and i just laugh so hard every time


“Cards on the table?”


3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments

i’m sorry but i’ve spent the whole day thinking about how scanlan and pike are probably at just about perfect height for some accidental/purposeful groin elbowing on their taller party members

and i’ve just been laughing about the idea of pike telling a story, maybe about her and grog’s adventures growing up, and she gets really animated telling it and she’s making these big gestures and she just. accidentally catches percy right in the junk with her elbow.

and the whole group is watching her talk so they all see it happen and the other three guys all make like these noises of sympathy and then they just lose it. scanlan is on the ground in seconds, grog is crying, vax is laughing so hard he’s making this terrible wheezing noise every time he tries breathe. vex and keyleth are trying really hard not to laugh, but it’s not going very well.

pike, of course, feels terrible, and percy is doubled over and red in the face and yet still trying both to maintain his dignity and make pike feel better because no one wants to make pike feel bad, even about this, but he’s just had a very strong, heavily armored, enthusiastic gnome elbow hit him right in the delicate bits and privately he’s thinking well this is the end of percival frederickstein von musel klossowski de rolo the third, killed by an accidental gnome elbow to the crotch. this is the end, not with a bang but with an extraordinarily high pitched whimper.

for like a week afterwards, scanlan keeps flinching towards percy with his elbow and then laughing his ass off at percy’s ridiculous dodges to try and protect himself until vex kicks him in the junk to defend percy’s honor




He’s not even talking to me. He’s talking to his friends and he’s laughing his ass off. He’s genuinely happy, he’s so happy. He can’t stop laughing, he can barely speak he’s laughing so hard.
He’s not even talking to me but I can’t stop smiling. Seeing him, hearing his laugh, it makes me so happy. Just his presence makes me happy.
He’s not even talking to me, but I’m falling for him more and more with every single second. Every time he laughs I fall a little harder and my heart beats a little faster.
He’s not even talking to me but, man, I am so happy .
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14 // Marlana Ann (( @ayeitsmar ))

every time I think about the fact that it’s part of the Hogwarts uniform to wear hats, i lose my mind 

BTS Reaction to their s/o imitating them in their songs

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I changed it a bit, so I hope you don’t mind it. Since I gave them all a different song each, and to some I even gave their own song and not the groups.~Admin Soul~

Seokjin- You would be imitating Seokjin in ‘Just One Day’, you would stand onto your sofa, picking up your dog, smiling really hard and singing his part. He would be dying from laughter ‘‘Why are you……,’‘ he would find you so funny and adorable at the same time, I feel like after he would be done laughing, he might even join you.

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Yoongi- You would be trying so hard to rap his song ‘Agust D’, yeah it would end with you mumbling every word, not being able to keep up. Yoongi though, would find it absolutely adorable and hilarious ‘‘Hahaha, you’re so….haha,’‘ he would find it so cute how you would be trying to rap at all, since you’re obviously not a rapper. Expect yourself to not be able to talk afterwards, maybe trying to imitate his voice was a bad idea all along.

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Hoseok- You knew this was a bad idea from the start, but I mean hey, it would be fun to try ‘Blood Swear and Tears’ right? At the moment it was extremely funny, with you trying to sing, rap and dance, not knowing all of the moves perfectly was even better. Hoseok would be trying to help you ‘’Y/N…haha, you got it wrong again,’’ by dancing with you, but it would only make it funnier with you not being able to remember all of the moves. Afterwards though, you would be so exhausted.

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Namjoon- You were trying to prove to Namjoon that you could rap, at least to some point. So he would’ve told you try rapping ‘Joke’, you knew you would fail, but I mean at least you’d make it fun. Well it certainly was fun, half of the stuff you said weren’t even real words, the only thing you succeeded in was making Namjoon die from laughter ‘‘Y/N….wow……’re on another level hahaha.’‘

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Jimin- You would be trying to do ‘I Need You’, since you knew you wouldn’t be able to do it seriously, you decided to exaggerate everything. From the faces Jimin would pull, to the moves and singing. Poor Jimin though would find it really cute, but at the same time he would be thinking if he exaggerates stuff that much as well ‘‘Hey! I don’t exaggerate stuff THAT much, hahaha.’‘

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Taehyung- You and Tae would always find some silly ways to have some fun and this would be one of them. This time you decided to imitate him in ‘Dope’ and boy was it fun for you. Just like in the Jimin one, you’d be exaggerating everything. Poor Tae would get a bit flustered and shy ‘‘Y-Yah, Y/N-ah….that’s really……,’‘ but nonetheless he would find you absolutely cute and funny.

