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9x05 “Dog Dean Afternoon” // 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”
Of Motel Rooms, Picture Frames and Plaid Shirts

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A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This is really just something small, but irregradless something that kind of stood out to me on re-watch. Likely this is also not even meant to be seen in relation, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it could be seen in relation. ;) Basicaly during re-watch of 9x05 “Dog Dean Afternoon” when this motel room scene plays out I just thought: “I have seen this not too long ago. This feels so familar.” And after some thinking I realized what it was. The motel room as such feels very similar to the one we saw Dean stay in in 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”. There’s the dark brown wooden wall and also the sea painting which Sam sits in front of  in 9x05 (and which kind of gives him wings - nice touch there with Gadreel and all), but most of all Dean is wearing the exact same shirt. Now, like I said, I’m perfectly certain this wasn’t intentional and this is just me seeing connections where are none, but as I pointed out in the previous posts (and there are a few to come in this series in the future concentrating particulalry on Chef Leo and Dean) regarding this episode to me this episode spoke volumes about Dean’s Mark of Cain arc (especially when commparing the cook’s predicament), so in that relation one could say this shirt connects both episodes very loosely speaking.

Carrot carefully lifted a small dragon out of a coffee cup. “The little ones get everywhere,” he said. “Just like kittens. But the adults just keep their distance and stare at us.”
“Like cats, then,” said Rincewind. He lifted up his hat and untangled a small silvery dragon from his hair.
“I wonder if we ought to take a few back?”
“We’ll be taking them all back if we’re not careful!”
“They look a bit like Errol,” said Carrot. “You know, the little dragon that was our Watch mascot? He saved the city by working out how to, er, flame backwards. We all thought he was some new kind of dragon,” Carrot added, “but now it looks as though he was a throwback. Is Leonard still out there?”
They looked out at Leonard, who had taken half an hour off to do some painting. A small dragon had perched on his shoulder.
“He says he’s never seen light like it,” said Rincewind. “He says he must have a picture. He’s doing very well, considering.”
“Considering what?”
“Considering that two of the tubes he was using contain tomato puree and cream cheese.”
“Did you tell him?”
“I didn’t like to. He was so enthusiastic.”

– on Errol, and Leonard’s paints | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

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If Pj would be angry at you for creating him , you could just say «Hey! i'm the reason why you're with Omni right now so be grateful!»

PFFF well honestly that really wasn’t me at all o-o

That was an accident

A happy accident

One that ended up better for PJ in the long run instead of hurting him!

Note: This reaction is done in 3 seperate posts. This one is for Got7. 


He would watch you trying to reach a box on top of your closet. Unfortunatly the chair you were standing on wasn`t very sturdy and in a matter of seconds you were sitting on you butt on the ground. Jaebum would chuckle thinking you were adorable before getting the box for you.

“Next time you should just ask me to get it for you. You`re clumsiness will be the death of you.”


Honestly I feel like Mark laughs about everything so you should be prepared to hear his laugh everytime you happen to drop something or trip. He`d help you up checking if you were alright while still be in a complete fit of laughter. 

“I seriously can`t leave you alone can I?”


*gif* sorry but I had to bring this back

No but seriously he`d find you adorable but would definitely tease you with it. Would probably give overreactions whenever you break something.

Y/n: *breaks a thing*

Jackson: *on his knees, hand dramatically draped over his forehead* “OMG y/n how could you? That was my favorite thing in this whole apartment!”

Y/n: “It was literally just a plate”

Jackson: “You don`t understand! We had a special connection!”


At a loss of words most of the time. I think he wouldn`t know what to do with you. He`d probably scold you more often than laugh at you, always with a good intention though. He just doesn`t want you to hurt yourself so he`d be very protective.

Jinyoung: “Be careful there y/n, that knife is very sharp”

Y/n: “Okey”

Jinyoung: *watches over your shoulder to make sure you really are careful*


Amused most of the time. This cutie would be giggling whenever something didn`t go quite the way you wanted it to and it or you ends up on the floor somehow. He`d be a gentleman, comforting you even if you didn`t hurt yourself and offer to take you to eat ice cream afterwards. Also gently keeps you close to him when you are outside. 


“OMG jagi are you okey?” 

Concerned little puppy here. He`d be watching tv in the livingroom when he suddenly heard rumbling coming from the kitchen. He`d be running into the room seeing you on the ground, kitchen tools scattered around the room. After making sure you`re alright he would lightly scold you for almost giving him a heart attack. 


