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You Hesitated

Author: @werewolfmutant

Requested by: @kaitlynw011

A/N: This was fun to write! Hope you like it :)

<<<Elena, Caroline, Jeremy, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt, Y/N, Stefan, Damon, and Alaric joined groupchat>>

Y/N: You guys will never guess what Damon and I just did

Elena: Oh no

Tyler: wat?

Y/N: Elena why do you automatically assume it’s something bad?

Bonnie: Is it?

Damon: yep

Elena: I stand by my statement

Bonnie: wat did u two do now?

Stefan: They crashed my blind date

Y/N: we saved your life

Tyler: from wat exactly??


Matt: that explains it

Elena: ^^^

Bonnie: ^^^

Alaric: ^^

Jeremy: lol


Matt: didn’t know their were any

Bonnie: wat actually happened??

Stefan: Y/N came out of nowhere yelling at me and saying I ditched her sister

Stefan: The she threw a drink at my face

Stefan: I believe the words you spoke were “YOU MADE MY SISTER A BABY MAMA!!!”

Damon: the whole restaurant looked at them like they were crazy

Y/N: but giving scolding looks in Stefan’s direction

Elena: where were u Damon?

Damon: watching from a distance

Damon: lmao

Damon: I’ve never been so proud

Caroline: the girl yelled at me over the phone about that night

Caroline: I didn’t here enough of it until early this morning

Y/N: XD!!!

Stefan: tbh she was kind of annoying

Caroline: WAT?!!!!

Tyler: anyone else just sitting back and enjoying this??

Jeremy: ^^^^

Elena: ^^^^^^

Alaric: ^^^^

Matt: ^^^^^

Bonnie: ^^^^

Caroline: y did u have 2 ruin it Y/N??

Y/N: because I can

Caroline: or because ur jealous?



Damon: *confused*




Matt: this just got real

Jeremy: ^^^^


Damon: you hesitated


Jeremy: did


Stefan: Y/N??

Y/N: yes my son

Stefan: quit it -_-

Stefan: r u jealous??


<<<Y/N created private chat with Stefan>>>

Y/N: okay maybe I am

Stefan: why didn’t u just say so??

Stefan: and why r we in a private chat together??

Y/N: bc I didn’t want them to see Caroline’s right

Y/N: no way am I giving her the satisfaction

Stefan: soo……

Y/N: soo…..

Stefan: what time do you want me to pick you up tonight??


Y/N: 8 would do fine

BigBang Reaction #13 - Their s/o gets confused when somebody compliments them

anon asked: Can you write Big Bang’s reaction when their s/o always gets confused/shy when somebody tells them that they are cute or pretty? (I spent last week in Seoul and so many people have told me that I’m pretty or beautiful but where I come from people don’t usually say stuff like that so openly, so I didn’t even know how to react 😶)

Jiyong: He literally gets so squishy when this happens. You’re so cute when you’re shy!! He will open his door whenever you come to his house and immediately say “Hey beautiful, you look hot today.”

and then when you get all shy/confused he gets so blushy and squishy and embarrassed himself but he can’t help doing it every time he sees you because he loves your reaction so much

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rest of the members below the cut~

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Shingeki No Kyojin Episode 9 Discussion + Spoilers








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DnA II 84 (SPOLIERS (lowkey ranting as well))

Can we just talk about how great this whole chapter was?!!?! I don’t really write about this series but this chapter was too good to not talk about! I’m just gonna say that the first page already had me dying! XDDD


And I LIVE for misawa banter!!! But that’s not the reason why I’m writing this. My true reason is…

HOW AMAZING MY SUNSHINE BABY IS DOING!!! First off, I’ve been yelling this internally for months now but Eijun has always had great potential! He may not be considered a “GENIUS” or “MONSTER” like Furuya but he has always been working hard to improve himself. Like it always genuinely upsets me to know that Eijun probably wouldn’t have had all this attention on him if Furuya hadn’t gone through his own inter conflict. Like Furuya HAD to go through what he’s going through now for Eijun to have just a bit of spotlight on him.. Upsetting but I can see Tera-sensei’s reasoning for it. (A well thought out decision on his part) Honestly, I’m just happy Eijun is getting the recognition he rightfully deserves! A bit bias on my part since I usually root for the underdog but it’s true. Eijun has worked so hard to get to where he is now that it’d be a shame for him to be completely overshadowed by his rival. Not saying that Furuya didn’t work hard as well, however; everyone already had their eyes on him from the gecko. Really what we need now is for Furuya to get better so we can have true (as well as FAIR) competition for the Ace number! (Ok, done with my little rant~)


