and i just sobbed

when got7 hit 4m on vlive their special live should be like that one buzzfeed video where they get people drunk and then surprise them with kittens i wanna see jaebum Cry and then try to steal all the other members kittens while also trying to adopt every single one of them




y'all I got so much appreciation for coran it’s obvious he was alive for a good few years more before going into the cryopod

coran had lost everything at this point

he witnessed the rise of the galra and the death of his best man alfor

his children, spouse, any family he possibly had, were probably gone

And he decided he was going to protect allura, alfor’s daughter, because if he couldn’t save his own children, he could at least try to save someone else’s child

I’m assuming he traveled to the castle of lions at Arus alone, and then willingly put himself to sleep so he could continue protecting allura later on

which is why when he first awoke he immediately sprung into action to neutralize the threat and protect allura

woke up the girl who looked just like you
i almost said your name.