and i keep getting distracted by his voice

bangtan when blazed
  • Namjoon: philosophical af (as expected), creates thirteen different conspiracy theories within a minute, doesn't react to physical contact
  • Seokjin: so much munchies, the kind of munchies where you get weird ass cravings like why tf do i want to put ranch on the doritos i put in my sandwich, laughter gets distorted, praises himself to sleep
  • Yoongi: exhausted as soon as he hits the blunt, moves super slow, honestly he's probably only smoking to help his insomnia, is also super deep but he keeps it to himself
  • Hoseok: so much laughter, taehyung blinks and he's dead, more touchy than usual, paranoid af tho, if you cough slightly he will scream, gets in his feelings but then gets distracted by something and starts laughing again
  • Jimin: super happy for no fucking reason, starts complimenting everyone with a soft voice, pets people, "I'm just so thankful I'm friends w you guys :-)", everyones annoyed, is probably on the verge of tears
  • Taehyung: blankity blankity blank, really thinking about namjoon's theories, wants to get up and get something but ends up just staring at it from afar w his mouth slightly open, becomes a genius when he does speak
  • Jungkook: completely baked w one hit, coughing mess, "I'M FINE I'M COUGHING ON PURPOSE I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT SMOKING WEED OK", dtf, starts laughing at his own thoughts, more meme than usual, just sitting in the back eating the rest of the doritos by himself, smug af, has never smoked before but didn't say anything for the sake of looking cool
You Make a Mess of Me

Rated: High T, some NSFW ish stuff going on

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Words: 876

Summary: Iris is trying to get ready and Barry is distracting.

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“Barry,” she whines as she feels his lips land on her neck, teeth scraping against her skin. “I’m trying to get ready.” She attempts to keep her voice firm, but to her frustration it turns a little breathless as he sucks lightly at the spot right behind her ear.

Doing her best to ignore him and his now wandering hands she focuses on the mirror and doing her makeup. Tonight all their friends and family are coming over to see their new apartment and she wants everything to be perfect. Of course Barry is ready and he has been for awhile and she knows he’s impatient. Their guests will be here soon and she doesn’t feel even close to being ready and he’s making it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

He gently brushes her hair off her shoulder so his mouth can have better access and he starts to leave soft little kisses along her shoulder. Fuck. Closing her eyes she lowers the hand holding her eyeliner and lets herself get lost in the feel of his lips on her skin. And it feels amazing and there’s a part of her that just wants to give in. But that would be exactly what he wants.

So gathering some inner restraint she forces herself to try and ignore him. But then she feels his teeth and tongue teasing her neck.

“Barry!” he hums against her neck. Oh she hates him right now. Hates what he’s doing to her and hates that he knows it too.

Frustrated she sets down her eyeliner and turns around suddenly causing him to take a surprised step back. She fixes her eyes on him in a glare, but he just smirks at her. And it’s infuriating because that smirk does something to her and she kind of wants to kiss his right off his face. Of course that would be giving in and she can’t do that. Right?

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Welcome Home (Smut Warning🍑🍌😉)

Nico bent over to put his lasagna into the oven and stifled a moan. Straightening up, he wiggled his hips, feeling the butt plug rubbing against his prostate, and adjusted himself in his jeans with his hand, moaning aloud at the stimulation. His hand absently started stroking his cock through the denim, his hips rocking in time. He caught himself right at the edge, snatching his hand away before he came in his jeans. He gripped the counter top till his knuckles turned white, biting his lip hard to distract himself. If Will didn’t get home soon, he was going to embarrass himself.

Speak of the devil, Nico heard the front door open and shut, followed by the telltale sound of keys and a book bag being dropped. Footsteps sounded a second later, coming closer to the kitchen, before Nico heard Will call out his name.

“I-In here!” Nico called back, trying to keep his voice even. He didn’t turn his head when he heard Will come up behind him. He felt the warmth radiating from Will right before Will wrapped his arms around Nico. Will pressed against Nico’s back, his hips lining up with Nico’s ass, and Nico barely held back his gasp as the movement shifted the plug inside him. Will didn’t notice and kissed a line up the back of Nico’s neck.

“Hi, babe. What’s for dinner?”

“L-lasagna. Ah!”

“Nico? Are you ok?”


“You sure?” Will grabbed Nico’s shoulders and turned him around. One look at Nico, taking in his dilated eyes, red face, harsh breathing and the obvious bulge in his jeans, had Will quirking an eyebrow and smirking at him. Nico swallowed and nodded. “You look like you’ve been fucked but didn’t get to cum. What’ve you been doing all alone here by yourself?”

In a fit of bravery, Nico said, “Why don’t you find out?”

Will grinned mischievously. His hands still on Nico’s shoulders, he turned Nico back around and bent him over the counter. Nico followed his silent command without question, leaning his chest against the counter. Nico reached down and unbuttoned his jeans as Will started tugging them down his hips. They only made it down to his knees before Will pulled Nico’s briefs down and choked on his spit.