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Jungkook- We all know that Kookie is a big goofball, and with you even attempting ‘Fire’ would set his weirdness off. He would definitely join you, even poking fun at some of the things he does on stage, you should expect thing like these to happen when you’re both together, with the two of you together people would think that both of you need some mental help, while in reality you are just having fun.

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Being Dean’s Daughter Would Include...
  • forehead kisses
  • like, lots of them
  • “Dad, can I-”
  • “No”
  • shooting for the first time with his gun
  • sneaking small bites of the pie he told you not to touch when he and Sam are on a hunt
  • ending up eating the whole pie
  • and not feeling guilty about it
  • singing in the shower when no one is home
  • Dean listening to your singing when he is home
  • not being able to go anywhere without Cas watching over you
  • him teaching you to drive the Impala, but Dean getting too nervous and tells you to switch
  • you having to drive the Impala back after a bad hunt
  • worrying about your dad every time he leaves, even if its just to the store
  • being used as leverage against dad and uncle Sam
  • complaining about how hard baby’s seats are
  • tripping over your own feet and choking on air
  • but still being so elegantly graceful on hunts
  • Dean remembering you as a toddler
  • insisting that you’re fine, but Dean knows better
  • you crying in his arms, only to make a joke and make both of you laugh
  • “Can I drive?”
  • “Am I dead?”
  • “Not yet.”
  • “Then no.”
  • being into classic rock more than Dean, which creeps Sam out
  • you going to Sam when your dad tells you ‘No.’
  • eating halloween candy together and laughing at the haunted houses
  • him giving you his gun as your first
  • always making sure you had everything he could possibly give you
  • Sam picking on your hair
  • you picking on Sam’s hair
  • “Dad, there is a case-”
  • “No.”
  • being the target of all Supernatural creatures
  • having your anti posession tattoo somewhere hidden
  • knowing how to pick a lock and hotwire a car since you were 12
  • also knowing how to lie your way out of anything
  • none of the tricks Dean taught you work on him
  • Dean always being proud of you 

paradiqe  asked:

i was just wondering if you did headcanons, and if you dont i was hoping you could pleaseee try, maybe? like headcanons for dating ezra or cuddling ezra? please bb

 k i’ll do it DATING EZRA here! here we goes:

- Ezra would not stay long without saying how beautiful you are inside and out.
- He would wake you up early to talk about a dream he had.
- It’s hard to stop laughing near him, and every time you laugh, he laughs at you in a cute way.
- he’s not so romantic, but he always tries to do something different to cheer you up, he uses humor to conquer you every day.
- There’s always a light in the room because he’s always reading a book.
- He likes to touch in your hair and hands.
- He loves to hug you.
- When he holds your hand, he likes to stroke between your fingers and on your wrist.
- What he likes best is to see you get along with his friends and have fun with the people who grew up with him.
- Sometimes he goes out of the air, a little far, which can cause a little discussion for not paying 100% attention to what you speak, but most of the time he’s always attentive with every word that comes out of your mouth.
- He’s always teaching you something and can spend hours talking about something that intrigued him.
- He always kissing you and teasing you in public.
- The best moments it’s when both of you are high.
- Sometimes you wake up on the floor with him without knowing how. (i’m a little weird ya know but that would be kinda nice (?))
- He can be annoying sometimes for being so loud but it’s lovely too.
- Sometimes he can distance himself, even without responding to your messages, but when you complain, he tries to make up for the time he was absent.

(maybe I have said a lot of nonsense, and automatically this has made me in a potato with feelings but i’m emotional today. Add more ideas if i have missed something)

Inspired by this hilarious fic prompt by @withmyteeth  

“I wanted to write a story about Derek being a new comer to town & stiles being his farmer neighbor coming over and being like he welcome to the neighborhood and all and sorry this is so sudden but have you seen my peacock because it’s wily and I saw your bedroom window was open and it likes to lay in big soft beds & Derek is like choking on air because IS HIS CUTE NEIGHBOR COMING ON TO HIM THIS BOLDLY USING A EUPHEMISM? So they go up to his room & there is a bird in his bed & Derek is like wut” (x)

Cheeky || Conor

Request: Hey! Maybe you could do one where y/n is filming with some of the boys and Conor. And then Conor brings out his funny/dirty side and you two just end up laughing so hard every time either of you say anything


You were getting ready to film a video with the buttercream boys for Joe’s channel. You were all sitting on the couch, trying to focus so Joe could start the video. You were practically on your boyfriend, Conor’s, lap, and he kept pinching your sides, causing you to squirm and laugh. The others were distracted in their own ways. Finally, Joe shut everyone up long enough to begin the video. “So today we are filming this on Thursday,” Joe said the camera, “so I thought we’d film a good ol’ throwback Thursday video! Today, we are bringing back innuendo bingo!” We all let out enthusiastic cheers. “But, but,” Joe continued, “just like every ThatcherJoe video, there’s a twist!”

