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Okay, so I’m sure that most of you have already noticed that Yuri on Ice used Sara and Michele Crispino as foils to Yuuri and Victor’s relationship in order to show the contrast between their relationships, but I’m not sure whether you guys noticed just how many similarities their relationships have, and they go as far as the actual lines the characters say.

So here’s a post presenting all of their similarities, which make all of their differences stand out all the more. Take it as a sort of compare and contrast activity.

This is gonna get long with all the screenshots I use so let me tease this with the cutest (imo) scene comparison

I shall see you below the cut!

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My Overwatch charms from @acornpress arrived to me a while back! AND THEY ARE LOVELY!! They’re done so well I cry /___\

I strapped some up for photos but you can see how lovely these guys came out! HHHH I LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much! ;0; I’ll be ordering some more of these charmos in the near future! 8)

I will work on the pre-orders soon! I got back from travels not too long ago ;-;

Overwatch weapons©Blizzard
Charm production©Acorn Press


This is what is happening in my state. Facebook page AMC West End Point 8, Yukon Oklahoma. 

I was unable to screenshot the comments because I barely know how to use this computer, but you guys are more than welcome to go read the comments. It’s so many people, that they know obviously, making excuses for them, saying “it’s a joke.” AMC has not responded. Apparently we shouldn’t “attack them” because they are just kids. But honestly, if they are able to work and make “jokes” then they are old enough to take responsibility..

i’m not sure to tag in order for this to get a little attention…. so I’m just gonna tag the blogs i follow that usually have things like this.



over the garden wall

send one for my muses reaction! Feel free to change any gender or anything that needs changing in order for it to make sense to have come from your muse.

I can leave a trail of candy from my pants!❞
We just wanna get home with all our legs and arms attached!❞
You’re more lost than you realize.❞
This guy sounds loony. Maybe we should make a break for it.❞
You lead the Beast right to us with your candy!❞
Beware, the Unknown! Fear the Beast! And leave these woods!❞
Well, that settles it. I’m gonna walk up 10 feet ahead of you.❞
I’m not magical. I’ll just do you a good turn.❞
Hey, not to be obnoxious, but an abandoned ghost town doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be useful.❞
You find this place as creepy as I do, right?❞
How did you end up in this little town of ours?❞
You’ll never convict! You have no proof!❞
It saddens me that you don’t wish to stay here with us, particularly because I simply have to punish your transgressions.❞
They’re all skeletons.❞
Iguess, in some ways, I’m trying to get home, too.❞
The world is a miserable place. Life isn’t fun.❞
We need to do our part to make the world a better place.❞
I can’t hear you because I’m too busy doing what I’m told.❞
You are literally killing me every moment I’m forced to spend with you.❞
I got enough nonsense from that no good, two-timing, low-down handsome man of mine.❞
This is way better than being chased by a gorilla.❞
You know you eat enough when you start seeing stars.❞
I just wanted to have fun, change the world, and make it a better place. But I just made everything worse.❞
Deep down in your heart, you’re a stubborn jerk.❞
When are you gonna give this up?❞
Okay, I think he’s asleep. Let’s go steal his stuff.❞
The beast is upon me!❞
Let’s go to this creepy tavern and ask for some directions.❞
Curse you! You’ll die someday, and I’ll laugh!❞
Oh, you’re not the witless, simple-minded fool everybody takes you for.❞
You’re the master of your own destiny. The hero of your own story!❞
Why not let me take the lantern for awhile?❞
No need for violence…❞
You leave those children be!❞
The money takes my mind off my troubles - the deep, soul-crushing loneliness.❞
She consumed my every thought. I’d fallen in love with a ghost.❞
You’re frightened of a ghost? Ghosts are just floaty things.❞
What if I’m on the brink of madness?❞
Well, guess we have to spend some quality time together.❞
How about you tell me your dark secrets instead, huh?❞
My secrets are too secret.❞
I secretly whisper poetry to myself in my room at night.❞
Looks like there was a struggle - a violent struggle.❞
Do you know what I did for this money? The things these filthy hands have done to make this money?!❞
You alright? You sound uncharacteristically wistful.❞
You’re a manly frog and you need some socks.❞
I don’t think today’s a good day to get arrested by frogs.❞
Drum me! Drum me in the face!❞
Sounds like you’re a real loser back home.❞
That fresh air does simply gruesome things to my tender, delicate skin.❞
Once I fill their heads with wool, they’ll become just like little sheep and follow my every command.❞
All along, you’ve been leading us to this crazy lady?❞
I do as he commands - the voice of the night, the beast of eternal darkness!❞
If you don’t trust me, then you don’t have to follow me, okay?❞
The beast knows your presence!❞
I believe you, but please, hide yourselves at once!❞
Then no one shall be devoured alive tonight?❞
You’re a good girl, but you decieve me.❞
Then you have no evil secrets to keep?❞
Keeping you busy is the only way to keep evil spirts from driving you to wickedness.❞
You shan’t remain alive for long in this house.❞
There is only my way. There is only the forest, and there is only surrender.❞
Can we admit we’re lost for good?❞
The beast has claimed him already.❞
Still the haunted ruins of night call your name.❞
You’re limiting the universe to only things humans could understand.❞
Yes, just sit there in the cold and wait.❞
We’ll keep that light of yours shining, won’t we?❞
There is a light for the lost and the meek.❞
Hard woe and fear are easily forgotten when you submit to the soil of the earth.❞
You’ve been grinding up lost souls for years.❞
Hold your tongue, or I’ll remove it from your mouth!❞
It’s my fault we ended up here. Everything’s been my fault.❞
You’re not trying to help me. You just have some weird obsession.❞
Oh you wonderful mistake of nature!❞

