and i just love you so much

Me: *gets around to finally watching South Park and falls head over heels for Pip

Me: What a great and likable character! I should check out his bio. I just hope everyone appreciates him just as much as I d–

Me: Oh. Well, at least he has his parents to comfort him when–

Me: O-oh, um, well maybe he goes to Chef with his problems like all the others d–

Me: Uh……..Damien. What about Damien? I know this fandom ships them like crazy, there’s like no Pip fanart that doesn’t have Damien involved in some way or the othe–

Me: Oh, come on!! He’s gotta have a purpose! No way did the writers just create him and then regret i–



Me: You know what? Fuck it. Pip may not be a popular character fandom wise or in the show or even with his creators, but at least he’s alive. When all else fails, at least I love him, and at least no one can tell me he isn’t completely, 100% ali

Me, flipping a table and reaching for my gun:


Drop Everything Now (Meet Me in the Pouring Rain)

Summary: Phil never planned for a rainstorm to intrude on Dan’s second ever visit to Manchester–but maybe that’s exactly what they need to push them closer than ever.

Rating: G

Word Count: 5108

Warnings: vv light hurt/comfort

A/N: Literally when I saw the art for this fic, I just knew I had to write it–cuddly 2009!phan on a rainy day? Sign me the heck up!! Huge thanks to Jess @furryhowell for the simple yet wonderful idea and Courtney @danceswithsweaters for her lovely support when I got stuck and for giving this fic the finishing polish it needed–and both for putting up with my busy procrastinating ass! You can find Jess’ fantastic art here and I really hope that you love it as much as I do because it’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t not scream about it. I hope you enjoy!!

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Hi I’m thankful for lots of people so ima try and remember everyone @grisler @leadruff @craemation @partolution @enspector @webfluid @techpaired @jennifercheck @quinn @bauempath @cathydoll @fifthturtle @playsvulgar @brucs @birdbled @sevarity @gardenof @trigonkin @fastiell @sleuthis @ensavaged I probably forgot people and I have the feeling I did. Wait! Whatever blog ghost is on rn wait @rotbled . I know I’m forgetting people but I love you all very much and I hope you all have a great day. 💕

k so i just wanna say how grateful i am for jungkook (and the other members of bts) okay like im still replaying the memories from the ellen show in my head and like im so sad that the fan interactions during commercial breaks won’t get aired. during the commercial ‘i can’t feel my face’ came on and lemme just say.. ive seen jungkook sing along to songs plenTY of times on camera but like guys. witnessing it first hand.. wOW it was life changing. he is so cute and sOo precious and he is such a soft boi and all of the other members were singing along too and they all walked over to us and we were all singing and wow im just so emo and thankful for them like. i wish that was the shit that got aired. im so soft for jungkook and the rest of them let me livE ok bye

anonymous asked:

i need someone to yell about my au to and you seem to like the clone wars so here goes: post-season 7, Rex has deserted the army after Kix goes missing (Jesse, Coric, and Echo go with) after a big-scale falling out with Anakin and is helped by a cool smuggler lady who also knows Dogma and Ahsoka and they go around subtly helping the Republic until the Republic doesn't exist anymore, and they pick up Sev from the Kashyyyk aftermath, and it's just this big found-family-fighting-the-evil-empire(1/)

- missing 2 D: boo tumblr wHY -

heads for Coruscant to kill Vader (who he doesn’t know is Anakin) and palpatine, but to do that he has to blow up the senate tower (b/c force powers) and Ahsoka tries to stop him but doesn’t succeed, but vader and palpatine are still alive so Rex basically has a breakdown aGAIN because woops, he’s a terrorist now, sorry about that, and when he and Ahsoka are running from the Empire he gets caught and sentenced to death but Ahsoka breaks him out and they almost make it to safety??? (3/) 

but then Inquisitor Barriss and one of the Sons (again from rebels - i like inquisitor barriss ok) intercept them in the tunnels underneath the prison and the two get separated when barriss brings down this wall of rock beneath them. Rex things Ahsoka is dead (she lost a lightsaber in the rockfall) and immediately goes at the Son for it, almost manages to kill him but then gets carved tf up by the Son because boi u don’t know lightsabers stop pls. Ahsoka saves him again by tapping into the (4/

