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Two questions! A) what would be good motives for a prince villain BESIDES tragic backstory B) Any advice for writing a redemption arc?

Wow, I’m in love with this ask. Antagonist motivations? REDEMPTION ARCS? Yes please!!

Okay, so the plan is, I’m going to address the first question first and the second one second. I think that seems reasonable. This might get a little lengthy, I can feel it in the wind, so we’ll see at what point we’ll probably need a Read More.

Question A: (Princely) Villain Motivations

1. Perhaps the most obvious is, well, power. I know a lot of people get pretty tired of the whole “powerful villain wants more power/land/control/riches.” But the fact is, it makes sense, particularly for an antagonist that was raised in power. Keep in mind the kind of childhood this Prince might have had, and all the things they might have been told since they were young. Since they were a child, and during their most formative years, they were likely told time and again how it is their duty as the heir and future leader to uphold the reputation, stature, and altogether power of the entire kingdom. That’s quite a lot of pressure to be under, and it’s hard to get out from under that idea.

Now I’m caught up in the psychology of this trope so here are some points that are somewhat related.

- The first thing they have to fear is looking bad. A Prince is a public figurehead, many are looking to him. That’s a lot of people to disappoint. And when your only counsel is potentially people who are leading you askew, it’s hard to avoid counting on the wrong advice while under pressure.

- These people they could potentially disappoint are both people they personally care about (family/friends) and people that they are responsible for (the citizens)

- Particularly if it’s family applying the pressure, then this care stands to lose everything they have ever known of they try to stand for what they actually think.

2. Noble Ends: Maybe this character kind of has some good ideas or intentions, but for whatever reason, the execution is less than the best- as in, noble ends but evil means. This can take a number of forms, but often you see noble-ends/evil-means characters doing things like putting other people in danger if it means saving one specific character, etc. For every character, this can be different. This particular character is interesting because they are in a position of political and military power, meaning that things are pretty high stakes within their personal lives, the interior of the kingdom, and in their entire country’s relationship with other entire countries. I’m sort of going of the assumption here that you have an idea of the kinds of things your villain does, just not why. 

One of the most often quoted phrases I see about antagonists is that “every villain is a hero in their own minds.” Really take that into consideration for this option in particular, but really it applies to any antagonist.

3. “The Puppet King” Approach: By this I am referring to the trope where a political or powerful figure is actually just being used or manipulated by others with ill intentions. This can be the result of many things, such as straight up blackmail, or the controlling people having leverage over them (like hostages) or, if you want to connect it back to the first idea, through emotional manipulations.

- Blackmail: The controllers have something against them that, if revealed, could be disastrous for the character.

- Leverage: The controllers have something the character desperately needs or wants and are holding it over their heads.

- Emotional Manipulation: Borderline Tragic Backstory, and relating to the first idea, but the controllers could be telling the character terrible things in order to get them to do terrible things- perhaps they told them that they are useless or worthless if they don’t do these things, and this character craves the validation, attention, interaction, etc that comes with pleasing these people. 

4. “They’re Not Evil, They’re Just Misguided”:  Maybe this character is completely misinformed about the situation. This could be an elaborate manipulation on someone else’s part, or really no single person’s intention, but the product of the environment in which this character lives. It sort of ties back to “Noble ends and evil means”, except with a lot more deception and miscommunication going on. Keep in mind, they still have to make the choice to do some terrible things, so it’s not like they didn’t have bad intentions ever.

There’s also a few things you should keep in mind when writing a character like this.

First… if some of these ideas make it look like I am giving the “villain” something to be pitied, or like they have qualities or intentions that one could actually understand, or even an actual (gasp) tragic backstory, it’s because I actually am. If you want to write a good villain, and I mean a really good villain, they have to be just as complex and psychologically believable as the hero. Not only that, but it helps readers keep in mind that no one is just born with a gun in their hand and murder in their hearts. That layer of real tragedy is sometimes needed to show people that hey, this person fell real hard, and that is not just their personal tragedy, but a tragedy of the very world we all live in.

That being said, I am going to jump into my second thing to keep in mind… This villain can have understandable intentions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gonna do villainous things. Make them do terrible, horrible, horrendous, awful, unforgivable things. After all, they aren’t really a “villain” if they don’t do entirely evil things sometimes. Yes, it kind of sucks that this person became this way, but now it’s a little too late. They are a threat that needs to be dealt with now, or they will only breed more tragedy. 

A villain’s “tragic backstory” only is meant to explain their actions, not to excuse them.

As for question two… I actually think I’m going to get back to you on that one. Redemption arcs deserve an entire post, because they are remarkably complex and I just can’t limit myself to only giving a handful of tips. I will be setting that post up probably later today, tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks for the questions, as always, and look for the redemption post on the horizon. 