Like, I have been spazzing about this scene for over an hour now! First off, the fact that Naruta Tech was questioning Eijun’s stance already says that they didn’t research much about Eijun. (Never underestimate your opponents guys…) We’ve already established that Eijun is the best bunter EVER and can actually get a hit as long as he’s in the bunting stance, but that was a whole different level! Like this wasn’t a bunt where it would stop as far away as possible from the fielders nor is it like a grand slam kind of hit to get a home run or anything. No, this one was more of an in-between kind of hit where it loses momentum like a bunt and making fielders work just as hard while having the similar effect of getting a huge hit off the pitcher. Honestly, this was such a BADASS/UNPREDICTABLE kind of hit that I can expect only Eijun to be able to pull off! (Like Tera-sensei, did you make Eijun amazing with bunts just so he make these kind of hits where he can control where it stops?! LIKE HOW THE HECK CAN SUCH A HIT STOP THE BALL RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FOUL LINE?!!?!!?!) My fav moments are always when underdog characters show everyone what they’re truly made of! (MAKE THOSE JAWS DROP! LOL) Well, who knows if this hit was a fluke or not. If Eijun can continue to make hits like that then I say we are one step closer to that Ace number! (And if there is anyone who wants to talk about this chapter or Daiya in general then just message me! I don’t have many friends in this fandom so I would LOVE to fangirl!) Anyway, can’t wait for next week’s chapter!

BONUS:  When the first years admire their awesome senpai! (SO PRESH)

(AGREED. If I were there physically I would cherish every moment of that game! lol)

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Concept: Sonny's first name is Sunshine. Everyone thinks it's a joke. They playfully call him Son-shine. Sonny uses the nickname as a cover. And then you get Usnavi yelling "SUNSHINE DE LA VEGA!" And Sonny slinking over blushing bright red. (My sister and I found the name Sunshine on a baby name list earlier, so...) (Also, when did everyone decide his last name is De La Vega?)

Pfffft! That’s right up there with Madison for ‘Amazing first names for Sonny’! XD And Dadnavi returns with the full naming and Sonny’s just red as a tomato while everyone puts the pieces together and realizes what a strange name he really has and everyone (Benny) never lets him live it down XD

(And I think everyone just collectively decided to give Sonny the name De la Vega since Usnavi and Sonny are family. And if you think about it, if Sonny’s dad were related to Usnavi’s dad, then they would share last names. But since we know next to nothing about Sonny’s family situation except that he has a single mom, we could assume that Sonny’s Mom is Usnavi’s dad’s sister and since I think the internet collectively agrees that Sonny was illegitimate, it makes sense that his mom would’ve kept her last name as De la Vega rather than change it. It’s totally open honestly…if only we had more info on the boy *glares at ITH musical creators*)

Closed to fromaspecialbloodline || Tadashi Hamada

“You know.. I don’t ask for much!” Tadashi yelled out glaring up at his superior. “I’m asking off for one day, just one!” He slammed a fist down by the computer he always works at day in and day out since the world had gone to shit. “Just…” Tadashi took a deep breath and blew it out slowly then looked back up at them with puppy dog eyes instead of a glare. “It’s my baby brothers birthday tomorrow. Hiro. He’s going to be turning ten. I just want to give him all of my time for an entire day. Please? I’ll work overtime for the rest of this week if you just give me tomorrow off.” Tadashi bit his lip feeling tears begin to sting his eyes and he dropped his head. “Please..” @fromaspecialbloodline

GOM + babysitting


probably the only one among them who actually babysits properly (except for Akashi , Akashi is absolute )


really good at playing with the bay but he sucks with everything else, but if he’s in trouble I’m sure he’ll manage to fix everything and the baby will survive


two words .. “ he sucks “

when the bay simply sneezes he just panics and thinks the bay might be sick and starts blaming himself and sometimes he can just completely forgets that there actually is a baby and snoozes off, and when the baby cries he panics even more and starts yelling around trying to find away to shut him up XD


the exact oppoiste of Kise, he’s good at taking care of the kids but he really can’t play with them XD I think the picture is more than enough to describe the situation 


