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No Strings (X)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating:  18+ (explicit sex)

Word Count: 5,524

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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Dead Serious

Request: hey could you do one with peter, where the reader is studying and, he just wants to hangout with her so he gets whiny and so the reader says “let me finish and we can make out for much long as you like” and then they do. Lots of fluff please :)

A/N: I think I have a problem where because my favourite thing is friends who eventually get together, I never write an “hey we’re already dating" type fic, and this would totally be a prefect one of those but LOL IMA NOT DO THAT STILL. Yikes, sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for. Lol I’m also gonna do a smutty Part 2.

Word Count: 1338


Part 2 // Part 3


“And students, please remember that your midterm will be in exactly two days starting precisely when the bell rings, so do not be late,” your teacher said.

Peter leaned over next to you, “Are we studying tonight?”

“I can’t, but how about tomorrow night?” You whispered, trying to make sure the teacher doesn’t hear you.

“What? Got a hot date tonight or something? Too good to see me?” Peter joked.

“If you count a hot date as studying for my French midterm tomorrow, then yes,”

“Y/L/N, Mr Parker, do you have something to share with the class?” Your teacher called back at you.

“Actually, I was wondering if you could go over the different types of reactions one more time, I was struggling with memorizing them and I was just asking Peter for help, but it would be great if you could go over them,” you lied.

Your teacher eyed the two of you before turning around to the chalk board and began writing out different reactions.

“Nice save,” Peter whispered.

“Well one of us had to say something, and since you can’t lie for your life, that duty falls on me,“

“I can so lie,”

“Sure Peter, and I have a pet unicorn,”


“We go over this all the time, you can’t lie, and that’s exactly why you need me as a best friend,”

“What about Ned?” Peter asked.

“He needs me for the same reason too,”


Peter: Hey Y/N

Y/N: How may I be of service

Peter: Can you paint me like one of your French girls?

Y/N: Peter, why can’t you just let me study?

Peter: Because i’m bored

Y/N: Go bother Ned, i’m busy.

Peter: He has a midterm tomorrow too, he won’t answer my texts.

Y/N: Well how about this, you let me study now and I will entertain you tomorrow after we study ;)

Peter: ugh fine

Peter: But what’s with the winky face?

Y/N: Peter.

Peter: Sorry!


Peter: I’m still curious about the winky face

Y/N: How’s this Parker, you leave me alone tomorrow and I’ll go down on you when we finish studying

Peter didn’t respond for a while

Y/N: Peter did you die?

Peter: You aren’t serious

Y/N: Dead serious.

Y/N: I’ll see you tomorrow ;)


You were sitting in chemistry, barely listening to your teacher ramble on about the different formulas you will need to know for tomorrow when Peter elbowed you to get your attention.

“Are you ready for your French exam?” He whispered.

“No! I’m so nervous. I can read it really well and understand it when someone speaks to me, but I have to write the entire exam in French and I don’t know if i’ll actually do well,”

“Y/N, you doodle in French for gods sake, I think you’ll be fine,”

“I know, i’m just nervous,”

“Listen to me, you’re going to do extremely well, as always. You’ve been taking French for years, you’ve got this in the bag,”

“Mr Parker! Something you would like to share with the rest of us?” the teacher interrupted.

Peter froze, he began stammering out a few words in response to the teacher when you cut in, “Sorry Ms, I was quizzing Peter on elements and their correlating atomic number. We didn’t mean to speak that loud,”

“Studying is for your free time, M®(s) Y/L/N, not class time. Please pay attention and study some other time,”

“Of course Ms. Our apologizes,”

The teacher turned back to the board and continued talking about what she had previously written.

“You need to quit talking so loud. There are only so many lies I can tell,”


At lunch you ran into the car and joined Peter and Ned at your lunch table.

“So?” Peter said

“How did you do?” Peter added.

“Fabulously! I know I did well. I’m about 95% sure I got an A on the exam. I’m so proud of myself. I actually understood what I was reading and what I wrote. I’m feeling really confident about it,”

“That’s awesome Y/N! I told you you’d do great. I’m proud of you,” Peter said.

“Let’s just wait and see how well I do on the chemistry midterm, and then you can decide whether you’re proud of me or not,”

“We’re still on for our study date tonight, right?“ Peter asked.

Ned looked up from his notes where he was studying for his exam in the afternoon.

“Wait, you two are going on a date? Finally. Took you two long enough. You can cut the sexual tension In here with a knife,”

“What?” You choked out

“We-we’re not going on a date. We said study date, Ned,” Peter said.

“I’m going to Peter’s tonight so we can study for our chemistry exam tomorrow,”

“Ha, I get it, you guys are studying YOUR chemistry. Have fun kids, use a condom,” Ned said, standing up and beginning to collect his things, “Well i’m going to the library where there’s less tension floating through the air. Enjoy ‘studying’ tonight guys,”

You and Peter sat silently and waited Ned walk away.

Neither of you were really sure of what to say.

“So do you want to just walk to my place after school together then?” Peter said, eventually breaking the silence.

“Yep!” You agreed.


It was 4pm by the time you and Peter actually began studying, you were lying on his floor with your textbook and notes open around you while Peter was sitting at his desk.

You spent some time quizzing each other and going over notes before Peter began getting bored. This was once of his best subjects so he really didn’t need to study as hard as you did for this class.


You had been studying for three hours and Peter had started whining approximately two hours previous.

You were still on Peter’s floor surrounded by your study notes. Peter had moved to his bed and was lying down.

“Y/N,“ He whined.

“Yes, dear,” you said, not taking your attention away from what you were reading.

“How much longer do we have to study? i’m booooorrreeeddd. We already know all of this,”

“You already know all of this,” you corrected him.

“But Y/N, you know it toooooo,”

“Peter, hon, if you don’t shut up, or just help me study I might lose my mind,”

“You’ll have to make me stop talking,”

“Okay Peter, how’s this? Let me study now, and later we can make out for as long as you’d like, and maybe I’ll even go down on you,”

Peter sat up, “Wh-what?”

“I feel like at this point, my lips on yours is one sure way that you won’t be talking,”

“I-i- are you serious?” He questioned.

“Dead serious Parker, give me half an hour to review the rest of my notes and you can have your tongue down my throat for as long as you’d like,”

Peter’s eyes widened, and he shut up. You didn’t hear a peep out of him for the next half hour.


When you were finally done reviewing your notes, you put them back into your folder and stood up.

Peter sat on his bed, watching you.

“Were you really serious before, or were you just trying to get me to shut up?” Peter asked.

“I told you, Parker. I’m dead serious,”

Sleep Talking

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Really damn cute
A/N: I saw all the notes on Ex-Friends and nearly cried, you guys are so sweet and amazing and I’m so happy you guys seem to like my stories! Also - I will be putting up a new posting schedule soon, but for now I’m doing a bunch of college stuff so I don’t know when I can get to it. Hopefully soon!


“Yeah! And then he was like ‘Underoos!’ and I flipped in and stole Cap’s shield!”

You felt a smile tug at your lips while your best friend rambled on and on about his adventure in Germany. Truth be told, you loved how excited he got about it, but the only thing you truly cared about was that he came home safe.

Well, mostly safe. He did have a black eye, which you got ice for immediately and made sure he held it to his face during the whole story.

“It was just, it was amazing, Y/N,” he finally finished, the dopiest grin on his face as he moved the ice pack away. “I wish you could’ve been there.”

“I don’t think I would’ve liked seeing you get your butt kicked,” you teased, moving your hand to his to push the ice pack back on his face.

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hi, would you do number 24 with tom? 💕

wowie it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything 😂 I’ve been swamped with school and work but I finally managed to finish this one last night, I hope u like it!! 💓 basically Tom’s home from a long press tour and his girlfriend is feeling needy but he’s too distracted by a video game to notice and smut ensues 👀

#24 “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

Needy Girl | One shot

“Toooooooom,” she groaned loudly from the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom door, her boyfriend Tom was lounged on their couch… playing video games. Her man was back from a long press tour… and he was playing video games. Not that he wasn’t allowed to enjoy simple things like this now that he was finally home, but she had hoped the “reunion sex” phase would have lasted longer before he occupied his time with something else. It’d been a long two months of no contact outside of phone calls, facetiming and Snapchat. It was the longest she’d had to go without him thus far in their relationship. The loneliness she felt while he was gone ate at her, that by time he arrived home she nearly tackled him to the ground in the airport. The rest of the night was spent chatting over take out, and lots of sex.

Now he was caught up in an online video game with Harrison and Jacob, while she lied in bed listening to him shouting and cursing at them, groaning at the ache between her legs. Clearly too absorbed in his game to hear her calling his name, she hopped off the bed with a loud huff. She pulled one of his discarded shirts on and slipped her panties off, kicking them aside. She draped herself against the doorframe, extending one arm above her head and pushing her hip out, sighing loudly as she watched her boyfriend on the couch.