Teach me

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Iwaoi

[Fighter! Au Tag]

A/N: probably the most self indulgent AU I’ve thought up so far (and overused as well I’m assuming) - a fighter AU! where Iwaizumi owns a mixed martial arts gym. This AU will feature multiple pairs BUT it will also focus a lot on platonic oikurobo (mostly because of @ryugazakkis <3) 

WARNING: this series will contain mentions of blood, bruises and everything pertaining to fighting in relative detail.


Tooru struggles with every inhale, heaving as he doubles over from the pain that’s ebbing from the very center of his core and radiating to every corner of his body. Every lungful of air burns, his entire throat licked by flames that can’t be extinguished no matter the number of times he swallows.

“No,” he refuses adamantly, holding Hajime’s gaze, fighting his every urge to pass out and drift off into blissful oblivion.

Hajime bares his teeth at him, “Stop being a stubborn piece of shit and go home. This is no place for you.”

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some memorable assholes from my time in corporate coffee

- “can i get a blended americano without the coffee?” “so, decaf?” “no just like an americano frappuccino, hold the coffee.” “that’s a cup of blended ice.” “what the fuck? i didn’t order that!!”
- the creepy guy who would slide quarters across the counter to me and say “more where that came from if you keep smiling”
- a regular whose order was a venti extra-extra dry cappuccino. basically she just wanted 2oz of espresso and 14oz of burnt milk foam, and insisted i make it every damn time cause i was the only one who made it the way she liked. when any of my co-workers made her drink she would end up full on screaming at them “i said DRY cappuccino i want it DRYYYY this isn’t dry!!!!!!!!” etc etc etc and would throw it in the trash and demand we remake it. and this horrible bitter old woman thought we were friends and she’d stand around the counter (backing the line up around her) whining to me about my co-workers who were standing 3ft away.
- parents shouting at me bc i wouldn’t sample an entire cake pop out for their screaming toddler for free.
- i’m trans. some guy in his 30s asks “so are you gay or what?” i politely decline to answer. “um, the customer is always right. so are you?” that means i have to make whatever shitty drink you order, not that you’re entitled to my personal life in any way.