I think the picture explains everything XDD

no really, he might be lazy af and he finds babysitting a huge drag (and might even forget that there IS a baby he’s supposed to take care of) but he can surprisingly be good enough for the baby to survive that one night, he’s really good at playing with the baby he can make the baby stop crying by carrying him on his shoulders or throwing him in the air and catching him (since he’s a giant the baby will feel like he’s flying or sth)


he’s very good, just like Kuroko, he knows how to take care of the baby perfectly, change dipers ,play , put him to sleep, make him a bottle of milk, or feed him and seriously anything .. I mean it’s Akashi we’re talking about !


I personaly wouldn’t leave my babies with him .. even if I got paid for it really …

My Favorite Illustrations From the Naruto Artbook ...

Not that I wasn’t mesmerized by ALL of them  because they were so goddamn beautiful….here are my top 10—

10) I love that Kishi adds various AUs to his Naruto-verse. That’s what makes his characters feel so alive and real is that you can put them in any other universe and they will still look kickass. Middle Earth Team 7 for instance has always been one of my favorites (and the details are exquisite, goddamn). 


9) Another Naruto-alternate universe art. Look how badass Naruto and Toad Bunta look! Scifi is one of my favorite genres and the futuristic-ninja costumes here are amazing! Also, “Teki” on those blue robots stand for “enemy” in Japanese, and Bunta also seems to have a cyborg-like joint on his leg that says, “Elysium”. Hmmm, is that referring to the 2013 Hollywood movie? (depending on when this art first came out of course). Either way, it’s awesome.


8) Besides AUs, Kishi also has a talent of drawing in different styles. I really enjoy his Edo-period style paintings like this one. 


7) I just like the perspective of this drawing. That’s another thing that captures my attention about Kishi’s work is that he’s amazing at dramatic perspectives. That shit is hard for artists, so his work has good references for me to learn from. Plus don’t you just love it that Sai is painting Naruto and he doesn’t even have a clue? ^^


6) Bwaha I didn’t take the entire picture of this illustration because I would have missed out on the little bits (we all saw this pic b4 anyway), but again another amazing example of Kishi’s knack of perspective and meticulous detail. In fact, I totally didn’t realize that Sakura was down there yelling at Naruto about Kurama XD And look, you can also see Sai over there painting the giant Kyubi, while Kakashi’s just like, “Well fuck, this is a problem…” LOL. Everything about this is gold. 


5) The bathhouse will always be one of my favorites and the funniest illustration in this book XD No more words can be said really…just enjoy our babies lookin’ hella fit. 

4) This is the poster that came with the artbook (The Last movie illustration on the back). I really liked the mythological aspect of this artwork (kind of reminds me of Hinduism which I know Kishi got some influences from). Also our boys look hot, the end. 


3) Something about this illustration really stood out…and I think its the mood of the scenery it conveys–isolation, compactness, grim feelings etc. Again, a fabulous atmospheric perspective who’s focus is Sasuke in the center. The contrast between the dark foreground and the grey-lit background is great, and the rain pouring down really brings out the realism. It’s almost as if this picture is sucking me in like from a movie :) 

2) Whenever I see this illustration, I just feel warm and nostalgic inside. I guess because I’m desperate for summer right now but also because it looks so peaceful and innocent. Look at adorable Naruto eating that watermelon and watching those horned beetles fight :3 Team 7 in the background also adds a beautiful relaxing touch. 

1) This was on the last page of the artbook, and we all know why (sniff). Kishi really knows the best method of strategically placing his characters in a way that it will tear our hearts apart forever ;__; The backside view was the best choice for the last Volume of Naruto because what it really shows is “The Legacy”, the “Hero” that we have been following for 15 years. The boy who became a man now watches over his village as Hokage. The village that once shunned him now respects him. So many thoughts like that come to mind when I see this and it makes me tear all over and stain my goddamn shirt >_< 

Okay so that’s basically my top favorites, and like I said…everything in this artbook was so amazing and beautiful blown up that it was hard to pick. Like what you’ve seen online already is nothing in comparison to what you will see in this book. Everything is so vividly illustrated with breathtaking details here and there that it pulls you in. Kishi’s art really motivates me and I really hope I can learn a thing or two from his style for my own illustrations. Yeah so that’s all. 

