to think more on that later. (Also thought of this before posting, his tone must have been somewhat annoyed or angry again as Max says ‘Please don’t hate me’ in response. Something he said or the way he said it triggered this)

Anyways, even after the second no. Warren spams Max with txts trying to get her to go. He doesn’t accept the no, he doesn’t respect her choice in the matter. This is where that whole Romcom thing comes from. In your average Romcom, all a guy needs to do is ‘be nice and persistent to wear the girl down’. It is unhealthy and sets up unpleasant situations for real life. Max isn’t following the script. He ‘saved’ her, she should be all over him. She isn’t, so he keeps hammering what should happen.

And if you say yes, he brings it up during the call. Okay, this I can accept. He is excited. But he still spams Max with txts and again, and they border on not cool. He again does the guilt thing of ‘you can’t back out now’ and then implies he had to get into a fight for the tickets. I’m like, really? He is trying to use the same thing as before, a fight, to endear Max to him.

Warren found that being a geek guy with similar interests did not make Max want to date him. If the fight is possibly what did it, he is going to try and play that up more, since in his mind that is the Warren that Max would like.

This is pretty much all I can think of right now, I feel like I’ve said more across my posts about Warren. He seems to use different tactics to try and get Max to date him, not accepting she does not want to, which Max tries to imply to let him down gently and without embarrassment.

I guess another influence on my opinion is Max herself. She says in her journal is does not want him hitting on her and does actions to make sure she isn’t giving the impression she would want to date him.

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Okay but anti-blackness has led to so many murders. Rapmon is adding to a system that has cost so many black folks their lives. By promoting anti-black beliefs, you are making the lives of black people a thousand times harder, especially when you're a public figure. It might as well be as bad as murder IMO. You're not holding the gun, but you're backing a system (anti-blackness) that has killed and will continue to do so.

This answer is super long bc we’ve gotten a lot of messages about the subject and it’s starting to get out of hand and at this point I kinda don’t want to talk about this too much anymore/repeat the same things and stuff. This is at least how I feel about it, and I’m not really gonna answer too much after this. I mean, I reserve the right to answer something if I think it’s worth it to do ofc, but the opposite is also true. Aite let’s go.

I don’t mean to sound insulting or rude, but I want to stress that all of admins are acutely aware of this. We have a lot of messages right now echoing things that we have expressed at length before as well. We completely agree in this sense, and we all know what anti-blackness is. Specifically though, Admin Nia really does too. And I’m not saying this from the perspective of someone scrolling on tumblr and reading a blog. I’m saying this as someone who has shared a living space with her for a fairly long time, and who has known her for even longer. Seriously, we routinely spend hours upon hours discussing these things and related issues just because we care about them that much and genuinely believe that they’re important to understand with nuance. 

That being said, Admin Nia’s point seems to be the same one that many other sj tumblr users have tried to echo before. I’m sure you guys have seen those text posts with 10k+ notes talking about how it’s important to remember that you weren’t always this amazing beacon of woke-ness and that everyone of us is still very much problematic in ways we more than likely don’t want to address? Just like we all once had some pretty shitty beliefs and/or behaviors before that for sure for sure added to horrible systems just as RM’s past behaviors have done, other people can be or could have been the same way. This doesn’t excuse those behaviors (and we’ve never excused RM’s lol) but it does put their complexity and potential for development as human beings in perspective. 

My best example of what she means is the very existence of problematic favs to begin with. It’s a common staple on tumblr at this point. There’s a good chance that even the most woke person you follow in fandom has at least one problematic fav. Sure they’re able to critique and call out this person’s behavior, and even be stern towards them/drag them when they need to, but at the end of the day, they also are able to access the other parts of that person’s being, and furthermore determine if they think that person still has potential, or if their positive qualities are still worth appreciating. 

If we couldn’t do this, none of yall would have trash favs. If we couldn’t see all of a person’s qualities (NOT ignore or downplay the bad because that’s shitty and completely destroys the process of education and personal growth), we literally wouldn’t be able to like or appreciate any idol or even a person in our own lives who has fucked up or hasn’t gotten to where we are (and still have to go) in terms of our understanding of the systems around us. I want to stress that last part: we do this same thing all the time with people we know irl. I know so many people who have said anti-black things, or homophobic things, or sexist things, or colorist things, but I probably wouldn’t reduce their entire being to those statements on the whole, or if I did, bc I know them irl, I would still probably interact with them on other terms. 

