and i just really really love that

I love this picture of Bry, bc it’s not edited so you can see a little bit of chub on her tummy and it just shows she’s not perfectly skinny and that even some of the skinniest girls have fat on their stomachs. Its a beautiful photo and i think the fact that it’s unedited makes it even more beautiful. 

I still cant believe that my ship is canon??? And well written?? This is such a new experience for me wow


I don’t know about you but for me, they resemble each other. Every time I see Yuta I remember Luhan in him. Yuta Nakamoto is his real name, 95 liner, he’s from Osaka, Japan and he loves playing football (see photos from last year’s ISAC). Reasons why I call him my Japanese Luhan :’D


i really want the threads that i write on this blog to go somewhere. i want to expand glenn’s connections, and i also really want to expand on my portrayal of glenn, and develop him so much more, and that’s just not happening with all these small and pointless threads.

small threads can be great, mainly because sometimes you don’t always have the muse for longer threads. but majority of the time they don’t go anywhere. it’s like pulling teeth trying to get the thread off the ground. but if we’ve discussed things with one another about where our characters are, then the length of the thread isn’t pointless. because i know it’s going to end up going somewhere.

i really want to be able to write with a vast majority of people, but i want the threads we have to go somewhere and for our characters to really connect with one another. it doesn’t have to be romantic, it can be platonic. they can hate each others guts, or barely be hanging on by a thread. i love all types of connections, and i’m down for doing so many different types of threads. whether they’re canon or au, whether they’re angst or fluff, whether they’re gorey and thrilling. i love it all, and i’m willing to do it all. i want to be able to come into your im at ungodly hours and share headcanons with you, to be able to tag you in things i think suit our characters, to make content for our characters, and to send all the memes, and to hopefully receive all that’s stated as well.

so by liking this post, you’re comfortable for me to come into your im, and for all of this to happen.

Paul Amos… is fucking amazing


“I never meant to fall for you, but I was buried underneath, and all that I could see was white.”


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These are the 8 biases I wanted to include in this tag. It was very difficult since I tend to have multiple biases in one group but I wanted to include groups i don’t usually blog about (as well as svt) so here! Click for name and group!

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Alright, I wasn’t gonna post this until I’d drawn them in their hero suits too, but take this very cliche reverse!au. I wanna draw some more and maybe write a fic? 

Okay, so Adrien Agreste lives in a bakery with his father, Gabriel, and stepmom Nathalie. He likes to sew and bake, just like Marinette, and definitely isn’t afraid to be more “feminine”. To him, it’s just hobbies he likes and is good at so it’s really nbd. He’s generally pretty collected, and still a bit of a goof, but in a more ‘clumsy sweetheart’ than ‘dorky nerd’ kind of way. 

Mari, on the other hand, lives with her designer mother Sabine and her assistant, Tom. She models, but doesn’t really keep with the gender binary either. If she put some thought into it, Marinette would probably identify as genderfluid, going back and forth between masc and fem presenting, but she doesn’t really have time to worry about it between fencing and ballet and piano and all the modeling. Marinette doesn’t really mind ‘she’ pronouns either, even on more masc days. 

I was hesitant to switch their superhero identities, but it really doesn’t make sense any other way. Shy and some what timid (though he’s really only that way around Mari) Adrien becomes the self assured and confident Ladybug. (Again, he doesn’t care about being ‘Lady’, and the red suit is awesome.) Polite and reserved Mari becomes the carefree and wild Chat Noir, who is ridiculously in love with her partner. 

Ladybug appreciates Chat a lot, and she’s probably one of his best friends, but he doesn’t really see her approaches as genuine. He assumes she’s just flirty and goofy, not taking her very seriously. On the other hand, Adrien is a complete mess around Mari. He’s usually pretty bubbly and cheered as a civilian, but Mari’s cool attitude and general attractiveness turn him into a stuttering dork. Which he is anyways, it’s just amplified

Mari understands that talking to her is difficult for Adrien (and she knows why, it’s not one of those ‘why does he turn red and blush around me???’ situations, because she’s smart and good at reading people). She really just wants to become friends with him, and see the parts of him that he doesn’t show around her. That time she had to approach him as Chat and he actually sassed her she almost dropped dead because sweet, shy, stuttering Adrien was sassing her holy shit

Everyone else is switched, though I haven’t thought about it too much. Obviously Alya and Nino trade places, Alya becoming the goofy and lovable DJ while Nino picks up the attitude and the blogging. They both still love their friends dearly (and are probably in love with each other ofc) and are oblivious about their secret identities, for now~

Design wise, I decided on the long hair and bun for Adrien cause it makes him a little softer? Somehow? It definitely comes across more gentle (think Asahi from Haikyuu) and he keeps the bun as Ladybug. On the other hand, Mari’s perfectly styled pixie cut goes completely wild when she’s Chat, a more physical representation of the freedom she gets. 

I’m still toying around with how I want them to look as heroes, there are aspects of the original costumes I wanna keep but there’s also a few changes I have in mind. Also, like I said, I have a fic in the process. Not sure if it’s gonna be true to the orginal show or more my own ideas, probably a mixture of both! 

Sorry about the huge post but I have A LOT OF IDEAS ABOUT THIS AU. I can put them under a cut if anyone wants.