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hi!! I’m back with another follow forever bc i just reached 8k and I’m screaming !!!!!!!! I can’t believe it ohmygod, thank you so much for following me ilysm guys bc you make this hell site so amazing ;u; sorry it isn’t in alphabetical order this time bc the app updated asdfghjkl

♡: favs

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How To Study During Winter Break

Hey guys and welcome back to my studyblr!As you already know Christmas/Winter break is coming soon (at least in my country 🙈 ) so I thought that it would be helpful to share some tips&tricks on how to study efficiently and stay motivated during that break🙏If you want to know more about the topic just keep on reading.

  • Plan everything in advance. : In my opinion it’s really important staying organized even during the holidays.Making a to-do list is pretty helpful in order to stay on track with your study sessions.
  • Don’t cheat yourself. : Make sure that you are going to stick to the plan/vision that you have created on your mind.For example,if you have planned to study 1 ½ hour per day,just do it.Set your timer and get busy.
  • Hit 1 subject per day : You should focus on one subject per day.There is no need to rush or study way too hard.In my point of view,one subject is enough.Just make sure that you have fully understood and learned the material that you studied.
  • Μake some time off: You should study but make sure that you are still going to have some time off for yourself.For example,you could study in the morning for 2 hours and then relax (in the evening🌇)
  • Find the ideal enviroment : Get out of your house.You have the chance to study in places like cafes (aka Starbucks 😋 ) ,libraries or at a friend’s house (have a study buddy and study together 💜 )
  • Unplug from social media : Everyone spends their time on their phones doing literally nothing during the holidays.On the other hand,you have to do the opposite.Turn your phone off and stay away from any distractions especially during your study sessions.

So these are my tips and tricks on how to stay motivated and study during the Christmas holidays.Now,I believe that studying during the winter break is very efficient and helpful so please make sure to make some time to prepare yourself for the next semester😜To sum up,I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy 2017.🎄

P.S You can request any posts you would like to see on my studyblr any time you’d like.🌈

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anonymous asked:

RPGs normally introduce a weapon triangle in order to balance out gameplay. Do these weapon advantages really exist or is that just a game mechanic? I'm writing a story and I want one of my main characters to use a lance/spear, how would they do against swords?

Sort of, but not in the way you’re thinking. The smooth “rock/paper/scissors” style trinities don’t usually exist, but weapons will effectively negate others. For example, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, sword fight, or if the other guy’s got a spear, or a baseball bat, or a broken chair.

It’s more accurate to say that weapons are situational. When they’re being used appropriately, they’ll excel. When used inappropriately, or kludged into a situation where they don’t really work, they’re at a disadvantage.

Polearms work best in large open spaces, where bringing the weapon around to face a foe is easier, and the size serves to keep someone with a short hand weapon at range. If a swordsman is coming at you, just poke ‘em a few times, and leave them to bleed to death. Problem solved. This is much easier if you’re talking about infantry employing a phalanx formation. Where each combatant has their own spear, pointed in the general direction of a future pincushion.

Usually, the weapon priority systems you see are an abstraction of reach. Weapons have both a maximum range you can use them at, and a minimum range where they’re effective. If you’re armed with a shorter range weapon, your goal is (frequently) to get close enough that your opponent cannot use their weapon against you. Spears kinda screw this up a bit, in that they can be used at very short ranges, by migrating your grip across the shaft, while still having a longer maximum range than most swords.

If a foe manages to negate the spear (by grabbing it, or by hacking through the shaft), then your character would, probably, fall back to their own sidearm, rather than trying to use the spear ineffectually. (Normally, this isn’t going to be an issue, because poking someone with a spear will put an end to the fight long before they can do anything with their sword.) This is the other side that weapon priority systems often skip over, if you’re planning for a heavy combat, you’re going to want to bring multiple weapons with you, for use at different ranges and in different situations that you might encounter.