Dark Side out of panicky instinct and she drags him to the shuttle waiting (Jesse is piloting) and manages to get Rex all hooked up to shit (he’s missing like half his body at least) while they try to fly away and (again) they almost make it - theres a lot of that - but they get shot down. And blow up. And die. And then wake up - as their pre-CW selves. 4 years pre-CW, to be exact. Much freaking out occurs and they proceed to Break Everything but Palpatine has Force Bullshit so he’s still (5/) 

a major problem and he’s a fantastic villain I love playing with him (and he brought out the Castellan Restraints from SWTOR so that was also fun) and basically more people survive but also more people die and overall this version is probably ‘better’ but not everyone gets a happy ending and I really love time travel AUs but buildup is also great and fun so thank you for letting me rant okbye (end/)   

ANON I’M SO SORRY tumblr ate the second ask and I’M SO ANNOYED because this sounds AMAZING it literally has everything?? Found families, Inquisitor!Barriss, Rex going up against one of the Sons (NO, Rex, what are you DOING), and TIME TRAVEL??? Oh my god, #5 literally made me clutch my heart like an old Southern lady, this AU has so many twists and turns and I LOVE it, thank you for me to rant to/yell at!!

Also I’m just. laughing. about the “you seem to like the clone wars” because you’re certainly not WRONG lmao

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!! This is one of my favourite holidays because more than ever, I have a reason to remember all the good things God has blessed me with in my short life….. Including you babies~~. Thanks for being such good friends and stickin’ around❤❤❤❤

I hope you all enjoy the day even if you may not be in the US and celebrate it…. That is okay, come to me; I will still share with you because I feel sharing Thanksgiving yummies make them better~~~;3cccc

*sees how deeply Noctis was in love with Luna*

*feels instantly awful for even conceiving the idea of self shipping with him*

“I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” Redbubble

The actual track names of reputation

1. *Clears throat*



4. The note at 3:08

5. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?


7. one, two, three

8. *DING*

9. go, gO, GO!!!

10. jag-you-ares

11. the beat in the chorus

12. aah aah aah

13. *cackle*

14. the dolphin body roll song

15. the notes trailing off

little reputation things™
  • *ahem*
  • i i i i  see how this is gon go
  • “but if i’m a thief then he can join the heist”
  • baby let the games begin! let the games begin! ahAH AHHHHHHHH
  • ahHHH and ya heard about me”
  • ed sheeran rapping on a taylor swift song
  • “i swear i don’t love the drama IT LOVES ME”
  • ed in the background of the last chorus: “be yoUR A TEAM NOW”
  • the string plucky things in the beginning of i did something bad
  • “if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing”
  • “and i’d do it over and over and over again if iiiii could”
  • “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one”
  • taylor apparently wanting to be set on fire
  • ((agreed))
  • the harmonies on this album filling my entire soul
  • “oHHH LORD SAVE ME MY DRUG IS MY BABY I’LL BE USING FOR THE REST OF MY LIIIIIIIIFE” aka the only prayer i’ll ever say again
  • i get so high OH… trip of my life OH
  • the way she sings “using for the rest of my life oHH OH OH OHHH” after the bridge damn son
  • “my reputation’s never been worse so he must like me for me”
  • taylor finally discovering alcohol
  • the way she says “coz i know that it’s delicate” so…. delicately
  • how delicate feels like a rain shower in a desert
  • :) i :) don’t :) like :) your :) little :) games :)
  • OH look what you made me do
  • “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me”
  • “i’m sorry the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh! BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD” is singlehandedly the most iconic thing i have ever and will ever hear.
  • so it goes being chill and then the chORUS AND ALL THE PIECES FALL!!! RIGHT INTO PLACE!!!
  • ;) scratches ;) down ;) your ;) back ;) now ;)
  • o n e  t w o  t h r e e
  • how getaway car is the only song i ever want to hear ever again
  • think about the place where you first met me
  • “there were sirens in the beat of your heart”
  • the way she says getaway
  • the chorus of this song feeling like driving down a highway with the windows rolled down in the middle of the night
  • GO! GO! GO!
  • being part of a heist, leaving money in a bag in a shady motel, stealing keys and getting tf out in her getaway car. zoom zoom bitch.
  • “all the boys in their expensive cars, the range rovers and jaguars never took me quite where you do” calvin harris WHOM
  • the drums in king of my heart are more important than my need to breathe
  • “your love is a secret i’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep”
  • ~up on the roof with a school girl crussshhhh drinking beer outta plastic cupsssss~
  • i’ll never let you goOOO
  • but we were dancing BASS DROP dancing with our hANDS TIED, HANDS TIED
  • “oh baby can we dance, through an avalanche?”
  • “swaying as the room burnt down, i’d hold you as the water rushes in” …. “so i punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures” ….. h e c k
  • how dress is literally an orgasm turned into a song and i’m… into it
  • take it oH OH OH OH OFFFF
  • “carve your name into my bedpost”
  • “but if i get burnt at least we were electrified”
  • wildest dreams who???
  • “and i woke up just in time, now i wake up by your side”
  • say my name and everything just stops -EVERYTHING STOPS-
  • ra’lin’ the chandilier
  • AWaaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAAY
  • “and therein lies the issue, friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind twist you”
  • the sound of shots being fired from every possible angle
  • if only you weren’t…. so shadyyyyy :)
  • they don’t care about the HE SAID SHE SAID
  • the way she says “and here’s to my baaabyyy
  • the organ?? piano???? during “and hereeee’s to youuu…” oh my god
  • her voice at the end when she just says “nice things” 
  • her world crumbling around her and that’s just fine?? because of joe???? i wasn’t ready 
  • “loves me like i’m brand new”
  • “all my flowers grew back as thorns” …. “all the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst” again…. clean WHOM
  • i’m laughing with my lover makin forts under covers trust him like a brother yeah you know i did one thing right
  • not because he owns me but cos he really knows me. which is more than they can say.
  • “you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me?” “yes.” :’)
  • call it what you want is the lightest, softest pink sunrise seen from the window of a peaceful airplane in the early morning of a good day
  • how we went from pop anthems to??? i’m bawling in a sea of tissues on my bedroom floor at two in the morning and new year’s day is the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard??? 
  • it’s just a guitar and a piano and she’s harmonizing with herself
  • “don’t read the last page, but i stay”
  • “i want your midnights, and i’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year’s day”
  • “i can tell that it’s gonna be a long road” as in she knows that even if it’ll be a long road they’ll always be together don’t TOUCH me
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • and i will hold onto you
  • “please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh i could recognize anywhere”
  • oh cool my heart’s shattered into a million pieces this is fine thanks
  • how there’s ten seconds of silence at the end of new year’s day because you bet your ass i need recovery time before the album starts over again and i gotta get back to boppin’
  • ((they were not ready for it))