“What’s up darling?” his eyes flitted from the television screen to her figure against the door.

“I’m booooored,” she whined, resting her head against her arm in an over-dramatic attempt to get his attention.

“So put a movie on in the bedroom love,” he chuckled, oblivious to what she was getting at. “Yeah she’s just come out of her room,” he spoke into the headset, answering a question she couldn’t hear, but was clearly about her.

She sauntered over to the couch, standing in front of him and partially obstructing his view. He leaned around her, eyes not leaving the screen. She planted herself where she was, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at him.

“Darling I can’t see,” he droned, still fixated on the game.

“Good, I’ve got something better for you to look at,” her voice dropped as she slowly pulled the hem of his shirt up over her waist. His eyes finally broke away from the screen to see her exposed lower half in front of him. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned her body, until an explosion behind her pulled his attention away again.

“Fuck!” he shouted into the headset, she could hear Jacob and Harrison cackling on their end. “Darling you’ve gotta move, please.” he pleaded, laying a hand gently on her hip, trying to scoot her out of the way.

“Ok,” she shrugged, before moving one leg on either side of him and plopping herself down in his lap.

“Wait, no!” he leaned further to the side, wrapping his arms around her to keep his grip on the controller. “This isn’t what I meant, love.”

“Are you sure?” she asked innocently, trailing her hands up his chest, pulling his shirt with them.

“No – Yes! Darling come on, not right now!” he whined. “Jacob’s been kicking my ass for the last hour and I’m finally beating him!”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Jacob’s voice sounded from the headset.

“Fuck off!” Tom shouted back. “I’m gaining on you!”

She groaned and rolled her eyes, gently grinding her hips down against Tom, trying to get even the smallest bit of friction to ease the ache between her legs.

“Nope.” Two hands grabbed her waist as he pulled her from his lap, gently tossing her down on the couch next to him, her back hitting the cushions with a gentle thud. “I don’t think so,” he chided, leaning forward to focus on the game.

She propped herself up on her elbows, her mouth hung open in shock as she narrowed her eyes at him. Feeling her watching him, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye and chuckled, pulling the microphone on his headset away and covering it with his hand to keep his friends from hearing him.

“Darling just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

She shut her mouth and exhaled sharply out her nostrils, throwing herself back against the couch cushions, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Such a little drama queen you are,“ Tom laughed, snaking a hand under the shirt she was wearing to tickle her side before he returned to shouting and cursing at Jacob and Harrison over the headset.

She lied on the couch for half an hour, staring at the ceiling as she listened to the sound effects from the video game and Tom’s colorful vocabulary every time he took a hit from one of his friends.

“Alright guys, I’m gonna get off here for a bit,” Tom said, and she perked up from her spot on the couch. “I’ll finish annihilating the both of you later.”
Setting his headset and controller down, he sat back and stretched, his shirt sliding up and exposing his stomach a bit. She bit her lip as she watched him from her place on the couch.

“Needy girl, what am I going to do with you,” he mumbled, climbing on top of her and pressing kisses up her neck.

She hummed contently, snaking a hand under his shirt and over his torso. He moved up, kissing along her jaw, grazing her earlobe with his teeth as he trailed his fingers up and down her thighs. She tugged his shirt and pulled it over his head, running her fingers through his hair as she pulled him back down, kissing him hungrily as her hands moved over every curve and crevice of his skin.

Sliding his hands under the hem of the shirt she was wearing, he slid it up her torso, exposing her breasts. He dipped his head down and took a mouthful of her breast, letting it slip out slowly, flicking her nipple with his tongue before releasing her and repeating the same movements with her other breast. She let out a throaty groan, arching her back as he continued to tease her, drawing circles over her nipples with his tongue.

He slid a hand down her stomach and over her clothed center, gently rubbing his thumb against her clit through her underwear. She jerked underneath him, every movement of his sending a shock through her body until she could feel her pussy throbbing against his hand.

“T-Tom,” she stuttered, her chest heaving with her lingering anticipation for what he would do next.

“What is it darling?” he purred in her ear as he continued his ministrations on her clit through the thin fabric.

“Use your mouth, p-please…” she breathed, her voice just above a whisper.

“Well I suppose, since you asked so nicely,” he smirked, giving her a gentle peck on the lips before working his way down her torso, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.

Hooking his thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, she lifted her legs as he slid them up and off, tossing them to the floor. He slid his hands down her inner thighs, parting her legs before lying between them, his mouth just inches from her core. She rested one leg on the back of the couch as she reached down, stroking his curls as he gently kissed her just above her clit, before moving down and licking a stripe up her pussy.

She jolted at the sudden feeling of pleasure between her thighs as he began slowly dragging his tongue up and down over her clit. Sliding his hands around her waist, he held her hips still as he began lazily licking up and down her pussy, savoring the taste of her. She squirmed in his hands as his tongue drew shapes on her clit, occasionally dipping inside her and brushing against her inner walls. She gripped the pillow underneath her head with her free hand, her other tangled in Tom’s hair as he left open-mouthed kisses on her sex, gently sucking and licking at her. She felt a spark of warmth in her abdomen and she arched her back, lifting her hips off the couch and gently grinding against his face. He slid his tongue in and out of her as she gyrated her hips against his mouth, feeling his way inside of her before sliding back out and licking his way up to her clit.

He slid a hand down, gently pulling back the skin that concealed her sensitive nub before slowly dragging his tongue flat over it. Her grip on his hair tightened, and she let out a high-pitched moan as he continued lapping at her clit, the sensation sending electricity through her body. He closed his lips around the nub, gently swirling his tongue around it and sucking before releasing her.

“Fuck, Tom! Don’t stop that, please!” she pleaded, reaching down with her other hand and holding him over her clit. He chuckled against her throbbing pussy, the vibrations causing her to squirm against him.

He began undulating his tongue over her clit, holding her still as he began working faster. She began rolling her hips up towards his mouth and he moaned against her as he lapped and sucked at her, gently squeezing and massaging her hips with his hands. Her breathing was getting heavier and her grip on him was getting tighter, he knew she was getting closer to her climax. Slipping his hands under her thighs, he propped her legs up and began attacking her clit again. She whimpered as he drug his tongue back and forth over her sensitive bud, her climax building quickly.

“Tom, I-I’m gonna come…” she whined, her chest rising and falling with each shaky breath.

Closing his lips over her clit once more, he licked and sucked on her over and over, pulling her over the edge to her climax. She felt the heat that had built in her abdomen explode and she shuddered against him, a string of curses intertwined with his name spilling from her lips. He continued dragging his tongue in circles over her clit as her body contorted against him, her hands still tangled in his hair. He hummed as he lapped up every trace of her orgasm, watching her face twist in pleasure with every stroke of his tongue.

As the sensation began to die down, Tom released her now shaky legs, gently kissing her clit again before crawling up over her trembling body. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue, before she sunk back into the couch, completely spent.

“I hope you’re not planning on taking a nap on me now,” he chided, nibbling her earlobe. “I do owe you two more of those.” She erupted in giggles and writhed underneath him as he continued nipping at her soft skin.

“Mm, who said we had to rush them?” she mumbled, kissing him softly. “We’ve got all day.”


Character/Person : Marquis de Lafayette

Pairing : Marquis de Lafayette x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Warnings : Lafayette kinda being a smug dick, google translated french, angry as hell reader

Possibility Of Having a Second Part : Maybe

Genre : Fluff

Request : None

Word Count : 3858

Summary : The reader has a family reunion peeking at her from around the corner and with a slip of the mouth, she ends up bringing Lafayette as her fake Fiance. The problem is: she hates him more than anything else.

Part I    Part II 

You were stressing.

That family gathering you dreaded was just around the corner, peeking and taunting at you. Your eyes were glued to your computer screen as you huffed and roughly typed out your words attempting to block out any thoughts that involved that damned family gathering that you didn’t notice Lafayette’s figure approaching your desk from across the hall.

You were almost counting the seconds, almost, of how long it’d take for your mother to call you again. She had just called you a half hour ago but you were quick to shut her down politely and murmur vague sentences about your life and make excuses about how you needed to get back to work. You silently thanked God when you were able to put down your phone and return to your job without having to mention anything about your love life, but you knew your mother wouldn’t let that go unnoticed.

So it didn’t surprise you when she called once more.

You groaned outwardly at the familiar ringtone, dragged both of your hands across your face and moved to grab your phone that rung loudly, much to your coworker’s dismay.


Your voice leaked with exhaustion.

“Y/N, honey. I totally forgot to mention; when are you going to bring your boyfriend?”

You sighed, exasperated.

“Mom, I don’t have a-

You stopped when you caught a glimpse of Lafayette gleefully entering your office and setting down Hamilton’s papers on your desk from the corner of your eye. He paused and slightly dropped the smile when seeing you running your free hand through your hair with an annoyed grumble. You snapped your eyes up to Lafayette and furrowed your brows,

“Lafayette, I don’t have time for this,”

“Lafayette? Is that him?”