Realistically, your character might be carrying a polearm (a spear, lance, halberd, bardiche, voulge, billhook, and any of the thousands of other varieties) with a sidearm, (some variety of sword, an axe, warhammer, or mace), and a backup or two (depending on the era, this could be anything from a dagger to pistols). Depending on what they were doing (and when they lived), they might be carrying a bow or crossbow instead of a polearm. In more recent eras, the polearm began to be replaced with a handgun (remembering this is not a pistol, but was named to differentiate it from a cannon), and later with muskets and rifles. The sidearm transitioned from the sword to single shot pistols, then the revolver and, eventually, modern pistols. The backup really hasn’t changed, it’s still a choice between knives and guns, though the exact style of both has changed.

The differences between polearms are somewhat idiosyncratic. Poleaxes, like the halberd, voulge, bardiche, (and many others) allowed you to attack with a chopping or slashing movement. Piercing polearms, like the spear, pike, lance (and again, many others) were better suited for poking someone. These came in a wide variety of lengths, and the designs seriously effect exactly how they can be used. It’s not that there’s one “best” polearm. There were a lot of people trying to develop one.

It’s probably also worth noting that the spear, lance, and pike aren’t universal terms. Pikes are usually the long ones, clocking in at up to twenty five feet. Spears are usually the short ones, at six to eight feet. Depending on exactly when you’re talking about, the lance could be anything from a javelin (designed to be thrown) up to a twenty foot spear, intended for cavalry use. But, these terms do get misused a lot. They’re not the same weapons, but the terms also aren’t consistent.

A lot of games will step back and say that polearms in general are anti-cavalry. That’s kinda true, but it’s not universal. Polearms do give infantry more reach, and allow them to attack mounted foes (more effectively), but they were designed to be used against opposing infantry. There’s nothing unusual about someone with a halberd squaring off against a foe armed with a sidesword. If your character is fielding a pike, then they’re going to want to switch to a blade, if they can’t stop their attacker on the pointy end first. Usually, the pointy end will reliably stop the swordsman.

There’s also this post, with a video from Matt Easton on the subject.


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  • The boys were so loved up and domestic making breakfast and everything!!
  • Diane FINALLY acknowledgingthat what she said to Robert at Sarah’s grave was out of order and way bellow the belt!! About time!!
  • Aaron looked SOOOO bloody GORGEOUS in his white shirt and suit!! HE NEEDS TO WEAR THAT MORE OFTEN!! 
  • Robert looked so freaking FIT even when trying to break the law!! His new hair cut and suit looking SO on point!!
  • Robert ripping into Rebecca and telling her how he’s only USED HER ALL ALONG!! SHE’S NOTHING TO HIM!!
  • Robert coming home feeling low and all he wants IS A CUDDLE FROM HIS FIANCÉ AND TO TELL HIM HE LOVES HIM!!! I’M DEAD!!
  • “Everything I need is right here” bc AARON IS EVERYTHING!!

Aaaaahhh! I am SO PUMPED that these finally arrived! After some delays I’ve finally got my very first enamel pin design up and in the shop =) It is a homage to Peridot (and her gem!) and I absolutely plan on making more for the other gems if this little guy does well because honestly it is just so cool to hold a piece of metal that’s also my art in my hands and I want to make ALL THE PINS!

I am considering setting up a pre-order option for future pins because they take a little over a month to be made, and being able to pre-sell them means I’d be able to make more faster. I’m thinking pre-ordered pins will also come at a slight discount as my way of saying thank you for supporting me =)

You can get these Peridot Pins in our Etsy Shop, thanks everyone!

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,899
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 7 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The more Jared spent time with you and River, the worse things seemed to get between him and Genevieve. And the worse things got between them, the sadder and lonelier he looked, which had you inviting him over more to be around River. It was a vicious circle, but River could make him smile when everything else just seemed to weigh him down.