Gravity Falls S2 E8 Blendin's Game

THE HYPE WAS REAL. I have to wait to watch it online, ‘cause i don’t have Disney XD but luckily the internet works fast, hoo boy.

If anyone wants to watch it online, it’s already there. Like, thank you Internet you magical fucking thing you.



I yelled at my brother about this. He is way to detailed, and is just shown there for quite some screen time in the background. Like…Why? He looks just like the fan version of him! Is this just Fan service or…?

(Stanley went through the portal and got jerked forward in time?)



Look at this trash. I fucking love him so much, he’s so cute. HE’S SUCH A GROSS CHILD. EVEN AS A KID HE HIT DIPPER WITH WATER, NOT MABEL. CUTE LITTLE DOUCHE. (also Laser Robbie)

Mostly, i knew it was gonna be Daddy things when it had to do with the seat thing. I wasn’t surprised, but it was sad really. Especially for someone like Soo’s, i’m also extremely happy he had some character build up. Like, hot damn. Good episode.

Mabel and Dipper were badassing there way through the future like it was fucking nothing because Pine Twins. Shirtless Dipper. Yes.

And finally, one last time, WenDip is not a thing. THANK YOU. I mean, i’m good with older/younger ships? (Mabill over here) But i just felt like they weren’t right for each other. They definitely have that special opposite sex friendship that’s really better off as a friendship.

All in all, really good episode. Really, really good.


His girlfriend hates you

A/n: From my wattpad and I was too lazy to spellcheck/edit xD


Harry (age 7) You and Harry are inseparable. together at all times. You were the Baby of the house and you were Harry’s little girl. You were more his daughter than sister he even named you Savannah Marie he thought it suit you.  

You were at home coloring Harry walked in with a girl, not just any girl Taylor swift you loved her. “Harry!!” You yelled running to him “Yes, yes, Hi babes. Can we play later? me and Taylor are going to hang Kay? Kay” Then left he just left he never dismissed you before.  

You hadnt’t seen him in weeks. And he was leaving for tour soon you only wanted to see him for a little while.“Harry” You knocked on his door he didn’t answer he never ignored you ever “Harry” you said again. “Yes baby girl?” He groaned opening the door. “Your leaving soon, I miss you A-” you were cut off by his phone ringing he left you with Taylor. 

“Look he’s mine” she snapped at you “You’re stupid, you’re ugly and you’re worthless. Plus your a kid who would want you?” Then Harry came in and kicked you out not even listening to what you had to say. You slept in there you never slept in your room, you were afraid the monsters would come. Plus you needed cuddles you slept with Harry always. At bedtime you knocked on his door “No” he yelled “Sleep in your bed” your lip began to quiver when you saw Taylor “I hate you!” You yelled. Tealization came over him, he realized just made his little sister cry, His baby girl.“That’s not nice Savannah” Harry whispered “Ooooooh yeah? Neither are you!” Being the little dramatic Seven year old you are you ripped off the exact airplane necklace he gave you off and threw it. An hour later you were asleep in your bed the first time in years you felt yourself being picked up by someone. You opened up you’re eyes and saw Harry. “Go away” you muttered half asleep. “Shhhhhh Babes” He carried you to his bed and laid you down “Did the mean lady leave?” You yawned. “Yes princess, Mummy heard what she said to you and told me. I’m so sorry” he explained. “It’s Otay” you yawned and cuddled up to him. You started to fall asleep when but awoke when you found yourself being moved. Taylor was back. You jumped out of her arms and in to Harry’s. “What’s wrong Savannah? And Taylor I thought I kicked you out” Harry snapped looking at her. “I didn’t say it!” She lied “I told you! She told me you didn’t really like me and said I was a whore” she fake cried. Harry shook his head and cradled you in his arms. “Get out” he said. “Ugh!” She yelled and walked out. When she walked out she was singing “I’m gonna write a song about you!”

Louis (age 14) You and Louis weren’t brother and sister you were Best friends, Partners in crime. You guys got in much trouble together when you were around eachother. He didn’t care neither did you, You still had fun. You loved your brother alot and you knew he loved you too. But sometimes he just doesn’t show it.  