I love the Harry Styles Behind the Album. All in all, I think it’s smiley happy Harry during his creative process. All the things I LOVE. But the couple times he spoke about privacy have stuck with me:

  • “It felt like a little secret. It’s fun to feel like no one knows where you are. It made such a difference, from being in a busy city.” (BTA 4:46)
  • “I just, I really enjoy being private more. Starting the way that everything started. I get to kinda claw a little bit of that back. I don’t feel like people know everything about me, now. And there was definitely a time where I felt like people knew everything about me and I realized I didn’t like that.” (BTA 7:43)
  • "I kind of also wanted to let the work do the talking a little bit. I mean, definitely, part of my ego wanted to see if I could write something that people liked without knowing everything about me.” (BTA 8:17)

So, here’s the question: what if Harry (and Louis) want privacy above all else? Most of us at least think that Jay’s illness and death halted any coming out timeline. What if they realized that they want to live their lives without the massive invasion of privacy public coming out would bring? What if they decided not now? Not, not ever but not now.

Does that change any read of the current landscape? Can we see Harry’s actions and clothing as signaling rather than seeding?

Personally, I want them to be happy and get to make the music they want. Beyond that, they don’t owe us a coming out. I feel like there are a number of people who care about being right and being able to prove they’ve been right rather than what actually makes sense for the two of them. The media circus would be immense. Maybe they’ve chosen their privacy

  • Therapist: Often I like to kick things off with a bit of word association. It's kind of a fun way...
  • Prussia: Is it therapy?
  • Therapist: Not really, no. I'll just say a word and you tell me the very first thing that pops into your mind.
  • Prussia: He's trying to therapise me.
  • Therapist: Okay, let's start with an obvious one. Work.
  • Prussia: *internally* Snake-pit. *externally* Snake... charmer.
  • Therapist: Just say the first thing that comes to mind. Money.
  • Prussia: *internally* Everything. *externally* ...not everything.
  • Therapist: Children.
  • Prussia: Uh, short.
  • Therapist: Brother.
  • Prussia: *internally* Führer. *externally* Football.
  • Therapist: Sister.
  • Prussia: *internally* Hungary? *externally* Fuck! No, not fuck!

You know how in movies when two characters are like Getting to Know Each Other™ and you can tell they be vibin and the way it’s like confirmed is one of them quotes something that the other person finishes and the both look 👀 shocked 😳 because how did you know that really obscure and deep quote/poem that only I, a damaged human, could possibly know? Guess we are soulmates.

Well, I want to see that moment happen but instead of like Shakespeare, Ginsberg, or Aristotle, I want to see Person A start to quote like the intro to Powerpuff Girls and Person B finishes it and they both look 👀 at each other wide-eyed and they fall in love.



I’m pretty late in the bandwagon but i just wanted to tell you my love for people with freckles bc theyre like stars and theyre so cute and if any of ya’ll has freckles may Allah bless u bc i rlly rlly love ur freckles , they’re so pretty kk :“)

Doodled this and tried the dispersion effect again on Dan :"D it failed..again. But thats okay! Insya Allah i will practice more and i’ll gradually get better! 💪💪✨❤ ameen!

Also thank you for all the likes and reblogs from my last post ’ bahamas dan’ 😭❤✨🙏 i really appreciate each notes!
Thank you!!

Praise Allah for the ability i’ve been given, NOT thE artwork!

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Disability AU - Epilepsy.

consulted by  kominato-ryosukes

  • “throughout the day you’ll send me these really relaxing gifs and pictures bc you know how often i need calming stuff so keep it up hoe–i might just marry you”
  • anytime we’re walking and you see something that could possibly trigger an episode you hurry to cover my eyes and whisper some shitty movie quote like “never look back darling, it distracts from the now” from the incredibles”
  • “i really like you but you blocked me on snapchat and it really confused and upset me but it turns out those raves and parties i go to aren’t the best thing to pop up randomly when ur swiping thru stories oops”
    • “i guess if you can’t have my snapchat you’re just gonna have to get every other social media i use 😊”
  • “we were having such an intense debate over whether dogs can be right or left handed that you didn’t seem to notice you were putting our meat and milk groceries in the cabinet—honestly neither did I until I saw it at 2am and wondered if i was going mad”
  • “you misplace my stuff a lot. it’s not your fault, it’s fine—but when it starts happening three times more than the usual amount i just know—i KNOW you’re my favorite video game shirt on purpose and it’s NOT cool”
  • “we both have some serious memory gaps so it’s accustomed that we both look at each other for help whenever some stranger says they met us before or similar—honestly we’re such a damn mess but at least i can laugh about it later on with you by my side”
    • “our little looks range from “oh man do we know her?” to “what the shit? who the fuck is this??”
      • “you’d be surprised at how many already angry people become even angrier at this”

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this is irrelevant but just wanted to mention i find it so nice when i go to read a fic summary that's really long and i can just look for the "Or ...." section that sums it up in a nice little sentence

I totally agree! It’s funny because I was talking about this yesterday with @loveisalaserquest17 and I said that when there’s a quote with like a long dialogue part, I skip it most of the time just to read the real short summary instead because I don’t want too much of spoilers. And when I rec a fic in a list, I often skip the dialogue part because the dialogue layout is too long and it takes too much room (and people tend to not read a too long fic rec)

So yeh, totally agree with you. Dear authors: Always add a quick summary in one sentence or two at the end of your official summary.

