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Slipping (Tony x FemReader) Fluff drabble

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(A/n): I definitely thought this request was super cute

Request: Ooo, ooo. I have a request 🙋🏽 could you maybe do one where Tony is in love with the reader and is actually really clumsy around her cause he’s nervous but the reader loves him too she’s just shy 😊 but they get together in the end

Warnings: fluffy fluff


“Ha!” Tony laughed “You want me to what?”

“I want you to ask out (Y/n).” Clint mused.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because it is physically painful to watch how you act around her.”

Tony scoffed loudly and stepped over to the fridge, grabbing himself a bottle of orange juice.

“Oh please,” he unscrewed the cap, catching Clint’s unconvinced stare “I act just how you act, bird brain.”

Tony took large swig, listening to Clint as he began to grumble somethings.

“Morning, Clint. Tony.” (Y/n) greeted kindly, giving a shy wave as she entered the kitchen to join the boys’

The billionaire frozen timidly.

“How did you sleep, guys? I don’t thin–”

“Hellwo.” Tony said sloppily.

Letting OJ spill everywhere from his mouth.

(Y/n) stopped what she was saying to retain a giggle. Clint wasn’t so polite and let himself laugh wholly at Tony.

“You were saying?” Clint breathed finally, spinning his head to look back at her.

“I was just… saying how I didn’t sleep very well last night.” (Y/n) finished. “Though I saw Vision this morning and he said he had the same problem.”

She smiled at Clint “He said he’ll be down soon.”

“Now that you say that, I don’t think iron ass here slept well either.” Clint teased.

Tony coughed up some pulp and glared at the assassin.

Just as Clint was about to make a joke, Vision fazed through the kitchen wall, speaking words of solitude “His thought process may be situated in the ‘gutter’, as per say.”

A moment of silence.

“Get your mind out of the gutter..” Clint whispered.

That caused (Y/n) to break out in a fit of laughter that she just couldn’t hold; Vision smiling next to her.

Tony rolled his eyes, cheeks dusted as he exited the kitchen.

❆   ❆   ❆

After that questionable slip up in the kitchen that morning, Tony avoided consuming liquids for the remainder of daylight. He constantly put himself in places he felt he wouldn’t slip up.

Taking his mind off the trauma, he went to restroom to trim his goatee.

But still, the girl’s appearances never seemed to let up.

“Tony..?” (Y/n) called from the corridor. She couldn’t find him, meaning she couldn’t see him; but she could hear him.

Tony frozen briskly but went to reply anyway. Planning on saying ‘yes?’ but wanting to say ‘yeah?’ he ultimately said a weird rendition of ‘yas’.

Tony was once again traumatized. Turning on the faucet to distract himself and drown out his embarrassment.

That made (Y/n) giggle softly. She was holding a package in her hands and was looking down at the return address; it read a simple ‘F.F.S’.

“Would you happen to know what ‘F.F.S’ stands for? When it comes to mailing addresses, I mean.” She asked quietly looking up at the wall, and listening for a reply.

Instead her ears picked up the sound of a splash and a large thump.

(Y/n) tilted her head in question.

The brunette man went to turn off the faucet but with the hand that held the electric razor. So he really he just dropped it in the water mindlessly.

“FOR FUCK SAKE.” Tony called, panic lacing his words.

(Y/n) looked back down at the package and uttered ‘F.F.S’ under her breath. She smiled to herself.

“Okay, thanks!”

❆   ❆   ❆

Near the end of the day, Tony found himself sat uncomfortably on the couch in the large tower lounge. The words of Clint spinning through his thoughts, giving him a drunk effect, he felt.

Maybe he really would ask her out today. Just nothing seemed to be going right for him.

Sam was the first to stroll into the living area, followed by a Steve Rogers.

Tony’s sad posture caught Sam’s eye.

“Ouch, what’s got you down, Mr. Trust fund?” Sam asked, nonchalantly.

Tony looked up at them to find both already looking back down at him.

“(Y/n).” he answered simply, letting his gaze wander to the side before standing up “She has got me looking like a walking idiot.”

“You mean that’s not on purpose?” Sam joked, receiving a shoulder hit from Steve.

“Can we help?” Steve corrected.

The brunette sighed “Not really…”

As he finished saying that, he started to walk to the door; planning to mope in his room instead.

(Y/n) kicked his luck and instead walked in calmly before he could walk out. She wore a smile to greet both Sam and Steve. They smiled and nodded back.

Just as soon as he saw her, he sighed again, frustrated.

“Okay,” he started and everyone took a second to focus on him “(Y/n), listen, I’ll say this as fucking simple as I can.”

Tony went to take a step toward (Y/n), but literally kicked his heel and sent himself to the floor in front of her instead.

(Y/n) hid her smile, having an idea as to what he was going to confess.

“Will you go out with me…” the man groaned from the floorboards.

(Y/n) took pity on him, and crouched down to his face; hugging her knees.

She listened to Steve and Sam snicker for a moment before saying with a grin

“Well since it seems you are falling for me, I can’t really say no.”


(A/n): I’m pretty sure that this is poorly written and I apologize oml but at least it’s cute

newsies!voltron au


but for real imagine it:

  • all of them news boys, poor, dirty, and ADORABLE
  • I could 100% see Shiro being the reporter who gets them on the front page 
  • Pidge would be Crutchy,, like tiny babies who deserve love uM IT’S A PERFECT MATCH
  • Keith maybe being Spot Conlon from brooklyn because he’s an angsty boy who everyone listens to
  • if you think I won’t make Lance thee Jack Kelly, you’ve got another thing coming honey 
  • Hunk is obviously David, trying to talk sense into all these broke kids
  • Allura is Medda Larkin because she’s amazing and beautiful so boom done
  • if you think I’m just making this au to see poor boy!lance then you are completely right 
  • i want this so much
  • don’t let my lack of grammar deter anyone reading this it needs to happen
  • also you could throw in some klance?? in the story they’re all like 16 or 18
  • except for medda and denton (the reporter) they’re both like 30 or somethin
  • even tho this is so au it’s chill I think because honestly the characters’ personalities match up pretty well and fit into the storyline
  • also I just really want it 
  • someone please
  • this au is also a perfect langst opportunity because jack also deals with having to face not being where he wants to, feeling the need to get out of his situation, and the desperate longing to be somewhere else with people he can call his family
  • also he’s cute and loyal and a bit gay so!!!
  • I’ll tag it as klance because tbh I see it as klance but you don’t have to
  • all these boys in this movie are like 142% gay if you ask me 
  • anyways, this
Fili x Reader: Insecure

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(Wow, sorry for the big gif!  I’m running out of good Fili gifs to use for imagines/one-shots…  Btw gif is not mine!)