Recently, he got a new girlfriend. Eleanor. She’s a lovely girl when Louis around. But when he isn’t she’s a bitch. “Samantha come paint my toe nails” Eleanor tried. Louis wanted you to bond he forced you to stay the night at her house. Twelve more hours at her house a “sleepover”. Its more of a party. Her friends are here, drinking, smoking, everything. Drunk guys are everywhere trying to flirt with you, trying to kiss you everything. 

You locked yourself in the bathroom the rest of the night deciding it was safer in there.


You heard a laugh. Louis and Eleanor’s. “How did you get in the bathroom silly” Eleanor asked with a fake laugh. “Barbie” You muttered going into Louis car “Have fun?” Louis asked trying to start up conversation. You almost said ‘no’ but realized how much she meant to him, You couldn’t tell him. “Hey Sammy” he said. “Yes Lou?” You said looking at him. “Why do you smell like smoke?” He said seriously. My eyes widened as I looked out of the window. “Sammy, please, did you smoke anything?” He whispered. You shook you’re head no “Then why do you smell like smoke?”. 

You teared up and looked at him. “Baby? Why are you crying?” He asked wiping you’re tears, “El” you whispered.

*HIS POV* “What about El?” I said stroking her hair. “The sleepover thing or whatever” I looked at her. “Tell me” I looked her dead in her eyes as she explained. “That’s horrible” I whispered hugging her. “I’m so sorry” I said pulling out my phone. I called Eleanor and broke up with her.

Niall (age 2) “Who’s my Favorite girl?!” Niall cooed tickling you’re stomach. “Me Ni-Ni me!!” You squealed. He laughed and handed you to his girlfriend, Amy. “I’m going to the bathroom, don’t drop her” he said remembering how she “Accidentally” dropped you on the floor last week. “It was an accident!” She yelled. “Alright, calm down” He said walking to the bathroom. She threw you down in the couch and picked up his phone. “No touch! Ni-Ni mad!” You yelled trying to tell her not to touch his phone. “Shut up” she snapped and tried unlocking his phone. “No!” You said and took the phone from her. “You bitch!” She gasped and took the phone. She threw it across the room you’re blue eyes widened when you saw it has broken. “What happened to my phone?!” Niall yelled as he walked out of the bathroom. “Alicia threw it when I tried to take it from her” Amy said. “Ni! She lie she throw it!” You tried. Next thing you know Niall picked you up and spanked you. You sobbed and ran away once he put you down. “Oh, my god” he whispered as you ran to your mum. “Did I just hit Alicia?”

 -Sherie xx

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Mkay, let's just call me the Sass Nonnie. Attempt 1 to scare dem admins What would the guys yell when they reached the climax doing the bedboogey. :P

Nobunaga : - “Aaah uuhhhhh fuck… I…I’m nnnghg…. damn you”

 Mitsuhide : - “Unngg….. ooohhh… J-Ju-Just hold a little MC.. I’m.. unnnggg.. im…. aaaaahhhhh damn ”

Yukimura : -“ Nuuuu… I. uuuuuhhh… M-MC…. aaahh.. It’s…. ooohhh…… God.. aaaahhh” (the most sensitive one xD)

Saizo : - “Ooo..oohh y-yes owh shit…. nnnggg l-li-little lady…”

Masamune : - “Nnnnnngggg… um… oooowwwhhh… MC… aahh MC… uuunnnggg”

Kojuro : - “Nnnngg…owwwh fuck.. y-yes nnnggg baby girl ooohh"

Ieyasu : - ’‘Uh.. nnnnggg.. ooohhhh DAMN OH.. MC… UUUUNNNHHH owh MC…”


- Admin Ghost Anastasia 👻

It Is Fate

For fayeharuno~ I hope you enjoy it :) I set it in the AU lotr!Narutoverse. I had another idea for canon if you want to hear it just let me know xD.

Prompt: It was fate.

“Naruto!! Get your ass moving and stop playing around with the dragon.  We have to get to the Hyuuga castle within the night,” Sakura yelled while gripping Naruto’s shield on his back with one hand and pointing the other to the castle above.

“But Sakura-chan! Look at him! He’s so cute!” Naruto grinned, stroking the baby dragon’s chin.  In reply, the dragon spewed out a tiny ball of fire, leaning into Naruto’s hand.

