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Poker Face

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I think the world is ending…I may have to crash here tonight.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @babypieandwhiskey

“Hey sweetheart.” Dean says answering your call.

“Guess what we’re doing tonight?”

“Uh…I was gonna play poker with the guys.”

“Not anymore.” You chuckle.

“Oh jeez…do I wanna know?”

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NSV x2

I had two little NSV tonight. Once a month we have a board meeting at my favorite pizza place. Needless to say, pizza isn’t an option for me right now. 1) My first NSV was I made it through the meeting without being tempted. I just avoided making eye contact with the pizza. 🍕 👀 😂 2) The second…. We meet in a large booth in the restaurant. I usually pull up a chair outside the booth… This time, I fit in the booth!

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Love, Unconditionally

Request: Could you please do a imagine where the reader and Dan are dating and Dan is really insecure about his body And one day it’s just too much for him and the reader comforts him. Idk it can end in smut or fluff, you decide❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Warnings: Mentions of rapid weight loss, fluffy, ANGSTTT

Word Count: 644

Thanks for the request!! I had fun writing this, actually. I hope you like it!!

You hadn’t noticed Dan’s unusual behaviour until you realized the lack of food he was eating. This was very unusual for Dan, as he adored your cooking and of course the take away pizza you had got him as a surprise after he came back from a meeting at youtube. But, tonight, he seemed to just be staring at the warm pepperoni pizza sitting on his plate, shifting it around his plate.

“Is everything okay, Dan?” You asked gently, frowning a little. His head instantly shot up and he nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, of course. Just thinking about the meeting. I’m not really that hungry.” You instantly knew the words were lies – his rushed speaking and panicked expression gave him away all too well.

But before you could ask him anymore, he was on his feet, leaving the living room in the direction of the bathroom. You sighed, placing your half-finished plate on the table and pulling your knees into your chest, the anime playing on the TV blurring into the background. You decided not to pursue him about it – it could only make it worse.

Your worry grew more and more as you noticed the lack of food Dan was eating, the massive jumpers he was wearing instead of his usual T-shirts, how he almost distanced himself from you. You wondered maybe if you had said something, done something wrong, but it wouldn’t explain the lack of food he was eating. It just didn’t add up.

So when you walked into your bedroom to see him sitting shirtless on the bed, facing away from you, his shoulders shaking, the amount of weight he had lost took you back. You brought your hand to cover your mouth, eyes brimming with tears.

“D-Dan?” You stuttered, and he whipped round, eyes red. You could almost see his ribs, making the tears fall down your cheeks, guilt flooding in.

“I’m sorry-“ He managed to get out before his own tears began to spill from his eyes, and he clutched his sweater to his chest. You rushed forward, pulling him into your arms and holding him tightly, rocking him a little. He had buried his head in the crook of your neck, shaking.

“What’s wrong, Dan? Why didn’t you talk to me?” You asked him gently, slightly calmer, but completely thrown off by him.

“I just feel completely… gross.” He mumbled as you rubbed his bare back slowly. “Like, my weight, my height. I’m just so insecure about myself.”

“Hey, you shouldn’t be. You are beautiful.” You comforted him, kissing the top of his head and breathing in his familiar scent. “But if you continue not eating… You’ll get ill.”

“It was the only way to be how I want to be.” He whispered.

“You don’t want to be skeletal, do you? You have millions of people looking up to you, Daniel. You have to stay strong for them.” You reasoned, and he nodded a little.

“I just… Feel like I’m not good enough. For you.” And then he started to weep again. You hushed him, pulling away and taking his face into your hands.

“You are more than good enough for me, Howell.” You smiled softly, and he sniffed. “I don’t care how tall you are, or how slim you are. I’ll love you unconditionally.”

“I love you too.” He promised, resting his hands on your shoulders, his cheeks dusted with pink.

“Then you should look after yourself. If not for you, for me.” Your voice was firm, but still sympathetic. He nodded. “You have to try and promise me.”

“I promise.” He tried a close lipped smile.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you, nerd.” You joked, and his smile grew wider. You kissed him gently, before ruffling his hair and pulling him up. “Now get into your onesie. We’re having a Fairytale marathon.”

Brent Burns - Sad as hell

Hey can you do a Brent Burns imagine? I have yet to come across one on him. 

Author’s note:  I found this prompt from @soprompt. My writng blogs should check it out!  *ALSO SPOILER ALERT* for BOTH the movie and the book the fault in our stars! Don’t read if you haven’t seen or read

Prompt : “Shhhh. Can’t you just let me be miserable in peace?”

Date night was your favorite night! You got to spend the whole night with the man you love. Tonight you two decided to stay in order some pizza and watch movies. Which you had to say was your favorite. You were never one for going out. 

“Okay, so my mom said this movie was good so this is what we are going to be watching. Good?” Brent said holding up The Fault in Our Stars. 

You smiled knowing all to well what the movie was about. You had read the book in high school when you were younger, but you didn’t want to tell Brent that in case he won’t want to watch it know you knew what was going to happen.

“Sounds good!” You said smiling.

Brent popped the movie in the DVD player than crawled back onto the couch with you in his arms. 

You guys had just gotten to the part of the movie were Gus was at the gas station breaking down. God this part broke you. Out of all the part in the movie and book this part hurt your heart the most. 

To you it show that no matter how strong someone can be, sometimes they break. Sometimes they see that and they hate that they can’t fix themselves. Gus went around making people happy, and not caring about the worries they had but when he it came to him he couldn’t deal with it and he didn’t want others to see that part of him. That killed you. 

“Babe…are you crying?” You asked Brent. 

“No! I just have an eye lash in my eye.” He said rubbing his eyeball. 

“Surrrrrre you do.” You laughed. 

“How come your not crying? This movie is sad as hell!” Brent said looking at you. Your face went red and you turned your face to the tv. “OH MY GOD! YOU’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE!” He yelled. 

“NO! I’ve just read the book.” You smiled to yourself. 

“I feel SOOOOOO betrayed right now! He joked. 

You two sat there in each others arms until the end of the movie. Brent got up to turn the movie off and clean up the living room.

“What are you doing?” He asked looking at you face down on the couch.

“Shhhh. Can’t you just let me be miserable in peace?” You mumbled. 

You heard your boyfriend laugh before you felt a heavy weight on your back. 

“What….are….you…doing…? You huffed out.

“Laying on you, duh.” He laughed. 


“So we can be miserable together, because that movies was sad as hell.” Brent laughed before placing a kiss behind your ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too, but can you get up I can’t breath big butt.” You both giggled.