Request: Where reader is crippled and is in courting relationship with Fili.

(Author’s Note:   Credit to the lovely person who made this amazing request!  I must say that I’ve never written anything like this before, and I was all over the place with emotion!  Giggling, crying, etc… It was definitely an experience!  I hope you like it!)  

    A pleasant hum escaped your lips as familiar fingers ran through your hair.  Fili sat behind you, gently  separating the strands into sections for braiding.  The two of you were enjoying a peaceful afternoon in a sitting room within Erebor.  Your eyes fluttered shut as you just enjoyed the feeling of having your hair braided.

    The Quest for Erebor had been completed several months ago.  Fili and you had been courting since shortly after the Battle of the Five armies. Azog had been defeated, but at a cost.  Many of the dwarves returned to the halls of Erebor terribly injured, including Fili, Kili, and Thorin.  It was a relief that everyone had survived.  Even you had not escaped without wounds of your own.  But your injuries had lasting effects…

    When Fili asked to braid your hair for the first time as a sign of courtship, you had refused.  Deep down you were afraid that he was doing it out of pity over the fact that you could not walk anymore.  You feared it was pity, not love, that motivated him.  It was heart-breaking because you had cared for him long before the end of the quest. It was somewhere along the journey to Erebor that you realized your feelings.  You hoped that that he would return your feelings, but then the battle happened.  You suffered an injury from Azog that left you unable to walk.  All hopes were dashed.  It was life-changing, to say the least.  You had been a strong and capable warrior, and now…

    But Fili, with help of the rest of the Company, made you realize that he had cared for you long before the battle.  Your situation didn’t change how any of them felt about you.  It didn’t change who you were.  It didn’t change the fact that you had helped to reclaim Erebor.  It changed none of those things.  And so, you were beyond happy to enter into a courtship with Fili. No doubt your new life in Erebor had been an adjustment.  But the Company helped you through it.  Fili reminded you every day that your wounds did not end your days as a warrior.  Every day you were a fighter.

    And yet, you could not dismiss the doubts that came to mind every now and then.  How would the people of Erebor feel about their future queen with these…circumstances?  Would they even consider you fit to rule?

    It was unfortunate that your hair-braiding session had turned from a pleasant experience to something rather anxiety-filled as these thoughts plagued you.  Fili finished off the last braid and clipped on a silver bead to hold it together.

    “There you are,” he said finally, wrapping his arms around you from behind.  “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of braiding your hair.”

   “I should hope not,” you mumbled.  “Considering you’re the only one who can.”

    He went quiet for a moment, seemingly sensing a change in your tone.  A few minutes ago, the two of you had been chatting happily about your day. “Is something wrong, Amralime?”

    The nickname always softened you up.  And he knew it, too.  That dork…

    “Nothing,” you replied smoothly, trying to act as nonchalant as possible as you fiddled with the sleeve of your dress.  “I just have some things on my mind.”

    “Like what?”

    “Oh, just things.”

    A  chuckle rumbled from his throat, and he leaned forward slightly to rest his chin on your shoulder.  “Really, _________.  You can tell me what’s on your mind.  Perhaps I can help.”

    “Well…”  You sighed, mentally debating whether you should bring it up.  If you didn’t talk to someone about it, it would surely bother you for some time.  And who better to talk to than Fee?  “I don’t think I’m fit to be a future queen of Erebor.  Not with my situation,” you blurted.

    Fili turned his head to look at you with concerned eyes.  “We’ve been over this…”

    “No, we haven’t.  We’ve discussed how my injury doesn’t change the way you feel about me.  I know that now, that you and the Company love me no matter what.  But I’m worried about the people.  They need security.  To know that their future queen will be able to handle such a responsibility.”

    “________,” he said seriously.  “You are more than capable of handling the responsibility.  Do you know why?”

    “No, please enlighten me.”

    “Well,” he paused, leaning forward to place a kiss on your cheek.  “You are smart and clever.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who has a witty remark or quip for everything I say.”  You couldn’t help but giggle at his comment.  Fili smiled and leaned the other way to kiss your other cheek.  “You’re strong and brave.  You prove that every day.”  And he tipped your chin so your lips met his.  “And you care about the people.  I’d say you are most definitely qualified for the job.  Are you convinced yet?”

    “I don’t know,” you said slyly.  “I may need just a little more convincing.”

    He chuckled again and gave you another kiss.  “And now?”

    “I am thoroughly convinced.”  

A few things to keep in mind as an Army:

-The boys are all extremely excited about these new songs, so they would appreciate your full support of their hard work.

-THE BOYS THEMSELVES CHOOSE WHO GETS LINES. Mostly, anyway. Stop getting angry with maknae line for getting more lines than Hoseok (or targeting Jungkook specifically, bc he already was catching shit for getting a lot of lines even before this comeback). Those boys love each other so much. Do you really think they would make it a situation of “stealing lines”? Do you really think Jeon Jungkook would flip his hair and say “Yes I think I deserve these lines because I’m the best one here”? They probably thought long and hard about line distribution and had a good reason for deciding on Hoseok not having any lines. For all we know, Hoseok could have felt like his voice didn’t fit the song as well as the others. They could have not had a choice. WE DONT KNOW AND WE NEVER WILL SO JUST BE MATURE AND WORK THROUGH YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT RESPECTFULLY.

-THIS IS NOT TO SAY BEING DISAPPOINTED WITH HOSEOK’S LACK OF LINES IS BAD OR INVALID. If you’re disappointed, that’s fine. But BE MATURE and stop bashing the others who had more lines than him. It’s rude and immature and probably causes tension between the members, just as much if not MORE than reading all the gross and sexual comments on their YouTube and twitter updates.

