and i just want to gif and gif tbh

I want to know how this conversation went during filming. Was it “Hey Mike, we want you to do a totally sick barrel roll through the tent screen.” or was it his own idea like “Hey, how about instead of just running out of the tent like everyone else, I do a barrel roll out the side of it. It’ll be RAD.”

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sneak peak: 

Oliver stood in his hospital room, looking out at the city. His city. He ran his hand down his face, over his stubble, as he sighed. The sound of his mother’s heels and the scent of her perfume hit him before she was near the door. He had more control of himself, but that didn’t mean much when emotions were high. It had been so long since he had actually seen his mother. A golden yellow color bled into his blue eyes. He grimaced at the sight of his reflection. Those eyes staring back at him. The door opened and he turned his head away from the glass, closing his eyes until he knew he was okay to turn around.

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guys it actually happened,,, I reached 8k followers today ! First of all I want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who follows me ! You guys make this site as amazing as it is and you are so nice to me and I just really appricitate every single one of you so damn much ! To celebrate 8k I decided to host some tumblr awards because I haven’t done this in forever tbh 

Rules + Info:


  • Best url
  • Best icon
  • Best deskop theme
  • Best mobile theme
  • Best creations*
  • Best art (fanart/writing)*
  • Best rising blogger**
  • Best overall
  • Personal favorite

*put your creations/art/writing tag in the tags of this post when you reblog it

**submit a screenshot of your follower count to my askbox (less than 800 followers)

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