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Heartbreaks part 3 (Theo Raeken)

This was requested so here you go :)

Part 1

Part 2

It has been a week since Theo has quit working with the Dread Doctors and things have been going great between us. He’s extra sweet and overly romantic. He tells me it’s because he knows what’s it like to lose me and he never wants to feel like that again so he makes a point to let me know how much he loves me. I find it adorable all of the little stuff he does for me. From coming over with pizza because he knew we had a lot of homework that night to texting me good morning and good night (when he’s not staying with me). He has been the perfect boyfriend and he treats me like a queen and I love him for it.

Tonight we had a date planned. He wanted to go check out the new club Sinema so of course I accepted. I was just finished getting ready and went out to my car to meet him there. He was at a meeting with Scott and I opted out of it because Scott had already told me everything and I didn’t feel like sitting through that again. I was almost there when I got a text from Theo.

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Okay so Jared/Evan/Conner are together. So are Zoe/Alana. After awhile Hedi is used to seeing her sons boyfriends at there house and she is chill about it. After awhile Zoe and Alana start showing up and she takes them in. Cynthia calls her because Conner and his dad had an argument and she was wondering if Heidi could help her sort it out. After awhile Jared and Alana's parents start calling her to. Before Heidi even realizes it she had adopted several different kids calling her mom. Love you!



“Hi Jared, Connor staying for dinner? It’s noting much tonight boys just pizza,” Heidi smiled as she entered the kitchen. She placed the two pizza boxes on the island. The three boys were sitting at the table all looked up at Heidi, she was still in her scrubs but she didn’t seem too frazzled tonight. “If you don’t mind Mrs. Hansen,” Jared smiled.

Heidi made a noise. “Jared honey, I’ve known you since you were a little boy, you can call me Heidi, you too Connor, Mrs. Hansen is my mother,” Heidi smiled as she took the plates out. The boys helped themselves and Evan wondered why he was lucky enough to have such a wonderful mother, who loved him, his boyfriend his friends, “Okay boys, I have night classes and you are all welcomed to stay as long as you need, you know where the shower is, and the food,” Heidi smiled as she kissed each of their heads.

Jared and Connor were taken aback. Yes Heidi loved Evan, and she stated multiple times she loved both Jared and Connor and loved how Evan had the company. “I um-thanks Mrs-Heidi,” Connor smiled and Heidi smiled back sweetly.


“Oh please you boys spend enough time over here, just call me mom,” Heidi giggled as she continued to pass out the tacos. It was Taco Tuesday and Evan had invited them over. Jared and Evan shot their boyfriend a look. “She’s been ask-asking m-me abou-about this for days guys, just say yes,” Evan laughed. 

“Are-are you sure Heidi, I mean you are like a second mother to me but I wouldn’t want to overstep boundaries,” Connor said. Jared nodded in agreement, Heidi was an amazing person and what she was asking, it made neither uncomfortable but they didn’t really have an answer. “It’s up to you both, but just know you can call me mom, and if you need anything I’m always here,” Heidi smiled


Heidi opened the door to the house extra pizzas in tow. Evan had messaged her saying Zoe and Alana were over tonight. Zoe and Alana were a new addition to the family as Heidi had put it. “Hi girls, the boys setting the table?” Heidi questioned. Currently Alana and Zoe were cuddled up on the couch, talking among themselves. “Yeah Heidi, they thought they would help you out tonight,” Alana smiled.

“Yeah Momma H,” Zoe smiled as she waved at the woman. Momma H was what Jared, Connor and Zoe called her. Alana wasn’t quite comfortable with calling her that yet but she was getting there. Making her way into the kitchen, she saw the boys laying out the last of the silverware. “Hi boys, everything going good?” Heidi smiled, she didn’t have classes tonight so she was wasn’t as frazzled today.

“Ah Momma H, everything is ready for you, we will serve you today,” Jared smiled as Heidi sat down. The said woman let out a small giggle as the boys started serving her, Zoe and Alana joining them a few minutes after the boys had finished serving the food. Heidi wasn’t quite sure but somehow she had found herself with a little family of teenagers and she would always take care of them.


“Heidi Hansen right?” 

Heidi holding two giant bags of groceries turned around after hearing her name. A redheaded woman was standing beside a car. “I-yes I’m Heidi Hansen, and you are?” Heidi smiled as she reached out her hand. The woman shook it and offered to take one of Heidi’s bags. Heidi was grateful for the help.

“I’m Cynthia Murphy, Zoe and Connor’s mom,” Cynthia smiled. Heidi unlocked her house door and let out a small gasp of delight. “Oh! It is so good to meet you Cynthia, your kids are such a joy to have here, they’re good kids,” Heidi smiled as she placed the grocery bags on the kitchen table.

“I could say the same about your Evan,” Cynthia smiled at the blonde woman, Heidi seemed like a kind person. Momma H was what her kids called her and she could see why they liked her so much. Just from meeting her, Cynthia could tell she had a warm heart. “Is there something you needed Cynthia? Are Connor and Zoe okay?” Heidi asked.

“Connor and Larry, they fought, it was rough,” Cynthia admitted as Heidi handed her a cup of coffee she didn’t ask for. Not that Cynthia wasn’t grateful for the coffee, she enjoyed it, needed it really. She was just surprised Heidi would even offer it to her. “Are they okay?” Heidi questioned as she took a sip of her own coffee. 

Cynthia shook her head. “I’m afraid Connor hasn’t come out of his room, not even for Evan and Jared, he won’t look at his father. Heidi I don’t know what to do,” Cynthia muttered. The poor woman was almost in tears. Heidi pulled her into a hug, she let Cynthia cry slightly. But the woman composed herself quickly. “I’ll talk to them don’t worry,” Heidi smiled.

That’s how Heidi Hansen found herself sitting in the Murphy’s living room, a very disgruntled man and an angry teenage boy in front of her. Cynthia was sitting off to the side along with Zoe. “Despite this whole ordeal, Larry, Connor needs help, he needs his dad, he doesn’t need his father yelling at him for smoking pot, which you should not be doing Connor, but he needs constructive criticism Larry, not name calling,” Heidi sighed.

Larry knew the woman was right, he turned towards his son. “I’m sorry Connor, we can figure this out together alright?” Larry sighed as he reached out to shake his son’s hand. Connor nodded and was about to shake his dad’s hand when Heidi cleared her throat. “You hug family,” Heidi told them. 

Connor and Larry let out a noise of protest but Heidi shot them both a forceful glare. The two gave each other a uncomfortable hug before Larry left to his office and Connor retreated to the kitchen. “Thank you so much Momma H! I could not handle the tension in this house anymore!” Zoe smiled as she hugged the blonde woman, Cynthia hugging Heidi as well.

Whenever there was a family mess, Heidi was called. Whether it be to Alana’s, Jared’s, The Murphy’s, Heidi was supermom to them. She was a part of each family and no one would change a thing.