-I think a lot of people forget that Jungkook is actually the main vocalist and therefore it makes sense for him to have a larger portion of lines.

-I know it’s weird to think, but Bangtan is literally made up of grown men. Yes they’re young adults, but they’re adults nonetheless. They know better than anyone what goes into their job, and they can sort through it with the support of each other and the support (not hissy fits and rage filled messages) from Army. They’re stronger than many of us give them credit for.

-There is no “Hyung line” and “Maknae line”. There is so division between those boys other than the fact that hyung line is older. Stop working so hard to make inter-fandom-warfare a thing. We have enough fandoms against us as is. Be mature and realize that Bangtan is a GROUP of seven INDIVIDUALS that deserve respect. All. seven. of them. Deserve. Respect.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan is allowed to explore music styles. Having a different sound that they did when they debuted is a GOOD THING. It means that they’re growing as people and artists. They have more creative control with their music than they did then, which means they’re working together to make it fit their personal tastes.

-Spreading negativity isn’t the way to bring justice to something you think is an issue. To the boys, if they dug around and read comments (which we know they do), it more than likely seems as if a large portion of Army aren’t enjoying the comeback because of one reason or another because of all the negativity being spread. The truth of the matter is: IT DOESNT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR INTENTIONS ARE IF YOURE HURTING SOMEONE ELSE IN THE PROCESS. Whether it be another Army or one of the boys.

-You don’t have to love all of their music. You don’t have to love every concept or music video. And you don’t have to know every single detail about them to be a “true Army”. What makes you a true Army is respecting ALL SEVEN of those boys and all of their decisions. Musical or personal.

Let’s talk about my sweet fox child

So I know this has been discussed before in a small capacity (although I may have missed other posts about it), but I want to talk about Lucien.

Let’s begin with the fact that the Autumn court is supposedly pretty cut throat and brutal. To start, Lucien, who, like Tamlin, never thought he’d be High Lord and never wanted the title, fell in love with a lesser faerie. He was going to renounce his title as a High Lord’s son and elope with said lesser faerie, whom he suspected might be his mate. Upon discovering this, Lucien’s father had the lesser faerie executed, IN FRONT of Lucien, while two of his brothers held him there to make him watch.

So, just to preface this whole talk, poor Lucien is probably pretty disturbed from all of this. He fled from the Autumn Court pursued by 3 of his 6 (I believe there’s 5 or 6, correct me if I’m wrong) brothers. He killed one, Tam killed the other, and the third brother made his escape back to Autumn.  

 So, just knowing how supposedly rare Fae children are because it’s hard to conceive, let me just say that it sucks that all these High Lord’s children basically murder each other like the brothers in Stardust (if you haven’t seen or read the book by Neil Gaiman, you should!!)

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The Bodyguard- ch. 11

Happy Saturday! Here is a nice long chapter! Revel in the fact that we are getting another season and enjoy our little AU! 

Not caught up?

Chapter 10

“Are you sure you’re up to this, Mulder? I know exercise is good but crutches on grass can make for a dangerous combination,” Scully says warily as they continue their trek across the grounds of the property. The estate is situated on a bluff and she assumes they’re headed towards the edge to get a view of the ocean. She’s not complaining, much preferring the sea and the smell of salt in the air to the stuffy, old mansion, but at the same time she doesn’t want Mulder overexerting himself, possibly taking a fall on her watch.

“Well it’s a good thing my escort is a doctor.”

“I’m not a doctor. I was pre-med,” she corrects.

“You’ve got a gun on you though. If I take a tumble just fire off a round as a cry for help,” Mulder says simply.

“Well so long as you have a plan. How much further are you taking us?”

He stops then, raises his crutch to point to an old wooden porch swing in the distance and she nods. The distance is doable, and at least once they get there he’ll be able to sit.

“Ladies first,” Mulder says once they reach the swing. Shaking her head, Scully folds her arms.

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Finders Keepers

Stanley Pines hadn’t really planned on kids, but then, they managed to find him anyway.

A little Father’s Day tribute (a day late, whoops) to not just a great dad uncle, but the greatest uncle!

Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me?

-Lukas Graham, Seven Years

Stan Pines always figured he would have kids someday. Sometime after his “ew, girls are icky” phase and the following “okay, girls ain’t so bad,” yet before the “well shit, you know what, guys are A-ok in my book, too.”

Having kids seemed the thing to do when you grew up. What usually happened, Filbrick would grumble, whether you planned for them or not.

Stan didn’t necessarily believe that to be the case; regardless, eventually having a rugrat or two was what he wanted, expectations be damned. Babysitting his nephew had given him an appreciative stance on kids. Just the way a baby looked at you, like you were sun and lit up the whole world with your presence alone, that was staggering to Stan, unlike anything he had ever felt.

Not wanting kids was fine, too, as Stan pointed out when Ford expressed his disinterest in spawning any of his own. As always, the brothers were more different than alike, identical or no. Stan pondered if that was the way it went with all siblings.

(“Fatherhood would simply be a major distraction to my research. In moderation, children can be fun company, of course; but they’re also messy, loud, disruptive, and desire a lot of attention.”

“Geez, Sixer, sound like yer describin’ me,” Stan snorted.

“Exactly my point.”

Stan scoffed, socking his smirking brother in the arm. “Shuddup, nerd. Keep talkin’ like that and Uncle Ford won’t be invited to my mansion for Thanksgiving.”


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stem-cell  asked:

DOC! I don't remember if you've watched it all yet, but how do you feel Legion handled mental illness?


sorry for the late response. 

I thought Legion was just terrific.  A super weird super hero show with a central emphasis on psychopathology… the show felt all but tailor made for me and didn’t disappoint in the slightest.  I enjoyed ever mind-bending minute of it.  

I think the show made a very good move changing David’s identified mental illness from dissociative identity disorder to schizophrenia.  It worked much better for the plot and actually fits in better with the general zeitgeist of the here and now… we are in the era of alternative factor after all.

Right up until the end of the season I wasn’t sure if the rug was going to be pulled out and we’d be left speculating if the entire thing was just a manifestation of David’s psychosis.  