Joe explained that the video would be played as a competition. There would be rounds and winners of each round, and the winner would advance to the next until there was an innuendo bingo champion. The video began with Joe against Mikey. Eventually, it was your go against Conor. He sat in front of you and held a bunch of water in his mouth, putting his hands on his thighs and pulling a funny face at you. That alone caused you to laugh. “No I want to win!” you said as water dripped down your chin. Conor just smiled at you and did a little happy dance in his seat. “That doesn’t count, don’t do that,” you said. You took another swallow of water in your mouth and were determined not to fuck up.

The first clip was of Joe and Caspar. Joe was groaning and saying “Ahh, slowly, slowly,” and yelling. Conor snickered but neither of you laughed. You high-fived in victory. The next was of Caspar and his mom. Caspar’s mom said “Oh no it’s so sore,” to which Caspar replied, “Just think of the subscribers.” After many moans and groans, Conor burst out laughing. You then spat out the water yourself and screamed.

“What the hell was that?” Conor asked through fits of laughter.

You adjusted yourself in your seat and your chair made a weird squishing noise. The two of you started laughing. “Wait,” you said as you managed to stop laughing for a second, “listen.” You bounced in your seat which kept making the weird noise.

“Sounds like when I had my fingers in you last night,” he said jokingly, wiggling his eyebrows. The other boys laughed and your jaw dropped. You sat there in stunned silence before bursting out laughing, taking your cup of water, and throwing it at Conor. “You fucking pig!” you laughed at him. The boys were still laughing and you felt your face was beat red.

In the next clip, you distinctively heard JJ moaning and Joe laughing. Once again, Conor caved before you did. You held your fists up in the air in victory before swallowing your water. “Sounds like you when I was sucking you off last night,” you said to him, pursing your lips and raising your eyebrows at him. It was now his turn to get red and the boys to start laughing at him.

“You guys are savages,” Josh laughed at the two of you. You and Conor laughed back before going back to finish the video. Between the faces you would pull at each other while you were trying not to laugh and listening to the clips themselves, it felt like you and Conor were both losing. You were probably throwing more glasses of water at each other than you were spitting out mouthfuls. Finally, Joe just disqualified you both.

“You’ve ruined the video!” he fake cried.

“He started it!” you said, putting your hands on your hips. Conor stuck his tongue out at you playfully and you did the same. For the rest of the video filming that you and Conor were forced to watch instead of participate in, your boyfriend would whisper dirty things in your ear, to which you could only reply with a laugh. You were sure you had the cheekiest boyfriend in the world.

The Moment I Fell in Love with You

I fell in love with you so many times. When you were listening to music gazing out the bus window. And when you turned to look at me and our eyes met and we held them for a few long seconds. When you were laughing so hard you rested your head upon my shoulder for a couple seconds. When you told me that I was good enough and that I don’t need to try so hard to be great. When you had more confidence in me than I did. When I noticed the way you looked at me. When you shared your cookie just because I hadn’t gotten one. When I realized that if I am not doing something my thoughts always run to you. When I realized that every time I experience something I wish you were there to see it with me. Those are the moments I fell in love with you. And there are so many more. So many in the future. Because I fall in love with you all over again every day. And I love you in every way. You are perfect to me. And I love you.

Comfort + Noctis Headcanons

Comin’ through for my fellow Noctis ho’

+ he’s an awkward shit so don’t expect him to realize at first that you’re upset 

+ but when he does - you may slightly wish you’d have kept it to yourself 

+ noctis is so ridiculous 

+ he’s trying so hard to make you smile because you smiling is the only thing that matters 

+ you’re pretty sure that a human being should not be bending the way he is bending to make you laugh

+ but hell if it doesn’t work 

+ now if you’re so upset that his usual awkward but Trying™ isn’t working, then he’s going to grab you by the face and force you to look at him 

+ “Me and you time. Now.” 

+ look i never said he was smooth 

+ it works like a charm every time too, he just moves everything aside and to the floor - like the cat he is inside - and forces cuddle time 

+ he won’t make you talk about it but will kinda prode at you to please include him and please let him help 

+ after all he’s a king for the people 

+ ba dum tiss

+ he makes this joke every fucking time and it gets you every. single. time. 

Bonus: Noctis is a little adorable shit and pulled some strings to alleviate your workload. 