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Your youtube vids have been inspiring me SO freaking much with my recovery. I've been like, 80% recovered for 2 years now but struggling to overcome that final hurdle with those last few fear foods and lingering disordered throughts with exercise. I'm proud to say that I've had a full serving of regular peanut butter (none of that powdered stuff) 5 days in a row and had pizza for dinner tonight, while also taking 2 rest days in a row. Thank you for being you and sharing your journey. :)

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! I know how big of a deal that is and honestly just keep challenging yourself and keep doing what you’re doing because you will slowly by surely get to a point where you feel more and more free!!!!!

A Million Things || Conor

Request: maybe you could do an imagine with Conor where you two are up all night, sitting on the balcony and getting drunk together and just talk about everything and their relationship absolutely love your imagines btw!!

this was cute to write I enjoyed it, I hope you like it too! x


Tonight, you and Conor decided to have a fun night in. The other boys were out of town, so you had the whole place to yourselves. You ordered a large pizza and drank your weight in beer as you only half paid attention to the movie you were watching. Your hands were constantly touching each other, pressing sloppy kisses over each other’s faces. Drinks always made you and Conor handsy and chatty.

As the sky grew darker, you and Conor had moved out to the balcony. Conor was seated on your patio couch and you sat beside him with your legs draped over his. Both of you had lost count on the number of beers each of you had consumed, but you both knew you were drunk. You leaned over and giggled before kissing Conor’s neck, lightly biting his earlobe. He giggled back and kissed the top of your nose. “I love you,” he told you. “Remember when we first met?”

“Mhm,” you mumbled to him, your lips on his neck again. “You ran into me and spilled coffee all over my sweater.”

“I told you I didn’t usually use spilled coffee as an introduction,” he said back.

“Worst pick up line,” you teased.

“It worked on you,” he replied.

“I’m easy, what can I say?” you giggled. “I’m not proud of it.”

Conor rolled his eyes at you and you laid your head on his shoulder. “We were so young back then,” you said to him. “That was three years ago now, wasn’t it?”

“Feels like a lifetime,” Conor smiled back.

“I think there’s so much I still don’t know about you,” you mumbled, running your fingers through his hair and stroking his cheek.

“What could you possibly still not know about me?” Conor laughed.

“How many hairs are on your head?”

“Ahh, yes, I believe there are 100,000 individual strands. Very important question, (Y/N), very important indeed.”

You turned and laid your head on Conor’s lap. “I want to keep getting to know you,” you told him. “There are as many things to know about you as there are stars in the sky. Did you know that? There are like a million stars and there are like a million things about you that I want to know.”

“Well, you know my name is Conor Paul Maynard, my birthday is November 21st, and I am absolutely madly in love with you.” He twirled strands of your hair between his fingers and stared at your eyes that were still looking up at the stars.

“Do you think we’ll be together forever, Con?” you asked, finally meeting your eyes with his again.

“Well,” he said slowly. “You said there are a million things to get to know about me, and I’d say there are just as many that I need to know about you. I’d say those things will take forever to learn, don’t you? As long as there are stars in the sky and things to discover about you, I will be here.”

You and Conor stayed outside all night. You talked about anything that came to your minds. Every time Conor learned something new about you, he pointed to a star and said that that star would forever embody that fact. You hadn’t even realized that the sun had come up until you heard birds chirping. “Shit,” you laughed, squinting against the sun you had just begun to realize was there. “Con we were out all night.”

“I know,” he laughed, stretching his arms out and yawning a bit. “I guess I just couldn’t stop learning about you.”

You laughed and kissed his lips before you both laid down on the couch and slept the day away.

7 on 7.

Married couples had this sort of odd myth that surrounded them that said once you reached a certain stage in your relationship, everything went downhill. The honeymoon stage was long gone and you reached a point where you couldn’t practically stand each other. Romance went out the window. Watching movies on the couch and eating day old pizza became a date night.

That wasn’t the case for Fernando and I.

We acted as if we had just met, like our relationship was fresh and we were just trying out different things to get to know each other. I couldn’t count how many times he’d come home and wake me up from my sleep to drag me off somewhere even if it was to just watch the night sky together.

Tonight’s activity was late night outdoor soccer.

The sun had long ago disappeared and though the time on my watch showed it was nearly 9 p.m., my body was pumping with adrenaline for our little ‘date’ that included some of his teammates and their significant others.

I had been hyping up the night all week once I found out his plan for a 7 on 7 game between the wives and the husbands, largely because I hadn’t stepped into a pair of cleats in years. I liked to think that I was the better footballer between the two of us though I figured we both knew the truth behind that statement. That didn’t alter my confidence though.

“I’m going to beat you so good, Torres,” I remarked as we exited our vehicle.

He only chuckled and threw his cleats over his shoulder to hold onto until he replaced them with the sneakers on his feet. “Are you sure about that? You may not want to talk yourself up so early.”

“I’m confident in my abilities. We never did decide what it is I get once my side wins.” I walked around the car to meet him on his side, leaning against the car as he continued to gather things from the inside.

“What is it that you want? I’m sure you won’t win but I’ll entertain you with a wager.” Fernando stopped digging around in the car for a moment to look to me, flashing a teasing smile that had its own confident air about it without him having to say anything.

“A Ferrari.”

The immediate reaction he had let me know he wasn’t taking my wager seriously. “Yeah. Let’s be a bit more realistic here.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Okay. I want a day of pampering. From you,” I made sure to clarify. “Full body massage, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by you. I want you to clean the house…”

“Okay. Wait wait,” he said as he laughed and held out his hands to stop my list of demands. “This is a lot of things just for one win.”

“And you can list off as many things as you want in your part of the wager if you want. I didn’t set a limit for you.”

“I already know what I want though.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sex,” he spoke nonchalantly before returning to gathering his things. “Sex? We have sex all the time.”

“Let’s not go into the dirty details of it,” Fernando replied as he shut the door to our car and walked closer to me. “Just know that’s what I want and I want you wearing a particular thing.” He pecked my lips quickly before walking away, instantly making me follow close behind to the nearly empty park and the empty pitch that awaited us. Hopefully our friends were already here or at least a majority were.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Torres.”

The first person spotted was Antoine, his voice easily heard as well as I was sure he was trash talking his girlfriend as I had been doing with my husband earlier. I greeted her along with the other ladies, offering words of encouragement that pretty much revolved around stomping our significant others into the ground so that we could hold the bragging rights on a win. The thought of having to listen to them gloat was enough to want me to complete a hat trick tonight.

“So are we ready or what?”

It didn’t take long for everyone to finish sliding into their shoes or change of clothes and we moved towards the pitch. Fernando walked alongside me, playfully knocking my hip with his until I glared in his direction. “You nervous yet? You’re going to have to defend me for 90 minutes.”