The show handled David’s situation in a respectful and well-researched manner that didn’t lean to heavily on cliché.  And I was glad that David at least had one positive experience in psychotherapy.  

Having mutant powers, telepathy in particular, is just an excellent metaphorical vehicle for trying to understand and relay florid psychosis.  It’s not just about hearing voices, it’s a sense of presence and a constant doubt over what is and is not real… and I think Legion did a fantastic job on not just relaying that, but leading the viewer to actually experience it as well.  

Plus I loved the music.

and Audrey Plaza 

Not Dead Yet (Part 2)

*So part one of this did decently I suppose so I decided to post a part two. Also if you wanted to read part one there is a link at the bottom. Comment and let me know what you think!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“Neverland? Never heard of it.” I told this Peter Pan.

“Well I don’t blame you. Only a few people know about this place, fewer have seen it. If I were you I’d be thankful that you get to see it and live. The others will explain what goes on here, enjoy your stay.” he started to walk off before stopping and turning around, “What’s your name by the way?”

“Y/N” I answered, “When will I be going home?”

Him and the others chuckled around me. “Oh, pet, don’t you know? No one leaves Neverland, at least not without my permission.”

Pet? Who do you think you’re calling pet?” I picked up a stone and hurled it at him. He caught it in one hand and threw it back at me. I ducked just in time and it sailed over knocking another boy in the head.

“You are going to be fun.” he nodded to the tall boy, “Felix, get someone to show her around then come with me, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Got it.” Felix said, “Devin! You’re up.”

“Oh come on, why do I have to show the skirt around?” The boy that got hit with the rock groaned.

“Wait? That’s a girl?” Another boy said.

“Of course I’m a girl you ignoramus!” I spat at him, “Got a problem with it?”

“Aren’t girls supposed to be pretty or something?” he sneered.

I strolled up to him and smirked at how he only came up to my nose, “Aren’t boys supposed to be tall?”

“I wouldn’t be so high and mighty, princess.”

I scoffed and pushed past him, “I’ve met corpses more intimidating than you lot.”

“Where do you think you’re going, princess?” Devin shouted after me.

“Away from here.” I wandered from the camp and no one did anything to stop me.

Let’s take check of the last twelve hours. I had spent the evening digging a grave, followed music out into the forest late at night, woke up in a different realm entirely inhabited by boys, tried to assault some magic teenager with a rock, and antagonized some other boys. All in all it was an interesting break from routine. I mean I was away from the cemetery and Doctor Beadnell. Already things were looking up!

I ran a hand through my hair and came up with a handful of dirt. I ruffled my hair more and more dirt sprinkled out. Well maybe that explains why they didn’t recognize me as a girl. I was really dirty. There has to be a pond or something I can dip down in to wash away some of this grime.


“You sure about this?” Felix asked as Pan as they walked away from the group. “Bringing a girl here?”

“Neverland is for lost children.” Peter answered, “Not my fault she’s the first girl to show up.”

“You think she has what it take to run with the boys?”

Peter snorted, “Did you see her? I don’t think we need to worry about her keeping up with anyone.”

“Still. The boys are used to only having other boys on the island. What if her presence causes some riot?”

“Then they’re idiots. One girl is not going to plunge the island into the sea.” Peter rubbed at his temples, “Besides, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What were you going to talk to me about then?”

“Just some routine stuff. I think I’m getting closer to finding the boy I need.” Peter continued to lay out his plans, the fire from the new recruit still unknowingly tingling under his skin.


That was loads better. I crawled out of the pond I had found and put my clothes back on. I scrubbed them a little while I was bathing and hung them out to dry. With some semi clean clothes and a layer of dirt peeled from my skin I was feeling more human.

Now what was I going to do? I had nowhere to go. I certainly wasn’t going back to that camp. My stomach let out a low growl. Apparently I’m going to find some food.

I scavenged the jungle but this place seemed to reproduce no fruit trees or berry bushes I could find. After some more searching I eventually found a bush that looked like it had some berries on it. Hm…blue or red?

“Unless you want your tongue to swell up to the size of a banana I’d eat the red berries.” I looked up and saw Devin standing there watching me.

“Thanks” I muttered dropping the blue berries and picking a handful of red ones instead. “How long have you been following me?”

“Since the beginning. I got personal confirmation that you are indeed a girl when you took your little swim.” he smirked and I resisted the urge to whack him upside the head.

“Can I ask why you’re following me?” I snapped at him.

“I was told to show you around Neverland.”

“Yeah, you also complained that you had to. So what’s the real reason?” I stood up and got nose to nose with him.

He backed away. “You’re one of us now. Meaning that your home is back at that camp and you have the same duties as the rest of us.”

“I get it, you’re playing babysitter. Here to bring me back so I can get to work.” I rolled my eyes as I started to walk away again. “Not happening. I just got my freedom. I’m not going to become someone else’s slave just like that.”

“You’re not a slave, you’re a Lost Boy…or Lost Girl in your case. You have more downtime than you would know what to do with really.”

This gave me pause. Downtime? I rarely got downtime back at the funeral home. Any time I wasn’t digging or running errands I was eating, catching up on my sleep or practicing my reading and writing. The only time I ever got to do anything just because I enjoyed it was those rare winter days where there was too much snow to dig anything and it was too cold for even Doctor Beadnell to send me out in. I’d sit curled by the fire and read aloud with a warm cup of tea.

My father used to love it when I read to him. Especially when he got sick. He said hearing me tell stories was the highlight of his day.

Devin noticed me smiling and I quickly dropped it. “So that’s it? You want me to follow you back there just because you say I’ll have a lot of downtime?”

“No. I’m telling you to come back because it’s where you belong. You can handle yourself from what I saw earlier and the boys will get used to you eventually. Just don’t be the spoilt little princess we fear you are and everything will be fine.” he grinned at me.

“A spoiled princess?” I let out a laugh, “Do you see these hands? Do you see these muscles? Does this look like something some princess would have?”

He glanced at my calloused and scarred hands. “What were you doing before you came here?”

“I was a grave digger.” I shrugged, “Not the nicest job in the world but I got it done.”