“Gods, Nico, you HAVE been busy,” Will whispered. Nico moaned in response, moving his hips. Will grabbed the end of the plug and teased Nico with it, pulling it out slightly and shoving it back in hard. Nico rocked back against the plug, his moans growing louder with every breath. After a couple of minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer and started begging.

“Will! Oh! Please, please, please, do something!”

Will smirked and slapped Nico’s ass, earning a sharp cry from him. The sound went straight to Will’s cock, just as all the moaning had, and Will finally tugged his scrub bottoms down and released his own cock. Without warning, Will pulled the plug completely out. Nico whimpered at the loss but another slap to his ass silenced him.


“In my pocket, please, Will, hurry!”

Will chuckled. He quickly fished the condom out of Nico’s jeans and tore the wrapper open. Will slipped the condom onto his cock and abruptly dropped the plug to the floor and lined his cock up with Nico’s hole. He took a moment to admire the sight of Nico’s hole, stretched out and wet from the plug, before he thrust into Nico, bottoming out with one stroke. Nico screamed softly at the intrusion and his cock throbbed at the sudden sensation of being full again. Will set a harsh pace, pounding into Nico mercilessly while gripping Nico’s hips hard.

Nico stroked his cock in time with Will’s thrusts. He leaned his forehead on the counter top, whimpering and crying out. He had already edged himself a few times waiting for Will and knew he wouldn’t last. He could feel Will wouldn’t last either, judging by the way Will’s fingers were digging into his skin and the lewd comments that kept spilling from Will’s mouth.

“Nico, Gods, babe, you’re too fucking tight!”

“You like that, baby? You like that cock in your ass?”

“Fuck, Nico, how can you still be this tight after all the times we’ve fucked?”

Each comment made Nico blush and wrenched a choked moan from him in reply. He had never thought he would like dirty talk but Will made it so hot that he found he could cum just listening to it.

Will kept talking as his thrusts sped up and his fingers shifted from Nico’s hips to his ass, holding his cheeks spread apart so Will could watch his cock pounding into Nico. Nico’s secret pleasure was listening to Will dirty talk, and Will’s secret pleasure was watching him fuck Nico. It was something he never tired of.

Feeling his orgasm close but not wanting to leave Nico behind, Will leaned over Nico’s body. He bent his head to Nico’s ears and whispered, “Cum for me, babe,” into his ear. That was all it took for Nico to scream and start cumming. He dropped his head down on the counter and stroked himself through his orgasm. Nico’s scream sent Will over and the edge and Will pushed his cock all the way into Nico and left it there, dropping his forehead between Nico’s shoulder blades.

They waited several minutes for their breathing to return to normal. Only then did they straighten up. Will pulled his softening cock out of Nico, hissing at the stimulation on his over sensitive cock. Nico turned around and leaned back against the counter. Will eagerly stepped closer to him. They reached for each other, arms wrapping around each other, and they kissed tenderly, lips moving against each others easily and in sync.

Nico pulled back and whispered “Welcome home,” before he resumed kissing Will. Will chuckled against his lips and pulled him closer.

CanceR crew preference- How they ask you to be in a video.

CANCER CREW PREFERENCE- How they ask you to be in a video.

A/N these are how I imagine they would do it, feed back if you disagree :)

•Hes been working up the courage to ask to be in a video for at least a week.
•His palms are all sweaty as he gently says “Y/N can I ask you something”
•"What’s up?“
•Joji’s palms are like waterfalls now
•"Well, my youtube channel-”
•"“The one with the voice?” You giggle, making him turn red.
•"Yeah, that. Well I was wondering if you’d like to be in a video with me? I know the fans are insane but i-“
•"id love to”
•Not much filming gets done because you keep distracting Joji.
•Lots of kisses.

•He neglected you for a week before he did asked
•You obviously get annoyed and have a go at him
•He towers over you, staring intimidatingly down(His glasses slide down repeatedly)“I wasn’t being horrible y/n-”
•"I dont want to hear it, just leave me alone"
•"I just wanted you to be in my video but it doesn’t matter"
•Despite you apologising profusely, he keeps telling you that it doesn’t matter and ‘maybe next time’ which makes you feel even worse.
•Hes already plotting for the 'next time’

•Hes stood downstairs in your shared house, screaming your name until you respond
•"Max, you’re literally a toddler"
•The fluffy headed cunt would bear hug you, telling you he had a proposition
•"Wanna do a challenge video, with the real maxmoefoe official?“
•You OBVI agree which results in a tighter hug that restricts your breathing
•"You might vomit, I dont apologize.”
•Max explains the challenge in full, sounding crazy as he laces more and more swears into it
•He wasn’t wrong,you vomited like a pregnant woman

•"Sit in on one of my streams since I never upload to youtube.“
•Everyone is bitter
(This is a joke okay)

•"Just stand there and let me throw eggs at you”
•Why..Why do I have to wear this?“ You query referring to the comical outfit that clung to you.
•"Just stand there okay?”
•"That’s eggcellent y/n"
•Kisses to show thanks and well done for being brave

A/N IM V sick rn, so this maybe a little (Very) Shit. Im sorry its so cringe plz feedback. REQUESTS OPEN.