Alex, Lore, Moon, Darby, Steel, Scott, Xander, Shy–everyone–from the vocals to the artists to the sound engineers–I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome. Everyone at Man on the Internet are such wonderful people. Thank you for working so hard on Undertale: The Musical. Thank you for half a years worth of beautiful music every sunday. Thank you for the stories, the laughs, the–the /puns/–oh gods the PUNS–the memes–everything. It’s helped me through both tough times, and good times. You all deserve only the best going forward, and I hope you can stage the musical one day!

Laughing and Crying at the Weight of It All

This past week, I have read all of John Green’s books for the millionth time. (Realistically, it probably hasn’t been a million times, but you get the point.) Like every other time I’ve read them, I cried. Bawled like a baby. Bawled so hard I had to take breaks where I’d set the book down and just breathe. That’s how much these books impact me.

I first happened across John’s books in 2012, when The Fault in Our Stars was published. Around that time, my family had decided to move from a place we had lived for over 6 years to a new state, the summer before my eighth grade year. I read many books that summer, but had not yet found John Green’s. School started after a summer of forced activities (my mom thought this would help my brothers and I make friends) and I was unhappy. It was too humid, math was stressful, and because it was the last year of middle school everyone already had friend groups that had no room for one more kid. Lunch was especially dreadful, and I had started to give up any hope of enjoying my new state. One day when I was hiding inside the library, I stumbled across a book: The Fault in Our Stars. It looked interesting enough, so I checked it out and dove straight into it as soon as I got home.

That same day, I finished The Fault in Our Stars. I kept that book, but went back to the library for others, where I found Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. By the end of the week, I had finished all three and found a new obsession. School still sucked, but I realized that sometimes, somewhere, for someone, life sucked. So I could deal with school, and eventually found people who liked these books just as much as I did.

A year later, we moved back to our old state, and it was as if I had never even left, besides all the memories and experiences I had gained from living somewhere else. I still read John Green’s books, and watched Crash Course for school. Life was good.

Another year later, and The Fault in Our Stars became a movie. My friends suddenly became obsessed, and as obsessed as I was, I was more than happy to welcome them into my obesession with open arms. When Augustus died in the movie, I was surrounded by a storm of sobbing teenage girls. Instead of crying over Augustus, I was laughing and crying at the weight of it all. It was as if a dam had just opened and everything I was feeling flooded out: relief that I had the friends I had, that I lived where I lived, that everything I had experienced in my life was my life. I loved that book and that movie. As a senior in high school, I still love that book and that movie. I love John and Hank’s videos, and I love the messages they send to young people. I love everything about this community, and am so glad I found it when I did.

Thanks to all of you, and DFTBA

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I win (Negan x Reader)

Prompt: “I win”
Word count: 2.4k
Warning(s): swearing

You’re plowing through them, swinging your machete every direction, blood splattering your clothes with every swing but they just keep coming. You hear him laughing to the side of you, fighting just as hard as you are. You’re determined, he won’t beat you, not this time.

The last body falls and you look towards him, a giant smirk planted on his face. You groan, ignoring whatever stupid comment he’s about to throw your way. Always so arrogant. In spite of yourself, you smile back at him, after all, it’s just a bit of friendly competition.

“I win.” He says proudly.

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I’m sorry this is my last piece about this “”“"novel”“”“ but I am fucking CACKLING at Kubo’s brilliant explanation for totally casually changing Rukia’s name to Abarai in the novel from Kuchiki in the manga. It seems Captain Rukia Kuchiki who defeated ‘the fear’ sternritter faints every time someone calls her Abarai? IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Seriously the more I hear about this novel the more alive I feel, how is anyone taking this seriously??? Wow, it’s like someone approached Kubo and his sister in law and were like "alright, make the most ooc mess of a retcon novel and when you directly contradict the manga, use more ooc to explain it away” and they were just like “got u fam we’ll go above and beyond”

Woo boy, I didn’t think I’d feel like this but this novel has provided some hella good laughs. Good thing I don’t consider the novels canon otherwise I’d have to laugh even more at this actually being real lolololol

This quote, one of my favorite of all time, goes out to the Klaroline fandom. When they put us down, we persevered and look at where we are now!

I’m so proud to be a part of the loudest, passionate, loving fandom. You guys make me laugh and cry every day and I honestly wouldn’t be here without you.

The time has come for the show to end, and I just wanted to thank you all for being the best fandom around. I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, but I feel good. We have fought long and hard for years, I want to thank you guys for talking this little writer in a few years ago and being so kind and lovely.

And hey! You never know, this could just be the beginning for us ;)