The pink-haired dwarf sighed and glanced at Sasuke.  It was always hard getting close to the raven-haired elf- for many reasons, the everlasting rivalry between elves and dwarves and the natural aloofness of Uchiha elves to name a few.  Whenever Sakura tried to talk to Sasuke, he would always just reply “Hn” or call her an annoying dwarf.  She touched his shoulder once and he jerked away, sending the message: don’t touch me.  I guess it’s just fated that elves and dwarves can never coexist peacefully together.  Sakura sadly mused.  Sakura scrutinized what Sasuke was doing.  He seemed to be admiring a sword that he found on their travels.

Kakashi approached Sasuke, “Ah..the sword of Kusanagi…an Elven sword crafted with the finest metal in Valinor.  I even heard that these types of swords are elemental chakra-compatible.“

"Hn.” Sasuke inspected the metal of Kusanagi. He noticed an Elven inscription- Sa ná amarto

Sasuke scoffed, fate is a foolish notion.

He sheathed the Kusanagi and noticed Sakura’s stare on him.  Their eyes connected and a brief, unidentified spark flared up between them.  He raised an eyebrow at the dwarf in question of her gaze.  Blush crept upon Sakura’s cheeks and she quickly turned her head away.  A flicker of amusement dashed across Sasuke’s face along with a smirk.

“Can we go now?! We need to go to the castle!” Sakura nervously exclaimed, shaking Naruto.

“Ayyy Sakura-chan! Stop shaking me.  You’re going to scare off little Naru-chan,” Naruto complained.

A vein popped out on Sakura’s forehead, “You named the dragon after yourself?!”  Sakura whacked Naruto’s head.

“Sakura-chan! That hurt!” Naruto rubbed the back of his head and picked up Naru-chan, “I’m ready.  Let’s go!” 

Shaking her head, Sakura scolded Naruto.  “Baka! What makes you think we are taking a dragon with us?!”

Kakashi just sighed and settled the bickering, “Sakura just let Naruto take the dragon- who knows, maybe it’ll become useful in the future.”

“You mean “he” Kakashi-sensei! Not “it,” Naru-chan is cute baby boy dragon!”  Naruto said while snuggling with Naru-chan.

Sasuke snorted at Naruto’s ridiculous antics, “Only you would name your dragon, “Naru-chan” Dobe.”

“Teme! Naru-chan is a great name.  You are just jealous!” Naruto stuck on his tongue and coincidentally, Naru-chan flickered out his tongue.

“Che.  Just get going Dobe; we’re wasting time.”  Sasuke walked off into the direction of the forest, leading to the castle.

Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura followed suit. Sakura caught up to Sasuke and her hand accidentally brushed against Sasuke’s.  His shoulders tensed and he created a wide distance between him and Sakura.  Her facial expression falter and she gradually fell behind Sasuke a few steps.


It was dusk when the group reached the Hyuuga castle.  The grand, beautifully carved Elven wooden doors stood proudly before them, daring them to disturb the eerie peace. 

Just as Naruto was about to bang loudly on the doors, a voice called from above on the castle’s wall-walk, “Who enters the Hyuuga realm?”

Kakashi cleared his throat, “We were sent to aid the Hyuuga clan.  My name is Kakashi the copy wizard.  My companions are Sasuke of the Uchiha elves, Sakura of the Haruno dwarves, and Naruto of the Uzumaki clan.”

There was a slight pause before the voice responded, “You may enter.”  The wooden doors of the Hyuuga castle parted ways, allowing them to come in.

The hallway inside was beautifully decorated with intricate vein-like designs on the floor and walls.  Various Hyuuga elves’ portraits adorned the walls.   

“Woah.  Don’t you guys think the Hyuuga elves are a bit conceited?”  Naruto whispered to the teammates while Naru-chan climbed on top of his head.

Both Sasuke and Sakura gave Naruto a look.  Kakashi’s eye just crinkled in response. 

“I would watch your language Uzumaki.  The walls have ears,” A long-haired brunette Hyuuga elf smoothly countered while walking towards the group.

“Who the hell are you?!” Naruto blatantly yelled while pointing at the elf.

The elf ignored Naruto and faced the group, “Follow me.”

