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I just saw that you've been self-harm free since 2015, and wow, that's amazing??? I struggle with self-harm myself and I'm seriously so proud of you. Congratulations on overcoming it. <3

I’ll be a year and a half self harm free on April 1st ironically, but thank you! It’s been hard getting as far as I have, and I still struggle with the thoughts a lot, but I’ve made progress at least. Thank you for the kind words and for the encouragement, it really means a lot 🖤

Another Set of Thoughts I had whilst watching Rogue One (Again)

-Cassian wiping the rain off his face and out of his eyes was so cute he looked like a lil kitten cleaning his face with his paw

-all the officers of the Empire are so bland and pasty and wow how can they not tell that they’re the bad guys?

-Krennic’s cape is cool but super impractical and looks silly when it gets wet

-Bodhi must be glad that the rebel rain hat came with built-in goggles so he could maintain his aesthetic

-I still don’t know whether that gas that Saw breathes from is just extra oxygen or some kind of drug or something

-Cassian looked so visibly uncomfortable in his Imperial disguise like wow how did anyone not notice he was a rebel

-Jyn looked really tiny in her disguise as well

-AT-ATs look really cute I wanna pet one

-(I realise that would be impractical but still…)

-Chirrut and Baze’s dialogue is so sassy you can tell they genuinely care about each other

-the Imperial cargo ships do look a bit like turtles

-the female pilot who flew the U-wing in Blue squadron, I don’t know who she is but I think I’m gay for her

-‘Rogue One; may the force be with you’ is still the saddest line, even when it is said by what is basically a humanoid fish

Oh wow… that episode left me shocked. I’m honestly telling you that I did not expect this…
I just had to draw Betty or Bete Noire. Even tho she killed Sans.

I still can’t believe Sans died. But if he really is dead, he will stay like that. I don’t think Frisk will reset. That is not what Sans would want. And they know that. Even tho we like it or not.
(but of course I could be wrong, and I would be really happy if I was)

Glitchtale © @camilaart

Is it a common schizo thing to have really intense deja vu? I’m not talking like ‘hey I just saw a cat I’ve seen a cat on this street before wow’ but like,, intense “I’ve been here before this has happened before” type of thing? In this exact building doing this exact thing thinking the same thing with the same story/journey/how I got here/ leading up to it. I dunno insight would be wonderful

You know what I think?

‪I think Derek actually is the one who had Stiles questioning if he only liked girls.

I feel like at first he just realized “huh, he’s so goodlooking wow.” Then that morphed into like a sexual thing. Like he only really saw Derek’s good looks and the whole cool werewolf thing as his only good qualities at first because ya know, they used to hate each other.

So it made Stiles question but he could easily brush it off at first because he’s still a teenager and he doesn’t have it all figured out yet, the whole “this is just a phase” thing.

But then he actually starts liking Derek, in a “we’re sort of an odd duo, but we do make a pretty good pair” (of friends!!!!). Like they actually got passed the “you need me to survive that’s why you’re helping” stage. He really just genuinely started liking Derek, just calm friendly like at first, but that like into more of a crush like than a friend like without him even noticing.

And he feels it there but he just avoids it but then that night at the glow in the dark party? Kaitlyn asks the golden question, “do you?”

And he just sits there for a while. His mind immediately flashes to Derek and he thinks like “wait a minute, I actually fucking might,” like guys, that is.

Stiles sort of realizes it’s become more than “you’re hot and I wanna experiment,” and more than, “I actually don’t mind hanging out with you anymore, it’s kind of cool because you’re not as much of a shitty person as I thought you were.” It’s more of a “I really think I’m falling for you but I’ve liked girls my whole life and we used to hate each other. What’s going on?”

So he doesn’t get the chance to ever answer because he really isn’t sure at first. But the thoughts after that question are stuck with him. And overtime, he starts noticing little things about Derek, like really taking note. Like Derek’s actually smart and actually selfless and his bunny teeth and how he’s actually funny when he tries (it’s a bland and dry humor, snarky remarks when they bicker and Stiles gets sarcastic but Stiles appreciates and enjoys it regardless). Stiles starts realizing all these things that could factor into why he might actually like Derek (if he does because he isn’t 100% on that yet).