“No! Wait, mom!”

“No? He’s not your boyfriend?”

You pinched the bridge of your nose,


“‘Cause remember, if you don’t have a boyfriend by this year’s family gathering your father and I would have to set you up with someone.”

Your breath hitched. Your eyes kept nervously darting up to Lafayette as he eyed you in amusement and confusion. What a dick.

“Lafayette’s not my boyfriend,”

He raised a brow at the sound of his name and leaned against the door frame, a smile crawling up his face.

“He’s my fiance.” You finished.

If possible, Lafayette’s smug grin had grown even wider. He shifted from his position and crossed his arms.

You ended your call with your mother and leaned back into your chair. The wheels at the bottom slid across the floor, erupting a squeak from the tiles and a loud exhale from you.

“Engagé? Moi et toi?” /Engaged? Me and you?/

His French accent came out thick and for a second, you were glad you didn’t know French. It was annoying enough to have to understand what he says in English, let alone French. Due to this, you ignored his comment and narrowed your eyes at the pile of papers Lafayette had so rudely dropped upon your wooden desk when you were on your phone call.

“Lafayette, what in the fuck is this?”

You looked up at him tiredly, both from work and your mother’s nagging. You swore up and down that you’d been talking to her for over an hour even though the conversation only lasted for a good three minutes. If you couldn’t stand talking to her for three minutes you didn’t know how you’d manage three days with her. Lafayette cocked his head,

“Alexander’s papers. Don’t you usually edit them?”

You scrunched your face up at the thought and rubbed an eye with a hand to make sure you were seeing and hearing Lafayette correctly.

“Me? Lafayette, do you realize we work differently? I work with,”

You got up and made your way over to the printer, Lafayette trailed behind and listened intently to hear what you’d say next. The screeching sounds of paper being printed rang in the thin air. You stood just above it, watching your paper quickly push it’s way out of the sleek black printer. Once finished, you swiped the paper from the ledge of the printer, scanning over it to make sure everything was in it’s place and neatly typed. With a silent approval and nod to yourself you made your way over to Jefferson, setting the paper down gently on his desk and walking back to yours. He flashed a flirtatious smile and you only scoffed in reply.

“I work with Jefferson. Hamilton wouldn’t dare work with me in fear that I’ll leak his oh so precious drafts to Jefferson and take over the world, or something.”

Lafayette nodded,

“But Alexander told me to drop these off to you.”

For the second time that day, you knitted your brows together and leaned over your desk to look at the papers Hamilton wanted to give you. Adjusting your ponytail, you took the papers into your hands and read it over.


“la langue.” /Language/

“Shut up, Lafayette.”

He threw his hands up in mock surrender. You glared at him slightly before returning to reading over Hamilton’s work.

“I forgot Washington needed us to work on the project together.”

You swept the rest of Hamilton’s papers into your arms and pushed yourself from your chair. Walking around your desk you made your way over to the copy room that was only a few flight of stairs down. Lafayette, once again, followed you.


You groaned under your breath. You’ve hated this man for as long as you’ve known him, and now he’s just following you around like a lost puppy.

“Lafayette, I thought we discussed this. I hate you. You hate me. Just because I’m friends with John and Hercules doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

You shuffled papers around in your arms, reading it and skillfully making your way down the steps in heels.

“Oui, I know, but I must know,”

You raised a brow.

“Why are you ignoring your fiance?”

You paused. Your face morphed into an expression of disgust as to why he’d assume you were engaged to him. But then, realization dawned on you.

“Oh, god.”

You walked as fast as you could in heels, trying to get away from the Frenchman.

“Okay, let me explain.”

He chuckled,

“I thought you hated me and didn’t want to talk to me.”

“Stop being a smartass and listen,”

You breathed in,

“I was on the phone with my mom and we were on the subject of ‘boyfriends’ and you came into the room and I said your name and told you to get away and she heard your name so she assumed you were my boyfriend. But when I said you weren’t she told me that if I didn’t have one by this year’s reunion she’d set me up with someone. It’s clear I don’t want to be set up with anyone, so I said we were engaged instead.”

Lafayette was quiet for a moment, most likely trying to comprehend what you just told him. You fidgeted nervously. Sure, you didn’t like the man. Hell, you hate him. But you desperately hoped he would do you a solid and go to the reunion as your date.

“And you expect me to go as your soon-to-be mari?” /husband/

You took a quick glance over your shoulder,

“I don’t expect you to go as my - whatever the hell a mari is - because I seriously doubt you’d do something nice for me.”

He snorted and you’d have to admit it: was kind of cute.

“I dropped off Alexander’s work. Is that not nice? I did part of your job for you.”

You opened the door to the copy room and your eyes immediately landed on two figures who stood near one copy machine chatting with a coffee occupying the space in their hands. God, what you would do for a coffee right now.

“Technically, you did Hamilton’s work, not mine. It was his job to walk over to my office and drop them off.”

The two figure’s heads turned in your direction at the sound of another’s voice in the room, revealing them to be John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton, one being someone you loved to be around and the other a mere coworker that you could just barely stand.

“Y/N!” John exclaimed, flashing you a smile.

You excitedly smiled back and hugged him tightly.

“You rarely come out of your office, I don’t get to talk to you at work. I’m stuck listening to Alex rant about Thomas.”

You raised an eyebrow at Hamilton who held his chin up high and puffed his chest,

“Jefferson’s not that bad. He’s also my roommate so,”

The three boys in the room perked up at your words. John let out a small squeak in surprise, Hamilton moaned in annoyance, and Lafayette said something in French.

“Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds. He brings back so many people, I swear, he had an orgy last night.”

John playfully clamped a hand around your mouth and you smiled underneath his palm.

“I don’t need to hear about my coworker’s sex life.”

You grinned and let your eyes trail behind John and to Alexander who swirled his coffee cup as he watched.

“But you always hear about Hamilton’s sex life. What’s the difference?”

Lafayette, who watched the three of you talk, noted your change of mood when speaking to John and Alexander. He shoved the thought into the back of his mind for storing to bring it up to you later, that is if you allowed him to speak to you.

John shrugged and smiled again,

“Alex only has sex with Eliza. He doesn’t have orgys.”

“Fair point.”

Hamilton tapped his foot loudly and cleared his throat,

“wow I’m right here.”

After John removed his hand from your mouth you fixed your hair and laid the papers in your hand on the spare copy machine. Alexander eyed the papers you set down.

“You seriously made Baguette drop off your papers, Hamilton? You weren’t even busy, you were down here chatting with Laurens.”

“In my defense, talking to someone is being busy!”

You raised an eyebrow and snatched John’s cup from his hand, taking a sip from the piping hot beverage.


“Sure, Hamilton.”

After the feud in the copy room you eventually got Lafayette to agree to being your fiance for the weekend. All he wanted in return was for you to do anything and everything he asked you to do during the family reunion. It seemed easy enough. But the only problem in your plan was the ring. How you hadn’t thought of this before you blurted out that Lafayette was engaged to you, you didn’t know.

Your only resort was to borrow a friend’s ring.

“I’m sorry, but I’m wearing a wedding ring. There’s a huge difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, ask Angelica maybe?” Eliza wasn’t a help.

“I have allergic reactions to jewelry, ask Peggy?” Neither was Angelica.

“Of course.” After many tries, with many people, Peggy was the one to lend you a ring similar to classic engagement rings. You thanked her and retrieved it from her house. That happened yesterday. Today was Friday.

You had everything you needed for the trip packed in a suitcase that you dragged behind you as you walked down the stairs.

“So, it’s true?”

You turned towards the direction of the voice and came face to face with Maria Reynolds, someone who lived in the same apartment as you.

“What is?”

You bit your lip and hoped she wasn’t talking about the man you hated with a passion.

“You’re engaged to Lafayette, I saw his car out front and that was enough confirmation for me. But didn’t you hate him like two days ago? I’m surprised.”

With gritted teeth and a forced smile, you spoke,

“as am I.”

Her expression morphed into confusion but she eventually waved off your words after a few seconds and smiled at you again. Knowing she was being a bother and a setback from your trip, she apologized from keeping you waiting and said her goodbyes. You politely murmured yours and waved back at Maria before turning towards the exit and setting off to leave the building.

“I hope you and Lafayette have a good time,”

you groaned and turned back around, a smile present on your face.

“Thank you,”

“Mon Dieu, that took forever.”

Lafayette leaned against the door to the passenger seat. His hair was perfectly pulled into a ponytail and his beard looked recently trimmed. You suppressed a roll of your eyes,

“So? Get used to it, honey. We’re engaged.” Your eyes narrowed as you took the sunglasses that sat atop your head and placed it on the bridge of your nose, pushing it up slightly.