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,

Eleven’s first day of school
  • El’s so grateful Mike insisted on giving her a ride to school on his bike because it gives her a chance to review all the advice she’s gotten from the party over the last couple weeks
  • But a lot of their suggestions conflict (Lucas: “If you don’t know the answer when a teacher asks a question, don’t make eye contact with them or they’ll call on you” Dustin: “No way, you want to look the son of a bitch right in the eye to let them know you’re not afraid. Then, they’ll call on someone else. It’s a power move.” Max: “No, don’t listen to them, just pretend to be really engrossed in taking notes.”)
  • She gets her class schedule and it’s still a little surreal to see her name (Hopper, Jane) written down
  • She can’t believe how many people are at school and it’s a little overwhelming until she grabs Mike’s hand squeezes
  • He squeezes back right away and doesn’t let go as the walk to their first class
  • The class is English, which Eleven loves instantly (the teacher keeps talking about all these cool books they’re going to read—apparently one is about grapes and El can’t believe someone wrote a whole book on her favorite fruit)
  • She writes down everything the teacher says and fills up three pages in her notebook (although she wonders if she wasn’t supposed to because Mike didn’t take out a notebook at all and he keeps looking at her funny)
  • She has to part from Mike for math class, but Will sits in front of her and keeps passing her funny drawings and notes so the class goes by fast
  • After the bell for lunch rings, they exit the classroom and Mike runs up to them, panting, and starts asking El a million questions about how math class went
  • Eleven’s favorite part of the day is definitely lunch because she gets to sit with all of her friends and listen to them joke and argue and laugh
  • Everything goes smoothly from there until the last class of the day when the teacher asks them to pair up with someone they don’t know and then introduce their partner to the class
  • Eleven panics for a second, but Mike immediately turns to her, sticks out his hand, and says, “hi, my name’s Mike, short for Michael”
  • When the final bell rings, Eleven can’t believe after two years of begging Hopper she finally got what she had been asking for: a day of being a normal kid
  • And it was better than she ever imagined

Read Mike’s POV here!


Please love me, I beg you.