Sea Salt Wishes. (Rubberdoop)

This is actually what I handed in for my English creative essay, excluding the PDA and lovey stuff of course. The idea was to use a setting or section of dialogue from another piece of writing and build a short story from there. (400 words ish, I chose the flower dialogue from Undertale because I immediately thought of egobang) For some reason I keep writing gay shit and getting A’s for it. Conclusion: My English teacher is a shipgrumps supporter. (((Also s/o to @keenveins bc you wanted to read this nonsense!)) 

550-ish words of pure merman rubberdoop fluff 

“So…don’t you have any wishes to make?” Ross’ enchanting voice echoed around the purple diamond caves around them. 

 Barry was distracted by the ripples coming from the leaf holding his weight. It was pulsing, as though it was alive. The repetitive movement was hypnotising him. He reached a hesitant finger out to touch them when Ross’ question stopped him. 

 "Hmmm,“ Barry thought for a second, "Just one…But, I mean, it’s kinda stupid." 

 Ross blinked in surprise. Although they hadn’t known each other for very long, he was sure their friendship was strong enough to that Barry could tell him anything. "Don’t say that! C'mon, I promise I won’t laugh." 

If his hands weren’t swirling in perfect circles to keep him afloat, Ross would’ve taken Barry’s hand. Downsides of river dates, he supposed. 

"If-If I say my wish…You promise you won’t laugh?” Barry had broken his gaze from the ripples and was now gazing at Ross’ face. The light streaming in from the cracks above them had found every inch of the merman’s scales and were reflected in streaks of lavender light. Barry’s own tanned skin seemed dull in comparison. Ross’ beauty made Barry so damn nervous. 

 "B,“ Ross gently thrust his tail back and forth so he could stop one hand and use it to hold his nervous friend’s hand. "Of course I won’t laugh." 

 Barry felt tension he didn’t even know he had release when Ross took his hand. The whole cave around them seemed to calm down as the stress in Barry’s own mind diluted. 

 "Someday, I’d like to climb this mountain we’re all buried under. Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around…” B sighed blissfully as he imagined it. “That’s my wish." 

 He couldn’t bring himself to look at the gorgeous merman and gauge his reaction. He just watched the waterfall leap off the edge and land in the warmer violet water around them. Then he heard laughter.                   Wonderful, melodic giggling filling the air and bouncing off the walls. It took a moment to realise it was coming from Ross. His tail was splashing gently as his body moved with the laughter. 

 "Hey! You said you wouldn’t laugh at it!” B pouted, whipping his head away from Ross so he couldn’t see the red creeping into his cheeks. 

 "Sorry it’s just funny.“ Ross’ giggles floated into the air above, leaving just a grin on the merman’s face. "That’s my wish too." 

 Barry’s heart skipped a beat and he could hear his pulse in his ears. Did he hear him correctly? 

 "Wh-what?” B slowly turned his head to see if Ross’ crystal eyes were lying. But his wide sapphire eyes were honest and full of love, as usual. The only indication that Ross had even spoken were the soft clouds of white rising towards the ceiling. 

“It’s my wish to see the outside world as well.” The Aussie repeated warmly, accent slipping in when he forgot to cover it up. “With you." 

 He caught Barry’s hand, then the other. They were both stuck in each other’s eyes. Only now did B notice the thin ring of galaxy purple in Ross’ eyes and he swore he could see his future if he looked hard enough. He wanted to. Without a word, they both leaned in and pressed their lips together like they had done it a dozen times before. Ross’ lips tasted of salt and felt like cushions of heaven to the inexperienced human. Without thinking, he brought his hand up to Ross’ head and knotted his fingers in the golden locks, pulling them closer together. 

"I love you, B.” Ross breathed hard between kisses. Barry could feel the future in the cold clouds that brushed his cheek.

They lost track of how long they spent in the sea after that, but Barry woke up the next morning with wrinkled fingers and the taste of sea salt in his mouth.