He starts realizing that Derek really isn’t the guy he met back in the woods, that Derek is more, that Derek is actually a great person under that hard exterior. He starts realizing how he used to get and still gets whenever something goes wrong with Derek, how he starts worrying and all. He starts looking at Derek in a new way, looks when Derek is oblivious, sort of the whole “admire from afar” thing, and can hardly help it, can hardly deny that he starts getting a little happier whenever Derek comes around, but he’s still, in a way, denial.

The night Derek almost dies changed that because for a brief moment he felt like he stopped breathing as he watched Derek bleed out on the ground.

He felt numb and he wanted to stay but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was hope that Derek would still be well and alive in the morning, that they would all be, and then he’d be able to tell Derek because he knew completely. Knew what it felt like to almost lose someone you care about so much.

Stiles wasn’t sure what he was going to say, how Derek would take it or how it would effect them, but it didn’t really matter in the end because he never got to say it.

Derek left and Stiles couldn’t even be mad because he knew Derek needed it, deserved it.

So, life went on and he tried to shove his feelings aside because it didn’t really matter anymore.

Except it did, which he realizes on the night at the school, seeing Derek’s initials.

I’d like to think that the reason for Stiles’ smile was because he had fully come to term with the fact that he did indeed have feelings for Derek. He wasn’t able to tell Derek, but he could finally admit it to himself.

No more questioning, no more “this is just a phase.” None of that.

Stiles just accepted it, and he was okay with it.

Ho ho no way an update

Alright so I still have the game and idk if any of you guys still play it but I feel like it’s my duty to tell you guys that I just saw that there’s an update! Oh wow they did it after months they added a few goodies and one new cat.. yeah well here are some of the new goodies, pretty cute, right? And the snow and the beautiful Christmas music is back, which is nice :3 I’ll update you if I should get the new cat 🐱

xoxo - stef

we could be royalty (king and queen of nowhere)

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an; wow okay so! this is my first actual jily fic and i do hope it was good for you and everyone and this was so much fun to write ahh. happy holidays or just happy winter idk but i hope you’re having a lovely day today.

rating; teen and up

word count; 10,612

The first time she ever saw her soulmate she was 10 and had eaten an entire jar full of peanut butter on a dare. She was so tired she fell asleep and dreams of stormy nights with the stars still out. It’s raining and she is cold so she starts looking around for somewhere to hide. There is a cave and as she gets closer to it, Lily sees another figure huddled in it.

Lily marches into the cave eyeing the person. Logically she knows that she is in a dream and nothing can happen to her. Curiosity bubbles beneath her and finally she blurts out “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before”

The other boy looks up and grins at her. He has hazel eyes she realizes, they’re the same colour as Petunia’s, and he has black hair just like Sev’s. But his hair juts out everywhere and for a second she wonders if a lightning from Zeus hit it. “I’m James” he introduces himself “who are you?”

“Lily of the Evans residence” she says in her best grown-up voice. She heard Petunia answer the phone once saying that phrasing and liked it. “What’re you doing here?”

At this he grows quiet and scuffs his shoes around. Lily realizes she has hit a nerve and looks away trying to think of something else to say so he doesn’t feel as bad. “I was looking for some friends” he finally says quietly with a hint of sadness seeping into his tone

Lily frowns looking at him with hands in his pockets.  It doesn’t suit him she decides, and neither does the sadness on his face. “Well I’m your friend now” she tells him. He looks up at her a little startled and she grabs his hands. “C’mon lets go play something fun”

They play together for a while. She isn’t sure how long it was but after a while he complained that he was getting tired so they both sat down. “So this is your dream” he finally says

“Yeah. What do you think?” she asks

He shrugs and looks around. His hair is still messy and his glasses are lopsided on his face. “Most of my dreams are about me being a wizard and beating a dragon. Or becoming a wizard and using magic to pull pranks around the world and making people laugh. This is just really plain”

