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She was absolutely stunning and perfect in her role in “Roman Holiday,” 1953. She had a kind of aura around her, as if she were born to play the part (of a princess). I called my agent, George Chasin, and told him I wanted her to have co-star billing, because it was obvious to me that she was going to be a big star and maybe win the Academy Award. Chasin gave me an argument… and I said, ‘Look, George, just do it! It’s really the princess’ story.’ And I thought, ‘She’s so terrific in this and I’m going to look like a jackass if it says “Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday.’” It was absolutely clear to me that equal billing was the way it ought to be. — Gregory Peck ( October 8, 1989 )


Why is it a thing that Louis loves to throw himself at Zayn?

He fake faints, fake falls, backs into him and just simply throws himself on him and I’ve never really seen anyone talk about these moments? I even had to make two crappy GIFs (the first ones I’ve ever made) because those moments didn’t excist in GIF form. Seriously!!!! Louis is clearly showing us where he wants to be the most! ;) <3


You look like a ghost

She’s scared.  Another reminder that he’s as good as dead.

Hold on

He’s scared.  He can’t bear to see her eyes like that.

Can I t-

She wants to, just one more time if that’s all she’s allowed.

I’m still just an image.  No touch.

And she could, despite what he tells her; in that moment, at least.  His thumb brushed the controls of the sonic screwdriver just enough for him to come through completely as her hand reached up to him.  He could feel the warmth radiating off of her fingertips on his neck.  That was enough to run one more crack through his breaking hearts.  The universes could have shattered around them, bringing a reality to how he felt inside, but two seconds couldn’t hurt.  That’s all he’d allow himself.  

How long’ve we got?

This wasn’t exactly the reunion she was hoping for.  She wanted to go, or for him to stay.  Instead they stood in limbo.  

About two minutes.

It would’ve been longer had he not caved to feel her hand so near his skin.  He could hold her, one last time, but it would only be for a second.  He wanted to use his time another way, once he worked up the courage.

I love you.

His hearts stop and beat faster all at once.  Part of him knew, part of him hoped…But to hear the words from her lips, the lips he wished he could feel against his.

Quite right, too.

His palms are sweating.  He doesn’t know how much time he has left, but he knows it’s running out.  

And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it…

The words catch in his throat; the hardest goodbye he’s ever had to say.

Rose Tyler-

Her weeping face pixelates.  He watches as his pink and yellow human fades into the nothingness.  

He ran out of time.


“I remember – one of my games I was so upset because I was the weakest link on the team and no one would pass to me. I remember being so upset and saying like ‘Dad, I hate this! I’m not good at all! No one wants to play with me!’ and he said “Look, I mean you could just quit or you can be persistent and try to practice’. Every monday he’d come pick me up from school and we’d go skating. By the end of the year, I was a really, really, really good hockey skater. That made me want to play again the next year and so I really thank him for all that.”


Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 28 - Favorite Parallel 

It all came full circle. Even though Elena knew Damon couldn’t hear her say it, she wanted him to know. That night they met he showed her that deep inside she knew what she really wanted and was just too afraid to admit to herself. He told her what he could see she wanted. So she stands there in front of him trying to tell him goodbye. She can’t let go of him until he knows that he was all of it. She wanted to tell him all the ways he has given her everything she has ever wanted. He was everything he described. That night they met, neither one of them knew that in that moment he was describing their future. 


AU: vizh is a vigilante of sorts, a member of a group that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. one day, while running away from some rich governor’s guards, he runs into wanda, a girl who lives with her father and her brother in the village. she offers him a place to hide and, despite her family’s initial doubts, takes care of vizh and earns his trust. it doesn’t take long for her to start helping out during his raids, especially when they find that she has a penchant for predicting the enemy’s moves.