/if you have wear glasses you have a pair separate prescription sunglasses/

Lafayette removed his leaning body from the door and pulled it open for you to step in. His car was sleek and shiny. It was an odd thought, but the vehicle practically mimicked Lafayette’s personality; something about it just reminded you of him.

“Ah, how could I forget?”

As you were stepping into the car, he leaned forward and pushed his lips in: going for a kiss. To this, you pressed your palm to his dark lips.

“Gross, Laf.”

He raised an eyebrow and shut the car door.


“Would you rather Gilbert?” Adjusting your position to get more comfortable you eyed him warily, as if he was going to pull some stunt just to spite you.

“You can call me anything, as long as it’s coming from your mouth, my petit tigre en colère.” /small angry tiger/

A smile tugged at your lips and he smiled back at you, it almost seemed genuine. He removed his attention from you and turned his key, starting up the rumbling car.

“So, how about Jackass?”

His smile didn’t drop, to your surprise.


“My mom does this thing where she’ll try to guilt trip you into having children with me, and if you touch me in any way my dad will monitor it. My brother is already married and has children and his daughter is really, really supportive of all my relationships. Oh god, and-”


Lafayette gently placed a hand on your shoulder causing you to suck your bottom lip in between your teeth and glance up at him nervously.

“Just go in, look pretty, and I’ll do the talking.”

You let out a shuddered breath and nodded your head slowly, taking in his encouraging words, and silently thanking him with a smile. For a second you forgot you hated the man that was seated right next to you. Letting your breath steady, you reached down and plucked the heels off of your feet and switching it for a pair of sneakers, just so your mom wouldn’t complain about how this is a family gathering and not a meeting with the President.

Your lip, once more, got caught in between your teeth as Lafayette made his way around the car to open your door. You placed a foot on the ground and a hand on the dashboard to steady yourself so you didn’t fall on your way out the vehicle. Lafayette reached for one of your hands, and you quickly pulled away. Lafayette clenched his jaw.

“I’m trying to help you out of the car.”

You scowled at him,

“I’m capable of doing it myself.”

“If you say so,”

with a huff, you pushed yourself up and smoothed out your shirt. Swallowing down any fears you might’ve had and the guilt of just getting up and leaving them by travelling to another state, you sauntered down the concrete path to your parents’ doorstep. Flowers, that you noted hadn’t been present two years ago, were sprouting just on the sides of your where your feet stepped. You took your time to admire the different colors and shapes of the flowers, using it as a distraction of what was about to happen.


You jumped at the sudden noise. The door swung open without you having to knock at it. Subconsciously, you shifted closer to Lafayette for comfort. Noticing this, he glanced at you and whispered,

“respirer.” /breathe/

Not understanding what he said, you furrowed your eyebrows and hitched your breath. God, Y/N, it’s just family. You work with the President, why is this a problem?

“Y/B/N!” /if you don’t have a brother, sorry/

You rushed forward and wrapped your arms around your brother, he replicated your actions and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face into your hair.

“God, damn it. You fucking got up and just left us to go work for the suits.”

You smiled and laughed shortly, tears brimming your eyes you let out choked words.

“Careful, my fiance is one of suits.”

He removed his face from your locks and looked at you with wide eyes.


You, as he just did, reflected his expression.

“Did mom not tell you?”

Y/B/N took a brief look over your shoulder and at Lafayette, who stood tall and proudly. He walked forward, taking your brother’s glance as his cue, and held out his hand for your brother to shake.

Y/B/N, ignoring Lafayette’s hand, clamped his over his wide shoulder and smiled brightly, making Lafayette quickly swap his confused gaze for a joyous one.

“Y/B/N Y/L/N,”

“Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. Everybody calls me Lafayette.”

Your brother tilted his head and turned back to you with a grin,

“I didn’t know you had a thing for Frencies, Y/N.”

“Oh, god, Y/B/N!” You grimaced playfully and Lafayette chuckled beside you.

“Alright, let’s get inside before mom tells me off for keeping you to myself.”

He turned on his heel and headed inside. Lafayette slid an arm around your waist, you glanced up at him but he kept his eyes forward.

“We have to make it believable, don’t we, mon petit tigre en colère?” /my small angry tiger/

You sucked in your cheeks to bite on them and allowed him to rest his arm on your waist. Subconsciously, you stared down at the jewelry that sat on your ring finger. Peggy let you have it, her excuse being it didn’t look good on her as it did you. The engagement had both Lafayette’s initials and yours, which was Lafayette’s work. He went as far as to take it to a jewelry store and get your initials carved into it, just to, supposedly, make it ‘believable.’ But last you checked, normal couples didn’t get their initials carved into their engagement ring. Especially if they weren’t a real couple.

“Y/N, you made it. You didn’t make it to last year’s and- oh! Is this him?”

Your mother walked out from the kitchen, drying her hands on her slacks. She held her hand out to Lafayette for him to shake, but instead he took it and placed a small kiss on the back of her. A blush erupted on her face and she took quick looks in between you and Lafayette.

“Oh! He’s a gentleman, I see. I never thought you’d catch someone like this. Way better than that last boyfriend of yours, what was his name again? Charles Lee?”

Lafayette raised a brow in amusement as you just groaned and hid your face in your hands.

“Mom, that was four years ago. I’m over him.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved a hand into the air to stop your talking.

“Hush, Y/N. And it’s clear you’ve moved on - you’re engaged for Heaven’s sake!”

She smiled up at Lafayette and he returned the favor.

Your mother parted her mouth to speak again, but your dad came to your rescue and placed a hand on his wife’s waist, copying the pose Lafayette and yourself was in.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you and same for you, young man. What’s your name?”

You held your breath. Convincing your mom and brother that Lafayette was engaged to you was easy, but your dad was harder to get past.

“ Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette. No need to call me by my whole name though, sir. I go by Gilbert or Lafayette.”

Your dad only nodded, seeming to take in this information.

“What does my daughter call you?”


“Lafayette, or Mr. Lafayette.”

Your mother furrowed her eyebrows.

“Why so formal?”

You nervously casted a sideways glance at Lafayette.

“We were coworkers long before we were lovers and old habits die hard, it seems.”

Your parents nodded curtly and you pinched at the hand that sat idly against your waist, signaling for him to let go, which he did in pain.

“Let’s save the interrogating for dinner, guys.”

You held your pointer fingers up,

“Speaking of which, I’m going to go help with dinner. Y/N, come with?”

You held a suspicious gaze against your mother, but you complied and followed her to the kitchen.

“You’re not going to say anything to Gilbert?”

Confused, you scrunched up your nose. Lafayette looked at you with the same confusion.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Gods sake, you’re engaged. Kiss him!”

Your mouth parted and was held in the shape of an ‘o.’

As if you were asking for permission or if you were hearing your mother correctly you eyed Lafayette, who grinned and tapped his lips gently.

“Am I getting a kiss or non?” /no/

You couldn’t say no to this, it would seem downright strange to reject a kiss from your fiance. So you smiled back at your mother and at Lafayette, catching a glimpse of his mischievous gaze.

“Of course, c’mere babe.”

You wrapped an arm around Lafayette’s neck and pulled him closer to you. He strategically placed a hand on the back of your neck so he could end the kiss whenever he wanted. And the kiss lasted quite a while, to your disgust and to Lafayette’s pleasure. But the way your lips molded against Lafayette’s; you could deny it all you want, but it felt great. You pulled him closer against your body causing him to let out a startled noise into your mouth. He smirked into the kiss just before he allowed you to part. Your eyes fluttered open and your eyes traveled down from his brown eyes to his lips and, you didn’t realize it, but you leaned in once more.

Lafayette’s smirk grew wider and he pressed the palm of his hand against your lips.

“Ah, ah, chéri. It’d be rude to make your mother do all the work, go on and help her.”

You shook yourself from the daze you were in and glared at him. If you could slap him right then and there, you would have. But with your family roaming the house you knew you couldn’t, so instead you placed your hands atop of Lafayette’s and pried them off of you.

“Right, how could I forget. Don’t get lonely without me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

He wiggled his eyes and turned you around, giving you a slight nudge towards the kitchen. You let out a breath and trudged to the kitchen.


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Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N?