River had invited Jared and Jensen over for a Thursday night game night, since Jensen was heading to Texas next day. Pizza was ordered, Root beer for River, beer for the guys, and Jared had smiled and presented you with a bottle of wine. “Stop trying to butter me up.” You chuckled. “I won’t go easy on you.”

“What makes you think I need you to.” He grinned, as him and Jensen stepped in.

“Dude. Our son is turning 9 soon. Video games are where we live.” You smiled. “No matter what he chooses to play, I’ll kick your ass.”

“Bring it.” You hadn’t seen a smile like that on his face in a long time, and you didn’t miss how happy it made River to see it.

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Just when I dropped the Fairy Tail manga, I suddenly pre-ordered the Harvest -Fairy Tail Illustrations- (the 2nd artbook) and Hiro Mashima’s Rakugaki book o(^▽^)o

I still love Mashima’s art style so I need that in my collection >w< And I do bet there will be a lot of illustrations for the ships like Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza and Gajevy and more.

Should I scan it, once I have my hands on these books?! I’ll let you guys decide o.o

Ahhh It’s HERE!!
These are just a few of the wonderful people that I’ve recently had the opportunity to come across and follow – and now I get to share them with all of you! And I’m so excited to do so! Here they are in no particular order: 


AND so many more that I haven’t even found yet. SOOO if you’re a POC fitblr, please come out of hiding!! I want to meet you all!! 💖

Took you Long Enough- Sebastian Aho

Originally posted by faulker

Congrats! You guys get three today! I love Sepe. SO MUCH! He’s so shy I just want to wrap him in blankets and bake him cookies! Anyway… sidetracked! Ok! So this turned out cute I thought! Enjoy!

Warning: None!

Anon Request: a Sebastian aho imagine where you guys have your first kiss? Thanks:)


              You knew Sepe was shy, like super shy, when you asked him out, but you didn’t imagine it would take this long for him to make his move.

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I’m just playing mass effect one now (a few years late, I know) and Garrus is so funny??

I’m a LONE WOLF sheppard, I don’t play by the RULES. I left c-sec bc I didn’t like being BOGGED DOWN by all the RED TAPE. Sometimes you gotta act OUTSIDE THE LAW in order to GET RESULTS.

But every time we go anywhere he’s like ‘well, we should check in with this guy, he’s the one closest to proper channels’ and ‘that’s not regulation’ and 'this wasn’t covered in my manual’.

I’m pretty sure he just read too many noire books and became infatuated with the 'cop outside the law’ thing
Because I have never met a more goody-two-shoes in my liFE

Well, You Took Your Time

Originally posted by wallmanhere

Requested: Yes, by a very lovely anon

Pairings: Barry Allen x Reader (platonic, unless you squint really, really hard)

Warnings: Kidnapped!Reader

Word Count: 1,214

A/N: I hope that you guys enjoy another Barry fic, I can’t wait for this movie, why is it so far away??

“So you see, my dear, you are the exact pressure point I needed to hit in order to lure The Flash out of hiding.”

You held in a groan, wishing that this whack-job would just shut up and get on with whatever torture he had planned. He had been ranting on about how The Flash would never let you get hurt, but you were honestly starting to doubt this guy’s sanity even more, which is saying something.

You had met The Flash once, when he stopped some mugger from taking off with your purse. But honestly, that was no reason to think that he would show up again. But this guy somehow got it into his twisted mind that you were the ‘key to everything’.

As far as you could tell, this guy had been rambling for the better part of five minutes, and it didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. You struggled against the ropes, hoping that they would at least loosen enough for you to regain feeling in your hands, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good.

However enthusiastic this guy was about capturing you, he wasn’t exactly taking every precaution he could have. He simply tied your hands and feet together, and forced you to sit in a chair. If you could just get your hands loosened, you might be able to untie the rope around your feet and attempt making a run for it. At this point, anything seemed better than waiting for the fastest man alive, who seemed to be running late.