His ideal type is someone with a wacky personality so I think a clumsy girl/boyfriend would be perfect for him. No matter when he would be constantly smiling or giggling at you. I also think he wouldn`t be able to hold back his hugging and cute little comments. 

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saphael + just come back alive, okay?

“just come back alive, okay?” Raphael muttered against Simon’s chest, his arms wrapping tighter around his boyfriend’s neck. 

“As alive as undead gets” Simon teased in an attempt to ease the tension though it did nothing to calm Raphael. 

Raphael looked up and Simon and glared at him “this is going to be dangerous” 

“I know” Simon whispered and rest his forehead against Raphael’s.

“Promise me you’ll stay close to Luke or Magnus, they’re the only ones I trust to look out for you if this goes to shit and it probably will”

“I’m a big boy Rapha I can take care of myself” Simon grinned and stroked Raphael’s cheeks with his thumb. 

“just come back to me as soon as possible” Raphael said and hugged Simon tightly.

“I love you” Simon kissed Raphael’s lips before pulling away and headed for the door.

“I love you too” Raphael called and watched from a safe distance as Simon existed into the early morning light. 

Two days passed before Raphael heard from Magnus, two days of no sleep and constant fear passed before he got the call.

“I’m sorry Raphael, I tried..” he heard before the phone was smashed against the wall and shattered into a million pieces much like his still heart. 

five word prompts  

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What video software do you use? I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I've just been curious and I'd like to make videos somewhat like that since my animation skill are garbage. Btw, you're AWESOME!

I did the both two video with After Effect since this is actually the only animation software I am familiar at…

Now beware that “animation” actually have MANY TYPES, you can have Flash, Puppets, Motion graphics, even so many more. So which kind of animation skill you are referring here? Nonetheless, constantly practice is one of the key point for improvement, also I suggest you to watch more similar animation works that you are interested in, learn from other works can help you learn faster too.

So I just watched the TO finale and it could’ve been worse. Could’ve been a lot worse. Even if this was the last season (which it isn’t, thank the Gods) I could live with the ending that was chosen. At least no one died 😝.

Yes, they’re separated, but they didn’t die.

Marcel and Rebekah can finally be together, as they always should’ve been and wanted to be.

Freya can experience life with Keelin and visit her siblings, since she is not inhabited by the Hollow. A.k.a checking in on Klaus. Elijah might be a problem since he doesn’t remember. Plus knowing her she’ll search for ways to reunite them again.

Kol is with Davina, pretty good. Not dead, also good.

Elijah was finally happy. This was the happiest I have ever seen him, not burdened by his devotion of Always and Forever. Not burdened by trying to be someone he’s not for Hayley. Not incessantly obsessing over Klaus and his redemption. He was at peace. Compelled peace, but peace. He made the right choice asking Marcel to compel him, because even I knew he would never be able to stay away and this was his way of ensuring he kept his promise to Klaus.

Hayley is with Hope, as it should be. Raising her little girl and giving her a normal life. Well, as normal as it gets for a witch and a hybrid lol. Okay not with Elijah, but I never cared for them much anyway.

And then my fav Klaus. Yes I was rooting for him to get a chance to be in Hope’s life. And when she screamed for him when he left broke my heart. He has grown so much in these past four seasons, because of Hope and because of Cami, that I am sure he will be fine. The old Klaus would have never made such a sacrifice, and this is the second time he does so for his little girl. He wants her to live and be happy and if this is what it takes, then so be it. I think he’ll be fine. He’ll focus on art, open an art gallery (and probably check in on his siblings, the sneaky bastard 😏) Loved his smile when he realized Elijah had gotten compelled to keep his promise to him..

It wasn’t the best finale, but like I said, I can live with it.

Wonder what season 5 is going to bring.

Like, literally every other episode has been good? So many. I’ve been calling Series 10′s praises all this time. I love Bill. This series has made me love the Twelfth Doctor, Capaldi’s Doctor. I’ve been loving Missy more, and Nardole more, each episode they’ve been in. 

But this one episode… wow, it earned such a vicious hatred from me. 

Doctor’s Who’s supposed to be about hiding behind the sofa because you’re scared, but you know that there’s always going to be something good at the end, that the Doctor will save the day somehow, or something will. With this, I felt literally sick watching it. Trapped. Attacked personally.

