and i just ugh

im trying to learn how to draw in clip studio paint

this shit’s frustrating and also Hard

here’s Lucille dressed up as Nine tho

stop 👏🏻 tagging 👏🏻 bisexual 👏🏻 posts 👏🏻 as 👏🏻 pansexual 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we 👏🏻 get 👏🏻 enough 👏🏻 erasure 👏🏻 as 👏🏻 it 👏🏻 is 👏🏻

I’m Sick

Sorry guys, I think I might have the flu u.u My stomach hurts and I’ve been struggling to not throw up since 4am which was, unfortunately, when I woke up this morning ToT But I do have a few text requests done so I’m going to queue those up now ^-^ One will post tonight and two will post tomorrow~

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lol yelling about Kal AbusiveDickbag Skirata never gets old so i support that rant 500%

I swear, I spend like a third of my week doing it because I just try to have a nice day but one can’t go five seconds thinking about the Nulls without launching into a rant about Kal.

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I would be your friend if we were in school together. And yeah, I get emotionally exhausted whenever I hear women say this. Women friendships are the best! I frequently talk to my little teenage sister about making sure to support other girls and have their backs even if they say things like that because it’s not their fault the world taught them to overvalue male friendships at the expense of women and they’re still young enough to learn better given the opportunity.

Does it get me off the hook a little if the most recent woman who said this to me was 50?


so yeah… two days ago i made a post about wanting help with figuring out a name that fits me (realising that it might be easier if you can actually see my face—even though trying to capture someone’s personality in photos is pretty hard; which is why most look ridiculous) and finally got the guts to just do it I guess.

and as rude as it feels I’m gonna tag everyone who liked/reblogged that post, because well… you liked it for a reason, so yeah.

If (only if, you don’t have to actively try and help) you come to think of a name (or even names) i’d love if you could either reply to this post, or send me an ask/message if you prefer. (preferable masculine or neutral names, but I mean i’ll take anything at this point)
And again, thank you so much, this means so much to me.

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ok but liste n im not impulsive i s w e ar


Bonus flirting:

To be perfectly honest, their interactions together really gives me a whole mess of emotions. And knowing that about 90% of their romantic conversations takes place in either Diamond City or Goodneighbor, it’s honestly simply perfection considering my own backstory for Brianna outside the game and how important those places are for her.

Bless this Mod and all the amazing people who created it.

Dear me,
When you’re drowning in homework, its generally considered a terrible time to start thinking about reworking your relationships page on your blog.

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(heyyy guess where inspiration hit? these scenes are getting too long for the ask box, so i won't spam you with all of it today. bear with me)...

The words flowed better inside the walls of the small cafe three blocks from Robin’s apartment. But he couldn’t shake the feelings of guilt at where he had to take the scene. He’d written two or three of the Queen’s failed excursions to capture Snow White. And he’d implied a fair amount more in the characters’ history.

But this failed attempt was a harder hit to the Queen than the others, and he felt the grips of anxiety reaching him at the thought of going home to face the Queen and Mary Margaret.“A writer in a cafe,” an accented voice startled him from his thoughts. He looked up to see a short, older man glancing down at his work. The man threw him a polite smile, shifting a cane in his hands to balance his weight. “One of my favorite clichés,” he added.

Robin smiled sheepishly, shuffling the pages in his notebook almost self-consciously. “The quiet, the smell of coffee,” he answered with a chuckle. “Can’t deny it works.” The older man chuckled. Before either man had a chance to say anything else, a little boy came running over to them.

A crackling pastry bag was held up triumphantly in his hands. “I got it, Grandpa!” The older man placed his hand affectionately on the boy’s head, and the boy turned shyly to Robin in question. The older man took the hand off the boy’s head and offered it to Robin. “Mr. Gold,” he introduced himself. “And this is my charming grandson, Henry.” The boy smiled, and Robin grinned back. “Robin,” he said, shaking the man’s hand. Then his brow furrowed.“Mr. Gold… from Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop?”