“Come on,” he motioned for me to follow, “Let’s get you back to camp and get you some real food.”

“I can manage on my own, thank you very much.” I lifted my chin high but at that moment my growling stomach gave away my true thoughts. Dammit.

“Will you just follow? I don’t want to have to explain to Pan that I lost the new recruit in under an hour.” I gave in and followed him back to camp. He gave me a quick run down about the island and the type of children and teenagers that are brought here.

The boys gave me second looks when we reappeared in camp. Apparently without all the dirt and mess I was looking a lot more like my assigned gender.

“Here,” Devin tossed me an orange, “Eat up.”

“Thanks,” I peeled away the skin away and started eating the slices. I took this time to really check out the camp. What had to be about twenty or so boys, from what I could see, were milling about. Some were fighting, others were playing with knives, a group were gathered around in a circle laughing, and the rest were just sitting by themselves eating or staring off into the distance.

“So, what goes on here?” I asked.

“Whatever you want really. There are certain duties and practices we need to do but besides that you can just hang out and have fun.”

“Okay…” I bit into another orange slice. “Hey, what is with that Peter guy I met earlier?”

“Pan?” Devin’s eyes widened and my question caught the attention of some of the other boys, “Pan is our leader.”

“I got that much. Why have a leader in the first place though? I thought you had said that Neverland was a place for lost children, why would they need a leader?”

“A bunch of wild children running around an island without anyone to keep them in line? I may hate rules but I do recognize that without someone to keep order that the weaker minds would go feral on us and get themselves and others killed.” Devin explained and I froze midbite.

I swallowed what I had and started to look at the jerkish Lost Boy in a new light. “You’re not entirely hollow up there, are you?”

“I would hope not. Before Neverland my parents had me locked up with tutors all day long so I could become a royal diplomat when I grew up. Thankfully I was taken here before that ever happened.”

“Seriously? I would have killed for something like that. Spending all day upturning earth was no picnic.”

Devin and I soon began comparing lives trying to distinguish who really had it worse off. His reasons for hating his life were understandable given the carefree and kind of snarky attitude he had but I blew past them with my years of orphaned servitude.

“Just admit it, no matter how many meals you were forced to skip to finish your lessons it does not match up to having to sleep in an empty grave.” Some of the other boys had come to listen in on Devin and I’s conversation and were laughing about the strange situations I had found myself in when I was younger.

“Why were you sleeping in an empty grave in the first place?” one of the other boys, I think his name was Nick, asked.

“I dug too deep and couldn’t get out so I just slept in there till the funeral the next morning and someone could help pull me out.” I told them.

“Looks like you’re fitting in quite well, pet.” Pan came back and grinned at the little group I had formed. “And to think Felix was worried.”

“Worried about what? That I would be a frilly pansy or something?” Something about this boy just aggravated me. He was severely smug in presence alone and it made my skin itch.

“Truthfully? Kinda.” he held out a hand, “Come talk to me for a second.”

“The boys already told me about what we’re supposed to do.” I answered, figuring that was what he wanted to tell me.

“That isn’t what I wanted to say. Now will ya follow, pet?” he’s calling me that just to annoy me now.

“My name is Y/N, y’know.” I glared at him.

“Your point?” he raised an eyebrow at me, “Aw, do you want me to apologize?”

“No. You don’t seem like the type. I would however prefer if you would not antagonize me just because I am the sole girl on this island. I couldn’t imagine you calling any of the boys that or did I misjudge something?”

Some of the boys snickered and there was a flash of anger in the head Lost Boy’s eyes. “Just get up.” he grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet. I rolled my eyes but let him drag me away from the boys and out into the jungle.

We kept walking in silence and I started to wonder if he was just leading me out to some large cliff so he could push me over for disrespecting him in front of his friends. If that was the case I was going to make sure to take him with me on the way down.

“Here we are.” we stopped in front of a bramble of thorned vines.

“You dragged me out here to look at a plant?”

“No,” he cut off a small vine, “I dragged you out here to give you a warning, a warning I give all the new recruits.”

A drop of black sap oozed from a thorn on the vine and Pan caught it on his finger. “This plant is called dreamshade. A deadly poison that if cut into the bloodstream even slightly will kill you,” he got close tracing the dark fluid across my cheek, “slowly…painfully…and with only one cure.”

“If there’s a cure, why warn me about the poison?” I asked as I wiped away the trace of sap from my face.

“Because, the cure comes with a steep price.” he held the tip of a thorn close to my neck. “You take the cure, you can never leave the island. If you do, the cure will no longer work and you will die.”

“Wonderful. What’s that mean to me though?” I groaned as he finally stepped away from me.

“Motivation not to piss me or any of the others off.” he threw the cut vine over his shoulder. “Because if you do accidentally get cut with dreamshade and then do something stupid to warrant banishment from the island then you’re not gonna survive long, pet.”

I glared hard at him. “Oh apologies, Y/N.”

“Got it.” I turned around to head back to camp, “Thanks for the warning chief.”


Peter watched her walk away and disappear back into the thick of the jungle. She was something. Whether it was something good or bad he had yet to decide. He’d have to keep a closer eye on some of the more troublesome boys. While Y/N was quickly identifying as one of them that didn’t change the fact that she was indeed a girl.

An island full of hormonal boys with only one girl to impose any salacious thoughts on… it wasn’t a question of if one of them would crack. It was a matter of who would crack first and when. For now she was fine but there was a part of Peter that wished she hadn’t cleaned herself up. Without the grime hiding her she didn’t look nearly as boyish. In fact…she looked vaguely attra– “Oh sweet lord above.” he knocked his head purposefully against a tree angry with himself for letting his mind wander that far. “I am not even going to allow that thought to develop further.”

He wiped the remaining dreamshade on his finger against his pants and started back to camp. It was time for his favorite game…initiation.

(Part 1) (Part 3)

theangelwithashotgun8  asked:

Hi! I just saw your Slytherin Lance and Gryffindor Keith post and I was wondering if, by chance, you had any headcanons of that? I never really thought of how well those two houses fit for them until today!

ok ok ok ok!! I’m sorry I took so long to answer!!!

