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Bughead Fic: Perception

Request by @choco-coco-loco : plz do one where Betty thinks Jughead is cheating on her so she goes out with some friends and gets really drunk and almost gets raped but Jughead comes immediately and helps

Summary: ^^^

A/N: I’m so sorry that I haven’t been very active! I’ve been trying to settle into uni and I literally haven’t had any time over the last couple of weeks, thank you for being patient with me everyone <3

Approx.1500 words

J: I can’t make it tonight, sorry:/ x

Betty felt a familiar numb feeling spread through her as she stared down at her phone screen. This was the third time in two weeks that Jughead had cancelled on her and she couldn’t help but feel suspicious. In fact, she thought this was practically confirmation of what she feared the most, that Jughead was cheating on her. He had moved to the Southside two months ago and, although they had promised each other that they wouldn’t let Riverdale’s civil war tear them apart, the inevitable was happening. Betty understood that Jughead now had ‘responsibilities’ as a Southside Serpent, but she couldn’t understand how those ‘responsibilities’ included Toni Topaz. While Betty was the perfect girl next door, Toni was the opposite. She was fascinating and dangerous and Betty knew that she had had her eye on Jughead ever since he moved to the Southside, she was hardly subtle.

Betty felt as though she was drowning. All the pressure was finally pushing her under the surface, no wonder that Jughead was turning away, there was no point in drowning along with her. For two months she had tried to balance her life but she was slipping closer and closer to the edge and she was exhausted. When Jughead met her half way everything worked, they were stronger together, but she couldn’t do everything herself. She at least thought he would have the decency to end it rather than sneak around behind her back.

She snatched up her phone and, ignoring the text from Jughead, she messaged her best friend Veronica Lodge, she needed a distraction.

B: You up for going out tonight? I need a distraction, don’t ask x

V: Hell yeah! Let me text Josie x

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Happy Sigh from the Front Row

I had the great pleasure and nearly unbelievable opportunity to go see David Tennant tonight, for free, as part of the Screen Actors Guild Conversations on Broadway series.  All credit and love must go to @fomagranfalloon, who told me about the event in the first place.  I was so excited, but kept thinking that something was going to fall through or that it was all a crazy dream…

In the front row. For two hours.

Below the cut is a collection of what I was able to remember on my subway ride home, but ask me questions to jog my memory!  I can probably remember more!

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Baekhyun x Reader (x Chanyeol) “Rekindle”(3/3)

High school au

Story plot: You’ve returned to your home town after years away in England due to your father’s work. You join your local high school and hope to rekindle lost friendships from middle school, only to find you may be rekindling more than just friendships.

click here for part 1 part 2

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You left Baekhyun’s apartment after making vegetable soup(you weren’t exactly a natural cook, but you hoped it would be ok anyway), and took a taxi home as he was still fast asleep.

It was getting dark, and so you was surprised when you found Chanyeol slouched on the floor outside your front door. He perked up when he saw you, and rushed over. “Y/N!” he fret, “you’re ok? I tried ringing your mobile a few times, and I left you a few messages..”

“Sorry Chan…” you apologised, “I forgot to turn my phone off of silent after school.”

His head fell back as he let out a sigh of relief, he then looked back at you sternly, “we need to talk.”

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My Someone

Original Imagine:  Anonymous asked: “Can you make a one shot of teenage!dean with the reader?”

Author: superohsnaptural

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,575

Warnings: None

A/N: I wrote this around 2 in the morning, and I am known for making weird grammatical errors when it gets that late, so please bear with me if this isn’t my best work!

You sat on your front porch at 7:45 in the morning, your anger grower hotter with each minute that your best friend, Dean, didn’t show up. He’s been your ride for the past year, since his Dad (who was usually gone, but still scared the shit out of you) had given him Baby, his ’67 Chevy Impala.

Five minutes later, the rumble of the Impala’s engine told you that Dean was coming down the street. You met him at the end of your drive, jumping in the passenger seat and throwing your bag into the back.

“You’re twenty minutes late, Dean. What the hell?” You asked him, buckling quickly so he would start down the road.

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