Eventually, the man’s loud speech broke through the mental barrier you had attempted to put up in order to block out the rest of his ridiculous ramblings. Regrettably, it seemed that you could only hold him off for so long, until his speech broke through again.

“You have known The Flash for so long,” the man said, stepping closer to you and grabbing your chin in his hands. “How could you have been so blind?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” you said, meeting your captor’s eyes. You knew that reasoning with him wasn’t going to do you much good, but it couldn’t hurt to try. “I met The Flash once, but I only met him for a few minutes. He probably doesn’t even remember me.” You insisted.

“My dear, dear Y/N,” he muttered finally releasing your chin from his hand and resuming his pacing around the room. “You are perhaps the most clueless girl to have ever stumbled into my hands.” You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. To say that you had stumbled into his hands was an exaggeration. He had knocked you out on your walk back to your apartment. When you got out of this, you were going to make someone walk you home, or at least take a cab.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a spark of light, but you quickly dismissed it, deciding that it was a trick of the light. You knew that this wasn’t going to end well, especially because The Flash had neglected to show up. But, after spotting the light second time, you felt your heart begin to pound.

Did he really come for you? It seemed implausible, but the kernel of hope in your stomach said otherwise. However, it was pretty hard to doubt him when a flash of lightening lit up the room, and a man in a red suit appeared in front of you.

You couldn’t help the grin that broke out onto your face as he made quick work of untying the rope around your hands and feet. He signaled you to be quiet, before scooping you into his arms and in the blink of an eye, you were outside of the warehouse the man had taken you to.

“I’ll be right back.” The superhero insisted, before zooming back into the building. A few minutes and three streaks of lightening later, The Flash was standing in front of you.

“I don’t know how I can even thank you.” you said, looking him up and down. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something was definitely familiar about him.

“You don’t need to thank me, but why don’t I take you home?” he said, moving to pick you up again. “Ill feel better once your safe in your apartment again.”

Before you could tell him where you lived, you were standing in your living room. “How, how did you know where I lived?” you asked, glancing around at the familiar surroundings.

You were nearly certain before that you didn’t know him, but now it seemed impossible that he was a stranger.

“Well, I” he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just thought that, um.”

You crossed your arms, raising an eyebrow at him. It was the same look that you gave your best friend Barry when he was trying to lie to you.

When the stuttering started and he was rubbing his neck, you knew that your best friend since childhood wasn’t telling the truth. Wait a second…

“Barry?” you asked quietly, moving towards him. It didn’t feel possible, but, looking at him again, he was about the same height, they had similar voices and, those eyes. You would know them anywhere.

Tentatively, you reached up to his helmet, and when he didn’t jerk away, you slowly lifted it to reveal the face of Barry Allen, your most trusted friend.

Immediately, he launched into an apology, trying to explain. “I didn’t want to tell you, because I thought that I was going crazy. And then when I finally figured out what was going on, I was already starting to accumulate enemies and then I figured that I didn’t want you to get hurt because I love you and I never wanted anything to happen to you and I just-”

He paused when he felt your hand gripping his shoulder, signaling him to relax. “Barry, I’m not angry.” You said quietly.

“But, I lied.” He said. You could hear the sadness in his voice, along with a twinge of confusion.

“I know, you said, stepping into him and placing your arms around his shoulders. “But you came, didn’t you.” you didn’t wait for an answer before continuing. “When that man had me and I was in danger, you showed up. You saved me from that man, Barry, and that’s all that matters. I know that you were trying to protect me, and because of that.” You released him from the hug to look into his eyes, pouring as much meaning as you could into your next few words, “all I can say is thank you.”  

“I was really scared tonight.” He said, looking down at the floor. “I thought that I was going to lose you.”
“Me too Bar.” You say quietly, ducking down, so that his eyes met yours. “But you found me, didn’t you?” All that he could do was nod.