So, I’m not great at explaining myself all the time and I have forgotten some of my arguments, so this may be shorter than I would like but basically:

Lance is a talker. He’s a strategist. He hides his feelings, puts on masks, pretends. He’s sly. Mess with his friends and he will fuck you up before you even realise what’s happening. And it won’t be through a fistfight, that’s not his style. It’ll be a prank or rumours or something way more devious. Do you see? He’s not a gryffindor like everyone thinks he is. He’s not as brave as like, Keith or Pidge for example, either. Slytherin doesn’t mean he’s evil or cruel or anything like that. Just that he favours less direct means of achieving his ends. Throw in the fact that he is legitimately ambitious and a schmoozer (canon), and you’ve all the main traits of a Slytherin.

Keith, on the other hand… oh my god, Keith. Fiery, impulsive, brave, direct. How is this not a direct list of Gryffindor traits?? He’s proud (he rises to Lance’s baiting), he acts rashly. He’ll dive into situations without hesitation, often dangerous ones. He’s blunt. He acts before he thinks. He’s all instinct and brawn. He’s also honest and straight-forward and doesn’t get subtlety.

So yeah, it makes perfect sense for Keith to be a Gryffindor and Lance to be Slytherin. Just don’t fall into the trap of the connotations and stereotypes that fit those houses.

If you’re curious as well, Hunk is Hufflepuff, Shiro is probably Gryffindor.. Or even also Hufflepuff. I hc Pidge as Ravenclaw, but Mace puts forward a convincing argument for Gryffindor as well.

Speaking of, @not-just-any-fangirl has been the co-developer for most of these headcanons. If there’s anything I forgot, she can probably fill in the blanks?

If you have any further questions or comments, I am always open!!

i loved the premise of aos. an inside look into the people who don’t necessarily have superpowers but have to deal with the mess. it had such a good balance of funny and serious and although it had some sad moments it was still my feel good show. I would come home from school and be super excited to watch another episode of the ragtag agents fix everything. the ward reveal was upsetting but there were definitely ways to fix it and although hurt, i wanted to see how it played out.

now it infuriates me. not only is everyone ooc and the plot was written by a confused four year old, but they are not sending a good message. firstly, most if not all of the abused characters are painted as villainous and are blamed instead of the abuser. the whole ‘you can be abused by monsters but not become one’ line from thomas almost made me flip my desk because it was just another way to antagonize people who weren’t given proper help to get over the abuse they were facing.  i can’t imagine being an abuse victim and watching this show now.

they also paint shield as ‘the good guys’. sure, they hint to how morally grey it is now especially coulson, however coulson has been directing shield more and more like hydra every episode, but is being presented as a messiah/hurt man after trauma. sure i would totally support it if they had done the same with ward; who has been making horrible decisions based on emotions, manipulation, and TRAUMA. the boy was abused, manipulated by garrett (and never really thought for himself), who then died, and lost his friends, kara, and skye. meanwhile coulson has thrown a huge hissy fit over his booty call rosalind, although i’m not saying he shouldn’t be angry, just maybe he should see things from wards perspective. 

aos reminds me of a sixth grader who thinks they are all grown up now but doesn’t know how to handle a damn thing. i think the writers thought they could be more edgy if they made ward a villain and throw every horrible angsty thing the characters way. which could be interesting if the situations made sense, they were written well, dealt with, and not over the top. they are not. honestly, the writer care more about shock value than interesting and believable characters/plot.

the biggest plot twist the aos writers could create that would actually shock me is a well written episode.


Follow up to this:

As usual, Sans gets everything wrong and it’s up to the great and super cool papyrus to pick up the slack! Everyone knows that the proper way to fight the cold is with a scarf! It’s a good thing Papyrus is there or who knows where these two would be without him.

Papyrus actually tripped me up at first until I figured his structure out a little better. I guess I can a little lost with his upper arms and shins and like how his armour works and all that. Turns out it’s really simply and I just needed to simplify it first. So at the end I figured him out pretty well I think also, still getting a grasp on how Sans’ facial expressions work. At first he was suppose to look less amused in the second panel, but when I drew this expression I realised it fit the situation more (ie Papyrus appearing from nowhere to rant about something).

I was at first gonna have this and part 1 as one strip, but I realised the timing worked better if split into 2 so they could be 2 seperate jokes, rather than try and fit a double joke in 5 continuous panels.

Sans, Papyrus and their tiny pet child is like my absolute favourite thing in the world right now.

anonymous asked:

Yeah, I mean it's okay...but It wouldn't feel right in joeck or a gay fanfic to me. I don't want to be homophobic or anything!

Well, first, that doesn’t make you homophobic at all, no worries there.

But I will disagree with thinking it doesnt fit in Joeck, or gay, fanfics.
(And this is just my opinion)

It just depends on the story and situation.
I can totally visualize Jack OR Joe saying baby.

And that would be right for any gay pairing.

But again, everyone has their preferences. Like myself, I prefer to use babe or love. Others prefer baby, sweetie, dear, etc.


This Is It

Characters: Dean Winchester, Mentions of Sam Winchester

Summary: Dean finally accepts his fate.

Word Count: 1593 (including lyrics)

Warnings: Angst, Acceptance

Author’s Note: Hey my beauties, this is my entry for @mamaredd123‘s and @atc74‘s fabulous 300 challenge. I had the prompts: character writing in journal, acceptance, Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”. I really hope you guy see like it. Please let me know what you think! Also, huge thanks to Ree, for reading this for me!!!

The rain pounded against the windshield and I smiled to myself. The irony of it all, right? The moment you realize what your destiny is, everything else in the world starts to fall into place.

It scared me, ya know? I ain’t gonna lie. The whole frickin’ thing is scary. You lived your whole life, thinking that there was some light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel, but in reality, like Sammy said, it was nothing but hellfire.

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anonymous asked:

Say a hypothetical demon and goddess were to have a child or somehow be combine into one being (like some people theorize the demon king/goddess queen to have been), do you think that their powers of darkness and light would cancel each other out for the child/combine being (i.e, the child/being not have either forms of the power)? It would make sense after all, since darkness in light are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum.

