and i just miss them so much

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I miss your IchiHime arts so much T.T Do you plan drawing smth with them soon? Please, may be just a doodle...

Hmm not sure if I’m in a mood for pairings but how about spring Hime? I’m thinking I actually can make it ichihime related without even drawing Ichigo fml x’D 

I want to learn how to draw tulips… they seem quite easy to color… I hope

also I cri, I just noticed for the very first time! where is that hell option to reply message with picture… after all this time I FINALLY NOTICED THAT “(+)” … better now than never… welp it’s not that I get that much messages in the first place >o< QuQ but still I prefer to post pictures AND reply instead solo text reply heh

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So keith is yhhe mlst ticklish on his ribs right? what if shiro and Lance tie him up and lay at each side of him and are like "Keith~ we heard that you're missing a rib~?" And Keith is all giggly "I think we should count them, just to make sure everything's alright~" and Keith is shaking his head and scrunchig up his nose and then dying when they dig in his lowest ribs, vibrating and squeezing and counting his ribs out loud and he can't even speak because hes laughing too much

BUT LIKE keith doing a session with lance and shiro that focus ONLY on his ribs, and lance is just like “i wanna see how much you can take” and keith Loves a challenge so he agrees and oh god it’s barely five minutes in and he’s crying and they have him bound up in a way that stretches him real tight, and they put a pillow under his back so his ribs all protrude out and lance and shiro are using that ‘one finger’ tickle method

and tingly lil sparks are shooting all up keith’s body and he’s fucking. DOne for i swear ok his ribs are his death spot

hey, yup das me again
I just wanted to thank everyone for the super sweet messages, I wish I could just answer them all personally. not many people know this but when you leave comments, they legit make my day. I thought I would’ve had a longer break, but I’ve actually been thinking a lot and I pulled myself together a bit more. I’m still struggling but that’s life. And I’ve missed everyone on here so much, I can’t imagine not going on for a whole week.
I love you all ❤😘

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I apologize if you have explained this before, but why do you like Vivi so much?

I haven’t actually explained this before! I think it’s the fact that she grew together with the Strawhats and essentially became one. Even though she still desperately wanted to go out and venture with them, she put her needs and her country FIRST which I find just admirable! 

She’s such a sweet and strong character and she cares for so many people, doing absolutely everything she possibly can for as many people as possible! That’s why I like her so much!

I also really really miss her

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just responding to what you and comicblues were saying but i totally agree! if anything their devotion should then spread to their child bc she is an extension of them, y'know? even tho its not the same when my nephew was born i didn't know i could love anyone as much as i love him, and that's not even my kid. so agreed SM totally leached out the joy and love of parenting/the emotion you feel for your child with edward. also i think she missed that creating a life w someone is THE most..(1)

romantic thing you can do with a person, imho, bc you’re tied to them through this small amazing being. idk she just missed a huge opportunity for growth, bc even tho vampires are “frozen in time” and all that ppl do evolve over time. core values don’t change but how you express them gets refined, you know

It just always struck me a strange that SM went out of her way to point out how much some characters (like ROsalie and Esme) wanted children and didn’t go there with E/B at all .… and then gave E/B a kid.  She’s said something along the lines that being a mother herself she couldn’t imagine a Happily Ever After that didn’t include a child… but Bella the CHARACTER, as written, would have been happy without one? She’s frozen at 18/19, and has never expressed interest in kids before. In fact she seemed to against the idea. I get that in real life people change their mind when they get pregnant, but it just stuck me as unfair to me that SM chose to write Rosalie and Esme with this longing, and Bella dismissive of this longing, and then gives Bella and kid and doesn’t resolve the Rose/Esme thread in any meaningful way. I could imagine that maybe Edward wanted kids, but again it never really came up in the story at all when SM DID make a point of saying how much Rosalie and Esme wanted kids. She could have easily made this something Edward said he regretted, too, that he sympathized with them, but he didn’t. It was always “look at my mother, look at my sister.” There’s just that sort of “I wish Charlie were right” when he thought Bella was pregnant, and that’s all we hear about it. 

When the whole premise of your series is this sweeping, super intense love story, and then in the last book you try to make these dramatic teenagers into responsible, married parents IN A MONTH (not 9 months to get used to the idea! Just one!) it’s understandable that it didn’t quite work for a lot of people. It’s a massive shift in tone and focus, and it takes away from the appeal of the book as a YA romance.