“Well then, problem solved.” You said with a small smile, hoping that he would return it.

Your heart soared when the corners of his mouth turned up in the smallest of smiles. Even though it was small, you knew that it was a big victory.

The List


** This is in no particular order, and not all of them have titles yet!!**

 **Hello my darlings! So I know I always mention things “going on the list”, so i thought maybe I would release the list just to you guys can see what you have to look forward to! THE FORMAT OF THIS HAS BEEN EDITED**

Originally posted by herondalescarstairss


·      For Research: We both work at a library as a way for easy access to more research materials and get scheduled a lot of late night shifts, which aren’t always spent cataloguing books. [COMPLETED]

·      Just Breathe: You need something to distract you from your oncoming panic attack, but I’m bad with people so I distract you the only way I know how.

·      Finding Balance: You’re the school’s bad boy and I’m a quiet wallflower who won’t give the you time of day, but theres more to me than meets the eye. [IN PROGRESS]

·      Tease Me: You’re Stiles’ best friend and you catch him watching porn, teasing him about it all day until he’s decided he’s had enough of your teasing- in more ways than one.

·      Opposites Attract: New girl in school as it all, brains, beauty, and sass, although no one seems to understand why she’s so interesting in shy, awkward, virgin Stiles.

·      Bonded: You’re a new werewolf in Scott’s pack and his second in command doesn’t like you one bit. What happens when you bite Stiles by accident while trying to save his life?

·      Delicious: Stiles has grown tired of your constant sass and decided it’s time to indulge in his favorite treat, over and over again.

·      Temptations: Stiles always tries to hook up with you when he’s drunk, but what happens when the tables turn and you’re the drunk one?

·      Blurred Boundaries: Stiles playfully slaps your ass and you accidentally let out a moan, needless to say the boundaries of your friendship might have just changed.

·      Psychology and PheromonesA study session ends in you falling asleep in your best friend’s bed. What happens when you have a sex dream about Stiles with him right next to you? [COMPLETED]

·      Take Me Like This: You find out Stiles watches porn/reads smut and decide to make his personal fantasies come true.

·      Slaves and Rebels: Stiles loves Star Wars… or rather he loves the idea of you as slave Leia.

·      From First Sight: You’ve loved Stiles since you first met him in the beginning of high school but he’s always friend-zoned you, until one day he shows up at your house and confesses what’s really been going on.

·      Speed Bump: Stiles is talking to you and Scott from his car while he’s getting ready to go home and Scott accidentally let’s slip about the time Stiles tried to tell you he has feelings for you.

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·      Bend or Break: Void has been making things incredibly difficult for you; it’s time to show him who’s really in charge.

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·      On the Rocks: I’m a bartender and I spilled your drink on you and now you’re staring at me with “fuck me” eyes and it’s really distracting.

·      Not Like This: You and Stuart have been talking online for months and you finally go to visit him and he’s too shy to even manage to talk to you and that’s definitely not going to fly with you.

·      Switch It Up: You and Stuart have been dating for a while, what happens when he hears you complaining to Neha about how vanilla your sex is?

·      Unspoken: Stuart Twombly is my best friend, always has been and always will be. But you’re not supposed to keep secrets from your best friend, are you?

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·      Running Hot: You pretend to be sick because you know I’ll stay and take care of you but it’s just an excuse to seduce me. 

·      Frosting: It’s your birthday and he decides to surprise you.

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*Nothing here yet*

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·      Seeing Double: The three of us have always shared everything, even some new experiences.

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·      Suds: You’re taking a bath in Dylan’s bathroom and he finds you masturbating and decides to help you out.

·      Camera Shy: Dylan finds some old pictures of you that you had sent to your ex and he needs to teach you who you belong to.

·      Across the Distance: Dylan and you grew up together and you’ve always been there to support him, even if it means distancing yourself from his new relationship. After all, she makes him happy- doesn’t she?