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So my good buddies @neonjawbone, @0tacoon and myself are all doing a goofy adventure into podcasts - specifically one about webcomics! It’s called Speech Bubbles, and in each episodes the three of us just talk shop and give some insight into the webcomic process and lifestyle!

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So here’s a question: the Galra commander who captures Sam, Matt, and Shiro flat out says they’re primitive and don’t know anything useful. If that’s the case, why did Zarkon order that they be interrogated by the Druids? Why was this Galra ship specifically ordered to be in the solar system? I feel like if Zarkon knew that the Blue Lion was on earth he would have gone straight there and not bothered with interrogating random humans. So was it just standard procedure? From what we’ve seen, it looks like the Druids are a pretty small group and generally busy doing evil space magic things, so why would Zarkon pull them away from the Komar experiment just to talk to some Earth hillbillies?

Basically what I’m getting at here is: Zarkon knew there was something on Earth that he needed, he just wasn’t sure what, and he probably didn’t even suspect that it was the Blue Lion or he would have gone in guns blazing a lot sooner. So who tipped him off to keep an eye on this planet, and why?

maybe the scariest thing about writing fanfic is like hyping up romance for yourself and being afraid you will never find anything as good as your fantasies

I’m a very nostalgic person, and for the most part I hate it.  I get so attached to memories, the past, certain items or place, sometimes people, and there’s no way to detach myself from them.  

My parents sold our house.  My dad built it over 20 years ago and it’s the only house I’ve ever known.  It’s two decades of my life in memories, and in two months time it will be gone.  The master bedroom I ran to when I had nightmares; the playroom where all of us would sleep on mattresses every Christmas eve; the kitchen I almost blew up the microwave in (and am still reminded of to this day); the backyard that’s seen trampolines and hot tubs come and go, and countless Easter egg hunts; and the living room where we all sat in a circle and my dad told us through a broken voice that my mom had cancer - one of the handful of times I’ve ever seen him cry.

I know the loss of this house doesn’t mean a loss of the history or the memories, but it’s an ending, it’s a loss.  And the worst part of it is that the building will still remain, painted over with new memories by strangers.  There’s no burial, there’s no proper goodbye.  I can’t stand across the street while they tear it down as I remember it and mourn.  I have to drive by it every so often and see the trees they’re trimmed, the unfamiliar cars in the driveway, the new coat of paint.  

It’s selfish, I know.  I do wish the new caretakers their own memories, they’re own attachment, happiness and sadness and all life has to offer. 

I don’t know any other way to say goodbye, so that’s what this is, I guess.  Goodbye.

You scare me you know? Like not a bad scared but a good scared. A my heart is racing and you make me nervous but it’s all really exciting scared. And it’s a good thing because I’ve never felt this way about someone before but it also sucks sometimes. Because like when I watch tv shows and a couple kisses I’m like wow this is sooo cute I wish I could kiss mt girlfriend like this and then the next day I’m laying next to you and you’re looking at me and I’m too scared to even look at you for more than a second and that sucks because I want to look at you and kiss you so badly. It makes little victories much more rewarding though and I mean we’ll get there because I never thought I’d be able to hold your hand so long while laying in bed or give you a kiss on the lips when saying goodbye and we did all that too♥


Irish faeries are actually aliens who just happen to be super small and they had technology that seemed like magic to the Irish folk of the time, so that whole thing about the fairies taking you to the Other World was just a threat the aliens made to the terrified villagers so they’ve been living in peace in their cloaked alien observation posts just watching humanity find new and better ways of killing each other.

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I want to prove someone wrong.