David Tennant as Richard II-Am I being really selfish if I am to say that I am highly jealous of Aumerle here?  *pouts* I wanna be kissed like that by him, and to be held close, and for him to try to cheer me up! I want all that up there, it’s just not fair! *sits on floor in a scoff* 

Now that I got that little tantrum out of the way; this really is a sweet scene between Richard II and his cousin Aumerle. Richard not being the one to usually comfort people or to actually understand emotion from others such as love and comfort finally sees it in his cousin. And by this he finally understands what love is, what love means, so he was able to reciprocate it, and used it to try to not to make him feel better, but Aumerle instead. There is just so much tenderness in this one scene, it makes me literally weep with emotion. 


***Justin Bieber Imagine*** ((Requested))


Jaxon was was staying with you and Justin for while. Jaxon wanted watch a movie and you thought that wasn’t a bad idea. While Justin got the snacks you and Jaxon chose the movie. Jaxon wanted to watch Up. You hadn’t see that movie so you happily agreed. Once Justin returned with the snacks everyone gathered on the bed then played the movie. Justin sat in between  you and Jaxon with arms around you both. In the movie a scene showed a couple getting married.  This must have struck an idea in Jaxon because he started asking when you and Justin were getting married. You had only been dating for almost a year now so you weren’t really think about that. 

Justin responded “ Jax why do want us to get married?”

Jax just grinned “ well because I think you should it will be nice.” 

“Maybe in the future buddy. Okay?” Justin told him

“ Okay!” He said happily

“ I love you.” Justin kissed him on the head

“ I love you too!” Jaxon told him

Together you all continued the movie. 


Glint Lovewood: Now, we have our Disrict 9 male, Clovis Costello! Let’s give him a warm welcome, shall we? *clapping and cheering ensues.*

Clovis: *steps to the stage, smiles toothily* Hi there, Ms. Lovewood!

Glint: Oh, please, just call me Glint, baby! How are you doing today? Excited for these Games, for this interview?

Clovis: I won’t lie, Glint, I’m not very good in front of crowds. As for the Games, I’m really supportive of the Capitol’s endeavors to keep Panem safe. I guess if I am the cost, that will be okay.

Glint: Oh, honey, you’re doing great! I’ve been told that you wanted to play a song for us! *cheering follows*

Clovis: Oh, I… Suppose I do, yes! I’m unsure if my request for a ukulele was–

Glint: Right over here, honey! Please, play us a tune!

Clovis: *flushes, sits on a stool at the front* All right. Here we go.

Crowd: *tries to sing along, cheers wildly*

Glint: Oh, Clovis! That was absolutely incredible! However, it means we have to rush through our questions a bit.

Clovis: No worries, Glint! I feel a lot better.

Glint: Good to hear! Now, if you don’t mind me asking, how does it feel to have tied in 2nd place in the Private Training?

Clovis: Glint, I feel blessed! I’m very happy to have endured this thus far. I’m very happy to be alive today.

Glint: And as for your advantage? How do you feel?

Clovis: Truthfully, I’m unsure. I think I’d have to understand the advantage to know my feelings on it.

Glint: Clovis, you know Panem is wondering about the girl you embraced during your Reaping. Tell us about her. What did you say to her?

Clovis: Oh, I. *rubs eyes* She… Her name is Penny. *closes eyes for a moment.* She’s a very important girl. She, more or less, was the sun burning the clouds away in District 9.

Crowd: *coos, aww’s ensue*

Glint: Oh, Clovis! That’s very sweet. What did you say to her, though?

Clovis: *looks into camera* I said… I told her I wasn’t going to say goodbye, because I was coming back.

Crowd: *aww’s*

Glint: Clovis, we hope we can say the same to you! I, for one, absolutely adore you. I’ve got one more question for you: How do you want to be remembered?

Clovis: Oh… Why don’t we get back to that when I’m sitting here with you again?

Glint: Oh, you! Absolutely! I’ll suppose we’ll be seeing you again soon, then!

Clovis: Thank you so much for having me, Glint. It’s been an absolute pleasure. *turns to crowd* Thank you, Panem!