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how boyfriend!Tom would be with different types of drunk y/n (the clumsy, the flirty, and the sleepy)

The Clumsy Drunk

  • he’s caught you from almost falling off the stool about four times
  • he learned from the first time he went out drinking with you that you are basically a floppy noodle and will trip on anything that comes within 12 inches of your feet
  • his hands will stay planted on your waist, functioning both as a safety net and your steering wheel
  • somehow when you’ve been drinking you also loose all sense of direction and as much as tom would love to have a new story to tell about you ending up in a storage closet instead of the loo, he does not want to have to help you unstick your heel from a mop bucket (again)
  • as much as he hates to admit it, his favorite part of the night is getting you into the car 
  • when paps are around you try so hard to keep it together but always end up stumbling a little so his hands can’t stray from your waist
  • but when it’s around the back of the club, a much more private exit, he has to all but carry you there
  • it will start with the soft “oops” you let out as you trail behind him out the back door as you misstep and trip over your heels for the millionth time
  • he likes to walk a head of you because following the “oops” you let out the most pitiful, cutest whine
  • “tooooom. can you, like, help me?” 
  • he chuckles as he turns around to see you hunched over, trying to regain your balance
  • “gimme your arm,” he will huff, trying to be annoyed but then you look up at him with wide, Bambi eyes and he can’t help but grin
  • he’ll pretty much haul you over his shoulder to the car door, dropping you into the backseat of the car, shutting the door, and going around to the other side to get in
  • except he can’t take a seat because you’ve flopped over across the seat, leaving no room for him so he’s forced to pull up your upper body and lay you across his lap
  • “you’re like a baby giraffe learning to walk.” he laughs. “and i love it.”  

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SASO - BR2: Fill #2

prompt: hot personal trainer au

GRYFFINDORS  LIKE      Jon  Snow,  Arya  Stark,  Jaime  Lannister,  Brienne  of  Tarth,  Ygritte,  Barristan  Selmy,  Robb  Stark,  Wylla  Manderly,  Beric  Dondarion,  Robert  Baratheon,  Gendry  Waters,  Thoros  of  Myr,  Asher  Forrester,  Sandor  Clegane,  Loras  Tyrell.

SLYTHERINS  LIKE      Daenerys  Targaryen,  Cersei  Lannister,  Sansa  Stark,  Petyr  Baelish,  Tywin  Lannister,  Jaqen  H’ghar,  Viserys  Targaryen,  Illyrio  Mopatis,  Ramsay  Snow/Bolton,  Euron  Greyjoy,  Taena  Merryweather,  Daario  Naharis,  Margaery  Tyrell,  Bronn.

HUFFLEPUFFS  LIKE      Samwell  Tarly,  Tommen  Baratheon,  Davos  Seaworth,  Eddard  Stark,  Syrio  Forel,  Aemon  Targaryen,  Gilly,  Jeyne  Westerling,  Catelyn  Stark,  Benjen  Stark,  Shireen  Baratheon,  Jorah  Mormont,  Arys  Oakheart,  Theon  Greyjoy,  Meera  Reed.

RAVENCLAWS  LIKE      Tyrion  Lannister,  Myrcella  Baratheon,  Qyburn,  Varys,  The  High  Sparrow,  Olenna  Redwyne,  Missandei,  Sarella  Sand,  Doran  Martell,  Rhaegar  Targaryen,  Trystane  Martell,  Mance  Rayder,  Willas  Tyrell,  Bran  Stark,  Tyene  Sand.

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hi!!! i was wondering if u could pls rec some (kpop) blogs w pink aesthetic?? i rly love ur blog & i wanna find more like urs but i can't rly find any..

thank u so much aaaa ur sweet !!!  💕💕💕💕💕💕 it was hard for me to find them also hahshbfh but i have some lovely mutuals who have pretty pink blogs !!! i hope u will follow them and show them the love they deserve ! @hanniesgf @bbhz @dinosgf @6aek @cyypher @ilvoegirls @bipjm @lovdrunk @iub !! its not a whole lot but i hope its alright .,,



That non-binary feel when *gender* and you have to immediately change your entire presentation.


I’m considering chopping my hair into a super standard queercut. What do y’all think?

I feel like I am the only Jonsa shipper that does not believe they are going to happen. 

I am sure not looking forward to the J*nerys shippers’ gloating though. 

with every new chapter, it really seems like furudate is gonna give us a fukurodani vs karasuno match during nationals

..but it breaks my heart bc it’s basically a set up for karasuno to win anyways. the one match that i didn’t want to think about :’)))

hey y’all!

im looking for co-mods for these weeks/events i want to plan to help me with prep-work and to bounce ideas off with. job includes working with me and having blog access and moderating the event itself on the day of, ect. i very much like to work in teams of three, but if i don’t find people then i will go for it alone possibly. please message me if you’re interested in doing the following:

  • kilik week (pre-existing, please just help plan this year) looking for 2/2
  • harvar week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • rare pair week/ monthly day (fresh start) looking for 2/3
  • comedy week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • patty week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • sen week (fresh start) looking for 2/2
  • fandom manga book club (fresh start) looking for 4/4
  • to be planned- kidliz week and angst week may be up later

*2 co-mods per thing, but i will be down to have 3
*first come first serve, but i will be asking questions about commitment and how interested/passionate you are
*i apologize in advance if the position you want is already taken; i’ll try to update this post as people message me

i have big plans and i want new (or old) friends to enjoy these events with~

if you also have a week or event that you want to see in the fandom but don’t have the courage or experience to kick start it, throw me a proposition

Dedicated to @ffxv-positivity-blog | @eternallydaydreaming2015

I think you’re amazing and great for what you do ❤
I’m so grateful that you started this blog as people have been needing it. This is also so useful for many of us who have social anxiety. Your blog is a safe place for us who want to send our love to the people we admire via a third party.

You’re wonderful! Keep being awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤

And if anyone ever tries to discourage you from what you do I will fight them (◕‿◕✿)

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I just gotta ask and forgive me if it is a dumb question. Why was Hector worried about Jack in the locker and onwards?

Gosh, nonnie, are you sure you want to open this can of worms? Because I could scream about Jack and Hector’s relationship literally all day, it’s just one of those things I love about both of them.

Also this is not at all a stupid question, I am 100% for answering these about my interpretaton.

I feel like there are a lot of different reasons? I could answer this better if Silas was here to walk me back through it, it’s something we’ve discussed extensively, but I’m going to do my best and lead off with the obvious: You guys do realize they’re friends, right. Because they are friends. The best of friends, even if they’ll literally never admit it. See, the great thing about Jack and Hector is that once they’ve gotten their revenge or a book is closed in their life or whatever? They move on. They don’t really dwell on it after that. For example, take the Locker itself.

"Oh, Hector! It's been to long! Hasn't it?"
"Aye, Isla de Muerta, remember?"
(and this bastard fucking winks) "You shot me."

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So I’m drawing a series of Jojo musclebabes in lingerie, right? And for my next one, I want to put the character in a leather teddy, as in, the garment. So I google ‘leather teddy’ for inspiration and this is one of the first results

It’s a sofa. Made of leather teddy bears.

I’m pretty sure this is /not/ what I was looking for, Google.