Either that or they’d get a completely different power. In video games and some manga there’s sometimes a power called Nothingness which would fit the situation pretty well. You combine the powers of light and darkness but instead of both of them just disappearing you get to control that Nothingness to an extent. That’s something that could be interesting I think.
In the case of a child of a demon and a goddess I could also see the child just having one of the powers or one is dominant and they can only use a small fraction of the other side.
But for something like basically two gods combining a new awesome power like Nothingness would definitely be cooler.

A/N: OKAY. SO, I had crazy muse for this one. I wanted to get this out now since it’s basically Day 3 & I wouldn’t be able to later. But, it’s basically a part two to my previous one-shot & I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for those who helped me decide to go along with it!

        “Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long.”

If he could move to New York, he would.

After spending almost every single day with Riley, it wouldn’t be a difficult decision to make and the fact that his grandfather was already here, only made it all the better. He was falling for her– fast. The more time they spent together, the more he wanted her to be his. It’s been a week and a half since he stepped foot into the city and Christmas was only two days away. 

He wanted to believe that she likes him the way he does but considering she was Riley Matthews, the prettiest brunette he’d ever laid his eyes on who just happened to have a heart of gold– it was safe to say she was way way out of his league. But, life was all about taking risks and he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t make a move. 

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Opinion Time!

And now, for the moment nobody has been waiting for… Sapphire shares yet more opinions on TS4!

There is always lots of talk about the big things The Sims 4 lacks; the high-on-the-wishlist items that numerous people among the TS4 fan base have been begging and pleading EA to provide for the past two years.  These are, in no particular order, pets, toddlers and weather.  Everyone knows I’m not part of the toddler-demanding masses and that I really only want them because it’s weird and disconcerting to jump straight from infant to child in a game that’s supposed to be a life simulator.  Tied for first place on my big-ticket wishlist are weather and pets.

As for the City Life rumours, I don’t believe this is even a thing, and I won’t until EA makes an official statement about it.  Even if City Life does turn out to be true, I don’t actually give a rat’s ass about basketball and food trucks, and I can already construct apartments and penthouses.  (My hotel penthouse apartments even have NPC neighbours sometimes.)

But, I am not here today to talk about big-ticket wishlist items. I want to talk about what I think TS4 really needs, even more than weather, pets, apartments and toddlers. 

“What could we possibly need more than toddlers?!” you ask.  That’s a good question, and if you’re willing to read below the cut, I’ll tell you my thoughts on the answer.  I’ve been considering it a lot lately.

@thesimsofficial feel free to read this, too, if you even check your Official Tumblr any more (I notice nothing “official” has been posted to it since April 2016).

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anonymous asked:

I LOVED how you sorted everyone into Hogwarts houses! If you've read the Throne of Glass series, I would be curious to see how you sorted everyone there?

I have. and I have thoughts on this (because of course I do) I might try and give reasons this time to try and spare us all from the drama of the ACOTAR post (I love you guys I really do) okay! 

Aelin: Slytherin.

I mean you have all read Queen of Shadows right? She is the poster child for Slytherin house in that book and I love it. She’s so cunning and manipulative. (Lorcan/Arobynn are good examples, she lures them into her traps by playing into their expectations and then she makes Lorcan do her dirty work for her (okay that part didn’t quite work because Lorcan is a cunning Slytherin bastard too but the underlying intent and ability was there) And Arobynn, Arobynn she plays like a goddamn fiddle and it’s beautiful.

 Loyal to her friends, her family, her people and there’s a definite, ‘the world can burn as long as my people are okay streak in her.’ Determined. Definitely willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants/needs whatever that may be she has such a ruthless streak in her, that killing calm she gets. 

 The girl is always resourceful she finds ways to turn situations to her advantage and use what she’s got to get an edge and get ahead. I also think there’s a fair bit of ambition in her? That drive an determination to succeed, to be the best and refuse to accept anything less. And she’s another survivor which is just. Slytherin. So Slytherin. 

Rowan: Slytherin 

Rowan is a tricky bastard and he sort of fits fairly well in most of the houses? I like Slytherin for him overall. 

Loyalty yes definitely (captain dramatic blood oath making I mean really) And I want to see that loyalty tested, the loyalty to the blood brothers he served and fought with for centuries, I want to see conflict. I know he’s immensely loyal to Aelin and will do whatever it takes to make her queen but I want to see him suffer for it. (I’m going to be so disappointed if we don’t get more Rowan/Cadre dynamics in the next two books) 

I think the battle commander in him has a fair bit of cunning in there. That ruthless, cold precision with which he plans how to destroy, that cunning that’s been honed by centuries of watching people fight and die and knowing just how to exploit weaknesses and use whatever strengths he has to his utmost advantage. 

 There’s a definite ‘will do whatever is necessary to achieve end goals’ thing about Rowan (and a potential dark side in there for future books too, or just general meta exploration, how far he’s willing to go, how hard he’s willing to push, where he draws certain lines, what lines he’s willing to cross to make Aelin queen) So yeah, I’m settling on Slytherin for Rowan for those reasons.  

Dorian: Ravenclaw

Dorian is the most Ravenclaw ever to Ravenclaw. He literally lives in a tower full of books I mean? Definitely intelligent and for one so young I think there’s a lot of wisdom in Dorian - he sees consequences, he thinks about his actions (and the actions of his father) past the short-term and sees how they’ll resonate.

I think he also has a certain open-mindedness too? There’s really not a lot of negative judgement in Dorian which I see as quite a Ravenclaw thing, that ability to accept the impossible if someone can explain it well enough to him. And he appoints Nesryn (the first female in the Royal guard) and elevates her to Captain right off the bat never mind the fact it’s never been done before, Dorian doesn’t have room for your exhausting, narrow-minded sexism in his court thank you very much. 

 Individuality definitely, on several occasions Dorian refuses to let himself be moulded into anything other than who he is by his parents, he never becomes a cruel dictator like his father and he never lets his mother use him as a puppet either. He knows his own mind and he sticks to who he is. I think the Valg prince is a good example of this because Dorian fought so hard when he was possessed, he fought to remain, he fought to remember and he found his way back in the end (with a little help) 

 And when he takes the throne he immediately asserts his own authority and will and style over the kingdom “New traditions for a new reign.” he doesn’t cling to the wrong things for the wrong reasons, namely of preserving tradition or legacy. He does what he thinks is right. My precious Ravenclaw prince, sorry king just yes.