Bill is the point of view character. She is the one we’re supposed to see the Doctor’s world through. They didn’t just do that to her - they did that to all of us. And if that’s not enough, they specifically did that to a queer, black companion.

Les Mis Groupwatch presents: 

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

I have…. fuckèd up, my pals. My comrades. My fellow humans. I promised @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo​ I would do a post about this midweek and I did not do a post about this because I am a total screwup who could not in fact organise a pissup in a brewery. But ANYWAY some people are coming regardless and! this is still happening later today. We’re watching The Wind That Shakes The Barley, which is about Irish independence fighters. Wow, that’s a really informative summary of the film. I’m blowing this one out of the gate. I’m hitting home runs here. It’s a good film. I am not a good groupwatch organiser or human. I’m going to let the director, Ken Loach, summarise the main themes in a quote I totally didn’t just steal from Wikipedia in a rush:

Every time a colony wants independence, the questions on the agenda are: a) how do you get the imperialists out, and b) what kind of society do you build? There are usually the bourgeois nationalists who say, ‘Let’s just change the flag and keep everything as it was.’ Then there are the revolutionaries who say, 'Let’s change the property laws.’ It’s always a critical moment.

I’ve been arguing that we should watch this for some time, but now seemed like a Good Moment because it will give a pretty good intro for those people who want to understand what the fuck is going on with British Politics rn and who the DUP are and why people are freaking out about the idea of them having a casting vote. It’s also a sensitive exploration of the difficulties involved in trying to create the new society you so desperately want. This is an upsetting but also Important film. Also the waistcoats are fucking sweet as. Look at the above picture. That’s some great hashtag transmasc aesthetic right there. 

Please join us to watch this film that I am not Marketing well. 

The essential stuff:

  • The date and time is Saturday June 24th at 4pm GMT WHICH IS 5PM UK TIME, AND ALSO TODAY. Daylight savings happened so note that the start time is in GMT and is different to the usual winter time. Please check what this is in your timezone if you’re not sure!
  • The film is just over 2 hours long and we will break in the middle
  • It is in English and we will have English captions/subtitles.
  • The meeting “place” is the group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette)
  • Contact me if you want to join in! Don’t contact vapaus, vapaus has enough nonsense to deal with without trying to hastily add people because I made the post too late. 

Group Watch FAQ is here if you have more questions (or you can just ask)


I just re-watched the new trailer for Game of thrones, and there’s a scene where it looks like Jon is riding way in a great deal of pain. He’s clutching his stomach and leant forward, indicating he’s been injured (If it is him on the horse, same furs) at 1:34 in the trailer. So I have a theory. Well two, that sort of coenside with one another.

The first being this is what Bran see’s when he wargs. And this is why Sansa walks away so emotionally torn. Jon may or may not be alive? They don’t know, all they do know is he’s alone on a horse, without help and dying. We also know that when Jon is alone, Sansa is saying “When white winds blow, the lone wolf dies…” as he’s on his horse. (This is weak at best, but I did it anyway, so oh well. And I prefer that she and him had a little fight or something)

The second being this could be slight confirmation that D@ny, if she saves Jon’s group, does not retrieve him. It is entirely possible that he makes it to Benjen and they help each other out (And why the hell would D@ny fly him all the way to Dragonstone? That part I’m having issue with when she can just drop him off at WF, just to have that boatsex- and how does she lose the dragon she’s on to the NK while she’s on him?) Anywho, I’m not saying that will happen, because it’s possible that D@ny will swoop right back down and pick him up. But who knows, I like my tinfoil, so whatever. 


As a whole I don’t particularly enjoy the Rainbow Crystal arc - a lot of it feels like the plot’s just treading water waiting for the manga to catch up (something I think the anime got a better handle of in later seasons. See: the entire Ail/Ann arc), and lot of it just isn’t that engaging for me.

The girls don’t really do that much - I’m up to the Reika episode and I feel like I’ve barely seen Ami and Rei over the last couple of episodes - and it feels like they’re doing a whole lot of nothing and sitting around while Tuxie and Zoisite bicker over the crystals.

Which leads into one of the few things I do enjoy about the Rainbow Crystal episodes - a lot of it feels like a chore to watch, but I enjoy the fuck out of Zoisite constantly trolling Tuxie, because he is a beautiful petty little shit. Could just fight him, could probably blast him right now, but nope. ZOISITE’S GOT TO TROLL JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES.

