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No scene between two people in the history of television or cinema has or will ever be as pure, tender, organic and raw as the scenes shared by Colin Morgan and Bradley James in that last episode of BBC’s Merlin.

Okay so

let me explain the earlier post now that I’ve calmed.

I have to take P.E. with the Freshmen and a few people in my class (because I never took it and need the credit to graduate).
Well, I had asked the teacher and was given permission to draw.
I sat in the bleachers, somewhere that’s the farthest away from people that I could have been.
But there’s this kid in the senior class that just… picks on people because he can. He’s popular and pretty much gets away with everything.
My friends and I were sitting in the bleachers, and the kid kept kicking a dodgeball. The thing is, it was pretty close to where we were sitting. 
We didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go (the stage and weight room were closed off and we weren’t allowed to leave the gym), so we told him to stop.
When he didn’t we told the teacher, and the teacher kinda shrugged it off. “Eh, just… stop it, k?”
We had about five minutes left in class…
he kicked the ball
And it smacked right into my laptop.
It made my laptop practically fly off the table and it bent the cord for my tablet.
Like… the part that plugs into the tablet quite literally snapped.

It’s not that it’s broken that caused me to lash out, it’s the fact that  was the one who got punished and not him.
I’ll admit, I didn’t HAVE to have my laptop and tablet out, but I had permission and was somewhere that really shouldn’t have been aimed at.
It clearly wasn’t an accident, because he almost hit the table we sat at multiple times before. 

But I got mad and yelled and swore at him, and I was given detention, which I have to serve tomorrow. 
He literally aimed and kicked the ball at my friends and I, hit my school laptop, broke my tablet, and all he did was be told: “just… don’t let it happen again, k?”

I’ve talked to the I.T. guy, and he says he’s going to take the tablet and try to find a way to fix the problem. I hope he does.

Sky.eward shippers: Chloe is the captain of our ship! She loves it! She said so years ago!

Chloe Bennet: 

Sky.eward shippers: … ANYWAY SHE HAS BEEN HACKED

honestly when i think about the hoops im gonna have to jump through to have kids in the future it makes me so angry i want to cry bc it just feels like one of those really unfair decisions by the universe

pretty much no matter what route i decide to take, i have to pay to have kids. pay for the POSSIBILITY of having kids. everything costs money. and straight couples get that for free and i just. shouldn’t get so upset about it when i don’t even want a family for a long time but i AM.


Some more of the no.6xyoi au! 

Admittedly inukashi could never reach the level of pure teenage rage Plisetsky possesses, but some self driven motives might be a bit relatable lol. Also I have no freaking explanation for shion’s transformation

EDIT: edited inukashi’s skin tone since I’d got it totally wrong argh. 

“The Chosen One” aspect is really interesting in the pjo series. 

Like we all know that Percy’s going to be the one of the prophecy, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Already ignoring the fact that he’s the narrator, there are literally huge cosmic, higher power signs pointing to Percy throughout the series, enforcing the idea that Percy is the hero of the great prophecy and his role to either save or destroy the world was predetermined years before he was even born.

But in the Titan’s Curse, two extremely interesting things occur: First, three other children of the Big Three become involved into the storyline. And as they are all under sixteen, that definitely throws the off the certainty of Percy being the hero of the Prophecy. Second, and more importantly, after Bianca’s death and Thalia’s newly immortal state, Percy makes the decision to be the hero of the prophecy. Percy chooses to be the Chosen One.

That in itself creates such an interesting and conflicting concept: Percy is obviously the One of the prophecy, but his decision implies that he had a choice in the matter. Perhaps, if he had never come to that resolution, that is one of the many ways he would have razed Olympus. 

Or maybe, in order to be the chosen one, you have to choose yourself. It’s interesting to think what would have happened if Thalia never accepted immortality or if Bianca hadn’t died.

Also, I’m not sure how much this has been discussed but that is such a defining characteristic of Percy. (Whether or not the decision changed the outcome) Percy chose to be the hero of the prophecy. He deliberately accepted that as his role. And he did it all to spare someone else’s pain - so Nico di Angelo would not have to suffer more than he already did.