“90 minutes?! I thought we were doing 50? 25 minute halves?”

“Oh no, love. Way too easy,” he winked before jogging off to the center. I simply rolled my eyes and followed.

Let’s hope I had enough stamina for this.

The girls and I had already decided on positions and even team name as we flooded our group chat throughout this week with motivation for each other and tactics I wasn’t even sure we were really working to remember so much as we were trying to impress ourselves and seem prepared.

I jogged up near where Fernando stood. He flashed a heart symbol in my direction as a peace offering. I responded playfully by flipping him off which only caused him to laugh.

We didn’t have much longer to play around as the whistle, or makeshift whistle that was Luciano, sounded off and the ball was put into play. The guys’ side gained possession first, easily controlling it for the time being. I had no doubts that eventually we would gain possession. We were just too clever not to.

It may have been a game meant to be a fun night out for the couples but I could tell we were all taking it seriously. Fernando was watching the ball like a hawk as were his teammates and though they may have been the professionals in this scenario, there was no way my team was backing down without a fight.

As soon as he gained possession of the ball, I closed the distance between us and tried to poke it away. My hand gripped onto his waist as I tried to maneuver around him. Thankfully there would be no referee in this game.

“I’m not as young as I used to be,” he spoke though still concentrating on the ball between his feet.  

“You’re right. You’re not as sharp as you used to be either.” It was the perfect moment for me to poke away the ball, hitting it with my toe to squeeze it from between his legs and to my awaiting teammate’s feet. “Better luck next time,” I spoke into his ear before jogging off and following the action.

The game continued like that the rest of the way with one team gaining possession for a bit before being distracted and losing the ball. Fernando was purposely showing off, even nearly nutmegging me if it weren’t for my quick reaction that caused me to close my feet together before he could.

Goals bounced in and around the net on both sides but thankfully, it was my side that came out victorious.

I had definitely underestimated how tired I would feel after 90 minutes of action and while I bounced around for a moment celebrating with my team, I was now bent over resting my hands onto my knees. The guys all came around to hug me and congratulate me with a good game, the line ending with my husband’s smile.

“Good game tonight.”

I straightened and said, “Thank you. You weren’t so bad yourself. I can’t wait until you’ll have to pay up tomorrow. I can already envision that back massage.”

“I’ll make sure it’s a great one,” he chuckled. Nando leaned down and began helping me out of my cleats, dropping the athletic flip flops he had brought for me to slide in. I held onto his shoulder for balance as he did that.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Once the shoes were off he stood back up to eye level with me.

“You think I could maybe start cashing in on my win early and get a nice night with you?” I draped my arms over his shoulders as I closed the distance between us.

“A nice night? Define nice night.”

“Just you…” I snaked my hand discreetly under his shirt. “And me. And our bed.”

He grabbed for my hands wound under his shirt. “Sex wasn’t in your deal,” he winked. “If I remember correctly I just owe you a massage, food and a clean home. I don’t think you’re going to get any of this body tonight.”

He sent a love tap to my ass before he began walking off as the others had did towards their cars. “Lovely doing business with you, Mrs. Torres. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

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Pizza For Two - Brett Talbot Imagine

Pizza For Two - Tw Imagine

Prompt: You and Brett go out on an unintentional ‘date’ at dominos. You guys shared some laughs and just had fun.

A/N: This is just a quick Imagine that I’m going to post since I’m going to bed soon! I thought that this was really cute and cheesy (pun intended).

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1042

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Your POV

You were walking over to your closest Domino Pizza Parlor with Brett Talbot. You guys decided to hang out tonight since there was nothing else to do on a Friday night. He opened the door for you as you walked inside before him.

“Thank you, sir.” You chuckled as you bowed your head down and lifted the end of your jacket.

“No problem, me lady.” He smirked.

You guys went to order a large Hawaiian pizza since you still liked to taste of the pizza you grew up with as a kid. You were going to pay until Brett slapped your hand away from the cashier.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Paying… what else would I have been doing with my money out now?” You laughed.

“It’s on me.” Brett handed over the cash who was waiting for the money. You guys would always pay for each other’s foods. You just couldn’t wait for the delicious pizza, you were hungry.

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I’m having 5 teeth pulled tomorrow (4 wisdom and a cracked molar) and I cannot focus at work because I’m so anxious. I had a nightmare that when they were putting the iv in to sedate me I got all weird and loopy and was thrashing around ripping the needle out and just acting generally insane. He prescribed me a valium to take tonight so I could sleep and I’m just ready to be done with work so I can take it and fall asleep eating pizza.

Nertflix and Chill Shamy Style

@nerdforestgirl Wanted fluff and when NFG wants fluff she gets fluff!

“Are you sure you are okay with just staying in tonight?” Sheldon asks Amy as he opens the pizza box and pulls out a slice. This is their first date night since getting back together. He would be willing to go anywhere for her do anything she wanted but she wanted to . However she had suggested that they stay in and order pizza and watch Netflix. Which to him was the perfect night. But he worried Amy had just suggested it because she thought that was what he wanted.

“Yes, I just feel like staying in tonight.” she tells him giving him giving him a shy smile and taking a slice of pizza. “Of course you will let me pick the movie.”

“Of course.” he says picking up the remote and turning on the TV.

“Ok what do you feel like watching? Something from the romantic comedy section?” he asks scrolling down the list to the mushy romantic stuff.

“Actually there is a TV series that I thought we could start watching that just debuted on Netflix.” she says taking the remote from him and scrolling to the new releases and selecting The Flash. He cocks his eyebrow at her what in the devil is she playing at.

“Really Amy? Out of all the shows you could’ve selected you pick this one.” he had not watched it yet. He could not think of watching it after all the trouble it had caused him.

“What you don’t like The Flash.” she asks coyly.

“You know why I don’t think this is the best show to watch right now.”

“Sheldon, it’s okay let’s just watch it besides I thought we could watch the whole thing tonight. Have a binge session.”

“It would take us all night to finish the entire series. Maybe even into morning.” then he realizes what Amy is playing at. She is trying to sneak in a sleepover.

“Exactly.” she tells him winking.He gulps if this break has made him realizes anything it is that maybe he should break some of his own rules.

“Alright.” he agrees and she turns it on. They finish dinner and watch the first episode in companionable silence. It is good and they both seem to be enjoying the show. After they finish the first episode and dinner they take a break to clean up before starting the next one. Amy takes off her shoes and curls her feet up on the couch and he sits down beside her. She she snuggles into his side and he wraps his arm around her side and hits play again. They watch two more episodes of the show talking about the plot together. He is delighted that Amy actually likes the show and is getting into it. Before he knows it her phone alarm is ringing signalling the end of date night.