Part2     Part3    Part4

Authors Note- Okay so sorry if this is confusing, but I’m starting a series where each part is told in someone else’s perspective so the first part is in Y/n’s perspective and the second will be from another member of the pack and so on. All parts follow the story of Y/n and an event that occurred, but each pack member has a piece of the puzzle that they are unaware of. (Isaac, Derek, Peter and Allison are still there so it is all the pack members) x

Y/n’s Pov

“I honestly didn’t mean for it to come across like that” you said innocently with wide eyes. “Come on, you’re a flirt and you know it! The poor boy must have been so confused” Lydia giggled, giving you a light nudge. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I never want find out” Scott claimed, as him and Stiles sat their trays down opposite you. “Don’t worry my dearest brother, you’ll never find out” you replied, laughing when you and Lydia exchanged looks. “There you guys are!” Liam panted as he slammed his textbook on your lunch table and flopped into the nearest available seat. “Woah, you look terrible” Stiles remarked to him, as Allison joined you all. “Have you heard the news?” Liam asked, still struggling for breath. ”Enough with the suspense, spit it out!” you said with sarcastic enthusiasm, as he barley finished. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Kira dragged a chair over to the end of the table, you all stared at her as it squeaked the whole way there. “Sorry” she eventually said with an awkward smile. “Anyway, the Beacon Hills High pep rally has been moved to tonight”  he said with such excitement. “This is what you were so desperate to tell us?” Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I thought you guys would be interested” he said as he looked at everyone’s bored faces. “Once you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all” Stiles spoke. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there” Scott reassured, sensing his disappointment. “Right guys?” Allison joined in, staring particularly at you and Stiles. Everyone nod and murmured in agreement, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you added, holding your hands up. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, causing Liam and Scott to stare at you, as they were the only others to hear it. “Are you going to answer that?” Scott asked when you blatantly ignored it. “Oh uhm yeah” you mumbled, shrugging off his questioning looks. You pulled out your phone and read all the texts. You quickly shoved it into your pocket again and stood up. “Where are you going?” Allison asked. “I’ve just got to go to…the bathroom” you excused. “I’ll come with you” Lydia offered. “No it’s fine. Everything is fine” you replied too quickly, picking up your bag and exiting the cafeteria. “What was that about?” Kira questioned. “I don’t know” Scott answered with concern all over his face. “Did you pick up any signals?” Stiles leaned in. “Anxiety?” Liam confused. “Fear” Scott corrected.

You stumbled into your house, holding your head. You dropped your bag by the door and tried to sneak upstairs quietly. “Where the hell have you been?” your brother asked, while standing in the livingroom door frame. “Oh hey Scotty, I was just running some errands and I guess time ran away with me”  you lied. “For one I heard your heartbeat rise and I can smell the blood. What happened to your head?” he asked as he moved to the bottom of the stairs. You turned around and gave a weak smile, “We played dodgeball in gym class last period and I was hit pretty hard and-” you began before he cut you off. “Lydia checked, you weren’t in gym class” he pointed out. “Listen, we can do this back and forth, but if we do we’ll miss the rally and we cant let Liam down. Just drop it. I promise I’m fine” you stated. “Hurry up and get ready, Stiles is picking us up in half an hour” he gave a loud sigh. You continued up the stairs. “Don’t think I’ve let this go, we’re talking about this later” he added. You waved him off from over your shoulder and slammed your bedroom door shut behind you. That was a conversation you weren’t willing to have.

You hopped into the back of Stiles’ jeep and smiled brightly at Lydia sitting beside you. “You look stunning” she said with an approving nod. “And you look gorgeous” you returned. “They’re cute, almost as cute as us” Stiles said, as they both turned to pout at you. You and Lydia let out small laughs, as he began to drive. “How come you’re not riding with Allison?” you asked Scott. “She somehow got sucked into taking Liam and his friend Mason, so she made Kira go with her for company” he shrugged. “So how about Isaac?” you asked again. “Him and Derek were sorting something out at the loft, he didn’t really say too much. I think Derek’s bringing him later” Scott replied, reaching to turn the radio up. “Wait, so is Malia coming?” you asked quickly. “Yeah, we’re going to pick her up now” Scott answered once more. “You’re really jittery today, what’s up?” Stiles asked this time, noticing your odd behaviour. “I appreciate your concern-but as I told my brother here, I’m fine” you said, getting slightly tired of repeating yourself. A few minutes later you pulled outside the Tate residency and Malia staggered out of her house, before straightening herself out and opening the car door. You squeezed into the middle seat as she got in. “I like the feather” she smiled casually. “Thanks, I like the boots” you smiled back. You exchanged coded looks for a second, before Lydia joined the conversation. “That’s a cute necklace” She commented. “Thanks, and that’s a really nice bracelet” Malia replied, dazed by it. “Women” Stiles scoffed, while Scott simply shook his head.

When you arrived at the rally you immediately met up with the rest of the pack and said your greetings. All the girls and Mason were in a huddle complementing each others outfits before Liam, Scott and Stiles pulled you away from each other, not wanting to hear any more compliments for the rest of the week- let alone the rest of the night. You all broke off for a while and did your own little things. You, Allison and Lydia were having a few drinks and dancing, taking full advantage of being able to feel the effects of alcohol. Scott was talking to Stiles, well it was more of a shout because they didn’t think to move further away from the loud music. Liam was having a relaxed time, as he introduced Mason to a few of his team mates. While Kira and Malia took full advantage of the free food that was on offer, which many students avoided at all costs. You took a large sip of vodka and looked out of the corner of your eye, seeing a figure, you turned yourself around and watched as it headed towards the bathrooms. You then discreetly made your way out of the crowd, before Allison and Lydia could notice. You quickly walked after the figure, constantly glancing behind you.

After eventually resurfacing, you felt the crisp air on your skin as you walked out of the building. You leant against one of the trees at the bonfire, and listened to the sound of the crackling fire, the hum of students laughing and talking, the sound of coach tormenting Greenburg and the loud music that threatened to block out all other noise. A senior handed you another red solo cup and attempted to hit on you, you gladly took the drink and knocked it back, but even that wouldn’t mildly convince you to show him any sort of attention. You looked up to see all your friends dancing together at this point, you didn’t need Scott’s hearing and sense of smell to tell they were having a good time, even though every so often they would look around trying to locate wherever you had gotten off to. Stiles and Kira were both sort of bobbing to their own rhythm while Malia and Allison laughed. Scott and Lydia didn’t miss a beat and were taking pride in trying to out-dance each other. Isaac and Liam were stiffer than the others but still not as bad as Kira and Stiles. Mason had ran off somewhere with one of the lacrosse players. You shook your head and took joy in just watching them but before you could join them your phone buzzed again. You hesitated for a second, before aggressively pulling it out of your pocket. You skimmed over the messages and let out a loud huff, before storming further out into the lacrosse field alone. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one day?

After about an hour, the party was still raging but it had died down from what it was. Most of the pack had stopped dancing and had collapsed away from the crowd in exhaustion. Stiles was throwing up behind the very same tree you were leaning against previously, while Liam awkwardly pat his back. Malia was sitting against the other side of the tree, half falling asleep while eating one of the freezing cold chicken nuggets the bonfire had provided. Lydia and Allison slightly stumbled over to them with Scott and Kira trying to hold them up. Mason had reappeared with a rather smug look on his face, followed by Isaac with a rather concerned one. “Where’s your sister? I haven’t heard from her in ages and she wont answer any of my texts” Isaac asked, shaking his phone. “Speaking of which, I haven’t heard from her in a while” Allison added, as if she instantly sobered up with worry. “Y/n’s right here, I can smell her” Malia claimed with her eyes shut. “Or she was here” Liam said, biting his lip anxiously. Stiles turned around and wiped his face, showing the same concerned expression as the others. “We’re probably overreacting, she’s probably hooking up with a ridiculously hot senior” Kira intervened. “Y/n wouldn’t do that, something is wrong” Isaac stated quickly after her. “Maybe he’s right, it’s not like her to leave without telling any of us” Lydia agreed. “So we’ll look for her” Mason spoke. They then proceeded to branch off into groups, some looking around the bonfire and the others back around the familiar locations of Beacon Hills.

A Few Days Later

“I knew something was wrong with her” Stiles shook his head. His murder board was now wiped clean, whatever he was researching in the trash. It was now occupied with your case and the leads to your disappearance. “Y/n’s her own warrior, I just wish she’d have let us help her this once” Lydia said glumly. “It’s my fault, she’s my sister and I should have protected her. How did I not even acknowledge that she needed me? For once in her life she needed us to help her, and we all let her down that day” it was clear that Scott was broken, along with your mom. She would put on a brave face, but it was obvious she was hurting. Stiles hadn’t slept since you went missing. He spent countless hours researching and adding your pictures to missing peoples websites, clinging to every last hope. The Sherriff also had a huge pile up at the station, because he made your case a priority over all the supernatural cases he needed to create rational explanations for. Lydia felt like she had lost apart of her. She would often go to tell you something at school, or begin texting you to meet up, before realising you weren’t there to hear it. “I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to her” Allison exclaimed, staring blankly. On the surface, her Argent training allowed her to remain her calm. But dating Scott had brought you a lot closer, you were practically family to her and the impact of your disappearance dragged her down “We’ll find her, I’m sure of it” Kira tried to be positive, even though there was a constant storm cloud hovering above her head, which could begin to pour at any moment.