Lily shrugs loosely and looks around. They’re sitting at a beach, the night not quite there yet, a soft glow on the sky. A few stars already were coming out and the moon lazily hovered above them, the sea expanding above the two of them. “Here” she finally says “there are rows of houses, the kind with nice families who always did their work on time, had money, and their biggest fight in their houses was what to have for dinner. And I live in them with my family. My dad comes home every night after work and he helps me with my homework. Mom takes me to school perfectly on time and lets me help her with dinner. And Petunia, my sister” she pauses for a second “she is happy” Lily ends looking down at the sand

The boy turns to look at her. He stares at her like she is a puzzle, a mystery he wants to solve but isn’t sure how. “I like it then. Its nice. And its what you want”

She blushes and pushes him lightly into the sand. They get into a sand castle competition and hers keeps falling apart. After a while her mom comes out and she smells like strawberries instead of liquor. When she comes the boy gets up and brushes the sand off and raises out his hand.

“Hi Ms. Evans” he says politely trying not to giggle, “I’m James of the Potter residence”

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Imagine She Li about to dodge He Tian’s fist but then he spots Jian Yi somewhere in the crowd and wow he can’t take his eyes off him and He Tian punches him like ‘where the fuck you looking at, my hand is here’. And She Li just sits there on the ground, palming his painful cheek all disappointed in himself ‘shit he just saw how uncool I am, there goes my chance’.  

So I saw Rogue One yet again with two different friends. Towards the end of the movie, I whispered to one of them “Just think, Luke is still on Tatooine at this point.” and she said back to me “If it weren’t for these characters, he wouldn’t have left.” and WOW was that something I hadn’t realized before.

The events of Rogue One obviously set up Leia’s mission at the beginning of episode 4, but it’s because of the characters in Rogue One and what happened in that movie that Luke ended up leaving Tatooine and becoming a Jedi and saving the galaxy one day.

So much wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the characters in Rogue One. They turned the tide. I love it so much.

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What are your thoughts on the SM starters' final evolutions?

hmm i’ll try to make this as short as possible! ><

Decidueye: first starter that i picked, and i LOVED him. i couldve went solo with just him and my mimikyu! im a sucker for ghost types i know. its design is nice and simple, and is consistent with its previous evos! that hoodie thing is so cute!! rating: 30/10

Incineroar: MY BOI!!!!! literally loved it when i first saw it! i didnt even care if it was gonna be fight/fire?? in the end the dark type was still a pleasant surprise. design wise, it was unexpected!! from a cute little kitty to this macho wrestling tiger. I still love it tho! would let him suplex me anytime. rating: 1000/10

Primarina: i mean wow, it legit blew me away when I first saw it. haven’t played it yet, but im sure it can carry my whole team no problem. i mean those special stats are amazing. for design, its consistent with prev evos, and tbh one of the best i’ve seen. A+ design, A+ stats, A+ everything. rating: 200/10


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imagine if in until dawn josh’s saw trap prank goes wrong and the tracks accidentally go towards ashley. then josh runs out from behind the wall and grabs ashley by her feet and holds her above the saw, and its just buzzing beneath her. shes hysterically crying, chris is screaming “wtf” and josh is just panicking, telling chris to “turn it off”, and the room is just filled with everyone all yelling at the same time

So I just saw Split and holy shit. It’s really good, pretty crazy and even funny in parts. My brain is still trying to process it all because wow. I probably won’t sleep properly tonight tbh. Also James honestly deserves an Oscar for his performance because he was fantastic. Plus I felt you could sympathise with Kevin which was good.

OK so I was doing some moderation on the Gay Fates YouTube channel for Maddie to clear out homophobia and stuff, and I saw that @kynimdraws had commented on one of the videos and had played Gay Fates in general and I am honestly just so struck because I’m such a big fan of hers and wow she played and enjoyed a hack that my girlfriend made. Maddie, you are awesome and I’m so proud of you.
And now I’m hoping she’s still watching the project and has seen my supports.