I think if SM/Bella had focused less on the whole “Renesmee is so UNIQUE” thing and played up the angles you’re mentioning: that she’s living proof of E/B’s love, that she’s a symbol of that, that she’s made up of each of them, rather than focusing quite so much on her amazingness as a hybrid, it might have worked better? E/B talking not about how she has his hair and Bella’s eyes, but what personality traits of hers remind them of each other, wondering about her future (rather than just whether she’ll be with Jacob or Nahuel when she’s only months old, blech), what she might like to be when she grows up, how she’ll feel about this “vampire lite” life she’ll have to live, etc. 

My non-spoiler-y thoughts on The Good Fight

1) I didn’t realize how much I missed the show/universe/characters until now. Man, I missed them. Welcome back, one and all…

2) I love the fact Will showed up TWICE in two pivotal scenes and Diane basically was holding a silent conversation with him in both of them. I read in an interview where MK said if you asked Diane what the worst day of her life was it would be Will’s death and those little callbacks to him were just so perfect. (Also can Josh totally show up for a flashback episode? You could do it pre-Alicia so you could work around Juliana not coming back)

3) The new firm is lead by a new gender-swapped Will and Diane and I love it!! Barbra and Adrian are going to be my new faves-I can feel it!!

4) And finally- How did Christine never win for Diane? Seriously!?! I’ve said all along she was robbed and tonight proved it. She is unbelievably good as Diane, always has been, and I’m glad to report always will be. Her breakdown with Kurt is possibly one of the greatest short sequences I’ve seen on TV in years.

I’ll probably post a longer reaction to these episodes tomorrow or later this week if anyone wants them. As always, feel free to jump in with your thoughts! I can’t wait to engage with this great community again!
I WILL be tagging spoilers with “tgf spoilers” and just “spoilers” more generally if you want to use a tag blocker extension. :)

Dear Caps Lock Anon, no need to scream! Or are you just so excited to learn you’re not alone? Welcome to the salty fandom!

There are many people in the Erwin-/EruRi-fandom who are salty and bitter about Erwin’s death. I’m probably one of the bitterest persons here and I’ll never come to terms with the outcome of the serum bowl, no matter how much time has passed. Erwin should have lived!

Some are “okay” or have come to terms with it, but deeply miss Erwin.

The haters gonna hate anyway, thus I don’t care about them. They only hate him because they don’t understand his character, think war is a family game or want their ship to become true and Erwin is in the way. How pathetic. Really, some Arm0n fans I met so far aren’t this shitty, some are even unhappy about the outcome, too. He died a hero in a world of egoists, cowards and murderers. His death was brilliant and an amazing character development.

He was the character I liked the most before the veterans and some others were introduced.

I see why some fans are relieved that Erwin is dead. Some are happy that he wasn’t turned into a Titan and forced to devour Bertholt - btw: I’m still mad about Bertl’s death. Some think it was the right time for him to go because the plot turned into more shit than before, some are happy he died because of Levi’s love and EruRi is canon now,…

I see why Levi spared him, when we follow the “He loved him too much to turn him into a monster, because everybody already sees him like a monster and Levi wanted to save his humanity, because Levi has always seen Erwin as a human being not as a war machine and being turned into a titan would have been too cruel”-argumentation and I think some parts of this argumentation are really beautiful and logic and I can like those metas, but we can’t only follow this argumentation. I’ll never stop thinking it was the wrong choice. It’s war and personal feelings shouldn’t influence a logical choice! Thus, at least I expected some negative consequences based on the wrong choice, but nope… No consequences. Arm0n and Er0n will end in disagreement - (hope M will be on A’s side, but I won’t read it anyway) -, but this will be because of Er0n’s point of view and selfishness, but not because of the commander’s death. BTW: If it really had been too cruel to turn Erwin into a titan it should have been too cruel to turn Arm0n into a titan, too. If it had been this cruel, both should have died - would have been the most logical outcome anyway because both were fatally injured.

Many people - especially, the Japanese fandom - and I don’t think he should have died. Everything about his death was only written that way to kill two characters off and try to make his and his soulmate’s death bearable to his fans. It was completely illogical not to choose Erwin. He was the commander and tactician, the one who had known about the outside his entire life, the one who had known about human nature, the one who still fought for humanity,…
Erwin was willed to sacrifice everything in order to save humanity and he would have taken the burden as well, because he could have taken it. He was willed to sacrifice his own humanity. He didn’t order Levi not to inject him, he was aware of being turned into a titan and it was the only logical choice.