Meanwhile at Derek’s loft: Isaac, Malia, Derek and Peter stood around the table. “Stiles said something about her getting a text from someone” Isaac voiced. “Who from?” Peter asked quickly. “I’m not sure, he never said. I don’t think he knew either” he added. “So what, she was kidnapped?” Malia was lost in this huge mess of chained events. “Didn’t you two hear anything at the bonfire?” Derek questioned with a firm tone. The two shook their heads and looked down at the ground, feeling that it was their fault for not looking out for you as much as they should have. “We’ll find her, just keep looking” Derek said, a bit more sympathetic than usual. Even the Hales missed your sarcastic presence. They missed the constant contradicting voice that would make meetings like this even remotely humorous. Isaac was also affected. He would find himself staring at the empty seat at lunch, that no one dared to touch, and miss the laughs you’d make, even at Stiles’ dumbest jokes. Malia never gave up hope, every night without fail she would sneak out and look for you. All she had was the scent from the t-shirt you had left at her house. The scent also acted as comfort for her, every time she felt like the odds were against you all.

Mason watched as Liam paced back and forth in his room constantly, biting his nails uneasily. “What if we don’t find her in time?” Liam questioned. “We will” Mason replied. “What if we’re already too late” “We’re not”. “What if-” Liam began to say before he was cut off. “Li, calm down. Y/n wouldn’t want to see you like this” Mason said, rubbing his shoulder for support. “But she’s missing and I think I know who took her-” Liam stated.

Should I continue this or not? Sorry for the non-existent uploads but schools started and I’m struggling to keep on top of things so I’ll upload when I can x

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

(gif not mine)


 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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Zach Dempsey #6

Request: Hi can you do a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach are best friends and are in love w/ each other but both don’t know and the reader is afraid to fall in love bc of past relationships so Zach tries everything to convince her he won’t be like the others? Thanks!

Warnings: Mention of physically abuse!

A/N: This turned out longer then expcted. Sorry! Also: Almost 900 followers. You guys are crazy!
If you want to be tagged, message me :)

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July 7th, 2016

Zach?, my hand is shaking as I try to hold my phone as still as possible but I loose the grip to my phone every once in a while.
“Y/N? Hey girl, whats up?”, his happy voice sounds up and I can hear the boys yelling and laughing in the background.
He’s probably at Bryce’s right now and I immediately feel bad for calling him in the first place.

But I didn’t know what to do and people kept starring at me, feeling bad for the girl sitting on the sidewalk with mascara running down her face while her hair is still covering most of it.
If they’d only knew what happened only 15 minutes ago at your boyfriends apartment they’d not give you that look.
But no one knows what happened and no one will ever find out, Zach is going to make sure of that.
Now I remember why his number was the first one to call.

“Are you there? What happened? Weren’t you supposed to be at Max’s place tonight?”, he still smiles while talking, I can hear that.
My heart drops and again I regret calling him because what I’m about to tell him will ruin his evening.
But he’s my best friend since third grade and I really wouldn’t know who to call right now.
“Y-Yeah..yeah. I’m here. Could you…y-you know..come and pick me up?”, my voice breaks and I let out a sob that has been trying to come out for so long.
People start starring again but I don’t care, I just hang up the phone after Zach agreed on coming and let it slip into my purse before I wrap my arms around my legs and place my head on them.
A cold breeze is coming up and I get goosebumps while I wipe some hair out of my face.

The previous events flash before my eyes and I start shaking again, scared that he might come after me eventually.
Time passes, people pass and after what feels like an eternity the known Audi  finally comes up the street and stops in front of me.
Zach jumps out of his car and runs over to me before he drops to his knees and places his hands on my knees.
“Y/N, what happened?”, he whispers and I let out another sniff before I face him and wipe the rest of my hair out of my face, reveling my black eye.
Immediately his posture changes and he tenses up before he takes a deep breath to not just walk the two blocks to Max’s apartment.

“Tell me. Did he do that?”, his voice is angry and I shrug my shoulders while trying to find the right words.
“W-when I arrived..he..I saw him with another girl. Making out. That happened before but I always forgave him.”, I mumble and start shaking again while he grabs my hands and comforts me.
“Anyways..he realized I saw it and he got mad because I was 5 minutes early..t-that’s why caught them. So he pulled me harshly inside with him and when we arrived he…”, I sob and quickly wipe away the tears before I look at Zach.
“He yelled and pushed me. I fell and hit my face on the cupboard. That’s when he pulled me back on my feet and punched me.”, I finally let out all the pain and anger and fear I tried to hold inside for so long.

Without another word Zach pulls me into his arms and holds me close while he repeats the same worlds all over again:
“I’m never gonna let someone hurt you. Ever again.”

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I Don’t Like ‘Em

Fandom- The Outsiders (Dallas X Reader)

Warnings- It’s cute.

Note- Requested.


  The pink demon in front of you turned in her sleep and you flinched. You were so close to falling asleep, you could taste it. Your eyes burned with tiredness and the effort of keeping them open. You don’t remember sleeping in the last four days. When did you last sleep? It felt like it had been years. Your eyes closed for a split second and you waited for the crying to wake you. Nothing. Only silence.

  You had been babysitting your niece for four days. Your brother was paying you to take care of his daughter for an entire week while he was on vacation. You understood why he needed one so badly. You’d only been around Rosie for four days and you were ready to die. You felt yourself fall into a light sleep. Oh, finally. It had been days and you were so exhausted. Rosie was a fussy baby who needed constant assistance. You’d never met anyone who need to use the bathroom so much. She was only two months old, so you weren’t that mad at her for shitting on herself every hour. It was like clock-work.

  The doorbell rang. Your eyes snapped open just in time to see Rosie’s bottom lip quiver before she burst into tears. You were ready to cry, too. You had to leave Rosie in her crib, since you were too tired to properly move. You stumbled through the hall and into the living room. You fumbled with the door handle for a minute. You opened it to reveal a smiling Dallas Winston.

  “What’s that noise?” Dally scrunched his face up and looked through the door. The living room was around the corner, so he couldn’t see her. You pulled Dallas inside and shut the door back. You practically dragged him into the living room. He caught sight of Rosie and grimaced too.

  “Help me.” You pleaded. He looked down at the baby and back at you. You batted your eyelashes at him, but it didn’t work that well. Dallas shook his head and made a frustrated face.

  “I don’t like kids. I just-ugh.” Dallas rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his grease-less hair. You made a funny stuttering noise and grabbed his hands.

  “You don’t have to like her. You just have to let me sleep for an hour or even half an hour.” You pleaded. “Please, Dallas?”

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ok (1918 words)

cas leaves after being been human for three days and seven hours (not that dean’s been counting).

it’s not a big announcement, either. cas doesn’t own much, it all fits in a backpack, so when he’s slowly making his way to the garage of course dean at first thinks that cas is – whatever, doing some groceries shopping or getting pizza or burgers. he definitely doesn’t think about cas leaving.

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The Roommate Part 2 (Harry Styles Series)

Summary: Y/N is one of Harry’s friend’s roommates, Harry and her become friends and Harry falls for her.

Requested: yes

Warnings: no

A/N: Thank you again to @iyanu-eniyan​ who requested this!

Part 1


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The Roommate Part 2 (Harry Styles Imagine)

“Tonight is going to be a good night.” You said looking down at your outfit.
You were excited for tonight. The night did not seem to come fast enough. You did all the things you needed to get done, like unpacking your clothes and organizing your closet. When you were finished, you got showered and walked into your room to get dressed.

You put on your favorite outfit, you do your hair and put on your make up. You look at yourself in the mirror, and you are feeling beautiful. It was one of those nights where you just feel good about yourself. So you were excited for tonight.
You took out your phone, took a picture in the mirror and sent your friend a picture saying, “Oh yes, tonight is going to be a good night.”

You friend immediately texts back, “Hot damn girl! Stay safe tonight!”

You smiled at your friend’s text, grabbed your lip stick, put it on and walked out of your room. When you walked out, Noah looked at you and said, “You look very pretty tonight.”

“Thank you.” You say, “You look nice too.”

“Thank you, I tried.” He says looking down at himself laughing. “Ready to go?”


After about a twenty minute drive, you arrive at Harry’s house. It’s not a huge house, but it’s a nice house for a twenty three year old.

“His house is so nice, my God.” You say.

“Yeah, he worked really hard to get here. He deserves it.” Noah says pulling over to the street. “You walk in, I’ll park the car, and at the end of the night, I’ll grab it so you don’t have to walk all the way down the street.”

“Thank you Noah. You are such gentlemen. How are you single?” You joke.

“I ask myself that every day.” He laughs.

You get out of the car, and walk up to the front door. You knock, and wait for a few moments, and no one answers. You think that someone might not have heard it, so you go to grab the door knob, but before you can, Harry answers the door with a drink in his hand.

“Hey! You came!” Harry says excitingly.

“Yeah!  Noah is here too, he’s just parking the car.” You say.

“What a gentlemen.” Harry says, “Come in.”

“Thank you for having me here.” You say to Harry as you walk in.