“So should I go now?” she asks taking her phone out. He does not know why she is asking they already settled this when he agreed to watch the entire first season of The Flash with her.

“If you go we won’t be able to finish the show.” he tells her and she smiles.

“I was hoping you would say that but I wanted to give you an out just in case.” she tells him.

“Since you will be spending the night do you need to borrow pajamas or a toothbrush? I think I discovered all your preparedness kits and returned them too you.”

“Actually yes.” she says and he pauses the show and gets up she follows him to his bedroom and he finds her an old t-shirt to wear.

“Do you want some pajama bottoms too?”

“No I think your shirt is long enough.” she says flushing slightly. “I guess I will go to the bathroom and change.” she says feeling awkward not knowing what to do.

“There are spare toothbrushes in the bottom cabinet help yourself.” he calls as she closes the door. Sheldon takes the opportunity to change into his pajamas.

When he gets leaves the room Amy is already done with the bathroom and he takes the chance to brush his teeth. Then he joins her on the couch again. She looks so adorable curled up in just his t-shirt. There is a distracting amount of leg showing he can not promise to be a gentleman.
So when he sits back down he has to grab a couch pillow to cover his growing problem. Amy curls back into his side as he starts the show back up. He feels her shiver and he looks down at her at her.

“Are you cold?” he asks concerned pulling her closer to him.

“A little.” she admits shivering again and cuddling closer into his side. He pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and wraps it around them. “Thank you that is better she says looking up at him and smiling. She looks so beautiful that it makes his heart skip a beat. Just a week ago he thought he had lost her forever. Now here cuddled close to him, wearing just one of his t-shirts. Overcome with affection for her he does some so uncharacteristic it surprises even himself as he smoothes her hair back and gives her a soft kiss on her forehead.

"No problem.” he says. Then he continues to stare at her. Soaking in every detail of her like she might flicker and go away.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks looking into his eyes. She had missed him so much that it hurt sometimes. Caused an actual physical ache when she recalled his face. Amy thought she had blown it completely. Lost the love her live over her pride and foolishness. Now she had him back and he was trying, really trying to be a better boyfriend and it melted her heart.

“I just missed you. I can’t believe you are actually here.” he says and the blunt honesty of the statement floors her. She reaches up and cradles her face with her hand skimming her fingers over his forehead, down the bridge of his nose and across his soft lips. How she had missed his face. Missed their chaste date night kisses. How just one soft brush from his lips could set her loins on fire. How silly she had been trying to replace him. The one kiss she had received had left her feeling hollow.

“I missed you so much. ” she tells him and he tucks his head into her embrace. Then he mirrors her actions with his hand on her face. Finally pulling her chin up so her lips met his own, The kiss starts out soft and sweet but then grows building until he has pulled her into his lap and they are both breathless, Before they know it the music starts signalling the end of the episode starts.

“We did not watch any of that one.” Amy says pulling away .

“I don’t care.” he tells her pulling her down to kiss her again. She kisses him back but she breaks away quickly again. Kissing the tip of his nose to soften the blow of the separation.

“Come on I want to do this right start the episode over.” she says breaking away from him.

“Oh alright.” he sighs and he restarts the episode and rearranges the pillow on his lap that fell of during their heated make out session. They start watching again and Amy yawns and then unexpectedly lays down on his lap. Even with the pillow as a barrier he worries about Amy discovering how lustful his thoughts had turned while they were kissing.

Amy watches the episode intently. But by the time the nest on starts Sheldon can not focus on what is happening at all. All he can think about is the solid weight of her head pressing against him. How after almost an hour and a half the trouble has not subsided. Partly due to the distracting long pale limb peeking out from under the blanket and loving sensually up and down as she watches the show. His hands ache to rundown the length of her body to feel all of her. His palms itch with longing normally he would sit on them to quell his desire but Amy is weighing down his lap. Finally he can resist no more and his hand runs down her shiny hair, down the long stem of her neck, to the slope of her shoulders.

“Mmm that feels good.” she moans arching her back to his touch like a cat. Spurred on by the positive reaction he continues. Rubbing her shoulder blades and then down her back. Then he finds the hem of her shirts has ridden up under the blanket. He can feels her warm soft skin and it feels amazing. He wants to touch every inch of her exposed skin. His hand runs downward caressing the small of her back, stopping when he can feel the top band of her underwear and he moves his hand away quickly. He did not mean to be so forward.

“I am sorry.” he says and she rolls on to her back on his lap looking up at him.

“Why are you sorry?” she asks rubbing the material of his flannel pajamas between her fingers.

“I did not mean to be so … forward… I lost control.” he says embarrassed

“It did not bother me.” she says shyly. Then she moves the pillow and sits up so that she is sitting in his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck loosely. “ Does not bother me one bit.” she says again kissing him softly on the lips. He kisses her back wrapping his arms around her middle. The sensation of her bottom grinding against him is almost more than he can handle as she wiggles against him as the kiss deepens.

“I can’t promise to keep my composure much longer.” he sighs against her mouth.

“Then don’t.” she says not breaking away from his lips taking the opportunity of his open mouth to sneak her tongue into his mouth. Teasing him with by rubbing her tongue against his. He groans and can feel the purr come deep within his chest and she knows she is in trouble. He responds in kind kissing her deeply and like he never has before. Soon he has flipped her off his lap and his pressing her into his spot his long body covering hers. He wraps her legs around his waist. The only time his mouth leaves hers is to kiss and nip at the sensitive skin of her neck when he runs out of air. They are lost in each other losing track of space and time, Making up for five years of lost kiss kisses and missed opportunities. Amy catches a glance at the Tv and notices the show has stopped and it is back on the main screen. The entire first season had played while they made out like teenagers.

“We forgot to watch The Flash.” she tells him pointing to the screen
breaking away from his mouth and nuzzling his neck.

“I had a bigger commitment to make.” he tells her kissing her again.

Jean & Marco Argue About Dinner

First JeanMarco recording! This comes from an anon.

Anonymous said: Can you please do some a jeanmarco recording. How about where Jean and Marco are arguing about what to get for dinner?


Can you please do some a jeanmarco recording. How about where Jean and Marco are arguing about what to get for dinner?

Hey babe, whatcha doin?

Nothing much, just watching this stupid anime.  My favorite character just got cut in half.

Aww, I’m sorry. You hungry?

Yeah, I could eat. Where do you want to go?

I don’t know, you can decide tonight.

Nah, I picked last time, this one’s on you.

You know I’m bad at this. Pizza? We could order in…

We had that a few days ago, jeez. How about Chinese?

Not after last time…My insides still haven’t recovered…

Well, I can’t think of anything, so I’m going to go take a shower and let you decide.

Hmm…how about…why don’t you take a nice, long, relaxing bath, and I’ll cook us nice pasta dinner, does that sound good?