Unpopular opinion: Many EruRi fans say that Levi’s choice was selfish towards humanity, but selfless towards Erwin and I get what they see in the choice. Levi put Erwin over humanity, but I think the choice he made was selfish towards both humanity and Erwin. Erwin wanted humanity to win and to be free and Levi decided to deny Erwin to let his dream become true - we have already learnt that humanity is damned. Neither Levi or Er0n was willed to sacrifice everything. In my opinion, the outcome was selfish and OOC - poorly written -, that’s part of why I will never accept the choice.

He was only killed off in order to focus more on the kids. The two most popular characters are written off: Erwin’s dead and Levi is dead inside (because of the Ackerbond and more cheap excuses to explain why he’s written off as well) and reduced to a grumpy looking background character and this makes me really angry, because everything about Erwin’s death was actually pointless, poorly written, OOC and the manga’s death flag in the end…

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I have decided to take a round and tell my favourite people why I love them - congrates you made the cut. Adri I know you are having a hard time. Just remember I am your sister always. I love you and I miss you. I am not pushing - just know I am right here waiting for you when you are ready. I am only ever a phone call away, not matter if you need to laugh or to cry. You are stuck with me for life hun. Love you so so much <3

Okay I seriously did not expect this today. But sure as hell needed it, seeing as life is so stressful and I just can’t keep up, and it is practically ruining my health and social life. I feel so wrong lately, so thank you so so so much for this Kari! I have felt so left out, so I am really happy you still see me as your sister. 

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I love you and I miss you like freaking hell! No day goes by where I don’t think of you, or how it used to be for us! Love you sweetie <3 <3

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Hello Holly ! Do you have faceclaim for Dave Reyes Most Wanted? I couldn't find anyone who would suit him. Also, this is a question/request for not only you, but anyone in the Choices Fandom who has inspiration, time and who is willing to do sam x dave nsfw fanfic? Thank you, and anyone in this fandom for keeping Most Wanted alive, I just hope they continue the book, I miss them so much.. Thank you all 😢😢❤❤

Hello! You didn’t leave a nick so I’ll call you Dave Anon! 😊

My face claim for Dave is Cristiano Ronaldo, but I’m not 100% happy with it yet. Come have a look anyway! :-)

Ooh NSFW Dave and Sam! Posting this to the fandom! If anyone has written or has plans of writing this, let us know in the comments! Thanks!

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I have decided to take a round and tell my favourite people why I love them - congrates you made the cut. I miss you Arie. We need to talk more. Life has been busy for me and I see it has not been easy for you. I suck and I haven't reached out. Just know that you are so very important to me and I love you dearly. We see the world very much the same way and it is amazing to have someone like that in your life. I am gonna sneak attack you with Jensen/Dean gifs soon and/or blow up you IM I promise!

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I have missed you. I know life gets busy. I’ve actually been missing a lot of my girls. Everything seems a little crazy and out of sorts lately around the Tumblrverse. 

I’m ready for it to get back to normal. 

And you don’t suck, OKay?

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as I believe h and l both visit your blog I'm just putting it out there it's a great time to rehash RBB and SBB i miss them and i miss you guys it was such a creative way of making a shit situation a bit more easier to handle especially since things are so quiet and they aren't on tour things can be done a bit more discreetly am I wrong i feel empty tbqh ~BPA

aw let me give you a virtual cuddle, BPA! i know, i miss them too and i miss the bears so much. i’m sure they would bring them back if they could but they were really risque at the end and things haven’t really calmed down since. they still have the twitter handle saved though and the number is still active 🐻🌈❤️️ they know what they’re doing

ok so I just came back from seeing my favorite band live (they’re called Tigercub) and since they’re really small and not very well known they actually know who I am since I tweet them quite regularly and I always end up hanging out with them after gigs but anyway

tonight after the gig a girl came up to me and asked if I was fiona so I was like yes?? why?? and then she just goes “you’re famous” and I’m sitting there like :o what?? and she said “yeah I recognized you because Tigercub retweet you quite often” so I was just thinking this can’t really be happening but she once again said that I was famous and when I talked to the singer of the band afterwards and told him about it he actually said “you /are/ famous”

so I guess now I’m famous #amazing