Chaol: Hufflepuff. 

Chaol is the most Huffle ever to Puff I swear. LOYALTY. The boy is just made of loyalty, the kingdom’s official dictionary just has his name listed under that word as its definition. 

Chaol is also incredibly hard working and dedicated to whatever he does be it his position as Captain of the Guard, Celaena’s training, or rebel leader and self-proclaimed defender of Dorian once he sets his mind to something and commits to it he commits to it like damn. And very very just; Chaol likes things to be right and he definitely values fair play and honesty and all those good things. 

He has one of the strongest moral compasses in this book and his reaction to violence and death is something I really need to sit down and meta on at some point because it’s just not something you see at all? Like he’s this rough, gruff Captain of the Guard the type of character you’d expect to just knuckle down and get on with it and perhaps even relish in violence but he doesn’t. He’s incredibly strongly opposed to it the guilt and grief he suffers after killing for the first time is so telling and such a fascinating aspect of his character and I’m going off topic again moving on.

Nesryn: Hufflepuff

For a lot of the same reasons as Chaol firstly the loyalty. She’s so loyal to him and to their movement. When the rest of the rebels are arguing to leave the city Nesryn stands by Chaol and insists they remain in Rifthold doing what they can. Nesryn definitely has that ‘last woman standing’ vibe, like even if everyone else has fallen around her if she still believes she’s still going to remain loyal to her beliefs and herself. 

So much dedication and determination like the girl is a grafter; she’s just as dedicated to the rebel movement as Chaol is. Patient, Nesryn’s definitely here for the long game; she’ll wait it out and just keep pushing for that end goal. Definitely another one who values fairness and stands up for it too; when something isn’t right she calls it out and she fights to change it. 

Manon: Slytherin

Manon ‘I care about no-one except this tiny select group of people for whom I would tear the world to shreds with my teeth’ Blackbeak is another one who could serve as the poster child for Slytherin house. 

Loyalty, oh good grief she has so much loyalty, to her clan, to her kind, to her Thirteen. I think it takes a while to earn from her but once it’s there that’s it you’re set for life, you will always have an angry witch on your side should you ever need one. 

Cunning definitely (the whole rescue of Elide is this; like she managed to save her gf and get everyone out and no-one is any the wiser about what she did) and her whole ‘I’m pretending to be a gentle little crochan to encourage them out of hiding so I can slit their throats with less hassle’ is just…the most Slytherin thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. As is the spidersilk scene. She’s just. So cunning and manipulative I adore it. 

Resourceful. See: the entire scene where she and Abraxos help each other defeat Titus. Determined, definitely and definitely loaded with a lot of that same ‘will do whatever is necessary to achieve my goals’ type thing. I also think she’s loaded with ambition which ties into that determination and ruthless drive. 

Elide: Slytherin (slytherin house is going to be very full this year but what can you do?) 

She has that same style of cunning as Manon does at the beginning (ooh Malide parallels I hadn’t previously  noticed) pretending to be delicate and helpless to manipulate people and make them not pay attention to her/not consider her a threat in any way. 

Definitely resourceful, she uses what she has at hand be it supply wagons or people (this girl is so manipulative I love it; I hate fragile Elide headcanons this girl has some serious steel in her spine) Self-preservation oh yes, she survives, she endures and she has absolutely no qualms about seeking a better life for herself you go girl.

 Another one that falls into that ‘will do whatever is necessary’ category be that making pacts with witches or venturing down into the bowels of hell to complete Manon’s task. She’ll grit her teeth and get on with it. 

Aedion: Gryffindor

The Wolf of the North is actually a lion (sorry I’ll be serious) so much bravery, so so much bravery both in a sort of battle sense, I’m going to stand here in front of my brother in arms even if the hopes of survival are less than zero I’m going to go down swinging and take as many of these bastards as I can with me kind of bravery. 

But also in the sense of having the courage to do what needed to be done all those years, staging battles and working for the king for the sake of his people, brave enough to become Adarlan’s whore and live with it for the good of his people and the good of the kingdom. Brave enough to stand in a room with the man who butchered his people and his family and look him in the eye and refuse to be afraid of him, refuse to back down, refuse to be cowed, refuse to be beaten. 

So. Much. Nerve. And. Daring. The arrogance, the cocky sarcasm when he’s talking to the King, the fact that he had the nerve to stand there and pretend to be his for all those years, look him in the eye, pretend to be loyal and all the while he was playing a double agent role and a very, very dangerous game. 

Lysandra: Gryffindor  

Okay hear me out on this one. I know that Slytherin!Lysandra is something most of the fandom goes in for and I get it I really do, the masks, the manipulation, the cunning, the resourcefulness she’s got it all but I think those are more things she’s forcing herself to have in order to survive her various situations rather than who she actually is deep down. 

The mask she wears is the jealous courtesan fearing a rival and taking out her competition but who she is underneath that, what drives that is the desire to protect the weak and innocent, the desire to help, the desire to save someone from what she went through and for that she’ll be brave and stand up to her madam and endure the beating and the slavery to dare to defy the system and her masters and dare to stand up and say no.

 Lysandra I get Aedion vibes from on the bravery thing this girl has so much raw courage in the face of everything. With Clarisse, with Arobynn, all of it she is so brave through it all she never lets them break her courage or her spirit or her strength. Lysandra at heart is and values being a protector at all costs. She protects Evangeline and she protects her friends. 

The scene that swings it for me is when she has her freedom, she has everything she’s wanted, Aelin has paid both her and Evangeline’s debts and freed them both, they’re on their way out of the city and before magic is released and she even has powers back she leaves the carriage and runs right back into the city to make her final stand with her friends no matter what. 

Lysandra may have a serpent’s wits but she has a lion’s heart and that’s what she truly values. 

Why Hide didn’t die in the sewers

Ok, I wasn’t going to make this post at first but certain person and the fact that people keep saying that Hide is dead because Kaneki ate him and last chapter confirmed it inspired me to do this.

(Under a read more because long post and image heavy)

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