Pasta does sound good…I have a better idea though. How about you come take a bath with me, and then we cook together? And afterward…maybe even have some…dessert?

*Gulps* I’ll go run the hot water.

{1988} Sleepover | Dora & Addie

As soon as Dora put down the phone, she heard a knocking on the door. Her face split into a grin as she knew exactly who it was- her best friend, Addie Longbottom. She went from the kitchen to the front of the house and opened the door. She threw her arms around her friend and squealed happily. “I just ordered pizza! Come on in,” Dora said. The two childhood friends always had the funnest sleepovers, and she knew tonight would be no different. 


“I just had the highlight of my career tonight” Sage said handing over the balanced pizza boxes as she took a seat beside Hunter on the bed. Turning her head she pulled her hair from the top bun it had been in all night the soft waves in her blonde hair bounced around until falling into place. “These dickheads were drinking and flirting so I got their order wrong they started to be dicks about it so I cried full on blubbering and they stopped” she said proudly and they gave me a thousand dollar tip - pretty sure they meant only a hundred but dinners on me tonight. How about you how was your day?”


Welcome to This Hollywood Lifestyle: DL Fanfic

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

It’s been three days since that Derek kid gave me his number, and I haven’t sent him a text yet. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just have been super busy making sure everything was good at home. Not to mention I started working again yesterday. I just didn’t really have the energy to do anything at the moment. By the time I got home from working at the pizza place I was employed at I just wanted to go to bed. Unfortunately I hadn’t worked out in days but I really needed to. I was starting to feel sluggish and I hated it.

Today after work I quickly got changed and headed for the gym, after only being there for an hour I was done. All I wanted to do was take a shower, get into bed, and watch some tv but when I got home Jess had other ideas in mind

“Hey! Guess what I have a party we can go to tonight,” your friend announced as you walked into the door. “How?” I asked. We have only lived in LA for a few days and Jess already had people inviting her out. “Some girls at work told me about it. Apparently it’s a house party. They said it won’t be too crazy just a few people. Like a get together I guess,” she explain. That made sense, and even though I wanted to stay home I knew that wasn’t an option.

“I’m kinda tired,” I whined a bit, and she shook her head. “Oh no, you’re not staying in on your first weekend in LA, we’re going out,” the girl started, “go get ready, the über will be here in an hour.” I sighed and agreed in defeat.

I quickly went into the bathroom and took a shower. After about fifteen minutes I jumped out and wrapped a towel around myself. Looking in the mirror I quickly took off the remainder of my makeup and headed for my room. I looked around in my closet and after a few minutes I picked out a pair of black, high-waisted jeans and a high-neck military green crop top. I grabbed a pair of black combat boots and quickly put it on.

I checked the clock and saw I had about a half hour to do my hair and makeup which should be easy since I was planning on doing my minimal amount. I blew dried, and straightened my hair, and put it in a half up and down top knot style. I applied my makeup and just as I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit I heard Jess yell, “Let’s go Isabella! The uber is here!”

I rolled my eyes and turned off the light in my room. I couldn’t believe we were going out tonight, at least it was to some small party and hopefully we wouldn’t be there too long. As I approached the front door I saw what my best friend had on and she made me look like shit but I was use to that.

She was in a tight little black dress with random cuts in it exposing a bit of her rib area and most of her back. She had it paired with a pair of black pumps and her hair was like mine, the only difference was she did a ponytail and I did a top knot. “Damn girl you look great!” I yelled at her and she smirked. “Not too bad yourself,” she replied and opened the door. I grabbed my phone and keys and headed out with her.

The car ride was only about twenty minutes, once we arrived at the house we handed our money to the driver and got out. “Small house party my ass,” I mumbled since the ground was vibrating from the music inside. Jess grabbed my hand and lead the way into the house and I closed the door around me. My nose was filled with the scent of alcohol, weed, sweat and sex. The music was so loud I could barely hear anything, I could barely even hear myself think.

Jess dragged me to the kitchen and poured the both of us a drink and a shot. “Let’s get this party started!” she yelled. I laughed and quickly downed the shot with her. We made a face and placed the shot glasses on the table. She poured herself another shot and offered me one to which I declined. Don’t get me wrong I love to go out and have fun but tonight I was too tired to do so and one of us had to be sober enough to get home safely.

Jess shrugged and downed another shot. She laughed and danced around the music. I just shook my head and we made our way to the living room, where mostly everyone was hanging out. Jess and I were conversating for a little bit when a blonde came up and yelled, “Oh my god you came!” Jess squealed a bit and hugged her, “Of course I did! Amanda this is my girl Izzy, Izzy this is Amanda!” I smiled and said, “Nice to meet you.”

She was super bubbly, and so gorgeous. Another beautiful girl with crystal blue eyes, a beautiful smile, and cute dimples. You could definitely tell she was from Cali just by her style and the way she talked and walked. “Come with me real quick!” Amanda said pulling Jess away. This time Jess didn’t grab my hand. Great, now I’m at some random party that I wasn’t in the mood for and my best friend ran off. Things couldn’t get worse right? I was making my way through the crowd trying to find the two girls when I felt someone grab the back of my arm.

Before I could turn around I heard a voice in my ear that sent shivers down my spine, “So you can go to a party, but you can’t text me?” I froze for a second before turning around and looking at who the voice was coming from.

It was the Derek kid again. “I’m sorry I’ve been busy,” was all that I could muster out. Now that we were face to face I could examine him more. He was even more attractive than before if that was possible. He smirked at me when he realized I was checking him out.

I rolled my eyes and released from his grip, then started looking around for my friend Jess. “Who are you looking for?” Derek questioned. “Jess and her work buddy Amanda ran off somewhere and now I’m alone.” I quickly explained. “Well come with me and meet some of my friends,” Derek said and I shrugged, then followed him. 

We made our way through the house, and he opened a random door down to a basement. Once you walked in all you could smell was weed, and I made a face that quickly disappeared. “D Luh!” was the first thing we heard when we made it down the steps. He quickly gave the boys a handshake bro hug thing then turned to me, “Boys this is Izzy, Izzy this is KDL and Skate.” I smiled, not even realizing he somehow knew my name. 

“Hey you’re the girl from the restaurant the other day,” Skate said and I smiled, “Yep that’s me.” I looked at Derek and he sat down on a couch, to which I followed. Skate grabbed a blunt and asked, “You smoke?” I quickly shook my head and said, “Nah. I’ve never really done it I don’t think it’s for me though.” The boys nodded, and KDL said “Well, more for us.” The three of them laughed, and I smiled. 