Furthermore, off the top of my head, if we couldn’t do this, none of yall could stan:

  • Zico
  • Chanyeol
  • Kai 
  • Baekhyun
  • Lay
  • Luhan
  • Suho
  • Ok actually everyone in EXO lbr
  • Taemin
  • Key 
  • Jonghyun
  • Minho
  • Onew
  • G-Dragon (and I mean none of y’all)
  • Daesung
  • Taeyang
  • Seungri
  • LE
  • Taeyeon
  • Doojoon
  • Kikwang
  • Yesung
  • Leeteuk
  • Eunhyuk
  • Junho
  • Yongguk
  • IU
  • Krystal
  • Amber
  • Luna
  • Wendy
  • Hanbin 
  • Those dudes in Seventeen involved in the bad stuff bc I was still on break when it happened
  • literally every other idol

bonus: add everyone you’ve ever seen on a show who at least laughed at one of these jokes, or black impressions, or anything like that. that’s right, not just the people who said the stuff, but those who encouraged it with laughter as well

bonus pt. 2: also add any idol who’s ever basically pulled a “no homo” on a variety show. or who have laughed when another idol did one.

to take it outside of kpop: you couldn’t even stan the holy trinity, Rihanna, Nicki, or Beyonce (see that super problematic blackface photoshoot from a while ago).

My point is that literally all of those people have fucked up in some way shape or form, but I have seen socially conscious black fans and non-black poc fans alike manage to both critique their problematic behavior as well as support them or at least, agree to see the other parts of their being too (and I don’t mean they see the other parts just to derail the conversation, but just in general. like they can critique them, but if they see some funny vine or something months later, they can also laugh at it or whatever). That is what me, Admin Nia, Admin Kim probably and damn near everyone else in the fandom does at some point or another. Y’all don’t have to do this for all offenses ofc, who you choose to still deal with is all up to you and your personal taste, but it’s kinda ridic to insult someone for having different personal taste, standards or a different threshold for who they will still accept post-call out and who they won’t.

There’s also just differences in interpretation of these concepts. I don’t want to speak for Nia, but it seems to be that to her, calling someone anti-black, and not the specific action or their mindset on a particular issue, is like saying that their entire being is wholely anti-black, or in other words, that on the whole, that person is bothered with, disrespects, or at least has an ingrained hatred for black people and/or culture. Like say, to the extent of a clansman or a someone’s anti-black white mom or something. RM’s entire being doesn’t seem to fit that bill to her. Now, you can disagree obv, as your criteria for calling a person anti-black can be different, but that distinction seems to be more a difference in semantics and personal understanding than anything else. Please don’t think that she doesn’t understand the damage done by anti-blackness and furthermore by Rap Monster or anyone else’s shitty behavior. 

And honestly, if you still hate what she said or that kind of perspective on what it means to be anti-black vs to do or say anti-black things (or if you even think there’s a difference), maybe consider putting it on your blog? It’s a lot to be dragged constantly or at least have your intelligence and understanding of the world questioned or insulted because you have a problematic fav that somebody else is probably gonna hate no matter what (even tho we all do!!), or because your understanding of certain concepts as far as systematic oppression is concerned is different. It’s a lot, and it keeps happening, and it’s part of what makes what we do reeeeeeeally hard. Like literally you’re putting her on trial for doing the same thing we all do haha. Idk man. And it’s not even like you have to agree with her or us at all lol. It’s so fine and ok for you to disagree with our personal views, in fact we welcome it, do you. But don’t spam us with why you think we’re dumb or ignorant or whatever and expect us to love it lol.

This essay was wild. Why did I write all this. Whatever lol, I hope it makes sense.

-Admin Donte

So there’s this awful Susano in a Joust match I played.

Fucker fed over and over. Like REALLY, running RIGHT INTO THE ENEMY, with NO REGARD FOR HIS SAFETY. Despite him dying like a fuck ton of times, HE NEVER FUCKING LEARNED. He kept doing the same thing over and over. I got so fucking miffed that I had to just say something.

First of all… he mocks my goddamn K/D ratio…

…when HIS is WORSE.

…and then…


Even though I threw down my ultimate it many teamfights in a futile attempt to aid my allies.

Even though I keep spamming my nuke despite it missing just for the sake of actually TRYING TO DO SOMETHING.

And this fuckface uses that of all things to insult me. That I’m afk. K.

Apparently NOT playing for one year means that you forget that this game is a fighting game and one of your goals is to kill people, and you yourself should not be killed.

Note this cunt wasn’t simply just bad. He was REALLY JUST.. RUNNING RIGHT INTO THE ENEMY AND DYING. And then NOT learning from his lesson and doing the same thing.