“Of course, I’m glad you were able to come!” Harry says looking at you smiling, then looks over at the kitchen, “Would you like a drink?”

“Uh, just water please.” You say smiling. You did not want to get tipsy the first time getting to know Harry.

“That’s a good idea, I should turn to water for the rest of the night.” He says, “I’ll be right back.”

As you are standing there, you see that Noah has walked in, and a girl immediately came up to talk to him. You watch them both hug, and the way he looked at that girl, you knew, he wasn’t going to be single for too long. When Noah pulls back from the hug and you both make eye contact. You raise your eye brows up at him smiling. He smiles back at you knowing exactly what you’re thinking.

“I think they will get back together.” You hear Harry say walking up next to you, seeing where you are looking.

“Back together?” You ask, turning to Harry, grabbing your drink from him, thanking him.

“Yeah, they dated for about a year, then they just broke up. No one knows why, but they always stayed close friends. I think they will get back together.” Harry explains. “They are both good people, and they were good together. I’m rooting for them.”

“Are you in a relationship?” Harry asks randomly.

“Actually, no. How about you?” You ask, hoping he isn’t.

“Nope.” Harry says taking a drink. “But, I’m interested in someone.”

“Oh you are?” You ask a bit disappointed.

“I’m talking about you.” Harry says chuckling.

“Oh, really?” You ask.

“Yeah, that’s why I was disappointed that when you said that you weren’t going to come. I mean I would like to think that I am a good guy, so yes I still would have invited you to welcome you to the new area, but I also wanted to get to know you better.” He explains.

“Oh.” You say laughing lightly. “Did Noah know?”

“Oh yeah, he knew.” Harry says laughing. “He’s a nice guy too, and he would have helped you out unpacking, but at the same time, he was trying to get you to come here.”

You say looking over at Noah.

“He knew the morning we talk. I’m usually very smooth talking, I’ve been told, but you make me nervous.”

“I make you nervous?” You ask.

“Yeah, I can’t read you.” He says and the goes on to explain, “Usually, I can read someone’s body language, like if someone likes me, or if they don’t, or if they are bored of the conversation, but I can’t read you at all.”

You laugh, “Well, I like you, if that helps.”

Harry laughs, and says, “Oh thank God. That boosts my confidence.”

After you both settled that, you sit down on the couch and just talk. After about a half an hour, Noah comes over drunk, and sits right down between the both of you, puts his arms around the both of you and goes, “Oh finally, the both of you got talking.”

“Y/N, after he stumbled out of your room, Harry looked at me and went, ‘man your roommate’s hot’. And then after you guys talked in the morning, Harry was like begging me, ‘dude you got to get her to my party’.”

“Alright, that’s enough Noah.” Harry says trying to shut his friend up.

“I got him Harry.” The girl from the beginning of the party says.

“Thanks Lily.” Harry says, helping to get Noah up.

“Courtney, this is Y/N, Noah’s new roommate. Y/N, this is Lily.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about her Lil, Harry’s trying to date her.” Noah says looking down at Lily.

“Oh, okay. Well, let’s leave them alone.” Lily says. “I’m going to drive him back to my place.”

“Harry” Noah whispers to Harry, “I’m staying at her place.”

“I know, buddy.” Harry whispers back at him jokingly.

“Wait!” Noah yells. “What about Y/N? We need to bring her back to the apartment.”

“I’ll bring her back, don’t worry about it.” Harry says, putting his arm on the back of the couch.

“Oh, I get ya.” Noah says winking at Harry.

“Alright, let’s get you home.” Lily says dragging Noah out, as he waves goodbye to everyone they pass.

“They’re definitely going to get back together.” You say, seeing them together, and then you yawn.

“Getting tired?” Harry asks.

You try to shake your head no, and cover your mouth as you yawn again.

“Alright, it seems like it’s time to take you home now. C’mon.” He says getting up, and giving you a hand to get up. When you get up, Harry guides you through the party.

Before you two head out, he tells his friend,” “Keep an eye on the house while I’m gone.”

His friend nods, and you two walk out of the party.

There was this feeling of excitement as you left the party, you don’t know if it was the fact you were holding Harry’s hand, or that he was coming to your apartment, alone. But all you knew was, you’re excited.

Part 3

A/N: Here’s part 2! I will be updating this mini series hopefully every other day! So, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you to all the readers who send me feedback, it’s very nice.  Have a nice day!

❧ | cherry

college! chanyeol x reader 

Originally posted by baekhyeun

word count : 1774 words.
genre : fluff (for once)
synopsis : who knew a bar of chocolate could lead to a cute boy with blue hair and a sunlit smile? definitely not you. also cherry lip gloss.

✐ sfjjksdahfjaskdhf this one is revenge !!!! dedicated entirely to @fluffyyeollie who is the best person ever :^)))) !!! n who deserves some fluff so even tho ur girl be whipping out that angst like it was her money on svt albums ,,,, she be writing some fluff bcuz if ur angst is hurting me h o n e y , imma pull out the big guns of fluff ! :^))  ,, enjoy n suffer my beautiful stars. also gay bby fuckboy bestfriend! baek is probably my fav character i have ever written bye.

[2017/30/09] 9.01 pm .: new message from byun kid

⇒ oh my god where are you?

⇐ at the party duh

[ read 9.01 pm ]

[2017/30/09] 9.07 .:

⇐ why the hell aren’t you answering bacon?

⇒ sorry i just FACEPALMED for 6 minutes there.

⇐ oh shut up you piece of shit, come by the kitchen, i am trying to steal some of minseok’s chocolate.

⇒ could you have not told me that before? i am coming, give me like a minute.

[ read 9.08 pm ]

Sighing, you put your phone down, knowing that your best friend would probably get here in half an hour than the minute he promised because of something he probably found more delicious than pizza rolls, like a boy’s lips. Problems of befriending the fuckboy, you supposed. A really gay one at that, like that boy could be some good use for spotting hot boys in a crowd but when he left none for you, it didn’t help.

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Pancakes and Coffee [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader got stood up by her date and Lin is there to save her.

Word Count: 1,164

Warnings: None, not even cursing, this is THE PUREST FLUFF OF ALL

A/N: This was THE CUTEST???? I read a post on a promt like this sometime ago and just had to work on it. I love how this turned out, and I hope you guys like it was well!

askbox | masterlist

“I’ll just wait a few more minutes, he’s probably stuck in traffic, thank you.” Your eyes went back to your phone once again. You could feel it, the staring. The coffee shop you chose for your blind date with the guy your coworker set you up with was near close to Broadway, only a few blocks away from Times Square, there was no way he didn’t find the place or got lost in traffic.

You’ve been stood up for the first time.

It wasn’t a good feeling, at all. You could almost listen to the old women gossiping about it a few tables away from yours, and the waitress talking about how you were sitting alone with a glass of water on your booth, waiting for a date that just wasn’t going to show up.

When the bell by the door ringed for the millionth time since you arrived, you looked up from your phone, hoping for Mike, but it was just another guy: long hair tied up in a ponytail, headphones around his neck and a backpack that didn’t go with the gray sweater he was wearing on that autumn morning. Something about him was just captivating, so you watched him go stand in line to order.

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❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞ Part2

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss(part 1) Months later you fall pregnant and do not tell him, but he find out (part 2)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,9k+

Genre: Angst, drama with slight fluff

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Part 1

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

The front door opened a sloppy kisses could be heard, along with the clumsy actions of removing shoes. You had thrown your purse somewhere in the darkness, not that you cared at that moment. Heechul has his tongue in your mouth as he shut the door and pressed you up against it. Launching yourself up, you wrapped your legs around his waist as your dress rode up slightly. He supported you with his hands as he carried you to what you assumed was his bedroom. He kicked the door close and threw you on the bed. Clothing was quickly thrown off, as he was on top of you. His lips explored your body as your nails racked his back. He nibbled on your lower lip as you moaned, gaining him access to your hot cavern. Their tongues fought for dominance before falling into an erotic dance. Leaving your lips, he kissed the corner of your mouth then jawline with him reattaching to your neck. Sucking and biting at the crook of your neck which earned him a sensual moan as he created his artwork in his drunken state.

Kissing the hickey one last time, he kissed down your chest and through your channel, down your stomach and landed between your legs. You bit down on your lower lip as Heechul kissed your inner thigh which sent electric shocks down her spin. Your head was spinning from the alcohol that ran rampant through your system, but that just urged this action on.

Intimate moans echoed around the room with the accompaniment of the sound of flesh against flesh. With ever thrust he made, you match it with a moan which just turned him on even more causing him to move faster. He was neither rough nor hard but still fast in his thrusts. His movement were strong yet passionate as your bodies rocked together with lips attached at any given moment. The duvet was draped around Heechul’s waist as you both went at it. Time passed as you both spent your intimate moment together. After a few rounds around the room, they finally settled in bed, breathless, sweaty and completely dazed from the alcohol.