“So are your names really KDL and Skate, I mean if it is that’s cool I’m just curious.” I asked, and the boys laughed a bit. “Nah I’m Kevin, and that’s Nate. They’re just stage names.” Kevin said, and I nodded. The boys smoked, and we were all conversating, and joking. I could get use to this honestly, they all seemed so chill. 

We were all just hanging out when we heard the door open, all eyes went to the steps and we saw Amanda and Jess making their way down the steps. “There you are Izzy!” Jess slurred. Great. I got up and said, “Yes, here I am, but where were you?” I asked and she just shrugged. I sighed and said, “Well I think that’s our cue to go, nice to meet you boys.” I grabbed Jess’s arm and began to drag her upstairs, Amanda quickly followed. “Wait Izzy introduce me to your friends the one with long hair is cute,” Jess slurred as we made our way up the steps. You could hear the boys laugh, and I did a little as well. 

“I don’t think you’d want that right now, maybe another time.” I called for an uber, and after about ten minutes of waiting by the door Derek reappeared. “Do y'all need a ride home?” he asked, I shook my head and said, “Nah the uber will be here soon, but thank you.” He nodded and said, “Well text me when you get home, that is if you didn’t throw out my number. I wanna make sure the both of you are okay.” I smiled and said, “I will, I promise.” He waited with us, and right before the uber pulled up I asked, “How did you know my name?” He smirked once again, God he was cute, “Well Jess told me when I gave her the note to give to you.” Of course, should’ve known. 

“Makes sense,” I simply said. I looked out the door, and the uber pulled up, “Well there’s my ride, thank you again D Luh, I had fun.” I quickly gave him a hug, and grabbed Jess by the arm pulling her to the car. 

Once we made it home I managed to get Jess into her bed and place a trashcan near it. I also grabbed a few painkillers, and some water and placed them on the end table. After making my way to the bathroom I washed my face, and grabbed the sweatpants I left there earlier. I entered my room and got changed, afterwards making my way to my bed. 

Once in bed I grabbed the napkin with Derek’s number on it and decided to shoot him a quick text. 

I: Hey, just wanted to let you know we got home safe.

D: Alright cool, tonight was fun we’ll have to do it again. Btw Nate wants to meet Jess.

I: Haha, sounds good to me. I’m sure she’d love to meet him as well. :)

D: Can’t wait.

I: Well I’m gonna go to bed, night.

I sent the last text and placed my phone on the end table. It went off once more, I was assuming it was Derek saying good night. I laid in bed replaying tonight’s events, and eventually fell asleep. 

A/N: Thank you all for reading! I’m sorry if this is too long, but I like long chapters in a fanfic! More of the crew to come in the next chapter I promise. Let me know how you feel about this and if you have any requests for imagines or anything send them in! I’d love to hear any suggestions for this as well! I hope you all enjoyed, and the next chapter will be out soon I promise!

Post stuffing myself.
In an extra small shirt. I love my cute belly.
Had 6 slices of Mac Daddy pizza (Mac and cheese and bacon on pizza!!), and ¾ of a cheesecake.. Also had 1 liter of soda.
I think the cheesecake is what did it for me tonight. 😍😍
I’m just bursting out of my shirt tonight!

Smut Submission

Its been a long week, Michael was busy with the boys planning the new tour, I was busy at my job, a receptionist at a local production company, we both decided to clear our schedule tonight and have a date night, and I have just the thing in mind to make it so special. I had the bedroom perfect with candles lit, some daisy petals sprinkled on the bed and some toys including a whip, furry purple handcuffs and a vibrator on the side stand. Downstairs I had set up a candle lit dinner with pizza and beer, romantic I know.

Mikey finally arrived and we ate our food and I told him I had to go upstairs and get something, but I was actually slipping into something a little more comfortable, I had bought a new lingerie set, black leather with purple accents, it was strappy and sexy. I laid seductively on the bed and called him up, I was being in charge tonight! Mikey came up and immediately brought his eyes to my chest, looking me up and down with his mouth hung open & his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. “Strip” I said, “I’m in charge tonight, and what i say goes, okay?”

“Su-ure..” he said, and with that, he stripped and I patted the spot next to me on the bed, he sat down and I made my way in front of him on the floor, took his semi-hard member in my hand and began to pump. “oh my god…” he said as he threw his head back with pleasure. I began to tease his tip with my thumb and used the tips of my nails and gently grazed up and down his shaft, “y/n stop teasing and suck me off!! oh my go-oood…” he said.

I stopped my movements, looked up to him and said “excuse me michael, I believe I am in charge tonight, now if you want me to suck you, you`ll have to ask nicely”.

“I’m sorry y/n yes, oh my god yes please, please suck me off i need this, you`ve teased me too long and DAMN that outfit!” I did just that, I took him in my mouth, slowly at first, just focusing on the head, then I took him all in and pumping what wouldn’t fit, swirling my tongue around and hollowing my cheeks, I bobbed my head up and down until I felt him twitch in my mouth. I wanted to have a little fun, so I pulled away before he could release, “what the fuck! why`d you do that?!?!” he said,

“oh I’m sorry” I said innocently, and with that, my plan of being in charge when out he window, he picked me up, gently threw me on the bed and rid me of my outfit.

“y/n y/n y/n, you`re so cute for thinking you could be in charge, but babe, I’m gonna take you on a wild ride for that little tease that just happened, you`ll be begging me to let you cum.” he said with dark eyes and then began kissing me feverishly, and made his way from my lips, to my next, sucking harshly, surely leaving a mark, brought his lips to my erect nipples and sucked and nipped at them as i moaned and arched my back.

“oh my-y g-o-oddd” I moaned. Before I knew it Mikey found my toys and i was cuffed to the bed and he has turned on my vibrator and was running it up and down my wet slits. “holy shit Mikey!!” I half yelled.

“lets play a little game shall we y/n? if it gets too much just say our safe work “amnesia” okay?” Mikey said,

 “yeah sure, what it is?” I said between moans.

“I’m going to hold this vibrator to your clit for as long as I can, and see if you cum just from that and my lips” he said with a sly smirk.

“oh-okay…” I said, very turned on by this idea. So with that, mikey pinned me down with my legs spread and held the vibrator on my clit with the lowest setting. I was already turned on so after a mixture or so, I felt the knot forming in my stomach from the pleasure, Michael must have noticed my eyes close and face scrunch up, so he removed the vibrator and i whimpered from loss of contact, “excuse me, ugh, what are you doing?!” I asked with frustration.

“I’m sorry, I already told you, roles have changed babe, I’m in charge and I am the one to tell you when you can cum.” he said, and with that, he turned the toy up a level and pressed it back to my clit, I was already a little sensitive from almost reaching my high last time so i jerked my hips off the bed, just to have mikey pin me down and turn the level up one more, by this time, about 5 mins have passed of him slowly moving the toy and giving me love pecks on my neck and below my year and i was on fire! I needed him to either let me cum or bang me!