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Why is "Frisk" in quotes? Thousands of reasons possible. Could it be that they really are just a Frisk, and that Flowey simply doesn't believe it so he chose to adress them in quotes? Does he mistake them as a Chara instead? May they *be* a Chara? Or are they something else... Heh, I guess only time will tell

I feel like if Flowey would mistake them as a Chara, they would call them Chara.

Or a Charisk. Or chask. Or Frara. Or CFhrairsak

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so I just started following you and honestly i cant believe I've lived this long without seeing your art like. Wow. Good stuff ! :D

you HONOR ME! [cit.]
no, really. Thank you so much TT"

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About the Jackals & Peter: Carl said in the Guardian interview titled 'I had a rule that said you can't do heroin and crack' that lyrical references to the Libertines on the first Jackals album were intentional. As for Peter, does anyone doubt that Let it Rain is about him? I thought that was one of the most obvious ever. And with that quote from Carl, he clearly doesn't consider Peter/the Libs irrelevant for the Jackals (or at least he didn't in the past.)

Hey there! He did indeed, thank you for reminding me. Carl and Peter both have recently been far more honest about the fact that they do at times write about one another. I am not sure why the anon is bent out of shape by something that at this point isn’t a secret. People like to ponder what lyrics mean, it’s just fun really, and sometimes inspiring, and unless the songwriter confirms their meanings, we all know it’s ultimately a guess. For those wondering, here is the quote from Carl, this is the source and here is the actual quote: There are a few lyrical references to the Libertines on the record. Were you conscious of that? I was aware of them. You know how in therapy, when you’ve had a fucked-up past, you need to go back as an adult and nurture that baby? I think that’s what you have to do in songwriting. x 

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A DAI question; I know you post a lot about DAI and TW3, so I was wondering, out of all the companions and characters from Dragon Age and The Witcher, which ones do you pair together as a romantic couple and why? (or maybe non-romantic too) //big fan of your incorrect quotes blog btw - have a nice day!

Great question! Sorry for taking so long, this was a really good question and I just wanted to sit down and really take my time to answer it! ♥ (bless anons like you who ask these fun, profound questions) 

I’m sure this answer is going to be long though, so I’ll just shorten it for the sake of people who might get annoyed, and hopefully others who’d enjoy reading why I ship certain characters with each other from TW3 and DAI can keep reading!

Keep reading

all these harry lyrics about not talking enough just makes me think of that one quote about harry from someone on 1ds team mark jarvis maybe? about how harry is a bit of a closed book and wants to talk to people but will never make the first move like you have to ask him about his problems first to start a conversation. and like. wow….. my fake extrovert but really lowkey introverted sweet boy thats emotionally guarded and hates difficult conversations… i love u?

the single most messed up i’ve ever been from a moment was when we were doing a book signing in a town called Bristol in England, and we met one really emotional mum - a sad mum. i mean anyone would just get slaughtered by that, there’s no way you can stand up to a sad mum, and she was just like “oh, my daughter or my son have had a really really tough year” but she was really emotional and crying and she was like “i just want to say thank you, everything’s been terrible. but just because they’ve been watching your videos, they’ve been smiling and having a good time”. that was the most real i’ve ever seen something and she was saying “it’s not like you’re Superman or you know..” but simply like - she just wanted to say “thank you. beacuse just by providing this light entertainment, you’ve been so helpful. i really appreciate that you’re just doing whatever the heck it is that you do” and it was that moment where i was like “i can’t complain about anything really” because even if i doubt like “how good is my content? why am i doing it? what’s the meaning of anything?” all of that doesn’t matter when you have that one mum saying “thank you”. despite what you think of what you do, purely because of it existing, you’re doing this really great thing - and that’s just stuck with me for a long time.
—  @danielhowell (at Playlist Live 2017)
Here, this is my heart. I’ve spent quite a lot of time putting it back together. I’m sorry about the cracks. Some people weren’t that gentle with it. Sometimes I wasn’t gentle either, but I’m getting better at it every day. I don’t really like having these protective walls up, but my past wasn’t great. I’ve knocked them down just to build them back up stronger than before every time. That’s become exhausting, but you’ll be different from the rest, won’t you? You won’t take this love for granted, you’ll cherish it, right? Right?
—  Maxwell Diawuoh // Trust

“But I love you,” he tells her, “you know that I really do.”

“Yes, I know,” she says quietly,

“I just can’t fathom the idea of anyone loving a shattered soul like me, you know?”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #139 // “How do you love?”
I just, I really enjoy being private more. Starting the way everything started, I get to kind of claw a little bit of that back. I don’t feel like people know everything about me now. And there was definitely a time where I felt like people knew everything about me, and I realized I didn’t like that. Kind of also wanted to let the work do the talking a little bit. I mean definitely part of my ego wanted to see if I could write something that people liked without knowing everything about me.
—  “Harry Styles - Behind the Album”