‘Are you feeling any better?’ Your friend Seunghee asked.

‘Nope!’ You ran straight to the bathroom to throw up for the nth time.

‘You sure you don’t have alcohol poisoning from the party?’ She asked.

‘Two weeks later?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Are you being for real?!’

Since the night with Heechul, you remember waking up and parting ways. There was no heart felt moments but just splitting. You really didn’t remember what transpired that evening, besides you sleeping with him. Now two weeks later you were suffering with nausea and you had no idea why. It wasn’t food poisoning, because you couldn’t stomach anything down and neither was it the flu. Draped across the toilet, you just felt like a mess. There was one other possible manner, but you didn’t even wanna think about it.

‘Some vitamin C tablets?’ You found yourself at a pharmacy with Seunghee.

You had ventured past the pregnancy test section and quickly grabbed it, ‘Ah yeah, mind going and grabbing some groceries and I will pay.’

‘Sure but-’


You had cut her off and purchased the test. Arriving home, you parted way with her and went to the bathroom. Doing it, you sat on the bathtub waiting for the results and you had lost all colour in your face. You were pregnant, and with Kim Heechul’s child. All rational thought was thrown out the window as you ran and hit dial on your phone. You paced up and down waiting for the person to pick up.

‘Hello?’ The person answered.

‘Hyerim-ah?’ You question in a panic.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’

‘Can you come over? It’s an emergency!’

Without having to argue, she hung up and was on the way to you. Being the girlfriend to Leeteuk, you didn’t want her really involved with you being sick, but now her best friend roll was going to be important. Arriving, you dragged her in the apartment and began to explain everything to her. She was polite in the manner of not interrupting, but once you were done, she exploded.

‘Are you going to tell him?’ She asked, hands in her hair.

‘No…’ You said softly.

‘Why not?’ Hyerim questioned, ‘Are you insane?! This is his child, Y/N!’

‘Born out of wedlock!’ You reasoned, ‘Plus he would never want the baby, he is an idol. He has a life that is already busy, and a baby wouldn’t make it better. Please don’t tell him, or Jungsu for that matter.’

Your best friend looked at your pleading face, ‘Fine but you will have tell him….eventually.’

And eventually was slowly approaching. You were now approaching your due date. Truth be told, many people didn’t even think you were pregnant, because the baby bump wasn’t as big as they normally would be. You were described as a ‘fit’ pregnancy. Since the last trimester arrived, Hyerim had been bothering you with telling Heechul. You hadn’t seen him or the boys since the incident. The singer had tired to keep in contact with you so much, since you were friends before this incident. Every try he made, you shut down.

‘How is Y/N?’ A sultry voice asked, ‘I miss her.’

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Give Me A Chance

A/N: Day two of @hamwriters write-a-thon! This was femslash day and I ended up backing out of my original idea and going with this one. I’m really proud of it. I hope you enjoy it! It’s my first female fic, so I’m not sure if this will be amazing. Thank you to @sunshinemiranda for proofreading this!

WC: 1751


Pairing: Angelica Schuyler x Reader

AU: Modern!

Ask | Masterlist

“HA!” Your brother’s laugh rang through his office, reaching your ears from the living room. You paused your reading momentarily to roll your eyes. Even after all these years, he sure was something else. “Y/N! Come get a load of this!”

You silently cursed before setting down the book onto the coffee table. You stood, your green skirt swishing with your steps. “Coming, Alexander.”

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Doctor Winchester

Here is another addition for my Kink List: #38 Medical Play with Wincest, requested by anon.

Summary: Sam tells Dean he can help ease his frustration, as his doctor.

warnings: top!Sam x bottom!Dean, anal sex

word count: ~2000

Sam’s nimble fingers quickly picked the lock on the back door of the medical office, Dean standing behind him and looking out for any interruptions.  

“Got it,” Sam whispered, turning the handle before slipping inside, Dean right behind him.  They turned on their flashlights as they made their way to the morgue, needing to get a closer look at the body from earlier. That obnoxious coroner just wouldn’t give them time alone with the body, so they had to come back after hours to check it out.

They went through the motions quickly, checking for bite marks, claw marks, punctures – anything out of the ordinary that they couldn’t check for earlier or ask the coroner for. After looking for almost a half hour, they came up with nothing, frustrating Dean completely.

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How the signs react to stress

Aries: yells, cries, is fussy, can’t focus at all. Realizes they don’t like this feeling and eats ice cream or a Popsicle and gets over it within 10 minutes. Takes a nap. Or several.

Taurus: they starts to become restless. Need to keep busy and do and do and do till whatever is getting to them is out of the way. Everybody around them is aware that when they get this way they should watch themselves.

Gemini: non stop chit chat. They attempt to make up for this feeling by talking their way out of it. They have “word vomit” and zero filter, but hey it’s great to hear some of the witty banter that comes out of them.

Cancer: takes it like a champ and tries to handle as much as possible…until they break down in tears and people around them try to make things better because cancer is always making others feel better.

Leo: raging. Loud. Aggressive. Will make it know just like Aries but it isn’t as simple for them to relax. They need lots of attention and some helpful advice before they can feel stable again.

Virgo: acts like it isn’t there. Goes about the day and seems to have it all under control, but it seeps out of the cracks and people start to notice that they are on edge.

Libra: no sign of stress until they randomly decide to let out that they in fact are stressed, however when asked about it will become passive and suddenly it wasn’t as important as they made it seem. They brush things off very easily. “It’s all good”.

Scorpio: everything is an irritation. Anything can be an irritation. Even slight wind. Need space and sense of control back before things go back to what is normal for them.

Sagittarius: tries to laugh it off. The laughing suddenly becomes indirect harsh words and annoyed “I don’t want to be here” looks. They need some time to be alone and they will jump back up as their genuinely care free selves.

Capricorn: closed off. Ignoring calls, emails, texts etc. even the people closest to them will be temporarily shut off. Just until they find a strategy and solution. They don’t want to unnecessarily take on more then they can handle.

Aquarius: they go M. I. A. disappear for a few days, with absolutely no sign or trace of them. They do some “soul searching” and come back stronger then ever.

Pisces: everything becomes harder for them to do. A simple task takes half an hour simply because they feel the stress weighing down on their shoulders. It takes some time to get back to reality and see things clearly again.

Sparks Chapter 16

Originally posted by livvy1800

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Seokjin Scenario: Reminiscence - Part 1.

Request: You and Jin get into a car accident & you get an amnesia. He blames himself and decideds to leave you since you can’t remember him but a few years later you two meet again & Jin trys his best not to get close to you bec he knows you never regain your memories back &that you might get hurt again if you come close to him but eventually you two become friends. You start to fall for him again and feel so familiar with him even if its the “first time” you’ve seen him in your current life. I’d love to leave the ending up to Admin Em <3 

Genre: Romance / Drama

The smell of fresh daffodils was filling the room, and if he only focused on that, he could almost feel himself at your bedroom, which always had some kind of flower bouquet by your nightstand, chilling around your bed while you giggled by some odd joke he’d managed to pull. Seokjin woke up startled with his body shaking violently and his breath jagged, it was only a dream, nothing more than an illusion.

He accommodated himself on the sofa and sighed, almost brought his left hand to push the hair falling on his forehead back but remembered about the cast, so he used his right instead. The nurse assigned to his room appeared again at the door of yours, smiling apologetically and he knew it was about time to leave, he just didn’t want to.

-Just a few minutes more… please… – his voice was scratchy and rough, he tried to convince her with a soft smile but knew for sure he only managed to grimace at her. The nurse left nonetheless, with the promise of five more minutes for him to be there. She understood as well as everybody else did.

Jin stood up, his body was still sore, his soul practically crushed and his mind haunted by the steady beeping of the heart monitor by your left. You weren’t laying by his side with your hair disheveled by his hands, you weren’t laughing along with him or pressing your body to him like the dream he just had, not at all, and it was really evil of his mind to wander to such happy lanes when you were laying unconscious, pale and bruised in the middle of the clinic’s bed.

–I’m sorry…– he whispered ever so softly, his hand wandering down to hold yours above the sheets, you were peacefully asleep by the sedatives and painkillers, you looked fragile almost and Jin let go of your hand for the fear of you coming undone beneath his touch. – I’m so sorry Y/N… –

He could still hear the tires screeching along the pavement, the hard rain falling,  the glass shattering and crumbling, and whenever he closed his eyes, he could still see the two blinding lights of the truck losing its path and coming your way, could still hear you screaming his name before the crash and your hand on his leg. And just as every day for the past five in which both of you had been at the clinic, Jin crumbled under the weight of his guilt and his sorrow, because he was there, walking with only a cast and few bruises while you were barely on the edge of staying alive, with more broken bones than he could count and sporting an angry purple all over the skin he’d kissed over a hundred times, having taken the worst part of an accident he was the only one to blame for.

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