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Blurb about Justin being superrrr drunk and won't keep his hands off u until you promise that u two will have fun when you get home ? ❤️

yes okay so i assume justin is annoyingly grabby when he’s drunk, so let’s say you were driving on the way home and he keeps putting his hands on you and touching your leg and fiddling with your hand in his and kissing your neck and for fuck’s sake you’re trying to drive so you try pushing him away and say “justin, stop. you’re distracting me" but he’d wouldn’t stop, saying in a slurred voice “you’re so pretty. how can i keep my hands off you when you look so pretty?” and normally you wouldn’t mind but rn you really can’t focus with his hands on you and you’re pretty sure you passed two stop signs because of him so then an idea would come to mind so you’d say “how about we make a deal? you keep your hands to yourself, then when we get home, you can do whatever you want to me. sound good?” and he’d be a little reluctant, weighing out his options as he said “whatever i want?” then after you nodded, he wouldn’t do as much as look at you let alone touch you bc god only knows how badly he wants to ruin you when you two get home omg

Class is in Session

Im cringing at the title tbh 

Dan/Reader *Smut* teacher!Dan 

I was failing history. Not because I wasn’t good at it, I mean I have been a straight A student since the 1st grade, but lately I’ve have been getting too distracted. 

Maybe because of the new History teacher, Mr. Howell. He arrived here 2 weeks after I started Uni and since then I couldnt keep my eyes off him. I was too lost in thought to care what he was teaching about. 

He was so young and handsome all I could think about was his hands on every inch of my body. I imagine his lips on my neck and him slowly-

“Miss Y/N?” My thoughts were interrupted my the sound of Mr. Howells voice. I was so lost that I didn’t realize that the bell rang and I was the only one left in the classroom. 

“Please come up to my desk if you will?” He said in his strong British accent.

I gathered my books and other supplies and walked over to him. He looked up at with with his beautiful brown eyes and smiled. My heart started racing and I could feel the blood running up to my face.

“Y/N you grades have dropped drastically and I’m afraid you wont pass this semester. I would offer you extra credit but even then, I don’t think it would bring it up.”

“Mr. Howe-” I started.

“What is wrong? It it something I can do? Family problems? Boyfriend problems?’” He asked. 

I dont have a boyfriend Mr. Howell its just,” I stopped. “Well lets say my thoughts have taken up my studying time.”

“What kind of thoughts Y/N?” He asked and I swear I saw him smirk.

“Oh um” I blushed. He sat up from his desk and moved closer to me. 

“I see the way you look at me Y/N. The way you blush every time you see me and I think I can figure out what those thoughts that preoccupy your mind is about” He said this time definitely smirking this time. 

He stepped closer to me and pulled me into a kiss. He deepened the kiss and I ran my finger through his dark hair. I felt his hand run over my bum and I smiled into the kiss. He set me on his desk and kissed along my jaw to my tinder neck.

I let out a loud sign and whispered into his ear, “Please Mr. Howell”

He pulled from our kiss and walked to the door, locking it. I could already feel my self getting aroused every second he looked at me.

“Are you okay with this Y/N?” He asked.

I nodded and he returned his lips to mine. He slipped his hands under my blouse and lifted it over my head throwing it on the floor. He kissed down to the tops of my breasts and I knocked my head back.

“Mr. Howell please” I said. 

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, throwing them where my blouse was. He was still completely clothed and I couldn’t have that. I undid his tie and threw it in the pile of clothes he formed. I unbutton his shirt exposing his bare chest. He looked sexy as ever. I slipped off my shoes and he kissed my collarbone driving me insane. His hands unclasped my bra throwing it to the pile once more. 

“Stand up” He said pulling his lips off my chest.

I obeyed completely puzzled. 

“Turn around” He said moving his fingers in a turning motion. I obeyed once again. 

I suddenly was pushed against his desk with my bum in the air and the cold desk top on my bare chest. 

I heard the undoing up a belt and heard it drop the ground along with his pants and hopefully his boxers.

“Can you hand me a condom out of my desk?” He asked.

I reached over and pulled one from his drawer. “You keep these in your desk in-case you get the need to fuck a student?” I said in a sassy voice. 

“Well if you are gonna have this attitude, Ill gather your cloth-”

“No please Mr. Howell I need you. God I need you in me so bad sir please” I begged. 

“As you wish” He said. He moved my panties down my legs and without hesitation slammed his cock into me.

I moaned his name and he picked up pace. Every thrust he was sending me over the edge. I gripped the edge of the desk till my knuckles were white. I already felt my self getting close. 

“God baby you are so tight please” He moaned. 

“Mr. Howell” I moaned as he drove me to my breaking point. I clenched around his hard cock as I came and his climax soon followed. 

I sat there in awe at what just happened. All of my wets dreams for him came true. I sat up and saw he already had his pants back on. I soon dressed back into mine and fixed my just fucked hair. 

“Well I hoped that motivated you to do better in my class Miss Y/N” He said. 

“Yes sir” I said blushing. 

“See you tommrow after class” He said with a wink.

Okay I actually like this omg. Please let me know if you liked it and the PJ fic will be up hopefully if I hit 2000 followers. Thanks for reading cuties xx