And to those who don’t play Smite, Susano right there bought TWO defensive items… and only has two MINOR offensive items… even though Susano is a fucking offensive character, meanwhile I was playing Isis, a magical nuker/support.

…so yeah. I’m so done.

tracks to tag/use;

in case you missed it sebastianstanners made a post about this already over here, but i added a new thing also. so if you want to keep in track with all sebastian things (news, interviews, tweets, etc) and edits, or if you want me to reblog them, then i’ll be using these two tags:

mostly so we don’t have to see reposts, weheartit spams, the same text posts over and over, people comparing bucky to loki who clearly didn’t get the movie at all, etc. so, yeah. feel free to use them, track them, post all the news, old things too i guess we can cheat a little in there shh, edits, gifsets, aus, masterposts, audio of interviews, new fan pictures, all kinds of things that we normally wouldn’t be able to find in seb’s tag now because it’s flooded with a bunch of text posts. if you want to reblog this so more people would be aware, that would be awesome. anyway, that’s all. thanks darlings!

Quick note: a brief apology to some very nice folks with kind words in my inbox, as well as some with very frequently asked questions; the number of messages i have on this blog was….honestly very overwhelming to me, so I deleted a lot of asks featuring things that are very commonly asked or just general kind words. I’ll be posting an abridged version of the FAQ at the end of bulk answer posts from now on, to help those on mobile who can’t see the FAQ, and as for those who sent in kind things: I read and appreciate every single thing sent in! I can’t address them all directly anymore, or I’ll spam folks’ dashes, and I can really only answer the same questions so many times before i get very drained on that topic. But I do nonetheless appreciate that people are really enjoying this comic as much as you all are! 

For now, a couple of the most common ones: 

1. There is no update schedule, I’m afraid. This story’s become very personally important to me, and if I don’t keep it as something I do by choice rather than obligation, I’ll burn out on it, maybe even end up hating it. Please be patient with me! 

2. The full details of Sans’s absence will eventually be revealed, but so far all that has been confirmed is that he is indeed dead and has been for about six months. He had not yet spoken with Toriel through the door when he died.

To the ANTIS and the SHIPPERS

              Both the antis and the shippers have been spamming various tags or various series fighting over what they believe is right. Some being polite, others not so much.

              I am here spamming the tags too, but to propose an alliance between the two.

              Many of the antis find the ships they dislike because the shippers not only tag their ships, but also the series, while many of the shippers complain that the antis spam their tags.

              The shippers will not stop shipping because of the antis and the antis will only end up being blocked, which means there will be no end to this.

              What I propose is simple and I believe will avoid many future confrontations.

                            To the Shippers:

                            - Stop tagging the series and the characters with your ships. Tag only the ship name. This way you can still enjoy your ship and share it with other people with the same tastes without risking to trigger others and force them to find fanart or fanfics of things they dislike;

                            - Keep on blocking the antis that insist on doing so in the shipping tag, but do not answer them, as you are only giving them a reason to continue and also spamming the tag;

                            To the Antis:

                            - Avoid the tags of the ships that bother you or try and block their tags;

                            - Start blocking those that insist on tagging the name of the series and characters along with the shipping name in order to avoid being triggered or entering into fights that both antis and shippers know will not lead to anything;

              For this war to stop both need to give something away.

              No side is right in this fight and no side is wrong.

              We all come from different countries with different rules and education and we need to learn to respect eachother.

              Some of us see animated series as something completely different from reality and establish no connection between them, others do.

              The best solution I came up with was the one I am posting in here.

This is getting seriously annoying.

Guys. This is Chris Colfer tag. Not Klaine. Not CrissColfer and definitely not Darren Criss. Why do I have to see someone who is not Chris every single time I go into Chris Colfer tag? Let me tell you: NO REASON.

Klaine is not Chris. Klaine is the ship name of two FICTIONAL characters. Chris Colfer is a REAL person. If you really want to tag someone, go tag Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. Cause at least tagging them makes sense.

There is no such thing as CrissColfer. (I mean the romantic side of it.) I don’t know why you keep insisting it’s real and constantly spamming Chris’ and Darren’s tag with this thing which is also not real. If you want to ship them romantically, go to CrissColfer tag.

I know some of you will say I should block it if I don’t want to see it. But I shouldn’t have to. Because all I ask is for you to stop spamming the tags that belongs to REAL persons with FICTIONAL stuff. That’s it.

Chris Colfer is not Klaine. Chris Colfer is not CrissColfer. Chris Colfer is not Darren Criss. Same goes for Darren as well.