and i just really like that quote

I’m re-reading Good Omens (in english and spanish simultaniusly just to see the differences) and I noticed 2 things: 

  • Crowley and Aziraphale went to Tadfield just before the birthday party, and they didn’t even stop to change clothes, so if they never miracled their clothes or changed somewhere (the Bentley maybe) that means that Crowley is still dressed as a waiter and Zira as a magician (and with cream all over him).
  • In the english version Anathema says they are “consenting bicycle repairmen" but in spanish thay translated it as “pareja de hecho de mecánicos de bicicletas” which means that Anathema thinks they are basically married (pareja de hecho is like not really married but like if they were).

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so Believer by Imagine dragons works for the IPRE crew, with each verse focused on a specific character and the chorus for all of them. First verse Lucretia, then Davenport, second verse Taako. Fourth verse Merle, fifth Magnus and the last verse barry and lup. I hope this makes sense I just really like making lyricstucks in my head and this blog is amazing and lets me kind of share the things i'd never have the skills to actually make otherwise

I’m not going to quote any lyrics; I’m just going to link them, so our followers can see them all & realize how much of a genius you are. :D  

Day 21: Furious

“Alas, poor York! But that I hate the deadly, / I should lament thy miserable state” —"Henry VI Part 3", 1.4.84-85

So this Margaret of Anjou is very obviously based on Sophie Okonedo’s in the Hollow Crown series (including the costume)…look, I just really really like her Queen Margaret, OK, let me live. So here we have her setting the House of York on fire to avenge her lover’s death.

In further news which is news to no one, Margaret does not fuck around.

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Oh gosh, yeah sorry, Us and Sf Papyrus, Ut and Uf Sans please?

Of course :D
Original question:
“Hey, can i get the lazy ones reacting to meeting their s/o for the first time, accidentally bumping into them at a mall/park and the future s/o says "hey, i think you dropped something, your standards. Hi my name’s ___.”“

Stretch bab:
He was chilling at the park like usual, but as soon as he bumped into you and you said that, he just pauses and stares for a few moments, a bit skeptical, before bursting into a short fit of laughter. "You’ve got some skill kid, but let me show you how its really done” You’ve got a hell of a day ahead of you full of flirty skelepuns now
Rus Boi:
He’s not too used to the sudden pick up line, he just stares as if almost asking “Whut are you talking about?” Then. Sudden realization. He’s blushing like all hell, looking everywhere but at you. “U-uh..That’s sweet of you, b-but you didnt have to do that..” Keep going like this, and you basically already have a date set up with this boi.
Snasy bab:
whut. Why? Why was that necessary hun? He’s a little blushy and though he tries his best to hide it, he’s not very good at doing so. He tries to brush off the pick up line and maybe use some of his own, but you’ll have to work a little harder to get past his defenses. If you do manage to, he’s gonna be a little surprised from the fact that you made him like you. Flustered bby is gonna do his best to make you like him back.
Red boi:
Hahaha, yea no you’re not gonna get to him like that, he’s gonna stare at you like as if you were crazy, and just walk off “Sorry kid, my standards haven’t fell yet.” But if you try again, he’ll be a little more lenient on you, continuing with flirts and pickup lines will eventually get him to turn a little red, soon enough he’s asking for your phone number to get to talk with you more which eventually will lead to him cheesily asking you out on a date o3o

So, I just watched the video of the Colin/Jen panel at the NJ con, after seeing a lot of pics, gifs and posts about it. I gotta say it, there’s something that really annoys me. I saw a ton of posts along the line of:

“Jen: *gives eloquent and inspiring answer*

Colin: I agree

haha aww”

Listen, while that actually happens at panels and also happened at this one (I think sometimes they do it deliberately as a gag), it’s absolutely unnecessary to make him look like that stuttering guy depending on her brilliance by quoting things wrong or omitting that on occasion, after his statement that he agrees with Jen, he actually added his own answer in his own words.

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that “Broken toy" and "Im fine with he either way brother" has caused so many arguing and fights between us and DErs who always brainlesly spam those lines. like was there even 1 occasion that could go against Stefan in those episodes prior to these quotes?

Well even with those quotes they can’t really do so without ignoring key factors such as the fact that the broken toy comment literally isn’t substantiated by anything Stefan did, it actually just didn’t make sense. They can’t go back to anything that happened and be like this is when he made her feel like a broken toy because Elena was happy. And the I’m fine with her either way is a testament to Damon not taking Elena into account, Stefan was framed as the bad guy because he said he didn’t want her to be a vampire but lo and behold season 6 Elena admits she doesn’t want to be a vampire and tells Stefan he knew her better than anyone


“Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice.”


“Don’t break him, Adam.”

i really gotta give shada credit because ‘space ranger partners’ is EXACTLY how i’d describe keith and lance’s relationship at this point