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wow I just saw that panic at the disco thing and dude you've become such a good artist over the past 4 years. ur incredible. it makes me feel sad about not taking my hobbies seriously over the past 4 years.

oh gosh thank u!! also mm yea i have a lot of hobbies ive regrettably dropped but that doesnt mean you cant pick em back up again, age doesnt rly define skill n you can start whenever if youre still willing to work on it :o

My conversation with Taylor in Loft'89

Taylor: *shimmies over to our group*

Taylor: HEY GUYS *hugs me*

Me: oh my god Taylor I love you so much

Taylor: aww I love you too! *hugs me AGAIN*

My best friend (Zoe): Taylor I actually just turned 13 about 10 minutes ago

Taylor (to Zoe) : 13! You’re my good luck charm tonight!

Me: Tay I don’t know if you saw us but we were the weirdos holding up the Becky sign

Taylor: *chuckles* OH MY GOD YES I SAW YOU GUYS

My mom: *explained how we made them (lights etc…)

Taylor: Wow! That is so electrical!

My mom to Taylor: I know you might hear this alot, but these two girls are your biggest fans.

Taylor: Aww I love hearing that!

Me: You were AMAZING the show was INCREDIBLE

Taylor: I’m so glad you guys liked it, I try


Taylor to my mom: Ok so explain this outfit situation here

My mom: So I’m Alice from Alice in Wonderland because well your song!

Taylor: *laughs* I have to give credit to your mom right here

Taylor: do you have anything you want me to sign?

Me: (I gave her my favorite polaroid #13)

Taylor: do you want to take a picture?


Taylor: let’s do it over here on the couch, there’s better lighting


Taylor: It was so nice meeting you guys! *smiles and waves*

Taylor, if you see this just know I’m incredibly grateful to have you in my life and I miss you so much!

I love babys so much, but idk why everytime something bad happens, there will be a LARGE group of ppl who start spreading all the negativity and trying to worsen the situation in everyway possible? 

Worst of all, they love to start blaming and dragging the members themselves, this has been happening EVERY SINGLE TIME something bad happens (i’m not stating who’s right and wrong here and that’s not the main point too). 

I’m so sick of this shit, if you are a hater well fk off and get a life, if you are a baby then i seriously cant understand why are you wasting your time which could be used to send supporting messages to the members instead of trying drag other members down???? 

I know that I haven’t been active lately but I just saw that I had gone over 1000 followers now and I just…. wow…. THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! It wasn’t even that long ago when I posted the 500 follower mark post. Thank you thank you thank you so much! 

What do people usually do when they hit 1000? I didn’t know what to do so I did this quick drawing for you guys. I’m still on semi-hiatus but don’t worry, I’m working on your requests in between school work. See you guys on September! I love each and every one of you 💕

ft 527


okay so 

  • what was the point of the whole ‘mavis and zeref’s kid’ if he’s killed off before either of them can even know about him??? like, zeref’s all ‘i have no son’ (for obvious reasons), mavis was probably unaware she was even pregnant, this is just… idk, sad? but also very ‘what was even the point of this’ inducing.
  • also, did august actually let go of that spell and kind of let himself die? why? because he saw mavis looking at him? because he didn’t want her dead? whyyy 
  • mashima actually made me feel sorry for rakheid these past 2 chapters, i didn’t think it would be possible… but seriously, zeref is really off the deep end right now
  • still loving the father-daughter moments with cana and gildaarts (and wow, does it contrast the whole august-and-his-parents situation)
  • dear gOD DID NATSU REALLY JUST CALL ZEREF ‘BROTHER’??? DID I READ THAT RIGHT?? HOLY FUCK?!?!? also holy shit he’s beyond pissed, this fight might just turn really really ugly. one does not make light of family in front of natsu dragneel and gets away with it. 
  • and yeah, i’m kind of curious how mavis plans on ‘eliminating’ zeref (you know, other than weakening him via fight with natsu)… is she gonna use fairy law? or something similar? (lol, using fairy law on zeref would be so ironic since he was the one who taught her that spell)