“mik-key! omg can I please cum!??! i-i nee-eeed it!!!!” I pleaded as my legs began to shake and i started to get dizzy,

“well, since you asked so nicely….” He started, he removed the vibrator from my soaked pussy and without warning slammed into me with force causing me to try out with pleasure.

“MIKEY!! OH MY GO—ODD!!” I screamed!

“thats right baby, say my name!! come on!” he said. He slammed into me while grabbing my boobs and pinching and pulling at my nipples, the knot in my stomach was unbearable at this point, and being handcuffed within help, all I wanted to do was get my hand in his gorgeous pink hair,  

“mic-chael! please, please let me come! ooh my god!!” I pleaded again,

“okay baby, i think you`ve had enough, let go!” he said before pressing his lips to mine as i finally hit my high, jerking and spazzing from the over stimulation,

“oooooh my goddddd MICHAEL!!!” I screamed! michael rode out my high until he hit his own, he still inside of me, spilling his release. After that he uncuffed my and massaged and kissed my red wrists from tugging on the cuffs. “oh my god, baby that was… holy shit!” I said after I caught my breath, “mike, i was so close to using the safe word, thank you baby for letting me cum”

“baby, I’m sorry, but you just looked so hot under my control, and I, I just got carried away, I apologize.” michael said with a frown.

“no, babes! please don’t be sorry, that was the best sex we`ve ever had!! but i do think i want a back rub, and maybe a leg massage? I can’t quite feel them…” I said with a giggle.

“sure baby, whatever you need, and hey, I’ll even go out and get you starbucks if you like.” he said as he peppered my face with sweet kisses, and as promised, he rubbed my back and massaged my legs, then we cuddled while watching TV until we both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Aren’t you afraid?

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 770

italics: Y/N

bold: Peter

It was 7:30pm when I started getting the living room ready for tonights movie night with Peter. We didn’t get many of those lately due to his saving the world thing, but every once in a while we would get some time for ourselves even when he had to leave in the middle of the movie to keep fighting crime.

“Y/N?” Heard Peter opening the door.

“I’m in the kitchen!”

“hey, sorry I’m late I stopped by for a pizza. Well I didn’t stopped at the store I kinda just stole it from a delivery guy.. well I didn’t steal it I mean I did paid him..”

“yeah no worries I mean you’re only 45 minutes late..” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m really sorry it’s just before that there were this guys beatting up a man in an alley I- I think they wanted to steal from him I-”

“Peter, I’m kidding. I’m not complaining. You know I would never.”

“Y/N you know sometimes I don’t get your sarcasm”

“keep up spider boy” I said giving him a wink. “so what is the pizza of?”

“cheese and pepperoni, your favourite. I did checked”

“you fucking blessing” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“so what movie are we watching tonight?”

“actually, I was hoping we could catch up on iZombie” I said grabbing a slice of pizza.

“I’m okay with whatever you choose”

“okay but no complaints then.” I said sitting on the couch.

“hey sometimes you choose really weird stuff to watch I mean like that supernatural Winchester thing”

“you haven’t even watched a complete episode you can’t judge! Now hop on” I said tapping the couch.

I noticed he was looking at my chest.


“is that- is that my shirt?”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice”

“so that’s why I couldn’t find it..”

“first of all, you left it here when your aunt was out of town and you stayed over”

“why didn’t you returned it to me?”

“okay so let’s say whenever I’m worried about you I put it on. Dumb, I know but you know.. that’s me.”

“oh.” He said with a worried look on his face.

“look, I don’t want you to worry about me worrying”

“you know I’ll worry anyway I mean I know you worry and I don’t think its dumb, it’s just you never really talk about how you feel about me doing the spider thing.. I guess I just wasn’t expecting that answer over a shirt”

“I… what can I say Peter… we’ve been friends for a long time, you’ve become so important to me. I care about you so much and I wish you wouldn’t risk your life like this. But I get it, you got this powers thing and you feel you can do a greater good or whatever and I totally support that. I won’t be the one to tell you what you can or can’t do. I will always be by your side no matter what. I just don’t talk about it cause I dont wanna think about you getting hurt real bad, you know what I mean? I can’t handle that. I mean you know whenever you get a bad injury I help you as much as I can to help you heal but thinking further over a bad wound is just too much.”

“I’m sorry”

“you don’t have to be, really, I get it but, aren’t you afraid? of you know? dying or something?”

He kept quiet for a bit just staring at his lap.

“look, when you can do the things that I can but you don’t… and then the bad things happen… they happen because of you…”

I guessed he reffered to his uncle. He had died about the time he got his powers, he blamed himself for his death. I couldn’t undestand why and I never really asked, he didn’t liked talking about that and I supposed if he ever wanted to talk about that with me he eventually would.

“stop..” I grabbed his hands with mine. “I understand, I guess I just needed to hear it from you”

“I really don’t wanna watch iZombie” he said smiling.

I laughed.

“how about inmortal? Ryan Reynolds is in it”


We ate all kinds of junk food you can imagine, watched about 3 movies and eventually I started feeling sleepy so I layed my head on his lap so he would caress my hair. I fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, which was still dark, I was tucked in my bed. Figured Peter had put me there. I went downstairs to see if he had stayed on the couch to sleep but he was nowhere to be seen. He had probably sneaked out to go and be a hero again…

Pretty much everyone was aware that Harry was very affectionate towards you. When you were walking together he was either clutching onto your hand, or have an arm wrapped around your waist. (Sometimes, his hand would slide down to rest on your bum, but you always whacked it off before he could give it a good squeeze.) 

Tonight was your very first anniversary with Harry, and sure, a dinner out would’ve been lovely, but sitting in the front row of the boys’ concert was great too. Who would be crazy enough to not want a front row seat?! Even though you had told Harry multiple times you were fine with spending your guys’ anniversary at his concert, he still felt bad, promising that he’d take you out for midnight pizza and frozen yogurt after the show ended. 

“Before we move on to the next song, I just wanna look at you guys for a second..” Harry hummed, his eyes scanning over the crowd before they landed on you. “Ah! You!” He teased, pretending that you were just one of the fans. 

“Me?” You mocked an expression of shock, fanning yourself because Harry Styles just called you out.

“I like your body, and I think you’re sexy.” He said bluntly, your jaw dropping as your cheeks began to heat up, slapping your palms over your face as the crowd went wild.  “Are you havin’ a good time? Please say yes.” Your boyfriend pouted, giggling as he took notice of how flustered he had made you. 

Shooting him a thumbs up, he gave you a grin before blowing multiple kisses in your direction, turning to face the crowd again. 

“It’s my anniversary with Y/N tonight, so this next song is Fireproof. Happy one year, love.” 


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