He led them to another set of exquisitely engraved doors and opened them.  Inside, there was the Hyuuga elves’ leader, Hiashi Hyuuga sitting his throne.  On his left, a gorgeous dark purple-haired Hyuuga woman was standing next to him with her hands clasped.  She was dressed in a light purple gown with a crown resting on her head.

“Ah Neji who are these intruders?”  Hiashi questioned the Hyuuga elf. 

“These are the people you requested from Tsunade for the mission,” Neji replied.

Hiashi squinted and scrutinized at Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.  “Hmph.  They don’t look like the people suited for the job.  I asked for the best and I get this.”

“HEY! We can handle anything and everything! Believe it!” Naruto shouted loudly; the echoes reverberated in the throne room.

The woman next to Hiashi started to fidget and blush at the sight of the blonde human boy. 

Hiashi glimpsed at the woman, “Hinata stop fidgeting,” Hiashi glanced back at the team, “I guess I have no choice but to give you the mission.”

Naruto was about to voice out his opinion at Hiashi’s rudeness yet again until the sight of the Hyuuga princess stopped him, “Wow you’re really pretty!!!”

Hinata’s face turned bright red while Hiashi and Neji both scowled.  Sakura and Sasuke both shook their heads at Naruto’s blunt tendencies.  Contrarily, Kakashi’s eyes twinkled at Naruto’s candor.

Hiashi glared at Naruto but spoke evenly, “Your mission is to destroy a very significant artifact- something Middle Earth cannot afford for you to screw up.”  Hiashi looked at the setting sun out the window, “We will speak more details tomorrow.  But for now, you may rest in the West wing of the castle.”

Hiashi stood up from his throne and he walked out of the throne room with Hinata trailing behind him.  But before Hinata closed the door, she turned and glanced at Naruto, smiling at him.  Naruto grinned back and Hinata scurried off.                                                                                               

Neji glared at Naruto, “Follow me and I’ll show you the West wing.”

Once Neji led them to their respective rooms, he left them to their own devices. 

Naruto scratched his head, “Is it me or did Neji and Hiashi repeat the West wing many times?”

Kakashi chuckled, “I think it’s because the East wing is where Hinata resides in the castle.”


Late at night, for some reason, Sakura could not sleep.  She got up from bed and started to walk down the hallway, hoping to clear her mind.  A shadowed figure came from the opposite direction strolling towards her.

Sakura stood still when she realized who it was. 

Sasuke glanced at Sakura, “You should go to bed.  It’s late.”

Sasuke continued to stroll back to his room.  But Sakura’s voice halted him, “Why are you always so cold to me?  Do you hate me? Is it because I’m a dwarf?  Is it because elves and dwarves are fated to forever hate each other?”

Sasuke paused for a moment, weighing out his options.  He turned to face Sakura and slowly approached her.  Nervously, Sakura backtracked until her back hit a wall with nowhere left to go.  He stood directly in front of her, face to face.  His eyes gazed down her lips.  Sakura’s raspberry pink lips slightly parted in anticipation, daring Sasuke to prove her that this Elves versus Dwarves fate doesn’t matter- that he’s not fated to hate her. 

Sasuke bent his head down and connected his lips to hers slowly and passionately, pushing her against the wall. With Sakura’s lips parted, Sasuke’s tongue slithered in her mouth, coaxing her to reciprocate.  A burning sensation rushed through their veins; a haze of lust clouded both their minds, creating this unbreakable, consuming connection between an elf and a dwarf- a connection that should not ever be forged.  Sasuke’s kiss conveyed a message to Sakura: No. We aren’t fated to hate each other.  Sasuke broke up the kiss and rested his forehead against hers.  Both of them were heaving in response to such an electric, sensual kiss.

Sasuke breathed against Sakura’s face and deeply looked into her glazed eyes, “Annoying…Vanya onna.”

Sakura was speechless.  Sasuke started to casually walk away but then he suddenly stopped.  He slightly turned, titled his head, and smirked at Sakura’s stunned face, “I don’t believe in fate.”


Sa ná amarto- It is fate

Vanya onna- beautiful; fair woman

I just translated it using a LOTR Quenya dictionary so it might not be accurate xD

SORRY FAYE IF THIS IS SO HORRIBLE ;~; I tried my best ><.  Hope you enjoyed it regardless of how bad it is xD