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Today I watched their SSW episode and their hospital engagement episodes and I just feel in love with them more,they really are a unique couple.

There have been so many amazing moment that I take for granted sometimes. It’s easy to be caught up and consumed by what’s happening in the future and not appreciating what we’ve already been given.
Their story is a unique one that is a true gift! We need to remember and relive the good times when we’re going through a tough patch because it will get better, we will get more incredible moments. :) let’s enjoy the magic that is Robron!

Weeeee try not to die, Steven

Where are we now? It looks like they’re surrounded by a bunch of doors. What’s behind each door? One of them must be the way out, and the rest around probably filled with dangerous traps and challenges.

NO NO NO. This is a bad idea.

Okay good, I’m glad they didn’t just let that happen. Also I’m enjoying watching the gems pass Steven around like an infant.

Aw, what? Hell yeah! We finally get to see some one-on-one time with Steven and Garnet! Steven looks as excited as I am!

Unpopular Opinion:

I actually love Shadowhunters and the way they are going about the storyline because, I’ve read the books and I know what’s going to happen. But the way the show is telling the story is giving me the element of surprise and I love it.

The trend “TMI Deserves Better” is rude and childish. If you don’t like the damn show don’t watch it. No one is forcing you too. You’re just torturing yourself and those who actually enjoy the show because you’re spreading negativity.

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Dude Zab I get your pain my posts and a couple of my friends posts were on that Instagram page and we were actually just talking about that Instagram page earlier today. They were outright rude and roasting people for their art?!!! Like who does that??(1)

(2) Also the fact that older fans like us can’t enjoy Dan and Phil is so outrageous??? I think a lot of the younger phandom doesn’t realize the actual age range of people who watch them. I think one time Phil even mentioned that a small percentage of his audience was like 65+!!

(3) and finally, I’m sorry you are getting all that hate :/// just know that all of the @quarterlifecrisesphannies are with you as well! 😊

awwww you are all so sweet <3 I think it’s awesome that people of all ages watch dnp! They’re both adults themselves so it makes sense. 

Also, (this is total conjecture btw) my guess is that people were sending in art that didn’t belong to them to be roasted just for the sake of participating as is the way of instagram, but I never even scrolled down the account. literally the only things i did were (1) ask for my work to be taken down (2) ask that they stop posting things without permission/source and (3) post about how this account and others like it were doing this.

thank you for the nice asks! <3

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okay okay we're talking about hsm and lemonade mouth but do you remember starstruck? idk why but i loved that one


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I imagine that Haruka and Minako keep trying (and failing) to make one another food and it's literally baffling to those watching because how many different types of way can someone give someone else food poisoning? The answer is a lot. Perhaps in ways that didn't exist until Haruka and Minako touched food. Eventually Michiru and Rei literally refuse to let their sick spouses be anywhere near each other because there's a good chance that they're just a dish or two away from a new plague.

love means never having to say “sorry i made you vomit”

there’s a lot going on so i’m just going to kill five birds with one post. 

  • verde don’t eat oscar. 
  • bernie stay away from north’s nuts, who knows where they’ve been.
  • shirtless guy, nice selfie. 
  • iris, pick a movie. 
  • everybody else, i’m kauri, and you’re watching (whacks an icicle i made against the palm of my hand) a television program that was cancelled during the years of the apocalypse. 

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I. Where can I read the latest hxh stuffs because wHAT was that post I just liked is Nanika a powerful whatever from a forbidden continent is it talking abt Alluka WHAT help mee where can I read and where should I start if I only watched the animu

Omg dkjhfdjfkhdf 

Okay so I recommand you to start at chapter 339. 339 is really teh very end of the anime , and if you start by this one you’ll manage to get into the manga more easily. Here’s a link. (this website has all the chapters in top quality + the bonus chapters so I definitly recommand it).

As for Nanika, I don’t know if it was confirmed in interviews or just a wildly spread theory, but it makes a lot of sense that she comes fro the forbidden continent we’re talking about and I think it has a lot of possible explaination in canon. I don’t think it’s spelled out though.

But yay join us it’s cool! If you’re confused come at me anytime, that’s what Tach is doing atm rip

So good luck and have fun :D